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Coordinates with the previously released Friendship Jar stamp set and Jar & Lid die.


Coordinates with the previously released Friendship Jar Fillers set.


Coordinates with the previously released Friendship Jar: Spring Fillers set.


Coordinates with the previously released Friendship Jar: Summer Fillers set.






















Still Life Summer Kit




Make It Market Mini Kit- Still Life: Summer $32

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  • 1
    Pat H says:

    My favorite summer vacation was in 1994 when we loaded up the van and drove cross country from Ohio to California with our four young kids, stopping at many national parks and attractions along the way. A close second was when my grown son and daughter and I flew first class to Paris for a day! (My son works for the airlines…love that boy!)

  • 2
    Jessica Monte says:

    My favorite memory as a child was getting to goto my Great Grandmas evry summer for 6 weeks and then to Canada with my family.

  • 3
    Peggy Allen says:

    My favorite summer vacation was to Palm Island off the coast of Florida. We took a boat over to the island and stayed in a lovely condo. It was nothing but sun and fun. Very quiet and peaceful. I loved that there was no traffic.
    God bless,

  • 4
    Debbie says:

    When I was growing up, we didn’t have the money for vacations. There were 8 children, and, my mom raised us alone. But, I do remember going to my grandma’ s farm. We would have so much fun, taking lunch out to my grandpa, who was working in the fields. And, help grandma with the cooking. Always good food on the farm!

  • 5
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    Driving across country from Virginia to California with my family as a child. I was the most excited I have ever been!

  • 6
    Sveta Fotinia says:

    ohhhh I’m in love with lighthouses!!! and sentiments…..

  • 7
    Doris R says:

    My Mom and Dad took 4 kids in a station wagon from Chicago to Canada every year till we were out of High school. I miss the time spent together as a family. We fished, we swam, we fought, we read, and ate. There was no TV, no phone, and no computers.

  • 8
    Carol says:

    When we took are two grandson’s to Florida and we did a lot of site seeing and a trip to Disneyland, oh what fun we had with our teenage grandson’s. It was something that they talk about to this day. Lots of memories on that trip.

  • 9
    Vicki says:

    Any vacation I have is always a favorite one! As a child, we drove from Baltimore to Dallas to visit relatives a year or so after President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember driving along the route, and even as a young child, I felt the somberness of the event. My first trip to Disney World is a favorite for many reasons – first trip there, one of few vacations I had with my late husband. My most recent favorite vacation was a trip to Hattaras with family. We spent lots of time at the beach watching the ocean, and hours and hours crafting – dyeing sock yarn with food coloring, stamping and creating cards, cooking wonderful food. The constant for all my favorite vacations is spending magical, creative time with my family.

  • 10
    Ilana says:

    drooling over these amazing stamps and dies designs…. they are all so pretty

  • 11
    Renae C. says:

    My most memorable summer vacation was a camping trip my parents and I took to Yellowstone Park when I was a kid. A mother bear and two cubs came into the campground and wouldn’t leave. We watched rangers lure them into traps with peanut butter smeared on bread. After several hours all were caught and moved into more remote country.

  • 12
    Dawn S. says:

    My favorite vacation happened just a few years ago. My husband and I got to travel out west to see the badlands and other historical sites. Then on our way back stopped at some nice antique stores. Which is our favorite thing to do.

  • 13
    Alysia H says:

    My favorite summer vacation was last year. My husband and I took our kids to California from San Diego all the way up the redwood forests. We went to amusement parks, historical sites, national parks, etc for 2 weeks…I am so blessed!

  • 14
    abrash says:

    My favorite vacation was spending 2 weeks with my parents in Hawaii visiting several islands. It was a dream come true!!

  • 15
    Deb Else says:

    As a family when I was growing up, we took a vacation every summer. But my most memorable was the trip we took to Colorado to visit family. We drove the whole way in a Rambler station wagon. With 3 girls in the car, my poor youngest sister sat in the middle of the back seat the whole way with us picking on her a lot. We visited Pike’s Peak and many other wonderful landmarks, saw a lot on the way. I remember stopping at little mom & pop motels along the way and swimming with siblings, eating at picnic tables in rest areas. Wonderful memories of a family enjoying time together!

  • 16
    Betty says:

    I just had my favorite summer vacation – cruising the Danube in a riverboat visiting cities like Prague, Vienna, Budapest and seeing gorgeous palaces, churches, scenery!

  • 17
    Shelly says:

    I would have to say my most memorable Summer vacation is when we took my son to Mrytle Beach when he was young. I believe he was 3 or so. He didn’t like the waves that much but he giggled like crazy at this machine that spit out coupons. He also loved opening all the hotel drawers and turning on all the lights!

