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We’ve got a fantastic prize package tonight that we are very excited about giving away to one of you!  To enter for your chance to win, just post your answer to the following question in the comments section.

What is your favorite memory of home?

The prize?

The June "I Want It All" Package, a $135 value!
It contains all of our new releases for June!

Please be respectful & fair, only one entry per person please.  Contest closes at 11:30pm EST, with the one lucky winner being announced here around 11:45pm.  Best of luck to each and every one of you!

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  • 1
    Kate says:

    We moved around a lot as a kid so home for me was my Gram’s house. My memories of there are fresh pasta laid out on the beds before Gram made homemade ravioli. She also had rainbows of threads for needlepoint, petitpointe and embroidery.

  • 2
    Sarah says:

    My mom signing my to sleep. I now sing the same lullabies to my kids

  • 3
    Sarah says:

    Ha- that was singing me to sleep back there- a bit tired!

  • 4
    pegg says:

    My favorite memory of home is from when I was growing up. It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m reading my favorite book and my sister is next to me on the couch. My Dad is hanging out with us. My Mom in the kitchen making dinner and making the house smell so warm and comforting. This is home to me! I don’t have kids yet but I hope to create that kind of safe and happy place… Congrats on the June release!

  • 5
    Inkylin says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be canning season. My Mom canned just about every fruit and vegetable there is. And pickles too!!!! We would get to stir certain kinds of pickles that she cooked in a cast iron baby wash tub. The fumes would always go right up into our faces. And our hands would be red when canning pickled beets. She also made the best watermelon rind pickles. There was nothing better than having fruit in the middle of winter that tasted so fresh and yummy. At the end of a canning session, it was always so neat to hear the ping of each jar as it sealed.

  • 6
    Joan says:

    I remember the beautiful gardens my mom tended every summer. We would have fresh vegetables all summer and vases full of flowers. I wish I was half the gardener she was!

  • 7
    Jean says:

    I remember running home from school the first Wednesday of every month, eager to see what was spread out on my twin bed. My mother and her friend would go to “Dollar Days” at Jordan Marsh department store in Boston and come home with an armful of treasures – everything was a dollar! The one outfit that stands out was a melon colored suit – pleated skirt, jacket, beret and – are you ready for this? Matching melon colored shoes! I thought I was all that and a bag of chips!

  • 8
    Terri E. says:

    My favorite memory is having my great-grandparents, grandparents and parents along with myself and my brother on the front porch chatting and watching the cars go by. We all lived on the family farm, so there were a lot of evenings together and I just love it!

    We actually still do this today with the new generation. Some things are too good to let go.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 9
    Rhonda says:

    I actually have two favorite memories…one of which is sitting on the front porch with my parents early in the morning, listening to the chirping of the birds, and having our morning coffee together. The other favorite of mine is our family sharing popcorn on Saturday nights while watching our favorite TV shows.

  • 10
    Susan Lankford says:

    My fondest memory may seem a little odd to some…I was raised in a very hot part of the country…Texas…my fondest memory is of thunder storms in the summer….we seldom get them in CA, but I have such a warm feeling of the past and home when they do occur.

  • 11
    Angie Hamill says:

    My favorite Memory of Home… has to be a few years ago when we had a FREAK snow fall on Christmas in South Texas… we lived about 15 mins from the beach and got about 6-8inches of snow on Christmas Eve. My mom and I made snow men in the yard in front of our Palm tree… really… was a great time.


  • 12
    Nicole Bowen says:

    Since I have been away from my home in Maine for a few years now this is very close to my heart. I have many favorite memories; the smell of the salt water and the not so great smell of the “pogies” in the summer time lol. The warm sunshine beating down and the spray of the ocean while out on the lobster boat with my dad. Being on the docks in Five Islands as the fisherman brought in their huge tunas onto the docks. Eating fresh lobster rolls and home-made ice cream cones melting down our arms. I really miss the accents and the humbleness of the hard working people there. My favorite memory would be the innocence of the small town at that time and now realizing how lucky I was to grow up there. I miss home. *sniff* *sniff*

  • 13
    Lisa T. says:

    My favourite memory of home is my Mom’s cooking and especially my Mom teaching me to cook along with her in the family kitchen.

  • 14
    Bridget says:

    I love pulling into my parent’s driveway and seeing all the cozy little windows lit up..it reminds me so much of the house in the new set..just that warm, cozy glow makes me feel soo safe..I wish life was like that all the time..oh, and of course my mom meeting me at the door with a big hug and taking my kids from me to give me a little break!!!(LOL)

  • 15
    Lennie says:

    Eating my dad’s pancakes on Sunday morning after church.

  • 16
    Kerry says:

    My favorite memory is of my bedroom in my childhood home. My room was wall papered with pink wall paper that was covered with garlands of tulips held up by Dutch boys and girls.

  • 17
    Cherie says:

    We moved alot and so home was many different places but I can say that where ever my Mom was, where ever she made our home it always felt like home, it felt secure and great. So my favorite memory of home is MOM!

    Love this new “Home” set.

  • 18
    Julie says:

    The one we joke about still was one of my Mom’s “go to” meals. She made sandwiches from Deviled Ham and had Angel Food cake for dessert. Apparently balancing the scales of good and evil . . .

  • 19
    Joanne Boys says:

    My favorite memory was walking behind my dad’s plow in bare feet (I can still feel the cool earth on a hot muggy day), running wild all day outside (not even stopping to eat – just going to the garden and eating the vegetables raw), and playing house under a huge willow tree. It is a wonderful memory especially in today’s corporate rat race.

  • 20
    Tona says:

    My favorite memory of home was that when I came home from school my mom was always there to ask me about my day & to really listen to what I had to say.

  • 21
    Chris says:

    home for me, was my grandmother’s house. i loved being there!! she always had my fave oatmeal cookies waiting for me. she taught me how to cook and she gave me my love of crafting…i miss her teribly, she’ll be gone 14 years this year.

  • 22
    Mariana says:

    My favorite memory was a family game night. We had popcorn and root beer and took turns playing everyone’s favorite game. I think I made everyone play Life at least 100 times!

  • 23
    Sara L says:

    My favorite memory is of my grandma’s house and sliding down her stairs that were curved and carpeted. We used to have races to see who could get to the bottom the fastest. It was a lot of fun!

  • 24
    Jamie says:

    favorite memory of home is coming home to visit when i was in college. mom would make me all my favorite foods, i would get a few free loads of laundry done, and i never wanted my visit to end…even if there was a really hot party going on at school. 🙂

  • 25
    cy says:

    my favorite memory of home has to Sunday family dinners, with my Mom’s yummy home cooking, my brother & sister, Mom & Dad enjoying a good meal and each other’s company.

  • 26
    Alyssa says:

    When I think of home, I think of my mom. Any memory involves her in some way, and so my favorite memory of home is my mom. I was so blessed that she stayed home with us….and now I do the same and want to be the same kind of mom she was. She was, and is, my home!

  • 27
    Gina says:

    My favorite memories of home involved popcorn! My mom and I still share popcorn when she visits me or when I go home to visit her. Not microwaved popcorn, it was popped in a pan on the stove. My mom still has the pan that she made popcorn in when I was a little girl.

  • 28
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    My favorite memory is of the bar-b-que my dad built in the backyard. It was a huge brick piece that was permanent and we used to have bar-b-ques every night (well, it seemed like every night!) in the summer months and eat burgers and catch fireflies. He died 38 years ago, but I think of it often still…..

  • 29
    Gwen says:

    spring time walks in the woods to see all the wildflowers!

  • 30

    My favorite memory of home is the smell that would fill the house each time my mom made her spaghetti sauce. The garlic and onion, the carrots and celery, the pork browning in the pan…it is an awesome sauce. I’ve only learned in recent years that my mom would use the aroma of sauteeing garlic to her advantage: apparently it calmed everyone and put us in good moods. Go figure!

  • 31
    Patricia says:

    I actually have 2 favorite memories of home – the first, because it’s Father’s Day weekend, are memories of doing things with my Dad — playing golf, he taught me when I was 10 and we played just about every Sunday for years – up until I went to college and then when I started my own career, we still played together every weekend.

    My current favorite memory of home, is just being at home with my husband and our two cats, especially when there are no demands for the weekend, when it’s just us!

  • 32
    john says:

    I remember the hours and hours my dad spent working on school projects with me. The time all gels into one thought of a great dad.

  • 33
    Purpleflowers says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was last Christmas. All the extended family was able to attend and since we’re scattered across the country now, it’s increasingly difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

  • 34
    Terri Moore says:

    My favorite memory of home was having my mom always there.

  • 35
    Mom2Men - Valerie Johnson says:

    Favorite Memory would be in the Summertime back before everyone had air conditioning. The whole family would sit out on the patio is the back yard and my dad would bring the TV (black and white in those days) out there and we would watch TV outside because it was so much cooler than in the house.

  • 36
    Carol W. says:

    My fondest memory of home is baking Christmas cookies with my mom. We always made the traditional frosted sugar cookies, but we also made my favorite – peanut butter blossoms. Mmmmmmm, just thinking of the smell of those cookies reminds me of home, I can’t wait to go back for Christmas this year so the tradition can continue.

  • 37
    Carole Miller says:

    My favorite memory of home was having the first TV on the block and lining up the radio in different areas in the living room along with the TV to get the first stero surround sound for a TV concert. That was an exciting and fun thing to do. If memory serves me correctly, we would do that about once a month.
    Carole Miller

  • 38

    family picnics with my dad. There are 5 of us kids and my mom and dad, we would all gather together in the backyard and eat, talk, and laugh. I miss my dad and I miss those family time.

  • 39
    jaynechef says:

    My favorite memory of home – the one I come back to time and again – isn’t of a big holiday or celebration. It’s a memory that stays in my mind, as comfy as a quilt, a patchwork of images that individually mean little but collectively mean everything. It’s a rainy afternoon – my husband watching sports on TV and me on the other side of the room at my craft table. It’s a simple meal shared with family, punctuated with laughter and stories of the day. It’s morning light streaming through the crisp white bedroom curtains. It’s a late evening in December, sitting in the darkened family room, watching the holiday light twinkle in silent reflection. It’s the knowledge that this collection of brick and mortar, board and beams, belongs to our family. Even though there may be a bit of worn carpet or chipping paint here and there, it’s where our life story is written every day and where our memories are being made.

  • 40
    Shelly K says:

    Gentle kisses and I love you’s when the going got tough.

  • 41
    Laurel says:

    My favorite memory of home is sledding in the park across the street during the winter. It was so much fun and when we got home, Mom would have homemade hot chocolate and molassess cookies – so good!

  • 42
    marsha sanderlin says:

    My favorite memory is on Christmas Eve as a young child. My mom, dad and I would go to my grandmother’s for dinner. Afterward, we would drive home and I would stand (before seatbelts, LOL!) between mom and dad and we would sing Christmas carols all the way home.

  • 43
    Seanna says:

    Home. My favorite memory of home was probably the night my husband and I moved into our very first apartment. We had just moved from Florida to Delaware and it was a very cold December night. The heat was not on in our apartment and there was nothing at all in there except bare wood floors. We didn’t have enough warm clothes, so we drove to the nearest department store and I bought pink flannel footie pajamas. We dragged in the new rug I had purchased in anticipation of our first place, some blankets and pillows, and spent our first night on the floor in our freezing cold, very first home.

    Thanks for the smile as I remembered this!

  • 44
    Jessica says:

    My favorite memory of home is eating family dinner in the backyard in the summertime. We often made homemade ice cream, grilled out, we kids would play on the swingset. Once we ended up having a grape fight, by loading up our mouths with grapes and shooting them out like machine gun. Fun stuff!

  • 45
    Amy says:

    One of my favorite memories is of playing outside in the summertime just at twilight. The smell of the grass and clover, so sweet. Now my kids and I like to play outside at that time of day too.

  • 46
    Diane McCaffrey says:

    I grew up across the street from a park with an ice skating rink. All winter my sisters and I would go ice skating. I loved night skating when they turned on the lights. I especially loved the bonfires they made from burning Pine trees right after Christmas. I can still smell the burning pines and we skated around the rink.

    Thanks for the question which brings back great memories. Can’t wait to see the sets tonight.

  • 47
    Kitty March says:

    We didn’t have a front or back porch but a great yard with acres of trees & could wander as far as our little legs could take us. Favorite memory sitting – in the grass munching icy cold watermelon & having watermelon seed spitting contests – mostly at each other!

  • 48
    Mary says:

    My favorite memory of home is baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom when I was a young girl. Thanks for offering this contest!! Wonderful stuff this month!

  • 49
    Sandy Kay says:

    My favorite memories are about the time I was 10 or 11 I got to experiment in the kitchen and pretty much make whatever my heart desired. I loved to cook at this young age and still love to cook to this day!

  • 50
    Wendy says:

    When I was little, it was the time I had alone with my Mom. There were 6 kids in my family so it was hard to find alone time. I would sit in the kitchen and talk to my mom while she made cinnamon rolls and other goodies. Now I love snuggling with my 2 DS while we read books.

  • 51
    sandy says:

    although I have great memories of my parents’ home growing up, I love the memories from both sets of grandparents’ homes. I still dream of those days. Sunday lunch after church at one grandmother’s house with whatever family could make it. And fun cookouts on a lake in Atlanta with the other grandparents. I sure wish I could go back to those days just for a while!

  • 52
    Sara (hiinaz) says:

    My favorite memory of home is playing games (of all kinds) as a family. It’s something we still do when we get together and I’ve made sure my husband and I play lots of games with our own children.

  • 53
    JenMarie says:

    My memory is more of an ongoing thing…I live away from home so when we go back it’s such a comforting feeling. There’s just something about home!

  • 54
    Derby says:

    My favorite memory of home is the smell of all my mom’s fabulous cooking… dessert or pot roast… it was allll good! She still lives in my childhood home but she doesnt cook nearly as much, however with a little begging it all comes right back.

