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Heather Nichols

Author Heather Nichols

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  • 1
    Shelly says:

    The gathering of family on Christmas Eve. As children grow and have families of their own, these get-togethers are more precious than ever.

    • 1.1
      Christine DiLella says:

      Putting my children in their pajamas and spending an evening driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  • 2
    Michel Espey says:

    Getting together with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and decorating my tree. I love Christmas.

  • 3
    Helen says:

    Christmas Eve home made egg nog! Yum

  • 4
    Karen Walker says:

    My husband’s family gathers here at 4:00 every Christmas. There are anywhere from 14-27 of us on a given holiday, and it is wonderful. We have a family band (several musicians in the group), a sit-down dinner, and a gift exchange which always turns out to be hilarious at some point! It’s the perfect way to end the holiday!

  • 5
    Susan J Hoey says:

    Love going to church on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service.

  • 6
    Geneviève says:

    Enjoying our family being brought together i love them so much . They love that they get to choose special bites to eat

  • 7
    Jackie Killorn says:

    On Christmas Eve my family is together for a fondue dinner by candle light.

  • 8
    Tanja Souter says:

    I love Christmas day with my family. My parents always have lovely nibbles and candles and floral centrepieces to create a lovely atmosphere. and then we open presents one by one. The person who opens the parents, chooses the next one from under the tree and gives it to the correct recipient to open

  • 9
    Gayle says:

    Our annual Valentine’s Day chocolate fountain. So awesome!

  • 10
    sue says:

    We go to midnight church service then our whole family comes for Christmas breakfast (about 25 of us) and we spend a fun day together.

  • 11
    Miriam Prantner says:

    My favorite tradition is celebrating Advent with my daughters. They each have an advent calendar that has treats in it and we also read through an advent book.

  • 12
    Rachel W. says:

    We lived in England for several years and enjoyed a British tradition of going to church on Christmas morning. There was an air of excitement – especially among the children…and something very special about singing “Joy to the World” on Christmas morning.

  • 13
    Isabel Z says:

    Gathering the family together because so many live out of state.

  • 14
    Sarosa says:

    Growing up, rather than a single event being the most special tradition, I just remember the whole atmosphere of Christmas that permeated our home. It looked like Christmas, smelled like Christmas, sounded like Christmas. Just beautiful. I haven’t quite reached Mom’s level, but I give it my best!

  • 15
    Barbara K says:

    Getting my Christmas tree and decorating it!

  • 16
    Maria C F says:

    I love decorating the tree and reminiscing about each ornament as we unpack it.

  • 17
    Dawn Y. says:

    I always look forward to decorating our Christmas tree together! It’s such fun to unwrap each ornament (each one a gift from loved ones over the years) and to share our stories of the special people who have touched our lives as we trim the tree. Over the years, our Christmas tree has become a lovely ‘scrapbook’ of our lives. Oh, the wonderful stories it holds! 💗

  • 18
    Shelly says:

    At our church choir party we always play an ornament game. It’s so much fun revealing each wrapped box and hoping you don’t get an ugly one!

  • 19
    Amy McCue says:

    Getting together with family, making cookies and getting the tree!

  • 20
    Carol says:

    We play “minute to win it” type games on Christmas eve. The laughter brings side aches and tears and is just the best time of the year!

  • 21
    LindaCC says:

    Favorite holiday tradition is the candlelight service on Christmas Eve. It is a beautiful service and so meaningful.

  • 22
    Amy Vitriani says:

    I’m so excited for this release! There are so many amazing new products coming out! My favorite holiday tradition would be making advent calendars and ornaments.

  • 23
    Lizzie T says:

    I throw a family christmas party every year – we play Minute-to-Win-It games (which are a HIT), play the oh so popular gift steal game, eat yummy appetizers, watch holiday specials and then play board games. Lots of fun!

  • 24
    MargaretR says:

    Each Christmas my Dad comes to visit for a few days and gets to spend time with the extended family. Great food, great company and truly blessed by God’s greatest gift.

  • 25

    Our Christmas tradition is watching “The Polar Express” dressed in our pajamas. Once that is over we turn on NORAD and track Santa before going to bed. We have all adult children now, but it’s fun acting like a child this one time a year.

  • 26
    Amy says:

    Elfie (a stuffed teddy bear made from one of my grandmother’s shirts) comes everyday and brings an advent card describing the previous days events. Though my son is 11, we continue the tradition!

  • 27
    Kathy DuBose says:

    Love so many things, eggnog, christmas music and lighting the luminaria. But mostly I love the family all together.

  • 28
    Michelle Brown says:

    My favorite tradition is quietly sitting around the tree on Christmas Eve and everyone opens one gift- amazingly it’s always a pair of Christmas jammies!

  • 29
    Karen O says:

    Baking Christmas cookies with the grandchildren and sharing holiday conversation with them

  • 30
    Krista Wolter says:

    Christmas cookies! I love all the different family favorites that we only make for Christmas, no matter how many other things evolve, the cookies remain the same.

  • 31
    Martha says:

    Making gingerbread cookies! Sometimes it might happen after Christmas, but it always happens!

  • 32

    Christmas breakfast! We have a special breakfast every Christmas…always the same thing and we have been doing this for over 30 years now! If we are away from home on Christmas morning for some reason, we really miss it. This has been a wonderful release with so many amazing products. Cheers.

  • 33
    Cindy O says:

    My favorite is the Christmas Eve midnight church service.

  • 34
    Terri Sandoval says:

    My Husband and I decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving. Early for some, but I love having everything festive for a month.

  • 35
    Janice says:

    Holiday traditions are just that – doing the same thing every year. Baking the same Christmas cookies – cherry snowballs – is top of my list.

  • 36
    KathyW says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is working a holiday jigsaw puzzle with family Christmas Eve.

  • 37
    Nancy Guse says:

    Being together with family on Christmas day! The snow, baking, decorating, everything Christmas, Jesus!

  • 38
    laura mm says:

    I love bringing out the Christmas decorations & music and decorating the Christmas tree!
    Beautiful release as always!

  • 39
    PeggySue says:

    We always hung stockings for the kids on St. Nicholas Day, December 5th, not on Christmas. That was for the tree. And there are of course the Christmas cookies, which we only bake in December and use them with the Advent wreath candle lighting.

  • 40
    MandaLJl says:

    I love baking biscuits to give as presents as Christmas.

  • 41
    Sheryl B. says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is eating soup by candlelight on Christmas Eve!

  • 42
    Crystal Minkler says:

    Every year the kids get to open up one gift on Christmas Eve… it’s become a joke that it’s always their Christmas pjs, but I know that they look forward to it. We change into our Christmas jammies and watch a Christmas movie before setting out milk, cookies, and carrots for Santa & his reindeer. I look forward to it every year, and so do the kids.

  • 43
    MandaLJ says:

    I love baking biscuits to give as presents for Christmas.

  • 44
    Mel H says:

    I love getting together on Christmas Eve to watch a movie-usually Elf, Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation with my family.

  • 45
    Colleen F says:

    I find that traditions change as the family grows and new families are made. Early on I loved the tradition of our family going out and hunting for the ‘perfect’ Christmas tree to cut down; then decorating it. Now it is just my husband and myself, but often the grandkids and even daughters are around to help up decorate. And early in our family life we always went to my husband’s parents for our Christmas Eve dinner, as they got older, the tradition was passed to our home to host the dinner. Now although they have been gone for 6 years, we still host the family Christmas Eve dinner and exchanging gifts with each other. No matter how life gets busy, we know that is one time of year we can count on seeing everyone and catching up and enjoying each other’s company! Although we love food and eating, it is mostly about time spent with our loved ones.

  • 46

    My favorite holiday tradition is that for christmas we rotate between three houses.. my brother, parents and I live fairly close together and we have Christmas Eve at my brother’s, Christmas morning is quiet at home, then early dinner at our house and over to my parents for dessert.. then at each house we have our gift exchange with whoever’s house we’re at… and on Christmas Eve we have a Yankee Swap. We’ve been doing it for about four years now and it’s a lot of fun and laughter.

  • 47
    Lisascreativeniche says:

    I love baking during the holidays and visits with Santa!

  • 48
    Amanda says:

    Christmas jammies! Every year the kids get new ones, ususally early in Dec, and those are our Christmas clothes. On Christmas Eve everyone gets clean and into their clean jammies. We take a family photo and then the festivities begin…no one bothers to get dressed until the 26th.

  • 49
    Celia Smoot says:

    Since it’s just my husband and I, my favorite tradition we have is finding the funny inexpensive perfect stocking stuffer gift! Everything from a childhood toy to old school candy. It’s gotten to the point that we get more excited about seeing what’s in our stockings versus the real presents under the tree.

  • 50
    Annette Snyder says:

    Gathering together as a family and decorating and eating holiday treats and watching holiday movies!

  • 51
    Stephanie Clapper says:

    Trimming the tree with my newer and very sparkling ornaments and lights!

  • 52
    katevdp says:

    Our school Christmas concert. It’s so fun, under the sun, Santa on a fire truck, all the kids with huge smiles. It is my fav time of the month.

  • 53
    Krillsister says:

    On Christmas Eve, my entire family comes to my house in the morning. We make pirogies as a famiky. Each person has a job, (dough making, rolling, filling, pinching) it takes several hours. We all go to mass in the evening, then back to my house to eat and open gifts. This is a trading happening in my life for over 42 yeats. It began when I first got married and went to my mother in law house.

  • 54
    Chris Lawlor says:

    My favorite traditions are baking cookies, making Christmas cards, going to church and getting together with family for dinner on Christmas Day.