  • 18
    Michelle Benoit says:

    My favorite summer vacation was when I was 10 and my Dad took us to the beach for a week. My brother & I decided to see if we could dig to China and we made an enormous hole in the rented cottage’s back yard before we were discovered.
    Needless to say, my Dad was not happy, but we only got a scolding as he filled the hole back in.
    It’s a funny memory as I look back at our magical 1950’s life.

  • 19
    Susan P says:

    My most memorable vacation was 8 years ago when we flew to Bermuda for my daughter’s wedding. There were only 24 of us there for 4 days. It was great to spend so much quality time with everyone to get to know them better and to celebrate the wedding. Not to mention Bermuda is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been!

  • 20
    maria f. says:

    A summer semester in Valencia, Spain!!!!

  • 21
    Gloria Westerman says:

    My most amazing childhood vacation was going to visit my grandmother in Florida which at that time took 22 hours driving time to get there…no interstates then…but where my grandmother live which was in Ormond beach…we could walk to the beach and seeing the ocean for the first time was burnt in my mind forever…it was the largest thing I had ever seen and the one thing I fell in love with forever….at that time there were no condos…no restaurants..no t-shirt shacks…just beach and the broadwalk…truly magical for me….

  • 22
    Cheryl says:

    My most memorable would have to be my last family vacation with the family my senior year of high school. It was to Oklahoma with lots of stops on the way and back. We packed in a lot and brought back not just the one colt that we planned but 2!

  • 23
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    Opening day in 1971 at Disney World. Wow, it was so exciting! I was a young teen and the world had never seen anything like the Magic Kingdom, even the air seemed electrically charged! I remember my “E TICKET” rides and stealing my sisters E Tickets out of their book while they were asleep so I could ride the best rides AGAIN. I think what amazes me most about that vacation is that we were a family of six and my father had $500 for this vacation and we stayed four days in the Polynesian Hotel, bought t-shirts and stuff, ate well, and rode everything and still came home with $40.00!!!

  • 24
    Janelle says:

    My favorite summer vacation was when we took my kids camping for the first time. The serenity and lack of electronics was the best family time. We have great memories of that trip.

  • 25
    BA Vella says:

    The most memorable vacation was to Hawaii. We did not think we would ever get back so we visited four islands and did all the touristy stuff. Loved it! and yes, we have been back!

  • 26
    Kellie says:

    I would have to say it was the vacation I took with my 3&1/2 yr old and my husband on holiday and the absolute joy and amazement on my little girl’s face when we took her to the Gold Coast and to Dreamworld. Most thrilling and fulfilling moment for myself & my hubby. : )

  • 27
    Elise McKinney says:

    One of my favorite vacations was 3 years ago when my husband and kids and their families went on a cruise together. It was for my husbands retirement. What a wonderful time to be together. We went on Royal Caribbean’s largest ship (just out).

  • 28
    Edie says:

    My favorite summer vacation was probably our first family reunion in Colorado where I got to meet all of my aunts and uncles and cousins for the first time.

  • 29
    Carol Ann Ater says:

    Our Alaska cruise from Seattle, WA to Skagway, Juno, Ketchikan and Victoria was memorable. Our granddaughter selected this trip with us. When our son and daughter-in-law became jealous of this coming excitement, they too came along. So wonderful to share these memories.

  • 30
    Vicki A. says:

    My most memorable vacation was when my brother and I took our mom back to visit her brothers, sister and family home in Montana. It was the first time we vacationed together after becoming adults. This was my mom’s last visit to her childhood home. Although the trip was short, we really enjoyed our time together.

  • 31
    net says:

    love the new stamps and dies. U guys r soooo clever, U never cease 2 amaze me with your new ideas that u keep coming up with each month. Keep up with the great ideas

  • 32
    Beth Stiver says:

    My first real vacation was my honeymoon, and we traveled from MI to CA. It was so beautiful and I was in awe of how beautiful our country really is.

  • 33
    kim m says:

    My favorite summer was when my mom and I went to cape cod to visit my grandparents. They had rented a beautiful cottage just up from the beach. It was wonderful to spend time with family.

  • 34
    Stella Upton says:

    i have several and they all involved my grown children and my grandchildren. We’ve gone to Sea World in Texas and Florida, been to Disneyworld three times and even right now, in Branson, MO for a week. I’m very blessed to be able to spend so much time with them.