  • 55
    Diane McCaffrey says:

    I grew up across the street from a park with an ice skating rink. All winter my sisters and I would go ice skating. I loved night skating when they turned on the lights. I especially loved the bonfires they made from burning Pine trees right after Christmas. I can still smell the burning pines and we skated around the rink.

    Thanks for the question which brings back great memories. Can’t wait to see the sets tonight.

  • 56
    Heidi S says:

    My favorite memory of home is of my mom sewing. She made all of our dresses. I loved watching her create beautiful outfits from a pile of material and trims.

  • 57
    Katy says:

    My favorite memory of home was the change of seasons (Fall especially). I lived in Vt. and always loved it when the mountains were is full bloom. The mountainside just looked as if someone had just painted it with wonderful array of earthtones. The sap buckets hanging on a tree with the morning fog standing still and the rays of sunlight breaking through. As well as the fresh crisp morning air.

  • 58
    Eleanor Jenkins (aka nana jenkins) says:

    I grew up in the country and I remember following my grandmother when she milked the cow, collected the eggs, worked in the garden, etc. As a youngster this was fun but was work as a teen!

  • 59
    natalie wilson says:

    My favorite memory of home is when I was growing up and my mom would decorate for Christmas. Our house was decoreted in every room and it was “Winter Wonderland!” All of my friends loved to come and see the new decorations my mom would have out each year to add to her collection. Now my children get to experience the same joy when we visit.

  • 60
    Michelle Howell says:

    My favorite memory of home is a house full of family. Our home was always the center of holidays and events. My mom was the queen of hospitality and I loved having all of my cousins and family there. And of course lots of great southern home cooking!

  • 61
    Rita says:

    The smelling of home-cooking is my favorite memeory of home. Baked Rigatoni, speghetti, cookies, cinnamon rolls, all kinds of soup, etc., YUMM-O! I love to eat good food almost as much as I love to stamp.

  • 62
    Q says:

    My favorite memory of home is Sunday dinners after church. My mom would usually start the roast in the crock pot before we all left for church. So by the time we got home a few hours later, the roast would be calling our noses through the door. We had several different varieties of roast so it didn’t get stale eating the same style every week but one staple was always roast potatoes and a vegetable which varied. Even though I now live 150 miles away from my parents, I still try to recreate the Sunday roasts for my husband and myself from time to time. It’s not the same but at the same as it was growing up but it brings “home” back to me.

  • 63
    jennibell says:

    My favorite memory is not so much of “home” (b/c that was broken) but of my grandparent’s house in MI. We’d travel there each year for the 4th of July. They would have their annual parade in the little town of Luther and we were allowed to decorate our younger sibling’s/cousin’s strollers, or our tricycles, or later our bicycles and participate in the parade ourselves!!! I love those pictures and those memories. . .

  • 64
    crystal says:

    Well I would have to say playing in the rain!! I remember when we would get a really good rain the water would back up on the streets by the grates and I just had so much fun just running and splashing in front of our house in the rain and of course making damns in the floods!! LOL

  • 65
    Karen says:

    My favorite memory of my childhood is laying out in my front yard at night and looking up at the stars. I lived in a small town in Morehead, Ky and the skies seemed so clear with the stars shining brightly. The grass was nice and cool after a long day of playing in the heat.

  • 66
    Jen says:

    One fondest memories of my childhood home was the closet in my parents room. I loved to go behind the hanging clothes…. There was a small area in the back where the roof sloped. There was a shelf in the back filled with boxes of old clothes and fabric that I loved to play in.

  • 67
    Sally says:

    My favorite memory of home is: a warm summer day, dad coming home from work and we would pack a picnic supper and go to a park in the city that just happened to be an island, we ate on a blanket spread on the ground and then would play games.

  • 68
    cassie says:

    My favorite memory of home is the weeny roasts we would have in the backyard. My dad would dig a pit and build a roaring fire. We would roast weenies and then when the fire died down we would toast marshmallows and make S’mores. Even though we are all “grown-up” now, we still insist on having weeny roasts a few times each summer! There is much debate about the perfect way to toast a marshmallow and lots of reliving of family moments. Thanks for the chance to win the sets this month!! I’m crossing my fingers that it’s me!!!

  • 69
    Lisa says:

    It’s funny, but I still think of “home” as being where my parents lived, even though I’m a grown woman with four children and a home of my own. When I think of my parents’ home, I think of the little touches there were an expression of my mother… and I find that I emulate many of those in my own home. I also remember falling asleep listening to my father play the organ. My favorite tune was Waltzing Matilda.

  • 70
    Susan says:

    On Sunday nights, we spread out a blanket on the living room floor and ate buttered popcorn and drank Coke while we watched Lassie – EVERY Sunday night.

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him

  • 71
    Sheryl says:

    My favorite memory of home was that I had a horse and our house was called the halloween house because my parents decided to paint it brown and orange…can you say that 70’s show!!! Also we had a sunken living room and I could do gymnastics on the stairs, just like Nadia Cometche (sp?)!!

    I’m so excited for the release!!!

  • 72
    Kristen says:

    One of my favorite memories was when my husband and I purchased our first home in 1998. The sellers had accepted our offer but the closing date was in another month or two. We would drive by “our” house every night just to see it–sometimes a couple times per evening. I often wondered if the sellers saw us stalking their house! We spent 8-1/2 wonderful years in that home and I still miss it…even though our new home is much newer and larger…

  • 73
    Vicky sitterly says:

    My Favorite Memory of Home………When I was little, Granny used to spend the summers with us. She would make all the neighborhood kids butterfly nets….AND sugar cookies. Sunday was family day. After church we’d all get together for a big dinner…..I so Miss those days!!

  • 74
    JerriK says:

    My favorite memory of home is taking walks with my little brother, and all the questions he asked along the way. He is still very much interested in nature.


  • 75
    Michelle says:

    My favorite memory of home is Christmas morning,opening the gifts under the tree,fireplace aglow and my grandparents coming over for breakfast to share in the holiday!

  • 76

    My room. It was my quiet place, all my own. I could look out over the lake and listen to the loons.

  • 77
    Kris says:

    Mine would probably be spending weekends with my grandma and grandpa. Kris

  • 78
    Morgan says:

    A favorite memory from home would have to be spending time with the family outside in the summer – everyone seems to have their niche and their own place – dad behind the grill, flipping the burgers or fish -whatever is on the menu…My brother JW planting giant sunflowers and getting a total kick out of them when they grew to over 7 feet tall…My mom setting the table and asking me to help make whatever accompanies the main meal…Nothing beats eating outside and relaxing after a hard day’s work

  • 79
    P Myers says:

    So many memories it is hard to choose just one…
    Everyday on my way to work, I pass one of my childhood homes, and I remember how great it was to grow up in that particular neighborhood. It was a dead end street at the time and everybody knew everybody. The Mom’s sat on the steps in the evening and the kids played…dress-up, hide and seek, hop-scotch etc. The sidewalks were the best for rollerskating and I could walk to school…good memories!

  • 80
    Shari says:

    My mom’s cooking!

  • 81

    My favorite memory of home is bringing my children home from the hospital. Pur house felt so much more like a home with little ones who are now so grown-up. Love the new stamps!!

  • 82
    Judi Grimm says:

    My dad passed away over 20 years ago, but I still remember him sitting at the table in the kitchen when I was little–peeling apples for my mom’s apple pies. I can almost smell the pies baking–such a fond and vivid memory.

    Those kinds of memories are the best—you just never forget and it definitely warms the heart.

  • 83
    Kacey says:

    I have a lot of favorite memories of my home, which even at 35 is still the place where I grew up not where I live now. Perhaps because it is Father’s Day, and I am feeling sentimental, but one of my favorite memories is walking to McDonald’s with my father when I was a kid. I was so small and he walked super fast, so he would let me take three steps for every one of his to see if I could beat him there. I remember giggling the whole way there. Growing up in the city wasn’t so bad 🙂

  • 84
    Gina says:

    My favorite memory of home was the pool put in the backyard. It was so much fun to have volleyball tournaments in the pool. I was always a fish (started swimming on a swim team at age 7), so having a pool in the backyard was awesome.

  • 85
    BarbW says:

    My favorite memory of home, would have to be Holidays.One Thanksgiving in particular,when my mom and grandma were in the kitchen preparing our meal. The aromas coming from the kitchen were heavenly and even today, 30 or so years later, when I smell turkey and gravy…it takes me right back there.

  • 86
    Aimee says:

    My mom waking me to tell me we had brand new kittens in the back porch one morning before school

  • 87
    laurlynn says:

    My favorite memory of home is everything. . . it’s the family, the friends, the neighbors, the fun, the sadness, the growing, everything!

  • 88
    Terry says:

    My favorite memory of home is playing in the back yard with my 2 older brothers, even if they did torment me at times! We would play on the swing set in the summer, roll in the leaves in the fall, and sled down the hill in the winter. Too bad we all live in different states now.

    Terry W

  • 89
    catlover6 says:

    We lived in the country, so we had plenty of room to play. I am one of six children (3 boys and 3 girls), so the house was always full of activity and lots of love. We all had our hobbies and my sisters and I were crafty. We still get together for card making “parties” and my Mom just loves that we do the designing and cutting and all she has to do is put the pieces together.

  • 90

    One of my favorite memories of home is playing in the backyard with the other neighborhood kids as a child. We used to have a patch of trees and we’d build little “homes” and “forts”. We’d have campfire logs that we borrowed from the firewood stash to sit on and take stones from my mom’s garden to build little rooms in our wooded home. Every time I go home, I always stop at the area to look at what my old wooded home has become. It’s just a reminder of all the great friends we had growing up.

  • 91
    Maryann T. says:

    My favorite memory of home is bringing our daughter home for the first time, after I had given birth to her. It made our house feel more like a home. =)

  • 92
    Kathy McDonald says:

    There are so many wonderful memories of home that it’s hard to choose just one. My mother was a single mother when I was 3 until I was 7, and one of my strongest memories is of Mom walking to work so she could save gas so we could go to visit my grandparents on the weekend. Money was incredibly tight, but we never felt like we were doing without. I just spent today with my wonderful mother, and when I’m there, I still feel so well cared for. “Home” is my mother.

  • 93
    Diane S. says:

    My favorite memory is Sunday afternoons. We always had company over for dinner after church. It was such a great time. We ate, played games, sang, and just had fun.

  • 94
    lainey says:

    Has to be Christmas time, with my dad getting the tree and decorating it and with my mom, making Christmas cookies and wrapping presents.

  • 95

    Childhood memories included sleep overs at my grandmother’s house. My sister and I would stay up late at night watching “Creature Features” and my grandmother would make our favorite treats. It was always fun to spend time with our grandmother – she was such a loving person and oh so missed.

  • 96
    Wendy W. says:

    My favorite memory of “home” are the evenings I spent with my parents and brothers playing board games. We laughed, played, cheated (occasionally if we could do it and not get caught) and spent LOTS of hours just enjoying each other’s company. Good times all around . . .

  • 97

    My favorite memory of home is when my mom planted the bedding out plants. I always loved the bright yellow and orange Marigolds and thought they were so pretty. We always had our pictures taken standing in front of them. It wasn’t till years later that she said the only reason she did so many was to keep the cats away! LOL.

  • 98
    Michelle B. says:

    My favorite memory of home…

    There are two really:

    The first one that popped in my head was Christmas Eve (every year) where my mother’s mom (gramsie) would come over and we would have cracked crab and shrimp. Then we would drive her home and my dad’s parents (grandma and grandpa) would come over…

    Second memory is that my best friend still lives across the street from the house where I grew up. I could go over there whenever and it was usually at least two or three times a day!! It was fun during the holidays because I would literally go back and forth from morning til night….

    Home will always be where my heart is. My parents now live about 2.5 hours away so I only get to see them every few months but I talk to them EVERY day!!

  • 99
    Karen says:

    My favorite memory of my childhood is laying out in my front yard at night and looking up at the stars. I lived in a small town in Morehead, Ky and the skies seemed so clear with the stars shining brightly. The grass was nice and cool after a long day of playing in the heat.

  • 100
    Kathy Jackson says:

    Dinner’s at home. My dad always sitting in his favorite chair. Mom making the best dinner ever and everyone just sitting around laughing and telling stories! All the cares in the world seemed like a million miles away then. How I miss those days!! We can’t wait to grow up and now we wish we were back in those memories! Thanks for the chance to win!! The release party is awesome as usual!

  • 101
    Karen Q says:

    Home is food. Especially Corned Beef and Cabbage. Some of my best memories are around the kitchen table.

  • 102
    Jessica says:

    I loved the summers when I was little. My mom was lucky enough to be able to stay home with us until my brother and I were a little older, and she would fill our days with trips to the zoo, the beach, running through the sprinkler, etc. They were such wonderful times and I’ll always be grateful to have spent my childhood like that!

  • 103
    Dayna says:

    My favorite memory of home was when my dad would come home from sea as he was in the Coast Guard for 28 years. It was always fun to decorate the house and then when he would get home he would act so shocked even though we would do it every time he would come home. I always loved it when my dad was home and I would pal arond with him doing stuff that was neglected while he was gone.

  • 104
    Sue Lelli says:

    My favorite memory of home is making the newest latest greatest craft with my parents. We were always finding new ideas and figuring out how to reproduce them. I’m very sad now that I’m all grown up and don’t live close to my parents any more. I know they would love making cards and scrapbooking with me. For their 50th anniversary I made them a scrapbook and their instructions are these: In the event of a hurricane where they live in Florida, they are to grab the scrapbook and flee!

  • 105
    Jackie says:

    My favorite memory of home is thinking back to when we used to have BBQs with all the neighbors. We would start the get together at noon or so and party until the middle of the night. All of our friends and family would be together for hours on end and that is the fondest memory I have at home. Love the new stamps and supplies, great designs Nichole!

  • 106
    Heather J. says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting at the dining room table every night for dinner. That was my mom’s “thing”…we all sit down for dinner together. We waited until my dad was home from work and ate as a family. Now, it’s just me and DH and we do the same thing! Heather

  • 107
    Jenn Billings says:

    My favorite memory of home is of summer nights spent in the backyard together. We would play fetch with the dogs, color on the driveway, hoola hoop, play tag. All to the smell of my mother’s lilacs in bloom.