  • 55
    Liz mca says:

    When we were all younger my mom nieces and sister in law spent a weekend baking thousands of Christmas cookies. We made dozens of old and new recipes. We would deliver trays to all our friends. Such fun

  • 56
    Marianne says:

    Spending quality time together, enjoying the decorations and listening to Christmas music.

  • 57
    Dawn Z says:

    My favorite tradition is watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Sounds funny, but it works for me!

  • 58
    Leslie559 says:

    Decorating the house and making gifts for family and neighbors. Traditions have changes so much over the years, as the family dynamics change, but these two are steadfast in our holiday season.

  • 59
    Susan P says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas cookies!

  • 60
    Linda Ryszka says:

    Watching It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve with my whole family!

  • 61
    Kylie Z says:

    Driving around town to see all of the decorations while listening to carols.

  • 62
    Debbooks says:

    I am 65 years old and I STILL love gathering at my parents’ house and waiting for all the family to arrive from hither and yon!!!

  • 63
    Cindy C says:

    My favorites are many…..decorating the tree with the kids, making & frosting the Christmas cookies, and of course Christmas morning. My kids are teenagers now, but they still act like giddy toddlers & can’t sleep the night before, up at the crack of dawn to open presents!

  • 64
    Lisa S. $ says:

    Filling my kids’ Christmas Stockings and watching them open them is my favorite Christmas Day activity. I look forward to it every year!

  • 65
    Kathy Groff says:

    The part of Christmas that became our tradition years ago is having a supper of very small plates. Afterwards we attend the Christmas Eve service at church. Then on to the celebration with our family the next day!

  • 66
    Susan Scheidler says:

    The newest holiday tradition for my husband and I is to pop a batch of popcorn, make some hot chocolate, and turn on The Great Christmas Light Fight. I love hearing the stories, seeing the displays, and teasing my husband that we need to be on the show the next year!

  • 67
    Susan says:

    My favorite holiday tradition for about 18 years now has been participating in an online fundraiser – a virtual bake sale – to benefit the Cairn Terrier rescue group where I volunteer. Volunteers make their holiday specialities and I arrange for them to be sold and mailed to other rescue volunteers with all profits going to help our foster dogs and support the foster families. Yum Yum!

  • 68
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    Being with family and friends on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is the most precious gift of all.

  • 69
    lisa808 says:

    My favorite Christmas holiday tradition is making trifle for dessert. My favorite Halloween holiday tradition is our annual pumpkin outing.

  • 70
    Linda H Craig says:

    My favorite tradition is gathering around the tree and reading the Christmas story with family.

  • 71
    DGolly says:

    My husband, daughter, mom, sister and brother in law all have matching pajamas that we wear Christmas eve and Christmas morning. It’s become a tradition that they visit, we make a great meal Christmas eve and open presents on Christmas morning together. Family is what the Holidays are all about.

  • 72
    Jan P. says:

    Making lefse is my favorite holiday tradition. I give it as gifts and my grandsons love it. One of them even wants to learn how to make it.

  • 73
    April Z. says:

    I really love everything about the Christmas season – baking cookies, watching holiday movies, spending time with family. I especially love seeing my kids get excited about the festivities.

  • 74
    Oreet says:

    Lighting the menorah on the last day of Hanukkah!

  • 75
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    Making Christmas cookies with my sons

  • 76
    JanetS says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is to have the grandkid’s gifts all wrapped in their special color. They also gave a stocking in their color! As I wrap gifts, they go under the tree. Our grands can look at and touch their gifts as they see them up until Christmas Eve when our family gathers and gifts are opened. Another tradition is that each of our kids get an ornament. This year I’m making them from the snowflake die!

  • 77
    stampinggrandma says:

    1 of our traditions is decorating the tree & house altogether. Seeing the ornaments that I have made over the years is special! Spending time with the family Christmas eve & Christmas day is another.

  • 78
    KrisT says:

    Christmas jammies! My kids will MOT let us forget them. They feel it’s not Christmas unless they get new jammies the night before.
    Wonderful release ladies! I can’t believe I’m excited for Christmas already, but it’s your projects that put me in the Christmas spirit.

  • 79
    Amy R says:

    Gorgeous release!! My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas dinner – a raucous gathering of extended family with amazing food!

  • 80
    Sandy S. says:

    I love to do Christmas cookies. My diet doesn’t allow much baking, but I still do these, and my family really appreciates them.

  • 81
    Aunt Min says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is our New Year’s Day lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant with my niece, family, and friends. It is a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!

  • 82
    Annie Dill says:

    I think my favorite Christmas tradition, among many beloved ones, is collecting stocking gifts all year, wrapping them with no ribbon or tags, and then filling the stockings as a family in the dark on Christmas Eve with only the tree lights on. Then we sing a favorite car of each person. My children are grown now and we only have one or two of them home for Christmas, and they say they don’t have a favorite carol, but I always choose “The Snow Lay on the Ground”, which I’ve sung and loved since childhood,from the Episcopal hymnal. The refrain is Latin; and my name, spelled with an E, is in the second verse. What’s not to love?!

  • 83
    Carol Blaisdell says:

    Having a “picnic” in the living room in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve after the candlelight service at church. This tradition is still going on after almost 30 years!

  • 84
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is my family adopts a family in need. We buy gifts and a grocery store gift card for the family instead of gifts for each other. It’s been so amazing and has blessed me so much! I highly recommend it if there is something available in your area! Love this release!!

  • 85
    lindac says:

    One of my favorite traditions is going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at my church.

  • 86

    Having our adult children home. Since they live far away, it’s just special to spend quality time together, have late-into-the-night chats. Then of course the usual traditions – my best ever Chex Mix, decorating the tree and baking!

  • 87
    Marilyn G says:

    We would skways go to church at midnight Christmas eve, so as a treat for staying awake through it all we’d get to open up a gift after getting home.

  • 88
    Gina Eggebrecht says:

    My other-in-law bought my kids a lovely wooden Advent Calendar. Coming up with ideas to it is always a joy. I have fun shopping and creating the notes in each day. And even though the kids are all older, they still love it when they open the door to find a small bag of change from Grammie.

  • 89
    Lyn says:

    Santa comes – in person – to hand out presents. For as long as I can remember (and I am a senior citizen now!), Santa has come on Christmas Eve. Even when my sons were adults and before they had children, we carried on this tradition and my husband became “Santa” when my father passed away. The hardest Christmas was this past one which was only a few short months after I lost my husband, but we decided that the tradition was part of honoring my husband’s memory, so my oldest son took on the role to the pure joy of my grandchildren.

  • 90
    Sharri Niehus Reeves says:

    My favorite tradition is our New Years Eve dinner. My husband and I started it 45 years ago as newlyweds. Since we were in college and there wasn’t a lot of money to go out and celebrate we decided to celebrate at home. As the years went by, the celebration got larger as we added children, spouses, and grandkids. We get dressed up and have a picnic on the living room floor. There is wine, cheese, sausage, fruit, antipasto and other finger foods including dessert. We talk and laugh and watch a favorite movie on tv. The time together is precious.

  • 91
    Jill Norwood says:

    By far my favorite holiday traditions are those involving family and fun! This could be baking cut-out cookies together or attending the annual Festival of Lights at the lake near our home where they surround the 3 Mile walking path with sand candles and caroling choirs and hot chocolate stations. We all brave the cold with our Christmas light necklaces lit brightly to enjoy this tradition and then come home for a warm meal. I also love the tradition of recording a special memory of each day in December into a “December Daily”. It is so fun to look back and see all the fun moments from Christmases past.

  • 92
    DinaM says:

    Every year we watch “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Eve. No matter how many times it’s been watched, it never fails to make us laugh.

  • 93
    Marla Harris says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve and then driving through the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. This makes my heart happy!

  • 94
    abrash says:

    Christmas morning with my family. My boys get so excited even as they have grown older. Such great memories!

  • 95
    Sharon J says:

    Easy to answer this one! Putting up my Christmas tree for sure. I love pulling out each decoration and recaling the story behind who made it, gave it to me or where I bought it. Always a special time each year!

  • 96
    Rebecca Yahrling says:

    My favorite tradition has always been baking Christmas cookies with the
    girls in my family: Mom, my sister and her 3 girls. Sadly, my Mom passed
    away last October so it’s certainly not the same. But we still continue because
    we know Mom is right there with us in spirit.

  • 97
    Lisa M says:

    It’s always baking Christmas cookies but last year we went out to cut down our tree and that was so fun so I’m adding that to my favorite tradition! Can’t wait for Betsy’s Christmas kit, I’ll add that too 🙂

  • 98
    Keri H says:

    My favorite holiday tradition has become about giving anonymously to people, and families who wouldn’t be able to give, or receive gifts otherwise. Not knowing these people, but believing they are waking up on Christmas morning excited, and joyful has become a good-for-my-soul favorite of mine.

  • 99
    Yvonne F. says:

    Getting together with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But before we all met on a church service in the wood. There are a lot of friends and other people. We all get together talk, everybody brings some food and have a good time. I love Christmas.

  • 100
    Cindy H. says:

    I always look forward to the start of the Christmas holidays by buying our wreath and visiting the live animals brought in for Christmas. I love feeding them 🙂 The rest of the days leading up to Christmas are a whirlwind of family traditions.

  • 101
    Linda Carson says:

    Gathering with family and sharing the traditions of food, laughter and Santa bringing gifts!

  • 102
    JanetB says:

    There are so many things we do during the Holiday season that are fun, but I guess decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite. Each ornament has a story and a memory that goes along with it.

  • 103
    Jill A says:

    Being with family and making Christmas cookies and rock candy.

