Welcome to day 2 of our 11th anniversary festivities! We love our team and we know you loved getting a look at who is going to bring you fantastic inspiration in this next year on our post yesterday. Today we have even more introductions for you and a chance to “Win Your Wishlist” at the end of this post!

Product Designers

What do we all love? Stamps, dies, patterned papers, and more! Who brings all of this goodness to you? Our fantastic team of product designers! We want to send a special welcome to Jennifer Campbell as she joins our team this year – and just wait until you see what she has in store for us. In fact, you are going to love what this whole team has to share with you!

“February is always such an exciting time here at Papertrey with all of the new product and series reveals!  I’m looking forward to what this year holds as a product designer.  For me, this year is all about challenging myself and exploring new creative avenues.  So excited to see where where this creative journey will lead!”

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“I’m thrilled to be back for another year of product design! Seeing images come to life with ink and paper is always fun but then seeing what YOU will do with those products is even more exciting! It never gets old! Looking forward to bringing you more designs in the coming year….so grateful to be a part of the team!”

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“Being able to design my own stamps and products has been a dream for me – in fact this year is my 10th anniversary of creating products for Papertrey Ink. I love seeing what the design team and all of you create with them! I have lots of fun things coming your way this year and I hope you will enjoy it all.”

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“I am so excited and thankful to be a part of the Papertrey Ink team! Designing has always brought me such joy and I can’t wait to share it with you! Being able to do what you love everyday is truly an amazing feeling. I hope you feel inspired to create things that you are proud of and share it with others. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!”

Jennifer is still working on getting her blog up and running, so check back to link up to her soon.

“I am thrilled to be continuing the Sincerely Yours line this year with Papertrey Ink! Seeing people enjoy creating with the products I have designed is truly amazing!  Thank you for making last year so incredible! My hope is that the products this year will inspire you to not only make cards, but also mail them. That is the best part of this community! Send your creativity, send a small part of you, send your heart.”

“I’m so excited to be back for another year designing product for Papertrey Ink and working on some of the ‘special teams’ like Make It Monday! I love sharing my art with you, especially seeing how you bring it to life with your own ink and layout choices. I actually love that part the most! Are you ready? It’s going to be a fun year!”

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“This is going to be a busy year for yours truly and I couldn’t be more delighted! Designing stamps and dies is such a rewarding job, largely because I actually get to encourage other people to find their creative voice. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone get joy out of something you’ve poured your heart into designing. I am so happy to be a part of this team and I can’t wait for you to see what everyone has to share with you in the coming year!”

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“I can’t express enough how excited I am to be designing stamps, dies, and more fun products this year for Papertrey Ink!  This is truly a dream come true—holding a stamp or die collection that I created, then seeing the amazing PTI Design Team use it in ways I could never imagine is nothing short of euphoric.  And getting to create with the products myself is the icing on the cake!”

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I know there are some super sleuths out there who noticed there are two more people in our collage who we have not introduced yet and they are Jane & Julie Heskamp, the owners of Papertrey Ink. They want to thank all of you for being a part of Papertrey Ink with us and are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.


We are pleased to announce the Win Your Wishlist Contest again this year! ONE lucky winner will receive their Papertrey wish list for FREE (up to a $300 value)! Be sure to create a special wish list within your account on our website labeled “2018 PTI Wishlist”. If you are randomly selected as a winner, you will be sent the first $300 worth of items on that list!!! We encourage customers to include more than $300 worth of items on this special wish list because if a particular item is out of stock on February 15th when the winners are selected, we will replace it with the next item on the list.

How to Enter: Create a “2018 PTI Wishlist” within your account on our store website. Comment on this blog post and tell us some of your favorite products from your 2018 PTI Wishlist!

Tune into our Release Party Live broadcast on February 15th, 8PM ET on our Papertrey Ink Facebook page where the Win Your Wishlist Winner will be announced! The winner will then be posted on our February 2018 Winners Page.

Best of luck with the contest!


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  • 1
    Vicki Finger says:

    Is it awesome to see Jane and Julie! I’m looking forward to a fantastic year with more beautiful products! Happy Anniversary Papertrey!

    • 1.1
      Sara Sellers says:

      Happy Anniversary PTI!!!!!

    • 1.2
      Mattie says:

      Can I say that my favorite item is everything? ? I love it all! All the products are so versatile and beautiful. I love the Mountain Majesty stamps, the Eaves cover plate die, and ADORABLE Spooky smiles stamp set…UGH so much wonderful product to choose from!!

  • 2
    Beth Stiver says:

    Is there a picture of Jennifer coming?

  • 3
    Kim Evans says:

    I have been a huge fan of Paper Trey for years, and continue to be excited each month when the new reveal starts. I can’t wait to see what PT and the new DT has in store for the 11th Anniversary!!

  • 4
    Linda Craig says:

    I don’t have the balloon stamps yet and that is probably the best of the stamps on my wish list along with the mix & mat dies.

  • 5
    Gina Eggebrecht says:

    Hooray for the returning team. And I’m excited for the new faces. I look forward to seeing the designs that are coming this year. I am also glad Jane and Julie are being more visible with the company now.
    Lots of dies on my wishlist – specifically lots of Dawn’s “Enclosed” series. I love all kinds of gift tags and love how those work as both gift tags and focal points for cards.

  • 6
    DebbyH says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have always loved your stamps and dies. Plus Betsy’s kits are to die for. LOL

  • 7
    lindac says:

    So excited to see what PTI has in store for us in 2018.

  • 8
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    Looking forward to 2018 with Papertrey! Some of my favorite things on my wishlist are the Confetti Mix & Mat die, the Brushed Birds & dies, and LOTS of Kraft card stock!!

  • 9
    Rita says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI. Brushed Birds are at the top of my wish list. I look forward to another amazing year of fabulous products.

  • 10
    DGolly says:

    What a fun contest. I hope I’m the lucky winner. There is so much I love, but only so much I can actually purchase. Pedal Pusher is one of my favorites that I would love to own. I look forward to the new year and innovative products.

  • 11
    TracyL says:

    I’m really excited about everything on my list, but I’m most excited about the Window Works Dies. All the samples I see are just gorgeous, and I need more frame dies!

  • 12
    SherryG says:

    I included many beautiful sets on my 2018 PTI Wishlist. Holiday Hugs, Spruce & Springs, and Give Love are all sets I would love to own and use.

  • 13
    Miriam Prantner says:

    So many things on my wishlist! Some boxes and mix and mats and year of psalms just to name a few

  • 14
    Patt H. says:

    I can’t wait to see all the awesomeness of this new release! I look fwd. to the new things every month.

  • 15
    Nancy Penir says:

    It’s a party every month at PTI! Love every day leading to, the actual release, and what comes after! Happy Anniversary! Off to make a list…

  • 16
    Carrie K says:

    Happy, happy anniversary, PTI! I am so very excited to see what you have in store for us this coming year. More good things than my budget can handle, I’m sure. Haha! Top of my wishlist this year is the winter woods collection. I’m ready to stamp up some of those pretty blue jays and cardinals. Here’s to a wonderfully crafty 2018!

  • 17
    Donna Phelan says:

    What a great prize, I can’t even imagine!!! I added lots of your bird stamp and die sets, they make me long for Spring–which I hope is right around the corner, wink, wink! Nesting, Winter Woods, Songbirds….you get the idea! Happy Anniversary!

  • 18
    Rachel W. says:

    I love your Warm Regards stamp & die set. I said “no more flower stamps”…until I saw that set! It’s at the top of my 2018 PTI Wishlist!

  • 19
    Amanda says:

    With my Wish List done, some of my favorite products through the years have been the Tiny Treats Series and their big brother, Tremendous Treats. I also love Sign Language and Est. 1776. The big Christmas kit is always fun. Vintage Ornaments will forever be a favorite as will the jars and their fillers. So many great things to love through the years!

  • 20
    Lori B says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! My wish list is so full of goodies, it’s hard to pick a favorite wished for item. I really love the Brushed Birds though, so they would be on the top of my list.

  • 21
    Diane R. says:

    I found out about Papertrey Ink in 2008 and felt like I found a gold mine! I make sure I look at the blog daily to see what’s going on. The snowflakes stamps and dies are my absolute favorite especially the Silver White Winter set. Wishing you a very happy 11th anniversary!

  • 22
    Jeannine j. says:

    Happy Anniversary! My wish list includes more sentiment stamps & some older sets I have been wanting for a long time.

  • 23
    Suzanne A. says:

    I think the favorite part of my 2018 Wishlist would be collecting all of the “Quilted” series stamps and dies!!

  • 24
    Rita Z says:

    Everything on my wishlist is my “favorite”. Can’t wait to acquire some of the mix and mat dies.

  • 25
    Lori Oglesby says:

    It’s looking awesome so are! Happy anniversary Papertrey Ink! My wish list include Mix and Mat dies and some older things.

  • 26
    annheidel says:

    I can’t wait to see all the new products this year! (not that my wish lists aren’t already a bajillion miles long) I have a ton of dies on my wish list, including some Limitless Layers (because versatile) and Cover Plate dies (because I love them!).

  • 27
    Luanne says:

    I cannot wait to see what these amazing designers bring to us this year. Thank you! I think the favorite product on my list is Tulip Time. I can’t believe I haven’t invested in this set yet, it is so gorgeous!

  • 28
    Natasha Trupp says:

    Can’t wait to see what the product designers bring to PTI this year! My 2018 wishlist is a mix of old and new- Pedal Pusher is on there, several coordinating dies- Gran’s Garden, Palm Prints (I buy the sets first, thinking I’ll fussy cut everything and then depending on how much I use it I determine that I need the dies after all). The Fruit Salad dies have been on my list since they were released, I just haven’t had the chance to get them… The entire Birthday Balloon suite that was just released… I could go on, but I’d be here a while 😉

  • 29
    Amy Vitriani says:

    Happy anniversary!! What a fantastic prize. I would say top on my wish list are more stitching dies. I already have quite a bit but I have many more I’d love to have!

  • 30
    Stephanie H. says:

    Happy Anniversary to Papertrey Ink! I’m so excited to see what the new year will bring!

    My wish list is long this year with lots of papers and inks – I love the quality and the wide range of colors! I also have lots of older Christmas/holiday sets on my list, like Love Lives Here and Signature Christmas that I am really excited about.

  • 31
    Julie C says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! So excited for another big year to come!

  • 32
    Karen C says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Love the stamps and dies! I am in love with all the items on my wishlist but I think my favorite are the mat stacks – so versatile! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 33
    Daniela May says:

    Love PTI cardstock and dye inks and in reality all of your products – hope I get a chance to win the wishlist 🙂 good luck to all

  • 34

    Looking forward to what’s to come in the new year from all the designers! A girl can never have too many flower stamps and pretty colored inks to stamp them with which I added to my wish list 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 35
    Deb Else says:

    Happy anniversary! And thank you for the chance to win (although I never have, I can always hope!) my wish list! I have many of the new colors of paper and ink on my wish list as I have been unable to order for quite some time, and would love to experiment and create using them.

  • 36
    Ann Merry says:

    Happy 11th anniversary, PTI! My wishlist is ready and waiting! Too hard to pick a favorite item on there….could make good use of any of them!

  • 37
    kelly says:

    Yay! My very favourite of all the contests (even though I love them all!). I think I am going to win this year 🙂
    My wish list has lots of the pocket and envelope dies and Lizzie’s sweet gift card box from January’s release. I have not made a lot of packaging in the past but I think it is time. Thank you so much for all of the anniversary festivities and thank you even more for the chance to win my wishlist!

  • 38
    Vikki H says:

    Wishlists are fun but even better if fulfilled! I would love all the Mix n Mat dies

  • 39
    Teresa F. says:

    I totally adore the Year of Psalms sets! I own two but have the rest on my wish list! Would love to have all of them. Happy anniversary to PTI!

  • 40
    Lisa says:

    Happy 11th anniversary! My 2018 wishlist is just completed, but I want to add more and more. I can’t wait to use Mix & Mat: Die series and Quilted series stamps and dies. Thank you so much for the chance to win..

  • 41
    Pat Ackley says:

    Thank you for the chance to win my wishlist! Happy Anniversary PTI! I have some oldies but goodies on my wishlist, like Winter Village, Two Feet Deep and Harvest Pumpkins. Lots of new stuff, too!

  • 42
    karen h says:

    I keep a wish list in a spreadsheet so I can sort (and re-sort) and plan my orders, but picking out things for this contest was HARD! The newest stuff is always my favorite. I really really want Brushed Birds so they are at the top of my wish list!

  • 43
    Marcia Hill says:

    Happy, happy anniversary Papertrey Ink!! I have been loving your stamps and dies for years and years now, and am so excited to see what you and your FABULOUS designer’s have in store for us this year! My wishlist will continue to be full and I know you will be adding to it all year long! Thank you to ALL of you for being such a wonderful company!! :0)

  • 44

    Happy Anniversary to Papertrey Ink!!! My wishlist is ready and waiting!!! Too hard to pick a favorite…they are all my favorites. 😉

  • 45
    Megan Carroll says:

    How fun! The balloon products from last month are at the top of my Wishlist!

  • 46
    Diana K says:

    Can’t wait to see all the new products that you have in store for us! Bring it on, I’m ready! My wishlist contains a LOT of flowers and, just maybe, Christmas is giving them a run for the money. ???

  • 47
    Sabinevdk says:

    Happy anniversary! I love the edge dies and flower stamps. Love the balloon stamps, dies and stencils. So many fun things!

  • 48
    Annette says:

    I have soooo much more than $300 worth in my wish list. There is just too many great PTI products. Some of my favourite would be the Huge Hugs, Mix and Mat dies, cover dies, scripted stamp and die set, sweet life stamp set, and soo many more! It is just so much fun window shopping and imaging all that you could create with your wish list! Happy anniversary PTI!

  • 49
    Victoria Nelson says:

    The Gran’s Garden stamp set and dies and the last two Mix & Mat dies to finish out my collection are the things I’m looking forward to the most on my wish list!

  • 50
    Penny P says:

    I love the cloche summer and winter sets

  • 51
    Kris T says:

    I’ve been a Papertrey fan since day 1! I can’t believe it’s been 11 years. Happy Birthday PTI. I’ve loved watching how you’ve changed and grown. The products you put out are the best! Some of my favorites I must have this year are Market Florals and Brushed Birds. I love them. Thanks for this chance to win.

  • 52
    Maureen P says:

    Oh, Brushed Birds is at the top of my list! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Congratulations on 11 fabulous years!

  • 53
    Tracy says:

    I look forward to my kits every month! I love the Mix & Mat dies the most out of my wish list. Happy Anniversary, here’s to many more!

  • 54
    Hlee says:

    Looking forward to a another year of awesomeness

  • 55
    Debbie P says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I look forward to every release and now my wishlist is up to date 🙂 I’ve added some alphabet dies that I never seem to buy for myself and the latest Mix & Mat: Confetti die. Love all of them!

  • 56
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Top of my list will be lots of stitching dies that I have wait-listed again & again.

  • 57
    Janet B from WV says:

    Brushed Birds was the first thing to go on my list. I love those chubby little things!

  • 58
    Pauline T. says:

    So many fun products! The mix and mat dies are on the top of my wishlist… along with Gran’s Garden.

  • 59
    Peggy C says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is always fun to reach February and look forward to some added fun and sunshine coming our way from PTI. It can be so dreary in the Northwest this time of year (except this year). I have the Mix & Match: Confetti and the Envelope Envy on my wishlist. I also need to restock my felt supply. Your felt is
    so lovely!

  • 60
    Diane B says:

    It felt sooo good adding extra products to my wish list. It felt as if I was actually shopping. What a high! LOL. Anyway, fingers crossed. I love the What the Doodle Collection. Your products are so original. Happy anniversary!

  • 61
    christal mclean says:

    I have been following, purchasing and creating with Papertrey Ink almost since the beginning. I was following another crafter who consistently talked about Papertrey Ink so I went to the blog myself and couldn’t believe my eyes of what a treasure I had found. Ever after, I have been loyal and it’s the first blog I go to in the morning to receive fresh inspiration. I do have a few items on my wish list but I tend to buy so much that my list may seem smaller. Mix and Mat Dies and ANY florals and birthday items will always remain at the top of my list. Happy 11th Anniversary to Papertrey Ink but your followers are the true winners!

