It is getting to be a busy time of year for my family, and perhaps yours as well.  Baseball games, ballet recitals, birthday parties and family reunions are now filling up my calendar.  So some times it is fun to come up with quick & easy designs that can be versatile for any occasion.  For my last project of this countdown I created this fun turquoise & white card.  Very simple and striking, with a special touch of American Crafts velvet ric-rack adhered to the underside of the edge.  I thought that it might be fun to make the same card with different colors.  So I picked a rich vanilla cardstock base and stamped with pumpkin orange as my accent color.  I didn’t have any ric-rack in this particular shade of orange, so I just made my own with pinking shears and orange cardstock.  With the different sizes and shapes of flowers in the new Green Thumb set, your possibilities are sure to be endless.  And don’t forget!  Tonight at midnight EST you will be able to see this set in entirety on our website.  And wait 033107_orange
until you see what the Design Team whipped up for projects using this set.  In my opinion, they are the best yet!  So if you’re up, be sure to stop by! See you tonight!

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  • 1
    Ally says:

    Your debut is at 5am in the morning over here in the UK, I am seriously tempted to set my alarm clock, but I will try to wait until later on a Sunday.
    These stamps are so cute Nichole and I absolutely love that sentiment,so I guess I will be a little poorer tomorrow morning!:)

  • 2
    Kellie says:

    If stamp sets were flowers, I’d pick this one!!!

  • 3
    stampngokaren says:

    Great cards!!

  • 4
    Juanita says:

    Wonderful card, so simple and beautiful with great colors!
    Well I’ve balanced my checkbook and I’m ready to order…can I stay up to midnight? We’ll see I’m sleepy now and it’s only 9pm EDT. Thanks for ALL the JOY, Nichole, you’re awesome!

  • 5
    Karen says:

    I am so excited to see the new set. You’re work is awesome Nichole! I got my dates mixed up and was actually up last night hitting refresh at midnight…crazy huh?!

  • 6
    mj says:

    Sweet and simple! Can’t wait to see the whole set!

  • 7
    Cindy Lyles says:

    I’m staying up – that’s for sure! Bring on another diet Coke with more caffeine!! 🙂

  • 8
    Shawna Renville says:

    Come on Midnight !!!!!!! Shawna

  • 9
    Allison says:

    These are lovely…

  • 10
    Rose Ann says:

    Your cards are adorable, and I love the simplicity. I am a night owl, so I checked out the whole set and WOW!! It’s going to be a big hit for sure! Get ready pocketbook. 😉

  • 11
    Julie says:

    Beautiful cards – I just ordered the set, LOVE IT!! I cannot wait to get playing with this adorable, versatile set!

  • 12
    Aimee30 says:

    I ordered mine last night after midnight….Love your projects for the introduction and oh wow the design team did an awesome job with this set. TFS

  • 13
    Monika/buzsy says:

    I love these cards. So simple, but so elegant and beautiful. TFS!

  • 14

    These are absolutely darling! Thank you for making such an awesome set! I do not yet have a garden set, since none offered everything that I wanted. But this one has it all, flowers, veggies, a bug, pots, and fabulous sayings! I cannot wait to receive it!!!

  • 15
    iralamija says:


    Bety 🙂

  • 16
    Pat S. says:

    Nichole, these cards are great! I am always looking for an easy design that still looks “good”…thanks for sharing this one!

  • 17
    Sherrie says:

    so much fun shopping, can’t wait to get my set!

  • 18
    lexi daly says:

    your countdown samples have been great and the reveal did not dissapoint! i got my shipping notice today–so my stamps will soon be on their way! i missed the first round ordering of butterfly kisses, so it will be a very happy mail day when they arrive. while waiting last night, i decided to play with the words set and had lots of fun! click on my name and check out the results if you like!

  • 19
    Erin K says:

    just adorable. Great design. 🙂

  • 20
    Chrissylea says:

    I just discovered papertreyinc. OmGosh!! I hope this is the new ‘stuff’ I need to jumpstart my stamping again. I’ve been in a rut lately and not wanting to do anything. It is the ‘I have nothing to wear’ kind of thing. All these ‘clothes’ but nothing looks good…
    Thanks so much!!
    I’m linking your site/blog on my blog!

  • 21
    Allison says:

    Hi Nichole…I was wondering…what was it like when you released at stamp set at midnight? Do you get an initial shock of orders since everybody waits up for the reveal? Just wondering…

  • 22

    I thought these two cards of yours were especially lovely. This is a great new set! 🙂

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