Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies are now available for purchase through Papertrey Ink.

So are you ready to dive into the world of Nestabilities?  First let me start by explaining these revolutionary dies.  They are made out of metal and look like a frame of sorts.  Very different from other dies on the market, especially since they do not have any ejection foam.  Because of their frame-like design, the interior edge can act as an embossing template when "cushion" is added to the sandwich of plates run through your machine.  The photo below shows a close-up of how the die is actually constructed.

072607_die_closeup The base of the die is a very thin piece of metal and flat.  Running along the center of the base is a raised strip of metal.  This raised strip acts as your "die" and is what cuts your cardstock.  If you want to emboss the edge of your shape after you have cut it, you simply do not remove the shape from your die after  you have completed cutting, and run it back through the machine with the appropriate cushion.  The cushion provides the pressure needed to "push" the cardstock through the inner opening of the frame (base) of the die.  This action is what leaves the pretty embossed edge around your die cut shape!  I will be showing you more of this in detail later this week.

So to start I thought we would talk about compatibility.  The most popular question by far has been what machines these dies are compatible with.  The answer…pretty much all of them!  I own a Cuttlebug and QuicKutz Revolution and experimented myself with fantastic results.  Here is some information on sandwiching for various machines that I compiled with a combination of my personal results and findings from Spellbinders website.  If I haven’t listed your specific machine, I am certain Spellbinders would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have….

Spellbinders Style Dies™ Compatibility

—> Zip’eMate™ by Accucut®

This machine is capable of cutting and embossing any Spellbinders Style Die™.

To use a Spellbinders Die in the ZEM:
1. Place Spellbinders die on ZEM’s platform, blade side up.
2. Place paper over die and cut in the same manner as with Zip’eCuts.
3. After cut, do not remove the die or the paper from the platform, place ZEM’s Embossing Foam over paper and with the
ZEM’s Embossing Mat, roll through again to emboss the die-cut.

—> ZAZ™ by Accucut®

This machine is capable of cutting and embossing any Spellbinders Style Die™, except the larger, Size Four Spellbinders Dies.

To use a Spellbinders Die in the ZAZ™:
1. Place Spellbinders die on ZAZ™’s platform, blade side up.
2. Place paper over die and cut in the same manner as with Zip’eCuts™.
3. After cut, do not remove the die or the paper from the platform, place ZAZ™’s Embossing Foam over paper and with the
ZAZ™’s Embossing Mat, roll through again to emboss the die-cut.

—> Sizzix®
Sizzix® manufactures the Sizzix® Adapter™ and the Sizzix® System Converter™ which, together, allow the cutting of Spellbinders Style Dies™ that are smaller than the Sizzix® Adapter, which measures 2 3/8” by 2 5/8.” This includes most Spellbinders Fonts and Mystery Dies. The Sizzix® Adapters are sold in packages of ten and several can be used side by side to allow for the cutting of larger Spellbinders Style Dies™.

Sizzix® does not manufacture any kind of embossing pad or foam to allow the Spellbinders Style Dies™ to be embossed in the Sizzix® machine. However, Spellbinders Tan Emboss Pad can be used in the Sizzix® Machine.

To cut and emboss a Spellbinders Style Die™ in a Sizzix® Machine:
1. Place the Sizzix® System Converter into the Sizzix® Machine.
2. On the Cutting Pad, place paper to be cut, then the Spellbinders Style Die™, ridges down.
3. Place a Sizzix® Adapter over the Spellbinders Style Die™, then cut as normal.
4. Leave the cut paper in the die. Turn the die over so that the ridges are facing up, place back on the cutting pad – without
the Sizzix® Adapter.
5. Layer a Tan Emboss Pad over the die.
6. Press in the Sizzix® Machine. Shim with extra pieces of cardstock if needed.

—> Sidekick™ & Tag-a-Long™

The Sizzix® Adapter does allow the cutting of Spellbinders Style Dies™ with the Sidekick™ & Tag-a-Long™, but this is limited to most Spellbinders Fonts or Mystery Dies, due to the limiting size of the Sizzix® Adapter.

The Sidekick™ & Tag-a-Long™ do not allow for the embossing of Spellbinders Style Dies™.