  • 104
    Noelle says:

    Packing shoeboxes, candlelight service at church, advent calendars (I’ve collect a few, we do about 4 a year), watching holiday movies, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and homemade cinnamon rolls! Sorry couldn’t pick just one =)

  • 105
    Jeanne says:

    Christmas is all about making memories to me. In our family, we make one gift for each family member and on Christmas Eve, we drive around and see the Christmas lights while eating popcorn and sipping hot chocolate.
    This is an Extra Special release! Thank you!
    Happy creating everyone!

  • 106
    Cathy Y says:

    This is our new holiday tradition! For the first time last year, we had lights professionally placed on the eaves on the front of our house. Turning them on for the first time was so exciting. So that is what we are looking forward to!

  • 107
    Stephanie H. says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is our tree trimming party! All the ladies in my family get together to decorate my aunt’s Christmas tree, exchange ornaments, and watch White Christmas. It’s the perfect kickoff to the holiday season!

  • 108
    Dana Kirby says:

    Christmas morning breakfast is a favorite tradition. I make an over night French toast that I only make once a year for Christmas morning. It has become a very special tradition for our kids. Such a great release PTI!!

  • 109
    Diana K says:

    All of it! I love the busyness of the season with all the planning and decorating and wrapping and gifting. Everything that leads up to that big family dinner with everyone sitting around the table together, laughing and telling stories. It’s like no other night in the year!

  • 110
    Beth Stiver says:

    Making Christmas cookies with my niece each year. We started when she was three and she is 29 now. I love decorating for the holidays and after spending the day doing that, I like to sit in the living room with just the lights on taking it all in.

  • 111
    Marcia Hill says:

    Our traditions have changed with our growing family and being empty nesters…gets challenging to work around everyone’s schedules to find a day that works! But we eventually find a day that works for everyone and have a great time exchanging gifts and stockings, a family meal, and LOT’S of laughter! Christmas Eve service is still a tradition for my husband and I though…helps keep us grounded on the real meaning of Christmas!

  • 112
    Tammy Johnson says:

    I don’t really like tradition so nothing comes to mind. Too much of my life is the same so I like trying new things for the holidays.

  • 113
    Kay Demonbren says:

    There are just three of us living in our household, with any family hundreds of miles away. So when the holiday baking spirit hits me, the supply far exceeds the demand. We’ve adopted my hubby’s work colleagues to receive the piles and piles of goodies and treats that come out of my kitchen. The tins always come back empty, and I get to keep making things, so everyone is happy, and the Christmas cheer is being spread… : )

  • 114
    Pam Young says:

    It’s hard to choose which tradition is the most precious to me, but my daughter and I make a Yule log every year together. We have been doing it every year since 1982 when she was little!

  • 115
    Cheryl F. says:

    Decorating the tree. My kids are still young, and they like to add the ornaments. Of course they can only reach a certain height, and I try not to change anything they do. So we always have all of the decorations around the bottom half of the tree. They’re always very proud of their work. I enjoy it so much, because they won’t be this size for long.

  • 116
    annheidel says:

    We always go Christmas caroling on my husband’s birthday since it is three days before Christmas and we will often leave an ornament or treat with each family we visit. It’s one of our favorite traditions!

  • 117
    Kate says:

    Every Christmas Eve afternoon, I listen to the carol concert from King’s College Cambridge on the radio and I make several batches of mince pies. I enjoy this even more in recent years as most of the pies I make before Christmas Eve get eaten by my husband’s colleagues in Paris. Who knew the French would like something so English. Sharing this culinary treat makes it even more special.

  • 118
    Adele Holcomb says:

    When the kids were little, we had a lot of fun on Christmas Eve shaking packages and trying to guess what each gift was. No peeking until Christmas morning though! Now that my family is all grown, my greatest happiness is having everyone all together for a few hours on Christmas Day: kids, grandkids and next year a great granddaughter! Life changes and moves on, but having family all together to love and laugh is the best gift ever.

  • 119
    Linda Steele says:

    Lots of traditions but the one I enjoy so much is that we have a very, very large “mantle” which is really the top of the cabinet which holds our fireplace box. When we purchased it I thought “what will I do with such a large, deep surface” but it has turned out to be a great decorating space. Each holiday (all of them) and whatever the season I have fun decorating this space the same that a department store window decorator would decorate their large space. Each year the decorations change so one year it may be a woodland winter and the next a Santa’s toy shop or a choir of angels. It’s fun to plan it out and collect during the year for the grand reveal. My crafty friends, The Paper Dolls, come for a craft day and have fun checking out the new reveal (including all the major holidays).

  • 120
    Lea Ann H. says:

    I love to gather with groups of friends, and go carroling. It’s such a joy to bring a little cheer to folks who may have a difficult time getting out when it’s snowy and cold. Then coming home to big pots of soup and hot cocoa to warm up again, makes for a perfect day!

  • 121
    TracyK says:

    It’s very hard to narrow this down as I love everything about Christmas! Two of my favorite traditions are making candy (my MIL taught me) so I can give it as gifts and decorating my house, including my Santa collection and multiple trees.

  • 122
    christal mclean says:

    Christmas comes to my house right after Halloween! I love being surrounded by all things Christmas! Baking tons of treats for neighbors, friends and coworkers, going to see all the lights around neighborhoods, and more but my most cherished tradition is one my husband and I started 40 years ago. We have a stocking just for Jesus. In it, everyone places pieces of paper which are written expressions of love for each person, thankfulness, funny memories and acts of service to perform. This is so special as we cry, hug and laugh together and strengthens the bonds of love we feel for each other. The stocking is a little ratty and worn looking but it has a special place on my mantle and will for years to come!

  • 123
    Deborah Long says:

    Decorating the tree while listening to Christmas carols has always been one of my favorite traditions.

  • 124
    Debbie P says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas morning. It starts on Christmas eve when everyone sneaks downstairs to put treats or small gifts in each other’s stockings. Then on Christmas morning we all gather before breakfast in our pajamas and one by one pull things out of the stockings. It’s fun to see what little gifts everyone came up with. Then we have a breakfast of French Toast baked in the oven with apples, brown sugar & cinnamon and lots of whipped cream on top. It’s a special time that we started when our girls were small.

  • 125
    Deborah Rosenow says:

    I love the whole family getting together for a meal….the conversation at the table during the holidays just fills my heart.

  • 126

    My favourite … the candle lit nativity procession through town … with children playing all the parts … and a live donkey! We sing carols as we go … and there are readings of the Christmas story at key stopping places. It finishes at our 12th century church … where we celebrate midnight mass … the reason for the season! Anita 🙂

  • 127
    Joyce says:

    We always go to the Old Globe production of The Grinch in Balboa Park.

  • 128
    Pat Ackley says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is our family get together on Christmas Eve. It starts early and ends late and everyone laughs, eats, sings and eats some more! This tradition has been going on in my family for over 60 years and I hope it never ends!

  • 129
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    My favorite tradition is lighting real candles on our tree, & my husband reading the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke by the light of the candles.

  • 130
    Ohhh Snap says:

    Many, many years ago my daughter & I were “charity toilet paper poor” and living in a tiny tiny apartment so getting Christmas to happen for her was a community effort. We would come home from my sister’s house for Christmas Eve (I would sneak out, get her presents from the Christmas Bureau that I had hid at someone’s house, stash them on our front steps and go back to my sister’s). We would set up a folding table, sing Christmas Carols, and set up the tiny tree along with her Christmas projects she made at school. After she would fall asleep, I would put her presents under the table. Also I had a friend write “Santa” because she knew my handwriting lol.

    My favorite part was she would color the paper lunch bags we used as stockings. I wished I had had the foresight to save them, I wasn’t doing any scrapbooking at the time. And pictures were minimal because I only had an analog camera which required film and processing. Those paper bag stockings were the best!

  • 131
    Joyce McIntosh says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is the whole family gathers together for Christmas Eve. Even though our parents are gone my sister and I still try to keep up the tradition.

  • 132
    Elise McKinney says:

    Having all my family over Christmas Eve for a big dinner and presents. The kids enjoy this time so much!

  • 133
    Lisa Dolson says:

    Mainly being together with family. We host Christmas Eve dinner, my dad makes a seafood bisque and we use the china. The evening is not a large affair, but we often have guests that would have been alone. Family, friends, good food and wine, and the red jingle bell hung on the door knob with thanks giving to our Lord.

  • 134
    Jan says:

    We usually end up baking and decorating cutout cookies during the day, have a pancake and homemade applesauce supper (fast, easy and good for feeding multitudes!) and run off to church. Then, it’s home to open presents and eat cookies!

  • 135
    Diane Bowman says:

    Our favorite tradition is to gather in the evenings, read Luke 2, sing Christmas carols, and then read a holiday book together. Often we’ll add hot chocolate or Apple cider and my girls like working on knitting or crocheting while listening. Great family time!

  • 136
    Vivian Kim says:

    We have dinner together and open presents. I wish we had special family traditions though.

  • 137
    AnitaR says:

    One of my favorite traditions is our late Christmas Eve service at our church: everyone lights a candle at the end of the service and we sing Silent Night accompanied by guitars only.

  • 138
    D.Ann C says:

    We turn my parents’ end-of-the year anniversary into a family holiday and all get together for a steak dinner and family fun!

  • 139
    Susan from Colorado says:

    Sweet acts of service during the Christmas season has always been a favorite tradition of our family. Ring and runs, secret Santa, leaving a plate of something yummy in the mail box for the mail man just to name a few.

  • 140
    katherine says:

    decorating gingerbread houses with my daughters.

  • 141
    Jan Metcalf says:

    Reading books with the children at Christmas time was always a favorite tradition! Every year my children each chose a new holiday story to add to the family collection. Seems Betsy might have been thinking of us when she designed her new holiday kit!

  • 142
    Kailash says:

    We love going to Christmas Eve service and enjoying the blessings of the season, giving thanks and gratitude with friends and family. It’s a special time to remember each year!

