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By October 31, 2007The Industry

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After you have visited the above link and read the post in entirety, you will understand why I am at a loss for words.   I hope to be able to expand my ability to provide you with innovative ideas and the products to achieve them, now that I have more time to dedicate exclusively to Papertrey.  Thank-you to each and every one of you for being such dedicated "fans" over the last four years during my time with Paper Crafts.



Edited to Add: Many of you had visited the above link after my initial posting, and in the meantime, the Paper Crafts blog had "rolled" over to a new month.  The link has been corrected to go directly to the post I meant to reference.  I want to extend Cath and all my Paper Crafts friends big hugs for such a heartfelt post and farewell wishes!  xxx

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    Sara Paschal says:

    It is always hard to walk away from what feels good to you. But the new path you have made for yourself is so wonderful and uplifting to you and others I would run down it as well. You do such a great job and you have inspired me greatly along with many others. Best of luck to you I know your new path leads to greatness!

  • 2
    SandyB says:

    Wow … I’m sure this was an extremely difficult decision for you and one that you took great care in making for yourself.

    I wish you continued success with papertrey … you all are an awesome company with the best customer service in the business as far I am concerned.

  • 3

    You scared me for a minute. I was afraid something horrible had happened. I know it was dificult to walk away from PC but as a devoted fan of yours, I’m selfishly glad you will have more time to spend with US. I await your new releases each month with a baited wallet. Your stamps are the best and tops in my “what to use” when I create. Keep up the great work!

  • 4
    Julie Brooks says:

    {{HUGS}} I’m sure this was a hard decision for you. Papertrey rocks and I can’t wait to see what is coming in the months ahead! I will miss seeing you in the PC mag, but I know you will keep your blog full of your latest creations!!! Best wishes!!

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    Ketha says:

    Change is hard sometimes, but often very rewarding in the end. I think it’s not only courageous of you to recognize your dream, but to be willing to work towards fulfilling it even if it means giving something else up.

    Papertrey is fantastic…it shows your special talent and creativity and I, like the others, can’t wait to see what’s next. You have my support. Keep your chin up.. you have so much to be proud of.

  • 6
    Mendi says:

    Oh, Nicole. You are doing the right thing. You have an incredible business to pour yourself into and goregous kids to raise. I applaud you!

  • 7
    Dotty says:

    Wishing you nothing but the very best on the new path to follow!!

  • 8

    My wish for you is continued happiness in all you do!

  • 9
    Shellie says:

    Best wishes to you! And yippee for us, I can hardly wait to see all the new things you come up with now for papertrey!!!

  • 10
    Mary says:

    Best Wishes to you Nicole…..I’m just so relieved we will still have access to you through Papertrey because I so enjoyed looking for your input at PC! Congratulations on a very tough decision, but a good one. You are a bright spot in the stamping world for so many!

  • 11


    What a tough decision this must have been! I’m so glad you see it not as an ending but a beginning. Your talent is amazing — we are so lucky that you share what you love! 🙂

  • 12
    Debbie Barnhart says:

    Oh, I am sure this was very hard for you, Nicole! But your business is developing SO nicely and your products are the BEST! Good luck to you….I know you will be very successful with Paper Trey! You already are!!! You are the only company that I will stay up til midnight for, on the nights that your sets are released. Now, that says a LOT!!!

  • 13
    Karen Johnson says:

    I looked through a Paper Crafts magazine for the first time this past weekend. I loved what I saw…especially your projects. I’m so appreciative that you will be able to share even more of your incredible ideas with us, especially with your Papertrey stamps. Thanks Nichole for all you do and your amazing inspiration in this industry.

  • 14
    Alli Miles says:

    Nichole, your new journey begins. You are an incredible woman and a leading woman in this industry. I commend you on making a choice to balance your life…I can only imagine how busy things are for you. I will miss seeing your face in Paper Crafts Magazine but I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us with Papertrey Ink. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing the link with us.

  • 15
    Danita (MoberKitty) says:

    Wow. Definitely bittersweet news. But so proud of you for following your bliss! So few people choose to venture outside their comfort zone. Kudos to you and thank you for all your past and future inspiration!

  • 16
    Claudia F. says:

    Hi Nichole ! Happy Halloween! I’m sad to see you leave the magazine but thrilled with the stamp company. I’m so proud to be a tiny, tiny part of one stamp in such a great company. I hope you keep blogging.
    Claudia Franson

  • 17
    Michelle says:

    Sad to see you leave Papercrafts, I look forward to seeing you in all the issues but so excited to see what you have in store for Papertrey Ink.

