August 2014 Release Product Preview

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The Leaf Prints Stitched dies coordinate with the previously released Leaf Prints dies and stamp set.











The moon image in Full Moon coordinates with our previously released Limitless Layers: 2-1/2" Circle dies.






















Monthly Moments: August Journal Card Collection ($9)


The Monthly Moments: August Kit includes the following free download…


Monthly Moments: August Kit  ($35)


Papertrey Ink Exclusive: Rainstones AVAILABLE BEGINNING TONIGHT!

Made from a high-quality clear acrylic, these clear domes look like water droplets on paper, with none of the mess or drying time involved with typical products that give you a similar look. You get an entire test tube filed with these sweet little gems, so you can use them on literaly hundreds of projects!  You get approximately 250 to 300 Clear Rainstones in this mix of both 3mm and 5mm versions!
Price: $8
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  • 1
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    Top 3 kinds of candy:
    Heath Bar
    Hot Tamales

  • 2
    MelGerb says:

    Looking forward to using those raindrops. Thanks for adding them.

  • 3
    Sue says:

    Top 3 kinds- Chocolate chocolate and chocolate- ha
    but I guess I really should say- Chocolate, Liquorice and Jelly Beans
    That’s why Hallowe’en is such a fun time (because all sorts of candies come in bite sized pieces)

  • 4
    Cris says:

    Beautiful release! Love all!

  • 5
    MargR says:

    Mars Bars, Snickers and Jelly Beans – when I need a sugar hit! What a fun release! Fabulous projects DT!

  • 6
    carab says:

    Wow-another great release from the PTI team! My three favorite candies are: whatchamacallit, snickers and M&Ms!

  • 7
    Linda Hedfelt says:

    My top 3 candies are….gummi bears, 3 musketeers and Hershey’s dark chocolate! Thanks!

  • 8
    Dianne Fike says:

    My three favorite candies are: Chocolate Covered Almonds, Mr. Goodbar and Maple Nut Goodies. Nice release this month.

  • 9
    Diane from MN says:

    Favorite candy: Chocolate just about anything, but if made to choose- Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, and Twix. Such a fun release – so many great projects by everyone!

  • 10

    My top three candies are: twix, Milky Way, and red vines

  • 11
    Patsann says:

    My favorite 3-candies are payday-skittles and jelly belly jelly beans!

  • 12
    Kim Rendino says:

    This is a great release! I want so much of it!!!!! My top three candies are Mallo Cups, Peppermint Patties and Peanut Butter Cups.

  • 13
    Sarah white says:

    So excited for this release! My top three are M&M’s, salted Carmel chocolates and rolos.

  • 14
    Beatrice W. says:

    My favorite 3-candies are heath bar, milky way and gummy bears. what a fun release.

  • 15
    Melissa friedrich says:

    Love all this month’s stamping goodies! My favorite goodies to eat are dark chocolate with almonds bark, raspberry flavored truffles and malted milk balls!

  • 16
    Lennie says:

    Great release! My top three candies are: Whoppers, Hot Tamales, and Haribo Gummy Bears

  • 17
    Keri says:

    Amazing release! My three favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids, Almond Joy and Butterfingers.

  • 18
    Maria K says:

    Love the products in this release-if I can only pick three candies they would be Red Licorice, Whoppers and Kit Kat bars.

  • 19

    Super duper release!
    I like licorice, lemon drops and Heath bars!

  • 20
    Sally Gainer says:

    My favorites are: Cadbury chocolates , Almond Joy, and Mounds!

  • 21
    Mo Jo says:

    Santa is going to get a pretty big list from me this year!

  • 22
    Laurie says:

    Hard to decide which products I like best!

  • 23
    Lona H. says:

    For sure Dove chocolate, snickers and red licorice!

  • 24
    ophelia delbridge says:

    My top 3 favorite candies are
    Reeses peanut butter cups
    Almond joys
    Anything with Chocolate!

  • 25
    Kristen Foreman says:

    Wow, amazing release! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these goodies!

  • 26
    Linda M says:

    Another great release PTI. My favorite three candies are snickers, kit kats and chocolate covered almonds.

  • 27
    Pat H. says:

    almost anything Ghirardelli, Heath bars, and Dove Peppermint Bark bites!

  • 28
    Pam G says:

    My favorite candy: Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Mars bars.

  • 29
    Joyce says:

    Wow., what a spooky fun release!

  • 30
    Sharon G. says:

    My favorite candies are peppermint patties, anything dark chocolate and Mounds!

  • 31
    KONNIE WREN says:

    BEAUTIFUL….favorite candies are caramel anything, chocolate covered cherries and puff peppermints.

