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  • 1
    Pat says:

    A true moment of love for me was when my son drove home from college to sit with me at my dying father’s bedside. Sorry to be so depressing, but that meant a lot to me.

  • 2
    Debbie B says:

    There was one Christmas where my two sons had not seen each other for months. Upon seeing they hugged long and hard. That was one of my great moments of love!

  • 3
    Olga says:

    When I read your answer I thought about the greatest day of our small family – when my husband made a proposal to me) In that moment I realized in true love) And I wish for everybody to find true love!))))

  • 4
    Sarah VSW says:

    The way my husband cared for me and our new baby in the days and weeks after delivery. I was a mess. He was calm, steadfast and dedicated.

  • 5
    Deanne says:

    My husband immediately stepping in to help my grandfather when he was very ill and needed physical care is something I’ll always cherish. And the way my parents embraced my husband and love him like a son also makes me happy every day.

  • 6

    I know it will be mentioned often, but it was when my girl was born. This moment when you hold your baby for the very first time, your husband’s eyes full of love, is the moment full of true love…

  • 7

    There have been several over the years that I have experienced, but when my husband converted the room in our home that had been mine my Mom’s (after she died) into a craft room for the kids and I to enjoy… Remember in the good memories and not letting the sad ones eat us up… That was it. He added so many little details in there just for us to remind us that she would have loved the 3 of us sitting in there *creating.*

  • 8
    Kelly says:

    Coming out of surgery and seeing my husband with a smile and relief on his face. He stayed through my recovery and slept in a chair at the hospital.

  • 9
    Ange Kelly says:

    Feeling the same way about my husband now as I did when we first met 12 years ago …

  • 10
    Carol S says:

    Gazing into my newborn son’e eyes when I was feeding him in the middle of a long cold, winter’s night. The house was so quiet and it was as if we were the only 2 people awake in the whole world. He looked like such an old soul, and I felt he trusted me, which gave me confidence that I could really ‘do’ this mother thing!

  • 11
    Michelle W says:

    I have many moments in my life that signify true love for me. One memorable moment was my husband taking me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday and getting down on bended knee up in the sky to propose marriage. πŸ™‚

  • 12
    Laraine R says:

    The day we got married! The day I had both of our kids! And everyday since!

  • 13

    All the love and caring I received from family and friends after the difficult time during the operation and scary times after the brainbleed from my mother. I felt so blessed to have so many people caring about me and my parents! Even people who I wasn’t even so close with. Will never forget that!

  • 14
    Jill Norwood says:

    There have been so many….but the one that stands out to me is the efforts my husband made to have a pillow fight with our son before bed each night when he was suffering through brain cancer. No matter how ill he was he always had the pillow fight even if just for a few minutes! My son and I treasure those memories!!

  • 15
    Angie Coleman says:

    To me it was watching a family member give up paying off their mortgage and car in order to give the money to their son when he was laid off from work.

  • 16
    Diane from MN says:

    When my husband came up with the idea to turn a room in the basement (acutally the biggest room in our whole house!) into my craft room. You see, this room had always been set aside for his model train layout, but he had just never got it done. For him to give up his dream layout for me to have a space of my own, to me that was love!

  • 17
    Victoria h says:

    Choosing one is difficult- I had flu last Christmas and everyone still showed they loved me. I think it’s being there through good and bad times.

  • 18
    Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    I have several moments, but nothing that I can share publicly. But I know that true love is when he wakes up early in the morning to prepare my lunch on his day off, before I head out for a morning shift.

  • 19
    Keri H says:

    Not sure there is just one moment but more of a compilation of moments that add up over time. My husband spent 23 years in the Marine Corps and we have been through countless deployments. Military combat tends to put things in perspective and those moments of fear and longing gave us both time to stop and think about our love and devotion to one another.

  • 20
    Suzy Girl says:

    My husband by my side through well over 20 surgeries of mine!

  • 21
    Penny Peters says:

    The birth of my children…best days of my life.

  • 22
    Kristie says:

    When my husband proposed to me and was sick as a dog. That was true love to me, he could have waited to make it more special when he was feeling better but he couldn’t wait. LOVE him!!!

  • 23
    Michele L. says:

    True love is after your husband comes home from a very physically and mentally exhausting workday and all he wants to do is eat, shower and sleep and instead he asks me what can he do to help me with a smile on his face.

  • 24
    Dee in NH says:

    There have been a few that come to mind right away but the one I will pick is last February on our 26th wedding anniversary my husband told me he would marry me again. This is the same guy that helped me turn our spare bedroom into my craft room. Now that’s true love!

  • 25
    LR says:

    One of many is the way my husband took good care of me after my surgery!

  • 26
    Kelly Braund says:

    Giving birth to my kids. Instant love!

  • 27
    samantha says:

    True love is my husband making my favorite dinner and dessert just because he wanted to do something nice.