  • 18
    Julie C. says:

    I know this was a hard decision but one that will benefit you, Papertrey and, in turn, us!!! Best wishes and we can only look forward with great anticipation to all that is to come. God bless!

  • 19
    JudiBlue says:

    Nichole, I will miss seeing you in PC mag. I’m sure it was a hard decision for you to make! Just one too many deadlines to keep, I would imagine. Especially since your PaperTrey business is picking up. I subscribed to PC mag before I even knew there was a “you”, it became a bonus once I knew of your style, talent, passion and PaperTrey! I’m sure it was very difficult to divide your time, and difficult on your family. I don’t know how you did it, but I am glad you did. Best of luck to you and PaperTrey. You three gals (& Rick) deserve a “high five”.

  • 20
    Barb says:

    Nichole, You’re an inspiration to everyone who has struggled with the dilemma of leaving something wonderful in order to follow a cherished dream. Good for you! *Of course* everyone at Papercrafts and its subscribers will miss you AND you must know those same people (I’m a subscriber and Nichole fan) are cheering you on. Wishing you only the best and looking forward to where you’ll take Papertrey…

  • 21
    Jackie W. says:

    Nicole, I’ll really miss seeing so much of you in Papercrafts Mag, which I subscribe to. But I wish you all the best as you continue on your “dream path”! Your products are amazing – I love your stamps, etc. and wish I had each one! Good luck! ~Jackie

  • 22
    Lorie says:

    What mixed feelings you must have! Sadness at leaving something you love and excitement at a full time look at a venture you love! I love PaperTrey so I’m thrilled you’ll be able to spend even more time with it! Congratulations on your decision! :o) ~Lorie

  • 23

    I just read the posting. Growing pains HURT! But I know it will all be worth it! Congratulations on your continued success! You must be doing something right because your life is being blessed in an amazing way!

  • 24
    Kerry says:

    Hmm, I wonder if we’ve overloaded/crashed the blog now. I just get a blank window. I’ll try again later but based on the comments above I get the idea. It’s always bittersweet making those types of decisions. I’m in awe – I don’t know how you managed to juggle everything for as long as you did. Here’s to bigger and better things for PaperTrey!

  • 25
    Anne Lawrie says:

    Congratulations on making such a difficult decision. Change can be very difficult, yet necessary for continued growth. Thanks for continuing to share your talent and vision!

  • 26
    Katie says:

    I’ve actually been wondering if/when you would leave Papercrafts since PaperTrey has taken off so well. Congrats on such a successful stamping business and I wish you the best of luck on this adventure!

  • 27
    Sandy Kay says:

    I was worried at first, too, when I saw your post! I’m sure you know you’ve made the right decision – I’ve never been so excited about stamping since Papertrey has come along! You give us so much to look forward to! Best of blessings to you in your exciting endeavor!
    Sandy Kay

  • 28
    Deb Neerman says:

    You go girl!!! Onward and upward!

    Now we have you alllllll to ourselves!

  • 29
    Deb Neerman says:

    You go girl; onward and upward!!!

    Now we have you allllllllllll to ourselves!

  • 30
    Charlene Austin (Willow01) says:

    OMGosh, Bittersweet is an understatement. I seriously teared up for you! I am thrilled, happy and SO excited for you but I know how hard that must have been for you to leave the magazine. I can’t even imagine how much they will miss you too. So do you have time now to do say….an 8 day countdown?!?! LOL. November 10 just seems so far away. I cannot wait!! Have a great day Nichole. You deserve this wonderful path you are on.

  • 31

    Nichole we both know that you cannot fly if you don’t even spread your wings. I am so happy for you. There are no words. You are sure to continue this path of success.

    I just can’t believe they already have a “replacement”!!!

    Hard shoes to fill.

    All my best

  • 32
    Lori M says:

    I am sure that was not an easy decision to make or an easy letter to write. But congratulations to you! I love all of your stuff and selfishly thinking to myself, we will see more of you!

  • 33
    Joan B says:

    This is a win win situation as far as this stamper is concerned. First, you’ll have more time to develop awesome Papertrey stuff and secondly, you’ll still be able to contribute your delightfully elegant papercrafts to the magazines for all of us to enjoy. Finally, you will be happier and that will make us happy too! Best wishes.

  • 34

    Ginormous congrats on your big decision! I can’t imagine the amount of work you were doing working full time at both positions and also raising a family. And all of your PaperTrey fans are so lucky you can devote all of your worktime toward making more fun projects and stamp sets!! The best is yet to come!! Good luck!