  • 35

    My most memorable summer actually lasted an entire year back in 2002-2003 when we moved to Orlando, Florida for my husband’s job. We spent the year seeing a lot of Florida including DisneyWorld, Universal, Space Center, as well as many off beaten places like Homosassa Springs, Silver Springs and more. We lived in a gated condo community that had 5 pools and a huge park for our two sons to play in and the dog to run free in, not to mention the on site restaurant, gym, tennis, indoor basketball court. It was like being on summer vacation for a whole year!

  • 36
    Kay says:

    We took a spontaneous trip to Oregon and stayed in a chalet right off the beach. We absolutely loved it there. It was our first time there and our first stay in something other than a trailer or motel. We enjoyed the beach each day and watching the lighthouse light and visiting the surrounding areas. Love Oregon!

  • 37
    Synnöve says:

    My most memorable vacation was last year in June on Island. That was so special and amazing, i will never forget this vacation.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  • 38
    Tracey Parrott says:

    My favorite vacation: Sanibel Island each summer after we had a child graduate from high school…a week of shelling, bicycling, kayaking and relaxing!

  • 39
    Bev T says:

    My most memorable vacation was a trip to Hawaii with all our kids and grandkids and both of our moms. Great time. Lots of fun.

  • 40
    Kamila says:

    My favourite and memorable vacation has to be the one I took with my boyfriend then and now husband for the very first time. We went to Lanzarote in Canary Islands, we were so excited to go we didn’t read enough about it and it turned out to be very touristy and volcanic island with not so good beaches haha Even though we manages to have a great time and enjoy it to the full, that’s when we realised we want to spend our lives together because no matter where we will be as long as it’s together it will be amazing! 🙂

  • 41
    Pssayee@netzero.net says:

    We finally left the mid west and drove to Colorado. 7 people in a statio wagon. I was in the “way back” with my little sis. Lots of memories…funny how you don’t remember the bad stuff. ?

  • 42
    Loretta says:

    When I was younger I lived in London and every year we would go to Italy for the summer. My dad was one of 4 siblings and all of my aunts, uncles and cousins would meet up there. I have such great memories of us spending weeks together with family and friends. Now I live in Texas and I hardly ever get back but I have such fond memories that will stay in my heart forever.

  • 43
    GayleWI says:

    My favorite summer vacation was the year I spent 3 weeks at my aunt and uncle’s home in Detroit, MI. The year was 1968 and, being a kid from a farm in central Wisconsin, the big city fascinated me.

  • 44
    Deb Hudson says:

    I have many fond memories of travels. This year my husband and I went Ohio to visit my nephew and his family. Hubby and I rarely get to travel together and I had wanted to visit Ohio for years. A beautiful visit in a beautiful state.

  • 45
    Jan Pufall says:

    My most memorable summer vacation was when I was 13. Our family took a road trip from MN to Seattle, WA. We saw the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Glacier, etc. on our two weeks there and back. I think that lead me to believe my children should see as much of the U.S. as we could take them to, while they were kids.

  • 46
    Suzanne A. says:

    We usually go on vacation in the winter to get away from the cold and snow. So my most memorable summer vacation would be when we went to Florida once in July – we had the beaches all to ourselves!

  • 47
    JanetB says:

    When I was a little girl, my parents would take us to southern California to visit my grandmother. We would drive from Seattle to Los Angeles and visit country inns along the way, and end up in a house on the beach. Disneyland was always part of the trip, too. So much fun!

  • 48
    Chris Bijan says:

    One of my most memorable summers was a three week drive through France with just my husband…bliss!

  • 49
    Yvonne says:

    My most memorable vacations were camping trips to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. When the tide was out, we would go digging for little neck clams. We’d sink up to our knees in the mud/muck chasing those clams. And there is nothing like selecting a lobster caught that morning and sitting on the dock eating the sweet meat – so yummy! Can’t wait to get the lighthouse stamps and dies . . . Thanks for bringing back great childhood memories.

  • 50
    Noreen says:

    A visit to the west coast when our kids were young. We had so much fun at Disneyland, the beach, La Brea Tar Pits,Universal Studios, Magic Mountain and much more!

  • 51
    debbooks says:

    My favorite summer vacation was when my family (2 adults and 4 girls) loaded in our pumpkin colored station wagon and headed out for a 5 week circle from Nashville, TN across Minnesota (to see Little House on the Prairie stuff) to Calgary, Canada (to see mountain vistas) down the Pacific coastline (to see the ocean) over to Zion National Park (to see my cousin) and back across the Midwest (to see a hawk flying with a huge snake in its mouth) and back home!

  • 52
    Georgia Tuttle says:

    My favorite summer vacation was my trip to Scotland to play golf at St. Andrews. It was #1 on my bucket list and I actually “got it done”!