  • 143
    Megan Carroll says:

    I love decorating gingerbread houses with my kids!

  • 144
    Dawn M. says:

    A few days before Christmas the family gathers together to have a great Christmas cookie baking day. Then on Christmas Eve, the family gathers together for a special dinner. After dinner, we all jump in the car to drive around looking at all of the Christmas decorations and lights-so beautiful and looking to see if we spy Santa. Seeing the wonderment and joy on everyone’s faces is truly Christmas Magic!

  • 145
    Donna Phelan says:

    The kids come home and now they have a little one in toe. We have lobsters for Christmas Eve Dinner, it makes life so much easier (and it lures said children home lol) On Christmas Eve the kids get to open 1 gift, this is a little tradition carried over from my childhood. I can’t wait! Merry Merry!

  • 146
    Teresa C says:

    ONE favorite holiday tradition would be hard to narrow down! I love baking, decorating and gifting gingerbread houses, making little treat boxes, baking cookies and making fudge, decorating the house and especially the gathering of family and friends. Making cards, sending little messages in the mail, enjoying a fire in the fireplace and watching the snow falling are all wonderful holiday traditions.

  • 147
    ToniS says:

    Getting together with friends & family to share a meal, listen to Christmas stories and just have fun.

  • 148
    Linda Reilly says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. I give them to co-workers and neighbors. And of course, leave some out for Santa!

  • 149
    karen h says:

    I love breaking out the holiday music and listening practically non-stop. This is when I know Christmas is around the corner.

  • 150
    KAREN adams says:

    We used to go out to a local Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve!

  • 151
    Amy O says:

    Baking has to be my favorite tradition — Christmas cookies, fudge, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie… All favorites that I only make during the holidays.

  • 152
    Teresa beg says:

    Every year on Christmas Eve my husbands side of the family get together to celebrate, then Christmas morning my side of the family gets together. It is so fun being able to spend time with everyone. Thankful everyone lives so close together.

  • 153
    Kristie H says:

    I love decorating the tree. I decorating it with my kids but they are good for about an hour and then they are ready to be done. Love having it up for the holiday season. It’s the first thing we do for Christmas and sets the mood for everything else.

  • 154
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    My favorite Holiday tradition is going to church with family on Christmas Eve. Great October release!

  • 155
    Lynn Hardy says:

    I love all the planning beforehand, especially making and sending Christmas cards and choosing gifts that I know the reciepient will love. Gathering together with all the family is all the more special with a bit of thought and preparation beforehand.

  • 156
    Darla S says:

    The Christmas Eve service at church and Christmas morning brunch are favorite traditions in our home.

  • 157
    RedGem says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is to make a pancake breakfast then sit down to open gifts!

  • 158
    Denise Bryant says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is having my daughter and her boyfriend join us for Christmas Day! I usually make a veggie lasagna for dinner since my daughter is a vegetarian. It’s easy to assemble ahead of time so we can enjoy our time together, and I have no mess in the kitchen from cooking a big turkey dinner! 🙂
    Congrats on a wonderful release!

  • 159
    Sue Z says:

    Making special gifts during the holidays has become my holiday tradition. I love making homemade cards, baking, and paper goods for all the special people in my life.

  • 160
    Janet w says:

    Love everything about the holiday, but my favorite tradition is probably making and baking sweet treats for friends and family.

  • 161
    Brenda Kuder says:

    My favorite tradition is simply being able to get together with family and enjoy the holidays.

  • 162
    Kim Gyuran says:

    My favorite tradition is having friends over for dinner who do not have family in the area. We have a come one and all approach. I’m a firm believer that no one should be alone on the holidays. Our house is filled with friends every year and we are blessed with so much joy.

  • 163
    Carmela says:

    My favorite tradition as many have said is a candlelight Christmas eve service. I would also say that I just enjoy the whole Christmas season. I love the lights, on homes, the times with family and friends, buying gifts for others, the traditional Christmas Carols, wrapping gifts, stockings and all of it. I like to cherish the time and season. The true meaning of Christ coming is what is most important.

  • 164
    Donna Oates says:

    It’s just not Christmas now without being with my daughters, especially now that my oldest daughter has a little girl! Christmas thru the eyes of a child just makes it a special time. Reminds me of my girls when they were little and when I was a child. Love this release. Congrats on a fabulous release!!!

  • 165
    Karen Ba says:

    Being together as family and getting a real Christmas tree so the awesome pine scent is all over the house. 🙂

  • 166
    Nancy Penir says:

    First of all, a great big, ‘thank you’ for making your releases something I look forward to every month. So much fun! Cherished memories at Christmas makes my big family extra special. From decorations to meal and treat planning, all the traditions of the season make the holidays memorable. At different times during Christmas break, my family makes it’s way to our home. We have a tradition for the young ones that Santa’s special elf visits and leaves a gift, hidden with clues throughout the house. Parents and little ones hunt down the carefully hidden surprise, aided by carefully hidden clues. The squeals are a cherished sound as we all enjoy the search. My husband and I plan for weeks in advance, where to hide each note that leads to the little treasures. Many little traditions are what make the Christmas week my favorite!

  • 167
    Patsann says:

    My favorite Christmas Tradition is baking cookies and spending time with family and friends!

  • 168
    Maureen P says:

    My favourite tradition is going to Christmas Eve mass then having an appie night with my family.

  • 169
    Teddra says:

    Decorating the tree and cookie baking day!

  • 170
    Terri W says:

    My favorite tradition is getting together with our grown son on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts and eat Chinese for dinner.

  • 171
    Greta H says:

    My favorite tradition is driving around looking at the Christmas lights.

  • 172
    Noreen says:

    Getting together with family. We draw names for a gift exchange and we have a potluck dinner on Christmas Eve, with everyone bringing a dish or two.

  • 173
    K McCoy says:

    I love all the baking, wrapping and sharing with family and friends.

  • 174
    Cynthia Clark says:

    New Year’s Eve is a big gathering of family for a Fondue dinner! We always have a puzzle set up on a table that we work on until the wee hours of the morning. Tons of fun!

  • 175
    Suzan L Fohringer says:

    My favorite tradition is one that my DH and I started even before we were married 39 yrs. ago….on the 23rd or 24th of Dec. we drive for miles looking at all the homes decorations. There are some that have been putting up moving and magical displays as neighborhood projects for over 55 yrs! He always grumbles and complains, but soon he is “oohing and aahing” and pointing just like I am.

  • 176
    Dori Yannatone says:

    We always have a big Italian Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house with homemade sauce and everything that goes with it. Everyone comes over and spends the day together. It’s always a great time!

  • 177
    Cathy R. says:

    We always go to Christmas eve services and when we get home we open one gift. As a child this was really exciting!

  • 178
    Michelle Benoit says:

    We play “5-5-5” and each family member buys three gifts worth under $5. On Christmas Eve we take turns choosing and “stealing” from each other till all the gifts are claimed. One of my children always brings candy and somehow through shrewd bargaining manages to end up with the exact candy gifts he brought. We all love seeing him maneuver this.

  • 179
    Peggy says:

    Christmas Eve is usually a children’s church service and then a Prime Rib and Crab dinner followed by (1) gift opening by each grandchild. Then everyone is off to their own homes. We have a quiet calm morning until everyone shows up again in the afternoon after spending their morning at their own homes or other family.
    Extended family from Seattle area and Colorado arrive and we are off again!

  • 180
    Rachael B says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making/having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning while opening presents, then watching A Christmas Story. We also try to go to some sort of Christmas light show. Love!❤️🎄

  • 181
    Heidi says:

    The quiet after all the presents are opened and everyone is gathered around to enjoy each other.

  • 182
    TracyL says:

    I keep my father’s tradition of starting to play my Christmas music in October, just a few songs here and there. November I play little more and by Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas music from morning to night. We have a pretty big collection.

  • 183
    Pat A Whitley says:

    Traditions have changed for me as my Mom has aged. There were so many precious ones when we were younger, then as I started having nephews and a niece. Now, my pastors daughters come out and we make candy. We giggle, laugh and then I send them home with a huge box of what we made!

  • 184
    Meagan W. says:

    Every year we buy a new movie, usually Christmas themed, and watch it together on Christmas Eve. There’s always lots of laughs, love, and candy!

  • 185
    Betty Neville says:

    My favourite holiday tradition is Christmas dinner with my family. We always have turkey with all the trimmings. My parents make the best stuffing! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 186
    Patty says:

    Drinking hot chocolate and apple cider with the family around the fire place.

  • 187
    Krissie says:

    Listening to Christmas music all of December everywhere.

  • 188
    Ann says:

    Every year we love to walk around the decorated neighborhoods, embracing the cold air and looking at the beautiful decorations on all the homes.

  • 189
    Jennifer L. says:

    So many traditions with my kids that I love about Christmas — decorating the tree, going on drives to see Christmas lights, watching old Christmas movies throughout the month, and seeing a holiday show every year.

  • 190
    Pat from sd says:

    We love preparing a huge feast for the family and just getting together to spend time with the entire family for the day.

  • 191
    Donna Gourley says:

    That’s an easy one for me. When our children were young we started a tradition of writing what we call stocking notes to each other. (Which have to be completed and placed in everyone’s stocking by Xmas morning.) We tell each other what traits they have that we admire, why they are special, etc. It’s the best gift I receive (and give) each year. The kids usually complained about this of course, but when things got really quiet on Christmas, you could tell everyone was hunkered down with their notes. I like that it helped them to begin to look at their differences and admire traits others may have that they may not. My children are all grown now, but the tradition continues and has trickled down to my granddaughter. I encourage anyone reading this to start this tradition for a more meaningful holiday.

