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Welcome, everyone to the official kick-off of Stamp-a-faire 2015!  I know some of you are waking up at 4am on the west coast this morning to join us!  Make sure you have plenty of coffee!  And maybe click play on our SAF 2015 Spotify playlist at the top of the blog to help put a little pep into your step stamp!  Are you ready for your first challenge?


To start things off, check out this little Project Runway Rewind recap moment from Season 13, Episode 6 where the designers were asked to design an unconventional wedding dress!  Even though most of the designers did not stick with white for their creations, take a look at all the little details for inspiration!


Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.  Except in this case, it's a wedding card that you will be presenting using nothing but white supplies!  The only exception to the rule is that you are allowed to use a neutral ink color (black, gray, brown, etc…) to add a stamped sentiment to the card.  So dig out all of your favorite supplies, especially dies, and build a card based on texture rather than color.  This is a fun approach to designing so just kick back and let the creativity flow! 

Check out the team's take on this fabulous challenge!  Click on the link under each of their sneak peeks to see the full card and other details on their individual blogs!


CLICK HERE to see more from Ashley Cannon Newell.


CLICK HERE to see more from Betsy Veldman.


CLICK HERE to see more from Danielle Flanders.


CLICK HERE to see more from Dawn McVey.


CLICK HERE to see more from Laurie Willison.


CLICK HERE to see more from Lexi Daly.


CLICK HERE to see more from Lizzie Jones.


CLICK HERE to see more from Maile Belles.


CLICK HERE to see more from Melissa Phillips.

Isn't everything just fabulous? I love how many of them incorporated vellum to, which is so pretty and sheer, a little like tulle! Now it's your turn!  Don't forget to *shop your accessory* wall for this one!  Adhesive pearls and bling are a must for a wedding card!


Create your own wedding project utilizing nothing but the color white.  You are allowed to use a neutral ink color (black, gray, brown, etc…) to add a stamped sentiment.

–Or use this as another opportunity to share links to photos, videos or blog posts of you arriving at your destination, how your day is starting, your set-up, the group of people you may have getting together or anything else regarding the kick-off of Stamp-a-faire day! 

–Post your project and/or SAF morning photos on your blog, in your gallery or on any other photo-hosting site (such as photobucket or flickr).

-Add your project and/or SAF morning photos to the InLinkz list below.

–You can also be eligible to win by leaving a comment, stating your name and where you are joining us from!  Let us know if you are getting together with anyone or if you are going it solo!  And what challenge are you looking forward to most today?  

–You will have until 7am EST, Tuesday, September 1st, to add your link to the list to be eligible to win. And you can enter as many times as you like.

–Two of the participants who post here today (via the InLinkz list or posting a comment) will be selected to receive a $25 PTI gift certificate (one comment and one InLinkz list participant) and will be announced on our Tuesday night Stamp-a-faire winners post.  

We look forward to seeing what you share here as well as having you back here in just a bit for the next challenge!  We're also available in the forums for a chat if you need company while you're stamping!


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  • 1
    Jen says:

    Good Morning fellow crafters/designers. I wish you all an inspiring crafty day as we all have fun and get inky! Best wishes for a great day from Buffalo, NY!!

  • 2
    Linda says:

    Good morning. I just look forward to seeing all the wonderful inspiration we will be provided. I am from West PA.

  • 3
    Kelly says:

    Good morning! Central PA here and patiently waiting for my mom and my sister to join me to kick off a full day of Stamp-a-Faire fun! It will be a great day!

  • 4
    Leslie L. says:

    Just the sneak peaks of the teams projects are gorgeous. I can’t wait to play along. My name is Leslie, I am joining in from Cocoa Florida which is on the east coast of Central Florida (right where they used to launch space shuttles) and I am going at this solo. I will have to pause today to do some hurricane/tropical storm prep but luckily it seems to be moving west…sorry Tampa. I am looking forward to the whole day and cannot pinpoint just one project.

  • 5
    Ohhh Snap says:

    LOVE the Design Team’s cards!

  • 6
    Kristie G. says:

    Good morning from CT! I look forward to seeing all the inspiration. Great cards from the DT!

  • 7
    rae barthel says:

    greetings from Huntsville, AL!! so excited to play today!! I’ll be flying solo today… the boys are off Boy Scout camping, and I will need to take a little break to go Homecoming dress shopping for my daughter, but the rest of the day is going to be all about stamp-a-faire!!!! Thank you for the fun agenda, can’t wait!!!!

  • 8
    Denise C. says:

    Good morning!! I am wishing all a great crafting day from beautiful lake country, just west of Milwaukee, WI. Hoping to check in once in a while throughout the day and maybe some crafty time tonight. We’re helping our son move. Thankful for my iPhone today!!

