Stamp-a-Faire is quickly approaching! If you missed our announcement about it, you can find that information HERE. Here is a brief overview of what is contained in the Limited Edition: 2018 Stamp-a-Faire kit and how you can purchase it.

(If you are attending the in person event, the kit is included in your cost of the event.)

The Stamp-a-Faire 2018: Crafting a Community Garden event includes six exclusive classes developed and taught by members of our talented team. Here’s list of the classes and an overview of the supplies that you will receive in the limited edition kit:


  • Seed Packet
  • Dried Flowers
  • Glitter
  • Class Instructions


  • Painted Poppy Mini Stamp Set (pictured above)
  • Paint Brush
  • Small Metal Watercolor Palette (holds 5 colors)
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Class Instructions


  • Layered Garden Mini Stamp Set and die collection (pictured above)
  • Layered Garden Stencil Collection (pictured above)
  • Say it Simply: You’re the Best Die (pictured above)
  • Cardstock Sampler


  • Traveler’s Journal: Garden Notes Stamp Set (pictured above)
  • Traveler’s Journal: Garden Notes Die (pictured above)
  • Elastic Cord (White & Black)
  • Fabric for Traveler’s Journal Cover
  • Rustic Jute Button Twine
  • Eyelets (5)
  • Traveler’s Journal Page Blanks
  • Seed Packet Die (pictured above)
  • Cardstock Sampler


  • Garden Whimsy Mini Stamp Set (pictured above)
  • Garden Whimsy Box Die (pictured above)
  • Cardstock Sampler


  • 10” Grapevine Wreath
  • Lemon Wool Felt Balls
  • Lemon Chiffon Wool Felt Balls
  • Canary Yellow Wool Felt Balls
  • Gold Wool Felt Balls
  • Aqua Mist Felt
  • Melon Berry Felt
  • Vintage Cream Felt
  • Pure Poppy Felt
  • Simply Chartreuse Felt
  • Spring Moss Felt
  • Harvest Gold Felt
  • Fringe die (pictured above)
  • Leaf dies (pictured above)


In addition to the items above you will be also be receiving the exclusive, limited edition Stamp-A-Faire stamp set: Community Garden along with a few other surprises. Community Garden is a collaboration set featuring designs from several of our product designers and we have a peek of that set to share with you today:


The 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit will be available for pre-order from 10pm ET Monday, July 2nd through 10pm ET, Monday, July 7th.

We hope you are as excited as we are for all that is being planned.  All of us at Papertrey Ink are looking forward to providing you with this amazing day of stamping!


Will the purchase of the 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit count towards my Rewards Points?

Yes, the purchase of the kit will count towards your rewards point.

What will be the shipping charges for the 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit?

Our normal shipping policies and rate schedule will apply to these purchases.  Since both items are over the free shipping threshold for the United States, they will qualify for free shipping.  International customers will fall under our normal shipping policies.

If I change my mind after I pre-order my 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit and no longer want it, can I cancel my pre-order?

No changes will be permitted.  Once the pre-order is placed, the sale is final.

If I decide I do not want my 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit after I receive it, can I return it?

The 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit will not be returnable or exchangeable.  

When will I be charged for my 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit if I place a pre-order?

You will be charged immediately when you place the pre-order.  

When can I expect to receive my pre-ordered 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit?

They should begin shipping out between the last week of July and the first week of August.  You will be emailed a shipping confirmation once it has shipped.

Can I order other existing store merchandise and pre-order the 2018 Stamp-a-faire Kit within the same order transaction?

Yes, you may order additional merchandise with this pre-order, but the items will be held until your pre-order ships.

I just want the exclusive Stamp-a-faire stamp set, Community Garden.  Will you ever make it available for sale?

Community Garden will not be made available for sale, however, all customers will have the opportunity to earn it for free with a qualifying $100 purchase during the Stamp-A-Faire event August 24-25, 2018.

I just want one or two of the other exclusive products in the kit.  Will they be made available for sale and if so, how much will they cost?

All of the items in the kit are exclusive to the kit and will not be available for sale separately at any time.

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  • 1
    Lisa says:

    I was so looking forward to stamp-a-faire as I do every year, but I am disappointed with the cost of the kit, also it seems as if it’s not geared toward everyone but only a select few. Perhaps the kit should have been split up so that we could purchase a few “sets” for a few classes so that it would be affordable for everyone. Sorry PTI I am not impressed.

    • 1.1 says:

      $300.00, no way. What happened with nice small affordable Kits?
      I am not happy to see this kit at all. I can make prettier cards without spending that kind of money.
      Papertreyink you have to do better. I have spend lots of money at your store. but do not like what I see now.