  • 108
    Kristy says:

    I have so many great memories about home but my best memories are working in the garden with my family. Mom, my brother, and I would get up early in the summer to weed, pick, and then clean the veggies. My dad would prepare the garden and would help to take care of the big things. It’s also a bittersweet memory because once when we had finished plowing my dad came back up to the house and had a heart attack. Dad spent the next month in the hospital while we managed the home. I am really so very proud of my family and cherish every moment and memory with them. Okay, I have to stop there before I start crying. Thanks for such a touching question Nichole.

  • 109
    Jessica says:

    I am originally from West Virginia and we moved to Ohio when I was very young. Even still, I always considered WVa to be my home- my favorite thing about home was going down to the mountains in the fall and going hiking with my cousins and then going back to my grandmothers house and having a cookout!

  • 110
    debbie says:

    One of my favorite memories of home is coming home on weekends from college. I always thought I’d go far, far away for school but as it ended up I went to school in the city about 30mins from home. My parents let me live on campus and “pretended” I was far away but in the end, I really liked being close to home – especially since laundry was free 🙂

  • 111
    Jaime says:

    My favorite memory would be helping my grandma cook. I don’t know how much “help” I was, but I was a really good taste tester! 🙂

  • 112
    Amrita says:

    My favorite memories of home were dinners with my family and my mom’s yummy Indian food.

  • 113
    Brittney Mitchell says:

    I don’t have a favorite memory of a home as my dad was military and we moved every 2 to 3 years. When I got older and had to move away from friends again I remember my father sitting me down telling me home is where the heart is and having family with you and that is what mattered most. Now that my father is retired and all 5 of us kids are grown and have our own families we all meet at their house every saturday for pizza and on sundays mom cooks a big meal. So my favorite “home” memories are now and I am 36.

  • 114
    Kelli Welch says:

    My favorite memory of home is all my family members coming over on Christmas Eve to celebrate and my uncle would always have a friend of his dress up as Santa and come over to give us each one gift to open that night.

  • 115
    diane mcvey says:

    One of my wonderful memories is making homemade ice cream, in the summer, with the old hand crank ice cream freezer. It seemed to take forever, but boy when it was done…YUM! It was so delicious. My Mom always got cold and had to get a blanket…so funny! Thanks for the chance to win, and for letting us visit the past, too!

  • 116
    Cathy says:

    My favorite memory is actually leaving home to go to Disneyland once a year.

  • 117
    Jessica says:

    My favorite memory of home is warm summer evenings when we all spend time together outside doing what ever!

  • 118
    Angela says:

    My original home no longer exists – it was destroyed with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 along with the homes of both sets of grandparents. I remember the mimosa tree in the front yard and the mosquito trucks that drove down the street. I remember using a jumprope as a microphone as we skated on the carport. I remember eating clovers and grass at my grandparent’s house and my grandfather’s shed filled with all sorts of treasures. Mostly, I’m glad I have these memories.

  • 119
    Colleen says:

    My favorite memory of home is the aroma of my mother’s cooking. Mother was a fabulous cook and our kitchen always smelled wonderfully.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • 120
    Tammy says:

    My favorite memory of home is playing monopoly with the whole family!! My dad would always win because he was so good at convincing us that the deal he offered was the best in the world!!! haha!! It was great fun!!!

  • 121
    Elise says:

    my favorite memory of home is christmas eves….me and my oldest brother (who unfortunately died of cancer at the age of 37) could never sleep past 2:00 a.m. and we were not allowed to go to the living room until everyone else in the house was awake…we would sit in Kurt’s room (because it was closer to the tree) and just be out of our minds with anticipation of the morning to come!

  • 122
    Sue D says:

    I moved around a lot when I was younger but my favorite memory of the home where I spent most of my elementary school days was the big buckeye tree in the backyard. It had a perfect branch just for me. I used to sit up there for hours reading and just thinking. When we got married one of the first trees we planted was a buckeye tree. My boys spent a lot of time climbing it.

  • 123
    Erin M. says:

    My favorite memory of home? How to pick one, but here goes. I moved away to live in California after college, but decided it wasn’t right for me and left to move back home. When I arrived in Illinois after the drive back, there covering the entire garage door was a sign with the words, “Welcome home, Erin! We love you!” I couldn’t have asked for a better greeting and a better mom and dad!
    Erin M

  • 124
    CarolLynn says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was when all the family (cousins, aunts, uncles) would get together for a Sunday picnic and play softball. Then at night we would gather by the fire and eat smores.

  • 125
    Linda says:

    My favorite memory would be going home for christmas last year and being with the whole family. i have 3 brothers, 2 who are married and one has a son. I have a twin sister who is also married and has a daughter, i have two sons, so it was nice seeing the kids run around the tree and picking up the presents. it was nice being together.

  • 126
    cknutti says:

    I think just having a great neighborhood to live in, with kids everywhere was the best. We played games in the cul-de-sac all the time–hide & seek and kick the can. It was great.
    I also just love the feeling of home, knowing that my mom was always there for me and my family. I’m trying to build that memory for my own kids.

  • 127
    little one says:

    My favorite memory of home is watching my grandmother cook my favorite meal. She always smiled and giggled every time I cleaned my plate.

  • 128
    Tricia says:

    I have two favorite memories: 1) making strawberry jam with my mom every year during strawberry season – I still remember that wonderful smell! 2) Christmas mornings with my husband and five children – breakfast together, opening gifts, taking pictures, laughing together, everyone happy!

  • 129
    karla says:

    My favorite memory would have to be cooking and baking in the kitchen with my mom. She taught me so many things and we had such great times together. I will cherish those memories forever!

  • 130
    carmen brown says:

    One of my favorite memories was sitting on the front porch with other neighborhood kids in the city and watching the summer thunder storms roll in, the element of awe and fear of mother nature mixed together.

  • 131
    Mary B says:

    Since we moved around so much during my childhood, my favorite memory of home involves my current home. My oldest just finished his first year of college, and the joy of having him home for visits (or now for the summer) was just beautiful. You are so proud of raising a self-sufficient adult, but it’s also heart-breaking when they don’t need you as much any more. Having the whole family together is fantastic!

  • 132
    Marica says:

    I’ve had so many wonderful memories of home, despite moving as often as we did with my father in the Navy but the thing that sticks out in my mind is the delicious home cooking (and lots of it) and all the entertaining my parents did. From casual get-togethers to more formal dinners, the kitchen was always busy as both my mom and dad prepared the many foods for the feast. And the parties were always tons of fun. The men were always hanging out in the backyard, the women were in the living room or kitchen, and the kids were everywhere! There were many great memories like that and I hope to provide my family with the same kind of memories that they will treasure for years to come. 🙂

  • 133
    Chrissy says:

    Playing scrabble with my mom. It didn’t matter that I usually lose, but its a fun time to be together. Now, my husband also plays with us. 🙂

  • 134
    Sarah F. says:

    My favorite memory takes place in the front yard. My mom would water the plants until she got bored and started watering us!! We would hide behind the car and try to get her with our squirt guns, but the finale always involved a bucket of water.

  • 135
    Sus says:

    My favorite memory of “home” is of my aunt’s beach house in the summer. One week after school ended all 7 of us (brother and cousins) would go down to the shore and have a blast. We went every summer since I was 8 yrs old… 20 years for me, before it was sold. *sigh* great times.

  • 136
    Linda says:

    One of my favorite memories is as a young child my grandma was always making quilts. When she made string quilts by sewing her small scraps onto squares of newspaper, I would get to pull the strips of paper off of the back. Guess that was my first “paper” crafting. lol.

  • 137
    Kerry J. says:

    My fave memories have to be bringing my new babies home. Such a mix of emotions but such raw, remarkable events.

  • 138
    Mel says:

    Having dinner together was mandatory in our family. Coming from a family of eight, dinner was an eating frenzy. If you’re slow, you’ll be hungry. Mommy timed us once – we were done in under 3 minutes. We’re all married now. When we get together we show no mercy for the spouses. Lucky for them we’ve slowed a bit in our old age. 🙂

  • 139
    TanyaM. says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be the love and fun, everytime you walk in. It is something that keeps inviting you back and back again 🙂

  • 140
    Tracy Harp says:

    My favorite memory of home is the smell of a good meal on the stove or some yummy treat in the oven. My mom is a great cook and would put on big Sunday meals. Our kitchen is gutted at the moment so I can’t wait to fill our house with smells from the kitchen once again!

  • 141
    rosemaryeagan says:

    I live in California now, but I grew up in Ohio. I miss the four seasons. My favorite memory is the first snow of winter every year. No matter what time of day or night, we were all excited by the snow falling. Of course, it was especially magical at night. Everything looked so clean and held so many promises of fun: building snowmen; sledding; and, of course, snow ball fights.

  • 142
    Luci says:

    My favorite memory of home is moving back into my house after being gone for 5 years. It was good to travel and see another part of the world, but it was really good to get back home and have all my own stuff back around me. I just smiled for days and days.

  • 143
    Ketha says:

    My favorite memory is spending Saturdays with my Dad. Mother worked and he liked to “spoil” me. He would buy a liter of Root Beer and a pint of vanilla ice cream and he would make us Root Beer Floats. We would sit and watch/listen to the Baseball games. One team would be on the big TV, another on the smaller TV and a third on the radio. How we kept it straight, I’ll never know. He would then “destroy the evidence” by putting the empty container and bottle in his truck and dispose of it at work the next day….There were many more, but this was one of my favorites.

  • 144
    Nancy says:

    My favorite memory and my favorite thing to do at home when I was a kid was to sneak out of bed and go downstairs to put a blanket over my grandma who always fell asleep on the sofa (I joke that I am a third generation sofa sleeper) and then to go over to the chair where my grandpa was sleeping and take the cigar out of his mouth (he burned lots of shirts).

  • 145
    Michelle B. (JustPaintingAround) says:

    My favorite memories of home was actually my grandparents house also. They had all different kinds of animals and a large garden. I especially loved picking strawberries with my grandpa in his garden….you know, one in the bowl, one in my mouth, one in the bowl, etc.

  • 146
    Regan says:

    I would have to say summers at my second home! I used to spend every summer in Bayfield with my Grandparents. We would have bonfires, pick apples and make cider- they had an apple orchard. They are no longer with me but these are my fondest memories!

  • 147

    My favorite memory of home is when my parents would entertain friends. They always went all out with a lavish meal, great conversation and lots of flowing beverages! It was great to be surrounded by so much love, friendship and just simple joys.

  • 148
    Robb_eeie says:

    Every other Friday my Dad had to work late, which meant my brother and I got to have a “huge treat”!! {{think back approx. 35 yrs. ago! eeek}}
    We use to have McDonalds for dinner with the added bonus of eating on a TV Tray while infront of the TV 🙂 Silly memory huh?

  • 149
    Sibilance7 says:

    My favorite memory of home is spending time outside with my friends on summer break. We had a lake with a falls in the community where we lived, and we would swim, climb the falls, and hang out in the caves there all day long.

  • 150
    Katie says:

    I don’t necessarily have a favorite memory, but I do have a great fond memory of the house that I grew up in. It was the type of house that I probably won’t ever live in again and the yard was amazing. I just think back fondly of the house and yards itself in terms of what as adults we have and then also in terms of it just being the house that I grew up in. It was older with wonderful huge wood beams, pocket doors, push lights (rather than switches), etc.

  • 151
    Judy says:

    My favorite memory of home is making snow angels! I live in Arizona now, and I really miss the seasons!

  • 152
    Erin J says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with our home decorated and family gathering together….eating way too much

  • 153
    Marie Cramp says:

    My interpretation of home being where I was born, I loved the bon-fires on the ST-Lawrence River when I was young. The whole family would get together at my Grand-maman’s cabin and we would have a GIANT bon-fire on the beach. It was amazing, I will never forget those moments.


  • 154
    Emily says:

    My favorite memory is one that still happens – we sit down and have dinner together nearly every evening, and talk about our day – it is something I look forward to continuing when I have a family of my own.

  • 155
    Marge says:

    I think my favorite memory of home (the farm) now that I’m older is all the wonderful fresh/organic food we grew, harvested, prepared & ate together every evening. We didn’t have much, but we always ate well! Living in AZ now the thing I most miss is the rhubarb that came to IA from my Grandparents in northern MN — the best I’ve ever eaten!

  • 156
    Val S says:

    My fondest memory of home…sort of hard to say as I still live in the same town that I was raised in, but one wonderful memory is of Sunday mornings…it was a day of rest and relaxation. We would have mid morning brunch and Mom would always make something special. We would all eat together before going off to be with friends etc. Such a happy, carefree time!

  • 157
    Kimberly O. says:

    My favorite memory of home goes way back to when the kindergarten bus would drop me off at the end of our long driveway out in the country (the boonies of rural Minnesota). Our dog Fred, a big black lab, would be waiting for me every day. Together we would ramble down the gravel road towards home – a big American foursquare home that was built in the 1890s. I remember that sometimes we would play “rescue” and Fred would have to drag me home as I dramatically hung from his huge body.

    My mom would be waiting for me and we would figure out what we would have for lunch. (I was in the morning class of kindergarten.) I think we usually had chicken pot pies and Mom would listen to “Paul Harvey” on the radio.

    Then I would get to watch “Matchgame” and then it was time for my nap.

  • 158
    Dawn Burnworth says:

    My favorite memory of home is in the fall. Around harvest time. My dad was a farmer. We had eight kids. Times were hard. My mom would plant a huge garden. In the fall we would can tomatoes. The smell still today of cooking tomatoes brings a tear to my and a wonderful memory of all their hard work and determination to make good for my whole family.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
    Dawn B.