  • 192
    Catherine Milne says:

    We go caroling on Christmas Eve. This is something my husband has been doing since he was in his 20’s and he’s now 71. When we got married it was one of the things he wanted to continue. Someone dresses up like Santa and we go through the same older neighborhood in Burbank every year with my husband’s best friend and his family. Our group spans 3 generations and people in the neighborhood look forward to our performances though we’re pretty terrible singers.

  • 193
    Ivana C says:

    Every year, leading up to Christmas, we spend cozy evenings watching Christmas movies, baking, cooking and gift wrapping. All while enjoying our favorite Christmas carols. In recent years, we’ve also added the tradition of Christmas cardmaking! Christmas Eve, we have a big family supper, before we all get to open one gift. Each year, I look forward to my family’s traditional recipes for Christmas Eve, which have been carried down for generations and are only served this one time of the year. We all look forward to it!

  • 194
    Donna C says:

    I would have to say the annual making of gingerbread houses has been a long tradition in our family. The kids have gotten very creative over the years. We have had flying saucer houses, ski chalets, and many other creative projects.

  • 195
    Tracy says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree and decorating. We usually start on Thanksgiving evening after all the guests have left, and we spend that long weekend preparing our house for the Christmas holiday.

  • 196

    Our traditions have changed since we lost my husband 3 years ago. We still go to Christmas Eve service and have our favorite foods for meals. But our favorite time of the year will never be the same!

  • 197
    Annie says:

    Every year we host a seafood Christmas Eve dinner for family and friends. This has bee a tradition for the past 25 years. Each guest leaves with a handcrafted gift. Many of the gift ideas came from inspiration from the PTI blog team.

  • 198
    Andre M. says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. My daughters and I make a massive Shepherd’s Pie every Christmas Day.

  • 199
    Marianne M says:

    Fragrant candles, Christmas lights, and a live tree decorated with old and precious ornaments 🙂

  • 200
    Julie says:

    putting $300 in my wallet and then finding ways to help others have a Merry Christmas!

  • 201
    Vicki A says:

    I love Christmas with our family. Our son’s in laws join us and we have a family dinner, do our gift exchange he and wat our grandkids open their gifts from the family.

  • 202
    Sally Keagle says:

    Christmas morning in our pj’s, being together, enjoying a special yummy breakfast after gift opening.

  • 203
    Carrie T says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve so that we can take our time and enjoy opening presents Christmas morning and take our time with a big Christmas morning breakfast.

  • 204
    Debs says:

    We celebrate simply…all season long. Our family is spread across the country so whenever someone comes home during the holidays, we make a big pot of soup…put out local bread and cheese…sit in front of the fireplace and just enjoy the time together.

  • 205
    Nancy Nicholson says:

    Sending out Christmas cards!

  • 206
    Cynthia C. says:

    There’s nothing like the glow of Hanukkah candles on a dark and chilly evening!

  • 207
    Sue Symens says:

    Christmas eve service and stockings. I like the family and friends coming together to celebrate Christ’s birth.

  • 208
    Titta says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve dinner with the family. That’s the real start of the holiday for me.

  • 209
    Jane Sprando says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating gingerbread houses with my grandkids. I have been doing it for about 20 years. They start at age 1 and can continue as long as they want. (Amy, now 18,has decorated 17 gingerbread houses!) I put the houses together the night before so that they are good and sturdy, especially the roofs. One year one side of a roof slid off and broke. As 8 kids were eagerly picking out the house they would decorate, most wanted the “solar roof house”!!!! Not quite 1 year old Gianna had frosting all over her and some on the house, with 3 Smarties left on the roof. I provide lots of candy for eating and decorating.

    Then the kids decorate my Christmas tree. You can tell their ages by the heights they can reach and where they place the ornaments. I don’t move a single ornament unless it is ready to fall off.

    I take lots of pictures, then make books on Shutterfly, etc… Can’t wait for this year!

  • 210
    Karyn S says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is to have my family with me. Especially now that so many have moved away.

  • 211
    Kathy VH says:

    We don’t have any holiday traditions. We go with the flow, it works for us. Maybe not all the excitement, but also no stress!!

  • 212
    Penny Peters says:

    Going to Hershey park with my kids and seeing all the lights there and across the street driving the car through the enchanted forest light show they have there.

  • 213
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve. We all gather as a family for the Christmas Eve service ar out church. Then we have dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant and open gifts and have dessert at my sister in laws home. This tradition started many years ago and we all look forward to this night to enjoy each other’s company on this very special day.

  • 214
    janet sisk says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is traveling to my parents’ and in-laws’ homes for Christmas. We have been married for 34 years and have only missed one Christmas with our extended families. We have lived in several different states and have driven as far as 15 hours to be with them over the holidays. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. It is kind of sad realizing that our parents are aging and that traditions will eventually change, but in the meantime we will relish every chance we get to spend with them. Thanks for a chance to win and for all the beautiful inspiring projects shared that past several days. 😀

  • 215
    Terri says:

    My favorite part is spending time with my family playing games and having a wonderful and fun dinner!

  • 216
    Mimi r says:

    Sitting down for a huge family dinner during the holidays since everyone lives so far away.

  • 217
    Flo says:

    Decorating the tree with my kids and grandkids is my favorite. Telling the stories behind each ornament. Love it.

  • 218
    Carolyn J says:

    Getting together with family that lives far away!

  • 219
    Susan W. says:

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is new pajamas on Christmas Eve. My mother started this tradition when I was little. I have continued it with my four kids and even today, we (my husband & I) give new pajamas to my adult kids and their significant others on Christmas Eve. My daughters have chosen to follow this special tradition with their children. We even have an update on this tradition…and now take pictures with everyone in their new pajamas on Christmas Eve!

  • 220
    Penny J says:

    Over the years our traditions have changed. It is just my husband and me now so we don’t do a lot of the traditional things anymore. We decorate the house, play Christmas music, and I do a small amount of baking for friends and neighbors. We have started a new, for us, tradition of going to a fancy Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve and we fill our stockings with inexpensive fun things as we don’t do big, expensive gifts anymore. But my all time favorite tradition would have to be the candlelight service at church!

  • 221
    Amy Klin says:

    Having family together, going to church, yummy special foods.

  • 222
    BeverlyBL says:

    My favorite tradition is making rum balls. Or as I like to call them YUM Balls!!

  • 223
    Judy says:

    My favorite holiday traditions are being together with family and making handmade holiday gifts.

  • 224
    Karla P says:

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is to decorate a tree with a different theme in different rooms in my house. I have an angel tree, a bird tree, a Chinese tree, a beach/ocean themed tree, an M&M/muppets tree and a family tree. Then, place a nativity under each one.

  • 225
    Laura Corkill says:

    THANKSMAS is my favorite holiday tradition. My family is spread across the US. I have two sons in the Midwest, two daughters in the southwest and 10 grandchildren. My mother also lives in the Midwest. We all get together in my home at Thanksgiving and celebrate Christmas too so that in December, my children can enjoy Christmas in their own homes and attend to their other family obligations then, without being pulled in too many different directions.

  • 226
    Arianna Barbara says:

    My fav holiday traditions are baking biscuits and making home decorations for Christmas and spending Christmas Eve with all my family.

  • 227
    Hlee says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making cookies for Santa with my children.

  • 228
    karen b says:

    I love everything about the holiday season, but now that my children are adults I am thrilled that no matter when they arrive home for Christmas, they always decorate sugar cookies. There is much laughter, pictures are taken, and some really special conversations take place during this simple time. Every year brings different challenges, but it seems we all look forward to this tradition.

    Fantastic release!

  • 229
    Diana F says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is having a mini family reunion the weekend before Christmas. We have dinner and have a white elephant gift exchange. It is always a good time.

  • 230
    Sheri Elmont says:

    Growing up a favorite tradition was having fondue on Christmas Eve. We always did a meat one and fun veggies, fruits and cheese on the side. It was always fun to cook our meat and dip it in the BBQ sauce.

  • 231
    K Leach says:

    My favorite Christmas traditions are being with family, wonderful holiday-specific foods, holiday music, and Christmas Eve church services.

  • 232
    Ruthann says:

    My favorite holiday traditions are being with family and decorating the Christmas trees.

  • 233
    Alesa says:

    Christmas dinner, opening presents & then watching A Charlie Brown Christmas!

  • 234
    Sheila W says:

    First and foremost is celebrating Christ’s birth! Then it’s time with family and friends and making my homemade caramels to share. I know many people look forward to getting these each year so it makes it really special to give them out.

  • 235
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    Making cards of course! But cards aside, we just enjoy being together, and we don’t do anything consistently from year to year. Every other year we are home, and I have the whole family in, cook a meal and watch Christmas movies. On the opposite year, we travel from PA to MO to spend with our youngest daughter and family, while our oldest daughter & family travel to AR to spend time with husband’s family.

  • 236
    see mary stamp says:

    There is pretty much a holiday tradition I don’t love – hanging the stockings, listening to Christmas music (with a new CD or two added to the mix every year), setting out our Dickens Village and now seeing our grandkids get excited about it, sending and receiving Christmas cards and baking Christmas Cookies and having the grandkids help decorate them. A newer tradition is picking a Saturday in December to go Christmas shopping with my daughter-in-law. We spend the day together, have a nice lunch, and usually end up finding a few more treasures for me to pick up for the grandkids. Something we look forward to every year now.

  • 237
    Joanne B says:

    Putttimg ornaments on tree, as each one brings a different memory – especially of those that have passed. My favorite are broaches that belonged to my mother and mother in law as well as some from childhood and things my children made for me when they were young. In addition, the ones my granddaughter made with me.