    • 1.2

      definitely worth the price judging from the contents but way2much2spend4canadians considering the exchange rate&shipping, plus with that delivery window i may not even receive it in time? i bet you will be creating lots of lovely things! not sure i willBsetting that weekend aside4papertrey ink any longer since i could attend a retreat4that price, not coming home with all that product but honestly i probably have more than i could ever useB4my life is over. happy crafting

  • 2
    Carrie P says:

    A jam packed kit! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  • 3
    Polly says:

    I have been a loyal customer for many years. – way too much $$$

  • 4
    Sue says:

    Stamp a Faire 2018

    I think the projects look really cute. I was considering purchasing but the cost is not affordable for most people . I think it would be better if you allowed customers to pick and choose which segments they would like to be involved in. There is an incentive for residents of the U.S. for free shipping but nothing for those of us outside the U.S. If other American craft companies can offer reduction shipping then why can’t you consider this? Just a thought to pass on. Love the products but will not be participating this year:(

  • 5
    Char says:

    Wow! Just wow! $300??? Sorry, no can do.

  • 6
    Holly Saveur says:

    I agree with the above from Sue…..I am also an international buyer….and we also have so many added costs with VAT 21%..and custom fees..and also high shipping costs…that’s why lately I haven’t been ordering..also I have had many times my order got lost it gave many grey hairs..and the joy of receiving the order gets lost…in the ordeal…and it at long last arriving after many weeks/months..
    So it would have been a gamble if I had ordered this kit if it would have arrived in time..
    I find that the kit is much to high in price..and it would be far better if you made possible just to buy each item for the kit which we would want to….buy…so the costs would be much less..(people would maybe already have these thing in their stash..)
    Love how it all looks….but also not buying the kit…

  • 7

    Thank you for offering the free set with a $100 purchase during the event! I am looking forward to that! And crafting and watching the segments!

  • 8
    Barb says:

    I’m a loyal customer and have participated in all the Stamp-a-Faires but do not see $300 worth of products in this kit. There are some cute things as usual but way too high a price for what I’m seeing. Sorry.

  • 9
    Jan Metcalf says:

    Another long term customer here, the majority of my extensive clear stamp and die collection is PTI, but no matter how much I desire some parts of the 2018 Stamp a Faire supplies, you have priced me out. Sorry to see the direction of buy in an hour or lose, or to price an event so high. Happy you will offer a piece with a $100 order in the future.

  • 10
    Debbie says:

    Ditto!! Another longtime customer but this Stamp-a Faire is far too expensive. I had initially been excited about the new direction PTI was headed however I sadly am starting to have some reservations. Instead of some of the unusual offerings of late I wish you would consistently restock items that have been out of stock for months even over a year in certain cases. As I have stated before, love your products, love your designers but the whole shopping experience is more and more frustrating.

  • 11
    Luanne says:

    So excited!

  • 12
    kristinkat2 says:

    Hi PTI! I wish I could play along with you all this year, but voicing the same concern as several of those above, I simply cannot afford to purchase this Stamp-a-Faire kit – $300 is way out of my price range. So sad, especially since I have been a loyal customer for seven and a half years. Hopefully, I will be able to participate with items that I already own.

  • 13
    Kate B says:

    $300 is way too costly. Please make all of your stamps and dies available individually so that more of us can participate as our budgets allow. The add-ons like felt, wreaths, ribbons, etc are generally available in our stashes, locally or online at much lower cost. I love the designs and your designers are the best in the industry. I just cannot justify this cost.

  • 14
    ljhart1968 says:

    Am I missing something? Don’t the people who attend your live event with 6 classes, lunch and dinner pay the same $300?? How is this fair?

  • 15
    Neila says:

    I too agree with many of the above comments. Too expensive for me. Loves some of the items and don”t care for some of the others. Wish you would offer individual classes.

  • 16
    Neila says:

    Too expensive for me and most. Lovely projects but wish classes were offered individually. It is difficult to justify $300.00 when you only want to make one or two projects. Maybe your focus has shifted to a high end consumer. Have fun and will follow online.

  • 17
    Penny J says:

    Lovely sets! Looking forward to SAF 2018.

  • 18
    P Cobb says:

    Nice box of goodies to go with the classes. Won’t be there in person because of another commitment but hoping next year! Love the choice of a garden theme. Looking forward to YouTube videos.

  • 19
    Colleen F says:

    Long time PTI follower, the kit is too expensive, not purchasing it this year, but will play along with what I have. That is sad that you have priced it out of a range for most people could afford!

