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It is always interesting to see which stamp sets get the most submissions during any particular Guest Star Stamper Contest.  We had three sets we were accepting entries for this go around; My Punny Valentine, Sweet Love & Limitless Labels.  Sweet Love had the most entries by a landslide!  These submissions actually help us to gage what types of set might be popular in th e future, so we found this conclusion fascinating!!!

Because there were three sets in question this month, there are three winners!  Let me introduce the talented artists behind the designs!

My Punny Valentine

Charlene Austin had the winning entry for My Punny Valentine.  She made an adorable card using several elements from this set (you can go HERE to see the project in our gallery).  One of my favorite details of her project was the way she incorporated a heart rhinestone into the embossing at the bottom of her focal point.  Since the rhinestone is the same color as the project, it doesn’t steal the show from the squirrel.  But at the same time that touch of sparkle really adds a special look to her project.  I also love the way she added pops of color by utilizing the grass and varied hearts from the set.  Way to go, Charlene!!!

Sweet Love

Julie-Ann Wells created an amazing ensemble using Sweet Love (you can go HERE to see her winning entry).  The aspect that caught my attention the most was the fact that she put five treat-size candy bars in the nugget tin!  And they way she decorated those bars just made my head spin.  She repeated a text stamp from the set in black ink to create patterned paper. Then she added the same sentiment in red in the center of the wrapper.  So graphic, modern classy & unique all at the same time!  She also made oval shaped cards and tent packaging for additional chocolate.  Everything came together so beautifully!  You should be so proud, Julie-Ann!

Limitless Labels

Margie Meyers really wowed me with her innovative use of Limitless Labels.  She altered cigar box to welcome a new baby boy to the world, complete with "cigars" that feature bands made with the stamp set.  The particular shades of blue & yellow she chose for her project just set the tone so nicely.  Any new parents wouldn’t be anything but thrilled to receive something like this as a gift! (You can get view the project for yourself HERE!) A standing ovation for Margie!!!

Now onto the Honorable Mentions!

I thought we would do something a little different this month!  How about we offer up a

Stamper’s Choice Award

Vote for your favorite project included in the honorable mentions below by posting your choice in the comments section.  Whomever gets the most votes wins a FREE stamp set of their choice from Papertrey Ink!  The final tally will conclude at 10am (EST) Friday, 01/18/08.  The winner will be announced here soon after. Best of luck to the talented ladies below!

(By the way, did you know that always I archive previous Honorable Mentions to the left under the heading "Passion for Papertrey"?  Go check it out!)

Elizebeth_neumann_3First up is Elizebeth Neumann.  She created this "pie charm" & recipe box ensemble using the pie image from My Punny Valentine.  I just adored the patterned paper she created to cover the recipe box.  Such a fun color scheme!  Notice the little recipe cards she created to tuck inside the box that coordinate.I thought this was a wonderful gift idea for a new neighbor or a newly married bride!

Jennifer_kirkJennifer Kirk made this adorable baby brag book.  She die-cut the body of the sheep from felt to give it an element of reality.  I am sure the texture is amazing in real life!  I loved the pretty paper she picked to compliment her baby boy theme.  A very simple project that cold be easily replicated as a special gift for a new mom!

Jackie_ohlmann_2  Jackie Ohlmann made this adorable card with our punny squirrel image.  I thought that the way she added flock to his belly & tail was so clever.  Imagine the delight a child would feel receiving a card like this!  She incorporated the squirrel with the branch from our Take a Bough set.  The two images made a perfect pair!

Charmaine_ikach_2  Charmaine Ikach really looked outside the box to create the focal image for this project.  You will never guess!  She inverted the pie crust and pie plate to create a terracotta plate garden.  It reminds me of the wheat grass that everyone loves to decorate with!  What a fun card for a gardening enthusiast!

Lexi_daly_2  Lexi Daly was really able to create a coordinated package with her use of My Punny Valentine & Limitless Labels together.  I fell in love with her color scheme.  The soft caramel color paired with the pastel pink and then followed by the pop of red just really appealed to me.  Lexi was also able to echo the red polka dot ribbon on her nugget labels with the polka dot band stamp that is in the set.  Just fantastic!  Be sure to check out this additional project on Lexi’s blog.  She created the sheep with a unique point of view and I just LOVE it!

