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The upcoming CHA Craft SuperShow is rapidly approaching!  (If you missed it the first time, all the information you need can be found HERE)  We are busy behind the scenes making all of the preparations!  There's even some surprises in store for many of the attendees!  (You know how we love surprises!)

As promised, a complete list of the products we will be bringing to the show is now available. 

CLICK HERE to View Product List

This list is subject to change, but we are quite confident that it is now in it's final form!

We hope to get the opportunity to meet many of you in person!  Please be sure to stop by and say hi!


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  • 1
    Naomi Chokr says:

    Awesome!! I’m looking forward to meeting your guys!!! I’ll be at the supershow on Saturday!!

    will you be accepting credit cards??

  • 2
    Debbie S says:

    Per your list of CHA products that will be available, it indicates Spring Moss, Sweet Blush and Aqua Mist are being introduced at CHA. Have these inks been re-formulated?

    They are not a reformulated palette hybrid ink, but rather a brand new revolutionary pigment ink that we are trying out.

  • 3
    amber says:

    woohoo! can’t wait…to meet you guys and to buy some fabulous product!

  • 4
    Megan Lock says:

    Yayyy!! I’ve been saving up for this! I’m *soooo* stocking up on PTI! I’ve even got a list going. It looks like you’re bringing everything I have on my list—please, oh, please, don’t sell out!

  • 5
    Kathleen says:

    I have the same question that Debbie S. has above—are these new ink pads? I can’t go to the show===when will this be made available to the public—and, if we already own these colors, will there be any sort of discount since it’s defective?

    The new pigment pads will be made available to the public on/by the August 15th release. We are currently in talks with the manufacturer in regards to negotiating an exchange program for previously sold defective pads. As soon as we have further concrete details, we will definitely pass them along.

  • 6
    Karen H. says:

    Ooooh, I hope all goes well with the new ink – those light colors are my favorite! And buttons – always love buttons. I really wish I could go to CHA!

  • 7
    Sharon Holden says:

    Can’t wait to come by and say hello! I’m so pleased that all the “must haves” on my list will be coming to the show!

  • 8
    Lee Anne says:

    You’ve been busy! I’m not anywhere close to going to CHA, so I will live through everyone else. I got an email yesterday that said my July order is on its way to me. I can’t wait! That’s what I’ll be doing while everyone else is at CHA!

  • 9
    Renee V. says:

    I am ‘over the moon’ thrilled that I’m going and the PTI is the *first* place I’m visiting!
    I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to meet you, Dawn, Michelle, and Debbie in person. I wonder who else?
    Only a few more weeks! ♥
    Renee V.
    PS. Thanks for the list – I’m off to check it now!!!

  • 10
    Aimee says:

    Thanks so much. Add me to the group that’s so excited to see you all in person! 🙂

  • 11
    Stephanie S. says:

    You will see me also and your booth is the first I am heading to myself. Look forward to meeting you ladies and talking about your stamps.

  • 12
    Margo says:

    I am so excited to be able to meet you and the talented women you work and “play” with! See you on Saturday!

  • 13
    Steph D. says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Love all the ideas & tips :)!

  • 14
    sarah moore says:

    Craft Critique can’t wait to see you at CHA!

  • 15
    Monica K says:

    I am really looking forward to this event! I’m just discovering Papertrey Ink products so am excited to see what everything looks like in person to decide what I want to buy. I love how everything coordinates. I’m also curious about the new products that were just released–they look really cool. Anyways, see you there! Monica

  • 16
    Anna says:

    Hi, Nichole;
    It so great can meet you in here. I would like to ask you to help me design the wedding card. Will you received this job?
    Thanks & waiting for your reply.
    Please Email to me:

  • 17
    stacey says:

    I just want to say how inspired I am everytime I come to this blog. Nichole, do you sell or are you the owner of Papertrey? I am in Canada and I am not sure if there is a place here to buy Papertrey products, but I love them. Is this something that can be sold here in Canada though home parties?? I am very interested!!! Please contact me ASAP. Thanks


  • 18
    Sue Lelli says:

    Can you tell us who designed the stamp set you are giving away with $100 orders? I also want you to know how much I appreciate being able to order and have it shipped to my home. That also helps YOU keep more product in stock to sell AT the show. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE GOING TO CHA. I planned a trip to visit my parents in Florida around the CHA dates so I could go to the Papertrey booth! Don’t tell THEM!

  • 19
    Shannon R. says:

    I can’t wait to see you all in Orlando. I wish you were bringing Star Prints with you!

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