  • 35
    sarah vrolyk says:

    I am sure that it was definitely a difficult decision … but I know first-hand what it is like to be pulled in too many directions. I applaud you for making such a difficult decision. It is never easy to walk away from something that was such a huge part of your life. I am thrilled that you will have more time to devote to your family and your thriving business. Congrats, friend!

  • 36
    Mary says:

    I am sure this was not an easy decision to make: to give up something you must surely love! I think it must go without saying by now, though, how much you and you work are respected and admired. Wishing you only the best as you start this new chapter of your life!

  • 37
    Wendy Weixler says:

    Rock on, girl! We feel as though we have been propelled right along with you! Your style shows in your stamps, and we love them as we love you! Thanks for all of your inspiration and dedication!

  • 38
    Deb says:

    The future is never certain, but taking that step is a step of faith that I’m sure you’re going to be rewarded with! While I’m just a Papertrey newbie (only the last couple months), I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things you now will have more time to design and create! Best wishes on the continued growth of PaperTrey!

  • 39
    Jessica says:

    I’m so excited to see what the future brings for Papertrey! I just know that someday soon, the craft and hobby world will soon class your company in the same league as companies like Hero Arts and Autumn Leaves. Congratulations on making that difficult, yet exciting decision.

  • 40

    Best wishes on your decision, Nichole!! I am sure you have made the right one, and I will try to support you in any way I can! You are one amazing person!!

  • 41
    Kristyn says:

    Sometimes we have to evaluate our life and make some changes. I have to tell you the truth….I wondered how you could swing it all, and all so well, and still have time for the most important things in life..your family. I will miss your contribution to PC, and at the same time, I am thrilled that you will be more focused on your fabulous company. And with this, I hope your family gets more of you. So….Congratulations! I can’t wait to see even more of what you can do with PT!

  • 42
    Bluett says:

    Hi Nichole

    God bless your creativity, you are an awesome woman, I love your artwork, your blog is one of my favorite.

    Congrats on your continue sucess!

  • 43

    Nichole….good for you, Friend. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to make such a major change, but I’m very happy for you. Papertrey is growing by leaps and bounds! What a blessing! Congrats on your decision!

  • 44
    Carol Lee says:

    I’m sad for the moment, but happy for you and your future. You have amazing talents that must take priority and lead you toward your ultimate happiness and fulfillment in life. Saying good-bye is never easy, even when we know it’s being done for the right reasons. Continued good luck with your new business, and I hope you find whatever puts joy in your heart. Go get ’em!

  • 45
    Courtney says:

    You are awesome!! I have only known you as the papertrey creator (due to being predominately a scrapper and not purchasing that magazine) but I loved what you wrote so much and secretly (but in the nicest way) am excited you will have more time for papertrey as I am in love with your stamps.LOL You will go far – of this I am certain and congratulations on – well everything!!

  • 46
    Heather J says:

    Nichole – I’m very excited for you. Your work in the Papercrafts Magazine was how I found your blog and I haven’t stopped coming here! I wish you continued success. Heather J.

  • 47
    Kim/Kauai17 says:

    It’s always hard to walk away from something so comfortable, but look how exciting the next steps will be. Good luck.

  • 48
    Linda says:

    I’m new to your blog and Papertrey Ink, but I’ve been so impressed with your talent and the care and concern that you’ve dedicated to each of the projects you’ve undertaken. I imagine it was very difficult to leave PC Magazine, but how wonderful that your company is doing so well! Even GOOD change is difficult. Congratulations; you’ve got so much to be proud of, and the future is very bright!

  • 49
    Angie DiMeglio says:

    Nichole I’m sure this was a tough decision for you to make. I wish you continued success with PaperTrey.

  • 50
    Jan Scholl says:

    You have take steps forward and not backward. One thing changed. For the better. Be happy.

  • 51
    Julie Masse says:

    Nicole – we will miss you at PC but I’m so happy for you and the success of PTI!! What a great project it has turned into for you and I only wish you more and more growth & success! It’s so exciting to share in the journey with you – even in just the smallest role as a loyal customer! Congrats!

  • 52
    Sue B says:

    That was quite a tribute to you. I was just thinking earlier today how much I love the things you design and offer us. Your work is the essence of elegance, class, and quality. We are blessed because of you.

  • 53
    dkdot says:

    What a lucky,awesome,talented lady! I love PTI!. I can’t get enough of your previews on the 10th. You are just so very creative and talented…I want to wish you the absolute best in your continuing adventure. I don’t even know you but I am just so darn proud of you. Enjoy the deserve it!