  • 9
    Cindy T. says:

    Good morning from central VA. Although the weather is going to be gorgeous I plan to spend my day with the PTI family. I am looking forward to all of today’s challenges and inspiration. But first coffee – have a great creative day everyone! C. ?

  • 10
    Isabel Z says:

    Good morning all and here’s to a great day of PTI goodness. Can’t wait to see what everyone creates. Next year I will have to plan my vacation better to make sure we are home for Stamp-A-Faire but the beach is a pretty good consolation prize!! Happy creating everyone.

  • 11
    Sue S says:

    Good Morning from Sioux Falls,SD where we got 7″ of rain in an hour on Thurs nite. Luckily the water didn’t seep up in my craft corner ?

  • 12 says:

    It’s a beautiful day here in PA , all brides today will be happy with this waether and if ibwerecattening I would have a card in hand PTI style.

  • 13
    Chris Cross says:

    This is Chris Cross from Central Illinois. I am going solo today and will not actually get to participate because of prior commitments. However, I will take every opportunity I can to pop in and see how things are going. I love this Bridal Challenge. I think all white cards are some of my favorites.

  • 14

    Good Morning from Central New York! I can’t wait to get started today!!! My daughter is planning to keep me company while we craft the day away!

  • 15
    sarah t. says:

    Good morning from sunny Connecticut. A solo day of crafting for me, although with the family at home I think it unlikely that I’ll be here for the entire day. I’m most looking forward to the twine challenge. I’ve got yards of the stuff but never seem to use it like the pros.
    Looking for some pointers.

  • 16
    Ruby N says:

    good morning from NJ! love this first challenge…:) I am going solo today, hoping to submit a few. Can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

  • 17
    Lori says:

    Good morning from Clarksville, Tennessee. Following along by myself today and having fun!

  • 18
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Good morning from Grapevine, TX! I am crafting by myself today — too hard to cart all my stuff somewhere else & I spend too much time visiting when I get together w/others.

  • 19
    Pat A. says:

    Good morning from Midland, Michigan. My first SAF and I will be stamping solo, with a little baking in between projects. Happy SAF!

  • 20
    Kerry says:

    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio! I’ll be crafting solo on an unexpected day off! I’m just excited for all the inspiration! Happy SAF!

  • 21
    Lee Anne says:

    Saying hello from Austin, Texas! It’s going to be a great day!

  • 22
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    I’m not confident enough in my own creations to link any of my cards to the contest, but I will comment! This is my first Stamp a Fair and I am so amazed at the amount of work and time that is involved in getting this up and rolling. Each of the Design Team member’s card are beautiful (of course!) and the individual contestants have submitted fabulous cards as well! Thanks Nicole for a wonderfully planned weekend!

  • 23
    S. Molinari says:

    Hey Y’all! I’m joining you from a small town in Alabama. Love the theme this year! Can’t wait for a day of inspiration! A BIG thank you to Papertrey Inc and associates!

  • 24

    Good Morning from Ann Arbor, MI! It’s a chilly, fallish day but sunny inside cause it’s Stamp A Faire and my friend, Jane, and I are all a buzz with our favorite designers and new challenges…a great occasion to play the day away!

  • 25
    ruth says:

    Good morning from southwest Louisiana. This is going to be a super day – can’t wait to get started and to see what everyone makes! Thanks PTI for another Stamp-a-Faire!

  • 26
    Tema says:

    What a fun day even just to observe.I must say that the first cards done by Ashley,Danielle &Betsey are gorgeous! Great inspiration.I look forward to the rest of the day.

  • 27
    BeverlyBL says:

    Crafting by myself in Plano, TX. The painters finished in my craft room just in time, and the table is clean enough to stamp on for a change. Looking forward to the day and seeing everyone’s beautiful and fun creations.

  • 28
    Laurie P. says:

    Hello everyone from Toronto, Canada. Wishing you all a wonderful day and what a fabulous kick-off challenge! Your mention of tulle has me thinking about using that in a pretty white wedding card. I’m off to play…

  • 29
    Diana K says:

    Good morning from Montréal! How come I have all the same supplies that Maile used on her card and yet I could never even hope to make anything one bit near as good? One of life’s mysteries for sure!

  • 30
    Dawn Y. says:

    Good morning from Chicagoland! I’m so excited to actually participate in this year’s Stamp-a-Faire! (I watched the past two years and loved what I saw, but didn’t have the courage to join in.) Today I’m spending the entire day in my stamping studio soaking up all of the inspiration from the design team and trying out the challenges. Thanks for all that you do and share with us! ♡

  • 31
    Pam Hollie says:

    Hello from Tulsa, OK. Working around granddaughters and cheer schedules (yes, football has started here) but hoping to find time before, after and in between. The white cards are drop dead gorgeous, so beautiful. Everyone did a great job.