Barb_schramBarb Schram created this creative key card with Sweet Love.  Shaped cards always get a lot of attentions since they are outside the norm.  She specially sized the key to coordinate with oval label stamp.  The ribbon & key charm added to the end really bring this project to the next level!

Dana_vitek_2 Dana Vitek created this festive earrings for the upcoming holiday using polyshrink.  These particular images shrink down to such an appropriate earring size.  They are a subtle way to show someone that you care!  What a fabulous use for these stamps!

Kacey_elliottI loved the simplicity of Kacey Elliott’s project.  The three hearts hanging from hemp twine almost has a homespun feel rather than the elegance that is portrayed in many other projects that we received.  Her project embodies what I always try to achieve when I create my images.  The ability to give you, the artist, control of the style emulated by the stamps, by keeping the images neutral enough to suit your purpose.  Way to go, Kacey!

Niki_estes_3I loved this entry from Niki Estes.  The bold contrast of baby pink & black is always so striking.  I loved the custom patterned paper she created with a unique combination of images found in the Sweet Love set.  The heart paired with the pretty pink stitched band really finished everything off nicely!

Becky_oehlers_2  Becky Oehlers found a unique use for the boxes our stamp sets arrive in!  She paired a few choice Valentine images with the alteration of the box to create a festive gift presentation!  I love how she covered the Dove Chocolate Hearts with our scrolled heart image.  And to think that most people just throw their boxes away!

Mary_ashbyMary Ashby made this beautiful Valentine.  I loved the way she used the scrolled label stamp as a background to her heart charm.  (you can click on the photo for a larger view)  It really helps to draw your eye to that main focal point.  I also loved the way she stamped her sentiment on the ribbon.  It just says "boutique" to me!!!

Barb_schram_airplane Barb Schram was at it again!  She made these ADORABLE airplanes using Smarties, life savers & sticks of gum paired with a rubber band to hold it all together.  The label images from Limitless Labels fit perfectly on the gum.  This project would be something adorable to do for your little guy’s classmates.  I am sure he would even love to help construct them!

Bridget_dickinson Bridget Dickinson created this adorable basket purely from paper.  She created small wrappers for Strawberry Creme Savers by pairing Limitless Labels with the small strawberry from My Punny Valentine.  It made for such an adorable presentation.  It would be something wonderful to create to display in your own home or use as a special gift!

So there you have it!  Now, don’t forget that the next round of Guest Star Stamper is underway!  We are now accepting entries using either of our latest stamp sets, Out on a Limb or Mixed Messages. I look forward to seeing all of your entries!

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  • 1
    sandie994 says:

    I vote for the little airplanes made with gum and smarties by Barb Schram. They are adorable!!

  • 2
    Elizabeth says:

    Wow! These are all such awesome projects, and it’s very difficult to pick my favorite, but I think I have to go with the key card by Barb Schram. I love it!

  • 3
    Kimberly says:

    They are all beautiful!

    My fave is the key card …

  • 4
    paula says:

    I have a few favs, but I will vote for the key project!

  • 5
    Amy Hoogstad says:

    I vote for Charmaine’s card, although they are all impressive!

  • 6
    tylersmum05 says:

    I vote for Kacey Elliott’s Three Hearts Card. I lvoe it. Best of Luck. – Molly B

  • 7
    Karen Rose B says:

    Oh my gosh Nichole … how do you EVER choose the guest star stamper?!?! They are all wonderful and are all winners but I guess I have to pick just one … Elizibeth’s recipe box and pie charm … thanks for showing them all. I hope your gallery gets easier to use on the new server and hope to see these entries over there. Thanks! Karen

  • 8
    Melissa says:

    I vote for Nikki Estes!

  • 9
    Bee says:

    Waow. I have to say -sorry if I hurt anyone’s feeling in the process!- that I love the runner-ups better than some of the guest stampers of the month. This just goes to show that it is really a question of personal preference…
    I LOVE the runner-ups and it is super hard to choose!!…
    I vote for the recipe box and pie-charm from Elizebeth Neumann, (but also love especially the key card, the squirrel with a fuzzy belly and the cute little lamb brag book, to only name a few!!!….)

  • 10
    Ally Warner says:

    I vote for the creative key card!!! SO dang cute!

  • 11
    cheryl says:

    I too vote for Kasey Elliott’s three hearts card – True Love Forever. Stands out from the others to me.

  • 12
    Amy says:

    Gosh, I like them all, but I have to say my favorite is Charmaine Ikach’s adorable dish garden!