  • 159
    Robbie Rubala says:

    The one memory I have was of one Christmas when I was a lot younger. We used to have to wait until mom and dad got up before we could go down and see what Santa had brought us as they always wanted to capture our coming down the steps and going to see our presents on movie film (yes on home movies not video). One year we decided to try and sneak down the steps but there was one step at the top that squeaked so we had to avoid step over it. One of my sisters or my brother forgot and stepped on the step. This woke my mom up and she made us go back to bed until she could get the camera ready. Even at our age now we still laugh about it when we talk about past Christmases.


  • 160
    Sharon Williams says:

    I always loved going to my grandmothers house because she always had soup on or gingerbread. I still can hear her voice everytime I smell gingerbread.

    Sharon Williams

  • 161
    Rikka D. says:

    There are so many fond memories for me I don’t know where to start! I grew up on a farm in ND and remember spending hours in our playhouse with my sister in our “restaurant” making “mudpies”. We had some great times!

  • 162
    Robyn, Maine says:

    My favorite memory of home…..would be the love, safety and security I felt as a child….one of those fond memories is of my Mom in the fall a crispness is in the air with a breeze that is perfect for sleeping. I hear her working madly in the kitchen cutting, coring, and peeling apples with a stainless steel paring knife and putting them in a baking dish adding the crumble on top for apple crisp. Oh how yummy that was going to taste with a bit of vanilla ice cream on top melting over the crisp. The feeling of family and all that it means.

  • 163
    Lisa Henke says:

    One of my favorite memories from home, growing up was getting to lick the mixing spoon after my mom made choc. cake, cookies, or brownies. mmmmm! Now my kids can’t wait for me to be done mixing so they can do the same.

  • 164
    Maureen W. says:

    My fave memory of home was of the tall gardenia bushes that fronted the porch. My mom used to take such good care of them that we had flowers almost all year and they smelled so wonderful!!

  • 165
    Christy says:

    My favorite memory of home is Saturday morning breakfasts! My mom would do a fun breakfast for my brother and I most weekends (usually crepes – the family fave! YUM!)

  • 166
    Nancy Gagnon says:

    I have a lot of favorite memories of home, but my mother’s cooking is high up there on my list 🙂

  • 167
    Kathy Grimsdale says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting in my parent’s backyard on a Sunday afternoon, and talking about nothing in particular while something is cooking on the barbeque.

  • 168
    Jonele Gressman says:

    My favorite memory is of playing outside in my treehouse with my sister.
    Jonelle Gressman

  • 169
    Pat says:

    I’m a little older than most here- my parents had cocktail hour every evening, but during the summer of weekends, cocktail hour was for all of us ( 7 kids plus mom & dad) of course we didn’t have cocktails just soda – but for us it was a treat (not something that was in the house regularly) but cocktails with cheese & crackers or raw clams on our patio was always alot of fun.
    Of course, as we got older (and of legal age – 18 for most of us) cocktail hour was even more enjoyable!

  • 170

    A favorite memory of home is my mother’s cooking. She is a great cook and my brother and I would always ask her what she was making us for dinner that night on the way to school in the morning. We had a big family (five kids) and we all still manage to gather at my mom’s house, with our spouses and children, to celebrate one holiday or another and that always includes tons of food!

  • 171
    cynthia says:

    my favorite memory was when we put on our addition and the house was tore up and we had to sleep in a tent for about a week until the roof was put back. My father actually did most of the construction. He would work all say at GM then come home and work on the house. It was our dream house. About 3 years ago I was having some issues and I needed to go and visit my home as part of my closure therapy. I knocked on their door and told them who I was and asked them If I could walk thru. They were so nice and I walked thru the whole house including my bedroom and the wall in the basement where we wrote our heights on it as we were growing. I balded thru the whole house and the owners were crying too. I was able to close that part of my life. Thanks for letting me share. Cynthia

  • 172
    Suzanne says:

    My mother is a wonderful cook and my best memories are of the meals she would prepare with fresh from the garden vegetables. Also her fresh from the tree applesauce and pies.

  • 173
    Micahlynn Q. says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was popping pop corn (the old fashioned way) on a Friday night and then sitting with my mom, cuddled under a blanket, watching a scarry movie. Just the two of us – no siblings!

  • 174
    Sara says:

    My favorite memory is rounding the corner on the way home from a full day of swimming at the pool and smelling my Dad’s grill. He makes the most yummy ribs, he would soak them all day in Soy Sauce then cook them up. I don’t think I will ever forget the smell. Can’t eat them this way anymore, HBP does not go well with Soy Sauce.
    Happy Father’s Day Dad, thanks for the wonderful memories!

  • 175
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    One of my favorite memories of home is when my friend and I would pack picnic lunches and eat them in the woods. We had a trail to the woods with a creek running through it. We would make sandwiches and put tomato soup in thermoses and sit on logs to eat. We felt like we had our own private little retreat.

  • 176
    Melissa Cash says:

    We had a great backyard, with lots of room to play. Lots of fruit trees too! We always had people over for BBQ’s and lots of fun.

  • 177
    Lisa J says:

    My parents love to move. So for me, home changed in appearance and location rather frequently. Sometimes I wished I had one home that I could say was the house I grew up in, but moving did offer adventure: picking out your new room, decorating it, finding all the little niches and hideaways, and reinventing your life! I much more stationary these days, but remember with fondness now those many moves to exciting new places, even the ones that were just down the road.

  • 178
    sa says:

    my favorite memory of home is walking through the door in the afternoon after school and tha aroma of chicken curry and rice pilaf arousing my appetite. I knew I had reached home.

  • 179

    My favourite memory of home was when I was a little kid and I had the chicken pox and wasn’t allowed to go outside. It was summer and on this one particular day, every kid in the neighbourhood was playing outside…except for me! I just sat by the window for hours watching all the kids play together and wishing I could go outside.

  • 180
    Molly B says:

    Not sure it would be fair if I were to win two months in a row, but what are the chances…
    One of my favorite memeories of home is making maple syrup. My parents built a sugar house up in the woods and every spring we would spend hours collecting sap and boiling it down to make the syrup. We would eat hotdogs and make smores. It is wonderful to have those memories now.

  • 181
    Jill says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom’s cooking. She was a working mom, so meals were not exactly gourmet, but her quick and simple recipes remain some of my favorites today!

  • 182
    susbohlen says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mother making
    all of my clothes for me. We would shop at
    the fabric store for what seemed like hours,
    she would pick a pattern and fabric, and then
    fit me with pins sticking me. But…when it
    was done I had a one-of-a-kind masterpiece
    that she had made out of love. Guess that’s
    why I love stamping so much…the creativity
    of making something out of nothing. (I hope this doesn’t post twice–it wouldn’t go through the first time)

  • 183
    Laurie in MN says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was the fresh cherry pie.
    Every year, my Dad and I would pick sour cherries from the beautfiul cherry tree growing in our front yard. Mom would pit the cherries, preparing them for the freezer. Then I would help Mom make a pie using the fresh cherries.

    In the warm summer evening, we would sit outside at the picnic table, eating cherry pie with a large scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

  • 184
    Andrea says:

    My favourite memory of home is having a big family Christmas with everyone home and laughing and having fun together.

  • 185
    Cat says:

    Hanging out in my older sister’s room. She always had cooler stuff than I did. We would stay up all night reading magazines and talking.

  • 186
    Kris Tolman says:

    I remember when it was time to kill the chickens and we had to pluck the feathers off. It was gross, but some of my funnest memories as me and my brothers would make it fun. Granted I couldn’t eat chicken for at least 6 months after that. 😉

  • 187
    Julie Masse says:

    Great question! Sometime in middle school I moved my room to the renovated attic in our house – I had the whole upstairs – it was finished with dark paneling (yikes)! and hot in the summer – only windows at each end. But I loved it! I especially remember how it smelled a bit of insulation on hot days and how the rain sounded on the room, I loved that! 🙂

  • 188
    Martha says:

    My favorite memories of “home” as a kid are the times spent at our summer cottage in Northern Michigan. Star gazing at the beach at night, wild card games with cousins, snuggling under wool blankets on cool nights, sitting by the roaring fire. Things I now enjoy doing with my kids.

  • 189
    Shelly says:

    Being rocked by my dad when he’d come home from a long trip on the road (he was a truck driver) … didn’t matter how old I was, there was always room for both of us!

  • 190
    Pat (mspfd) says:

    When I think of home, the holidays shared with family and friends stand out. My mom was a wonderful cook. Her Christmas cookies were legendary. Gosh, my mouth is watering just thinking of them! Miss you Mom and Dad!

  • 191
    calliezant says:

    Family times with Granny’s fabulous fried chicken, acre peas, fried okra and creamed corn….and the sweetest tea ever!

  • 192
    sandy says:

    There is a certain fragrance to home that brings back that emotional relief I would get when walking through the door that meant I was safe…

  • 193

    I have to say all the ‘oopsies’…I love having stories to tell and running down memory lane with my sister & mom. But the best part is when we get to the “remember when you broke mom’s favorite vase? Or the time playing hula hoop in the living room and then kicking it right through the side bay window”…smells and food are always good, but a lifetime of “oopsie”s are just priceless. 🙂

  • 194
    MakiJ says:

    My favorite memory of home has to be dinner time. It was the only time all of my family got together and talked how the day was.
    Since both my parents passed away, those times we spent were so special and sweet memories for me now.

  • 195
    Jeanette says:

    The “Granny Truck”…My grandmother lived in NH and we lived in TX, so she would send gifts through UPS which we knicknamed the Granny Truck.

  • 196
    Julie says:

    My favorite memory of home…coming home from a week-long trip at Camp Fire Camp. It seemed as though I had been gone for months…everything seemed just right when I got home…my own bed never felt so good!

  • 197
    aviator girl says:

    No matter the reason home always feels special to me. There is just something about walking in the door and you feel good!

    I always loved Christmas time at home the best. In the winter my parents used their fireplace a lot and I remember my mom would always hang our pjs over the screen while we were taking a bath and we would have warm pjs when we got out of the bath. Not sure why that sticks out to me but it does!

  • 198
    Suzanne says:

    My mother is a wonderful cook and my best memories are of the meals she would prepare with fresh from the garden vegetables. Also her fresh from the tree applesauce and pies.

  • 199
    Laurie G says:

    One of my favorite memories of home is the 9 of us living in a 4 bedroom, one bath home and always sitting down around the dinner table every single night without fail. It was chaos but it was such a rich memory. My mom had a full home cooked meal every single night. How she did it amazes me because I don’t ever once remember her frazzled about cooking for such a gang. And to top it off, my grandmother lived with us too for my entire life. What a woman my mom was. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    ~Laurie G

  • 200
    Harriet Skelly says:

    A favorite memory of home is almost every Friday evening my mom, dad, older sister and I would go to my grandmother’s for dinner and all my cousins and aunts and uncles would be there too. It was a lot of fun.

  • 201
    Janice Rogers says:

    My favorite memory of home was that special smell when you walked in from school and your favorite cookies were waiting. It filled the whole house.

  • 202

    We moved a LOT when I was a kid (went to five elementary schools) so my favorite memory of home wasn’t at my home, but my grandmother’s home. She and I were very close my whole life and I just always felt at home with her and my grandpa. I lost her last year and I miss being able to just pop in and hang out with her…

  • 203
    Niki Estes says:

    My favorite memory of home is the time I spent with my sisters. I have three sisters and we were always really close. And now that we have our own families, we aren’t able to get together very often. When we do, it seems like we are all talking at once to each other with at least 3 different conversations going on at the same time. Love those rare times when we are able to get together.

  • 204
    *scarlet* says:

    My favorite memory of home is when all of my grandparents would come over. I miss those days.

  • 205
    Harriet Skelly says:

    A favorite memory of home is almost every Friday evening my mom, dad, older sister and I would go to my grandmother’s for dinner and all my cousins and aunts and uncles would be there too. It was a lot of fun.

  • 206
    Teresa says:

    My favorite memories of home are filled with my family. I live over 1000 miles away from them and miss them lots!!!

  • 207
    kari says:

    My favorite memory of home is dinnertime! My mom was a fab cook and enjoyed teaching me so our kitchen time was fun. Mom is 86 now and says she has given up cooking, tells me it’s my turn now!

  • 208
    Kiko says:

    Family picnics before my parents passed away that we had by the pretty little creek behind our home. There were huge old trees, a little wooden bridge, lots of room for baseball, volleyball, and of course, lots of good country cooking. It was, and still is, a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

  • 209
    Holly Field says:

    My fond memories of home now are of the house I grew up in and the neighborhood. I have awesome childhood memories of late summer nights playing with my friends. We played outside all of the time…from baseball in the intersection (not a main street:), Blue Bells club, to neighborhood fireworks, etc. I really hate that in this day in age my kids aren’t going to get that carefree style of play. I truly treasure that time.

  • 210
    charity says:

    my favorite memories of home revolve around family. here’s a funny one: when i was little i loved sleeping with my big sister…she is 12 years older than i am. one day she was too old to sleep with me anymore. i didn’t like that very much, so i went and put my red cowgirl boots on and gave her door a good wack! we woke up to a huge hole in the door in the morning….i didn’t get in trouble though. 🙂

  • 211
    Jennifer S. says:

    My favorite memories of home are the dinners we had when my dad went to his Army training. He always went away for one weekend each month. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad! But, when he was gone, I got to have all my favorite foods, which he hated, and I got to sleep in my mom’s bed! That was the biggest treat! To this day I love meatloaf and tuna casserole, which my dad still refuses to eat! Luckily my dh and kids love both!!

  • 212
    Pattie Brown says:

    My favorite memory of home, is playing outside as a kid….the games we made up, riding bikes, building houses with pine straw, going to the gas station with one quarter and getting a soda, a bag of chips and five pieces of penny candy. Those were the days!

    I can’t wait to see the new releases…..the paper is beautiful…I’m love Plum Pudding.

  • 213
    Julie says:

    My favorite memeory of home…when I returned from a week-long stay at Camp Fire Girl Camp. It seemed as though I had been gone for weeks. Everything seemed just right at home…my bed never felt so good!

