“That time of the month” has a new meaning…

By March 9, 2008General

If this is your first time stopping by for a visit, you may be wondering exactly what you have stumbled upon.  I am one of the co-owners of Papertrey Ink, a new stamp company featuring quality photopolymer stamps with a simple style and endless possibilities.

*We release new product on the 15th of every month.
*Beginning on the 10th, I begin my traditional "countdown", here on my blog.
*from the 10th-14th I will be featuring products that will be released on the 15th.  Think of this as a sneak peek of sorts.
*The countdown commences with a release party on our forum on the 14th beginning @ 10pm EST.  The excitement concludes at midnight EST that night when the new product goes live.
*If you see something you like, it will be available for sale on the 15th.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  There will be a contest here on my blog the night of the release party, so be sure to stop by again soon!

Enjoy the countdown!  All of us at Papertrey Ink hope to see you at the release party!

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  • 1
    Bee says:

    Yay, I LOVE sneak peeks, can’t wait to see what you are up to this month… 🙂

  • 2
    Kris Tolman says:

    I can hardly wait!

  • 3
    ScrapNStampinMama says:

    I ca’nt wait to see what PTI Brought to teh House this month!!!

    WOOHOOO I am so excited!


  • 4
    sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS) says:

    Can’t wait!! I’m already stalking the blog looking for sneak peeks~:)

  • 5

    welll???? where is it?? lol

  • 6
    Donna says:

    Is there a certain time we can expect the sneak peaks to be posted?

  • 7

    Not fair! I stayed up till midnight your time. LOL. Oh well…..see you in the morning!!

  • 8
    CherylQuilts says:

    How exciting…again! I so look forward to this time of the month. Can’t wait!!

  • 9

    This is my second release party! It’s been so much fun waiting for the next release. Thanks for all the fun, Nichole!

  • 10
    Sandy says:

    This has been a lot of fun- can’t wait to see what the March release has in store for us!

  • 11
    Ann Lind says:

    The new colors are luscious can’t wait to get some. Thank you for making the Faux ribbon set I have had it for a long time and hadn’t used it but after seeing one of your samples of background paper I am using it regularly. I love striped paper and never had the right color now I can customize yahoo!!! Ann

  • 12
    Granna on the Go says:

    Oh, this is so much fun to see all of these new items. Love the sneak peeks with the Design Team. Love the wonderful new changes in the Papertrey Website, forum and newsletter! I love all of the interaction!

  • 13
    tinamarie says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait til the countdown is over!!!

  • 14
    Laura G. says:

    Another five days of sneak peaks…the best time of the month! Such pretty colors and a birthday set…who can’t use a birthday set. 🙂

  • 15
    Monika says:

    ¡¡Cómo me gustan los trabajos que haces y propones!!, ojalá pudiera seguir tus clases, pero el idioma no lo entiendo. Felicidades.

  • 16
    Bonnie aka raduse says:

    Oh how funny. You definitely have given new meaning to the phrase for sure.

  • 17
    Vanessa Y. says:

    Agh, I can’t wait to see your new stuff! I enjoy so much using your stamps. . .they rock!

  • 18
    Teresa says:

    I simply cannot wait! This is all so exciting! I can only imagine how beautiful the new colors will be.

  • 19
    Andria says:

    I can’t stop raving to friends and family about your awesome stamps. They are quickly becoming my fave stamps! Can’t wait to put in this month’s order!

  • 20
    Karen says:

    Will the Borders and Corners set(s) be revamped to match the Nestabilities dies?

  • 21
    Sara in WI says:

    I am just overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things that you have shown us in the last couple of days! WOW!

  • 22

    I am a first time viewer and I’ve got to say, there are beautiful things here. Can’t wait to see what’s revealed!

  • 23
    hidgreer says:

    i am continually blown away by your work. it is so clean, fresh, simple yet sophisticated. as a freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mom, the creative process can sometimes be, well…a little lacking. i’ve been a stamper for a long time and use it as a way to move away from the computer and create something with my hands. your blog and website have been a true inspiration for me both professionally and personally.

  • 24
    Kym says:

    mmmmmwah! I am so happy that you have a masculine set this month! woo hoo! xo Kym

  • 25
    Diane S. says:

    Oh, too bad hubby is going to be out of town on the night of the 14th. 🙂

  • 26
    Julie Reardon says:

    Wow, my favorite purse. Well, I’m sure like many others that will post here, I have to admit I have a little bit of a purse fetish :-). LOL

    I’ve got Coach, Louis Vuitton, beautiful leather purses in all different colors… but none of those are my favorite!