  • 13
    Jen says:

    I love Kasey’s 3 hearts card!

  • 14

    All great projects – my vote goes to Kasey’s simple yet stunning card!! very nice!!

  • 15
    Mandy says:

    They are all so beautiful, but I have to say that brag book by jennifer Kirk is awesome, I just LOVE it!

  • 16

    WOWEE this is hard!! I vote for Charmaine’s different point of view of the pie. So creative!

  • 17
    Jackie Ohlmann says:

    Congratulations to the winners! A hello as well to Charlene Austin who one a spot as the Guest Star Stamper!!! Hello Char! I am so honored to be counted among the Honorable Mentions this month. I seriously don’t know how Nichole chooses each month among the amazing entries she recieves. Great job ladies!! I think my favorite out of the whole bunch has to be Barbara Schram’s key project. It’s so cool and beautiful!

  • 18
    Amy G. says:

    I really like Jackie Ohlmann’s card with the fun flock on the tail and belly, it’s just so sweet!

  • 19
    Brenda H. says:

    Great projects girls! My favorite is Barb Schram’s creative key card…too cute!

  • 20
    Sandy Kay says:

    They are all great, but if I must choose a favorite, it would be the cute smartie airplanes by Barb Schram!

  • 21
    HeidiQ says:

    Barb Schram – hands down for the little airplanes……..such a cute, cute idea 🙂 i’m definitely going to be CASE-ing this!!

  • 22
    Geny says:

    Oh my, they are all fantastic! If I have to choose one I think I will go with Jennifer Kirk’s baby boy album, it is so so cute! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful projects Nichole!

  • 23
    Jessica says:

    They are all great! It’s hard to choose with such a variety of themes.I however, vote for Kacey Elliot’s Card. I love the earthy, simple look.
    Good luck! Ladies

  • 24
    Jan W. says:

    I really like the airplanes. All are so neat.

  • 25
    Shannon T says:

    I love the key made by Barb Schram!

  • 26
    Stephanie Ellis says:

    Barb Schram ~ creative key card with Sweet Love. AWESOME!

  • 27
    Diane McCaffrey says:

    Voting for Jennifer Kirk’s adorable baby brag book

  • 28

    I really don’t have the right to say, as I have never even made a card with Papertrey, just some jewelry, but I have to say that the runner ups cards and projects were outstanding! The dish garden was so unique and such a clever way to utilize her stamps! The airplanes were awesome, and the pie combo was phenom!

  • 29
    Barb Schram says:

    Ok…I am sooo humbled to see two of my creations as honorable mentions…thank you, Nichole. But if I have to choose one of these I pick, Jackie O. Punny Valentine squirrel. I love, love the squirrel on the branch and how the nut color is seen under the ribbon, and yes the fuzzies are in just the right spots. The green sentiment ties in the green card, grass, and leaves. Everything draws your eye around the design……Great job, Jackie!

  • 30
    michelle says:

    great projects by all. i really like the candy airplanes. a great use of the label set!

  • 31
    Robb_eeie says:

    All of the entries are amazing; Good Luck to everyone :o)

    My favorite, however, is Barb Schram’s key card creation, utilizing your “Sweet Love” stamp set.

  • 32
    elana says:

    All the ideas are wonderful and so creative, but my favorite is the candy airplanes by Barb Schram.

  • 33
    elana says:

    All the ideas are wonderful and so creative, but my favorite is the candy airplanes by Barb Schram.

  • 34
    Joyce says:

    They are all so nice! It’s nice to see everyone’s great ideas & I appreciate them sharing. I love Jennifer Kirk’s Brag Book!

  • 35
    Cara says:

    I loved the details of Lexi Daly’s nugget tin box. I didn’t notice the red dotted stripe that matched the ribbon till you pointed it out. Loved that detail.

  • 36
    Bev S says:

    My vote is for Jennifer Kirk’s brag book! Love the colors and the sheep!

  • 37
    Samantha Stobbe says:

    Wow! They are all amazing. I found myself drawn to the adorable brag book. What a cute and easy book for mom to carry in the baby bag.

  • 38
    Jessica says:

    I vote for Charmaine Ikach! Her card is so classy and creative.

  • 39
    Beth says:

    Nicole- I don’t envy you trying to choose from this group! They are all beautiful projects. I think Bridget’s basket it too cute and would make an awesome gift!