  • 214
    Jennie says:

    We summered at the beach in NH. At the end of the school year we would pack up everything for summer at the cottage. On our way up we would roll down the windows to smell the campfires burning. Everytime I smell that smell it remeinds me of our summer “home”.

  • 215
    Sarah Wills says:

    My favorite memory of home is being on the farm – I loved it – the wide open spaces, the trees, the animals, the peace – we now live in a city but its really not me – I am a country girl at heart and will one day go back 🙂

  • 216
    Imogene says:

    My favorite memory is seeing my parents together, and knowing how much they loved each other. They were like a fairy tale!

  • 217
    SueH says:

    My favorite memory is coming inside in the early evening after playing outside on a cold, snowy winter day. My father had a fire going in the fireplace and he would pop popcorn over the fire. My mom, dad, brother, sister and I would watch TV and eat popcorn. It was so cozy after being out in the cold for so long.

  • 218

    When I was fresh out of college, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I picked up and moved 10 hours away (to Asheville, NC). One of my favorite memories was driving back home to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. I drove all night, and she found me sacked out on the couch the next morning… she was surprised, to say the least!

  • 219
    Pam says:

    On Sunday evenings our family would sit around our teeny, tiny, black and white TV and watch the Wonderful World of Disney. It’s one of my favorite memories.

  • 220

    My favorite memory of home is our family meals. A family of 4, we made time most every night to have dinner together. That was important and we got to learn about everyone’s day. It really kept us close!

  • 221
    KellyB says:

    My favorite memory of home has to be now, since i’ve had children, cuddling up with them all under blankets to watch movies!

  • 222
    Ann I. says:

    favorite memory of home is being together in the den with my parents and brother and all watching tv shows together on our one tv set..

  • 223
    isabel z says:

    My favorite memory of home is being together with family during the holidays, sharing traditions, eating wonderful home cooked meals, and laughing so much.

  • 224
    Elizabeth Jones says:

    My favorite memory of home is the very first moment that my husband and I walked into our first house. We knew from the first step on that hardwood floor that this was home and this is where we needed to be. It was such a fantastic moment and it is a memory that I will treasure no matter how many houses we buy throughout our lives. We love this place and it will always be “home.”

  • 225
    ~Lana B~ says:

    I grew up the youngest of four siblings in a large (old) five story house. When company with children would come visit we all would play hide and seek on all five stories! It was fantastic and I will never forget how fun that was!!!! Thanks for the memories, Nichole!!
    Good luck w/your release!!!
    ~Lana B~

  • 226
    Leslie says:

    My favorite memory of growing up is visiting my grandparents in Canada. We only got to see them once a year b/c they were so far away. But we had so much fun in their back yard – picking vegetables from their garden. They were so good to us and I always wished I could see them more. My grandmother was a great cook. She was a pastry chef for Winston Churchill in England before she moved to Canada to marry my grandfather.

  • 227
    MeShellaBella says:

    I would have to say that just listening to all the sounds of people makes the best memories for me. I used to LOVE going to bed at night and having my door cracked open to hear my parents talking to each other as I fell asleep. It made me feel safe.

  • 228
    Donna says:

    My favorite memory is a day where there was a summer rain and we had made bubble soap and were blowing bubbles and dancing in the front lawn. Forever etched in my memory. I had a childhood filled with vivid memories of our home.

  • 229
    Tracy says:

    favorite memory of home – the last time we were all together because it was the last time.

  • 230
    Wendy R says:

    My favorite memory is more of the neighborhood – where everyone knew each other and looked out for each other.

  • 231
    Maria says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was when we had snow days. We would wake up extra early and listen to the radio to see is school was canceled. If it was, we would be outside as much as possible making snow angels, snow forts and stock piling snowballs. Now living in Texas, my kids don’t understand why I still get up early if there is a forecast for bad weather!

  • 232
    LynnR says:

    Fresh baked anything! My mom loved to bake and lots of times there would be fresh baked cookies or bread when we got home from school. Yum!

  • 233
    Gabriela says:

    My favorite memory was celebrating Christmas Eve. Then at 9:00 p.m. to midnight we would open one present ever hour… (could never wait till midnight). I remember so fondly the laughter and joy that we all felt.


  • 234
    Beth Mak says:

    Favorite memories of home: all involve everyone home playing board games & eatting popcorn.

  • 235
    emily says:

    We moved around a lot because we were a military family, but my great grandfather’s home in Houston is our family home. We all go there for big gatherings and we’ve all lived there at certain points of our lives. Literaly families all knew each other and their children’s children all live around too in big old Victorian houses. So, when I had my bridal shower and my baby shower, of course they were there. Two memories come to mind. One, when they threw my baby shower, one of my grandmother’s best friends who was 85 at the time, came to the shower and handed me a package with a beautiful crochetted blanket. She said she made it because if my grandmother was alive, she would have made one. It was a touching moment when that frail lady looked so proud and I opened it and we all made over it. I’ll never forget it. I so wish my Nannie would have been there too, but she was the next best thing. The range in age of people there, that had all known me my whole life, known my parents as children and both sets of grandparents and who would meet my son in a few months made for a lot of crying that day. Tears of joy! Of course, the next best memory was taking my son there for the first time… we still go whenever we can!

  • 236
    Mary Edmonds says:

    My favorite memory of home is at my grandparent’s house at Christmas! I remember all the food preparations, the decorating, the gifts….we were giddy with excitement. It was a time when our entire family was together and love filled the home.

  • 237
    niccole~k says:

    My favorite memory has to be spending every sunday night playing games with my sister and parents … it is a tradition I have carried over with my own children. We still have game night at my parents house, just not quite as often as we all would like.

  • 238
    Jannica says:

    My favorite memory of home is the smell of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies..Mmm..

  • 239
    Joan E. says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be playing in the backyard with my friends and my dog and then having Mom bring out milk and cookies for a snack.

  • 240
    Kathy says:

    Tomorrow will be my first Father’s Day without my father and I remember how he loved sitting outside on summer evenings, after the sun went down, watching shooting stars and listening to the crickets. Winters were fun but summers were ever so special.

  • 241
    Nancy C says:

    My favorite memory is popping popcorn in a big cast iron skillet with my Dad. We lived on a farm and my Dad loved popcorn and he always grew his own popcorn. He kept the popcorn (still on the ears) in old feed sacks and when we wanted to have some popcorn we had to shell the popcorn so that we could pop it. Yum!! Sure miss my Dad this Father’s Day and every day.

  • 242
    Nimue says:

    My favourite memory of home is making it to my mother’s side and being able to ease her passing. I had to fly across country to get to her and I was troubled because I wanted her to be at peace but I wanted to be with her one last time too. I’m sure Mom knew I was with her and I have the memory of being with her one last time.- Nimmy

  • 243
    Marchelle says:

    My dad was in the Air Force and we were always moving. It averaged 1 1/2 years and once we stayed in Ohio for only 6 months! Everytime we moved we would fly to Miami and stay at Grandma and Grandaddy’s house until my dad found a house (or could get base housing) and then my mom would go. Then my twin sister and I would come last with Grandma. Grandma was a worker and a half she’d always help unpack and set everything up.

    So our home base was Grandma’s and I loved our home. She taught us all kinds of crafts and creative hobbies.

    Grandma and Grandaddy’s place was our home away from home.

  • 244
    Brenda says:

    My favorite memory of home is when on the rare occurance that I got up early on a weekend morning, my Mom would have the windows and doors open to the moist, cool New England air, the birds would be chirping (I especially remember the morning doves) and the smell of coffee perking on the stove.

  • 245
    laurie wilson says:

    Favorite memory of home (Washington state) is building snow igloos in the winter with my dad. I miss the snow so!
    I can’t wait to see all the releases!

  • 246
    amber says:

    one of my favorite memories of home is my mom cooking all of my favorite meals growing up and when I now go home. She has always catered to my pickiness , much to my husbands dislike of this. I often had my own half of a dish minus onions or peppers. It is amazing and reassuring that home is always home.

  • 247
    Melanie W says:

    My favorite memory of home was swing in the backyard on the willow tree. My brothers and I would always fight over who was going first.

  • 248
    Debra Silsbee says:

    Coming home to the smell of Pledge furniture polish, and the wonderful smells of home cooked beef stew and just baked chocolate brownies!!

  • 249
    LaurieJane says:

    My favorite memory of home; I have so many. Since I don’t live near where I grew up (in Wisconsin) I miss so many things. One great memory I have is going blackberry picking with my Mom, all of her sisters and my many cousins. We (kids) always ate more then we picked, but Mom always picked plenty so that we had some for ice cream, cobbler and even some to freeze. What great memories. Thank you for this topic. It is fun to read everyone’s posts.

  • 250
    Rox-Ann says:

    My favorite memory of home was when my grandparents would come for Sunday dinner then afterwards we would all play games and visit. I loved the whole family being together and my grandparents love and the feeling of security and belonging!

  • 251
    Denise Bennett says:

    My Favorite memory of home is building my parents home with them when I was 6. I remember hammering the nails that my Dad left sticking up out of the floor for me to finish. I also remember my Grandad nailing my rubber boots to the floor. We couldnt figure out why we couldnt get up!!! LOL. This memory is really strong with me today, as my 98 year old Grand Dad passed away this morning. We will miss him!

  • 252
    Lacey Stephens says:

    The Holidays has to be my favorite memories. We would all go together to pick out a Christmas tree and come home to decorate it. We would each have our own job each year (mine was usually the lights). Then we would watch “The Nutcracker Ballet” on TV. The first night the tree was up, my sister and I would have a sleep-over under tree!
    ~Lacey Stephens

  • 253
    Tabitha says:

    My favorite memory of home is coming home from school on Halloween.

    My mom would have the house decorated with all the spooky delights and the house was ready to go for our annual family and friend Halloween gathering.

    Wassail was brewing on the stove so there was an inviting smell, the fog machine was going and the yard lights were on.

    All that was left to do was enjoy spending time with family and then of course trick-er-treat!

  • 254
    Rosemary Dennis says:

    I have several favorite memories of home. One is of my mom making whole wheat raisin bread. My mom didn’t know how to cook until she married my dad, who actually taught her alot of what she knew. How she learned to make such wonderful bread I still don’t know. She also made the best chiffon cakes and they never fell! I also have wonderful memories of my dad listen to classical music on Sunday mornings.

  • 255

    Favorite thing about home, Sweet Tea!

  • 256
    Karen Rose says:

    Wow … wish I could read all these comments but will another day… I loved it when we would go on little day trips as a family and my mom & dad would pack a basket lunch for us to eat on the road … no fast food drive-throughs back then … it was so nice to eat as a family either in the car or at a little picnic stop along the way… don’t know if this qualifies as a “home” story but might… I’m off to share the evening release party (last hour of it at least) with a new friend. Thanks!! Karen

  • 257
    Verda says:

    I think home depends on where you are in life. A young person might thinks of their childhood and the place or places they grew up. As I have gotten older home to me was where I spent all of my married life and raised my children. When my husband passed away and I remarried I moved out of that home and sold it to a young couple that I knew. Whenever my husband and I now go to visit them, when I walk in it is like returning to home. My daughter says she always feels the same way.

  • 258
    Beth Wilson- babies says:

    My best memory of ‘home’ is waking late on a weekend morning- no where to go!- and snuggling down in warm blankets! I think at some point I must have had a down comforter- because that’s what I sleep with now~ and I still love the feeling of being all warm in bed and not having to get up!

  • 259
    Anne Thompson says:

    When I was girl, on warm summer mornings, I would put an apple, some peanut butter on crackers, and a good book in a bag and walk down the short path from the house to the brook. I would wade across through the cool water to my favorite rock, a boulder with a seat carved out of it that just fit me. I would spend as much of the day there as I could, reading my book, eating my snack, and dipping my toes in the water.

  • 260
    Carolyn Mustopa says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting up until all hours playing Yahtzee with my brothers and sister.

  • 261
    Christine McMullin says:

    I grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other and it was safe for kids to hang in their neighborhoods after dark. My favorite memory is of those hot summer nights when I was a kid…getting to tear up and down the streets of our neighborhood on my oh-so-cool pink bike with a banana seat and “headlight”, playing flashlight tag, and catching earthworms for fishing the next morning. (I am going home to visit my family in July – I’m so excited!)

  • 262
    Darcy says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was our family dinners. All of us had to be ready for dinner between 5 and 5:30. Regardless of where everyone scattered off to during the day everyone made it to the dinner table. My Dad had very strict rules at the table and one was no elbows on the table. My older brother got poked in the elbow with a fork many times, lol. We had fun just being a family, eating, and having a good time.

  • 263
    Karen M says:

    One of my favorite memories of home was when we were having a snow storm and we got out of church early. We invited all of our friends over to our house and after a major snow fight we made hot chocolate on the wood stove and played games. That was such a fun night. I hope to make memories like that for my own children.

  • 264
    Megan Olsen says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be game night, when my mom, dad, brother and I would get together and play all kinds of games.

  • 265
    Sheryl says:

    I was blessed to have a mom who stayed home with my sister and me. So my fondest memories of home involve wonderful homemade meals, family vacations to the beach, baking Christmas cookies and scouring ceramic studios with my mom. That was her hobby “addiction” just like stamping is for me!

  • 266
    Heather B. says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting on the floor by the heating register. The Christmas tree was also in that corner and the tinsel would sway with the air. I loved to look up at the lights on the tree – it always seemed so magical. Still to this day when I go to my parents house I sit on the floor by the heater (in the cold winter!)
    Thanks for the chance!
    Heather B.

  • 267
    CurlyCraze says:

    My favorite memory of home is coming home from school to the smell of freshly baked bread and cinnamon rolls.

  • 268
    Sue Strozyk says:

    My favorite memory of home would be that my mom was a stay at home mom, and everyday after school, i knew she would be there.

  • 269
    marina says:

    eating saturday morning breakfast together

  • 270
    Cyndi says:

    Sunday morning breakfast…

  • 271
    Harley says:

    My favorite memory of home is the baking! My mom and grandmother were always baking something, and I loved it most of all when I got to help 🙂

  • 272
    Erin K says:

    Besides my parents, who are awesome.