  • 28
    Michelle Bala says:

    Wow! You had me thinking and brought back some great memories, thank you!
    But I must say, it is the way we hug and kiss good-bye when he leaves for work and greet one another when he comes home. Almost like he’s been gone for weeks. I just love him!

  • 29
    Melanie MacKenzie says:

    My mother died very suddenly and my husband immediately stepped up and was of so much help. I can never thank him enough for all that he did.

  • 30
    Sandy Kay says:

    There are lots of moments! The most recent – we needed a new car badly. We finally decided on one and it was our 40th anniversary. My hubby let me pick the color (red for ruby) and said that was his anniversary present to me. It’s a big deal when buying a car, that the man lets you pick the color, even if it’s not his favorite!

  • 31
    Sherrie M. says:

    True love is when my husband hitched a ride into NYC after the WTC towers fell to rescue me. I worked across the street at the time but had safely gotten back to NJ before the towers fell. Of course communications were down so he didn’t know where I was. So there he was in the midst of the chaos looking for me with his pockets filled with snacks because he knew when he found me I’d be hungry.

  • 32
    Lynn C. says:

    The days my children were born, then my grandchildren, and my great grand daughter.

  • 33
    LisaD says:

    Although I am blessed to have many moments that remind me of the True-Love that I have in my life one that stands out for me is the birth of my daughter. After 3 days of labor and an agonizing 3 hours of pushing the love I felt when I looked into her eyes was amazing and I knew that I would do it all over again just to get to experience that feeling. The bond of love I have with her after 25 years is still as strong as the day I first looked into her beautiful blue eyes. And it fills me with Joy when I think that she too has experienced True-Love and shared that amazing feeling with the birth of her son.

  • 34
    Kailash says:

    I have so many but the one that really signifies true love is when I gave birth to my son. That feeling of being bonded for life is special showing that a love between a child and parent is a gift from God, one to cherish forever:-)

  • 35
    Jessica Kerr says:

    Funny you should ask … it happened just the other day. I was dusting a shelf and knocked over a picture of my father and I dancing on my wedding day. We never had a great relationship when I was growing up, but it has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Anyway, when the picture frame hit the ground and broke, I discovered that he had written a very sweet, heartfelt message on the back of the photo sometime within the last year (photo was taken over 13 years ago). Must have done it while he was babysitting my son. It was totally unexpected, and brought me to tears.

  • 36
    Anita R says:

    I’m so grateful for many experiences of love in my life…one I think of now is holding my granddaughter in my arms after her birth and the rush of love washing over me for her little life!

  • 37
    LisaE says:

    This is a tough question because I think it is hard to narrow it to one moment. I remember how patient my now husband was with me when we were first dating. I was newly divorced and I know I wasn’t the easiest person to be around. He hung in there with me and I’m so happy he did.

  • 38
    Terri E. says:

    Holding my daughters for the first time.

  • 39
    Diane says:

    My wedding day and the birth of our two children.

  • 40 says:

    When Jesus died on the Cross so that we could be saved, he showed us true love.

  • 41
    Sallie says:

    It is more a matter of “moments”…all the love and nurturing that my parents gave me their entire lives. I miss them.

  • 42
    Dana W says:

    I have yet to experience romantic love. However I know love from my mom, she has alway been there for me and I know she will always be!

  • 43
    Susan T says:

    The unconditional love of your parents. I will never forget the feeling when my son was born. The moment was unforgettable and words cannot describe the feelings of the heart and then again when my daughter was born.

  • 44
    Kathy W says:

    My moment was when my brother drove to my wedding. He was afraid to drive, had an unreliable car, was going to an unknown destination, and yet…he made it. It was my greatest wedding present, and his act of love overcoming his challenges and fear meant everything to me, especially years later since he died two years after my wedding.

  • 45
    Cathie says:

    After going through double digit miscarriages my parents decided to consider adoption. They received a phone call 10 days later and I was adopted by them. 40 years later my mom still cries about that day and I feel very special and loved.

  • 46
    Anna says:

    When my step-grand daughter said to me “I love you number 1 Nana to the moon and beyond”!

  • 47

    Not one moment, but a collection over a lifetime … every great and small thing my Mum has ever done for me … always with the truest and greatest love.

  • 48
    Lee Cockrum says:

    I have never loved my husband more than when we were at the emergency vet, and they said it was going to be $1500 for the surgery to save our 14 year old dog. He laid the credit card on the counter without hesitation. She had a heart murmur, and they did not know if she would make it through the surgery. She was rock stable through the whole surgery and we got 2 more fabulous years with her.

  • 49
    Ruth G says:

    I think the fact it’s more about all the moments that my husband and I have stayed committed and true to each other in the face of adversity. True love doesn’t give up.

  • 50
    Isabel Z says:

    When my children were placed in my arms after their birth.

  • 51
    Jayne K says:

    To me, true love is a sacrificial giving to another person or persons with no thought of self at all, no “what’s in it for me?” I’ve seen my husband do this over and over. I think that’s why I love him just as much today (if not more) as I loved him 32 years ago.