  • 40
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    Barb Schram for those adorable airplanse, I want to go make some!! Too! cute! 2nd favorite: Barb Schram! Gorgeous key, so clever to use the oval nestabilitie for the key hole…

  • 41
    Randi W. says:

    They are all wonderful!
    My vote is for Kacey Elliot’s Card.
    Good luck everyone!

  • 42
    Randi W. says:

    They are all wonderful!
    My vote is for Kacey Elliot’s Card.
    Good luck everyone!

  • 43
    Steph says:

    This is a tough one, but I vote for Kacey’s three hearts card. I love the simplicity of the design and the colors!

  • 44
    Cindy Burke says:

    I like them all but have to pick the key project by Barb Schram as my favorite this time.

  • 45

    Oh my goodness, these are all wonderful projects, but I must vote for Barb’s vintage key — a project so true to my heart!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • 46

    Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my project! These are ALL so creative!! I sure wouldnt want to have to pick month after month. Hard to pick but my eyes keep wondering back to those cute little airplanes. Too Cute.

  • 47
    Alyssa Byron says:

    I LOVE Jackie Ohlmann’s beautiful creation. It stands out the most to me! She has also utillised the stamp set the most!

  • 48
    Alex Began says:

    I vote for Jackie Ohlmann, the best by far!

  • 49

    hi u are making so many wonderful crafts, and u are one af my inspiration sourses..
    So i will give u an reward, look in my blogg and u can se it (my blog is in swedish but the reward is in english)


  • 50
    Shaz says:

    What a hard choice to have to make when everyone is so creative and they all all winners. I love the airplane by Barb Schram and I know that this is something that my two sons would also love. Such a cool gift idea.

  • 51

    hi u are making so many wonderful crafts, and u are one af my inspiration sourses..
    So i will give u an reward, look in my blogg and u can se it (my blog is in swedish but the reward is in english)


  • 52
    April says:

    Congratulations to the winners!
    It’s taken 20 minutes for me to decide – ALL of these projects are fabulous! What creativity! But I’m finally going with Barb Schram’s gorgeous key card – I LOVE this! But there are several others I really love as well.
    I’m going to be really cheeky and wish they could all win a little sumthin'(heart tin, $5 gift certificate, ?) because they all ROCKED it! At any rate, ladies, you have won our admiration for your creativity and talent. Kudos to all of you!

  • 53
    Debra Silsbee says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is Jennifer Kirk’s baby brag book. Too, too cute!!

  • 54
    Renae says:

    It was hard to choose just one to vote for, but I decided on Niki Estes’ beautiful pocket card!

  • 55

    WOW! What great Honorable Mentions!

    My vote is for Jennifer Kirk’s baby boy brag album. What a wonderful way to show off some pictures and it’s small enough to fit in just about any bag. Great idea!!

  • 56
    Melissa says:

    I love Mary Ashby’s card! I think your comments say it all, her card looks “boutique”. I also love Lexi’s nugget tin — I love ALL of Lexi’s stuff, though!

  • 57
    donna calamari says:

    WOW!! Everyone is so creative and talented. Very hard choice. I vote for the airplanes. Adorable and innovative.

  • 58
    Connie says:

    Mary Ashby’s valentine is AWESOME. Great work Mary (and everyone).

  • 59
    Charmaine says:

    WOW, I am honored to be among these awesome projects! Congratulations everyone and thank you, Nichole! I don’t know HOW you choose! My vote is for Becky Oehlers’ chocolates! I LOVED those when I saw them on her blog!

  • 60
    Heather says:

    WOW! They’re all great, but I was really inspired by Charmaine Ikach’s entry. Who would have thought you could turn a pie plate into a garden pot!

  • 61
    Pat S. says:

    My vote goes to Charmaine Ikach.
    Very simple. Very oriental. Love the scoring.

  • 62
    carol says:

    I like the clever way Becky Oehlers put a heart on each Dove candy and then used the box from a stamp set.

  • 63
    Kittie says:

    I love Jennifer Kirk’s brag book.

  • 64
    Julie C. says:

    I think Jackie Ohlmann’s card is VERY creative and cute!!

  • 65

    I’m with the others I don’t know how you choose. But my vote since I can only choose ONE is for the key card. It is just spectacular. There are so many of the others that are too fab like Charmaine, Lexi and Nikki’s projects are amazing too.

  • 66
    Linda K says:

    I vote for Mary’s beautifully charmed card!

  • 67
    twinks says:

    My vote is for key card!