  • 32
    Beverly Perdue says:

    I love SweeTarts, Payday candy bars, and candy corn. I’m not much of a chocolate person. Love this release. So many wonderful products to choose from.

  • 33
    Kathy Whaler says:

    Love the new releases; it’s going to be hard to choose.
    My three favorite candies are: gummy bears, cotton candy, and mounds bar. YUM!

  • 34
    sherry sinard says:

    Snickers is # 1 for sure then anything dark chocolate and Bassett’s All-sorts licorice. YUM!

  • 35
    Judy says:

    My favorite candies are Reese’s peanut butter cups, dove chocolate & m&m’s. But I’ll try anything:). Love the new release products!

  • 36
    Genevieve says:

    I love the sour the licorice and maybe a bag of chips to balance it out 🙂

  • 37
    JKButler says:

    Just amazing how great this months reveal is.

  • 38
    Regina roach says:

    My top three Halloween candies are candy corn, snickers and butterf fingers. Yum!

  • 39
    Norma says:

    Great release! Love the raindrops. Thanks to all for such super ideas. My top three candy favs – chocolate (any and all!), Skittles, and peanut brittle.

  • 40
    Juli B says:

    Love dark chocolate Dove, Midnight Milky Way and Twix. So much fun stuff this release!

  • 41
    Jan Pufall says:

    My favorites are:
    Malted milk balls
    Chocolate covered peanuts
    Mild duds
    I’m a cheap date!

  • 42
    Susan says:

    My three favorite candies are….Hershey Chocolate bars, snickers bars, and peppermint patties

  • 43
    Judy says:

    My top three candies are Milky Way, York Peppermint Patties, and Hershey Chocolate bar with Almonds! And I am in love with the clear raindrop embellishments!

  • 44
    LauraJane says:

    YAY! Clear Rainstones!

  • 45

    Top 3 candies… Peanut Butter Cups, Tic-Tacs, and M&M’s! GREAT new release… I MUST HAVE the owl die!

  • 46
    Lynn Gauthier says:

    Red licorice, Snickers and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

  • 47
    Diane Hanson says:

    Yeah! Release time finally came!
    Favorite candies would include Dove chocolates, Twix, and M&M peanuts.

  • 48
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    Everything is adorable as always but my single favorite part of the release is the leaf from Phrase Play.

  • 49
    Peggy says:

    Twix, Kit Kats, and chocolate. What a great release this month!

  • 50
    Joyce mc says:

    Can’t wait for tonight. My 3 favorite candies are chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

  • 51
    Tiffany says:

    Only the top 3 huh… Skittles, Nerds and Hershey with Almonds.

  • 52
    Marty R says:

    Snickers peanut butter, peanut m&ms, York patties.mmmmmmm. Great release

  • 53
    Vicki says:

    Can’t wait for the release tonight !!! 1. Dove Dark Chocolate 2. M&M’s dark chocolate almonds 3. Cadbury mini-eggs.

  • 54
    Janet Oberg says:

    My top 3 favorite candies at Halloween are: candy corn, Smarties, and Tootsie Pops.

    For the rest of the year: Reese’s, Butterfinger, and Lindt truffles.

  • 55
    Bicka Hall says:

    Top three favorites… M and M’s, red licorice and 95 % chocolate bars.
    Love all of the new releases!

  • 56
    KatPro says:

    Your Halloween products are what first got me hooked on PTI! My top 3 fave candy are Kit Kat, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Junior Mints. Now I can’t wait for Fall to come!!

  • 57
    kelly says:

    i really love some of the items in this release…it is really getting me excited for next month when the christmas goodies start to appear!

  • 58
    Lisa R. says:

    Milky Way
    Peanut M&M’s

    thanks for the chance to win!

  • 59
    Susan says:

    Great Release!!!
    Favorite candy includes Skor bars, Dove candy and root beer barrels.

  • 60
    Carol says:

    My top favorite candies are:
    Reeses peanut butter cups
    Snickers candy bar
    Twizzler Licorice Nibs

  • 61
    Jen T says:

    York Peppermint Patties
    Orange sticks
    High quality single origin chocolate

  • 62
    Connie Fisher says:

    Top 3 favorite candies: maple fudge, Idaho Spud bars and Mounds. Love all the new products in this month’s release!! Can’t wait to get mine =)

  • 63
    Sherry says:

    I love Sweetarts, Reeses Peanutbutter Cups, and all dark chocolate without nuts. Oh, now I’ve got to get to a store!!!

  • 64
    Carolynn Wilson says:

    Oh my! My top three candies would be
    * my mother’s Christmas fudge
    * my daughter’s Christmas truffles
    * an Almond Joy shared on a road trip with my hubby
    What fun!