  • 238
    Mary Lou Kemp says:

    Our Christmas traditions have changed over the years but there was a time we gathered every Christmas eve at my parents for lots of delicious food, laughter and the exchange of gifts. It was always something the grandchildren looked forward to because there gift bags were overflowing and they had so much fun being with each other. I will always cherish those precious times together.

  • 239
    Joybells says:

    Christmas music has always been special to me. I love the special Christmas musicals.

  • 240
    LR says:

    Going to the Christmas Concert at my Church during December. The baking, decorating, Christmas music, pretty lights, gathering with family and friends…love it all!

  • 241
    Sandra Vincent says:

    Christmas Eve Candlelight service, then driving around to look at all the lights and displays. Home for hot chocolate and snacks, and kids get to open one present before bed.

  • 242
    Teresa F says:

    Making an advent calendar full of goodies for my daughter! The style and items are different every year and we both have so much fun with it!

  • 243
    KathleenA says:

    Every year in early November I host a holiday crafting brunch. We have great food and champagne punch then spent the afternoon visiting and crafting for the holidays. I get my Christmas cards done and friends make gift tags or whatever they are working on for gift giving. Always a great time! It starts the holiday season for me.

  • 244
    Frederica Bond says:

    We have to be together on Christmas morning. I just love seeing my family on Christmas morning. No matter how busy everyone gets- they all come home for Christmas. They all know and they all come.

  • 245
    Marlena M says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is to read our Christmas letters from the year before. We write the past years’ events and memories (each fam member writes one) and pack it away when Christmas is done. When we bring out the decor, we read our letters out loud for the first time.

  • 246
    Karen B says:

    I love getting the tree and decorating it – we always get family together for that and have a special dinner. And it kicks off baking season – I love to bake for the holidays!

  • 247
    Nancy M says:

    Making Christmas cookies!

  • 248
    Sandi H says:

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is gathering family together on Christmas Eve! We have dinner, see family that we don’t see as often as we would like, exchange gifts and go to Candlelight Church Service.

  • 249
    Amanda says:

    Christmas cinnamon rolls is my favorite tradition.

  • 250
    Marlee S. says:

    I enjoy making cookies, eating dinner and being with my family. I always make sure everyone gets a homemade Christmas card!

  • 251
    Leslie Sunn says:

    My favorite tradition is just getting together with my whole family and spending time together.

  • 252
    Betty Wright says:

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions, is having all the family over at my home on Christmas Day. Some arrive at different times, but it is so fun and festive. We eat a lot throughout the day. Several years ago my hubby decided he wanted steak, bake potato, and salad on Christmas with a bunch of different desserts. This is easier to do and allows more time to spend with the family instead of cooking all day.

  • 253
    Cacia says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is that when my family decorates the tree, as we hang each ornament we pray for the person or family who gave it to us. Most of our ornaments were gifts or were inherited from grandparents, so it’s a beautiful way of remembering our friends and family while also keeping Christmas faith- and people-centered rather than all about presents. It also prompts plenty of reminiscences, which is always fun!

  • 254
    AllysonA says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is when my husband has the day after Thanksgiving off from work, so we immediately put up the Christmas tree and decorations while having a nice, relaxing day together. I love to be together and decorate and feel the coming excitement in the air. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration this week! We have a wildfire burning just a few miles away from us, and we have been stressed all week long waiting to see how things will develop and whether or not we will need to leave our home not knowing what will happen to it. The inspiration this week has given me a little something to enjoy each day! 🙂

  • 255
    ErinS says:

    Our favorite tradition is reading the Bible Christmas story on Christmas Eve and opening up one present before bedtime.

  • 256
    Karen W says:

    My favorite tradition is watching my favorite Christmas films. Some great hot chocolate, some cookies and warm blankets.

  • 257
    Cindy says:

    Candlelight service with my family and decorating Christmas cookie.

  • 258
    SharonKay says:

    As a kid, my favorite tradition was going to my grandma’s house to make cookies with my cousins. Now it is all my kids together with us on Christmas morning, especially now that my son is living away; then gathering with the extended family on Christmas night. Being together.

  • 259

    I wish I had something more original, but my fave family tradition is opening a couple of presents on Christmas Eve and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to my daughter at bedtime 🙂

  • 260
    April Constantine says:

    Besides having all the family for Christmas dinner, I love singing Christmas hymns with the choir at church.

  • 261
    Becky Brooks says:

    Driving around town to see the lights and decorations. Loved it as a kid (Dad was cheap!), loved it as an adult (I hate crowds at the mall!), and still love it as a gray-haired funemployed (retired) senior citizen.

  • 262
    Jessica Monte says:

    Celebrating my daughter birthday that is on Christams Eve we always have a special birthday gift for her 1st thing in the morning then I make her favorite cinnamon rolls. Then off to mass and my in law… christams day we open gifts at home then spend the day at my moms…

  • 263
    Lisa Schenck says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas cookies & treats!

  • 264
    Jill S says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies. My grandmother used to bake several batches and I can remember being allowed to get into the cookies once a visit. I have continued this tradition with my family. It’s a wonderful feeling to have friends and family eager to sneak a snack at our home. I love being able to share my love of baking at this special time of year.

  • 265
    Sandygail says:

    I always love our Christmas dinner. I get to host it a lot now and love to cook and especially bake a wonderful cake.

  • 266
    Diana Yockey says:

    Making decorations, Christmas cards, and family newsletter. Baking goodies for neighbors and friends…and the best is being with family remembering the reason for the season.

  • 267
    storymusicgirl says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is our church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service.

  • 268
    Diana says:

    For us Christmas starts with trimming the Christmas tree. No Christmas without a tree.

  • 269
    Annette says:

    Buying the Christmas tree and baking Christmas cookies. We have three recipes that I remember baking with my grandmothers when I was so little that I had to kneel on the kitchen bench and now I bake these with my sister and my teenage children each year.

  • 270
    Lee Winemiller Cockrum says:

    In general I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights throughout the season….but Christmas eve with family is the best single event.

  • 271
    Kathy Mc says:

    Christmas is a tradition in my opinion, but at the top of my list is listening to Christmas music while decorating for the season. Then I bake our favorite cookies, make egg nog at least once and attend Christmas Eve Mass to really get in the spirit.

  • 272
    Lynn W says:

    There are so many traditions that it is hard to choose. Starting with putting up fall decorations late September to the wonderful family gathering and cookout at the outdoor campfire area on New Year’s Eve, I love the planning, the shopping, the baking, the cooking, the decorating, the music and the beautiful Florida fall and winter weather.

  • 273
    Janet Goshorn says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree and entire house with favorite family ornaments and home decor. ALso love to have Christmas music playing and fragrant candles burning.

  • 274

    The Christmas tradition I enjoy, is opening presents…one at a time, with everyone waiting to see what you got!! As a child I hated this, I just wanted to tear into all my packages; I now realize it made present opening a bit more special and you actually remembered who gave you what!

  • 275
    Debbie says:

    Baking and decorating cookies with my family.

  • 276
    Craftyfield says:

    My favourite tradition is opening jokey presents on Christmas eve, socks, Santa hats etc.. that we will wear during the holidays (at home only of course!). It’s all simple joy and the closest family together before the big event.

  • 277
    Karen Briguglio says:

    I make a Clone of a Cinnabon recipe every Christmas Eve for us to enjoy on Christmas morning. That surely has to be my children’s favorite tradition. I love seeing the Christmas tree with all of the handmade and special ornaments. Of course there is the very traditional meal we all enjoy and have every year – exactly the same year after year, lol.

  • 278
    Barbara Schmidt says:

    Before we would open gifts on Christmas morning, we would have sticky buns and juice. Now that our children are married and have families of their own, they carry on the same tradition. Sometimes the buns are homemade or store bought but the thought is always there. In these hectic times it is nice to slow down and enjoy the season.

  • 279
    Anne B says:

    Decorating the tree and the house in early December and getting excited about the month ahead.

  • 280
    Rebecca Attwood says:

    Such a great release, thanks for all the inspiration. My favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas trifle and getting to have leftovers for breakfast the day after Christmas!

  • 281
    Helen F. says:

    My favorite Holiday tradition has changed so much over the years ~ as a youngster, it was Christmas Eve at church and then everyone to our house for a midnight food-fest! My Mom handed the baton over to me when I got married and this tradition continued for years until the kids in the family grew up and had families of their own. Moving to FL changed the “old” to “new” Christmas tradition to me, my husband and our friends/neighbors spending Christmas day together as our families were in New England. Now the holidays usually include traveling for me.

  • 282
    Mary Beth S says:

    Making Russian Teacakes to give as gifts. They are usually a surefire hit!

  • 283
    Lisa P says:

    Christmas Eve candlelight service!

  • 284
    PT says:

    Doing a turkey dinner during the holidays and eating until you’re stuffed like one! 🙂

  • 285
    Kim Heggins says:

    my favorite holiday tradition is having lunch with my family at lefty o’douls in san francisco and bring toys for their toy drive, its a wonderful way to spend the day and give back.

  • 286

    This looks like a perfect release with so much awesomeness!!! My favorite holiday tradition is the family decorating the Christmas tree together!!! Can’t wait for the kids to be home now!!!!

  • 287
    Iggy says:

    Baking lots of different kinds of cookies for family and friends.

  • 288
    Emma Sleppy says:

    I just love making Christmas Cookies and remember all the fun times with my mom doing this.

  • 289
    Heather Parry says:

    Having the whole family together at my Mom’s for an always delicious turkey dinner.

  • 290
    Kristin Burge says:

    I love the family traditions at Christmastime…. going out and cutting down our Christmas tree, candlelight service, making lefse and cookies… it is such a charming and wonderful family time of year.
    -Kristin B.

  • 291
    Dennisonka says:

    Watching _It’s a Wonderful Life_ on Christmas Eve while wrapping presents … a peaceful, relaxing evening.