    My favorite purse is a gorgeous Jade colored silk, embroidered, and beaded purse. A very good friend of mine bought it for me in a village she visited in Vietnam (where her mother was born and she still has some family living). This purse is GOJUS and so meaningful to me. It has these beautiful dark chocolate wooden handles and I absolutely ADORE it.

    My mother tried to “accidentally” take it home – that was NEVER happening. LOL

    While visiting my grandmother in FL I had a bead come loose and one of my handles break free of the fabric. When she saw how heartbroken I was she offered to fix it (she’s a seamstress hobbiest) and ship it home to me.

    It’s now repaired and just as beautiful as ever.

    I’m a lucky girl!

  • 27


  • 28
    Gaby says:

    You guys have the greatest products and creations… thanks for everything!!!


  • 29

    Nicole, Chances are slim that I would win your gift pack but I wanted to write and let you know how much I love your paper and ribbon product line. I will make a point to purchase each one as they come out. I used Berry Sorbet yesterday for the first time and I love it. The twill is such fine quality, as are all of the ribbons. I am thrilled that your colored paper is equally as beautiful in texture and weight as your white. I have given several pieces of your white paper to my stamping friends to try as I think it is the most wonderful paper I have ever used. I rarely use a plain white for a card base as the papers I have had in the past have been flimsey but now I regularly use your white. I have yet to purchase your matching inks as I have ink coming out of my ears but may have to break down and get all of those as well. Congratulations on such a wonderful product line.

  • 30
    Granna on the Go says:

    Oh, how I love to see this time of the month. The excitement builds each day. Love the new colors!

  • 31
    Lisa McDowell says:

    I was sent here from another stamp site to see how you stamp on shirts and such.. I am unable to find the article please help…


  • 32
    Gay Ferland says:

    You have answered my prayers!!! The recipe cards and box are perfect for all my gift-giving this year. I want to pass down my recipes for both my children, this will be a perfect start!! I can’t wait to see this stamp set and purchase it!! Thanks again!

  • 33
    suezie says:

    I just love the crafting projects you bring us – you are so creative and soooo good at thinking outside of the box with such unusual gift items.

    What a great way to pass down favourite recipes to all the generations of women in one family. I can’t wait to get my hands on these stamps so I can do that.

    Thanks so much Nicole.

  • 34
    Renate Hill says:

    The recipe cards and stamps are an excellent idea and I will definitely explore them. They would be even more perfect if there was a way to type the recipe on the computer and then be able to print it on the prepared, stamped recipe card (or vice versa – print, then stamp). It would be such a time saver when mass producing gift recipe boxes for family and/or friends. Any chance of some kind of word template? And for a MAC? And then I’d go out and try to locate one of those vertical acrylic brochure holders to see if it is the right size to make a recipe stand in the kitchen.
    Great job!

  • 35
    April says:

    I have waited so long for something like this to become available!!!! I would get so much use out of a set like this! Thank you for your creativity and innovation!

  • 36
    Mary Huntington says:

    As always, OUTSTANDING!!! Love PTI! I’ve been wanting to make Family Recipe collections for my twin nieces to take with them to college and later to add as they have their own families – I’ve looked at scrapbooks, notebooks and all kinds of stuff, and this is perfect! This is a much more practical way of dealing with recipes, and I love the sturdy box.

  • 37
    Sandi Lotter says:

    Wow! What wonderful way to pass along special family recipes! I can’t wait to transcribe my grandmother’s recipes for a special gift for my daughter! As alway, you are the best, Nichole!


  • 38
    ying says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I admire your work very much and hope to have some of your products too. Not long ago I was contacted the customer service about how is the shipping fees to ship the goods to Malaysia, I live in Malaysia, but I get no response. Could you help me? Thank you very much.

  • 39
    JerriK says:

    These projects really get me inspired for the holidays. I love making personal gifts for friends and family at this time of year. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • 40
    Sandi Lotter says:

    Templates and punches and stamps – oh, my! Ever notice how each release is better than the last? I just don’t know how you all keep topping yourselves!


  • 41
    Margaret S. Romero says:

    These Christmas cards with files are almost the nicest thing you have done yet!!!!! Thank you so much!!

    I have a reference notebook just for PaperTrey designs….this will be a great addition.

    You designers have totally outdone yourselves this time!!!! It only gets better and better!!!

    Thanks a million!! Margaret

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