    We had this HUGE azelia bush in the backyard, Must have been more than one really. Anyhow it was giant and full of flowers and beauty. I loved it.

  • 273
    Julie says:

    My favorite memories of home center around my mother,busy cooking and baking (homemade breads and goodies), gardening and making our home comfortable and happy. Christmas was extra special….

  • 274
    Lesa says:

    Most of my young live we moved frequently. But when we finally put down roots it next door to my grandmother’s house. That’s where most of my great memories come from.

  • 275
    Yvonne says:

    Reading the book to my children at bedtime the same book I read that was a gift to me when I was young. I gave the book to my daughter (she’s the oldest) when she moved away from home. I hope one day she can read that to her child.

  • 276
    Michele F says:

    My favorite memory of home is when my parents and I would just hang out and watch TV together. Usually it was at night before bed – just to unwind. My mom loved those ’80’s shows – Dynasty. My dad didn’t mind watching. Actually, he was usually snoring before it ended. It was just some great together time.


  • 277
    Pamela says:

    Growing up, my Mom always baked her own bread. Every Sunday after church, she would start in on the bread making and it would take most of the day to make four loaves of bread. So the fondest memories of home when I was growing up was the smell of baking bread on Sunday’s!! And, the best part was, when they were all baked and still warm, she would take one loaf and cut off the heel and give it to me with butter on it, slightly melting as I ate it! YUMMY!!

  • 278
    Melissa D. (SCS honeybee7896) says:

    There are so many memories I have of living at home. My parents were great and we always had family time to play (my family was physical so we would do a lot of wrestling, tickle fights, we even had something like snowballs fights but instead of snowballs we would use meatballs, foil-balls, just about anything).
    Christmas’ were great. With 4 kids in the home it was hard for my parents to get everything on our wish list but they did what they could to make Christmas a wonderful family experience.

  • 279
    Britiney says:

    Unconditional love from my mom is what I think of when I think of home. I spent a few years living elsewhere, with people who should have but were unable to love me unconditionally (read – family) and it gave me a true appreciation for the love my mom always showed. No matter our differences, to this day, I know without a doubt there’s nothing I could do to make her stop loving me. That’s the way it should be.

  • 280
    buzzy says:

    Home. I don’t think I really knew the meaning of that until I was in college. My home life was in shambles while I was growing up. Through a miracle God restored our family right before I left for college. Coming home for Christmas that year was almost more than I could handle. It was simply too good! Ever since then I love going to my folks and to watch my kids enjoy the sense of family (home) is simply a dream come true!

  • 281
    Teresa says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting on the front porch – watching the lightening and listening to the rain, or reading a book. It was a great place to sit and talk or sit and think.

  • 282
    Carolynn F says:

    My favorite memory is from staying at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother used to run me a bubble bath after a long day playing in the snow. To this day I think of my grandmother every time i smell something even remotely like that bubblebath. She also used to let me eat Count Chocula cereal in the morning…don’t tell my Mom, it was our secret {wink}

  • 283
    Dawn says:

    I think it would have to be fall weekend nights. My dad would usually cook a big meal and the house would smell so wonderful I couldn’t wait to eat!


  • 284
    Sarah Peale says:

    My favorite memory of home is working in the yard with my Dad. He is the kind of guy that like the house to look perfect and I just loved helping him mow the grass and rake. He took so much pride in his work, that I loved to join him and feel the same way about our accomplishments.

    Have a great night!

  • 285
    Jocelyn says:

    My favorite memory of home is of Christmas celebrations with my family in my childhood home. We would all be in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner. Me and my siblings would each have a task. Mine was to bake a cake. I miss those times together.

  • 286
    Allison Viger says:

    My favorite memories of home involve my mother and grandmothers teaching me how to cook all their traditional recipes. I am now teaching my young daughters and son not just the Portuguese recipes that have been handed down through my family, but the French-Canadian recipes I have learned from my mother-in-law.

    Thanks for the chance at such wonderful candy!

  • 287
    Stephanie says:

    Watching movies together with the whole family cuddled up on the floor with a million pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and of course popcorn, Coke, and candy!

  • 288
    Thao says:

    My favorite memory of home was playing boardgames with my 3 younger siblings almost every night.

  • 289
    Meredith says:

    My favorite memory of home is gardening out back with my Dad. He had the largest vegetable garden and loved to grow “super sized” veggies. I would stay out there with him for hours on end just digging in the dirt. Not that I *EVER* ate anything out of that garden…I’m not a veggie fan but I sure did enjoy growing them with my Dad 🙂

  • 290
    barb schram says:

    I had a aunt and uncle that I could walk to their house…and that is where home felt safe and warm, hugs and smiles, and lots of love! I am grateful that I could experience a loving home and I knew the door was always open.

  • 291
    Dianna D says:

    I think one of my favorite was Christmas morning. My dad would build a “trap” at the end of the hallway that we had to get through to get to the Christmas stockings (& presents). If we could do it without waking him and mom up we could go to the stockings at whatever ridiculous hour we had gotten up. If we woke them up then we had to go back to bed ’till 6:30. 🙂

  • 292
    Susan B says:

    A favorite memory that comes to mind is Sunday dinner which was always fried chicken & corn fritters followed by a homemade dessert-one of our favorite pies or cakes made by my mom.

  • 293
    Patty E. says:

    My favorite memory of home is the campfires we had at my dad’s house every night during the summer. He lived on a lake, so neighbors would stop by for hot dogs and s’mores. So much fun!

  • 294
    Linda Anderson (studbo) says:

    My favorite memory of home was going to my Grandparents’ house every Saturday to play Barbies with my cousin. We would spend the night, then everyone would have a big family meal after church. Those were the days!!!!

  • 295
    Karen says:

    The view out over the fields, changing with the seasons, whether snowy and windswept or lush and green.

  • 296

    Home to me would be my “dad’s” cooking. Whenever I go home to visit with my kids we have to have my dad’s meatballs, and tuna noodles and peas. not that MY kids like these things. (they have pizza) But it is MY treat when I go home. Of course I reciprocate with making Tacos, Lasagna or Soup if its cold and raining. This year I think my payment is to Paint my mom’s “Polka Dots” in her dining room.

  • 297
    Deanna says:

    My favorite memoy of home is Christmas time, with all the family home, lots of aunts, cousins, sisters, sister-in-laws cooking and cleaning… suck great times! Now when I prepare for the holidays in my own house I remember it fondly! 🙂

  • 298
    Steph says:

    I would have to say family gatherings at Christmastime. There is something so special about everyone getting together and sharing food, gifts, and laughter.

  • 299
    peggysue says:

    Coming home in the winter after playing outside with friends and smelling my dad’s homemade soup. My mom did most of the cooking, but my dad always made the soup and he started it the day before . . . it was a two-day process. And the anticipation would build because his soup was so delicious. That’s one of my favorite memories.

  • 300

    As a military family, home was not a physical structure for us but there were a lot of decor items that moved with us that helped each new plave feel like home. One of my favorite memories of home is cuddling up under one of the afghans that Mom had made as a newlywed. Even now when I go to their house I can find them (though they are now in a closet since the colors are very 70s)

  • 301
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite memories of home and childhood are of being a little kid in the summertime with no homework, no early bedtime and no where to be…but running around the neighborhood with my friends. And, oh my, how times have changed and how I SO WOULDN’T let my daughter do the same without my supervision!

  • 302
    Sara Spencer says:

    Saturday evenings with the family. we would watch a movie and eat special food together followed by a dessert treat. So cozy.

  • 303
    Janel, CA says:

    My favorite memories are playing with the neighborhood kids and being carefree and enjoying childhood as it should be. Also the smell of food cooking in the background!

  • 304
    Erin says:

    My absolute favorite memory of home is dinners spent with everybody around the table. We don’t get up until two hours after we’ve finished because everybody is so busy talking and chatting.

  • 305
    Linda Davis says:

    My favorite memory is the Fourth of July. We’d have friends over for hamburgers and homemade ice cream. The kids would all sit together at red kid-sized picnic table. Then we’d walk to the park for a fireworks show. When we returned, we had our own mini show.

  • 306
    Anya says:

    My favorite memory of home is of my childhood bedroom. The room was light blue, with clouds on the ceiling and a rainbow on the wall. I loved it! I can’t wait to re-create that for my children.

  • 307
    heidi says:

    I grew up across the street from my grandparents. Every morning I would go across the street and she would braid my hair. Even when I was old enough to take care of my own hair, I would still go so that we could spend this special time together.

  • 308
    christy P says:

    Turkey on pumpernickel with mayo, lettuce and tomato made by my mom.

  • 309
    Natasha says:

    My best memory of home is for sure all the afternoons I spent outside playing with my siblings. You know, playing ball, hide and seek, without worries. Loved it!

  • 310
    Connie says:

    One of my favorite memories is my grandparents just popping over to the house unexpectedly and yelling “helloooooo” at the door!

    Congrats on your new release!

  • 311
    Tessa says:

    My favorite memory of home was one halloween there was an ice storm and the actually cancelled trick or treating and so we by the light of a kerosene lantern played sorry and ate popcorn made from the old style stove popper (gas stove) and ate the tootsie rolls that were to be handed out!

  • 312
    Emilia says:

    My favourite memory of home is when my grandmother was making tomato sauce for all the family. For three days we had crates of fresh tomatoes and glass bottles everywhere in the house. Everyone had to help, it was hard team work, but that homemade Italian tomato sauce lasted all winter, and it was really delicious.

  • 313
    Angie says:

    My favorite memory of home or aka “The Resort” a name given to it by myself and my three sisters. Was not only is it the most beautiful place in the world, but a place to spend time with all of us together. Who can beat a holiday sitting in the front yard around a fire pit my dad made from an old dry drum, staring at the stars and chatting with my sisters about life.. and yeah many smores were sacrificed. Things may change but home never does =D

  • 314
    Jenny says:

    Mine would be playing games on any given night with the whole family. Everyone just sitting on the floor together and have some good ole competition, uhhh… I mean laughs. LOL!

  • 315
    Monica says:

    My favorite memory of home making German Christmas cookies with my mom and grandmother. It was always a special time for the three of us

  • 316
    Sharron Gregory says:

    My favorite memory was of time spent at my grandparents. I spent many weekends and a lot of time in the summer there. I would help granddaddy in his shop and grandma would let me help with cooking. I remember wanting to make taffy and she willingly agreed but then it didn’t set up right–what a mess! My grandfather told me great stories and took my to the dairy for ice cream–my favorite! He always called me ‘his best friend”! Wonderful and dear memories……

  • 317
    Debbie says:

    One of my favorite memories is when we celebrated birthdays and the birthday boy or girl would be able to pick the dinner and dessert on their special day. My mom would make a big deal about the meal even if we picked to eat mac and cheese!

  • 318
    Vickilyn says:

    My favorite memory of home is actually after I found the strength to *force* my husband (now my ex husband) out of the house – he was an alcoholic. At that time, my home became my sanctuary. A place that was all mine (and my 2 year old son’s)and was finally peaceful and everything a home should be.

  • 319
    Dawn says:

    my favorite memories of home are all holiday meals, my mom would always have a wonderfully decorated table and, of course the food was delicious!!

  • 320
    Mandy Kirk says:

    My favorite memory is back in the days of playing outside with your friends until it got dark and then being able to go inside to our warm cozy beds.

  • 321
    sxtsflwrchld says:

    Home means my Mom. I miss her so much. She passed away 2 years ago. I believe she went because my Dad passed just 19 days before her, even though they were separated/divorced for more than 30 years, which makes me angry with both of them.
    I miss her cooking. I miss her fun. She was always ready for a new adventure. I would even go shopping with her right now – I hate shopping. I miss my family. I love you Mom!!

  • 322
    karyn says:

    Some of my favorite memories are those of traditions. Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house, birthday dinners, reading the night before Christmas on Christmas eve, etc. But the most important memory is how I learned morals and values from my parents….just by leading through example and the way they lived their lives. I remember always how selfless my parents were and how everyone was treated the same. They always lent a helping hand and never told anyone no. They knew how to find the good in the bad. They put others and their children first. I can not begin to tell you the scarifices they made. Anyways sorry this is long. But this is the memory I treasure most, the unconditional love of my parents.

  • 323
    Michelle says:

    Being a military family home was many different places, but one thing was always the same Christmas meant cookies no matter where we were or how tight money was every Christmas season friends would come over and we would make and bake cookies. To this day my best friend still talks about the cookies we used to make at Christmas. Today I have carried that tradition on with my children. Even though we have two boys cookies every Christmas is a tradition in our house that I hope to share someday with my grandchildren. I hope to bake the same receipies that I baked with my mom with them.

  • 324
    Kathy Hering says:

    My favorite memory of home is coming home from school and my mom having homemade cinnamon rolls or peanutbutter cookies sitting on the kitchen counter.

  • 325
    Sharon Romine says:

    Home to me was a farm in central Illinois, playing outside all day during the summer months, ah those were the simple pleasures in a simpler time. Living on a farm was the best!!!!!!!!

  • 326
    Gabriela says:

    My favorite memory was celebrating Christmas Eve. Then at 9:00 p.m. to midnight we would open one present ever hour… (could never wait till midnight). I remember so fondly the laughter and joy that we all felt.


  • 327
    Miss Boo says:

    My favorite memory of home are the summers when I was a kid. My parents were one of the few who didn’t care what our backyard lawn looked like. The neighborhood played wiffle ball games just about everyday. Homeplate, the batter boxes, the pitcher’s mound and all three bases didn’t need marking… grass didn’t grow in those places! LOL! I wonder if the new owners ever got the grass to grow.

  • 328
    Sue says:

    My favorite memory of home is my Mom. My parents got divorced around the time I moved out so my Mom doesn’t live in the house I grew up in anymore. She was always there for my brother and I whenever we needed her. She was there in the mornings to get us ready for school, and then again waiting for us when we got home. When I think of home I think of her. Funny now because she’s visiting my home at the moment helping me out while my husband is deployed. My Mom’s the best!

