Trends are a curious thing.  They come and go, some hang around longer than others. Sometimes trends  have very humble beginnings.  Sometimes a new one is created when a fusion of two popular trends are merged together. 

The trend I am about to introduce you to was begun by a dear friend of mine, Michelle Howell of Floribunda Designs.  Long ago, we met through a love of stamping.  She has recently followed her dreams and pushed her floral design business ahead with full force.  She then took a chance and decided to COMBINE her two passions, stamping and floral design.  This photo is an example of one of her recent creations using Papertrey’s Green Thumb.  Could this not be more stunning?  The colors are so incredibly inviting and it just makes me SO happy.  I can almost taste the sweetness of fresh strawberries on my tongue.  Seeing her arrangement is like being transported into a wonderfully warm summer day! 

Michelle’s designs have created quite a buzz in the floral world.  She has had her work photographed for Kentucky Bridal Magazine (photo shown here by Clinton Lewis)and has gained so much attention for her innovative designs.  Her knowledge of all things floral is top notch and her eye for color carries over into both of her crafts.  I am so proud of her for chasing her dream!  You can tell when looking at her work, that she loves what she does, every bit of it, right down to the depths of her soul!!!

One of the main foundations for her new trend are Blumeboxes (used in both of the projects shown here).  She is giving away one free on her blog right now, just for leaving some feedback. Be sure and check it out here, Fresh Floral Art, it is dessert for the eyes!

What are your passions?  Have you married two together to start your own trend?  I would love to hear about it!  Share your story by leaving a comment here!

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    Sarah Vrolyk says:

    LOVE Michelle’s designs. She is so immensely creative and talented. Thanks for showcasing a few of her creations on your blog, Nichole. I hope everyone will visit Michelle’s blog and check out the rest of her wonderful creations!

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    I just discovered Michelle’s blog and designs yesterday, Nichole, and thought she was simply an amazing designer to combine such gorgeous works of art! Thanks for showcasing her work here.

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    Novell says:

    I’ve seen Michelle’s Blumeboxes at Packaging Specialties in Bellevue, WA. They are fabulous!

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    deb says:

    Those are just gorgeous! I love hearing stories like hers (and yours!) 🙂 That strawberry box is simply delicious. And yes, I can smell it from here.

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    cHRIS says:

    Those are amazing! Love the story and hearing about someone chasing their dream and it coming true are so inspirational. My passions are photography and scrapbooking!

    the PaperTrey stamp goes wonderful with the strawberries floral arrangement. thanks for sharing! chris

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    Michelle Wooderson says:

    Well isn’t she clever?? Must be something about people who hav the name *Michelle*. Ha ha!! I’m gonna go visit her blog now. I love to arrange flowers. But here’s how I do it. You pick them and arrange the bouquet in your fist as you go…..then you plop them into the vase. That’s my extent of floral arranging!! Thanks for sharing your friends cute stuff!

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    Jeanette says:

    What incredible boxes. Thanks for sharing this. Michelle has inspired me with some great ideas for an upcoming bridal shower. 🙂

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    Juanita says:

    Oh MY GOSH, I love flowers as much as stamping!! I LOVE Michelle’s work!! It helps that the photos on her blog were of some I would die for; peonies, geranium, and roses. Her arrangements are phenomenal!!
    Oh, what a happy day this has been, TFS.

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