  • 20
    Susan W. says:

    I agree with the other customers here in that I can’t afford $300 for the Stamp Affair kit this year! I am also a long standing loyal PTI customer. Guess I’m out in playing along with Stamp Affair 2018. 🙁

  • 21
    Ohhh Snap says:

    Beautiful kit, but totally out of my budget.

    I am surprised that the cost of the kit is the same as the ticket to attend the event.

    I am curious why there is no breakdown of costs as there has been with previous kits. It makes it more difficult to split a kit.

    I am terribly disappointed that the Traveler’s Journal: Garden Notes and all the related dies will only be available to purchase in the kit, or 2nd hand. Especially as this set has always been available as separate components.

  • 22
    Sarah T. says:

    So many pretty things in the kit, but so far out of my budget. I already own a PTI seed packet die, and most colours of your felt, so these items wouldn’t even be anything new. Sad to miss out, but going to have to pass this year (and I’ve been participating in SAF since 2013). Think you need to rethink this kit for next year.

  • 23
    Deane says:

    A wonderful kit full of beautiful things. Wish I could afford to spend this much, because I would order it immediately! To all that have ordered it, have fun.

  • 24
    Stephanie Clapper says:

    In looking at the supplies for Stamp a Faire, I see one mini stamp and 4 other stamp sets including the special addition. And the special addition is something all of us receive free with a $100 order? So the cost comes from the dies? Plus felt? In all sincerity, my jaw dropped when I read the cost. I have to ask myself how many seed packets, boxes or wreaths I have the time to make plus my budget just doesn’t allow for a $300, stay at home event. And I am sorry about that. I too, I will miss something I’ve looked forward to each year. I also want to echo my frustration over some of the changes. If you check out other companies, they usually have a nice gallery, showcasing the products. That was one of your best features. Along with products unavailable to buy, since their release. I’m a loyal customer who hopes things will improve with time. And for those who can afford the big event this year, I wish them a very good time. 🙂

  • 25
    Pat says:

    Sadly, PTI, I don’t think so. I fail to see the $300 value in this kit. It looks more like one of the Make it Market kits with a price tag of $110 to $150. And, as a seasoned crafter, I already have basic supplies like paint, a paint brush, glitter, etc. I am truly disappointed. I would love that Garden Notes stamp set and dies to go with my Field Notes.

  • 26
    Sheila Toppi says:

    Honestly PTI. How many people did you REALLY think would be buying this kit? At $300?! And for those NOT going to the live event but playing along at home, well that’s ok, you can pay the SAME PRICE? How on earth does that make ANY sense? I also agree with the person that mentioned the lack of the kit cost breakdown. Surely this HAS to be because you KNOW there is not $300 worth of product in this kit. I also agree with the person that said this looks more like a MIM kit for $100-$110. So many of us have spent several thousand dollars on your products over the years, that this is like a slap in the face. When I saw the cost of the kit, I thought surely that HAS to be a typo. And then to see that a kit “exclusive” will be free for anyone ordering over $100 during the event—it’s not so exclusive now, is it?

  • 27
    LynnW says:

    Me and a couple friends are getting together for Stampafaire. It is an annual event that we look forward too. As with many who have posted, this year’s kit is outside of our budgets but we are going to be creative and participate in this fun event with what we have. There is no reason to be ugly about it, Ms Sheila. We are just making cards.

  • 28
    Not rich enough to stamp says:

    Ridiculous way to treat loyal customers. $300 for a a kit! Maybe you should take a look at getting Nichole back. I’m disgusted! And if I’ve offended, so be it. This makes stamping impossible for most of us.

  • 29
    Magda says:

    way too expensive

  • 30
    Phillane Saathoff says:

    PTI, I have been a long standing customer. I have yet to join this fun even and was finally at a point where I could afford to. That was till I saw the price. My heart sank. I love your products. I love your designers but for us loyal followers this is simply over greedy. I know costs of such things, as well as time to put a event together. Like many have stated,simply out of price. This is a car payment or power bill for some.
    I am beyond disappointed. Love the kit but like many, most things I have available. The same price for those not attending in person should also be considered.
    Your customers are speaking loud and clear. I hope you listen, we are afterall your bread and butter.
    Phillane in Washington

  • 31
    Susan Gosman says:

    I think Shelia is expressing disappointment, like others, not being ugly. I share the sentiments of many other disappointed customers.

  • 32
    Jane says:

    I also am sorry about the cost of the kit. I cannot afford it and am sorry we won’t be able to buy parts of the kit.
    Maybe next year you can reevaluate your prices.

  • 33
    Kimisue says:

    Like many of the others who commented, I cannot justify spending $300 on the Stamp a fair kit. I love your products and quality. I hope all goes well this year.