  • 62
    Allyson says:

    I have a long wish list, but I think one of my favorite items would be the Make It Market Luxe Letterpress kit. I would also love to have the Lovely Lace kit, as well. I wish I had more money to spend on craft supplies so I could have my entire wish list! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • 63
    lainey says:

    There are too many favorites to list, but a set I must get is Gran’s Garden! Happy 11th Anniversary PTI!

  • 64
    SentSue says:

    Thank you for the chance to win my wishlist and a very Happy 11th Birthday to you!!

  • 65
    Adele Holcomb says:

    Everything on my wish list is my favorite! I’m hoping the horizontal A2 scallop die set will be back in stock soon as I’ve wanted it for some time; and I plan to order the Warm Regards stamp and die set. Hope some of the stuff that is currently out of stock will be available again soon.

  • 66
    Lynda Marquez says:

    Happy anniversary PTI! I have the cloche quarters series on my wish list…among a few older items that slipped by me ❤

  • 67
    Terri Trotter Earley says:

    I love all things Betsy ( I miss all things CAS Maile still though) I have some kits and flower staples on my wish list. Here’s to 2018

  • 68
    kkilian says:

    I like the words sets such as “Birthday Cheer Stamp Set” so I can stamp in multiple colors with ease for my cards.

  • 69
    Barbara M says:

    Oh how fun to win a wish list list of things. Papers, and of corse a die set or two one had hold back on…like those new birds still waiting to fly home with me!

  • 70
    Helen F. says:

    Oh my! It seems like just yesterday when I discovered PTI’s wonderful products, 11 years have certainly flown by! Your flower and bird stamp/die sets are on the top of my Wish List each new release. I am becoming a big fan of of your Mix and Mat dies as well. I am anxious to see the awesome work of your very talented design team.
    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to a great company! Thank you so much for the chance to win this AMAZING prize 🙂

  • 71
    Olga V. says:

    Thank you for a chance to win a whooping $300 worth of wishlist!!! I love everything on my wishlist 🙂 I think I’ll be most excited to get the cupcakes stamp set, I’ve been eyeing them for a while 🙂 Happy 11th birthday, PTI! almost a teenager, eh? 🙂

  • 72
    Tosha says:

    What super way to remind us of all your great products in your inventory and perhaps even remind of us of a few we have in our own inventory.
    My favorite is the Peony Cover Plate Die.

  • 73
    Jennifer Snellen says:

    I am loving the friendship jar and fillers

  • 74
    Emily W. says:

    The Favor It Box 4 die has been hanging out on my wishlist for quite some time… it always gets bumped for stamps. 😉

  • 75
    Susan says:

    I really like the look of last month’s Brushed Birds, and have had Pedal Pushers on my (old) wish list for ages, so those are two of my favorites. I’ve also started making lists on post-it notes a lot recently, and would love the stamps that fit the 3×3″ pads.

  • 76
    Sandy S. says:

    A few of the products on my list are new, but lately I’ve tended to buy most of the new ones I want Some old ones that I keep coming back to are the Star Gazer sets. They’ve been on my list for ages, and someone in a recent challenge made a beautiful project with them that renewed my interest.

  • 77
    Susan Stewart says:

    I especially like all the flower stamp sets. I have so many and yet I want more. Can’t ever have enough.

  • 78
    Colleen B. says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI! My Wishlist favorites include some much needed flowers/blooms, background stamps and birthday sentiments. Looking forward to the amazing products and inspiration from an awesome team, as always.

  • 79
    Tammy W says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI!!! Looking forward to another year of awesome products and inspiring projects! I love all the series stamps sets especially sentiments!

  • 80
    Orsolya says:

    I really loved the brushed bird stamp set too! It’s definitely on my wish list!

  • 81
    Susan W. says:

    Oh wow! Thanks PTI for a chance to make our Wish list come true! There have been many sets I have wished for over the years but have never gotten.

  • 82
    Stephanie Clapper says:

    Another fantastic year with Papertrey! I love the team and can’t wait for the newest series and releases. Some of my favs from my ” wishes come true” list are: Warm Regards, Fruit Salad and Bitty Bouquets. (Etc etc etc) . What an awesome way to celebrate another wonderful anniversary! 🙂

  • 83
    Raquel Unruh says:

    There’s so much goodness from this last year! But I’m really loving the year of Psalms and the flower sets get me all the time!

  • 84
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m looking forward to all the excitement I’m sure this year will bring–including getting to know new team members! Some of my favorite wishlist items are Stemmed Sentiments and the Bitty Big papers; thanks for the chance to win!

  • 85
    S. Molinari says:

    Congrats to all those on the team! So thankful for all your hard work and inspiration! My wishlist has a lot of birds and berries in it. Also loving the quilt sets!

  • 86
    Ivana C says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I can only imagine what awesomeness 2018 has in store! So excited for all the new products, but still a huge fan of some past favorites, which are all currently on my wishlist! Among them, my all time favorite: Pedal Pusher, and the stunning Floral Sketches flowers. Really loving Kind of Corny and Beautiful Berries: Winter, too! Thank you so much for this fabulous chance to win – wishing everyone the best of luck!! And a fabulous 2018 to PTI!

  • 87
    Kate McConaughy says:

    I always anticipate the release posts each month-I log on first thing and am so disappointed if they aren’t up yet (hate waiting). I have so many favorites-tag dies and stamps, make-it market kits (I have almost all of them and just love All Through the House and Wonderland), but I have just love working with the mix and mat dies from this last year (still waiting to add a couple more to my collection). Thanks to everyone at PTI for creating such good products for us to use and wishing you all the best for this 11 year anniversary and many many more to come.

  • 88
    Joyce Casaldi says:

    Such an exciting week!

  • 89
    Greta H says:

    So happy to see you’re continuing the Wishlist contest this year! No problem putting over $300 worth of products I’d love to have! Some of my favorites from last year are the window dies, edgers & the Mix & Mats I don’t have yet! Thanks so much & congrats to everyone on the PTI team!

  • 90
    Sara Wood says:

    I LOVE the Year of Psalms stamps. They speak to me! Also, the mix and mat dies! I want them all.

  • 91
    Allison McCoy says:

    I love Papertrey Ink Products! So many stamp sets to wish for and the diecuts are to die for!

  • 92
    Silke Ledlow says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I truly love PTI . Thank you for all the fabulous inspirations over the years. My favorite always have been the beautiful flower stamps and dies. I also enjoy the wonderful color collections from the ink pads to the ribbons and paper. Here is to many, many more fabulous releases!

  • 93
    Kathy Mc says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary, PTI! Love seeing this company moving forward even with all the changes you’ve endured and look forward to what the future holds. I have SO many wish lists (and an order in my cart) going it won’t be hard to come up with $300 worth. Brushed Birds, more Mix & Mat Dies, Warm Regards, Market Florals and the latest Birthday Release are some of the more current wants. Thanks for the chance to win such a generous prize!

  • 94
    Sarosa says:

    What a generous giveaway, wow! I love everything in my cart … but I am especially looking forward to two bird sets; one is a realistic style, Winter Birds, and the other is the more “artsy” songbirds set. I love PTI’s designs!

  • 95
    Denise Bryant says:

    That was fun! I created my wishlist! I have the Give Love stamp set and coordinating dies on it and some of the Mix & Mat die sets!

  • 96
    betty lou says:

    Flowers, quilteds, and faith, oh my!

  • 97
    Tracy says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! February is always an extra fun time at Papertrey with all the Anniversary festivities. Winning the wishlist has been a fun addition over the last few years too – and my list is full (although I may make a few changes) – I’ve added a lot of alpha dies I’ve wanted for a long time … ya never know! Thank you

  • 98
    Niccole says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI … my wish list is long; which is a good thing. On the top would be the Cover Plate; Balloon Bash along with the whole Lucky Scratch set. Another is the Happy Camper set and die set. You guy rock!!! Keep creating awesome products.

  • 99
    Nickie says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI! I make a wish list every month, of things I wasn’t able to add to my order. So my list is very long. As for my favorite, there is no way I could pick just one. It would be asking me to name my favorite child. How do you choose?

  • 100

    I am really loving the Brushed Birds and Birthday Balloons sets from the last release. I’m looking forward to the new designs of 2018. Thanks for all the great stamps and dies. More than 90% of my supplies come from PTI

  • 101
    Debbie says:

    I plan to put the Winter Wonderland Kit at the top of my list and keep my fingers crossed!!

  • 102
    Lynda MacLellan says:

    Happy Anniversary! Oh my, so difficult to choose favorites……..I love the new Birthday Balloons release! And I’ve been wishing for the Feather Finery die set to go with my stamp set. I love the Leaf Prints stamps and dies for fall cardmaking. And then there’s the Life is Beautiful die set……..(sure wish the Butterfly Kisses stamp set was still available). So many wonderful stamps and dies!

  • 103
    Kathryn A says:

    Congrats on 10 years! The favourite things on my wish list are the brushed birds stamps and dies, along with a few of the “Inspired” series, which I haven’t purchased, yet!

  • 104
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    Congrats on 11 years! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us! 🙂

  • 105
    Joanne says:

    Having special anniversary events is so exciting. My favorite thing in my wish list is the stencils, which I should have ordered originally but didn’t want to go over my stamping budget for the month.

  • 106
    Carmela Douglas Hubler says:

    Needless to say, I love all your products as well as the inspiration of your design team. I have completed many CASE cards from your web site. I am especially fond of the Year of Psalms stamps that are so versatile and provide such great scriptures. I also love the Mix and Mat series that provide the perfect backdrop for many a card. Thank you and I look forward to a great year!!

  • 107
    Connie Myers says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary, PTI! Thank you for the chance to win someone’s wishlist. Included in mine is more flowers, birds, and the rest of the quilt series. (BTW, I had no trouble adding more than $300 to my list in case something is out of stock!) 🙂

  • 108
    Jill Norwood says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary Papertrey Ink Family! Lovely to see Jane and Julie’s faces and I would love to know more of their crafting story and how they feel about owning such a fantastic and innovative crafting company. Thanks so much for this wonderful contest each year too! I have dreams of winning!!! This could be my year! I love so many of your products. Your cardstock and specialty papers are a must have! And of course all of the wonderful stamps and dies! I’m always so excited to see what you will come up with next!!!! I’m looking forward to a fantastic year! Blessings to you all and thanks for making paper crafting so much fun! Jill, Seattle, Wa

  • 109
    Janet Rath says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING from PTI and have for 11 years!!!

  • 110
    Sharon E says:

    Thanks for the chance to win my wishlist! I added mostly older stamps sets that I’ve wanted to get. It’s easier to keep up with the newer ones. Some of my must haves on my list are Holiday Greens (stamps and borders), Guilding Lights, Words of Comfort, and Embellished Elegance to name a few. I even added a few dies to sets I have already.

  • 111
    Sharon Gullikson says:

    Some of my favorites are the cloches and fillers.

  • 112
    Jessica says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to shop PTI, but I’m excited to see all the new products! Some of my 2018 PTI Wishlist items: the Fun Lovin’ set, the Rainbow XL set, everything Smokey Shadow and everything Tropical Teal!

  • 113
    Carla Hundley says:

    Fabulous giveaway!
    I made my wishlist.
    Love the many dies
    and felt!
    Carla from Utah

  • 114
    Kate Temple says:

    I am so in love with the Birthday Balloons and Fiesta Flag collections!! I cannot wait to purchase them!!

  • 115
    Sallie says:

    I know it is mundane, but your white CS is THE BEST! It is the only white base that I use for cards. Love the weight and finish. Your cover plate dies have always been a favorite and I have added a few to my Wishlist that I don’t have. Congratulations on 11 years…..may there be many more ahead.

  • 116
    Annette says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary, Papertrey Ink Team. I love your creativity, the inspiration, the beautiful stamps, dies and the MIM Sets. They are outstanding. I have collected my PTI stamps and dies over the last years, but there are still so many I would love to own. You’ll find them on my wishlist :-)))))

    Looking forward to another creative year with PTI. Can’t wait to see what the DT has in stock for Us. THX

  • 117
    Zsoka Marko says:

    Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us this year! I’m just starting out so I don’t have a lot of supplies yet. I could pretty much put all your store on my wishlist :D. My absolute fave is the Hugs die with the fancy pattern! Then all the floral stamps! Cover plates…And the ink pads! Like all of them?! Haha! Thank you so much for this awesome prize, you’re very generous XXX

  • 118
    Donna Oates says:

    What is there not to love about PTI! I am a huge fan of Dawn’s florals and botanicals – see 2018 PTI Wishlist(LOL)!! But I’m also a fan of the paper. I love the card stock’s weight for either layering or as a base. Much better than what I started using when I first started card making 10 years ago! So not lonely would I love the stamps and dies set I’ve put on this wish list but all the color items I’ve listed to match the patterned paper I got at that big sale a year ago(?). Thank you for offering us this chance to stock up on everything PTI! We love you all and all that you do for this awesome crafting community!

  • 119
    Fabiola Pacheco says:

    I love all of your products, specially the shaker shapes ? and the Halloween and Christmas pin ups kits. Happy Aniversary!

  • 120
    Jeni Benson says:

    The Mix & Mat dies are some of my favorites! I definitely want all of these!

  • 121
    Lisa Ragano says:

    Congratulations on 11 years! I’ve been with you since the beginning. It’s been exciting to watch you grow and thrive!

  • 122
    Victoria H says:

    Just created my Wishlist and looking back I had forgotten some sets like quoted the most that would fab to use and peacefully pine cones is a set I’ve always admired.

  • 123
    miriam says:

    garden gild kit, delightful dalia set, mighty oak & bloom coverplate…

  • 124
    Marlena M says:

    Congratulations Papertrey Ink!! I am most excited about the dies I’ve had my eyes on~thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 125
    Marci Snee says:

    Happy, Happy Anniversary! I’m so giddy with delight at the chance to win my WISH LIST! Some of my favorite products would have to be PAPER!!!! I really want all the new colored BITTY BIG background papers. I have a couple, but would be a great addition to my collection. I also have a lot of Year of Psalms on my wishlist. They are absolutely perfect. I work for the Catholic Church and I envision making gift sets of psalm inspired cards for many of the parishioners. I also have a lot of Ways To Say sets that I need to fulfill my full set syndrome. I like being well rounded and completely stocked of certain lines. Thanks so much for this chance to win!!! What an amazing giveaway!

  • 126
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    Happy 11th anniversary! Some of my favorite products are the frame dies, cover plates and floral stamp sets.

  • 127
    katevdp says:

    Happy anniversary PTI. It’s always hard to pick a favourite – but probably the Pedal pusher stamp set & dies. It’s been on my list for a while – it reminds me of my 2nd home in the Netherlands.

  • 128
    Carrie Zrodlowski says:

    I love the Psalms mini stamps you have each month.

  • 129
    merryf says:

    There’s so much on my 2018 Wishlist that I love, but I think what I’m most looking forward to playing with are those gorgeous Brushed Birds. They’re so soft and lovely! Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 130
    Jan Metcalf says:

    Exited about PTI anniversary events! Would love more of the Mix and Mats, please stock up!

  • 131
    Patt H. says:

    I love Papertrey Ink & would sure love to win all my favorites! Brushed Birds stamps & die is one I’ve been coveting for a while plus soooo many others! Congratulations on 11 years! I’ve loved Papertrey from the first!

  • 132
    April Z. says:

    What an amazing prize! There are always so many PTI products that I want, but something I’ve had my eye on for a long time is the Noted: Scalloped Square dies. I would also really like the new gift card box die.

  • 133
    Teresa Grau says:

    What a fun anniversary gift for us! I always have a wish list going for PaperTrey. On my 2018 list I have two bird stamp sets to add to the two bird sets I already have plus I noticed I liked coordinating sets like the Cloche Quarters add ons I have. I also noticed that I like a lot of stamps designed by Betsy!