  • 53
    Kathie B says:

    In the summer of 1987′ I had two unforgettable weeks in Europe on my return to the U.S. After a Fulbright seminar in Israel. I often reflect back on the many wonderful experiences that I had during those days in Spain, France, and England.

  • 54
    Noreen says:

    My favorite vacation was going to my Uncle Albert’s cabin near Pilager, MN when I was a child. My Uncle, my mom, and my brothers and sisters. So fun. Fishing off the cock, listening to the loons, playing with my sibs.

  • 55

    My all-time favorite vacation was one my hubby and I took a year after we got married. It was a delayed honeymoon and we traveled from Michigan to Maine by way of Canada. So much fun, a great adventure!!!

  • 56
    Rosa C says:

    Cuando maneje del Sur de California a San Francisco, fue un reto para mi en ese tiempo.

  • 57
    maura says:

    My most memorable vacation was when our family of 4 went on a road trip to Bamff and Jasper in Canada- amazing beauty, lots of fun. 17 days sleeping in a van together was also quite memorable, if you know what I mean!

  • 58
    Debbie Archer says:

    Every summer, for about ten years, we would spend two weeks at Ocean Isle Beach, NC with our children, friends and family. We always stayed at the same house and it was always the last two weeks of June. Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, I look back on those times as the best vacations ever!

  • 59
    Teresa Blue says:

    My most memorable vacation was a road trip from Ohio to Florida to visit family. It was the summer of 1972 and our first family vacation. I think my parents didn’t have the forethought to check coming weather and we ended up driving through Hurricane Agnes! Imagine a Maverick loaded with six people! What an experience…a scary and thrilling adventure for a thirteen year old and her brothers.

  • 60

    Mine was a few years ago when my husband and 2 youngest took a trip from New York City to Niagara Falls. We stopped in Cooperstown to see the baseball Hall of Fame on the way. We LOVED it and Niagara Falls was AMAZING!!!

  • 61
    Penelope Tucker says:

    In 1965 my mother and I went to Europe on an adventure. We spent time in Paris and then moved on to London where I promptly came down with chicken pox. The British medical authorities required that I go to an isolation hospital, where I stayed for 19 days. I even celebrated my 13th birthday there. Maybe not a conventional vacation but one that I chuckle about when I think of it. It was quite memorable!

  • 62
    Megan Carroll says:

    Travelling across Canada with my family! So much fun!

  • 63
    Maye M.L. says:

    Life with my husband for the past 17 years has been a continuous source of wonder. We always say “let us keep this moment as our second best experience as the best one is yet to come”. This allows us to value our time together and to look forward to experience new things. Having said that, we love to discover places together, and started our traveling experiences in Paris, France our first summer together. It was wonderful, magical and filled with moments to treasure.

  • 64
    Michelle Leone says:

    Loving my memories of vacations spent in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Just lazy days at the beach, peach picking, lots o’ crabs, family meals and whiling away the hours on the screened in porch. Aaahhh…..

  • 65
    cathy r says:

    My earliest vacation memory is going to St. Augustine Florida with my whole family. It was such a different place from my home in Ohio. I can still picture the trees dripping with vines and how lush everything was.

  • 66
    Laurie Laikam says:

    So excited about several of the June releases. Hate to wish the time away but .. bring on the opportunity to SHOP!!

  • 67
    Jeanne says:

    This release has made me wish I could go to the lake or shore to go sailing! Love all of the release sets!

  • 68
    Debbie says:

    My favorite summer vacation was on the Jersey shore. My Dad would take us “crabbing” in the Jersey swamp. We would use fish heads as bait and we’d have to walk through all this muck to get to the crabbing grounds. We never had a trouble getting crabs, and then Mother would cook them and have them for dinner. The mucky walk and the smell stays with me today.

  • 69
    Wendy says:

    Best summer vacation was a week spent with my kids and some of their cousins at our cabin. We swam and ate lots of fresh crab around the fire!

  • 70

    By far our most memorable summer vacation too place two years ago. We were on sabbatical from our jobs and took the kids for “Our American Adventure”, traveling that summer through many states visiting friends, family, and seeing sites we’d never seen before. We really adventured everywhere we went! It was such a special bonding time for us, and we often reflect on our favorite memories from it. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  • 71
    Mary Ann Fry says:

    Most memorable was when I visited my hometown, Pittsburgh, and spent time with my friend, Tim, my little girl, Diana, and my sister, Diana.

  • 72
    Becky says:

    My favorite summer memory was camping as a family in our trailer. In particular, our 6 week nearly coast to coast epic road trip when I was around 10!

  • 73
    Becky Carafa says:

    My favorite vacation was last summer when we took the kids to Cincinnati and did lots of fun things together! It was our first family vacation!