  • 329
    Tina says:

    My favorite memory of home is family. I am home now visiting my Mom – I have a stamp that says “Home is where your Mom is” and being a Mom and having a Mom, I think that about sums it up!

  • 330
    Gail says:

    Growing up my family moved every 18 months or so and when my husband and I married, we moved around A LOT for the first few years. In 1998 we finally were able to build our own home. Today I have lived in our home the longest of any home ever. And our house looks alot like the one Nicole created for her newest set. Home means the world to me! Thanks Nicole for your latest set.

  • 331
    bobbie says:

    Hi Nichole,
    My favorite memory is my sister and I playing w/our barbie (one each! w/homemade clothes by mom!!) and our paper dolls outside on a blanket under the tree in our front yard. simpler times by all means!

    Bobbie 🙂

  • 332
    Nancy Kurul says:

    My favorite memory of home is being greeted by my beloved lab, Busy. He is always happy to see me!

    He is old and struggling with his own age related health problems these days, but he continues to act thrilled when the key turns in the lock and I open the door! It is a guaranteed smiley moment for me, each and every day.

    Whether I win the great prize or not, thanks for the opportunity to remind myself of this sweet moment every day of my life. I never tire of it.

  • 333
    Amy Hoogstad says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting in the family room with my parents and siblings having “slide show nights.” My mom had all her old film pictures developed into slides when were were little so the slide show nights were kind of like watching home videos or something. I have very fond memories of doing this!

    Thanks for this fun and generous contest, and congrats on another fabulous release!

  • 334

    LOVE all the new sets, Nichole!! My favorite memory of home has to be all of us always sitting down to dinner together every night.

  • 335
    Karen Johnson says:

    With 3 sisters and brothers when I think of my favorite home memories it is of all the chaos, but FUN chaos, of a big family. We had so much fun playing hand baseball (we batted with our hand), obstical courses and grand forts. We had so much fun and we definitely “lived” in our house!

  • 336
    Dianne says:

    My favorite memory of home has to be the family game & movie nights. We order pizza, pop popcorn and laugh. Mostly at each other!!

  • 337
    Linda Marie says:

    My sister use to talk in her sleep. My younger sister and I would try to get her to divulge something juicy… 🙂

  • 338
    Lisa Beeman says:

    My favorite memory is during the summer, we lived by the public pool, and I’d ride my bike there and swim everyday! Plus I had a lot of girls in my neighborhood who loved to play Barbies as much as I did….we’d play Barbies for HOURS!! What great, innocent times!

  • 339
    Ashley K. says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom combing my hair before bed. It was always so relaxing and comforting. We would spend the time just talking about anything.

  • 340
    Heather R. says:

    My favorite memory of home is my dad making my sister and I grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Loved it!

  • 341
    Pinky says:

    My favorite memory is sitting on our big swing outside on the front porch and listening to the radio! We had so much fun just doing nothing but talking!


  • 342
    Marie says:

    My favorite memory of home would have to be going back on breaks from the Air Force Academy and how happy we all were to be back together for those short days. My dad would make us Persian food and we would all be fat and happy and enjoy each other’s company. What a fun question and MARVELOUS give-away!!!

  • 343
    Lois Noyes says:

    One of my favorite memories of my childhood home is helping my dad in the garden. He would always go out and work in his large vegetable garden after working his regular job at the steel foundary. My dad was a very gentle man, and I loved helping him care for his plants.

  • 344
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite memories of home and growing up includes being a kid in the summertime. No homework, no early bedtimes…just running around the neighborhood all day and night with nothing but time on my hands. My, how times have changed…and how I SO WILL NOT allow my daughter to do the same!

  • 345
    Annapurna says:

    I have lot of favorite memories to fill 365 pages or so. All I can say is, I wish I was a little girl again and got to spend at least a day with my mother, father, brother and sister all in one place.

  • 346
    April P says:

    My favorite memory of home is spending holidays with my family.

  • 347

    I grew up on a farm, so my favorite memories involve the four senses – listening to the birds sing in the morning, the smell of fresh mown hay, the taste of watermelon on a hot summer day, more sights than I can name.

  • 348
    Sara says:

    My favourite memory has to be when my brothers come home and we stay up until the wee hours of the morning, laughing, playing games, talking, just being like kids again!

  • 349
    Michelle says:

    What a great question. It’s hard to choose – in general when I think about home, I think of the area I grew up in, where I lived in the country. I love taking the back roads, especially in spring or fall, stopping at the farm stands and seeing what’s growing in the fields. My favorite memories of my home growing up almost all feature Christmas, especially Christmas morning, when the four of us in my immediate family would gather around the tree for a few hours of package opening with Christmas carols playing in the background.

  • 350
    Dawn says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom canning all of fruits and veggies in the summers. She was always such a planner and hard worker. I love my mom!

  • 351
    Vina K. says:

    My favorite memory of home (growing up) was each night, as my brothers & I lay in bed in our separate bedrooms & my parents would be in the living room, we would call out to each other to say goodnight..we sounded like the Waltons.

  • 352
    Cara says:

    My favorite memory of home would be playing in the pine trees behind my house with my sister. They were the perfect height to climb. We had a lot of fun in those trees!

  • 353
    Jane P. says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom’s flowers! She always had such beautiful ones: a purple clematis that took over the fence; brilliant orange and yellow Mexican daisies; purple “panzolas” that refused to stay in the flower border and crept into the lawn; and the pink rosebushes by the driveway, one of which I dug out when we sold the house after my mom died and is blooming beautifully right now (my mom’s touch from heaven because I have a brown thumb!).

  • 354
    Dawn says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom canning all of fruits and veggies in the summers. She was always such a planner and hard worker. I love my mom!

  • 355
    Melissa (Legacy of Love) says:

    I have too many wonderful memories of home. In this crazy & sometimes unstable world we live in, I’m so grateful to have each of those memories. Thanks, Mom & Dad — and thanks, Nichole, for making that your focus -c not just with this release, but in all you do.

  • 356
    Suzanne says:

    Making homemade pizza and now I do the same thing with my girls!

  • 357
    Jak says:

    It has to be Sunday morning, my Mam baking home made bread and listening to MantraVani Orchestra on the record player while she was baking and us kids waiting by the oven with the butter pot in our hands ready to get buttered hot bread straight from the oven, Wow I can all but smell the aroma….

  • 358
    Jenn says:

    My gramma used to sing us lullabys when she would visit… I sing the same ones to my boys now.

  • 359
    Judylb says:

    Grew up in a small town and before homes were air-conditioned in the early 50’s. When it was really hot at night, we would set up our cots on the screened porch–loved listening to the night sounds and Dad telling scary stories–sure it wasn’t a picnic for my folks, but my sister and I loved it. That was a time when your house and car were never locked.

  • 360
    Julie Reardon says:

    My favorite memory of home was building one of my own with my husband. We were able to make our home and provide our children with everything our childhoods hadn’t.

    It was extremely satisfying to see how successful we were when inspired by each other.

  • 361
    Sue Plote says:

    My favorite memory of home is Sunday dinner – coming home from church and waiting for Mom’s pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the fixings! Still one of my favs!

  • 362
    Paula Kay says:

    My favorite memory of home is always being met at the door with a huge hug and the dog slobber from the pets. Always makes you feel so welcome.

  • 363
    Natalie S says:

    I am so blessed to have grown up in a very loving and happy home. One of my many favorite memories is waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes made by my Dad.

  • 364
    Tina says:

    My favorite memory of home is bringing my son home from the hospital after being born. Our house never felt more like a home than in that moment.

  • 365
    Becky W says:

    My favorite memory of home is the maple tree that was “mine”. I would climb it, find my favorite spot to sit in, and read the afternoon away. It’s still there… just much bigger now!

  • 366
    Lori H says:

    My favorite memory of home is the family dinners we had when I was growing up. My Mom is an awesome cook, and always made a big feast on Sundays. My grandparents usually joined us, too. Lots of laughter, good food & memories made at the dinner table. My family still does their best bonding over food.

  • 367

    My favorite memory of home, is my mom and I doing crafts, baking or just about anything as long as it is the 2 of us. It is so much fun and I learn alot.

  • 368
    Lisa Rogers says:

    My favorite memory was when we would all go on a picnic in the desert. It was so much fun, all the family together young and old alike, and we would spend the entire day out there bbqing, playing, goofing off, bugging the adults, and just enjoying being together.

  • 369
    Nancy N says:

    My Favorite memory is Sunday dinners. That was always a night when everyone was home and we all gathered around the table and enjoyed dinner and conversation.

  • 370
    Jessica says:

    One of my favorite memories of home is Christmas eve, with the tree lit up and the anticipation of Christmas morning. We’d get to eat some treats and just be together as a family.

  • 371
    Deborah says:

    We lived in the country and my favorite memory is being able to be outside in the daisy field or in the cool shade of the woods by a stream I loved to go to and pick wildflowers – and always keeping one ear tuned to the bell my mom would ring to call us for lunch or dinner!

  • 372
    Kim Ross says:

    My favorite memory of home is watching my mom at the table in the room we called the “playroom” fixing something special like the Thanksgiving turkey or her famous potato salad. (I actually made her potato salad yesterday for a cookout today. Everyone loves it.)

    She passed nearly 7 years ago now and I still miss her every day.

  • 373
    brittany says:

    My favorite memories of home….the familiar aroma of flowers or fresh laundry, the homecooked meals, swimming for hours with my sister, swinging on the front porch, laying in the hammock….I could go on and on!

  • 374
    B Carey says:

    My best memory of home is the large family dinners for all special occasions. Would love to go back and have just one more dinner with all the people who are not with us now.

  • 375
    ILstamper says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting down at the dinner table each night discussing the activities of everyone’s day. Everyone took part & it’s something I miss now that my girls are grown & away at school.

  • 376
    Nicki says:

    My favorite memory of home was coming home every day after school to my mom.. she was always home when we walked in the door and was there for us whether we had a good day or bad, with a smile and a snack. I want to be that for my boys, too!

  • 377
    Deborah says:

    We lived in the country and my favorite memory is being able to be outside in the daisy field or in the cool shade of the woods by a stream I loved to go to and pick wildflowers – and always keeping one ear tuned to the bell my mom would ring to call us for lunch or dinner!

  • 378
    Janet Smith says:

    I grew up on a farm and one of my favorite memories is butchering day. We were allowed to stay home from school to help. My father butchered beef cattle and pigs for all his brothers and sisters. So on buthering day my aunts, who were all good cooks, came to our house with all kinds of wonderful food. I was small and remember looking at the table with awe–pies, cakes puddings, cookies of all kinds. The sight of the huge iron kettles hanging over the fire that cooked the puddin’ and all the ceramic crocks lined up on the long table waiting to be filled. And then the picture of my dad, elbow deep in ground meat and spices that would later be made into bolognas. It was such a special day.

  • 379
    debbie207 says:

    My favorite memory of home is my father’s gardens and orchards. He also had some grape vines. In elementary school a few of us grabbed some grapes off the vine while waiting for the school bus. We found out the hard way that the grapes were not ripe yet. We didn’t know that a frost was needed before these grapes were ready. 🙂

    Every morning in spring my father would walk around and check for new growth and new buds. Now, 30 years later I do the same thing in my own flower gardens.

  • 380
    Gerri K says:

    My favorite memory is sitting on our brick steps when we were kids. We would play with our slinky and make it go all the way down the steps. When I return there as an adult, those steps are not half as big as I remembered.

  • 381
    Susan M. says:

    My favorite memory of home was not only my family but our family dog. We had a beagle that would be insulted if you gave her a jumbo size dog chew bone. She would take it to one of our bedrooms, jump on the bed and bury it behind the pillow. Silly memories but we all still talk about that dog!!!

  • 382
    Deborah says:

    We lived in the country and my favorite memory is being able to be outside in the daisy field or in the cool shade of the woods by a stream I loved to go to and pick wildflowers – and always keeping one ear tuned to the bell my mom would ring to call us for lunch or dinner!

  • 383
    Mangomomma says:

    my favorite memory of home is not a place but the feeling. Having lived all over the world, for short periods and long, where ever my family is, I am home

  • 384
    debbie207 says:

    My favorite memory of home is my father’s gardens and orchards. He also had some grape vines. In elementary school a few of us grabbed some grapes off the vine while waiting for the school bus. We found out the hard way that the grapes were not ripe yet. We didn’t know that a frost was needed before these grapes were ready. 🙂

    Every morning in spring my father would walk around and check for new growth and new buds. Now, 30 years later I do the same thing in my own flower gardens.

  • 385
    Liane says:

    My favorite memory of home is how close I was with my parents. We ate meals together, watched TV together, and talked. As an only child I had great relationships with both of my folks. I was barely 20 when I lost my dad, and 22 when I lost mom. I know they are together still, but my favorite memory is any time I spent with them, which even throughout high school was most of the time.

  • 386

    My favorite memory probably was probably the feel of the furniture, carpet and the smells! And that my parents were always there….Thanks for the chance to win, I loooove this set and pretty much all you do! 🙂

  • 387
    debbie207 says:

    My favorite memory of home is my father’s gardens and orchards. He also had some grape vines. In elementary school a few of us grabbed some grapes off the vine while waiting for the school bus. We found out the hard way that the grapes were not ripe yet. We didn’t know that a frost was needed before these grapes were ready. 🙂

    Every morning in spring my father would walk around and check for new growth and new buds. Now, 30 years later I do the same thing in my own flower gardens.

  • 388
    Sally N. says:

    My favorite memory of my childhood home is falling asleep to the sound of crickets and the flashes of fireflies outside. I now live in the suburbs, and you just don’t get that here.

  • 389
    Laura says:

    My favorite memory oh home is my Mom. She was always there for us, always having time for us, and all with such patience. There were seven children and she made our house a true home.

  • 390
    Carolyn L says:

    My favourite memory of home was going out skating on the ice rink my dad made in our backyard each winter.

  • 391
    Amanda says:

    My favorite memory of home is being together as a family for the summer. We didn’t go anywhere except the backyard for vacation but we were together.

