Introducing Dark Chocolate & Vellum

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Some of you have already picked up on the signature colored products I have sprinkled in my projects the last few days.  Dark Chocolate is our main color for this month’s release.  We have waited a bit to release it because it is one of my FAVORITE colors and we wanted to make sure it was just right.  It’s no secret that I have an addiction to the Burnt Umber Palette ink pad, so we followed suit by creating ribbon & cardstock to match it.  To avoid confusion when grouping like colors together on our website, we will no longer be referring to *Burnt Umber* as it’s original name, but instead Dark Chocolate, just like the coordinating paper and ribbon.  This information will be added as special note on our website as well.  The *Dark Chocolate* ink pad that we will now be carrying is the same exact product as the original Burnt Umber ink, just in our packaging and renamed.  As a side note, we will not be able to offer either the stitched ribbon or grosgrain ribbon at this time.  The colors need to be slightly tweaked before we feel comfortable making them available for sale.  We will keep you updated on our progress.

We always receive many requests for a color comparison to frequently used SU! colors.  As you can see in this photo, our Dark Chocolate is much deeper and more orange toned than SU! Chocolate Chip. (don’t forget that you can click for a bigger view)

This month we are also bringing you another basic in addition to the Dark Chocolate products.  We are proud to introduce vellums to our line up.  We will now be offering two different varieties for your stamping pleasure!  The first is a wonderfully thick Stamper’s Select Vellum Cardstock.  It is super thick and sturdy enough to be used as a card base.  It is created specifically to not crack when folds are added to it, making it a versatile product.

The second vellum is called Linen Vellum Cardstock.  This beautiful transparent vellum has an elegant linen weave incorporated into it (click on the photo for a better look at this specialty texture).  Smoothness on one side allows for crisp stamping, while a slight linen texture can be found on the reverse side if you are looking for something  a bit more tactile.  As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be amazing to work with, and the little I have used so far, let’s just say I’m in love!!!

Both of the vellums will be sold in two different size packages.  12 (8.5 x11 sheets) for $4 or 24 (8.5 x 11 sheets) for $7.  Combined with free shipping, these are a steal!  We have just received notice that the vellums will not be arriving until a few days after the release, so they should definitely go live on our website shortly after the  actual release.  We will keep you updated via our newsletter.

I hope you are as excied about these new products as I am!  Read on below to see the new Linen Vellum in action!

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  • 1
    Granna on the Go says:

    I love the dark chocolate ribbons and paper!! I love the vellum! How great to have one of them textured. You are so clever! I love how the dark chocolate really is great with the previous color releases! You are so amazing! I can hardly wait for the release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2
    Michelle B. says:

    OOOHH, dark chocolate and vellum!!! I’m going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE THIS MONTH!!! I already need to get Bitty Baby Blessings plus some ink cubes and definitely the Quilter’s Sample stamp set and now this…..

  • 3
    sarah says:

    Oh. My. Word. Awesome!

  • 4
    Jennifer says:

    Wow, I am in so much trouble this month! My wish list is growing, and growing, and growing! I still have stuff from last month’s release that I HAVE to have…and now this!

  • 5

    I am dying!!!!!! And heaven looks like yummy dark chocolate!!!!!!

  • 6
    Stacie says:

    oH,Oh,oh………I’m going NUTZ for this dark chocolate!….especially the ribbon! I hope you’ve made enough for me! 🙂 (plus everyone else of course…hee hee!)
    You guys continue to amaze me….and I just got a box full of goodies from you 2 days ago! I guess there’ll be more on the way soon (please don’t tell my husband!)

  • 7
    Sara says:

    The color is wonderful, and the vellum I have one word AWESOME!

  • 8
    CherylQuilts at SCS says:

    Perfect new colors with the new flowers! Yey! Love the vellums…totally awesome!

  • 9
    Lynn Engelhart says:

    Quilter’s Sampler stamp set was such a pleasure to design and is so incredibly versatile & fun to use. The set contains a total of TWELVE authentic popular vintage quilt blocks, each chosen for their special meaning and the history they hold. The quilt blocks are all scaled to perfectly coordinate with a 3/4-inch square punch, which we should have available for this release!