  • 74
    Carolee McCaslin says:

    My parents have both passed away and my most memorable vacation was the last time we all took a trip to Hawaii together.I will always treasure those memories:)

  • 75
    Nancy M. says:

    My favorite summer vacations were the MINI ones….a Sunday summer evening drive with my dad to get a hand-dipped ice cream cone at a local creamery, and then over to the river to feed breadcrumbs to the ducks in the hatchery and then skip stones and watch the boats go by!

  • 76
    Karen Wade says:

    My favorite summer vacation was taking a bus all the way from California to Colorado to see my grandmother. I was 14 and being alone on the bus was a big deal (something you don’t do anymore at that age). My Grandmother Lived on a small ranch and I got to feed the chickens and brush the horse. There was no tv per se so we swam on the canal, played with the animals, made stuff, cooked and read books. Finally my brother showed up,to spend the last month of the summer with us. It was nice to have another person my age around to do things with.

  • 77
    BeverlyBL says:

    I always loved our summer vacations in Florida. Sun and the beach.

  • 78
    Jan says:

    One of my favorite summer vacations would be the two weeks my husband and I spent in England with our children when we were stationed in Germany. We crammed in as much sight-seeing as we could in that time and made memories that still linger with the fun we had and the things we learned.

  • 79
    Tere Azua says:

    My favorite to this day is when we took our son to Disneyland and the beach for the first time. First we went to the beach, the water was so cold, but my son was so happy he didn’t feel it. It took us a long time to get him out of the water. The next day we went to Disney/California Adventures. I will always remember his face, he was so happy to be there. Our first ride was Indiana Jones, and we loved it! We had passes for three days, at the end of our last day, he fall to sleep sitting down. We asked him if he wanted to go back to the hotel and he said no, because he wanted to enjoy the visit until the last minute before they close the parks.

  • 80
    Marisa says:

    My favorite summer vacation was a week we spent on Vancouver Island. We stayed with my in -laws (I love my in-laws so no worries LOL) and were able to take day trips or partial day trips to see things, visited old neighbours of ours and the highlight was doing the Above Ground Obstacle course as a family. Zip lines, towering many feet above the ground working our way through various obstacles etc. A great sense of accomplishment when we were done and a few sore muscles then next day to bring back some memories LOL! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 81
    LWebster says:

    Not so much a vacation but the best summer I had was with my bff. She lived across the street and had a pool so we spent many a day in there but what makes it so great is her mother had a Tandem bicycle (This was in the early 70s). We spent time between the pool and the bike going to parks and on picnics. A truly great summer!

  • 82
    yvonne says:

    Beach time is always fun! Just came back. Loved it.

  • 83
    Tanis Scott says:

    Wow, great release! So many delicious goodies, it will be hard to choose.

  • 84
    Kari says:

    My favorite vacation(s) were the annual camping trips we took with a group of friends from college. We started when we were all just out of college – no kids, not much money – but lots of fun. We continued as a had children – nursing babies in the tent, keeping crawlers out of the campfire. And we continue today – our children have children so we are three generations telling stories around the fire!

  • 85
    Beth M. says:

    Our trip to the Florida coast and walking on the sandy beaches picking up shells- so relaxing.

  • 86
    Tammy W. says:

    My most memorable vacation was as a child going camping with family. (Yes! All the camping items will be in my cart tonight!) I was walking through a wooded area with my aunt to go down to the lake where my dad and grandpa were fishing. Suddenly we heard RATTLING! YES, we turned around and there was a SNAKE! I never ran so fast in all of my life! That was at least 40 years ago, and still such a clear memory in my head today! ; )

  • 87
    Donna Gibson says:

    There’s not a single favorite summer vacation but when I was 10 years old my father moved to Massachusetts. We lived in Florida so every year we would fly to MA as soon as school got out and we’d spend the entire summer in New England. I remember trips to neighboring states, vacations on Cape Cod, daytrips to Boston, cookouts, Red Sox games, riding the “T”, etc. All of them are very fond memories for me!

  • 88
    Suzy Girl says:

    My favorite summer vacation was when I was little and my parents always took us camping to Gloucester, Mass. I will never forget those memories and when I think back at them it just makes me smile ear to ear.

  • 89
    Ellie says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Alaska and having one week on land and one week on a cruise. The most gorgeous scenery and fun I’ve ever had.