  • 68
    Lillian Child says:

    I vote for Barb Schram’s key card … it unlocks so much inspiration for me. Truly unique!

  • 69
    Anne Lawrie says:

    They’re all wonderful, of course, but I love Barb Schram’s airplanes! How creative!


  • 70
    Lisa Westphal says:

    I’d like to vote for Jennifer Kirk’s baby brag book. : ) I really like this unique little book -it was just calling out to me! : ) Very cute & creative way to use the stamp set. : )

  • 71
    Judy S says:

    Wow, this is really a difficult decision. There is something I love about each and every one of these projects. All of you are sooo talented! The one that really caught my eye was the Key Card by Barb Schram … love the idea “key to my heart!”

  • 72
    Kim Leach says:

    Jennifer Kirk’s baby brag book gets my vote! So adorable and unique!

  • 73
    Michelle S says:

    There are some really good ones….WOW. My favorite is the airplanes though..Hands Down…C’mon…now that is creative!!!! I also love the Key too. Give that woman a PRIZE! And NO…I don’t know her.

  • 74
    Val S says:

    I love Charmaine’s Birthday card…it’s so elegant!

  • 75
    kamie says:

    Charmaine Ikach — I loved the crisp clean look and her out of the box thinking! WOW!

  • 76
    Novell says:

    I love them all. Each one has a unique quality to it that earns them the right to be in the running. I do have to say, though, that the one that made me go “wow” is the airplanes. I know these have been done before but it’s something I haven’t seen in a long time, and I’ve never seen them incorporated with stamps.

    Kudos to all of you fantastically creative ladies!

  • 77
    Bee says:

    She is too modest to mention it, but the airplanes’ idea was featured by Nichole Heady in the past issue of Paper Crafts magazine. Her son brings those for schoolmates for Valentine’s day every year. 🙂

    I forgot to say also that I really liked the terra-cotta pot with the grass, awesome idea and so fresh! 😉

  • 78
    Regina Davis says:

    They’re all beautiful, but my favorite is the terracotta plate garden. It’s just so unique and wonderful.

  • 79
    Martha says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the airplanes. It is such a cute idea. I am definitely going to case that idea. My friends and I are hosting a baby shower for a friend and we’re using an airplane theme. Those are going to be the cutest favors anyone has ever seen! Thank you Barb!

  • 80
    Kimberly O. says:

    Wow! It was hard to pick just ONE entry as I think they are all fabulous. My vote is for the valentine card made by Mary Ashby. I bet the voting will close for everyone!

  • 81
    Jennifer N. says:

    I vote for Barb Schram’s key card–very clever and elegant!

  • 82
    Jen Cozz says:

    Wow! Tough decision! These are all amazing! I think I have to go with Elizabeth Neumann. Love the patterned paper she made!

  • 83
    Michelle says:

    So difficult to chose-they are all delightful! But the one I would be most tempted to make would be Kacey’s 3 heart card. The simplicity is striking while the card would be easy to construct.

  • 84

    wow – you have a difficult decision picking winners each month! My vote goes to Kacey Elliot – that card is simple but amazing!

  • 85
    Anne says:

    Gotta vote for Charmaine! Love the innovative use of the pie! Something I would NEVER have thought of!

  • 86
    Karen says:

    I vote for Mary Ashby’s valentine…very “boutique” and the charm sets the tone.

  • 87
    Rhonda K. says:

    WOW! These are all just fabulous! How can you pic just one.
    Is there anything that you can’t alter??? I have seen a little bit of everything from office supplies to gum!!!
    My vote is for the little Smartie Airplanes! How cute are those! Great job to all of you.

  • 88
    Carolyn King says:

    I couldn’t pick just one–they are all so fantastic and clever. Great job girls!

  • 89
    Theresa Tuttle says:

    I loved the card by Barb Schram. How creative!!

  • 90
    Jean says:

    My vote is for the key card by Barb Schram (second favorite is Barb’s airplanes)

  • 91
    Teresa says:

    I vote for Kacey Elliott’s card. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and simplicity.

  • 92
    Barb Cantwell says:

    I love Kacey Elliott’s three hearts card.

  • 93
    Emilia says:

    I vote for Charmaine Ikach. Very original card! They are all beautiful, your are all great designers!!!!

  • 94
    Erica says:

    My vote goes to the Baby Brag Book, but they are all fabulous creations, well done to everyone :D!