  • 292
    Merryf says:

    Lighting the menorah on Hanukkah! Even in the years I was working late or would be just too exhausted to light 8 days’ worth of candles, I always managed to light at least one. I inherited my grandparents’ menorah that they bought in Israel in 1966 which I used for many years. But for the past few years I’ve used my parents’ silver menorah that they received as a wedding present which I inherited when they passed away. It’s a sweet way to remember my childhood.

  • 293
    MaryB says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is having the kids and their spouses home. I make Pioneer Woman’s yummy cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve morning. On Christmas, we read the original Christmas story in the Bible, then our son takes over passing out gifts. Last year, our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter was delighted to help her daddy pass out the gifts. We enjoyed watching her so much! This release is full of so many beautiful goodies – thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate!

  • 294
    Christine says:

    Watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve while baking & preparing for the next day’s flurry of activities ♥️

  • 295
    LaFaunB says:

    Favorite holiday traditions… Christmas pjs, yummy food, and family!

  • 296

    Going to the Children’s Christmas Eve (early) Mass Celebrating the birth of Jesus. Now that everyone has family of their own it is pure Joy to see them all the on Christmas Day!

  • 297
    Charity Chamberlain says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree and decorations on Thanksgiving Day after we’ve had dinner. Fabulous release by the way! Love everything especially because it’s Christmas related which is my favorite holiday!

  • 298
    Tracy M. says:

    I’ve always enjoyed getting up at 6:00 AM with my husband and our children, opening our presents and following that up with a big breakfast.

  • 299
    Becky M says:

    I love putting up my Christmas tree with Santa’s village underneath it. And then getting together with family on Christmas! The holidays are only getting better and more special as we add more children to the family!!

  • 300
    Sue McRae says:

    Having a fondue dinner on Christmas Eve, driving around to look at Christmas lights, snuggling with cocoa to watch It’s A Wonderful Life and then opening our Christmas gifts.

  • 301
    AOK says:

    Attending church on Christmas Eve and then family supper as we finish wrapping presents in front of Christmas Tree.

  • 302
    Connie G says:

    Christmas Eve family togetherness is the absolute best.

  • 303
    Sandy Rizzo says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas dinner attended by family. The wonderful food and delightful conversation centered around the reason for the holiday make this an extra sweet occasion.

  • 304
    Sallie says:

    Making Christmas cookies and sharing they with family and friends.

  • 305
    Melissa Friedrich says:

    Awesome holiday release, congrats to the whole DT! My favorite holiday tradition is our family’s Polish Christmas Eve dinner which has been carried on through the generations. Pierogi are usually the favorite item on the menu.

  • 306

    Family Christmas handmade/cookie exchange, either bake something or make something. Always love this time with my daughter, mom, sisters and nieces! Great release, the holiday release never disappoints!

  • 307
    MV says:

    ♥♥Getting Together with Family♥♥

  • 308
    Evan says:

    Decorating the house with my family

  • 309
    Kristen says:

    I enjoy the candlelight service on Christmas Eve but also the Easter services when our choir gets together and sings beautiful hymns for Christ’s resurrection. And yet any “holiday” that brings family together is great. Recently we all gathered for a work party at my sister’s house to beautify her yard in preparation for the house she has to sell as a result of the heart wrenching, teeth gritting divorce her whole family has been subject to. But getting together was a blessing!

  • 310
    Lesa says:

    Christmas Eve at my moms, it’s a small gathering but it’s perfect!

  • 311
    Jeni says:

    Driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  • 312
    Leslie Scholes says:

    The gathering of family. The 4 grandkids make it so fun and wonderful!

  • 313
    Cyndie says:

    I like to re-read Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” every year.

  • 314
    Chris L says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is the delicious food–we have a wonderful spread of lasagna every year!

    What a fabulous release!

  • 315
    María Alba Negrón says:

    Back when I was a little younger, I loved going on “Parrandas”. They are traditional Puerto Rican Christmas Carrols, but they are much different in the sense that more than a dozen people organize them, they go friends and families houses in the wee hours of the night with instruments and we wake the people in the home to our Christmas songs which are created for the purpose of dancing and having a good time. The people that we wake up are not angry because we are accustomed to receive them, we dance, we party and they now that they have to supply the food and drinks, so EVERYBODY is happy. Now I make Christmas cookies and our traditional Christmas beverage which is “Coquito”

  • 316
    Mutzy Mia says:

    Spending Christmas day together with family eating breakfast together, reading the Christmas story, opening gifts, watching the children play, have dinner together. It’s a lot of work getting all the details in place but well worth it when the day is done.

  • 317
    Rosemary D says:

    One of my favorite things to do leading up to Christmas is driving around looking at all the Christmas lights.

  • 318
    Carrie P says:

    I wish a had a fancy answer for this question, but alas, my favorite tradition is pretty simple … our family get-together. I love that everyone makes the effort to put family first at least once a year!

  • 319
    Deborah S says:

    One tradition that I started years ago is putting out an English popper at each person’s dinner place setting. We pop them open, read our fortunes out loud and wear our paper crowns and trade the little prizes. Such a silly thing but my family loves it~!

  • 320
    Michelle Chapman says:

    Spending Christmas Eve going to church service and then gathering for an evening of food and games with family.

  • 321
    Laura Gaechter says:

    Christmas Eve with my family. All my kids, nieces and nephews are grown and in college now, but we still all get together and enjoy a great meal and catching up with everyone.

  • 322
    Kate M says:

    We always head out to Christmas morning brunch with family friends-wonderful way to spread holiday cheer.

  • 323
    Susette J says:

    My favorite tradition is decorating for Christmas and putting up “theme” trees which includes one full of Barbi ornaments.

  • 324
    Cherie says:

    I’d have to say baking cookies and holiday treats to give away to friends and neighbors along with handmade packaging, tags and cards.

  • 325
    JoAnn H says:

    I really like advent calendars and baking

  • 326
    Luanne Ford says:

    Being with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus together.

  • 327
    Liz D says:

    Baking lots and lots of cookies to share with my neighbors and friends while listening to Christmas music non-stop!

  • 328
    Samantha Johnson says:

    My favorite tradition is going to cut down a real tree. We have to go about 1 1/2 hr away, but it’s worth every minute. We listen to Christmas music , my (now teenage) sons like to talk about their favorite memories and after we always stop at the same place for dinner on our way home. Usually smelling of Christmas, and someone always mentions that one of us smells like Christmas trees.

  • 329
    Linda K Hahn says:

    There are so many traditions and memories surrounding Christmas! My favorite is going to the children’s service at 5:00 then going to the Elves’ Fest after the service. We then drive around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights, and go home to play board games until midnight or later. The whole family plus a few extras are together…what a wonderful time!

  • 330
    MelissaH says:

    My favorite Christmas traditions are the candlelight service our church does on Christmas Eve and making Christmas cookies.

  • 331
    Liz R says:

    Making gingerbread houses with my girls.

  • 332
    Kathy Harrison says:

    Putting stockings up for all the pets we’ve had.

  • 333
    Kim Badelt says:

    My favourite holiday traditions comes from my childhood. Every Advent Sunday in the run up to Christmas my Mum would light a new candle in the afternoon and we would sing Christmas carols. At the time having to sing the carols made us roll our eyes but I love that memory and how excited we were that this week we were up to to 2 or 3 candles and Christmas was getting closer!

  • 334
    Kris says:

    Decorating the Christmas tree to Handel’s Messiah is first, second is egg ball at Easter (you have to see it to believe it)…..

  • 335
    Barbara M says:

    The big Christmas dinner! I go all out with with decorations and food. All table service no buffet…a real affair full of all holiday smells and tiny little details to top off the gift and holiday festivies. My creative pleasure…

  • 336
    Christine Nixon says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is gathering my family together the Sunday before Christmas for dinner, exchange of gifts, and loving each other. It is a precious time to me.

  • 337
    Susan Hatfield says:

    My favorite tradition is thinking about the birth of Christ and what it has meant in my life.

  • 338
    Julie says:

    Celebrating Christ’s birth starting with our church’s Christmas Eve Service together as a family.

  • 339
    jayell says:

    We all sit down to watch Elf on Christmas Eve and I love the family being together for this tradition every year.

  • 340
    Renee says:

    As simple as it sounds I really get so excited to decorate the trees (yes…trees. I have a few. 🙂 ) each year.

  • 341
    Vikki H says:

    Christmas Eve soup and corn bread and our youngest son acting as Santa with grandchildren his elves.

  • 342
    Annette Gordon says:

    Making Christmas decorations to put on the tree with my kids, like I did with my mom when I was little and big. lol I just love Christmas and family. What a great release. It is going to sell out fast!

  • 343
    LindaM says:

    On Christmas we have lunch, open presents and sit down with the kids and watch a movie, while munching on treats.

  • 344
    Reva says:

    Going to the forest with my family and selecting a tree to cut, the smell of a live tree is like no other tree you will decorate. In the southwest forest tree are never perfectly shaped so it always takes a long time to make it look balanced with handmade ornaments. Cookies and cocoa or coffee complete a fun evening.

  • 345
    Janet Pierson says:

    Every Christmas Eve we watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation as a family.

  • 346
    Lori Hefner says:

    We always play games with extended family Christmas Day. Prizes are given to the winners!! So much fun!!

  • 347
    Carollynn says:

    Once a year, during Christmas season, my daughter and I make pizzelle cookies. This is the only time during the year that we make these cookies.

  • 348
    April Joy says:

    Favorite holiday tradition that really kick starts the holiday mood is going to see the Fall colors.

  • 349
    Janet Mack says:

    Making Christmas cookies and giving them away. Now I am planning my Christmas cards.