  • 134
    Cindy H. says:

    PTI, congratulations on your 11th year!! Thank you for continuing this fun contest of winning our 2018 PTI Wishlist! I just finished creating mine and while I’d like ALL the items I listed, the sets I am most excited to win are: Warm Regards, Wicked Elixir, Need For Speed and Love You To Pieces – stamps and dies!

  • 135
    Rosali says:

    Happy anniversary!! What an amazing chance to win! I would love to get the scene it dies from my wishlist! 🙂

  • 136
    KathyW says:

    I have several of the Bitty Big paper packs on my wish list. I also have the Flower Mandala II die on the list; these are so fun to create with.

  • 137
    Trapshooter says:

    I am loving the celebration! I have lots of dies and stencils on my wish list!!! Some are out of stock so I’d better add more to my list! Lol!

  • 138
    Julia D. says:

    What an AWESOME prize!! It’s hard to choose favorites but definitely at the top of my list is the botanical alphabet. That’s been on my wishlist for a while and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also love your white cardstock. I use it exclusively and find it works really well for me with Copics. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • 139
    jengd says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s to come over the next month. Congrats to the entire team- I have no doubt that the projects you all create this year will be astounding. As for what I’d like, I have yet to get the Come All Ye Faithful set (love those dogs even though I’m a cat person) and the Cloche sets have been on my to-get list since they came out.

  • 140
    Crystal O. Minkler says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary PTI!! I’m super excited for the year ahead with the new team! Can’t wait to see what you all have in store for us! My wishlist is always full of fun stuff… I would definitely love some of the recently released items like the balloon stamp set and dies and stencils, oh my!

  • 141
    Katarina Menzies says:

    My favorite PTI product line is the Petite Places and Scene It series of stamps and dies. Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 142
    Karen Verhagen says:

    Happy 11th! Love your dies – they are reasonably priced and always cut well. Have lots and lots on my wishlist!

  • 143
    Joybells says:

    Oh! There is A LOT of stuff on my wish list. I would love to get all of the mix and mat dies. Happy Anniversary to my absolute favorite (and only)! stamp company!!

  • 144
    Donna Gourley says:

    Such a tremendous opportunity for us as customers of PTI to have the opportunity to win a $300 wish list!! Thank you PTI and Happy Anniversary! I think I would be most excited about the Bitty Big Paper packs and the many, many dies on my wish list if I won.

  • 145
    F. Andre says:

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Some of my favourites are the Year of the Psalms series and the Dress Up Dolls. I’d also love to give your inks and papers a try.

  • 146
    dennisonka says:

    I look forward to the Papertrey Ink Anniversary celebration every year! You always create and release such fantabulous products, and the February party amps those creative juices to the max. Thank you for creating amazing products and projects. Thank you for inspiring us every month!

  • 147
    Titta says:

    All the things on my wishlist are my favorites, but lately I’ve been thinking of Palm Prints a lot. Looking forward to another year of great products!

  • 148
    LC Lamothe says:

    Congratulations on 11 awesome years! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you in such special ways. I would love to stock up on Keep it Simple sets. I never seem to have enough basic stamps and these are perfect!

  • 149

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I’m so excited to put my name in to win my wish list. I know I’ll never win but here goes….. My favorite item on my wish list is Besty’s beautiful Wonderland Kit. I adore every bit of what’s in there and so wish I could have gotten it when it first came out but my purse strings just won’t stretch that far. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • 150
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    I haven’t been able to shop in a while, so I have a lot of the Bitty Big paper on my wishlist, along with those adorable brushed birds! Happy Anniversary & thanks for a chance to win!

  • 151
    Penny J says:

    So excited to see what the product designers have in store for us this year!
    My wishlist contains mostly the larger sets I have been wanting but get knocked off due to budget constraints. Give Love is a favorite….love that bird, so fun. Dawn’s scripture sets also keep getting dumped, along with numerous others. I just hope none of them retire before I get my hands on them!!

    Thanks to Jane & Julie for continuing to offer such a generous gift!

  • 152
    Krillsister says:

    Happy anniversary PTI!
    Most of my wish list contains some older holiday stamp sets and does like Two Feet Deep as well as Sprig Wreath and Beautiful berries: Winter. Very easy to have $300.

  • 153

    Congratulations on 11 years! I’ve only Ben shopping with you a year, so my wish list is pretty big! Winning this gift certificate will help me with a bunch of older stuff that I want. I can’t aIt to see what you have planned for this. On the release!

  • 154
    Terry W says:

    I would love to win my wish list! Lots of dies, and some stamps and paper too!

  • 155
    Aunt Min says:

    The top set on my Wishlist is “Quoted-Favorite Things” because I want to make a card that says “These are a few of my favorite things” and put a photo of grandsons inside!

  • 156
    Karen Jones says:

    I have always loved the friendship jar collection! Happy Anniversary!

  • 157
    Pat from sd says:

    I have so many awesome items on my wish lists; I love packaging and such and so packaging related dies are at the top of my list.

  • 158
    Ann says:

    Happy Anniversary to a great company. I would love to add some of the mix & match dies to my collection.

  • 159
    Krissie says:

    So excited for this new year that PTI has to offer. Lots of great products and so many on my wish list. I would really love to play with some envelop gift card dies and some of the kits as well.

  • 160
    Patty says:

    This is going to be another great release! I am super excited and would love a chance to win some awesome prizes. I am hoping to add some of Quoted Series and other dies to my PTI collection. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 161
    ljhart1968 says:

    Fun times. I’m so excited it’s birthday month once again. Will be working on my wish list, too.

  • 162
    Kim Heggins says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Here’s to another 11 years! My favorite thing on my list is the white card stock, I can’t create cards without this!!!

  • 163

    I have had my eye on some more sentiments and Mat Stack dies! Love the chance to pretend shop, thanks so much :)!

  • 164
    Nancy Guse says:

    Happy Anniversary! You have been my favorite stamp company since forever!!! Some of my favorite products from Papertrey are Petal Pushers, Fancy Flourishes, Love lives here, Simply spring borders, So sweet, the card stock and SO much more!!!

  • 165
    Liz Raimo says:

    I love your stamps and dies… My favorite are your Faith stamps and butterfly dies..

  • 166
    Iris Shubert says:

    Hello PTI, Well just about everything on my wishlist is Christmas, both stamps and dies. I love all things Christmas and PTI always has wonderful Christmas goodies. I love the snowflakes , the ornaments, the trees, well just everything I suppose !!! It would be wonderful to win, thanks for the chance PTI.

  • 167
    Cindy O says:

    Happy Anniversary to PTI and thanks for all the anniversary challenges and chances to win! My wish list is mostly older sets, from before I started using stamps. It was very easy to fill up my wish list with wonderful products!

  • 168
    Diana B says:

    Everything on my wish list is my favorite! This year I am rather excited about the new patterned papers as well as brushed birds. A year spent in hospital and i’m so ready to fly again! I suppose it’s symbolic of new found freedom.

  • 169
    Noelle says:

    Making a wishlist is so fun! I always get carried away. When I have $100 to spend my list is $300 worth…so since it is $300 of course my first draft is over $800 hahaha =) I’ll have to go through a process of elimination and narrow down my favorites…like: Big Hugs, Brushed Blooms, Dash Away All, Cozy Christmas, To the Point Edgers…look i’m getting carried away again =)

  • 170
    Christine Nixon says:

    I love everything on my wishlist and would be happy with anything on it. At the top of my wish.list would have to be the brushed bird dies, all the Rosie Posie stamps & dies, Gran’s garden stamps and dies and of course stampers select white cardstock- the best in the industry!

  • 171
    Maryrose says:

    So much fun to compile my wish list! Happy Anniversary, PTI!

  • 172
    Joan K says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! My wishlist is filled with ink pads and Mix & Mat dies. I don’t have very many of either one. The anniversary time is always loaded with fun! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • 173
    MaryB says:

    I’m so happy that so many of the DT will be back this year, and also very excited to see Kelly join the team! My wishlist is die-heavy, with several older stitching dies to make felt do-dads for my granddaughter. There are also some newer stamps and dies from the last couple of months that originally got bumped out of the shopping cart. Thanks for all the fun, the inspiration, and for the chance to win such a great prize!

  • 174
    Janet Mack says:

    Everything on my list is my favorite but Gran’s garden is my most favorite. I love anniversary month, there is so much fun packed into the next week.

  • 175
    Kathy says:

    What an awesome contest! Thanks! I just had a wonderful time creating my wish list.

  • 176
    Marlee S. says:

    Happy anniversary to PTI!! I have been a fan for a few years! My wish list consists of a lot of dies and lots of flower stamps (my favorite)!

  • 177
    Sherah says:

    Since day one of being introduced to Papertreyink I’ve been impressed with the products, quick processing and excellent customer service. And now you want to give away up to $300 of a wishlist?!? Oh happy day! Congrats PTIon 11wonderful years and many more to come!!

  • 178
    Patricia B says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI!!! Love all your stamps & dies,my favorite one on my wish list is spring woods stamp set ❤️

  • 179
    Lyn says:

    The Brush Birds from last month are at the top of my wish list items along with dies too numerous to mention. Looking forward to a wonderful release and continued success.

  • 180
    Martha says:

    I still have the first stamp set released – lady bugs! I took a hiatus from stamping and I’m excited to be back!

  • 181
    Laura Beck says:

    Happy Anniversay PTI! I’ve been with you since very early on and there are still many stamps and dies I would enjoy making cards with!

  • 182
    Betty Liehr says:

    I always think some month I won’t overdo on the current selections and can order off my wish list. Alas, it very rarely happens as I always love all the new offerings. My fav – maybe the jar fillers?? In truth, they all are my favs!

  • 183
    Connie G says:

    I always have such a long wishlist but Gran’s Garden is one of my favorites and I want some more mix& mat dies.

  • 184
    Jill A says:

    How exciting and fun!!! I can never have to much of PTI cardstock.

  • 185
    Rachael B says:

    I just started playing with stencils, I’m a little late to the party. So, I think the stencils and the color pop make it market kit are the faves from my wish list.

  • 186
    valerie williams says:

    My wish list is never ending. I love everything! I share the love of Papertreyink with all my stamping friends. Although i have been stamping for many years i just recently stumbled across Papertreyink and it has changed my stamping style forever. I cant wait for Feb. 15th. I especially love your Mat and Mix dies and your Design Team Contributors Beautiful creations. I am so excited to find so many new things to play with.

  • 187
    Rhonda says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve got a really eclectic wishlist, but I’d have to say I really need more double sided foam sheets – they make shaker cards sooo easy!

  • 188
    Traci Major says:

    Congratulations to the newest team members and always enjoy seeing the familiar faces of these creative ladies!! I make lists every release, and purchase maybe a third…so coming up with a bigger list shall be easy!! I would like more birthday themed products and maybe some of those cute stitching dies!!

  • 189
    Lee Anne says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a great treat to look at all the things on my wish list – it’s hard to choose just one, but I love the Ahoy stamp set and die, the scalloped A2 die set, and the perfect peony color collection!

  • 190
    Carolyn J says:

    Just added the birds to my wishlist…hard to decide…too many fun things!

  • 191
    Cyndie says:

    I’d love to get my hands on Stemmed Statement!

  • 192
    Teresa C says:

    Such fun to have a chance to win my wishlist!! It’s a little long, so bear with me…
    A few of my favorites just might include The Berries stamp sets for all seasons with the dies, Keep It Simple: Joyeux Noel, This Just In and the matching dies, Grans Garden and the dies, Dash Away All and the dies…shall I continue?? ❤?❤

  • 193
    Sara Peatross says:

    I can’t wait to use some of the balloon dies and the mix and mat sets.

  • 194
    Cynthia C. says:

    Happy 11th!! Always so fun to set up the annual contest wishlist. Cloche Quarters and lots of mix and mat dies are on there!! Also the grand finale dies. Looking forward to a great year!

  • 195
    Windy Andrews says:

    Thank you so much for such awesome stamps dies and paper!!

  • 196
    Marla Harris says:

    Congrats on your 11th successful year. My favorite items on my list are the mix and mat dies and the floral stamps. PPI has many fantastic products.

  • 197
    Krista T says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m pretty sure more than half of my list is dies! I love the PTI dies!

  • 198
    Anna Natalia says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite is the Sing a Song of Christmas set.

  • 199
    Laura Gaechter says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I have some of the older sets on my wish list. I’ve always wanted O’Tannenbaum and the Herb Garden mini market kit but I keep putting off buying them. I love all your products. Absolutely the best!

  • 200
    Sharyn Polesel says:

    PTI is my go to stamp company. I love your stamps and dies so much and always seem to reach for them when I make cards. My wish list is full of beautiful items….Embroidered Blooms & dies, Apple Prints & dies, Brushed Off, Boards & Beams & dies, Nesting Stamp & dies, Plaid Builder, Brilliant Baubles….etc. Thanks so much for such a wonderful contest. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! lol

  • 201
    Diane R. says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love your company. I just love the Mix and Mat Confetti die and all that goes with it! The Birthday Balloons stamp set looks great. I’d also love to keep adding to my paper and ink collection. I’ve also been wanting the Pedal Pusher stamp and die set for a long time. It’s hard to pick just one favorite!

  • 202
    Trina Dodds says:

    Welcome Kelly Lunceford! So happy to see her join the team! All the PTI ladies are so creative and fun. A few 2018 favorites are Brushed Birds and the Quoted: Friendship stamp. Looking forward to another year of inspiration.

  • 203
    Barbra L. says:

    They have been so many wonderful products throughout the years to love. I have added some new items most recently to my wish list including the Colorful Treats stamp set!

  • 204
    Betty Wright says:

    Thanks so much! I have had my eye on several of the cute packaging dies. I really want the matchbook medley, truffle box, and hinged giftcard box….just to name a few. There are some stamp sets that I wanted as well, but have either sold out or I could not justify the purchase at the time. Again, thanks so much for this fun chance to dream BIG!

  • 205
    Cheryl B. says:

    Brushed birds and dies are tops on my wish list. Hope they’re back in the store for the anniversary!

  • 206

    Happy Anniversary!! I love so many of your products!! Some things on my wish list are the Cloche Quarters and fillers, Fiesta Flag Birthday set and all the Mix & Mat dies!

  • 207
    Melissa Welch says:

    Love hearing what all of the designers have to share! I look forward to seeing everything new and updating my crafty inventory! Keep all of those inspirational blogs going!!

  • 208
    Christina says:

    Happy anniversary! My wish list includes the lovely New Every Morning Stamp set and the Mighty Oak Stamp and die with that BEAUTIFUL mighty bloom die too.

  • 209
    Ciani Vil says:

    Happy anniversary PTI! I love everything papertrey but I still have a few things to get and still have my heart set on. Among them I love your Sun and moon stamp set, Flower power is a beauty, all your mix and mat sets are lovely. The next mix and mat I have my eye on is pretty brackets. Eventually I’d love to get my hands on the Noted: Scalloped square collection. I really can go on and on lol. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the rest of 2018!

  • 210
    CathyL says:

    Happy anniversary to PTI!!! I especially like the birthday balloons and the September and October Year of Psalms stamp sets.

  • 211
    Cara B says:

    Happy Anniversary! I still believe the PTI matching Paper, rIbbon, buttons, ink, felt, etc are the best! My new favorites from PTI are the 12 month collections (Year of Psalms, Year of Flowers, Keep it Simple, etc.) that are pretty inexpensive to collect but give me a great set by year end.

  • 212
    Becky M says:

    I’ve got a lot of older sets on my wishlist that keep getting bumped back by the newer releases that I just can’t resist! I’d love to win some of those sets, like Boards and Beams or Mehndi Medallion!

  • 213
    Michelle Benoit says:

    The traditional gift for an 11th anniversary is steel, so I’ll be filling my 2018 PTI Wishlist with a huge selection of my favorite Papertrey dies! Happy Anniversary, Dear Friends!

  • 214
    Barb Porritt says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertey Ink…love getting your newsletter on the other side of the world! I look forward to being inspired again this year.