  • 34
    Carrie says:

    Wow!!! The kit doesn’t offer enough product, in my eyes, to justify the $300 price tag. I also have no desire to make homemade paper. I might change my mind if you showed some cool ways to use it.

  • 35
    Marjorie says:

    Count me in as shocked by the price – way more than I was expecting as I read through the post. I would have guessed more like $125-150 max. And also surprising that it’s the same price as the ticket/kit for those attending the live event.

    I’ve bought most all past kits for this event, but I’m passing on this one.

  • 36
    CTR Mom says:

    I like several of the products but this kit is much too expensive to justify purchasing

  • 37
    Becky K says:

    I’m a loyal customer of PTI but equally disappointed with the $300 price tag. While I am purchasing the set, SAF is an event my family and I have participated in together virtually over the past several years, but the price tag is a non-starter for them. I realize companies need to evolve to stay relevant, but the exclusivity of expensive kits, YouTube sales, and live events sharing details of in-person SAF opportunities seems like the wrong approach. I hope you listen to your customers and make some adjustments. We’re upset because we love your products.

  • 38
    Paula Fuller says:

    I looked carefully at all the goodies offered in the kit, including the limited edition stamp set, and think it is probably worth the $300. However, the kit is just not budget friendly. I do think it would be better, for most, if you break the kit up a little to make it more affordable. PTI, you make a great product, and I have been a long time customer. Best wishes to all of the talented designers and have a wonderful time at SAF.

  • 39
    Lindy Powell says:

    I would have loved to have participated, but agree with everyone. Too costly for me ~

  • 40

    As many long-time customers have emailed, your beautiful Fairie is too costly. I also have noticed a huge change in PTI from the top executives. Becareful

  • 41
    Regina M Dziak says:

    I am disappointed, very much so.

  • 42
    Judy Bohne says:

    I glanced over the many comments that have been given and I agree with the comments. $300 is way too high for my budget and I would prefer to purchase the individual sets as I don’t like or need all of them. Please change your policy on this. Some of the sets are wonderful!

  • 43
    Melissa Solazzo says:

    I was looking forward to the Stamp-a-faire weekend. My sister and I usually get together and enjoy time together crafting. The cost of the kit for the items included is out of the price range for my hobby this year. Also, like others, I don’t see how the kit price can be the same as the ‘in person’ cost of the ticket and experience. I hope things will change in the future as I love your products.

  • 44
    Melissa says:

    I was so excited when I saw the Stamp-a-faire, but way to much money…sorry i am going to have to pass this year also.

  • 45
    Debbie Neuman says:

    I would love to …but $300.00 is too much for me right now.

  • 46
    Traci Major says:

    I too am not happy with not only the price tag, but the exclusivity of this year’s Stampa-Faire!! I have been a loyal customer since the beginning (I have the first stamp release)… and I am shaking my head at this!! How is it a “community” unless you are willing to overspend and invest month after month only to be excluded in the end? I just can’t justify this. I took all the customer questionnaires and can only deduce that the answers have led to these type of “events.” This has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Disappointed.

  • 47
    Quietgirl says:

    I was shocked when I saw the price. I wondered who would be spending that much for a hobby? Like the others, I try to use what I have. I am very disappointed Nichole is gone.

  • 48
    Alicia says:

    I wish you would consider pricing this kit as individual classes. I was excited about a couple of the classes (watercolor card and plantable paper) but, not all and then saw the price tag for the full kit. $300 is cost prohibitive for many of us and definitely for a kit where several of the classes I was not interested in. As a suggestion, in the future, offer individual kits and then maybe a discount to customers who purchase all classes in one big kit.

  • 49
    Em says:

    I love flowers so I was particularly looking forward to this event. Like so many others I feel the all or nothing nature of supplies seems to detract from any involvement. Perhaps another year.

  • 50
    Robin Poupard says:

    Wow! I don’t like the business model for this faire! Teasing people with the great kits…charging way too much…and not having the pieces available at a later date is just not customer friendly. This looks like it’s just meant for profit and not taking the “lowly” card maker into consideration. I’m out!

  • 51
    nancy mckinney says:

    My jaw dropped as well, and I saw some re-runs……that seed packet for one… the poppy design is one I have from another company….almost identical……very disappointing.

  • 52
    Erika says:

    Good Lord!!! For $300 I would expect a machine be included. This is crazy you guys. You HAVE to make this more affordable. I’m seriously disappointed.

  • 53
    Cindy Hughes says:

    I too am disappointed about the price. The short window to purchase this and short notice of the cost…there is no way to pay bills on a Friday and then have enough left over for this large time to find additional monies. I truly am disappointed but hope the people that can go enjoy themselves.

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