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By March 1, 2008General

Or newsletter that is!  For 2008 we have made some inspiring changes to our newsletter which many of you have already noticed!  The Papertrey Newsletter will keep you updated on ALL things Papertrey, including project ideas, tutorials, inventory status, blog contest announcements and much, much more!

If you haven’t yet signed up you can do so HERE, on the Papertrey website.  Here is a quick run down of what you expect this year!

-Every Friday will feature a complete tutorial done by a member of our talented design team.  These gals take it up a notch and show you the details of fun techniques, unique project ideas and endless possibilities!  And all this each and every week!!!

So far we have already offered up two tutorials via this newsletter.  Here’s what you missed!
Lisa’s Treat-A-Lope Tutorial
Heather’s Twinkling H2O’s Tutorial

-The second Saturday of the month will bring a "newsy" newsletter, with valuable information on the latest from Papertrey.  It will also include one of my favorite recipes of the month along with a unique project idea!

-Whenever a product is back in stock, we send out a message via this mailing list to let you know it is available.  This can be such a time saver for you, so you do not have to check the site frequently to see when the status has changed.

So don’t miss another moment of inspiration!  Be sure to register today!

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  • 1

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful new ideas, wonderful tutorials and so much more. I love the new website and so much fun chatter with all of the members. Thanks to each member of the team who contributes so much. I am looking forward to the next release…I know you guys must be tired but Papertrey is so stimulating!

  • 2
    Tiffany says:

    Thank you so much for the constant inspirations. It really helps me out in my card and craft creations. Love your stamps!

  • 3
    Theresa says:

    I just love it all!

  • 4
    Kelly Gipson says:

    I got mine, and I love it. I do have a question though, Nichole. Is there an easy way to print the tutorials without getting all the comments and other items? Maybe I should be be copying and pasting to a word doc and print it that way?

  • 5
    Heidi says:

    Thank you so much for the insiration and updates! I love seeing email from Papertrey in the inbox!

  • 6
    Tona says:

    I got the products back in stock message but no others. Am I not signed up for the right thing?

  • 7
    Marcia says:

    I have been waiting for Out on a limb, and I got the message and the newsletter. You and your company are first class all the way!

    PS: I put in another hefty order!

  • 8
    emily says:

    THANKS for all you do!
    Love the newsletter. Love the tutorials.

  • 9
    Steph says:

    Love the newsletter.
    Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  • 10
    Alison says:

    Its almost the 15th AGAIN! o.O Where do the days go?

  • 11

    Not sure what is up…maybe a problem with Google Reader but I have 10 posts listed under Capture the Moment but they are all from some guy named Scott Daubert blogging about a bike race.

  • 12

    Yep, I got the weird bike race posts too. And there I was all excited that Nichole had posted TEN new blog posts.

  • 13
    SusanH says:

    OK, I wondered about that bike race thing. Have we been bikejacked?

  • 14
    Kate Baldwin says:

    Yeah, something is wonky. It’s going to :

    I think it is typepad issue because my MAD Stamper link is going to some British tabloid garbage.

    Hope someone can figure it out!

  • 15
    Doris says:

    I read your blog via Google Reader and there were 10 messages just now – they fall under Capture the Moment, but they’re all about the Tour de California Bike Ride complete with pictures – and nothing written by you.

  • 16
    Jessica Kuzelka says:

    I check your blog every day and I can’t wait for the March excitement to begin! What will the new stamps be, new papertrey colors???? The anticipation is building 🙂
    ~ jess k

  • 17
    Acie says:

    Cant wait for sneak peeks 🙂

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