To cut a Spellbinders Style Die™ in a Sidekick™ Machine or a Tag-a-Long™:
1. Place die, ridges up, onto a Sizzix® Adapter.
2. Place paper over die, roll through the Sidekick™ or Tag-a-Long™.

—> QuicKutz Revolution ®
The QuicKutz Revolution® is capable of cutting Spellbinders Style Dies™.

Embossing a Cardfront with the Cuttlebug

So as I stated before, I personally own the Cuttlebug, and I decided a good place to start was a photo tutorial on how to utilize the embossing feature of these dies. 

If you refer to the detail I went into earlier in reference to the actual BUILD of the dies, I stated that the frame (base) acted as your embossing agent and the raised strip performed the actual die-cutting.  What I discovered while playing around with Papertrey’s 110lb. Stamper’s Select White Cardstock is that the raised strip will NOT cut if you run it through your machine with the appropriate cushion, you can use IT to emboss too! (Note: I tried the SU! Whisper White cardstock witht his technique, but since it is a much thinner 80lb. the embossing results weren’t as dramatic)

072607_suppliesSo first, the supplies.

Cuttlebug machine, A plate & two B plates (you can find these at Eclectic Paperie)

largest Plain Rectangle Nestabilities Die

white 4×5 cardbase, made from Papertrey Stamper’s Select Cardstock

Spellbinders tan polymer mat

3 pieces of standard cardstock cut same size as polymer mat

072607_first_b_plateNow for the layering process.  First lay your A plate followed by the B plate onto the Cuttlebug tray.

072607_die_on_cardfrontNext, you want to position the die, raised edge DOWN, onto the front of your card. 

072607_white_cardstock_2Hold the die in place and carefully flip the card over and lay it on top of your B plate in your machine.

072607_3_layers_cardstock_2The next piece of the sandwich is 3 layers of cardstock.  I cut my cardstock to the same size as my tan polymer mat and store them with my Cuttlebug supplies so they are always ready.

072607_spellbinders_tan_matNext up is the Spellbinders tan polymer mat.  This mat is part of their Charm Embossing Kit, which we will have available for pre-order along with the dies.  I have heard some say they have seen success with a thin mousepad, but from personal experience, I had no luck with this.  In my opinion, it would be a lot of trial and error to find a mousepad of the right thickness for optimum results.

072607_last_b_plateTo top off everything is the final B plate!

072607_frame_revealedYou then can run your sandwich through the Cuttlebug.  After peeling away all the layers you are left with the following view of the BACK of the front cover (you can click on the photo for a larger view).  I decided to show you this to help demonstrate how the die is working.  As you can see, the die was "smooshed" into the cushion of the cardstock layers & tan polymer mat, therefore leaving an "impression" of the die.

072607_finished_embossed_cardAfter you flip your card over and remove the die, you can see the beautiful results.  A perfectly embossed card front!  I used to purchase these types of cards to keep on hand for quick & easy creations, and I am just SO excited that now I can make my own!  You could also do the same process with some of the other shapes to create embossed square or circle cards!  How fun is that!

082607_celebrate_cardHere is a little card I whipped together utilizing the embossed notecard.  I love how the embossed frame adds the perfect finishing detail!  I made a batch of 25 embossed cards while I had all of my supplies out, and it only took about 10 minutes!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more tips and tricks with the limitless Nestabilties dies! Just as a little reminder, Papertrey will begin taking pre-orders for these dies on August 1st.  They should be shipping in late August!


ink: Chartreuse, Cote d’Azure and Landscape Palette Ink Pads

stamps: Text Boxed (spiral flowers) and Little Lady (sentiment) from Papertrey

paper: Stamper’s Select White Cardstock

other: Adhesive Rhinestones from Paper Studio

ETA: Here are some answers to some questions that were left on this post…

—> Jenny asked…Is the cutting edge sharp? It looks rounded and I am wondering how it cuts cardstock.

The cutting edge (raised strip) is not sharp to the touch.  Die-cuts are more about the pressure built between the die & the machines plates, rather than the actual sharpness of the die.  So for example, in this post I showed you how to emboss by using the tan polymer mat.  If the mat is replaced with the standard die-cutting plate, the force at which the die is pressed against this solid surface easily cuts through just about any material.  That is why you never have to worry about dies becoming dull, becasue they aren’t sharp in the first place!  It’s all about the pressure!