  • 215
    Gail Riccobono says:

    Happy Anniversary !!!! I have so many of your products. I can’t pick one favorite, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised when my order comes in the mail.

  • 216
    Sandra Andersen says:

    What a wonderful anniversary gift. I am new to PTI beginning in 2017. All of your stamps and dies are perfection. I love all the birds and flowers, and your Mix and Mat dies make for such unique and interesting backgrounds.

  • 217
    Carol b (con crs) says:

    I love the great die and stamp sets on my wish list!
    Carol b

  • 218
    Angie says:

    Happy Anniversary! I think my fav product from PTI is “rain stones” – the are gorgeous on cards and I love the variety of sizes you get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 219
    Liza Dehnel says:

    Happy Anniversary. I’ve been a fan of papertrey ink for so long. I can remember the first stamp set I purchased – on the links. It was love at first site (and I still use it – golfer dad and hubby). Every year it gets better and better. Mix and Mat, cutaway tags, quoted. Love it all.

  • 220
    Sue says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary!

    When I first started stamping, I came across your website by chance. I live in Canada and we have nothing like what you offer for product and design. I was inspired by many of the sets but I love Melissa’s work and Betsy’s kits. I also am in love with Dawn’s gram’s garden set and everything Christmas! I love Heather’s use of kraft and neutral colors and … well the list just goes on and on. Thanks for 11 years of inspiration and beautiful products.

  • 221
    Erin S says:

    Happy, Happy 11th Anniversary Papertrey Ink. So excited for the festivities this year!!! My Wishlist will start off with the Beautiful Berries series. I have the winter set, but love each season!! That’s just to start it off.

  • 222
    Sheri Elmont says:

    My 2018 list is only a small portion of my master list! I really need more florals, like Tulip Time and Garden Party, And birds! An oldie that I still want it Tea for Two. Congratulations PTI!

  • 223

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018! Gran’s Garden has been on my wishlist for awhile now… I love every card I see made with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 224
    Susan F says:

    Happy 11th !!!
    Your dies are my favorite so my wishlist is a full of some of my favorites; including the tiny town and petite places collections. Absolutely love all your dies!

  • 225
    Miss Ann says:

    I can’t pick a fave because there are so many PTI items that I love! Happy anniversary!

  • 226
    Beverly Perdue says:

    Happy Anniversary! This is so exciting! I have created my wishlist. I have so many favorites but I really love the birthday balloons collection.

  • 227
    Jennifer Ries says:

    Happy Birthday PTI!!! And speaking of birthdays, I’m always excited to get more birthday stamps and dies from my wishlist, since birthday cards are what I make the most of.

  • 228
    Rebekah says:

    Happy 11th Birthday PTI! I have multiple wish lists, but my 2018 contest list is filled with things missing in my PTI stash, including dies for my Petite Places collection, the Christmas Cuts stamps and dies, and lots of other products that I’d love to own but haven’t been able to buy yet!

  • 229
    Brandi R says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Everything is spectacular and it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love your entire “Inspired” line….outside of ALL your faith themes sets, I’d have to say Especially You Stamp Set. Thank you for the chance at a VERY generous prize ♥

  • 230
    Leah D'Auria says:

    Oooh, fabulous idea for a contest. I have a ton of great dies on my list and stamp sets I’ve been eying for a while.

  • 231
    Deborah says:

    Happy 11th anniversary! I love my PTI and my wish list reflects that because I have a lot of sets that I missed in the early years. I am a newer PTI lover as I started about four years ago with PTI. Can’t wait to continue to add to my growing collection of PTI items.

  • 232
    Lori Lehanne says:

    I have been a PTI customer from the very beginning. Little Lady still ranks in my top! I have to say my favorite product from 2017 was the mix & mat series. This series was true to PTI’s perfect style of beautiful and versatile.

  • 233
    Elaine F. says:

    I’ve been a loyal fan of PTI since the beginning. I was on the design team of the scrapbook store that Nichole came from. Bought my first PTI stamps from Memories in Bloom the only store that could sell PTI stamps. You have come a long way and have stayed my favorite of all time. Wishing you many more years of fun creative inspiration for all of us.

  • 234

    Happy Anniversary!!! What a fabulous giveaway! I love so many things. I love your Perfect Match cardstock, it’s the best. And I love anything Fall, Halloween. Christmas, or Valentines are my favorite holidays. And you have many great sentiments, hearts, and those funny ghost monsters are hilarious. Thanks so much!

  • 235
    Barbmac says:

    I am new to PTI and I am totally mesmerized by the Petite Places Collection and also the Splits collection. They are both on my wishlist! So glad I found you! Happy 11th Anniversary! TFS!

  • 236
    Mary says:

    I love the new Brushed Birds stamp!
    Happy Anniversary!

  • 237
    Mary M. says:

    Wow, coming up with favorites is hard. They are all my favorites….I think the Moments Ink’d line has been something I have been looking at for a long time. Would love to have them all! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 238
    Susan P says:

    I think my favorite item on my wishlist is Gran’s Garden. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, but haven’t been able to order. I would LOVE to win my wishlist!

  • 239
    Judy says:

    Happy Anniversary! I still remember discovering Papertrey Ink and seeing the first stamp sets. So much creativity, inspiration and great design has happened over the past 11 years. I always have a big wishlist; thanks for a chance to win!

  • 240
    MelissaE says:

    My favorite things on my wishlist are the balloon sets/dies from last month, the edger dies and the mix & mat dies.

  • 241
    Gina G.P. says:

    I love a lot of Papertrey Ink items… especially the Noted Dies, I’ve nearly collected all of them but have a few more to get. Also the truffle tote die looks super cute to have. Happy Anniversary PTI. This is an awesome giveaway.

  • 242
    Kristine Gifford says:

    I browsed through all the stamps and saw so many I’ve never seen before! I loved the “Simply Jane” stamps & dies based on Jane Austen quotes and as she is by far my favorite author I definitely added these to my wishlist! I also added several of the mini kits that I’ve never seen! So many wonderful products! Just wish I had more time to spend time creating with them!

  • 243
    Janelle says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been a long time fan of PTI and all the design team members. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year. I have so many things on my wishlist and realized most were Christmas related. Cozy Christmas, Two feet deep, Warmest wishes, spruce and sprigs. So many others to mention but those are my deep wishes ❤️

  • 244
    Niki Coursey says:

    I think my favorite things on my wishlist are the PTI Dye Inks. I have just a few right now, but I want to collect them all! I love how they coordinate with the cardstocks and papers – it makes coming up with color combos so easy.

  • 245
    Roxana Buck says:

    Si excited for the products to come in 2018 from PTI!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Fresh market Flowers stamp set and dies and the To The Point Edger dies. I’m also looking forward to getting my hands on some bookmarks! I’ve had my eye on those for a while and I’m just going to pull the trigger this year! So many other products on my wish list!!

  • 246
    Manda says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! My favorites from 2017 are the Mix and Mat die sets, but my list could go on forever. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 247
    Angela Walters says:

    Brushed Birds and Farmer’s Market Florals Stamps and Dies are at the top of my wishlist. Happy 11th!!

  • 248
    Lauren Yo. says:

    I am looking forward to PTI celebrating their anniversary. I really love following the blog every month at release time to see what new great products PTI is bringing us. Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 249
    Deb Hudson says:

    I have gotten so much inspiration and instruction from everyone here at Papertrey. I am very grateful for this. My wish list this year will be very hard to keep at $300.00 since I have lost all my Papertrey products in the Tubbs fire here in California. It is overwhelming but must get to basics. Papertrey cardstick is the best as are the inks and the great variety of colors of both. So many stamp sets are on my list and Betsy’s kits. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle.

  • 250
    Karen says:

    It was nice to get to know the “creative” people behind the wonderful cards on your pages.
    And what an AMAZING giveaway!!! Thank you for thinking of us, your customers!
    While you have a huge & varied assortment of products, my absolute favorite is your new Hinged Gift Card Box die……and it is strictly for personal reasons. Every year, on my granddaughter’s birthday I have, unbeknownst to her, gotten her a piece of jewelry. I plan on presenting all of them to her on her eighteenth birthday! By being able to create my own boxes, for each gift, it will reflect her and that particular year (whether it be her current favorite color, if she’s into “sparkles” – which she IS this year, BIG time, etc). I’m sure the handmade boxes will mean as much to her as each piece of jewelry! And I have you, PTI, to thank for that. LOL……as well as some “catching up” to do as TODAY (THE 6TH) is her FIFTH Birthday!!!

  • 251
    Jill Stewart says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have been following PTI for years now. I love the new balloons.

  • 252
    Jeanne H says:

    Congrats on the anniversary & congrats on a wonderful design team – love so many are back! My favorites things are almost too many to name. Always love the Basics envelopes and Paper Basics, white cardstock. Recent loves are all the Mix & Mat collection of dies. Perfect Match cardstock is to drool over.

  • 253
    Francie M. says:

    Definitely the friendship jar and fillers, the pint and quart jars, and all the lovely flowers I don’t have yet! Love, love, love all your products!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 254
    Bev Wilkinson says:

    Ive loved the Cloche Quarters sets since they were introduced. I’d love to get all the seasons! Congrats on 11 amazing years!

  • 255
    Joni M says:

    I’ve wanted the balloon and bird stamps/dies from last month’s release. IMO, that was PTIs best release ever!!! Happy Anniversary PTI!!! You keep getting better!

  • 256
    Lorraine says:

    YAY, easy to create a list of $300, LOL. Would love the scalloped vertical die sets and some of the floral sets! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 257
    Marilyn Beaumont says:

    What a fun dream! I love Papertrey Ink products and love using the ones I have. I would love to add the Tag Sale dies, Birthday balloons and some of the Mix and Mat dies. Thank you!

  • 258
    Neha Bhatt says:

    Happy Anniversary! Mix and mat dies, spring berries and botanical alpha are few of my favorite! I am from India but I have U.S. shipping address. Keeping my fingers crossed for this once in a life time opportunity! Thank you!

  • 259
    Vera Yates says:

    Happy anniversary, PTI. I’m looking forward to what you’ll come up with for this year. From my wish list my top favorite would be the Brushed Birds set and the cardstocks. PTI cardstocks are my favorite cardstock to use.

  • 260
    Anna Cue says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love everything Papertrey!

  • 261
    Dawn Y. says:

    Making a PTI Wishlist is always such fun! My 2018 wishes include lots of dies, especially the Noted die sets. I also chose several dye ink colors, since I am slowly building my Papertrey ink collection. Wishing everyone at Papertrey Ink a very Happy 11th Anniversary! Heartfelt hugs for the most amazing design team members who inspire us to create and grow every single month! It makes me so happy to send all of my handmade cards out into the world to spread joy and kindness!

  • 262
    Annette Snyder says:

    Happy Anniversary! I look forward to it every year! I have many dies that have been on my wishlist for awhile.

  • 263
    Tracy Steinbach says:

    First Happy Anniversary! And I am excited to see all the new products and creative inspiration the design team makes! As most people can tell by my email I LOVE DIES!!! So I have a bunch of cute ones on my wish list. And I love the little sets of the little sayings like thank you. I use those all the time and want them all. Also I have a feather stamp set on my wish I have been wanting. I want everything but I kept it to things I know I REALLY WANT… LOL

  • 264
    Colleen Howell says:

    Just finished making my wish list, I have all my favorite things on it. Some of my favorites is the berries line you have for each season. The stamps are gorgeous and you can make so many different cards with them. I have 2 of the 4 sets already but would love the other 2 sets too. Any of your Religious stamps and dies are gorgeous as well, and so useful for my friends and family. Happy Anniversary, I hope to see you around for many more years.

  • 265
    Vivien says:

    happy anniversary! and thank you for the chance to win.
    my favourite 2018 PTI wishlist item is Fly Away Mini stamp set + die.
    it’s adorable! i can think of many different uses for it already!

  • 266

    I love all the wedding stamps and dies! I don’t even remember the bride and groom stand-alone dies. I love weddings! Speaking of weddings, happy anniversary! I hope you have many more and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2018.

  • 267
    Mary Beth S says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! My wishlist has so many dies. I love your products so much because they make ideas really easy to bring to life. Can’t wait to see what’s new.

  • 268
    Tammy Hanson says:

    Wow. What an opportunity! Create wisely and put those most cherished items at the top. Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is.

  • 269
    Tanja S says:

    Happy Anniversary. I have loaded my wish list with bird stamps, plants and sea and mountain scene stamps. Also a few word dies and year of Psalms stamps. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 270
    Judy says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love your designs but your quality is AWESOME! I love…love…love! the kits and sets like the Petite Places, Sewing Staples and the Wonderland! I can’t wait to see what you have for us this year!!!!

  • 271
    Crystal says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love all your floral stamps and dies as well as all the great ideas you share with us all…thanks for the inspiration and quality products.?

  • 272
    Debbie McKelvey says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I love everything PTI but, so far my favorites are the Brushed Birds, Birthday Balloons and the Quoted Friendship sets. I am sure this year I will find many more I can’t live without.

  • 273
    MandaLJ says:

    I have very few of your products so my wish list is a combination of stamps, inks and stencils, probably from over the last 11 years! I really love the Year of Psalms series and a few of those are on the list.

  • 274
    Lisa Roettger says:

    Asking me to name my favorite product is like asking me to name my favorite child. Actually, it’s harder, because I only have two children and you have many more products than that. But if I have to, I’d say the faith-based products are my favorites.

  • 275
    Sydney Grace says:

    Happy Anniversary. My favorite products….thats a hard one because I love them all. But, I am a loyal PTI paper fan. I love the new paper design packs and how everything matches so nicely.

  • 276
    Sivan fridman says:

    My favorite are the stitching dies and felt. They always create such beautiful projects and people are super excited to get them as gifts.

  • 277
    Sharon D. says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I love your products & your design team that has such great talent & inspiration! Some of my favorite products are the Petite Places & Scene It collections, the Winter Wonderland kit is Awesome!!! I love the year of Psalms & appreciate the addition of more religious products! I have several Mix & Mats on my wishlist as well as the Mountain Majesty products. Thank you for the chance to win my wishlist. Winning would be the ultimate prize!!!

  • 278
    Pat says:

    My Wishlist favorites are some much needed Halloween stamps. And matching card stock, patterned paper and dies, of course!

  • 279
    gailanne says:

    I’ve been an enthusiastic customer of Papertrey Ink since the early years, and my love for their products continues unabated! I particularly like their Impression Plates, and there are a number of them on my wishlist. Congratulations on 11 years of excellence!

  • 280
    JoC says:

    Happy Anniversary! My wishlist is full of kits and layering stamps. I love PTI kits as they help me to achieve a ‘complete look’ so easily and the layering stamps work well even if I don’t have a very ‘straight eye’! Lol

    • 280.1
      JoC says:

      Hello. V sorry. Please delete my comment. Didnt mean to say anything tt might be deemed inappropriate. Thank u. 🙂

  • 281
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Happy anniversary! I have enjoyed your products for a long time, with an established wish list.

  • 282

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win my Wish list!

  • 283
    Dasha says:

    Since I am expecting my first baby very soon, I would say that my nu.1 on my wishlist is for sure baby booties die collection 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win such a huge prize 🙂 <3 hugs

  • 284
    Sharon D says:

    It might sound basic, but my favorite items on my 2018 wish list are your card stock–the best quality for the best price anywhere! So I have lots of card stock packs on there. But I love your stamps and dies too! And I have some of those on there, items I love, but had to keep bumping for painful budgetary reasons. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  • 285
    Debbie R. says:

    Happy 11th anniversary. Thank you making great quality products. My favorite set that I have from PTI is Sun and Moon and Celestial Sky. Can’t wait to make my wishlist!

  • 286

    Happy anniversary!! Thank you so much for bringing us so many crafting happiness! I really have too many favorites every year! But this time it is two kits: Market Street and Wonderland.

  • 287
    Windy Andrews says:

    I love Papertrey ink! My absolute favorite is the Psalms the mini stamps and the mix and match dies!