  • 95
    Shannon says:

    All the honorable mentions were fantastic! But I have to give my vote to the airplanes! As much as I like the labels for nuggets, it wasn’t enough to make me break down and buy any..these airplanes have officially put the label stamps on my MUST-HAVES!!!! Thanks Barb for showing us something different with these stamps! I plan on CASE-ing these for my son’s Pre-K class…I can see it now: “You make my heart soar” or “I’m up in the air over you”….such inspiring work!! And mark up another sale for Papertrey Ink!

  • 96
    Katie says:

    I vote for one of my two favorites..the Key Card!! It is FABULOUS and unique. The candy airplanes are my other favorite…hard to choose. LOVE them both.

  • 97
    Shannon says:

    I just read that the airplanes were inspired by an idea from Nichole…So Thank you Nichole!!!!

  • 98
    Lori J says:

    I vote for Niki Estes with the beautiful crisscross card. Great work by everyone.

  • 99

    How in the world do you pick one project each month?!? These are all so amazing. I’ll pick Barb Schram’s key card because I love how the chic colors work with the style of the stamp set.

  • 100
    liannallama says:

    What wonderful projects! I really love Kacey Elliott’s the very most–those hearts on string really look fab! I also adore the felt sheep and flocked squirrel and how very creative the pie-stamp terracotta is! What fabulous talent there is here!

  • 101
    Cindy H. says:

    This is soooo difficult! I vote for Charmaine’s dish garden – it’s so classy looking!

  • 102
    Patti says:

    They are all terrific, but Barb’s key card really made an impact on me. Love it!

  • 103
    Angie says:

    I vote for Nicki Estes’ baby pink and black envelope card!

  • 104
    Lisa Henke says:

    wow! this is hard, but I do have to say the Key Card is my fave. great job, Barb Schram.

  • 105
    Sara says:

    I love the criss cross card by Niki Estes!

  • 106
    ERINAAAA says:

    My vote goes to Jennifer Kirk’s Baby book, but all the projects are great.

  • 107
    Shannon B. says:

    Kacey’s entry is simple, but elegant. It is just what I would pick! I would feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.

  • 108
    Michele Lowe says:

    I really like Kacey Elliott’s “True Love Forever” card. It has a vintage feel like an old fashioned Valentine. Simple yet beautiful.

  • 109
    Tara M says:

    I love Kacey Elliott’s card.

  • 110
    JB says:

    Kacey’s card is pleasant on the eyes. I feel I could send it to any loved one.

  • 111
    doug says:

    Kacey Elliott’s card gets my vote. It’s simple, natural appearance is refreshing in a world of over-romantic fluff. Must be the guy in me that likes this one.

  • 112
    Alex Began says:

    i choose Jackie Ohlmanns squirrel

  • 113
    Lindsey says:

    All of these projects are wonderful. But my favorite has to be the key card by Barb Schram. How creative!

  • 114
    ThePostman says:

    I vote for Kacey Elliott’s. I Like the 3 hearts… Kindof like a mine, yours and ours. An understated simplistic view of the natural combination of two hearts to One Love. Well at least that’s what I see in it. Of course I’m a hopless romantic (not JUST Hopless!)

  • 115
    Rae says:

    How wonderful all of these are, but my favorite has to be the Key Card.

  • 116
    Rae says:

    How wonderful all of these are, but my favorite has to be the Key Card.

  • 117
    Crystal M. says:

    Congrats to all of you ladies!!

    I just love strawberries!! My vote is for Bridget Dickinson’s strawberry basket. Adorable!

  • 118
    Jessica S. says:

    My vote is for Kacey Elliott’s Three Hearts Card. It’s simple yet really makes an impact- just beautiful submissions from everyone this time!

  • 119
    margaret says:

    I vote for Jackie Ohlmann. I love squirrels.

  • 120
    Colleen B says:

    I vote for Kacey Elliott’s card. It is beautiful and sends a wonderful message! It is definitely something I would send to the one that I love!!!

  • 121
    Mike P says:

    I like Kacey Elliott’s card. Not your everyday card. Who say’s simple isn’t better.

  • 122
    Diana B says:

    Love the simplicity of Kacey Elliott’s design. That would definitely get my vote!!

  • 123
    curtisray says:

    The key card for sure!! It is wonderful.

