Introducing Moments Inked: Active Symbols

We're talking planners today, with a new stamp set that is sure to help you stay on top of your busy schedule and add some really cute details to your planner besides!  Just look what the team has done with this fun new stamp set…..and bonus, you can use it on cards and other projects too!


Use the symbols in this set to add quick visual aids to your planner snd keep everything organized.  There is a little something for many of your activities.  The symbols are sized to tuck nicely into both the monthly and weekly layouts of the  Moments Inked planner system.  Use the small words to add further emphasis to your symbols. 

The Details: 

  • Moments Inked: Active Symbols will be available for purchase on March15th.
  • It will retail for $15.
  • Moments Inked: Active Symbols contains a total of 70 images. The scale image measure 3/8" x 1/2". The elliptical image measures 1/2" x 3/8".  The "Burned" frame (and all other frames) measure 1" x 1/8".  The basketball (and all other balls) measure 3/8".  The yoga  symbol  measures 3/8" x 3/8". 


Now that I've made all of the formal introductions, let's get onto the projects!



Amy says, "The past couple of weeks have been super busy, so my weekly pages are crowded. I wanted to highlight the semi-finals and championship basketball games my younger son played in, so I did that with the basketball icon. The icons are a great way to make something stand out, plus they're cute and colorful!  Stop by and check out the card I created using these images too!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Amy Sheffer.



Ashley says, "I don't know about you all, but I need every bit of motivation to stay active. With spring right around the corner and the temperature warming up, I'm ready to pick up where I left off last fall. I love biking and running outdoors, so the new Active Symbols stamps will help me stay motivated, hold me accountable, and track my progress. I can even keep up with Lauren's gymnastics class! Check out how I've prepped active symbols I plan to use most often to have them ready at my finger tips."

CLICK HERE to see more from Ashley Cannon Newell. 



Laurie says, "Moments Inked has a new stamp set this month called Active Symbols.  I love how stamping a few of these in my planner each day can really keep me focused on the daily activity that I need to accomplish.  This is definltiy a great way to keep track of your fitness and help to achieve those goals!"

CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Willison.



Melissa says, “There is always someone in our lives who could use a bit of encouragement along the pathway to better health.  Maybe it’s someone starting a new exercise program, a new diet, someone striving to live healthier….the Moments Inked:  Active Symbols stamp set has a little something for everyone.  What better way to cheer them on and encourage them, than a handmade card, supporting them in their goals.”

CLICK HERE to see more from Melissa Phillips. 


I hope you have enjoyed all these amazing creations that the team has shared with you today!  Don't you just love how sweet these little images are?!  And how wonderful, that they're versatile enough to double up and be used on cards as well as planners!  Which way do you think you'll be using them?  We would love to hear your initial thoughts on everything we introduced!  And if you want to see more of this set and many other Moments Inked Planner tips and tricks be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter HERE!

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