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By June 5, 2007The Industry

eat Buffalo Wings!  On Thursday night last week (my first night in Buffalo) the gang and I headed to Anchor Bar & Grill for THE original Buffalo Wings!  Now I know how they got their name!  Here are a few photos (sorry the quality isn’t that great; the dim lighting in the restaurant contributed to that!)

Here I am when our table’s platter of 50 arrived.   I had to have my picture taken with the infamous wings!

This is our group shot (from left to right)

SITTING IN FRONT ROW: Trey & Stacy Jullian(Simple Scrapbooks), Merrilynne(CKC Staff)

STANDING IN BACK ROW: Amy Williams(Simple Scrpbooks), Amy(CKC Staff), Meggan(our tour guide), Jessica Sprague(Creating Keepsakes), Myself & Lindsay(CKC Staff).

And by the way… they were delicious!

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  • 1
    florence says:

    Those wings are hugh, nothing like the ones we get in Florida. They must grow them big in Buffalo.

  • 2
    florence says:

    Those wings are hugh, nothing like the ones we get in Florida. They must grow them big in Buffalo.

  • 3
    Meggan says:

    Glad you were able to include the photos on your blog! All of the stampers & scrappers can see how big and tasty our wings are in Buffalo! I am happy you enjoyed your time in Buffalo! 🙂
    ~Meggan the tour guide

  • 4
    Charlene Austin says:

    OMG! They are unreal. What a fun trip you must have had. BTW….love your hair style.

  • 5
    otter says:

    Those are some big wings!! I’d have loved to see the “buffalo” they came from!!!

  • 6
    cHRIS says:

    OMG ! I bet those were hot. I know Buffalo wings in Texas are hot too!!! Looks like you ladies had a blast! Chris

  • 7
    Heather the Mooselover says:

    Once you have tried authentic Buffalo wings- everything else will pale in comparison!

  • 8
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Oh Nichole! I love those wings…I live just south of “Buff” for 6 months and ate enough wings to fly! Love them. I miss the real ones SO badly too. did your eyes water from the fumes?! *drooling here!*

  • 9
    Gina K says:

    I’m from that part of the country and you have made me so jelous. I guess I’ll go eat a peanut butter sandwich now… LOL!
    Look fun!
    Gina K.

  • 10
    Leana says:

    I went to college in Buffalo, gotta love the wings!

  • 11
    Jeanne says:

    Being born in Buffalo and raised in a suburb…and oh so familiar with the Anchor Bar…my mouth is really watering!! 🙂

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