    Where do I get a set…. I must have one… please.

  • 10
    Debbie Fisher says:

    My favorite color of cs is SU!’s choc chip so I can’t wait to see this IRL. It looks so much richer. And the linen vellum looks like lots of fun too.

  • 11
    Debbie says:

    Nichole, AWESOME!!! I totally need to replenish my brown stock and what better way than with PTI cardstock. So excited. And now vellum?!? I JUST did a project with it (posted on my blog) I think we are sometimes in sync!! 🙂 I love the effect that vellum has on projects! thanks again!

  • 12
    Michelle says:

    I love chocolate colors! So many colors look great with it! and the vellum is to die for! I can hardly wait!

  • 13

    I love the Dark Chocolate! I’m almost out of my SU Chocolate Chip and will probably buy this instead–especially since I can get that cute polka dot ribbon to match!

  • 14
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    Looks so yummy!

  • 15
    Pat says:

    I’m a chocoholic in every way including card stock and accessories. Linen vellum – this is new to me and awesome! My birthday is the end of this month – guess what I’m requesting!?!

  • 16
    Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS) says:

    I LOVE the Burnt Umber too – it has become my go-to brown. Can’t wait to get the matching CS and ribbon!

  • 17
    Dee says:

    Everything looks Wonderful!
    I love the look of the linen
    Vellum! TFS

  • 18
    Kacey says:

    AHHHHHHH! Yippee! I am super excited about this color – this is my go to color! That vellum, especially the linen vellum is awesome, so different! Can’t wait til the 15th!

  • 19
    Jen Ofiana says:

    Yipee! I was so hoping you would come out with a Dark Chocolate color!! I have the burnt umber pad too.. so this is perfecto!

  • 20
    Chelle says:

    i want it NOWWWWW!!! yes, i tend to be a bit like Veruka…but anything chocolate and i am THERE! i love the rich color of the dark chocolate…so stinkin’ excited to get my hands on it! i want to put it with the plum pudding…i bet that will be GORGEOUS!!! and, of course pink and brown are my fave…so it will be beautiful with sweet blush!
    thank you for all of the incredible colors you have created thus far…they are perfection!

  • 21
    Susy says:

    Nicole, you have just made my day, maybe even my week. I’ve been longing for PTI to release a dark brown card, thankyou. I also love the sound of the vellum especially the heavy weight one.

  • 22
    Rose Ann says:

    Oh my….yum!!

  • 23

    Beautiful! LOVE these! 🙂

  • 24
    Catherine says:

    my favorite color… woo hooo! it looks so yummy, can’t wait to get my hands on these babies =)

  • 25
    Linda w says:

    MMMMMMMMM……….dark chocolate. Such a beautiful and rich color Nicole. I was wondering what weight your new vellum is? It looks so elegant.

  • 26

    Nichole, I love all of your cardstock, designer paper and matching ribbons. I am a SU cardstock snob but find your product is equally as gorgeous if not a bet better quality. I have purchased every release of paper, dp and ribbon that you have and now cannot wait to get my hands on all the chocolate stuff. By the way, your twill products is the finest I have ever seen and I love, love, love it. I can’t wait to try both of the vellum cardstocks as well. My poor Discover card. Shhhh! Don’t tell my husband.

    Your white cardstock is a an absolute must for me and I now use it exlusively for all my “white” needs and I get shakey when I open the last pack. I keep two new ones at all times. I have purchased packs of the white to break up and give to several of my friends so they can see first hand how wonderful this product is. I know of no other cardstock that can even come close to competing. Thanks for such a lovely product line.

  • 27
    BarbaraAnn says:

    The chocolate is divine!
    Can’t wait to use it!

  • 28
    Cindy Major says:

    Nichole, you are just so clever!! That trick, to stamp color on your patterned paper, was such a great way to combine products!
    Love the new chocolate products, too!

    I love your stamp sets, by the way – I just wish they were available in French! (If you’re ever looking for a French stamper to collaborate with, please let me know! ;D)


  • 29
    Sue Short says:

    I would also be interested to learn the weight of the vellum card stock. The only vellum cardstock I’ve seen is thin, and I am curious if a vellum around 300 gsm is available anywhere…?

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