  • 65
    Shenika says:

    My top three candies:


    Cotton candy

    Nestlé Krunch bars


  • 66
    Diana K says:

    Top three candies are red licorice, peanut M&M’s and snickers. Such a fun release!

  • 67
    Debbie says:

    WOW, great release and so much inspiration! All kinds of Halloween and Thanksgiving ideas running thru my head!(It’s crowded up there)My three favorite candies are Lindt milk chocolate bar with raspberry filling, pretzel M&M’s and red licorice, yum!

  • 68
    Greyce Louie says:

    my all time top three candies are:
    pay days
    three musketeers and
    chocolate mints!

  • 69
    Tracy B says:

    Peanut butter cups, sour gummies, and caramel apple pops

  • 70
    Donna Kay says:

    i love red licorice, orange slices, Hershey chocolate with almonds, this is a great release

  • 71
    Tammy W. says:

    Favorite candy – Heath bars, Snickers, and PayDay – yum! Oh, and of course PTI “eye candy” every month! ; )

  • 72
    carolanne says:

    Dark chocolate and nuts, chocolate and caramel, and dark chocolate, nuts and caramel!

  • 73
    Noelle says:

    What a hard question for us sweet tooths =)
    Lindor truffles, Jr. Mints & Hot Tamales

  • 74
    Gloria says:

    First off I love all the projects! Especially the candy corns which is part of my answer to the contest question! I love a mix of candy corn and peanuts always at Halloween time. My all time fav candy is Rolos “YUMMY” and my third I would say is jolly ranchers hard candies. I became addicted when I quit smoking and now can’t stop. 🙂

  • 75
    Kelli says:

    It was a little hard to narrow down to my top 3 – Peanut Butter Snickers, Cadbury Mini Eggs and Zagnuts. Love all the products and projects from this month!

  • 76
    Kim Heggins says:

    Candy Corn, Candy Corn and Candy Corn! Love it all.

  • 77
    Jessica Monte says:

    OK I am in love with the whole release.. My top favorite candy is York peperment patty,take five,and 100grand.

  • 78
    Rosy says:

    My three favorite candies are:
    Strawberry twists and

  • 79

    Im excited about the rainstones too!
    fav candy? that’s easy:

    recees PB cups…but the holiday ones they do (trees, pumpkins, eggs) they have more peanut butter in them!
    red vines
    new favourite: wine gums from Marks and Spencer. the purple and red ones are the best!

  • 80
    Bev says:

    Trick or treat time is just around the corner! My 3 favorite candies are: Almond Joy, Heath bars, and York Peppermint Patties.

  • 81
    Jayne says:

    Goodness where to begin. Pretty neat goodies to be had again!

  • 82
    Chrissy says:

    Wow, what a release! My favorite candies are candy corn, Smarties and Nerds. My mom always said “you are what you eat!”

  • 83
    Wendy says:

    Just three? Then almond joys, jelly beans and black licorice!

  • 84
    Kathy Krug says:

    My three favorite candies are peanut butter cups, heath bars, peanut m&m and snickers tie.

  • 85
    MaryAnn N. says:

    Top 3 candies Chocolate, chocolate chocolate .
    Anything with chocolate is good!

    Cute release

  • 86
    Dorothy C. says:

    Great release this month! Favorite candy – Hershey’s with almonds, California Brittle (See’s Candies) and good old Kraft Caramels.

  • 87
    JaniG says:

    Terrific release! Favorite candy? See’s Bordeaux, M & M’s and Payday.

  • 88
    Janell says:

    Snickers, Heath, Reese.

  • 89
    Kathy says:

    Love Snickers, gummy bears and Almond Joy. Loving the dies.

  • 90
    Petti says:

    Love the raindrop…so many things on my shopping list now…

  • 91 says:

    Top 3 candies: Branch’s candy corn, honeycomb and Twix. Lots of choices this month!

  • 92
    Sue Jakeman says:

    Lovely! I particularly like the cuckoo clock!

  • 93
    Michele Clay says:

    Top 3 candies: Peanut M & M’s, Peanut M & M’s, & Peanut M & M’s!!! 😉
    This release is FABULOUS! Thanks, PTI & Designers!!

  • 94
    Janet B from WV says:

    My 3 favorite kinds of candy are: chocolate, peanut butter cups, & those white chocolate mints.

  • 95
    Katie says:

    I can hardly wait until this evening to order.

  • 96
    Debbie S says:

    To 3 candies: Kit Kat, Almond Joy and Twix
    What a fun release!

  • 97
    SaraL says:

    Reese’s peanut butter cups, kit kat, anything dark chocolate!

  • 98
    Nancy G says:

    This release is fabulous!!

  • 99
    Luanne Ford says:

    Twizzlers, Snickers, and Almond Joy. Did I mention Twizzlers?