    Thanks for the give away! I just love these sets this month!

  • 392
    Becca Shogren says:

    My favorite memory of home is the smell of Saturday summer mornings! I woke up to the smell of my dad making waffles and all of us five kids would eat them together with my dad while my mom “took the morning off” by sleeping in! 🙂 Then, a lot of our summer days were spent in our backyard swimming or laying in the sun. I treasure the memories of the smell of my mom’s rose garden.

  • 393
    Deborah D says:

    My favorite memory of home is cooking pancakes with my mom on saturday mornings.

  • 394
    Deborah says:

    We lived in the country and my favorite memory is being able to be outside in the daisy field or in the cool shade of the woods by a stream I loved to go to and pick wildflowers – and always keeping one ear tuned to the bell my mom would ring to call us for lunch or dinner!

  • 395
    Sharon D says:

    My favorite memory is of my family reading on Sunday afternoons. My father would be stretched out on the floor in the living room. The living room had tall windows on two sides and was light and bright. It was just a relaxing, happy, peaceful time.

  • 396
    Carolyn says:

    My favorite memory hands down is Sunday dinner at my Grandma’s house. There was always two kinds of meat, three pies and lots of other good country food in between!

  • 397
    Wendy says:

    One of my favorite memories of home is Christmas Eve with my family. The whole [small] family together – parents, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousin. My grandfather is gone now, I still miss my him terribly and thinking of this time makes me remember how he always enjoyed Christmas so much.

  • 398
    Kathy says:

    My favorite memory of home has to be from way back!! When we were kids (All 8 of us) and their was a thunderstorm we would all squeeze into the porch swing and when the lightning struck we would all start with our 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi etc…. Then if it was only a couple we would all scream because it meant it was closer to us!! Boy I miss that!!!

  • 399
    Lynn Brown says:

    My favorite memory of home is just being with my mom. She was always there to talk to and to listen to me vent about whatever.

  • 400
    Yoppie says:

    My mom singing me a french song each night, after our nightly prayer. Funny, I do the same with my kids!

  • 401
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I think probably my memory of home would be the whole family getting together for gatherings such as barbeques and enjoying family games and just have a good time and enjoying each other.

  • 402
    Elizabeth says:

    When we were young, my brothers and I would pick blackberries in the field behind our house with my grandmother. Then we would help my grandmother make blackberry jelly.

  • 403
    Becky says:

    My favorite memory of home is of Christmas mornings with my family. My mom took such care in choosing gifts and stocking stuffers that fit our personalities so perfectly, I really miss that.


  • 404

    my favorite memory of home is the fun i used to have with my brothers and sisters. we used to cause all kinds of mayhem and spent hours and hours playing.

  • 405
    Lisa Hoekstra says:

    My favorite memory is having neighbors over to the house and sitting outside in the cool evenings just chatting until dark. 🙂

  • 406
    laurie r says:

    My favorite memory of home was making bread and buns with my mom. Then for lunch we would have dough boys. They were so tasty. I just love the smell of fresh bread.

  • 407
    LUCYL says:

    My favorite memory from home is sitting together during weekend rainy days to watch “the sound of music” or “Anne of Green Gables” all cuddled up with my parents and drink hot chocolate that my mom spiced up with some hot sauce, that taste and those memories I carry with miself during any rainy day up to this day, to me rain allmost smells like hot chocolate

  • 408
    Janette says:

    My favorite memory of home is knowing that my kids will come running with open arms and kisses when I come in the door.

  • 409
    Jodi says:

    My favourite memory of home is the day my mom called in sick to work and called me in sick to school. She closed my door and let me sleep in, sent my younger sister off to school and we spent the day together in her sewing room. I will never forget that day.

  • 410
    Rebecca K says:

    Almost every night when I was growing up, we would have dinner together. It was a great time to spend together and catch up on our day at school and work. I miss being close enough to my family to have family dinners.

  • 411
    R. Wall says:

    My favorite memory of home is celebrating Christmas. We decorated almost everyroom in the house and I always had my own small tree in my bedroom. It took us 3 whole days to decorate. We played holiday music in the background and simmered hot spiced apple cider and baked cookies. We crafted new ornaments or decorations each year. Gifts weren’t just simply wrapped, they were decked out, too. Wow, what incredible energy my mom had!

  • 412
    Marcia says:

    My family bought our home when I was two in 1960. It was home for so many years. My Mom died of colon cancer in 1993 , and in 1999 my Dad decided to move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That is the place my parents had chosen to retire and my Dad decided to honor my Mother by completing the plans. That house is still “home”. I remember chosing my new bedspread. I remember laying in bed in the dark during in Christmas – the only light was the electric candles in the window. I remember my Mom standing the door when I came home from school. It was a place of love and peace. That home is what I model my home after. It is the place where I want my three children to come when then then need peace and love. Thanks for designin such a beautiful set.

  • 413
    April says:

    My favorite memory of home is all our “fix up” projects over the years. My mom would tear out what she wanted remodeled and my dad would have to fix it…one summer she tore out the entire kitchen.

  • 414
    Lori says:

    My favorite memory of home is my childhood bedroom. It was a dormer room with low, slanted ceilings and a walk-in closet (that I used to call a “walking” closet) that I could hide in for hours.

  • 415
    Shelley Morales says:

    The home I grew up in was a family home, meaning it belonged to my grandparents but for many years all their children lived there at different times but once every single one of us lived there!
    It was a small 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with 1 living room, 1 dining area and 1 small kitchen.
    When I was about 6 years old, times were hard for almost everyone in our family and everyone came home…my Aunt Francis and Uncle Butch with their 6 children- Travis, Terry Dean, Tracy, Tim, Toni, and Thomas, my mother and father with their 2 children- myself and Vanessa, and my Uncle Joe and Aunt Thelma with their 3 children, Monica, Joseph, and Jason.
    I still cannot even imagine to the day how all 17 of us lived in that one small home….all I can guess is that it took a lot of love and understanding!

  • 416
    Mrs. L says:

    There were so many different homes when I was growing up. But for some reason when I dream, the home I dream of most is my Grandmothers where I lived for a couple of years during college. Her front yard, big, green, with trees I used to climb as a kid, her back yard, full of flowers where she let me have a small garden of my own.

  • 417
    Missy Bratland says:

    Sunday afternoon drives, Dad’s Sunday night fried egg sandwiches, and my mom reading to wonderful stories to us!

  • 418
    Mary says:

    I think just the love of my Mother. She showed her love and dedication to us in soooo many ways.

  • 419

    My favorite Memory of home has to be mom and Dad playing cards and me ‘getting to be the waitress’ They would always tip me from the winnings. I loved getting to hang out with the adults and stay up late!

  • 420
    Susan Hall says:

    My favorite memories is Christmas eve night trying to stay up and catch Santa, never would make it though we would usally fall asleep and the on Christmas day going to my grandparents house for the day. I loved those times.

  • 421
    Karen F. says:

    My favorite memory of home is definitely Christmas Eve . . . where all of our extended family gathered each year. We all crowded into our small living room – squished together on chairs, pillows, the floor, anywhere room could be found. We laughed together, played together, teased one another and just enjoyed one another. I love thinking of home and of everyone all together.

  • 422
    Jacki Jones says:

    My favorite memory includes sweet and savory aromas coming from the kitchen on Saturday night and barely being able to sleep in anticipation of that special Sunday dinner.

  • 423
    Lisa Stenz says:

    My favorite memory of home is sitting by the fireplace playing board games with my parents and my younger brother. We would laugh and have so much fun. (My Dad had a great sense of humor.) I hope to create the same type of memories with my hubby and my kiddos as soon as the kids are old enough to sit still long enough to play one game. LOL!

  • 424
    Theresa says:

    FAMILY GATHERINGS!! I am from a fairly large italian family of 5 brothers and sisters. We are all married now with kids (except for my little brother). He is getting married in October 09. But even though we are married and have our own lives we still get together at my parents house 3 times a month! Of course being from an italian home the foods not to shabby either (hehe). Thanks for the oppurtunity to win such an awesome prize 🙂

  • 425
    Sue Kment says:

    Oh I remember picking tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Everyone would be sitting around on the patio eating garden treats and passing around the salt shaker!

  • 426
    Zauna says:

    My favorite memory is being home with my family playing board and card games and staying up way too late.

  • 427
    Giovana says:

    My favorite memory of home is when I was little, visiting my grandparents. I have a huge family, so just before everybody (mom, aunts, uncles)decided it was time to go home, my siblings and cousins decided to start playing Hide and Seek, LOL, so nobody could find us and stay longer, hahaha.

    Oh those memories are so amazing!!! I really miss my family in Peru!! maybe I will visit them in September.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    GOd bless

  • 428
    Jeanne T says:

    I have so many wonderful memories of home that it is difficult to narrow it to just one! I’m flashing back to dinners at the table where we all shared our day. I’m thinking summers spent hanging out at the pool in our backyard. I’m remembering watching Little House on the Prairie, with freshly popped popcorn slathered in butter.

    One of my favorite memories is that of my best friend and I playing in my room, acting silly, eating Doritos and laughing, laughing, laughing! Somehow we had strung yarn all over my room and we thought it quite hilarious.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 429
    Elizebeth says:

    The Christmas Season, my mom always made it extra special with surprises and fun!

  • 430
    annheidel says:

    I have several favorite memories of home: singing around the piano while my mom played from the Reader’s Digest Songbooks, reading all the Oz books and many other books chapter by chapter out loud with my mom and siblings, and family trips to all the historical places near where we lived. I grew up in a military family so I got to see a lot and we were a close family because we moved so much. Such great great memories! 🙂

  • 431
    Donna says:

    always talking about our day at the dinner table and my mom encouraging us to talk about things that bothered us; to go to sleep without it weighing on us.

  • 432

    My favorite memory of home is Sunday evenings. We stayed home from church, ate dinner in the living room (GASP!) and watched Funniest Home Videos together. So fun!!!

  • 433
    Lori M says:

    My favorite memory of home is the Christmas’! All of my cousins would come over that I didn’t see much during the year. We had soooo much fun!!
    Thanks for the chance Nichole!!

  • 434
    Suzanne Dean says:

    My favorite memory of home is my mom baking all the time. Coming home from school and smelling fresh bread or cookies always takes me back to that time.

  • 435
    Judith Novak says:

    As a child every Sunday my grandmother and grandfather, who lived on a small farm would have their entire family over for Sunday dinner. The vegetables and fruit came from their gardens, the eggs from the hen house, and of course everything was lovingly prepared by my grandmother with the help of my mom. The men sat around and visited while finishing touches were added to the table and the children played outside in the yard. In the summer we each took turns cranking the handle on the icecream freezer and were told we couldn’t have icecream unless we had our turn on the crank. The smells and the laughter are what come to mind when I think back about those times.

  • 436
    Margaret Ann says:

    My favorite memory of home is wrapping myself up on a cold day in a cozy, soft patchwork quilt that was made by my great-grandmother. We had a built-in box next to the fireplace in our living room that we referred to as “the quilt box”. It was filled with the wonderful hand-pieced patchwork quilts my great-grandmother loved to make. Many were made from scraps of material leftover from dresses our mother made us. I loved getting a pillow and my favorite quilt and claiming a spot on the couch and settling in for the day. I still have some of those same well-worn quilts today and I still love doing the same thing on a cold, cloudy day. It brings me so much simple comfort.

  • 437
    Kristy says:

    One of my favorite memoryies of home is our Sunday dinners. We always ate in the dining room and use the best china, crystal and silverware. Usually, we had guests, like our grandparents, aunts and uncles, or close friends. Mom began cooking early in the day, and we had the most wonderful meals. It was always very special.

  • 438
    Lissete says:

    Down to the last minute! Guests just would not leave!

    My favorite memory is being outside the entire day, especially during the summer. ALWAYS using our imaginations to come up with games!

  • 439
    Terry says:

    My fondest memory of home is of all of us waiting for my dad to get home from work every night. He would come home, my mom would have dinner ready, and we would all sit down at the table together to eat. I know it sounds like something out of “Father Knows Best”, but that was what my family was like. I don’t think we ate out at a restaurant until I was in my teens and there were no fast food places back then. Horrors!

  • 440
    peggy sue says:

    my favorite memory of home is my mother’s Sunday home cooked meals.None can compare.

  • 441
    Susan says:

    My favorite memory of home is when it would snow outside and all us kids would play out in it knowing that Mom had some delicious hot food inside the house just waiting for us. The whole part of warming up inside your home was both physical and emotional. I hope to do the same for my children.

  • 442
    Amy B says:

    I grew up out in the country and I being outside in the summer. I loved riding my bike up and down the hill, playing jumprope with my sister and spinning in circles on the front lawn until we dropped.

  • 443
    Carrie Dyck says:

    I remember the yard and field around it, we were as close to the country as you could being in town, we spent hours playing hide in go seek in the tall grass in the field.

  • 444
    Alice says:

    My most favorite memories of home are when my family and my Aunt’s family all got together for Christmas. My Mother and I would cook the day before and get everything ready. I decorated the house for Christmas.We all ate and ate, my goodness there was so much food, my Aunt had 5 children and our family had 3. Before anyone could open presents, my Mother and I (nobody every offered any help) cleaned everything up. After that, everyone had to sing Christmas songs before anyone could open any of the presents. All the children where so excited. After the passing of my sister at 21 yrs. of age, Christmas or any holiday was never the same, but we keep on going and we still get together with all the children of my Aunt, who is now deceased. We still have a great time, but the most important thing is we all go to church and rejoyce the birth of Jesus.

  • 445
    Rachel M. says:

    I wouldn’t call this my favorite memory…more likely an interesting one. I never knew that my dad took out the water heater from our home. The whole time we showered in cold water because that’s all I thought there was:)

  • 446
    Karen U says:

    My favorite memory of home was when my family would all come together at our summer house by the lake. It was peaceful, wonderful and we were always closer and happier there. I have many special memories from when we were at that home.
    Thanks! Karen U