  • 288
    Lisa Schenck says:

    Happy Anniversary, Papertrey Ink! I love you! So many favorites, I am most excited about the Brushed Birds, the Thrill of Hope that I’ve always wanted, Honey Nut cardstock (not sure why I do not have this yet!), Fancy Flourishes, Cup of Cheer, the list of favorites goes on and on!

  • 289
    Leigh Penner says:

    Oh, so happy to see my favourite designers return— although my wallet might disagree! LOL!
    I had fun creating my wishlist this morning— thanks for the chance to win it!

  • 290
    Ruthann says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary. I love everything on my wishlist, to many favorites to pick just one.

  • 291
    Sandye Curry says:

    Happy Anniversary to Papertrey Ink. What fun to look through products and figure out what I would love to have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 292
    Hlee says:

    Happy Anniversary! Oh goodness, I have so many things on my wishlist, it’s not even funny. There are too many favorites to choose from.

  • 293
    Julie Wright says:

    Happy Anniversary! Love ALL the new mat dies because there are endless possibilities!! Your designs are heavenly. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 294
    Loretta says:

    I love the dies that match the stamp sets and all the mix and may dies. They are timeless and just so elegant.

  • 295
    Diane Oliver says:

    OMG… you put me over the top with the Brushed Birds stamp set and matching dies! Be still my heart! Hugs.

  • 296
    Tunde says:

    Congrats on 11 years of awesomeness! My faves don’t really change… I like the stamps and dies that are not just for card making but versatile in use and I still love the shakers! Thank you, team PTI!

  • 297
    karen b says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am so excited to see what this year has for us. Papertrey products and design team inspiration have elevated my papercrafting to a more professional style over the past 11 years, I am so grateful for this! I so enjoyed looking at all the products released over the past 11 years and found some that I would love to own that I had missed! Thank you for this wonderful contest and the chance to win!

  • 298
    Kim Kasanic says:

    Papertrey Ink has become one of my most favorite stamp companies. The stamp and die collections are unbeatable. Plus, the design team is so innovative and inspiring. I’m looking forward to another great year of crafting with all of you.

  • 299
    Andrea S. says:

    Happy 11 years!

    As a book blogger the thing I am most excited for on my Wish List is the Book Cover Card Die! I want it so badly!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 300
    Diane says:

    Happy anniversary PTI!! I have followed you for years and enjoy seeing all the new products and the projects your DT create. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • 301
    R. Land says:

    Happy Anniversary. I love your stamps and dies. Your paper is the best!

  • 302

    Happy Anniversary PTI! It’s been so much fun reading the countdown posts and seeing how you have evolved. I can’t wait to fill out my 2018 Wishlist.

  • 303
    Vickie Davis says:

    Wow! Such a great team! I love the newly released Balloon Suite but really want to try the cover plates. Thanks so much for the chance to win and for all of the great inspiration.

  • 304
    Edie Burke says:

    There were so many wonderful products it would be impossible to pick just one. I love any stamp/die combination for birthday or Christmas.

  • 305
    Rebecca O. says:

    Happy Anniversary! I would like to complete my collection of all colors of paper and ink! I will also be adding the new bird and balloon stamps.

  • 306
    Leanne S says:

    This is something I look forward to each year!
    I update my wishlist each month after the release and now, I spent some hours to update a 2018 wishlist. It’s my birthday just two days after the winner announcement & I hope I will not be disappointed this time.
    Love your products especially the dies.

  • 307
    Jill A says:

    WOW–what fun working on my wish list!!!

  • 308
    Colleen says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! You are my number one stamping company. Your designers are the best in the business and boy do they enable me every month! I completed my wish list and could sure go on, and here I thought I had everything I could possible want since I order nearly every month!

  • 309
    Lynne S in GS says:

    I am smitten with the quilted series, and am working to have them all! Pedal pusher is also a favorite, and Melissa Phillip’s use of this set is always stunning! Thanks for the opportunity to win

  • 310
    Jill S says:

    Great posts! Love seeing the team and getting a glimpse of what’s to come. My 2018 Wish List is just that–the wishes. The items I would love to have but due to budget, find themselves having to “Wait until next time”. Or the next time, or the next time… I’ve added a few of the specialty packaging dies and mini kits along with a selection of older stamps.

  • 311

    Eu amo os carimbos e suas criações, a equipe tem muito talento. Parabens
    e grande abraço aqui do Brasil

  • 312
    Lisa G. says:

    I love all of the kits, both the mini and full kits. I just love how everything coordinates.

  • 313
    Lisa S. says:

    There is so much on my wishlist! Happy Anniversary PTI!!

  • 314
    Jane Chrencik says:

    Wishing you a happy anniversary and continued success in the coming years!!! I seem to add fewer and fewer items to my wishlist as I buy more and more on release night ?. However one item that has been on the list for a long while and never seems to make it in the cart is the Super Swoosh dies. I’d love to have them. Here’s to wishing. Thanks for all the exciting anniversary festivities.

  • 315
    Cynthia Loizeaux says:

    Happy 11 PTI. Looking forward to the year and the wonderful creations from your design teams.

  • 316

    Happy 11th Anniversary Papertrey Ink!!!
    I have some things I just never got around to ordering…Hands of Time, Make it Market Wonderland, Sunflower Cover plate…
    I LOVE the Anniversary festivities!!! Thank you Papertrey Ink!!!

  • 317
    Lisa V. says:

    I love so many things about PTI but after updating my wish list, I notice I have a fondness for a lot of the Christmas sets.

  • 318
    Lillian Ostergaard says:

    Happy, happy, happy anniversary, Papertrey Ink Team!! This is always one of my favorite times of the year and so excited to see what is in store
    for this upcoming year. I will have fun making up my “DREAM” list…I have always loved PTI dies and my favorite lately have been the Mix & Mat dies so my wishlist has many of those to complete my collection! Thanks for continuing to inspire all of us!

  • 319
    Cathy Y says:

    One of my favorite things on my PTI 2018 Wishlist is the Vintage Ornaments II and matching dies. When I was little, we had several boxes of ornaments like that. They were very sparkly and I loved the inset designs. It really brings back the memories of Christmas 60 years ago!

  • 320
    Rebecca says:

    I have added the holiday greens collection to my wishlist to get a head start on next year’s Christmas cards!

  • 321
    Debra says:

    My list is complete and full of Lizzie Jones-designed sets and lots of masculine-themed sets. Oh what fun I would have with the King of the Grill and Erin Lincoln’s Craft Brew stamp sets. And you know…almost all of the stamp and die sets on my wishlist are older (not released in the last year)…why haven’t I bought these yet? I hope I get the chance to win them instead. Happy anniversary PTI. Keep doing the wonderful things you do!

  • 322
    Sherrie M. says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Best month of the year! I would love to catch up on some of the tag dies, balloon stencils and stamps, and the Inspired line I’m missing.

  • 323
    Karen Ba says:

    I love PTI!!!! I have Warm Regards stamps and dies on my wishlist. Such a pretty set. I love your birthday time of year!

  • 324
    Judie Fralick says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite things on my 2018 PTI is the Mix and Mat dies. Would love to have them all.
    Right now they are out od stock, anxious for them to be replentished. Thank You for a chance to win.

  • 325
    Patricia Coleman says:

    The items I am most excited about on my PTI 2018 Wishlist is ALL the ink cubes with matching card stock! While I love to create cards for my family and friends, I am actually moderately colorblind (red/green) and have found I need to have a color coordinating system to help me in my creative process. I have always loved the colors the PTI Design Team uses in their projects and would love the opportunity to expand my world of color with the ink cubes and paper on my list! Thank you for this awesome and generous opportunity!!

  • 326
    Annette Gordon says:

    I have both some old and new items on my list. I don’t have a very large budget to work with, so there is some great PTI products that I have wanted for a long time. I only have one of their flower sets, so I have more than one on my wish list. WOW! I can’t even imagine winning, what an amazing prize. Happy Anniversary!

  • 327
    Marcie Sharp says:

    I had so much fun creating my wishlist! I have so much cardstock on it. The PTI colors are fabulous!

  • 328
    Eileen L. says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary PTI. I love all your products but the mix N mat dies are calling me. I love the little stamps and dies too that go with Betsy’s kits.
    Looking forward to more wonderful creative items.

  • 329
    Jane Ries says:

    My Wish List includes all the cardstock colors and many of the patterned papers. I was a new customer to PTI just a few years ago and LOVE everything. Your designers are so talented and they continue to inspire me everyday. I was a demo for another stamping company for over 14 years and just resigned as I am purchasing most of my product now from PTI. I would love to win this contest and start building my new paper colors and supplies. Thank you so much for offering this opportunity.

  • 330
    Lenae says:

    My wish list is loaded up! I pretty much love everything Betsy designs. I am really liking those cute brushed birds set too.

  • 331
    Carol Blaisdell says:

    Well, I have a slew of products on my wish list, growing every time there is a new release! My latest additions are for the farmer’s marker florals and brushed birds. Swoon!

  • 332
    Kate Bell says:

    I love Papertrey Ink! Congratulations on your 11th Anniversary!

  • 333
    Donna Kay says:

    Love the Mix & Mat dies, I must have them all… Your ink and paper colors are amazing, PTI is my go to company for stamps and dies.

  • 334
    Julia Bitner says:

    Congratulations on 11 years! PTI is by far my favorite stamp company and I can hardly wait for each month to roll around to see the new releases (and the designers’ lovely creations)! I have so many items on my wishlist, but am dying to order Brushed Birds. I can see so many uses for it – baby cards, anniversary, birthday, etc…..

  • 335
    Jennifer Williams says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. I love your products and I have some in my cart now waiting for me to checkout, but I WAS HOPING TO LOAD UP MY CARD AND SAVE ON SHIPPING(lol). My wishlist is waiting for the new release to come out …I know it will be awesome!!!

  • 336
    Tammie J. says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary! Such an awesome company that I have supported for years and years…… My wishlist is full of variety but the dies, in general, are my favorite things!

  • 337
    April phelps says:

    My wishlist is loaded up. I love everything. One of my favorites is the Made with love tag 2 die. So many possibilities.

  • 338
    Marianne McGinnis says:

    I love the design team! Glad so many are staying; and welcome to the newbies! My wishlist has many items that I’ve been saving for and hoping for a long time: tags, Noted collections, stamps and dies for use on Christmas Cards and for the many tags I make every year. I’ve also padded the list with many items that I really felt were extras and couldn’t afford–maybe I’ll get lucky this year 🙂 Thanks Papertrey Ink for such fun on your 11th Anniversary!

  • 339
    Dana Seymour says:

    Happy, HAPPY anniversary Papertrey Ink! I knew from the first release that this company would stick around for the long haul. With such innovative products and talented designers there is no way the creative storm you unleashed will diminish!
    Love seeing Jane and Julie and hope they will become more front and center in the future:)
    I’m always on tiptoes with anticipation to see just what PTI has coming…thanks for all the fun through the years!

  • 340
    Jackie says:

    You have a wonderful group of designers! I am looking forward to seeing their creations this year. Some of my favorite things on my 2018 wish list are the Palm Prints stamps and dies, Scene-it Celebration and Skyscapes dies, and lots of cardstock with yummy matching ink pads!

  • 341
    Sarah T. says:

    I loved the paper clippings series, but only bought a couple of them when they were released as they ate up so much of my budget so these sets are top of my wishlist. Also on there are some of the box dies, especially the gift card box from this past release and a few coverplates – it’s very die heavy!

  • 342
    L. Sunn says:

    PTI has the best design team! I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for us this year! Thank you for the chance to win my wishlist. I have several older sets that have been on my wishlist for too long and think one of my favorites it Big Hugs. Fingers crossed!

  • 343
    Keri H says:

    As many others have already said, I love how the monthly releases here at PTI feel like a party! Happy 11th Anniversary! Gotta go create a winning wish list! 😉

  • 344
    Terri Trotter Earley says:

    I have my wishlist done and then some. I actually just updated my 2017 list. I’m amazed at how timeless it all is and that I still would like all of those unpurchased items (I’m also shocked that how many I didn’t purchase what will power LOL).

  • 345
    D.Ann C says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Congrats to all the fab ladies that produce such amazing eye candy, too! My wishlist is jam packed with fab goodies, but some of my favs are True Friends, Cuddly Cat dies, Summer Berries, Man & Wife and Brushed Birds.

  • 346
    Katy Milne says:

    As I was compiling my wish list I was struck by the variety and versatility of PTI products. From the whimsical to elegant to classic – this company has something for everyone no mater what your card making style is. Happy Anniversary to you all!

  • 347
    Stephanie Nelson says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I wish you continued success; and I wish for the variety of things on my wishlist (especially all the florals!)

  • 348
    Clara says:

    It was so much fun shopping for my “wishlist” , it was hard to keep it to $300! Some of my fave products on my wishlist are the cover plate dies and movers and shakers dies! Thanks for sharing your celebration with us!

  • 349
    Karen H says:

    I love the Mix and Mat dies best. I have two of them and put many on my wish list. I visit your website daily to look for inspiration .Congratulations on your anniversary. You have amazing talent on your team! I have been a loyal follower for many years.

  • 350

    Happy Anniversary! At the top of my wishlist is Brushed Birds. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 351
    JaneB says:

    Happy Anniversary! So many fun things going on, every time I look, I see another stamp set or die that I add to my wishlist. It is getting longer and longer!

  • 352
    Imke Ludwig says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink ! Thanks for your offer to win “MY” wishlist. How cool is that ? I have many favorites but i think the “Holiday Greens” Stamp Set is my favorite.

  • 353
    Jennifer Turner says:

    Happy 11th anniversary! Love so many things including Birthday Balloons and Strings, Pen and Ink, Big Hugs and of course inks and cardstock!

  • 354
    Jenni Sinor says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I really love all the cloche fillers and the friendship jars! Thanks for such a GREAT giveaway!

  • 355
    kathy krug says:

    Well I created my new wish list. I went back to my old wish list and I was surprised that I had purchased almost all of my desires, but the ones I hadn’t were added to my new wish list. I am looking forward to getting the brushed birds. They will be my next purchase.

  • 356
    Yvonne F. says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I have always loved your stamps and dies. My wishlist is full of great products. Thanks for this big chance!!

  • 357
    Renee Grevelding says:

    I love them all!

  • 358
    Chris Gresse says:

    Happy anniversary! I love all the PTI products but my all time favorite is the great selection of stitched dies!

  • 359
    Cherie says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary PTI! My favorite products are by far the stand alone dies and color coordinated card stock and inks by PTI.

  • 360
    Vanessa Bell says:

    Congrats on your 11th Anniversary. I love florals so those are my favorite, especially the farmers market florals.

  • 361
    Virginia P says:

    Happy anniversary! I’ve got my wish list full of stamps, dies and ink!

  • 362
    Sandra Spielberger says:

    Happy anniversary papertrey ink !

    Your stamps and dies are so beautiful and unique that I order a few times each year from you. Maybe I should mention that I live in Germany. And shipping rates and tax are terribly expensive. But sometimes I just can`t resist ordering from you. And unpacking the parcels and crafting with your stamps and dies makes up for the insane postage fees to Europe 🙂

  • 363
    Jilly says:

    How can I ever pick a favorite?!! Too many wonderful stamps and dies! By looking at what I’ve collected over the years, must be flowers and sentiments are my favorite. Time to expand my horizons!

  • 364
    Annette says:

    I’ve put several Christmas sets on my list.You’ve got so many beautiful ones. Happy anniversary, PTI!

  • 365
    Lyn Wallan-Smith says:

    There are so many stamp companies nowadays but Papertrey Ink firmly continues to be my favourite place to shop for crafty stuff <3

  • 366
    Connie Fisher says:

    On my wishlist, Birthday balloons and brushed birds

  • 367

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a wishlist!!! My favorites that I have on that list are the Mix and Mat dies. So many beautiful ones.

  • 368
    storymusicgirl says:

    The cloche quarters and year of Psalms series are both definitely on my wish list!

  • 369
    Tracie C. says:

    I have to say the favorite thing on my wishlist are the kits. So beautifully put together. Would love to have them all.