  • 124

    Wow! I can’t even tell you what a THRILL it is to see my little album on your blog, Nichole! I stalk your blog every single day – and to see my name here… well, it simply makes me giddy 🙂

    Besides my own project, I must say that I was wowed by Charmaine’s card. I love how she found such a unique way to use the pie plate stamps!

  • 125
    Phyllis says:

    My vote is for Barb Schram’s key card. It’s so very different plus the design is her own, not stamps, or templated used. Great job Barb!

  • 126
    Sue says:

    I love the key card and would like to recieve one. She gets my vote.

  • 127
    Bill says:

    The Key Card gets my vote. It is GREAT!

  • 128
    Kacey says:

    OMG – can I just say that I fell on the floor with excitement today when I saw the email! I am sooooooo super excited – I just met one of my goals for 2008 – to be mentioned on Nichole Heady’s blog! – Yippee! He-He! Oh, I am so excited right now. I am in great company; I guess my vote wouldn’t count huh?! Awesome creations!

  • 129
    Terri says:

    I vote for Charmaine Ikach’s card because I loved how she used the pie stamps for a pot.

  • 130
    Pat Worff says:

    Kacey Elliott’s card is perfect for Valentine’s day. I love the way the hearts project out on the card hanging from the twine.

  • 131
    Pat Worff says:

    I love Kacey Elliott’s card. I love the way the hearts are projecting from the card on the twine. Perfect for a Valentine.

  • 132
    Melissa C says:

    I vote for Barb Schram’s airplanes! What a great idea!!! I think I’m going to case those for my son’s valentines for his class. Hmmm – I don’t own that. I guess it’s time for more shopping!

  • 133
    Sonya says:

    All the projects are great but I would have to choose Charmaine’s.

  • 134
    Amy Visser says:

    I love the Key Card by Barb!!! She is very talented! Looks great barb!

  • 135
    JenMarie says:

    Wow…tough choice! My vote is for Kacey Elliott!

  • 136

    kasey elliot’s card is so classically elegant. she gets my vote, and, in case there’s a tie, charmaine ikach’s is my second favorite because she really saw something so different in a traditional image.

  • 137
    Bryan says:

    I like Kacey’s best. I would love to give it to my wife!

  • 138
    Kelly says:

    I vote for Kacey’s card with the three hearts hanging from strings. It is the most elegant. I would love to receive one.

  • 139
    Emily Rose says:

    What a tough choice! Great entries from all. I vote for Kacey’s Valentine. She did a beautiful job choosing paper, ink color and stamps. I love the 3D hearts. Great job!

  • 140
    Mederise says:

    Love, love, love Kacey Elliot’s work!!

  • 141
    Samual C. says:

    I vote for Kacey’s. It is the type of card I’d like to send my Valentine. Good Luck Kacey!

  • 142
    Kim Visser says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite is the key card made by Barb Schram

  • 143
    Piet says:

    The key card by Barb Schram is the most creative.

  • 144
    Hazel says:

    I think the best one is the key card made by Barb Schram

  • 145
    Kelly says:

    I love the key card (by Barb Schram. It is so creative.

  • 146
    Dot says:

    I love the card made by Kasey. It is simple enough to send to either a man or a woman, often a card is made for only one gender.

  • 147

    I love the baby boy mini book by Jen Kirk. The felt is just the right touch!

  • 148
    marla says:

    I love the key card! What a wonderful idea!

    I wish I had that talent!!

  • 149
    Granna on the Go says:

    I vote for the key card. Very classy!

  • 150
    marla says:

    Barb Schram, I love the key card. What a great idea.

  • 151
    Ellen Eubank says:

    Love the key card!!!

  • 152
    Ann S says:

    Love the key!! Barb Schram Keycard

  • 153
    Dan Lee says:

    the key card has the key to my heart go Barb Schram

  • 154
    Dan Lee says:

    the key card has the key to my heart go Barb Schram

  • 155
    Penny L says:

    Got to have the keycard by Barb Schram

  • 156
    LadyBeth says:

    All the projects are wonderful, but I vote for Jennifer Kirk’s baby boy album.

  • 157
    Penny L says:

    got to have the keycard by Barb Schram

  • 158
    Melinda says:

    They’re all darling but I love the airplanes! So creative!

  • 159
    Rev. Loosenort says:

    Turn on the key and start up my heart. No doubt about it, the keycard by Barb Schram is a deadbolt finisher!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 160
    Sandra Smart says:

    My vote is for the baby brag book! I am such a sucker for baby things, and this book is just soooo super duper cute!