  • 90
    D. MacVey says:

    Our most memorable vacation was one my family took, camping around the north shore of Lake Superior. Some disaster hit every day. Bees swarmed one camp ground, bears tore apart our styrofoam cooler in another, and the tent pole on our pop-up tent trailer got stuck half-way up at yet another. The biggest issue was when the car broke down as we were pulling away from a gas station in Canada. We camped for two days in a used car lot while the part was sent for by bus. The culmination of the trip was supposed to be a magical day on Mackinaw Island. It poured rain the whole day. But, despite all, it is the story that is repeated the most at all family gatherings!

  • 91
    Beth says:

    My trip to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia/Cape Breton in 2003

  • 92
    SueB (UK) says:

    When we were children, we spent an idyllic couple of weeks with our grandparents at their chalet in the country. It was nothing grand but the bedroom me and my sister shared was actually a converted tram carriage. The chalet was near to a big pond, with an island in the middle & there was a bridge made out of a wooden plank to get across – not that I went over once I found out there were grass snakes!! It was just like a really big adventure – lots of woods to explore, there was no TV or telephone (40 years ago) so it was just us making our own entertainment. We even got to drive a tractor! At night we went for a walk in the country lanes (no cars to worry about) in search of glow worms in the hedgerow. It was truly a memorable experience. Sadly the chalet and pond have long gone – and a big posh house stands in their place! I’ve since experienced more exotic holidays but that one really stands out for me!

  • 93
    Susan G. says:

    My son moved to Colorado to go to college, and my husband, son and I took a road trip, hitting many of the highlights and out of the way places in Colorado. So much fun to spend that time with him as he was about to begin a new phase of his life.

  • 94
    Laurie says:

    Most memorable ones have been when my kids invited me to join them. It’s impossible to choose among new York city, South beach and the keys, or Breckenridge.

  • 95
    Linda w says:

    Can’t say as I have any memorable vacations except spending one weekend at CHA years ago…

  • 96

    As a child, we piled into our station wagon and drove to the ‘Thousand Island’ area of New York state then up to Montreal and back down to Lake Placid. I remember the time spent driving and daydreaming about the houses and forests we passed. The french onion soup in Montreal that came out of a stone oven and is still a vivid memory. The time spent together as a family was so wonderful.

  • 97
    Sally Gainer says:

    My favorite vacation was a boat ride up a river in Australia. My brother fell in and I had to drag him out!

  • 98
    Pam Young says:

    My favorite summer vacation was going to my Grandma’s cottage on Indian Lake and spending the summer fishing and going to little league games with Gramps!! Those were sure fun times!!

  • 99
    Susan says:

    My favorite vacation was when I went to Paris and London with my husband and son. My husband had meetings all day so my son and I went everywhere together. It was a great bonding time!

  • 100
    Anna says:

    Childhood vacations for me and my family were spending the time at the beach camping.
    There is nothing better then sun sea and sand and loads of fresh air.

  • 101
    Janet Goshorn says:

    My annual summer vacation in Long Boat Key Florida. I treasure each and every year.

  • 102
    Robyn says:

    My husband and I used to live in Arizona and we would often decide on the spur of the moment to go out into the desert and camp just over night. We were very fast packers since we camped on a regular basis. So we would throw everything into the truck and go out into the desert, set up our tent, start a campfire and listen to the coyotes howl under the incredibly starry sky. Sometimes during the night they would snuffle around the tent and even howl from a short distance away. It was breathtaking. And while it was still pearly dawn we would pack up and head back into the city. Some of my favorite moments in life.

  • 103
    Kim Kas says:

    My favorite summer vacation was in 1971 when my family took a cruise to the Bahamas. I enjoyed my 11th birthday on the ship and it was wonderful! I’ve never lost my sea legs since.

  • 104
    Lori Campbell says:

    In 2009, after 16 years of saving we finally made it on a family vacation (involving airfares!) from our home in Ontario out to visit family in Alberta. We enjoyed 12 days of adventure and the look on my husband’s face when the plane took off was worth every penny (he’d never been on a plane before). He passed away unexpectedly just a year later so it will forever be a very treasured trip.

  • 105
    Beth S. in MN says:

    My most memorable summer vacation was the first “big” trip with the whole family out to Yellowstone National Park in 1977. Three kids in the back seat of the sedan survived the trip from Minnesota to Wyoming and back!

  • 106
    Tracy says:

    My favorite vacation was in August 2004 – our first family summer vacation for my husband and our three kids. We drove 1200 miles to Orlando and oh gosh it was the typical road trip with upteen stops and “are we there yets.” Once in Florida, if I heard my four-year-old son whine “I’m sweaty” once, I heard him say it one hundred times. There were tantrums and tears, high heat and humidity, etc. etc. etc. but it was wonderful being able to treat our children to their first trip to WDW. We’ve taken a family vacation every August since, including six more road trips to Orlando.