  • 370
    Abigail Hernandez says:

    After making a wish list for such an awesome giveaway. My favorite thing from my wish list would be all the different dies. I just love how amazing they are especially when they’re cut out.
    I love the stamps too but I truly love florals.

  • 371
    Kim Cesafsky says:

    I love those Mix and Mat dies, so they are on my 2018 wishlist. My wishlist gets longer and longer!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • 372
    Lisa Mendoza says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Ever so often I fall in love with a product. Tulip time was one and I just had to get it. Now it’s Brushed Birds. Oh my gosh they are the cutest thing! I would so love to win my wishlist because there are so many other lovely things I’ve been longing for. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 373
    Noreen says:

    My favorites of all the PTI releases have been the Petite Places and Tiny Town. I love little houses and villages!

  • 374
    Pam Hutchinson says:

    Happy 11th anniversary. I love so many of your stamps and dies. My wish list is longer that I care to admit!

  • 375
    Wendy Whiting says:

    My favorite products from the 2018 wishlist are the botanical letter stamps sets and dies. They are all sorts of lovely!

  • 376
    Shelly Greybeck says:

    I love all PTI products, but my favorites are the stamp/matching die sets, especially florals.

  • 377
    Alicia says:

    Excited about the upcoming release festivities this year. My wish list includes the Softie’s Dies that I missed out on when they were offered as a stitching kit in the store.

  • 378
    Teddra says:

    Excited to see what the designers have up theirs sleeves for us this year. It’s also nice to see a new face, Welcome Jennifer! My wishlist has a few kits, Glad Tidings and Holiday Tags, and those older stamps that always get passed down the line, Tremendous Treats and Songbirds.

  • 379
    Jayell says:

    My favourite products are the Scene it collection

  • 380
    Renee says:

    Congratulations on 11 years…
    Happy Anniversary!!

  • 381
    Valerie says:

    There are several things in my wishlist that I’m excited about (or they wouldn’t be in my wishlist ha!), but I’m most excited about a couple products released last month: Warm Regards Stamp Set and Hinged Gift Card Box Die. There are so many ideas about how to use those swirling in my mind.

  • 382
    Wendy Peterson says:

    Happy Anniversary – I have alot of Coverplates, Cardstock and Lucky Stamps and Dies… and tons

  • 383

    I have a lot of large sentiment Dies, mix and match dies and alphabets on my list.

  • 384
    Lisa M says:

    The mix and mat dies are my favorites

  • 385
    Susi says:

    What an exciting year ahead with all of the wonderful new faces – and familiar ones – on the DT! Thanks to PTI for this A-MAZING prize give-away . I filled my Wish List with tons of goodies, most from the recent release, which was fantastic. However, it’s those unbelievable Mix & Mat dies that I can’t wait to get my hands on – they’re my favorite PTI products!

  • 386
    JulieP says:

    Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to a new year!

  • 387
    JulieP says:

    oh…envelope envy is #1 on my wishlist!

  • 388

    I just finished my wishlist. Man, I think I could add EVERYTHING to the list. : ) I think some of my favorites are the Year of Psalms sets.

  • 389
    Deborah Long says:

    Happy anniversary and thanks so much for a chance to win! I’m most excited about the gift card cozy and hinged gift card box dies. But there are so many things I’d love to have. What a fun prize!

  • 390
    Pat Treleaven says:

    There are so many things on my list and would be happy to give any of them a good home. Looking forward to adding some more tag dies to my collection and some of the Mix and Mat dies

  • 391
    Sandy Vincent says:

    I think my favorite thing on my wish list is either the dress up doll series or the the cloches. Can’t decide which!

  • 392
    LaFaunB says:

    My favorites wishlist includes Limitless Layers, alphabets, and stitching dies.

  • 393
    Lori Y says:

    Looking forward to another fun and exciting year with Papertrey Ink. I keep my wishlist continually updated, but a lot of the stamps on my wishlist get pushed back month after month for the new products. My favorite wishlist item is the Daydreamer stamp set that has been on my list for years. I’m thinking it’s time to move it into my cart.

  • 394
    Kathy Apthorp says:

    WOW, 11 years already! Congrats and looking forward to another wonderful year with you! Making my wishlist & checking it twice!

  • 395
    Theresa says:

    Happy Birthday PTI!!! I have a nice list growing as we speak!! LOL I’m lovin’ ALL the different Cover Plate dies… They are my Favorite and I hope to get them all
    in my collection along with some Happy Birthday Sentiments – I just can’t ever have enough of them!! 🙂


  • 396
    BARBARA says:

    I constructed my list which includes Gran’s Garden, brilliant baubles and some very oldies but goodies

  • 397
    Sharon Wentz says:

    Happy anniversary PTI! Didn’t know about you 11 years ago, but happy to know you now! I love all your products, but tops on my wishlist is Give Love ❤️

  • 398
    Judy says:

    I have loved Papertrey Ink for many years and have a great stash. I would love the Grans Garden stamp and die set!

  • 399
    Karen B. says:

    I have a big wish list! Farmer’s Market Florals, Fresh Bouquet, and Latin Motifs are some of my favorites that I haven’t bought yet but look at frequently!

  • 400
    Sparrow says:

    I’m eager to see what you reveal this year! The top things on my wish list are the “Just Desserts Sentiments” set and a wide variety of cardstock. The “Winter Hills” and “Spring Hills” sets have charmed their way onto the list too.

  • 401
    Lisa says:

    I have been behind on Papertrey releases, so all of the mix and mat dies are the favorites on my wishlist.

  • 402
    Mimi r says:

    Happy anniversary Papertrey! I would love to have all of Betsy Veldman’s make it market kits.

  • 403
    Kerry in PA says:

    The delicate dies and brushed birds stamps/dies are some of my favorites, but really, the things I put on my wish lists are all of my “favorite” things.

  • 404
    Heather says:

    My wish list is entirely too long! I included a lot of Christmas-themed sets and shaker sets. I had a question though… the way the website is designed, it was easier to add all the stamp sets first, and then add the die sets. If I win, or for whoever wins, will the team selecting the stamps try to put coordinating stamps and dies together to make up the $300? There’s no way to rearrange the list once it’s put together to get it in the most desirable order.

    Congratulations on 11 years! So happy to have been on this journey with you guys for many of those 11 years.

  • 405
    Kris Reeves says:

    Oh too many favorites in my wish list to choose one! But the mountain majesty coverplate and die are awesome!

  • 406
    Brenda Lee says:

    There are so many PTI goodies I would love to add to my collection! The stamp set that has spent the longest time on my wishlist is the Flipping Out set. I love flowers so many of the stamps on my list are the amazing floral sets like Peonies On Parade. I’m also crazy for birds. ?. Huge congrats to 11 years!!!!!! It has been an amazing journey. I’m in awe during each release by the gorgeous stamps and dies and the creativity of everyone on the PTI team. Thank you for years of inspiration. I look forward to many more years!

  • 407
    Roxanne says:

    11 years has flown by. Have so enjoyed watching it all and being a part of something this special. Thank you for the chance to “dream big” with the wishlists!

  • 408
    Siao says:

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been enamoured of your stamps and dies for a few years now – just a stamping newbie! My list includes a few sentiment stamps as I love the fonts and sayings the team has created.

  • 409
    Mattie says:

    Can I say that my favorite item is everything? ? I love it all! All the products are so versatile and beautiful. I love the Mountain Majesty stamps, the Eaves cover plate die, and ADORABLE Spooky smiles stamp set…UGH so much wonderful product to choose from!!

  • 410
    Julie says:

    I just love release time with all the inspiration and new ideas. I love the stamping community and how freely everyone seems to share ideas. You ladies are super talented – thanks for sharing it all with us. I just love flower sets like Brushed Blooms and would love to give Twig Wreaths a try. Happy Anniversary!

  • 411
    Sue Olfers says:

    I had a hard time stopping–just so many wishes. I admit to being a Christmas card and tag addict, so I love all the PTI Christmas themed stamps and dies.

  • 412
    Karen Rice says:

    I love the cover plates and the Tulip Time stamp set as well as all the Ways to Say sayings. Happy Anniversary!

  • 413
    Regina Roach says:

    My wish list grows and grows—so many fun products.

  • 414
    justMarie says:

    How exciting. I would love to win my wish list. I have been spying the Flower Fusions and Button Boutique for quite some time. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Happy Anniversary!

  • 415

    Happy 11th Anniversary!!!! I really wish I could get all those in my wishlist! I love The Market Kit, I have a few, but I wish to have more! : )

  • 416
    Tracy says:

    I already have lots of PTI stamps and dies and would love to add lots more to my collection! One thing I have not yet tried are PTI ink pads and I think I would love to try them.

  • 417
    Christina S. says:

    I really want the birch tree stamp and woodgrain impression plate. Happy Anniversary!!

  • 418
    Jennifer Richards says:

    I think my favorite set ever is Jar Fillers. I love that set and reach for it a lot of the time. I do wish they would think about a new addition to it.

  • 419
    Kim burckhard says:

    Any of the year of flowers. Love the daffodils the most but you are out 🙁 I started my collection today because I was afraid to wait for the sale- they may be gone!!!! Ordered 6 and have 6 more in my wishlist

  • 420
    Sabinevdk says:

    Balloon stamps and dies and the cardstock are definite favorites for me! Flower stamps and dies as well!

  • 421
    Ruth Sharpe says:

    I love the whole category of dies in my wish list as well as the jar stamps. I do a lot of canning and I love the look of flowers in a Mason jar.

  • 422
    K Olson says:

    Happy Anniversary! A favorite of mine? I have really loved creating with the stitching dies- using both felt and paper! I’ve spent many happy hours creating ornaments to keep in our family collection and to share as gifts. Thanks for the many years of inspiration and beautiful crafting products you’ve created, and a chance to win my wish list!

  • 423
    Cindy Beach says:

    Happy, happy Anniversary PTI!
    Thanks for bringing us beautiful products, inspiration and creative challenges and generous opportunities to win! I don’t keep my wish lists for too long – Brushed Birds didn’t stay on there for even a week before I ordered that sweet set! I’m looking forward to being able to *win* more of the Mix and Mat dies.

  • 424
    Becca Yahrling says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I can’t believe another year has flown by.
    Just made my wish list for this year; some things I’d love to play
    with are ‘Cozy Christmas’, ‘Twig Wreath’, ‘Spring Woods’,
    ‘Winter Woods’ (I am a birdie lover!) and ‘Birthday Cheer’. And
    I really need some dye inks!!

  • 425
    Denise Perhay says:

    Grans garden and Tulip Time are my favs….Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink.

  • 426
    Fritz Onstead says:

    I would love to finish my Cloche Quarters Fillers collection by winning! And Beautiful Berries is a series I’ve been eyeing for a long time. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. Happy 11th Anniversary PTI!

  • 427
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    This is always such a fun experience making a wish list…of course it is nice to win but this is an opportunity to explore the store even more deeply t han usual!

  • 428
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    Woops…forgot to mention my faves…I would love to have more of the mix and mat sets and I love all the “bird” themed sets such as Humming Along and Winter Woods.

  • 429
    Lindsay S says:

    Happiest of Anniversaries to you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2018! What a fabulous contest – I think I put every color of Dye Ink on my wish list, and crossing my fingers that I win a prize full of ink! You have such fabulous colors!

  • 430
    Anne B says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been working on my wishlist – lots of new products added to it. Great to celebrate another year with PTI!

  • 431
    Susan from Colorado says:

    This is such a fun contest and I thank you for holding it for all us PTI addicts! I love all the sets on my wish list but I have to say the Bowl of Sunshine sets are the ones I’m looking forward to getting into my craft room. They speak to my homemaking heart and I can see using them on tags or small cards for any occasion. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  • 432
    Betty N says:

    Happy Anniversary! Lots of products on my wish list – the Birthday Balloons set is at the top. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 433
    Kristie H says:

    I have a long and pretty list of wonderful Papertrey Ink products on my list. I think my favorites are the mix and match dies that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I also have a nice stack of Papertrey cardstocks on my list since I never can have enough.

  • 434
    Ruth Gauss says:

    Yay!!! I love the way you celebrate!!! I’m in love with the Make It Market Kit: Party Pops kit! It’d absolutely be hands down the most fun to create with and a truly indulgent kit to own! I also adore the Cutaway Tags: Winter Stamp and Die Sets. These are so beautiful and fulfill all my dreams for a lovely Christmas!

    Happy anniversary and wishing you many more years of inspiration and creativity!

  • 435
    Felicia says:

    OMG… This is freaking Fantastic! Winning my WishList would be a DREAM Come True! There are soooo many products that I love of PTI. My Faves are the TOP quality PAPERS that you produce and those Cover Plates are to die for. Let me get my list ready now….. Thank You PTI!!!

  • 436
    Mel H says:

    My wish list is huge, but the new birds and there are about a million dies, and other stamps that I want.

  • 437
    Sandy M says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I have so many of your stamps but some of my new favorites are the Mix and Mat dies and the beautiful brushed birds and dies. So many things to chose from over all the years. I hope there are many more years to come

  • 438
    Beccy says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I love all the Traveler and Adventure stamps and dies you’ve added. So many favorites!!

  • 439
    JulieK says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I really love the cover plate dies and the scallop card dies. It makes card making quick and easy and looks so elegant.

  • 440
    Tanis S says:

    Happy Anniversary! So glad you are doing this contest again. Too fun! I think some more mix and mats will likely be at the top of my wishlist. They rock!

  • 441
    Jen Kot says:

    My list of favorites includes: Year of Psalms, Quoted, Guiding Light, New Every Morning. I LOVE the inspirational stamps so much-SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • 442
    Carol says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! As I filled my wish list I realized there are so many wonderful things that I didn’t realize how much I want! LOL Most of all, Gran’s Garden. How can I not have that set yet?

  • 443
    Collette J. says:

    My wish list has alot of florals; Tulip Time stamp and die, Meadow Greens stamp and die, and my favorite – Beautiful Berries.
    I figured I may as well add in some Christmas stamps as well and get ahead of the game before they’re sold out again!
    Love your stamps and paper. Your card stock is the absolute best!

  • 444
    Sue McRae says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! My wish list is soooo long….A few of my faves are Spring Woods stamps and dies, the Brushed Birds stamps & dies, a few Cover Plates and the Doodlie-Do stamp and die set!

  • 445
    Marilyn G says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey! I’m so excited to be a part of the festivities. Thanks for the great products that are so different from all the others in the market. I really enjoy that about this company. And might I say having to scroll all the way down through 400 or so comments in order to post mine was a testament to how many people love this company!

  • 446
    Gretchen Dreikorn says:

    My favorite stamp is Flower Power accompanied by Direct Message. Every one loves a vase of flowers and the stamp allows you to design so many different arrangements. I’ve done the vase is every color and done the flowers just in daisies or as a riot of flowers. The greetings included in Direct Message cover everything from friendship to get well messages. I’ve made as least 25 cards with these stamps and all a little different.

  • 447
    Shelly says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I love how you are constantly evolving and giving us many different inspiring ways to use all your wonderful products! I hope you have many more successful years ahead!

  • 448
    Ruby I says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I love so many things – love all your cardstock, inks, stitched dies collection, and the kits!!! 🙂

  • 449
    Lindsey L says:

    My wish list is long and includes even some basics (your paper is my favorite and I’m due for a few refills), but some of my top wishes are Gran’s Garden, the Birch stamp set, the Herb Garden kit, and several Mix & Mat dies.

  • 450
    Patricia Perkins says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. I am looking forward to trying out the Gathering Garden stamp set and die sets. I just know I will have fun creating!!

  • 451
    Debbie Davis says:

    I don’t even know where to begin. I love everything Papertrey ink offers!!!!

  • 452
    Carmell says:

    So exciting. Love the products and the huggable die sets are too, too cute!

  • 453
    Samantha Johnson says:

    I’ve had a wish list for ages! Currently it’s got the inks/cardstocks i don’t have (only a couple of colors) and lots of word dies.

  • 454
    Toni says:

    Happy Anniversay – I have been coveting the canvas cover plate on my wish list!

