Tree Trimming Trio Shopping & Cutting List

By September 12, 2009General

Completed card

Polka Dot Christmas Card

Tree Trimming Trio (available September 15th)

Classic Kraft
card base- cut 4″ x 11″, scored in half @ 5.5″

Vintage Cream
front panel- 3″ x 4.75″

Spring Moss
front mat layer- 2.5″ x 3-5/8″

Hibiscus Burst
front mat layer- 5.25″ x 3-5/8″

Hibiscus Burst
Spring Moss
Smokey Shadow

5″ raspberry fizz grosgrain ribbon
1/2″ Epoxy Dome Stickers (3 per card, 25 cards per package)
Vintage Cream A2 envelopes

corner rounder punch (Fiskars)

Completed ensemble

Flannel Blanket & Heat Pillow Duo

5 yards of flannel (I got 2.5 yards each of two contrasting colors/patterns)

1 yard Raspberry Fizz Grosgrain Ribbon

40 oz. jasmine rice

For Label (if desired):

scrap of muslin fabric

Quilter’s Sampler stamp set

Raspberry Fizz ink

waterproof pen (for signing name)

sewing machine & thread

safety pin

straight head pins

large funnel

20oz. measuring cup or Dixie Cup for measuring rice

pinking shears


When beginning, I instructed you to cut 1/2 yard from each color of flannel and set it aside.  You would use one of those 1/2 yards for the heat pillow, and still have one leftover.  1/2 yard is the perfect size to make a cute little drawstring bag to hold the gift ensemble!


1. Fold the fabric in half (with the fold at the “bottom” of the bag).  Don’t forget, you want the right sides together.  Press the fold so it’s nice and crisp.  Stitch the length of both sides.

Pinked edge

Pressed open seam

2. If desired, trim the seam selvage with pinking shears to make the inside look a bit more finished.  Press the seam open so it lies flat and is easier to work with in the next step.

Stitched tube

3. With wrong side of fabric still facing out, fold over the top of the bag 1/2″ and press then a second time about 2″.  Folding and pressing twice makes it so the unfinished edge is turned all the way in and will not be hanging out from the bottom of the tube you are creating.  After pressing thoroughly, stitch along the bottom edge of this fold over, all the way around the top of the bag except for about an inch opening.

Safety pin ribbon end

4.  The 1″ space you left open is where you will insert the ribbon drawstring.  Using 1 yard of ribbon, attach a safety pin to one end, giving you a hard object to use as a guide for threading the ribbon through the tube.

Threaded ribbon

5.  Thread the rinnon all the way around the tube, so both ends are coming out of the 1″ opening.  Trim ends of ribbon.  Flip the bag right-side out, press and fill with your goodies!