  • 54
    Rae says:

    Wishing you continued success with your BOOMING new business…. I always look forward to seeing your creations, and greatly admire your style. Surely the papercrafting world has just BEGUN to see Nichole Heady!! ~rae

  • 55
    Ruth says:

    You will be greatly missed on the Paper Crafts side of things but I wish you all the luck in the world with Papertrey In (not that you need it, you are already doing a fabulous job!)
    Ruth A.

  • 56

    Oh, Nichole — I know you will be sorely missed but a fabulous adventure is just around the corner and you will have the time of your life watching your young company grow! Best of luck to you.

  • 57

    Good for you! Follow those dreams! The possibilities are endless:). I wish you only the best.

  • 58
    Beth M (scs ematson) says:

    I’m not sure which has me more choked up – Cath’s wonderful words, your words or the very supportive comments of your fans here. Wishing you nothing but the best in this time of transition. {{HUGS}}

  • 59
    Deepa says:

    Best of luck Nichole! I have enjoyed seeing your projects in Paper Crafts Magazine as well as here on your blog and on the Papertrey website. I wish you continued success in the future, and look forward to seeing what you will create next!

  • 60
    teri says:

    Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.
    But I still love ya. 🙂
    (Hugs from one of your Ed. board friends! :))

  • 61
    Debbie Olson says:

    Nichole, wow–a tough decision! I, too, will miss seeing you as much in PaperCrafts, but I’m sure that you will still be showing up in it! And PaperTrey is amazing. . . You ROCK!!

  • 62
    Carolyn King (Cammie) says:

    Nichole–it is remarkable how your business has grown. I am glad we will still be able to see your work and wish you much luck with your business. I know that had to be such a difficult decision for you…hugs!

  • 63
    Shelley ~ photocropper says:

    ((hugs)) that had to be a very hard decision to make but doing what is best for you and your family is always the right thing to do! Hope that crossing the bridge brings you amazing happiness!

  • 64

    I want to congratulate you on your courage to step outside the norm and see where your path is going to take you. You have so much talent and are truly gifted! I cannot wait to see what is coming!

  • 65
    Jennifer Moneagle says:

    WOW Nicole –

    What a very difficult decision you had to make……….but I am delighted that the decision was made to allow to follow a dream rather than to give up on one. I love your work and have shared with you my perspective on your developing – and exploding business – in the past and I am thrilled that this is the path you have chosen so we can continue to experience your joy and creativity through Papertrey.

  • 66
    Ann C. says:

    Change is hard but always brings new adventures! I think you are very wise to concentrate your efforts on your own business and not overextend yourself for your family’s sake. You have such a clean, distinct style, I am sure you will excel at anything you put your hand to, Nichole! Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far with Papertrey and where you are going with it!

  • 67
    Jennifer S says:

    Congratulations to you for your new journey! It will be hard looking at one of my fave mags without your beautiful creations, but I know where to find you! 😉 You have to follow the path that you are being led to take. And that is not ever easy, but always a delight in the end. We as your loyal fans and friends will follow you where ever you go!!! 🙂 You are our inspiration!

  • 68
    JulieK says:

    Nichole, I know this was a hard decision for you. You are a very talented person and you said it well – you are crossing another bridge. We will miss you in PaperCrafts but look forward to all of the awesome things we will see with PaperTrey Ink. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. You are an inspiration!
    Julie Kaehler

  • 69

    Oh, Nichole! What a tough decision to make! It can only mean that the Papertrey “gig” is doing extremely well and I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming true!! I wish I lived closer to you to come give you a big hug around your neck as you are an inspiration to so many!! Best wishes! sus

  • 70

    Best wishes as you focus on Papertrey Ink.

  • 71
    Betsy Z says:

    It takes a lot of courage to do that, Nichole. Not unlike the courage displayed in starting up your own company, lol…good for you! Deep breaths….now enjoy!

  • 72
    Chris Mott says:

    I was transferred to introducing to PC…so I am not sure where your article is? Reading on the comments, it looks as though you are not doing PC anymore. I know I will miss your articles, but your blog, and products with PT are OUTSTANDING. This new venture as taken off, and I wish you continued success with PaperTray!!! hugs, Chris

  • 73

    I too was unable to find the article and got a blank page. It must have been very hard to walk away from something so fun. That being said, the papertrey fanatic in me is thrilled that you are pouring those VAST amounts of creative mojo into papertrey. I look forward to the many FAB things you will create in the future.