  • 161
    Carolyn Sharkas says:

    wow what a hard decision, I think Jennifer Kirk’s baby book takes my vote. Thanks for sharing such awesome items.

  • 162
    Debra says:

    All projects are just fabulous and quite a hard decision to make . . I had to look several times, but I chose Jennifer Kirk’s brag book because I have a boy and always wanted to make one of those books! She did a super job on it, it’s fabulous and a beautiful momento!

  • 163
    Kevin P says:

    I liked Kacey Elliot’s three hearts best. It had a Zen-like appeal to me, with its elegant simplicity. Perfect!

  • 164
    Joan J says:

    I really like Kasey’s 3 heart card. Simple, yet so elegant.

  • 165
    Amanda says:

    I really love what Kacey Elliott designed in her beautiful card. What a great eye for the simply elegant with a delicate feminine touch. I love the texture that the hemp twine adds to the whole idea! Wonderful work!

  • 166
    Cheryl says:

    I really enjoyed Kacey Elliott’s card sort of like past, present and future love. Great job

  • 167
    Cheryl G says:

    I really enjoyed Kacey Elliott’s the three hearts remind me of past present and future love. Great job!

  • 168
    Bernita Tuinenga says:

    The key card is #1. I love it! Way Cool!

  • 169
    sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS) says:

    LOVE them all, but I can’t wait to case those little airplanes for my kiddos. Great job ladies!!

  • 170
    kelly Schelske says:

    Wow, I really, honestly love them all…..Becky Oehlers Dove Chocolate hearts I really love and same with the Creative Key Card and Barb Schram’s airplanes are too cute!!!! Hard to choose though, they are all so great!!

    Kelly S

  • 171
    Maria says:

    They are so wonderful!
    But my vote goes to Becky Oehlers…creative, plus she recycled! 😀

  • 172
    Mary says:

    WOW! I love my valentine, but it’s clear the bar is raised with the projects each and every month… SUCH a fun way to celebrate new Papertrey stamps, and SUCH a thrill to be mentioned! Thanks to all who voted — not an easy task… And thanks to Nichole, Julie and Jane!

  • 173
    Jana Weaver says:

    They are all fabulous projects! But, since I am partial to coming up with unique ways to use existing stamps, I have to vote for Charmaine’s wheat grass card! Good luck to everyone!!

  • 174
    laura says:

    I love Jennifer Kirk’s album!

  • 175
    Elizabeth Glass says:

    Very hard to choose……..but airplanes always remind me of boys and I love what Barb did with them……altho that pattern has been around for a long time I love the new twist she does!

  • 176
    Christi says:

    They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is Barb Schram’s key card! smiles…

  • 177
    Kelly says:

    I vote for Lexi Daly’s “nuts for you” set.

  • 178
    Janie says:

    WOW! Great post and wonderful art!

  • 179
    Diana Wellerman says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kacey Elliot’s design. She shows that simplicity is beautiful. Kacey also proves that you don’t need hours and lots of supplies to create a special, piece of work! I would like to see more of her creations posted.

  • 180
    Lorri says:

    Charmaine terra cotta planter is just the cuties and most creative! What a great idea!

  • 181
    Ruth M says:

    I vote for Kacey Elliott’s 3 hearts card – it really stood out for me, simple but stunning!

  • 182

    I love Kacey’s hanging heart card! So simple and yet elegant. Cards like that really inspire me to create (because sometimes I just can’t get into the tons and tons of layers and embellishments).

    I’m glad it’s you and not me having to choose Guest Star Stampers and Honorable Mentions! It’s a tough job for sure!

  • 183
    Isabella L. says:

    Mrs. Kacey’s card was very cute. Simple and elegant. Love it.

  • 184
    Jen Stevenson says:

    Geesh Nichole. I don’t know how you pick just one winner. They were all fantastic.

    I think though that Charmaine’s card made me shake my head and say WOW. Now that’s thinking out of the box!

  • 185
    Gary & Connie says:

    “True Love Forever” is just “great”. Kacey Elliott has the design “flair” that shows!

  • 186
    Ninette C says:

    I love the key card.

  • 187
    Nick says:

    I like the airplanes made by Barb Schram

  • 188
    Shelley Coleman says:

    Niki Estes-Beautiful!

  • 189
    Julia says:

    The True Love Forever by Kacey is wonderful!

  • 190

    Jennifer Kirk’s brag book gets my vote! I love it!