  • 107
    pat phillips says:

    When my Dad and Mom, brother and sister went to Oregon in 1956 (wow!). Went through the Red Wood Forest on our way and around mountains (scary). It was fun!

  • 108
    Cindy says:

    A Mediterranean cruise!

  • 109
    Marianne says:

    When I was 8 yrs old–many years ago–my family drove to the Oregon coast. It was the first time I’d ever seen the ocean! I will never forget the romping in the waves and the wonderful fun I had with my cousins and my little sister and brother 🙂

  • 110
    Tracey T says:

    I remember going over to Ireland with my family when I was young. The hotel made us the most enormous packed lunches! But nothing beats taking my son on holiday, especially now that he is a teenager and loves to travel.

  • 111
    AlienAnessa says:

    My most memorable summer vacation was actually my honeymoon – we drove from Crested Butte, Colorado, to Roswell, NM, and did everything alien-related in between! Thanks for this chance to win!

  • 112
    Ohkat says:

    When we went to Tybee Island for a week. Lots of fun

  • 113
    María Alba Negrón says:

    Hi Nichole,

    My most memorable vacation was the last one that my father went with me and my children to Disney World. It was the most memorable because I had my daddy all to myself ( I was a Daddy’s Girl) and because I got to experience Disney through my children’s eyes, and seeing my father with my children excited and playful to a greater degree , made me appreciate much more my family. Sadly two years after that my father died in a terrible car accident. But to this day I can close my eyes and can RELIVE that wonderful experience and all the sensations that it brought to me!

    María Alba

  • 114
    Kari D says:

    LOTS of amazing summer vacations, but I think my most memorable happened when my Mom and Dad took my brother and me to Denver to see the Rockies. Amazing to a girl from the flatlands of Central Illinois! Snow in the summer, standing on the Great Divide, scared stiff driving up some of the curving mountain roads, Mrs. Schultz’s amazing cinnamon rolls (yep, I was a foodie even then), and my first kiss!

  • 115
    Kathy Smullen says:

    my best summer vacation- catching a ferry across the bay to go to a beach side town for two weeks with my mum and each day just walking around the bluff(a couple of miles return trip)looking in rock pools and collecting shells, getting up at 2 am to catch the tide to go fishing, playing in the sand and water. Doesnt sound like much but was so much fun and great special times with my mum.

  • 116
    Judy Bohne says:

    I remember traveling to Arizona from Salt Lake City, Utah with my parents and my three brothers. I remember stopping at some of the tourist attractions and buying some “Indian” artifacts. I was probably in the 3rd grade at that time, so I was about 9 or 10 years old, so this is a long ago memory because I am now a senior citizen! I remember being thrilled with the Indian souvenirs and feeling sorry that the Indians were living on reservations when they wanted to be loving the land and nature.

  • 117
    Cheryl B. says:

    My favorite summer vacation was our honeymoon. We were married in August and spent our honeymoon in Paris(3 days) and London(5 days). It was magical and so much fun. We came back with lots of wonderful pictures and funny stories. That was 32 years ago this Aug 13th!

  • 118
    Iris Shubert says:

    I love to remember all the good times coming home to Tennessee from Chicago every summer. I’d get to spend all summer long with my Granny. I treasure those memories. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I want just about everything in this release 🙂 !!!!!!

  • 119
    Sarah A says:

    While my parents took us on a lot of great vacations growing up, to the Southeast corner of the country, out west, northern Europe and Scandinavia, my favorite vacation(s) would be the ones we took out to Grand County, Colorado. Whether we spent a week with two other families at YMCA of the Rockies-Snow Mountain Ranch, or just hung out in Winter Park or caught all the outdoor activities to do there, or had a wonderful meal at the Grand Lake Lodge, the area will always be part of my family history, and now I’m happy to see that my sister’s family enjoy it as much, too!

  • 120
    Connie says:

    Our first big family vacation to Florida was my favorite. It was when our son was so little and in awe of it all…Disney, Sea World and all the rest. Of course he was in love with digging for dinosaur bones.

  • 121
    Sheila M Jones says:

    Would have to be when we took the train from Glasgow in Scotland, all the way to Budapest in Hungary. What an adventure!

  • 122
    Emily says:

    My favorite and most memorable vacation was spending my summers in Ohio visiting my family … others when to summer camp and we went to Ohio 🙂

  • 123
    Betty Sue says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Italy with my oldest daughter to meet my son in Florence. We walked and ate our way through Florence, Rome and Venice!

  • 124
    Mona says:

    Camping up in Cripple Creek, even though it was cold and rained everyday, we had a blast hangin’ out in the tent.