  • 74
    Joyce says:

    From the way you worded it, I thought perhaps this wasn’t your choice but now that I’ve read all the other comments and re-read your post, it seems it was. There are only so many hours in the day and you have to make choices about what’s important to you. You’ve done an awesome job with PaperTrey and I wish you continued success!

  • 75
    Christi says:

    I know that had to be such a hard decision to make and I am so proud of you!

  • 76
    *scarlet* says:

    I have enjoyed seeing your name and projects around the Papercrafts world for what seems like forever (in reality maybe 10 years or so??) I feel like I have followed you on your journey and that I know you. (That probably sounds a tad stalkerish! LOL) Congratulations on the new road of your journey. I wish you the best of success. You are truly amazing and a huge inspiration. {{{HUGS}}}

  • 77
    Cindy Lyles says:

    Nichole, I read your post, then the link, then your post again. Perhaps I am I reading too much into this, but I believe I will cancel my Papercrafts subscription if what I read between the lines is true. I have said to friends and stamping/crafting acquaintainces since I first was drawn to your creations years ago, that you are the next hot thing that is here to stay. If what I read into this is true what goes around comes around. If I am wrong pls correct me. Thinking of you and looking forward to the 15th!!

  • 78
    Melanie Muenchinger says:

    When you start your own publication(Nichole Heady Living) I’d like a job, please!!

  • 79
    Sue Decker says:

    I’m with Cindy. I have admired all of your projects and creations for a while, and if this is the best treatment you get, I’ll be getting a subscription refund, too.
    Looking forward to all the goodies you have in store for us.

  • 80
    Beth says:

    who needs a magazine when we have all these great blogs, you know? Lets save those trees for cardstock…..


  • 81
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    Boy is that Paper Crafts’ loss!!! I read only 2 blogs daily, and yours is one of them (Debbie Olson’s is the other). I love your elegant, classic style, and am a loyal Paper Trey customer. Your design vision is incredible, your taste flawless, and your following, growing from the look of things. I can’t figure out if you left of your own accord, but elegance and good classic design never go out of style, and I have the utmost confidence that your business will flourish. Keep the good stuff coming!

  • 82
    Kristen Carpinello says:

    Ok, I’ve just seen the “goodbye” part of the post (for some reason I could only view the introduction of the new “pro”).

    Nicole, you are right to follow your dream and listen to your own voice. Wishing you the best.

  • 83
    Holly says:

    I echo everyone’s sentiments that this must have been a difficult decision. It’s clear that you approached it with the same thoughtfulness with which you approach your art and PT. Thank you for continuing to share your creative gifts with us through PT.

  • 84
    Rose Ann says:

    Congratulations in grabbing those reins and taking hold. Best wishes in your new ride!!

  • 85

    I got chill bumps reading the post by Cath – I can’t imagine how you felt. It sounds like you are doing good work making sure that you have time for all of the priorities in your life. Best wishes!

  • 86
    KimberlyG on SCS says:

    What a hard decision to make! (I was teary-eyed reading the story.) I am certain that whatever path you are on will always be filled with happiness and success! You have such a kind spirit and you’ve been so gracious to share so much of your talent and yourself. We are all the better for “knowing” you! Best wishes for the next journey! 😀

  • 87
    Adair says:

    Nichole, I have enjoyed your work with Paper Crafts. You have been instrumental in making it such a great publication for us for us paper crafters. You will be missed. Congratulations on your success with your Papertrey Ink company! I wish you continued success.

  • 88
    Cindy B says:

    How wonderful for you to be ending one adventure to invest your time in another! I wish you continued success in all you do!

  • 89

    Best wishes to you as you journey down your new path! You have already begun to pave the way with your beautiful new line of stamps and that is so wonderful! You are such an inspiration Nichole!

  • 90
    Anabelle says:

    I’ll miss your wonderful ideas in Paper Crafts, but wish you all the best with your business!

  • 91
    kim says:

    Congrats Nichole! What a major accomplishment you have made over the past four years and are just beginning to create with PaperTrey. I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you!

  • 92
    Tracy H. says:


    I have truly enjoyed your artistry in Paper Crafts since your beginning (and theirs) with the magazine. I know that PaperTreyInk is your calling and you will go above and beyond any goals you set. My sincerest wishes for a thriving future. I know this also means there will be more time for you to do more with PTI! That being said I will focus on the positive changes. Big HUGS to you siesta!

  • 93
    julis sujai says:

    Great post! I especially found it useful where tou stated.

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