  • 32
    Patrice says:

    Fabulous play list. It’s nearing midnight in Australia and I really should be getting to bed, but I’m too busy rocking out to your tracks. Love it. x

  • 33

    Good morning from the West Coast of Canada! I am a little bleary eyed due to the early hour but excited for a day of fun events! The seagulls are chirping but the sun has yet to rise over here …

  • 34
    Varonica says:

    Good morning from Jamaica, NY

    This is my first SAF and I am so excited to learn about stamping and all the techniques. The bridal challenge…wow! what a way to start the day!

  • 35
    Cyndie says:

    Wow, your white-on-white samples are simply fabulous! Following this event from Missouri, and I hope to get some crafty time to join you, if the kittens will give me a chance.

  • 36
    Amanda says:

    Joining the party late…just got home from the long trip back from the hospital and ready to get started. Hopefully the family will cooperate! It’s the middle of the afternoon over here in the Netherlands but hoping the fun can continue tomorrow too!

  • 37
    Terri E. says:

    Good Morning from Coal City, IL! I am here this morning with my daughter Izzy and my niece Aubrey. We are excited to get creating and do the challenges!

  • 38
    Jen Carter says:

    Good morning from Inman, Kansas! I’m going solo today but am excited to see what is in store for the day!

  • 39
    Mary e says:

    Good morning from New York !! Thanks for all this early morning inspiration!!!

  • 40
    Betty Sue says:

    Joining you from Williamsburg, VA! I hope I have a chance to play along somewhere.

  • 41
    Marianne says:

    Good afternoon from Crete, Greece. I’m trying to squeeze in a little time for crafting this weekend in between some household chores and a translation project I need to finish, but I’m looking forward to seeing all the inspiration. Love the WOW challenge. I struggle with WOW cards, but after seeing the inspiration by the DT, I had a few ideas pop up in my head. So thanks for the inspiration.

  • 42

    Good Morning from beautiful Fonthill, Ontario! I am crafting solo today and look forward to all of the challenges and the tips from the DT today. Happy crafting everyone!

  • 43
    Pat Whitley says:

    Good morning from SE Kansas! I will be making cards, trying my hand at my first shaker card, candy corn! Yay for me!

  • 44
    Nan says:

    Hello from Maine. Looking forward to all the projects and have already seen some great ones. I’m on my own but enjoying the company of Stamp-a- Faire 2015!

  • 45
    Megan says:

    How have I never known about this event?! It’s rainy and dreary here today, so a perfect day to spend in my craft room!

  • 46
    Megan says:

    (“Here” being West Michigan)

  • 47
    Judy Stiles says:

    Good morning from Tucson, AZ! It’s gonna be another warm day here so I’m just staying inside with the A/C and checking out all of the wonderful projects from the Design Team!

  • 48
    Maureen P says:

    Good morning from beautiful British Columbia! It’s still early here on the Pacific coast and the coffee is almost made! I’m really looking forward to this all white challenge and the thread/twine ones. However, I find my mind changes when I discover something new, which I am sure I will today! Thanks to Nichole and all the DT for there enthusiasm, time, and talent to make this day so fun! ox

  • 49
    Carrie_Crafts says:

    Hi! This is Carrie, getting a late start here in Indiana! I wish I had some PTI-crazed friends to share the day with today, but I’m going solo, sqeezing in some craft time between taking care of our new puppy and looking after my little sick one. Thanks so much for offering a day of fun that I look forward to ALL YEAR LONG!! ?

  • 50
    Cynthia Rose says:

    I am joining from Colorado. I tried to get hubby into it, but he just thinks I am crazy (probably true!). Since I don’t have a white T-shirt I was thinking of decorating one of my white chickens. I wonder if that counts? I may also get my dog dressed up. She only weighs 3.6 lbs so she can’t protest too much.

  • 51
    jengd says:

    Hi from Clemmons, NC (a few minutes from Winston-Salem.) I’m crafting on my own today… except for a few hundred great friends here online of course! 🙂

  • 52
    Roxanne anderson says:

    Hello from Calgary, Alberta , Canada. This is where I am visiting to help my daughter with a brand new baby and moving into a brand new house. I have left my studio in oliver, b.c. Needless to say I will be enjoying everyone’s creations while I yearn to be in my studio creating. Ah well I will go hug my georgeous new grandson who is decked out in the cutest onesie ever. Now that’s my kind of fashion!

