Tomorrow will be the last day of the countdown and the ALL-NEW Papertrey stamps will be available tomorrow night at midnight EST.  I am so excited for you to see all of these images.  They are just so versatile!

Today I thought I would focus on all the bits & pieces I included in these sets besides borders.  Each of the five new sets contain 6-8 itty bitty images.  Some of you may ask why I created images that are so small?  Well the answer is quite simple. More versatility!  I had several ideas for borders when I concepted these sets back in January.  But I wasn’t going to have the room to fit ALL of them on the stamp sheets.  So I decided to follow  through with the remainder of my ideas, but break them down into small pieces.  The beauty of this concept is that you can add the same border to any of the 5 scalloped shapes.  You can even use them with things OTHER scallops, or other brands/ types of shapes.

071307_inverted_punchI decided to work with an oval this morning.  I like to stamp my image/ sentiment first and then invert my punch to punch it out.

071307_adding_image_to_ovalI then added the border detail with the itty bitty stamp.  It was so easy since the scallops pre-determine your spacing for you.

071307_friendship_frame_card_2I added a little paper piercing in each of the accent images that make up the border and added some ribbon and a flower accent.  Instant cute & simple card!  I love how these borders make beautiful cards with just a simple sentiment added.  It really helps to bring it to center stage.

071307_two_squaresI thought I would share some other borders I built with some additional itty bitty images that are included in the five sets.  The possibilities are so endless since you can turn the stamps inward or outward for two different looks.  There is truely something for every style…








All border samples use Marvy giga scalloped punches

Supplies for card:

Ink: Water Lily green Palette Ink, Aloe Vera Vers Magic, Versamark

Paper: White from Papertrey Ink, blue from Bazzill

Stamps: sentiment from Green Thumb, all images from Papertrey Ink

Other: seam binding ribbon from Martha Stewart, plastic flower from Heidi Grace, brad from Chatterbox

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  • 1
    Robyn says:

    They all look super cute!! I can’t wait to see the new sets!

  • 2
    Theresa Tyree says:

    OMGosh, Nicole, your work is outstanding!! I’m so inspired!

  • 3

    I’ve been stalking this post! 🙂 LOVE these little stamps….gorgeous! Little stamps can be so hard to use but these work perfectly and are SO darling! I know where I’ll be Sunday morning…back at your store.

  • 4
    Lori M says:

    These are all so great!!!! I just knew you were going to make me get them all!

  • 5
    Jen W says:

    WOW! I think I like these itty bitty stamps even better than the borders you’ve shown us!

  • 6
    Jenny says:

    I’ve decided that not only are you a paper crafting goddess, you are also a marketing genious. Seriously, you show it to me and what you’ve done with it, and now I want it. You could show me the great things that can be done with dirt, with a 5 day countdown and I’d be sitting there at midnight on the 15th ready to buy special dirt.

  • 7
    Melissa says:

    Nichole…absolutely LOVE these! You have the most brilliant ideas and inspire so many of us!

  • 8
    florence says:

    WOW, love these and the card is so simple and elegant.

  • 9

    OK, I just bought the stuff I needed from Ellen H’s store and I saved enough money to get ALL the sets from you tomorrow night.

    WAHOOOOO!!!!! Bring it on.

  • 10
    Kat says:

    I’m with Jenny on the fact that I would buy the dirt too. Just too cute!!!! I can hardly wait until tomorrow at midnight!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11
    Marilyn Cline says:

    Wow – those stamps look awesome! I know where my money is going this weekend. Glad I already have the punches! Can’t wait for the new stamps to be unveiled.

  • 12
    Debe from Texas says:

    Yes, you are truly a stamping genius!! It must be wonderful to be able to think of such beautiful ideas and then actually see them turn out even better!! Let us order now!!! Those examples are incredible!!!

  • 13
    ann i says:

    I must have those!! (drooling onto the keyboard)

  • 14
    Janet says:

    Oh….I LOVE the little bits and pieces…so darling and versatile. Thank you so much, Nichole for sharing with us! *wanders off to go check bank account balance*

  • 15
    broni (waterchild12) says:

    Stop! You’re killing me here! I keep thinking “I’ll be able to resist the next set(s). I won’t need them at all.” HA!!! Can’t wait for this release!!!

  • 16
    Donna Baker says:

    wow, Nicole! Y’all continually outdo yourselves! This is awesome!!!

  • 17
    Ericka says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! There goes the budget! I am LOVING your teasers and cannot wait til I get get my hands on them!!!!!!

  • 18
    Joy says:

    I’m so excited! Your samples absolutely ROCK!!!!!!

  • 19
    Alli Miles says:

    Absolutely delicious!

  • 20
    Jackie says:

    I can’t wait to see the sets!! I can hear my bank account groaning, though – I’m going to want them all!!

  • 21
    Dana Vitek says:

    *THUD* Totally awesome!

  • 22

    Oh I am in big trouble now!


  • 23
    LauraP says:

    I have a question does each set have different small images…… I know the answer is YES. So now I need all 5. I can only hope I can afford them all.

  • 24
    Jacki says:

    Love all of it! You are amazing Nicole! I can’t wait to see it all!

  • 25
    Elisabeth says:


  • 26
    CherylQuilts says:

    Oh, wow! I’m excited…these are darling!!!

  • 27
    Rose Ann says:

    What an incredible idea to stamp in all of those cute little scallops! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love all of those little images to choose from! Wow!!

  • 28
    Jenn Nahrstadt says:

    your creativity continues to amaze me! love how your mind works…and that we get to be the beneficiaries!

  • 29
    KayellWY says:

    I love everything and want everything!! 🙂


  • 30
    Patti says:

    Incredible!!! One of the things I enjoy in stamping are things that coordinate and work well together, so I can’t tell you how excited I am about the unveiling of your new stamps!

  • 31
    Janet Douthit says:

    Okay, so I have been waiting to purchase more punches to go with these sets until the new sets were available, but after seeing all of these cute designs, I am in serious financial trouble. Your stuff is so great, and your marketing skills are fantastic. What great concepts, I cannot wait to buy them all! I guess that means I better not wait to buy the punches either, spread the love so the DH doesn’t freak…hee hee

  • 32

    I recently received my first PaperTrey stanmps and I love them, can’t wait to see the new releases!!

  • 33
    Lori Faeber says:

    Oh wow, I am in love. These are the cutest stamps ever. I will be buying these pronto when they are available. Can’t wait!
    Lori Faeber

  • 34
    Niella says:

    Nichole, I want to C.R.Y with happiness:) those stamps are just sooo fun and adorable! you clever, clever creative woman! So happy, thanks for showing those darling samples!

  • 35
    Jennifer says:

    ohhhhhh, I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I love your creativity Nichole, these sneak peeks are such a tease. TFS Jennifer

  • 36
    Anne Lawrie says:

    The bits and pieces are incredible! I probably would have been clueless as to their usefullness if not for your examples!


  • 37
    Suzanne says:

    These cards and stamps are just beautiful!

  • 38
    Debbie Olson says:

    Nichole, you are a creative genius! How come I never figured out what you meant for us to do with those cute little pieces? Off to play. . .

  • 39
    Christen says:

    I actually just uttered an, “oh my god!” really loud at work. how adorable!

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