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I have been doing some research lately on punch storage as I gear up for the arrival of my new scalloped punch collection.  I only have four right now, which are sitting neatly in a little drawer.  There definitely won’t be room in there for the other 16 members of the family when they arrive!  I though I would share a few of my findings, in hopes that you could find the information beneficial too!

tweetb shared this clever curtain rod storage for her punches.  I love how inexpensive this is and how easy it would be to install.  In addition, I could pick it up from Wal-Mart TODAY instead of paying shipping and handling and having to WAIT for some special order system.  I loved how sararedman used the same strategy, but painted hers black.  Maybe I should paint mine?  But what color?!?!

stampgeek utilized a gutter system to store her punches.  Very economical (and sturdy) solution.  She was also able to use the same system to hold ribbon perfectly.   Two birds with one stone!

jenmaca used strap iron for her wall mounted system.  My favorite part of this solution is that if you had different types of punches, they would all lay flat against the wall since the hinge is inserted in the "punch slit".  The other invented storage systems I listed above would hold the different brands of punches in varying ways, depending on how their handles/levers were shaped.

kreed32 used a closet door organizer for her punch stash.  This would definitely be an inexpensive option as well.

I found these storage options directly from a couple choice websites.  These could totally be re-purposed for punches…

wooden spice rack from Stacks and Stacks

rail system from IKEA

storage shelves with rods from Pottery Barn (a little out of my price range, but one can dream, right?!?!?)

chrome drawer pulls from Restoration Hardware could be installed in orderly rows, one for each punch.

I’ll let you know which option I decide to use and post a photo when my punches arrive!  If you have any other ideas, please be sure to share!

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    Jannette says:

    I use an over the door shoe holder with clear pockets and it’s working out great. It was only 15.00. It fits the Megas and Giga just find. I can’t wait to see how you store all your new punches.

  • 2
    Nancy says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for compiling them for us! I need to do something to free up space on two shelves (plus a drawer full!)

  • 3
    florence says:

    wow, what great ideas, thanks for sharing them

  • 4
    Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks for finding and sharing these great storage ideas! I think I might try the curtain rods & spray paint them.

  • 5
    Katie Skiff says:

    Thanks for sharing all that info!! way cool

    A couple things…PB is so simple to recreate yourself! That craft center would be so easy to make and you could design it yourself. I also think it is hilarious that they think that could organize all our crafts!! ROFLMBO!!

  • 6
    Libby says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your research with us! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about my punches, digging them out of the boxes they are in just isn’t cutting it. I think I may go check out the IKEA option!

  • 7
    Jana M - stampgeek says:

    Ok, Nichole, you totally made my day!!! I love my punch gutters! I use plumbers tape for my smaller ones. The metal strip slips in where the paper would go. It’s fabulous!

  • 8
    Jan Scholl says:

    You have ONLY 4 punches? I got a bunch at Goodwill and then bought a huge shoe tack with pockets for them. Really-only 4? I must have a bigger problem than I thought.

  • 9
    Connie Good says:

    Thanks for all the ideas on how to store our punches. I probably have about 12 and I do store them in a storge drawer with my deco scissors.

  • 10
    Nicole Ireland says:

    I “use to” use the over the door shoe org. but it was too far from my crafting area.(so I didn’t use them as much) I will definately be getting the rod type system. So they are right at arms reach. Thanks for the research!!!

  • 11
    Lois Michael says:

    Thanks Nichole for all the great ideas. Never would have thought of a few of those.

  • 12
    Lesley Clark says:

    Here are the links to see the shelf unit my boyfriend made for me:
    It’s sort of a combination of several of the ideas above.

  • 13
    Pat Hines says:

    These ideas are terrific. Thank you so much for doing the research.

  • 14
    Lisa B says:

    I have punches coming out of my ears, and they are stored in a hodgepodge of ways. The small ones that I don’t use very often are in plastic craft containers (snapware, I think)–several levels snap one on top of the other, and there is a green lid with a handle. For my larger punches, I just purchased some of the wooden drawer sets from Ikea. Each drawer can hold 7 of the large black SU! punches, and there are 3 drawers–unfinished, so they can be painted or stained to match my craft area. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite deep enough for the mega and giga punches, so those sit on top. I don’t have enough wall space to hang all my punches, and I like having most of them stored in drawers, because they are not as pretty to look at as the ribbon & primas I’m storing in jars on shelves.

  • 15
    Maria Johnson says:

    I have my punches in a shoe, over the door holder. I found it at walmart for cheap! I love it because I can see all my punches and they are easy to get to. I put it over the front of a big cabinet I have for a lot of my stamp supplies. Works great and is right there for use. I can’t wait to see what your final decision is on storage.

    Thanks for all your great ideas and research. Some day when I have a great stamp room I am going to try the gutters. I like them for ribbon and punches.

  • 16
    Sherri (sherristampsalot) says:

    I use old cd holders! One I have has 4 columns and by putting empty cd cases in it to make shelves, I have about 4 compartments in each column. Another is a tower so I have the 6 scalloped punches that I have in that one. The best thing about this way is that I can move the shelves to accomodate the size of the punches, and when I go to a stamping weekend or get-together, it’s totally portable…nothing hooked to the wall! And Another good point is that I found them at yard sales and flea markets so they’ were very inexpensive!

  • 17

    You mean throwing them all into a big bin and then having to dig through them all to find what you want isn’t a good system?? ha ha ha ha

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  • 18
    Shawn says:


    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I use the over-the-door storage solution and it works well for me, but I am not flush with punches.:) I can’t wait to see what you end up using…and pictures of all your punche…yippie…a girl can dream can’t she?


  • 19
    Misty says:

    Really cool!

  • 20
    heather b says:

    I used the rail from IKEA for mine (OK… 2 rails, I’m a punch junkie), and I’m almost ready for a 3rd rail. BUT… the great thing is that I can see what I want in a hurry (I’m always in a hurry), and it’s quick to put the punch away, too.

  • 21

    Nichole, all of my preorder Marvy scalloped punches arrived from PaperTrey on Friday and here’s a solution I found to store them:

    Thanks so much for the quick service . . . I can’t wait to play with them!

  • 22
    Pat Mullaney says:

    I just happened on your page and I was very impressed with all the research you have done. I like the rail and gutter storage ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

  • 23
    Geppetto Creations says:

    take a look at this great item I make for punch storage on ebay Item number: 190427257178 plus i have coming soon a very unique rack that hold 120 robbon spools without any dowels.

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