—> Amy asked… I have the now-discontinued BISK. Will my black embossing pad from the BISK work instead of the tan pad from the Wizard? When the Bug first came out, I had the impression these were interchangeable, but I want to make sure.

The Big Impressions Starter Kit (or BISK) looks to have a mat similar to the Wizard tan polymer mat.  I don’t feel 100% comfortable stating that it will work, as I have not tried it myself, because I don’t own one.  But it won’t hurt to try.  I can tell by looking at the BISK mat that it is similar enough that you wouldn’t dammage anything while experimenting.  It would just be a matter of how optimum your embossing results would be.

—> Deb asked…why did you use three pieces of carstock [in your embossing "sandwich]- does it emboss all three at the same time? Can you use just one?

The three pieces of cardstock are just standard weight cardstock (I used 80lb. SU! cardstock, but whatever you have on hand will work just fine).  This cardstock is merely to provide more cushion for the die to have optimum embossing results.  It may sound strange to have to add the cardstock layers, but in order to add enough thickness to the Cuttlebug sandwich and get the amount of pressure needed, the three sheets of cardstock is just the right thickness.  The extra cardstock is left with a slight impression, but nothing you could use for a project.  As I said before, they just act as an additional cushion.

—> Doreen asked…Please photo tutorial with the sizzix! I loved the step by step but I have the old sizzix machime with an adaptor for sizzilits would I need other supplies and will you be selling them?????

I will be unable to do a photo tutorial for the Sizzix machine because I do not own one.  If you refer to the compatibility list I included in the post above, it provided you with specific step by step instructions on how to do the same process with the Sizzix.  Papertrey Ink will not be carrying any of the adaptors needed, but I am sure that these are items that you could pick up from any online Sizzix dealer.

It is not capable of embossing Spellbinders Style Dies™.

1. Place a Spellbinders Style Die™, die side up on the Revolution tray.

2. Add your cardstock on top of the die.

3. Place your clear plate on top of that as your final Layer.

4. Run through the machine.

—> Big Shot by Ellison Design™
This machine is capable of cutting and embossing any Spellbinders Style Die™.

To use a Spellbinders Die in the Big Shot:
1. Layer an acrylic mat onto the thick white pad.
2. Place either two Sizzix® Adapters™ or one Spellbinders White Spacer Plate onto the acrylic mat.
3. Place Spellbinders die on the Spacer Plate, blade side up.
4. Place paper over die.
5. Place another acrylic mat over paper. Roll through the Big Shot.
6. To emboss the die, remove the Spacer Plate.
7. Place Tan Emboss Pad over paper, put acrylic mat on top again and roll through Big Shot again.

—> Big Kick™

With the Big Kick, you can both cut and emboss Spellbinders Embossing Dies.

From the bottom up, to cut:
1. Universal platform (thick white mat from sizzix)
2. Clear acrylic mat
3. Spacer plate from Spellbinders
4. Spellbinders Style Die (cutting side up) that would mean the side with the ridges
5. Paper or cardstock
6. Clear acrylic cutting mat

Second Step- to Emboss (from bottom up) :
1. Universal Platform (thick white mat from sizzix)
2. Clear acrylic mat
3. Spellbinders Style die with paper still inside the die
4. Two pieces of tan Spellbinders Polymer
5. Clear acrylic cutting mat

—> Cuttlebug™

With the Cuttlebug, you can both cut and emboss Spellbinders Embossing Dies. Results are beautiful (see a photo tutorial below)

Cutting Sandwich – (Stack from bottom up)
1. A plate
2. C plate
3. Spellbinders die face up (rough side up)
4. Paper or cardstock
5. B plate

Run through Cuttlebug machine.

Embossing Spellbinders Dies in the Cuttlebug- (Stack from bottom up)
1. A plate
2. B plate
3. Die face up (with die cut still in die)
4. 3 pieces of cardstock
5. 1 Spellbinders tan polymer mat
6. 2nd B plate

Run through Cuttlebug machine

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