  • 455

    I really need to catalog the sets I already have! I see that my wish list(s) have had some wishes fulfilled. I have been trying to complete my “collections”. Therefore many of the Mix and Mat dies (love their versatility) and the Year of Psalms stamps have made their way to my 2018 list.

  • 456
    Karen Chan says:

    I love the mini kits as they are very versatile and comes with a very reasonable price point, you can create tons of projects out of one kit. The pre-printed pattern paper also facilitate last minute quick creation, which is a life saver if you only remembered a friend’s birthday on D-day.

    In fact another of my favorite is the “quoted” series, which carries meaningful quote that always give me new inspiration. As the quoted series are usually mini stamp set with very low price point, I have nearly buy all of them and no need to put into the wishlist. Anyhow, I still want to mention that to show my appreciation.

  • 457
    JulieL says:

    I can’t wait to see all the new designs this year! And as far as a wish list goes, I’ve actually got several! One for each category of products! : )

  • 458
    Jennifer Petersen says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am so delighted to have stumbled onto this fun company! I have heard lots about your cardstocks. Then as I went through the stamps and dies WOW! I loved so many of the sweet heartfelt sentiments and the beautiful florals!

  • 459
    Jennie C says:

    My wishlist is full of oldies that I’ve always wanted, but never had to have right away. Thanks for the contest and happy anniversary!

  • 460
    Laura m says:

    I have so many favorites from PTI over the years. I would have to say my current faves are the stencils. I hope to get he quatrefoil one soon and the balloons. I also love the new patterned paper sets by color, and I am loving what’s being revealed in the new year. Thanks for all the cool ways to win during the anniversary celebrations!

  • 461
    Wendy Hovde says:

    Happy Anniversary. I wish I had enough points! Lol.

  • 462

    Happy Anniversary! I’m looking forward to another exciting year of wonderful products and inspiration. My favourites on my wish list are Dawn McVey’s Grans Garden and my favourite colours of ink and card stock! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  • 463
    Allyson says:

    It is difficult to choose just one favorite set, because I love them all. But I think Floral Sketches would be very, very close to the top. Love it!

  • 464
    Tiffany Au says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! Thank you for all the wonderful stamps and dies through the years and your inks are still my fav!!

  • 465
    Tiffany Au says:

    Omgosh this is amazing!! I have all your ink cubes but to get a chance to collect the full size ink pads will be out of this world!!!!!! Ahhh a girl can dream right?

  • 466
    Carol R. says:

    Happy Anniversary! The Tulip Time Stamps and Dies have been on my wishlist for a long time. I also love the Brush it Off and Background Star Galaxy stamp sets. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 467
    jin sung oh says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary PTI!!!
    I love your all product soooooooooo much!!

  • 468
    Stephanie K says:

    Happy birthday, PTI! You’ve been “my” store for many years – even my husband knows this is always where I go for stamp products and inspiration! My wish list is long and complicated, filled with products I’ve been dreaming about for years.

  • 469

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey – And I’m so happy to see a lot of familiar faces on the team again this year – thank you all for your inspiration year-round! I had fun making my 2018 PTI Wishlist yesterday, and am most excited about getting my Mix & Mat series completed… They make card making so much easier and so much better looking (Thanks Betsy!) – Thanks for the chance to win, and for a fun anniversary party so far!!

  • 470
    Terry Lepire says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary PTI! So happy to see additions to the DT! Love those ladies! The oldest on my wish list that I still want is Candy Cane Christmas! My list is long and includes lots of stitching dies, Beautiful Berries sets, Farmers Market, the Travelers Journal Kit, the Bulk Mail Envelope and ALWAYS PTI’s white cardstock!

  • 471
    Marianne says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have just created my wishlist, with lots of cover plates, Mix and Mat sets and the Shaker & Sprinkles MIM kit. And more cardstock of course!

  • 472
    Buffe says:

    Happy 11th! What a great giveaway idea. Of course I like all the items in my wish list, but I’m especially fond of the the Big Basic phrases, the Give Love stamp and die set and the Ways to Say are so handy to have close at hand. Thank you.

  • 473
    Deborah Cox says:

    A big happy anniversary to all of you at Papertrey Ink! Its so nice to see a homegrown company be successful, here’s to another 11 years and then some! And a big shout out to all your design team members, looking forward to more great designs. I love the stamps and die cuts on my wishlist, if I was independently wealthy I’d probably buy all you offer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 474
    Nancy M says:

    Obviously, I had to put some thought into my wish list for this contest. There was a lot of putting items on and taking them off the list. The final list includes a group of baking themed products along with some old faithfuls, such as In the Meadow. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 475
    Melynn O'Connor-Long says:

    My wishlist is long because there are so many great products! Some of my favorites are the Splits stamps & dies as well as the new Birthday strings. Happy 11th anniversary Papertrey! I don’t expect to win because I am just not lucky in that way but it was still fun to look at everything you have to offer.

  • 476
    Terri W says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI!
    I made my wishlist but it was a bit hard because I usually don’t deny myself when it comes to your company 🙂
    Thank you!

  • 477
    Karla P says:

    Happy Anniversary!! All of your products are my favorite! LOL On my list , my absolute favorites are the humming along stamp and die set and the brushed birds stamp and die set. Thank you for all of the awesome products all of you have created!!

  • 478
    Melissa says:

    So many to choose from!

    I love Brush Birds and Flower Power. Also love all the cover plates. Must have them! Especially the sunflower! So pretty!

  • 479
    Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Yay! Happy 11th Anniversary! I’ve been faithfully following along & commenting with each birthday and release for the last 8 years and I have yet to win a giveaway so I’m crossing my fingers this is my lucky year. Some of my favorite items from my 2018 Wishlist are the Bitty Big papers, Mix & Mat dies & Big Basics Word dies. 🙂

  • 480
    Gail B says:

    My neophyte paper crafting heart loves to see all of PIT’s products each month. In addition to your amazing stamps and dies, your papers are of the highest quality. Here’s to the next 11 years!

  • 481
    Susan O'Halloran says:

    Happy anniversary! I had so much fun making my wishlist. Hard to pick out my favorites on this list because I like them all! Especially love all of the heart related items!

  • 482
    Vickie R. says:

    Wow, 11 years already! Congrats to my favorite stamp company! I have the Birthday Balloons stamp set and stencil on my wish list, you can never have too many birthday sets!

  • 483
    Lea Lawson says:

    Wow…11 years! That is amazing! Congratulations, and here is to many, many more! 🙂 Some favorites on my wishlist? You released some really beautiful items with mountains on them that I was unable to get at the time, and then some inks to complete my collection of colors!

  • 484
    Deepa M. says:

    Very excited about this year’s anniversary release. I’ve got some oldies but goodies on my wishlist, like the favor it box#7, but also some newer items like the huggable: bear and huggable: monkey sets.

  • 485

    My wish list is full of things I have been wanting for ages, so can I pick a favourite? not likely, there isn’t anything that I don’t love on it but if I have to narrow it down I would always have to say the floer sets! Happy Anniversary!

  • 486
    Jill G. says:

    Ooh, some of my favorite products from my 2018 wishlist are the Pedal Pusher stamps & dies and the On the Wagon stamps & dies!

  • 487
    MarilynM says:

    I’d really love all the Strawberry Patch!

  • 488
    Sue Symens says:

    Mix and Matt dies. So much versatility with them.

  • 489
    Lizzie T says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! My fav from my wish list are those Brushed Birds – they are so sweet! A must have!!! Enjoying the festivities!

  • 490

    Happy Anniversary!!! I have a long wishlist which includes many older but I think classic sets and dies with a few new ones too. I love your felt and ribbon and have included some along with some ink/ink refills and paper. It would be an all round boost to my PTI collection. Thanks for chance Vicki

  • 491
    Chris says:

    I can never have too many Christmas products, so my wishlist includes quite a few. There’s still enough time to do some rearranging though. Then I can sit back and close my eyes and dream that my wishes will come true!

  • 492
    Viki says:

    Travler’s Journal! I want to use the Travler’s Journal for my 2018 December Daily.

  • 493
    Lesa Wolfe says:

    The Fiesta Flag Stamp’s and dies look like fun! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  • 494
    Zehra says:

    My fav is the brushed birds, grand garden and quoted sentiments

  • 495
    Victoria Nelson says:

    How exciting it would be to win my wish list! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing!

  • 496
    Barb L. says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey Ink! It is too hard to pick favorites because I love it all! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 497
    Kara Howard says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 11 years! It’s actually hard to find PTI stamps and dies I don’t want. Tulips are on the top of my list. Already feels like spring here in Utah.

  • 498
    Jona says:

    It is so excited to be able to win items on my wishlist! My list is very long but one of my oldest items is vintage linens. I have always loved this set and it has been on my wish list for ages. I also have a lot of the impression plates and sooooo many other favorites! Thanks for the chance to win

  • 499
    MV says:

    “Stemmed Statements” is such a lovely stamp set.
    Thanks, PTI, for all the fun ways to win.

  • 500
    Dawn M. says:

    I really love Papertrey Ink’s Bloom and Grow kit. It’s a the top of my list

  • 501
    Amber P says:

    Some of my favorites from my wish list are the new (unbelievably adorable!!!) Brushed Birds stamps and dies, the Farmer’s Market Florals, and the Double Ups Rectangles dies.

  • 502
    Craftyfield says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favourite item on my wish list: the Brushed Birds stamp and dies!

  • 503
    Josiane says:

    Since I love to travel, my favorite items on my 2018 Wishlish are the Get Lost and Pack Your Bags stamp sets.

  • 504
    Janet Ingraham says:

    WOW What a mess my wish list was! So much to love ad narrow down. Love hanging baskets and berries and….and…

  • 505
    Janet Goshorn says:

    What a great prize. I don’t know where to start – love all the cardstock for sure

  • 506

    Congratulations, Papertrey, on 11 fantastic years of creativity and inspiration … cheers to many, many more! Favourite things from my wishlish … the Splits series, the Keep It Simple sentiments, and my absolute top spot at the moment goes to Beautiful Berries: Spring … waiting with baited breathe for it (and the dies) to come back into stock! Anita 🙂

  • 507
    Susan says:

    I just can’t pick a favourite! I love it all. Thanks for this chance to win my wish list…

  • 508
    Mary Lee says:

    Wow! I love EVERYTHING that the designers come up with every month….such artistry and creativity, yet they show us that we too can produce wonderful items!

  • 509
    Linda Lander says:

    ooooo my wish list in almost unending, but I have cut it down.

    Once again, a fun way to think about special stamps as well
    as a chance to win my list…again…ooooooo

  • 510
    Joyce M. says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win my wish list. I have several stamps from December on this list, including Brushed Birds and Life is What You Bake it.

  • 511
    Lee G. says:

    Happy Birthday Papertrey Ink!! I love the quotations and sentiments stamps, they are so versatile.

  • 512
    Becky Green says:

    How exciting! Working hard to keep up here with all of the challenges! LOL HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PTI!!! 😉 I look forward to an exciting year with you all! 😉

  • 513
    Sandy Christy says:

    So glad you have hung in there for 11 years. My first PTI stamp set was “Happy Trails,” and my wish list has grown longer ever since. My current favorites are the “Noted” dies, Brushed Birds and Summer Berries. I also love the new Bitty Big paper designs. Your design team is the best and provides more inspiration than one could ever imagine.

  • 514
    Laraine Randall says:

    Can’t wait to see all the new fun products! Wishlist is done! And it is huge!

  • 515
    Lila Dressen says:

    Hope this is where I am suppose to leave a message about the things on my 2018 PTI Wishlist. All the things I love but felt I would delay buying because I always have such a long list of wishes from each months release! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • 516
    Kathie B says:

    Happy, happy, happy anniversary! I always enjoy making up the wish list. I’ve never been lucky enough to win but I do go back to the list over the years and pick out items that I “just have to have.” So much to like…I think that the Botanical Letters and matching dies are spectacular!

  • 517
    Lynn Young says:

    Love the Mix and Match frames, they are so much fun! I am new to PTI and I love everything I have received.

  • 518
    Lisa Dolson says:

    Oh, I love everything on my wishlist! The Paper Clippings sets, Betsy’s kits, card stock…all of it! Thank you for this great contest!

  • 519
    Susan says:

    What a great contest this is – my wishlist is SO long even though I have a lot of amazing Papertrey Ink stamps. There are always ones you think you might get but you never get around to them. I have the Scripted words and dies top on my list and also Gathered Garden. Just so many wonderful possibilities. Happy Anniversary PTI!

  • 520
    Randi W. says:

    I love everything on my wish list and it would be so hard to pick a favorite. So, I will just say that the Perfect Match Cardstock is among my most favorite, because it is hands down my most used, and favorite cardstock ever! After decades of crafting, I can easily say it’s the absolute best quality, available in the best color selection!! Happy 11th Anniversary!!

  • 521
    Marchelle says:

    What a fabulous prize! It probably won’t make my Wishlist because it is out of stock now and every time it is back in stock it sells out. I love the Envelope Envy kit. Oh, and I have put this in and out of my cart so many times Cover Plate: Deco Die and the Cover Plate: Stitched Die and tons of others. Thanks again for the chance to win such goodness!

  • 522
    Chris L says:

    Just wanted to say Happy 11th Anniversary! PTI is one of my favorite companies and I can’t wait to see what wonderful products you have this year! My favorite things on my wish list–would have to be more of the Ways to Say Series. Those sentiments and dies are the best!

  • 523
    Ta-Tanisha J says:

    I love seeing how much you all have grown. I remember finding your site 3 years ago and falling in love instantly! Congrats on 11 years. I can’t say I have one favorite thing on my list but I can say I added plenty of cover plates – I love PTI cover plates.

  • 524
    Sandi says:

    Congratulations on 11 years PaperTrey Ink!! I appreciate the high quality card stock, stamps and ink….there is no other products that compare! I am looking forward to making Halloween Cards for my new Grandson with the Spooky Smiles Stamp set!

  • 525
    Dianne says:

    My favorites are always the Xmas stamps and dies. I make about 100 cards per year.

  • 526
    Anna S. says:

    I’m hankering for Winter Woolens…I have a weakness for Christmas/ winter stamps.

  • 527
    Janet W says:

    Happy 11th anniversary! Over the years I thought I had bought every stamp set and die that I wanted; yet I find that there are still a bunch to add to my wish list!

  • 528
    Stacy Simpson says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! I am most excited about the birthday sets I have on my wishlist. I always need more birthday stamps in my arsenal. OH! And the Brushed Birds set too; the birds are so cute.

  • 529
    Deborah S says:

    I fell in love with everything Papertrey 10 years ago – happy 11th Anniversary!! Two of my older favorites on my wish list are Friendship Jar Fall Fillers and Leaf Prints.

  • 530
    Karyn S says:

    Congrats Papertrey. Love the style and your design team. I love Vintage Linens and can’t figure out how I haven’t bought it yet.

  • 531
    Corinna says:

    Oh how excited I am that it’s Anniversary time!! A few of my favorites from my wish list have been designed by the wonderful women in today’s post! The Book Cover Dies and Bibliophile collection is the one I’ve wanted FOREVER! I would be soooooo over the moon if it showed up in the mail from this wonderful giveaway! 😀

  • 532
    Candy R. says:

    Happy Anniversary! My wish list includes the Christmas Critters sets, some cover plates I’ve been coveting for some time, and lots of beautiful Papertrey cardstock!

  • 533
    Heidi Burt says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI team! I’ve loved watching the product line grow over the past 11 years! Cardstock and Coverplates are a few fun things on my wishlist! I look forward to a fun year loaded with lots of new surprises!

  • 534

    Happy anniversary PT I. I’m looking forward to using the Mix and Mat dies. I would like to get some of the sewing dies as well. There’s so much to choose from and so much inspiration it’s always a hard decision on the 15th.

  • 535
    JoAnn H says:

    I am excited for what PTI has in store for 2018, ive had to cut back on ordering when the shipping to canada increased . So this would be a beuatiful gift to receive. Happy Anniversary PTI

  • 536
    NC_Donna says:

    I’m more of a “gotta have all the dies” kind of person, but I LOVE your Birthday Inside & Out stamp sets! It’s nice to have choices for the inside sentiments! Thanks for the chance to win PTI!!