  • 53
    Linda S. says:

    Colleen and I are in Seattle this year for SAF. It is my dad’s 95th birthday so we needed to be up here. Finally, able to post my first picture. Beautiful, elegant projects for this first challenge.

  • 54
    Greta H says:

    Getting a late start, but you’ve got my creative juices flowing now as I love WOW, vellum, bling, elegant cards! I’m going it alone at home in Oregon–took today off, thank goodness!

  • 55
    Helen F. says:

    Happy SAF 2015 Day everyone! Helen here on the East Coast of Florida. I am alone today because my crafty buddy is on a Cruise somewhere out in the Atlantic sailing out of stormy waters. I’ll be joining all of you in as many challenges as possible, look forward to learning some new techniques and inhaling all of the fabulous inspiration. Wishing you all a beautiful SAF day!

  • 56
    Cynthia Rose says:

    Why do my cards look so much better in my head? It was harder than I expected to use no color at all, but it does show the importance of texture. Thanks for challenging me.

  • 57
    lainey says:

    Hello from Southeastern Penna! I was up bright and early today to get started. This challenge is a great way to get lots of ideas for wedding/anniversary cards. Thank you PTI for having SAF every year!

  • 58
    Bonnie says:

    It’s interesting how everybody’s go-to for this challenge is vellum, and yet everyone created completely different looks with it! They are all stunning and so beautiful! What a great start to the event.

  • 59
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    Greetings from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina! I’m really looking forward to all the challenges, but probably most excited to see what everyone does with the Unconventional Materials challenge.

  • 60
    Jane says:

    Hello from San Antonio! I am working today by my poor lonely self, but having a blast anyway! I needed a “dedicated stamping” day. I am running way behind, just finishing my wedding card now, but I will hopefully catch up. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas!

  • 61
    Sue McRae says:

    Hello this is Sue from Ottawa! I am in awe of all the gorgeous bridal cards by the design team. I’ve always loved all white cards and hope I can get crafty tomorrow to make one.

  • 62
    Rebecca says:

    Hello from Tennessee! Enjoying all of the beautiful projects today!

  • 63

    Hello all from north east of Toronto Ontario Canada in a small town called Mt Albert. I haven’t slept well lately so I’m only starting at 4pm est but I’m raring to go!

  • 64
    LaFaunB says:

    Joining in the fun from sunny Utah! Excited for a day of inspiration and fun.

  • 65
    Sherrie M. says:

    Hi! Joining you all here from northern NJ! This is the first time I’ve been able to play along LIVE so very excited! Thanks for a great event PTI!

  • 66
    Betty says:

    Hello there! I am joining in from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! Just me today. Love all the tutorials – especially the pins and needles grouping. Have company, so am unable to make a card today – hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • 67
    Kris says:

    Tuning in from Ohio today…going solo! Looking forward to a great day.

  • 68

    I LOVE wedding cards! These are all beautiful!

  • 69
    Cammie says:

    It’s been fun getting crafty in Knoxville, Tennessee, and playing along with the challenges.

  • 70
    Sandy Kay says:

    Hello there! Sandy, here from Southcentral PA! Not able to get crafty this time around, but will savor every bit of inspiration along the way for enjoyment later! I was looking forward to all the challenges!

  • 71

    Bonjour from France … what a fantastic event this has been … thanks so much for all your hard work! Anita 🙂

  • 72
    Cindy O says:

    I’m joining in from Indiana! Due to family visiting, I wasn’t able to play along yesterday, but it will be fun to catch up on some of the challenges and inspiration today!

  • 73
    rebecca ednie says:

    I tried leaving a comment before but it seems to be missing. I am (we I was) working on my SAF projects in a small town north east or toronto ontario canada

  • 74
    Dawn Y. says:

    What a perfect way to begin Stamp-A-Faire 2015! Creating an all white card was a brand new challenge for me! It was such fun and has inspired me to make more cards in this elegant style. They would also be so lovely for milestone anniversaries. Special thanks to the entire design team for all of your inspiration today! ♡

  • 75
    Holly Saveur says:

    AMAZING cards..just so gorgeous..want to make them white cards!

  • 76
    Kathy Mc says:

    I’m from the beautiful state of Washington but am late to the party because we had an out of-state family wedding weekend. Monday is the first chance I’ve had to attempt these fun challenges. Looking forward to learning more by completing some of the awesome challenges by the DT for SAF 2015!

  • 77
    Jennifer K says:

    I’m Jennifer and I’m joining from the great state of Iowa – the home of Betsy Veldman! 🙂 We had a lot of fun here.

  • 78

    I can’t get over how talented everyone is!

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