Good morning! Welcome to this month's Moments Inked Planner feature. Today, I am sharing a little trick with the Moments Inked: Binder Listed Die. I've used these die cuts to mark my place in the planner, both month and week, as well as for temporary inserts for list making. At one point, when using a couple of them together in one month, I found that I preferred to have the title of both showing which led to my trick…


8 nested tabs binder

nested binder tabs!


4 nested tabs both

This is very easy to accomplish from just the one die – all it takes is one extra cut for each shorter tab.


2 nested tabs short

After cutting the full size binder tab, place the die cut back into the die, sliding it up slightly in order to shorten it. I used the holes as a guide, moving it one hole up, but you won't be sending the full die through so you can shorten more or less depending on how many binder tabs you want to nest.


3 nested tabs cut

Here's what it looks like from the other side as you put it through the machine. But, remember, don't put it all the way through! Just roll it in enough to cut the new tab top and roll it back out. That allows the holes to remain perfectly cut and match the binder as usual.


6 nested tabs stamped

And voilá, a set of two nesting tabs ready to stamp! I plan to use these for list making and note taking, so I titled them accordingly. There are many other list words to choose from in the Moments Inked: Listed stamp set or you can build your own title with a small alphabet.


7 nested tabs back

While I purposely left the front lined simply for optimized listing, I had to add a little pizzaz to the back with some fun stamping to coordinate with the colors of the month. To make that quick and easy as well, I chose one stamp per color and stamped a random pattern, starting with the biggest sentiment and moving on down to the glasses to fill in the gaps.


10 nested tabs binder both

Business on the front, party on the back! LOL!! All perfectly coordinated of course. I'm off to make a few new lists!

Until next month…


 Happy Planning!
:) lexi

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