  • 537
    Laura Jane says:

    I’m loving ALLLLL the Mix & Mats:))) and Bulk Mail Envelope Die! As well as the Farmer’s Market Florals Stamp Set, and Year of Psalms!
    OH! and the 2018 Anniversary Set: Mixed Bouquet is so EXCITING:))

  • 538
    Mutzy Mia says:

    Just finished my wish list and the thing I would be most excited about on my wish list is completing my ink pad collection. Happy Anniversary to you all! You are the inspiration for the rest of us. Look forward to your releases and inspiration each month!

  • 539
    Heidi Gonzales says:

    OMG…..as always, as new year brings such excitement for what is to come! I have so many stamps and dies, all paper and inks, and I can’t believe I don’t have the Botanical Letter stamp set. How did I miss it? I am hoping to have it in my stash soon 🙂

  • 540
    Jennifer Kinney says:

    Happy anniversary! Off to update my wish list… 🙂

  • 541
    Cindy G says:

    I am a fan of all the stitching dies. Added several to my wish list, and hope there are a few new coming in 2018!

  • 542
    Tracy says:

    My wish list gets bigger every release. The brushed birds and confetti sentiments are two of the newest items on my list! I love the cutaway tags, and humming along as well.

  • 543
    Malyssa Mills says:

    I think my favorite things on my wishlist is the quilted dies. I have the winter one and would love to have the rest.

  • 544
    Debbie A. says:

    Happy 11th anniversary, PTI! Some of the favorite things on my wish list are the Year of Psalms and Noted dies. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 545
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    I’ve got most of last moths erase on my wish list!

  • 546
    lisa808 says:

    I’ve created my 2018 Wishlist and am most excited about adding to my Tiny Town collection!

  • 547
    LauraO says:

    Anything from Betsy would be amazing!

  • 548
    LillyBelle says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI! My wish list is so full of goodies, it’s hard to pick a favorite wished for item. I really love the Brushed Birds though, so they would be on the top of my list.

  • 549
    LauraEvangeline says:

    Love the Mix and Match frames, they are so much fun!

  • 550
    Barefoot! says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win my wish list. I have several stamps from December on this list, including Brushed Birds and Life is What You Bake it.

  • 551
    Himmelsengelkind says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favourite item on my wish list: the Brushed Birds stamp and dies!

  • 552
    Jennifer McAllister says:

    The design team lineup is great! I’m looking forward to another exciting and creative year with my favorite stamp company. My wish list fills in several flower sets I’ve yet to get – Morning By Morning, Tulip Time and Some Like it Hot. I’m also wishing for the Botanical Letters and die sets and a couple treat box dies and some sentiment sets that I definitely need to be checking against the retiring list. Thanks so much for this contest and opportunity.

  • 553
    Cynthia B says:

    Happy Anniversary! What an exciting time! Some of my more favorite items on my wish list are the dies, lime the edges and mix & mats. Looking forward to all the fun!

  • 554
    Susan W. says:

    I have a few things on my wish list. I am never lucky at winning…congrats to the winner and thank you PTI for the chance!!

  • 555
    Linda Reilly says:

    I have no hope of ever buying everything on my wishlist so I’m crossing my fingers that I win! I love the dogs in Oh Come All Ye Faithful, so I would really like to win those as well as the Cloche Quarters sets. Good luck to everyone!

  • 556

    Thank you so much for a chance to win such an amazing prize! I really love the Beautiful Berries and Gran’s Garden sets. So beautiful. Cheers.

  • 557
    Ohhh Snap says:

    There are so many things on my wishlist, but one of the most wished for is Graceful Garden. It has been taken out of my cart when there was a limited edition kit or I needed something to make a specific gift or card, but now I a, determined lol.

  • 558
    Louise says:

    I’m excited for the 2018 designers and especially what they will be designing. I love everything on my wish list or it wouldn’t be on my list! I have that Jumping For Joy dies from 2017 I would love to get to make for my many grandchildren. They love the interactive fun cards I make and this would be a big hit.

  • 559
    Karin says:

    So many dies on my list, I don’t know where to start :).

  • 560
    Dolores says:

    The Friendship jars sets have been on my wish list for couple of years, might have to buy some of them this year unless I win them!

  • 561
    Jennifer G. says:

    I am so in love with all the stitched dies. I love being able to incorporate my love for stitching with papercrafting. So much fun!! My wish list contains mostly the stitched dies because that’s my favorite!

  • 562
    Deborah H. says:

    Happy Anniversary! There are a lot of favorites on my list. I love the floral stamps and can always use more sentiment stamps. I also like the brushed birds stamps. I really like the layering stamps since I am not good at coloring.

  • 563
    Katherine says:

    Oh my goodness this is a fun one! What a great prize this would be.
    I’m kind of in an “oldies but goodies”mode right now. For the last year I’ve had a lot of the older sets on my radar. So now my wishlist includes Autumn Abundance, Everyday Button Bits and Enjoy the Ride.
    But there are newer ones I do love, like Year is Psalms.

  • 564
    Tami B says:

    I’m all about dies, so that’s a lot of what’s on my wishlist.

  • 565
    Linda Carson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! On my wish list are the Brushed Birds, balloons and a lot of Faith! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 566
    Eileen B says:

    The favorites on my 2018 PTI Wish List are the birds in Winter Woods and Spring Woods. They are so different
    than the other stamps I have in my collection. I would love to “branch” out with a new design!

  • 567
    Veda Taylor says:

    I have a bunch of sentiment stamp sets on my wish list. You can never have too many of those! Also a ton of inks. I need to get every color in my collection!

  • 568
    Sydney Grace says:

    My favorite on my wishlist is the noted square die set. I like the small size and it comes with a lot of nice extras too.

  • 569
    Lisa Ann M says:

    Ive been wanting the woodgrain metal stencil since it was released. It keeps getting bumped from my cart by other goodies wanting to jump in. Its amazingly versatile. I love how Betsy used it with the embossing paste. Gorgeous.

  • 570
    Carlene says:

    PTI products are just wonderful and the design team is just so creative. I love everything especially flowers.

  • 571
    Jennifer L. says:

    Happy Anniversary! My favorites on wish list include the Mix & Mat dies, all of the Beautiful Berries stamps and dies, and the Fruit Salad collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 572
    Lori R says:

    My sister introduced me to papertrey and she sends pretty gifts to me all the time. I enjoy the coverplates and have the Peony one on my list.

  • 573

    Thanks so much for a chance to to win some of the wonderful PTI products! I’ve got my list all set. 🙂

  • 574
    Krystal says:

    One look at my wish list reveals that I love the big dies from PaperTrey and lots of sentiments, too! There are so many new products coming out this month that I wish could be on that list! Thanks for continuing to inspire and create amazing products to work with.

  • 575
    Renae C. says:

    I have a lot of bird, butterfly, and flower stamp sets on my wish list. I would also like to get several new colors of ink and paper as well as dies and stencils that I don’t currently own!

  • 576
    Paula e. says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI. I am so grateful I found this stamp company many years ago and I have watched it grow. Love all flower sets and packaging dies, so would love to add to my collection from the last few releases.

  • 577
    Cheryl I says:

    Oh there’s so many things that I want to try. I’d love more Mix & Mat dies, Beautiful Berries, year of Psalms, I could go on and on! Thanks for the chance to win! I love the annual Anniversary Celebration each February. It feels like a party!

  • 578
    Diana Yockey says:

    I love anything floral and the mix and mat dies are beautiful, versatile and just amazing! I appreciate all the help and inspiration and instruction
    that that design team provides.

  • 579
    LaurieJ says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous prize! Top of my wish list are the To the Point Edgers II dies and the Pen and Ink stamp sets. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. LOL

  • 580
    maria f. says:

    Happy 11th and thanks for the generosity. I’m off to create my wish list – certain to be filled with dies. Love the PTI dies above all.

  • 581
    Cathy B says:

    I love the botanical monogram stamps and dies. Also all of the inspirational stamps and dies would be perfect as I make birthday cards for the home bound at my church, as well as a group that supports mentally and physically handicapped people through sales from our church craft fairs. Happy 11th anniversary and God bless.

  • 582
    Krista says:

    I love the petite places dies and stamps. I love the mini towns you can create with them!

  • 583
    Carol B says:

    Happy 11th Anniversary! I can’t believe there are still some great sets I’ve never gotten, like Beautiful Butterflies, Rock On, Blue Skies….I could go on. But, they are on my 2018 PTI Wishlist….hoping I’m the lucky winner!

  • 584
    Suzanne Mooney says:

    I have been with PTI for quite some time now. I still have everything I have ever bought from PTI, I just can’t seem to part with any. I think my favorite stamps must be the Friendship Jars with the fillers. They were so versatile and are still my go to stamp set. Can’t wait to see what y’all have in store for us. Plus, its been really nice to put a face to names. Makes everything so much more personal.

  • 585
    Toni C says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love everything in my Wishlist! And stuff that is no longer in there because I have bought them already 🙂

  • 586

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I’d LOVE to WIN my Wish List Products!! Most wanted on my List are the Mix & Mat dies and several of the Floral Dies and Mini Kits!!

  • 587
    Sylvia D. says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI. I’m fairely new to PTI but was able to buy a few things last year at the big sale. I’m so happy about that. I love the Brushed Birds from this year but really everything you come up with is amazing.

  • 588
    Joanne says:

    Happy Anniversary! So many stamps and dies I love. Really have my eye on the fiesta birthday die.

  • 589
    linda l. says:

    I love the birthday balloons but chose the brushed birds this last month…which I
    absolutely love, but would treasure the balloons because they offer so many
    possibilities .
    The cloche stamps have been in my mind (not in my possession) since they
    were introduced…love the whole set. Just couldn’t find the money for those.
    Same goes for the Bowl of Sunshine … this one just makes me smile when I
    see all of the examples.
    Bottom line..I just “covet” all of your stamps. The ones I have are of top
    quality and there is just a uniqueness to every one… Thank you

  • 590
    Becky J (Mplsbetty) says:

    There are so many things on my wish list, but some of my favorites are the dies. I am a big fan of the stitched dies and so I have included a few that I do not already own. I also have been wanting the linen impression plate forever. I’m still adding to it…

  • 591
    Debra Vandesteeg says:

    Oh my goodness, do I have to pick??? Not only are the products wonderful and creative and great quality but the customer service makes PTI one of the best stamp companies out there. I love, love, everything birds. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 592
    Shawn M. says:

    I have more recently discovered Papertrey Ink and therefore have a big wishlist! Some favorites so far are the Inspired series.

  • 593
    Kim Badelt says:

    My wish list is loaded with dies. The stitched gingerbread house is top of my list and as is a whole stack of the mix and mat dies. I can’t resist a good Christmas set so Dash Away All is also there – I just loved that reindeer!

  • 594
    Sue D says:

    I like the felt stitching dies and the Inspired series.

  • 595
    Susan Hoey says:

    There are so many things i would love to have. I really like the Cloche quarter sets.

  • 596
    Lisa Breiner says:

    Am I allowed to say that I LOVE everything!!!!! l became familiar with Papetrey Ink about a year ago. I look so forward to all the new products that are released each month. The new blog is fantastic and the camaraderie that is displayed on each Facebook release just proves what a fantastic company Papertrey Ink truly is.
    I have yet had the courage to submit any of my work, but I have made a promise to myself to do just that this year (once I figure how to submit a photo… LOL 🙂

    Thank You all for sharing all of you ideas, tips and beautiful cards and crafts.

  • 597
    Colleen K says:

    I pretty much can say “I love it all” – paper, stamps, dies, ink, yep all. Papertrey is the best!

  • 598
    syeda Quadri says:

    Some of the oldies bus goodies that are on my wish list are
    1)”in bloom’ stamp set and impression plates: These are truly dear to me as they are ones that started my everlasting love for Papertry Ink.
    2) Summer/spring cloche quarters stamps sets.
    3)Sunflower cover plate die: In awe with the beauty of the intricate die.
    4) bouquet stamp set February 2018 :will definitely will be added to my 2018 wish list as soon as it is released.

  • 599
    Amy Klin says:

    Stamper’s Select white cardstock, a few of the retiring stamp set plus matching dies, and some more items that I really hope are back in stock tomorrow.

  • 600
    CJ says:

    Happy Anniversary Papertrey!!! Loving it all…you don’t really expect us to pick just one do you? Lol. Thanks for the opportunity to win an incredible prize!

  • 601
    Sheila W says:

    It just keeps getting better! Love PTI products! Happy Anniversary….11 years and going stronger than ever!! I have quite a variety on my wishlist: a few stamps, stencils, some of the newer bitty bigs paper, dies, and ink pads/reinker. It’s all good. Thanks for giving us the chance to win some PTI goodies!

  • 602
    yvonne m. says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love all of the innovative dies, especially the hinged gift box die.

  • 603
    Valerie Martin says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I have been with you since the very beginning!
    My favorite items are the Quilter’s Sampler (and addition) as well as the Year of Flowers collection.

  • 604
    Kelly G says:

    Hmmm, it’s between Petite Places: Happy Camper, Polka Dot Basics II, Farmer’s Market Florals, Brushed Birds, On The Farm, Lunchbox Love . . .

  • 605
    Suzy Girl says:

    I’d still like to get the Winter Village Stamp/Die set. There are so many items on my wish list, but I’m slowly pecking at them.

  • 606
    Robyn W. says:

    Happy Anniversary! One stamp set that I have always wanted but never bought is the winter birds stamp set with the chickadee.

  • 607
    HeatherD says:

    Yayyyy! Love to see the returning faces and the new as well! Christmas is always top of my list, Winter Village and Fancy Flakes to name a few…and of course would love to catch up on some of Dawn and Betsy’s Florals, Make It mini Kits, and Quilted series. Happy Anniversary PTI!!!!!

  • 608
    Marisa R says:

    I am obsessed with word dies and that tulip set with matching dies is screaming my name LOL! Thanks for the chance to win some amazing goodies 🙂

  • 609
    April C. says:

    My favorite things on my wish list are the scalloped noted sets and all the floral sets – love those flowers!

  • 610
    TracyK says:

    My list could go on forever! My favorites include the Beautiful Berries sets along with the Tag Sale: Quilted Die that I’ve never purchased.

  • 611
    Deane McPherson says:

    My favorite is all the flower stamps and dies. Beautiful selection!

  • 612
    Mary Ann Ann Evans says:

    Happy Anniversary PTI. Some of my favorites on my wish list would be Two Feet Deep stamps and dies. My son has AirBNB’s in Niseko Japan and takes people from all over the world on snowshoe tours, and goes snowboarding. As of today, there is 37 FEET of snow. This set would be perfect to make thank you notes for him. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 613
    Rebecca Y. says:

    My most recent favorite on my wishlist is the Brushed Birds stamp set and matching dies. How pretty and versatile are they??

  • 614
    Renee C. says:

    Happy Aniversary PTI! While I love all your beautiful and creative stamps and dies, I have to admit I am absolutely loving (and hoping to win!) your current trend of faith and religious sets! God is so full of mercy and love and it’s awesome to be able to express that to others through papercrafting! Thank you for the chance to win my wishlist, and thank you for sharing your creativity with us these past 11 years!

  • 615
    LR says:

    I love everything Papertrey! I love all of your beautiful, fun, innovative and versatile stamps and dies and products you design! I especially love the multi-step stamping flowers and the different and creative things like the Petite Places series! It is fun to make something no one has seen before and loves to receive! Thanks, Papertrey, for helping us to have fun with our passion of creating and to be able to bring joy to others with the things we make! I appreciate your products and all the inspiration and talents of the creative team and everyone’s hard work, including those behind the scenes. Happy Anniversary, PTI!

  • 616
    Alisyn says:

    Happy Anniversary, PTI!! I have loved your beautiful products for years. On my wishlist are several petite places sets and the cute carrot treat box die which would be so much fun to have this Easter! Thanks for the chance to win and please keep bringing us amazing products!

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