  • 125
    TerryB says:

    My most memorable summer vacation was driving with my family to Washington D.C. to visit with my great aunt and uncle and to see the sites. It was wonderful.

  • 126
    Bonnie W. (Cardm8kr63) says:

    I would have to say that my most memorable vacations were visiting my Grandparents in Arizona when I was young. My sister and I would fly out there in the summer for a couple of weeks every summer. I remember having so much fun hat I did not want to go home!

  • 127
    vintagestampr says:

    I was a teenager and went with my parents to a resort in North Carolina. The main building was an old Inn. It had a beautiful lake with mountains rising up right beside it and we went out on boats on the lake. It was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. It is a special memory!

  • 128
    Millie Burns says:

    2005 -my husband and I drove through the Dakota’s and Montana – it was a lot of fun.

  • 129

    One of my favorite summer vacations was as a teenager. My family drove from Calif to Ohio to visit my grandparents. On our return trip home we stopped in New Orleans, our car also happen to break down and we got to stay an extra week in New Orleans!! The beignets, the jazz music and the daily thunderstorms were so very memorable.

  • 130
    Melissa Hannant says:

    Best summer so far was in 2010 we went to Australia for two weeks with the kids and then three weeks later spend over two weeks in Europe, mostly courtesy of my husband’s job! Talk about jet setting!

  • 131
    Merritt says:

    Going to the beach and eating boardwalk fries!

  • 132
    Peggy Nickeslon says:

    My favorite vacation was to Morro Bay California. A good friend owns a beautiful ocean front vacation home. My husband and I had the house to ourselves and we walked out the back stairs directly to the water. We were relaxing after I had a pancreas transplant and I was so thankful to my donor and grateful that the transplanted organ was working so well. I felt so very blessed, it was a time of contemplation and gratitude.

  • 133
    Sandy says:

    We went on vacation in 1977 to Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, off Hwy 30A. It was unspoiled, undeveloped beach back then. It’s so memorable because it was with my parents my sister and brother, who is now deceased, my grandmother, now deceased, and my aunt and uncle and cousins. It was the most perfect summer vacation at the beach. We didn’t know the tragedy that would hit us the next year when my brother left this earth too early. There was a dog that belonged to the cabin next door and it played with us all day in the water. We nicknamed it “Salty Dog.” Wish I could go back to just one day of that vacation and relive it.

  • 134
    Heidi Gonzales says:

    My favorite summer vacation was just a few years ago, when we took our grown children, their spouses and the grand kids to Disneyland. What a blast! So much fun to see the little ones eyes lit up with each and every moment.

  • 135
    sue says:

    My favorite summer vacation memories involve staying with my grandparents–one set in the Santa Cruz mountains and the other in Sacramento,ca. I loved being with them and they always planned a few fun activities for us. I feel so lucky to have memories of the time we shared!

  • 136
    Linda S. says:

    My favorite vacation was when I was in middle school. My parents took us three kids and two of our best friends to Fort Robinson State Park in northern Nebraska. In those days, the park offered horseback riding, swimming, hiking, indoor crafts for rainy days, and just more fun than a kid could ask for.

  • 137
    Diane from MN says:

    Several years ago we spent three weeks in Germany, visited several of our former exchange students and their families. Such a lovely country and seeing our many wonderful friends, the best vacation ever!

  • 138
    MaryAnn N says:

    We rarely travelled in the summer mostly to the beach at the lake about 20 miles from home. But the vacation we remember the best was a 4 day hotel stay in Toronto. We took the kids to Toronto zoo, Ontario science centre, the amusement park on the island taking a ferry to get there. First time our kids stayed in a hotel, fancy desserts for the kids and a swimming pool. Very exciting for a 7 and 4 year old in the 1980s.

  • 139
    Pat tomkins says:

    My mother came from a family of nine and when she passed away at 32 she left a five-year-old and a three-year-old. they were a close family and had family reunions every year. One year. My cousin who lived in Fort Walton Beach Florida and had four small children came to one reunion. My sister and I hit it off with her children and much to our surprise she asked us if we would like to go back to Florida with the family and spend the week. We were elated!!!! Although they had a small backyard that feed directly into the ocean and were really great kids to play with I enjoyed being in the kitchen with my cousin and pretended she was my mom…if just for little while… I missed the family unit so much!

    Our week came to an end and would you believe these two preteen girls rode a Greyhound bus all the way back to Virginia with no qualms at all!!!

    I still remember that week after almost fifty years.

  • 140
    Yl seow says:

    My fav vacation is a trip to Perth with my entire family of 11 this year. It’s only the second time we’ve all travelled together…loved every moment of it 🙂

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