  • 350
    Louise says:

    Making and delivering sweet rolls on the 24th for all our friends, family and neighbors so they have something good to eat Christmas morning

  • 351
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    Cooking a holiday feast and opening presents with the family afterwards!

  • 352
    Danielle Jacques says:

    For the past 20 years, I’ve made a paper crane the night before Christmas and I string it up on the tree. Before I fold it into its shape, I write a special prayer, favorite quote, verse from The Holy Book or an inspirtional word on the paper. What started out as some ‘quirky’ thing, has become so very dear to my heart. I can look at each paper crane, and I know whats written on the inside…many of those prayers have manifested into my life *tears* …I can only imagine 20 more years from now how lovely it will be to see 20 more affirmations and prayers looking back at me…Those are the kind of moments I live for!

  • 353
    Megan Suzanne says:

    Decorating a freshly cut Christmas tree!

  • 354
    jengd says:

    I love the first evening we sit by the decorated and lit Christmas tree. It sets such a wonderful mood.

  • 355
    Terri Bills says:

    We get together pretty frequently with my in laws for every birthday, baby shower, etc.. But my whole side of the family only really gets together at Christmas. It makes it extra special for me.

  • 356
    Stephanie A. says:

    I have so many Christmas traditions that I love but my favorite is listening to Christmas music. I have a large playlist that I have created over the years with a variety of different kinds of Christmas music.

  • 357
    Suzanne A says:

    Putting up and filling all of our many family member’s Christmas stockings – including our pets!

  • 358
    Tema says:

    My favorite family tradition is baking cookies & making special packaging for all the recipients.

  • 359
    Claudia B says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is playing board games late into the evening after stuffing ourselves with some great food. We do this at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and the occasional birthday.

  • 360
    Anna S. says:

    My favourite holiday tradition is going out for a ski in the field near our house after our Christmas breakfast and presents.

  • 361
    Melissa S. says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is attending Christmas Eve candlelight service the night before. It is such a wonderful way to rest from the hectic pace of life before Christmas and center in on what Christmas is really all about.

  • 362
    bmartin says:

    Our favorite tradition is pulling out the Christmas puzzles with a hot cup of tea and spending all day putting them together.

  • 363
    Deepa M. says:

    My favorite tradition is making and filling up the advent calendar for counting down to Christmas day. I am very excited about using some new products to make this year’s version!!

  • 364
    Erika Crawford says:

    We go to a Christmas Eve movie then go home and open one gift.

  • 365
    B Martin says:

    Our favorite tradition is pulling out the Christmas puzzles with a hot cup of tea and spending all day putting them together.

  • 366
    Ann Steinbecher says:

    Having grandchildren has just added to the joy we’ve had over the many years with our kids! Breakfast together is the best!

    • 366.1
      Amy Cooley says:

      Our family loves putting up the tree together. We make a day of it…complete with holiday music, snacks and lots of reminiscing!

  • 367
    Jona says:

    Getting all our Christmas decorations out and doing the house up is my favorite tradition!

  • 368
    Amy Cooley says:

    Our family loves putting up the tree together. We make a day of it…complete with holiday music, snacks and lots of reminiscing!

  • 369
    Lisa Zajac says:

    Decorating the tree.

  • 370
    Heather Mills says:

    A couple years ago, we started a Christmas advent calendar tradition of opening a envelope each day that contains a scripture verse (or verses) pertaining to the Christmas story and a special event or treat for the day. I think it’s been something the three kids really enjoy and we’ve tried some new, fun activities.

  • 371
    Paula Reif says:

    My favorite holiday tradition has always been making a special Italian meal with my mom. Mom is gone now, but I’ve carried on the tradition with my daughters.

  • 372
    Diane says:

    My favorite holiday tradition was the Christmas stockings my mom made for each member of our family. We’d exchange names and fill them with little gifts. It was exciting, especially while my kids were little. They looked forward to Christmas at Grandma’s!

  • 373
    Kathie B says:

    i love all of the traditions that draw me to reflect on the true meaning Christmas–Christmas services with my family, setting up the Christmas crib, listening to and singing Christmas Carols.

  • 374
    Rebekah says:

    Having my whole family together for Christmas- especially my 3 sisters… we’ve been celebrating together literally forever!

  • 375
    Linda E says:

    Next to making Christmas cards? My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. Each member of my family has their favorites and I make sure to make at least a batch of each. Plus, when my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I converted many of my recipes to gluten free. Last year I made 20 batches of cookies!

  • 376
    lainey says:

    Making Christmas cookies, although I don’t make as many as I used to.

  • 377
    Silke Ledlow says:

    My favorite tradition is actually making my “German Marzipan Applecake”. It’s a winner each year!

  • 378
    UTHunni says:

    My favorite traditions are on Christmas eve. My husband reads “twas the night before Christmas to the kids(this will be year 25) and we make cookies for Santa

  • 379
    Olga Vassilenko says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is bringing oodles of gifts to the office and sneaking them in to my colleagues’ desks 🙂 Wait! I must change that! It’s the kids unwrapping their presents!! The screams and jumps!! Nothing beats THAT!!!

  • 380
    Tammy W says:

    Definitely baking cookies with the whole family! (and maybe eating them too!) ha ha

  • 381
    Anna M says:

    We have no family tradition. We find that to be less stressful!

  • 382
    vintagestampr says:

    I love listening to the Christmas story being trade on Christmas Eve!

  • 383
    Cynthia L says:

    Christmas Eve get together of my mom’s family. The fellowship, food and games is the highlight of the year.

  • 384
    Jennifer Y says:

    My favorite tradition is to just being together!! And of course baking, cooking, & EATING!!! LOL!!;)

  • 385
    Mary K PARKER says:

    My fav tradition are our homemade ornaments. I love each & every one. I also started getting collectible ornaments for our grand daughter from her first yr. She’ll be 23 this yr and even though i get her a reg ornament ea year, she doesn’t know about the collectables!

  • 386
    Jo Ann Mooney says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with our family, baking a birthday cake for Jesus, then attending their church for Christmas Eve music and sermon. We have done this for several years and look forward to remembering the real reason for the season. Thank you for a wonderful release!

  • 387

    My favorite tradition was going to my Granny’s house. All her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren would meet there. Granny would have started making cakes a month ago and putting them in her big freezer. She and some of the older women would start cooking at the crack of dawn! We would have 2 tables full of food and a sideboard full of desserts. Granny went into the nursing home in 1990 and we never got together at Christmas again. She was the heart of our family and without her, we just fell apart.

  • 388
    Danny Z says:

    Being together with my family.

  • 389
    Jenifer S. says:

    I love taking our annual family Christmas photo, deciding what theme we are going with and creating a card each year with it. It’s cool to look back and see how the kids have grown and remembering all the laughs and struggles while taking the photos.

  • 390
    Melanie Parnell says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. I have bought a new Christmas ornament for my son every year since he was born. Each one has a special memory. We enjoy hanging them together every year. When he has a house of his own he can take them with him.

  • 391
    Nadia Kendall says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is opening gifts with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve and with my family on Christmas Day.

  • 392
    Josiane says:

    My favorite tradition is designing Shutterfly photocards with photos from our vacations each year to send to our family and friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in years. It’s like a little scrapbook sent through the mail. Plus to justify my many PTI holiday stamps 😀, I stamp on the front and back of each envelope. Since PTI stamp designs are so beautiful that the recipients think that the envelopes are professionally printed, last year I used a gold shimmer pen to write ‘I handstamped this envelope :)’ on the flap.

  • 393
    Jenifer Stephens says:

    I love taking our annual family Christmas photo, deciding on the theme for the photo and making it into a card. It’s cool to look back on how the kids have grown and remember the struggles and laughs we had taking the picture.

  • 394
    Betty Sue says:

    Making holiday cookies and wrapping fun gifts!

  • 395
    Marsha Freer says:

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is gathering our children, and now our grandchildren, for Tree Decorating Day at our house. We start in the morning and go to pick our Christmas tree, go back to our house for hot cocoa and snacks while my husband gets the tree ready for decorating. We all decorate the tree together and when we are finished, we have dinner together. I love looking back at pictures from past years and remembering all of the priceless memories we have created as a family. Happy Holidays!!

  • 396
    Julia Aston says:

    Christmas Eve pageant at church with the kids participating!

  • 397
    Heather says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to church with my family.

  • 398
    Krista T says:

    My mom, daughters, sister-in-law, and nieces all go out for a fancy Christmas tea in the city. I look forward to it every year!

  • 399
    Leigh Penner says:

    Attending our Christmas Eve service at church as a family.

  • 400
    NCDonna says:

    Being from the Miami, Florida area, our family has celebrated Noche Buena with our Latin neighbors for years. Even though we’ve moved away, we continue with that amazing meal. But my favorite tradition has been our Christmas Night celebration – we make everyone’s favorite and requested items as the meal and spend the evening relaxing and enjoying the company of everyone here as well as drop ins, playing with the cool toys and watching favorite holiday movies and listening to Christmas carols.

  • 401
    Patti says:

    Our radiation is Mexican food for Christmas dinner.

  • 402
    Janice P says:

    Sitting down after all the presents are wrapped and placed around the tree, looking at the decorated tree, enjoying the quiet and peace before the joy and excitement of Christmas morning, and remembering the best times of the holiday season.

  • 403
    Dolores Roberson says:

    My whole family gathering around the piano singing Christmas carols. It started with my mom playing, but now my sister has continued the tradition. We’ve now added my brother’s , sister’s and my family. We even have grandchildren singing. It is a special time.

  • 404
    Deane McPherson says:

    I enjoy being around the grandkids. Their sweet innocence. The house decorated, the smells, the warmth, the lights. But, mostly, remembering and staying in focus of what Christmas is truly about.

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