  • 52
    Kristy says:

    I have so many times I could talk about, but one that I keep thinking of is when I was holding my first granddaughter and thinking there is nothing I’d rather be doing or no place in the world I’d rather be than right here!

  • 53
    Kari Webster says:

    After going through for me at the time when I had Bell’s Palsy, and my hubby took care of me, and was super supportive.

  • 54
    erin says:

    There are so many moments in daily love, the snuggles and kisses from my kids, an understanding comment from my husband, true love I think was the sight of my mother arriving in the hospital after my son was born early, 7000 miles away from her house, she’d gotten the call, rushed to the airport, flew for 24 hours and arrive in the hospital with paint still in her hair from the project she’d been working on.

  • 55
    Sandye Curry says:

    I think the greatest was seeing how my husband helped to care for my mother when she was dying.

  • 56
    Lori Weinberg says:

    I am blessed to have much love in my life but I just happened to have dinner with my great aunt last night. I was reminded of her life with her husband, now passed, and my heart burst with joy and happiness just thinking about them together. How well they took care of each other, respected each other, loved each other. They are a testament of true love. I hope years down the road, that’s what people will think of me and my husband.

  • 57
    Lauren A. says:

    I am very blessed that there have been many in my life, but one of my faves was when my husband and I welcomed our son into this crazy world! It was pure love and joy in that moment. πŸ™‚


  • 58
    Rose Antonopoulos says:

    There are so many it is hard to pick…But watching him hold each child for the first time was wonderful

  • 59
    Deb Else says:

    Looking into the eyes of my baby daughters as I was rocking them to sleep!

  • 60
    Glorie says:

    The way my husband and daughter supported and cared for me when I was diagnosed with cancer.

  • 61 says:

    In this stage of my life true love moments is my aging mother , that my husband will take a backseat if she needs something right away and that he overlooks many things needed to be done in our own life,that he has put her upfront also .

  • 62
    Jodi e says:

    Glad to say that I have had more than one. I see my husband taking care of two aging parents and now my father is added to the list. We stop by at least weekly and I am thankful for his job that allows him to give up a half day to a full day to help with the care of parents.

  • 63
    Jessica Monte says:

    For me ture love is when my husband cried with me when we lost our first chikd in a miscarriage and then seeing his face light up like a christmas tree when our second child was born on Christmas eve 4 years later…..

  • 64
    Nancy Penir says:

    One of the treasured moments of my life is when a complete stranger came across a crowded auditorium to tell my husband and me that God meant us for each other. It was so surprising and left us both so stunned, we could only smile. But that scene plays over and over, especially during times of doubt. I’ve always wondered if God sent us an angel! Many, many moments make a grand statement of love and commitment. I’m thankful for them all!

  • 65
    Rebecca Mc says:

    I still remember walking down the aisle and looking at my husband to be, the look in his eyes that moment melted my heart as it was pure love.

  • 66
    Beatrice says:

    Every day. When my husband cook with me.

  • 67
    Dgolly says:

    Love to me is the little things that speak volumes.

  • 68
    paula e. says:

    My husband makes coffee for me (even though he doesn’t drink it) and packs my lunch on days I work so I have time to work out on the treadmill. It may seem like a small thing, but it shows me he cares.

  • 69
    Tricia says:

    You know, I remember thinking this very thought the other day. It was a slushy, snowy day and an older gentleman and lady were at the post office with me. They were so sweet to watch… he could hardly walk and she helped him when she could. But when they got out to the van they were driving, she stopped and waited by her door to let him open it for her. And he looked like he had been given the greatest honor on earth to serve her in that way. My thought… “He is still opening the door for her and counting it a privilege. That is true love.” I hope I will be as delighted to serve others in years to come, even when it isn’t easy, as he was that day in the snow!

  • 70
    Leigh Penner says:

    I see true love in my daughter’s unwavering loyalty and adoration, in my oldest son’s desire to spend time with me and in my youngest son’s amazing spontaneous hugs & kisses.

  • 71
    Beth says:

    When I was in the hospital many years ago and my Mom, who was deathly afraid of flying, flew from New Jersey to Minnesota to be with me.

  • 72
    Sheryl W says:

    Every day with my husband of 39 years!

  • 73
    Annie says:

    I think it is all the little, everyday things that my husband does that may not seem like much, but are truly appreciated.

  • 74
    Nadia Kendall says:

    There are many, but the best moment of showing true love was during the birth of our daughter. The joy in my husband’s voice and on his face when he saw her for the first time was priceless.

  • 75
    Jen Carter says:

    The realization that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. There isn’t a more complete, true, pure love than that!

  • 76
    Sarah M. says:

    On our way to the hospital to have our second child, my husband drove so carefully to avoid any bumps in the road because he remembered what it was like for me the first time!

  • 77
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    When in a marriage workshop, we all had to make a promise to our spouses (in front of the whole group)& my husband recited our marriage vows to reinforce what he’d committed to me 30 years before.
    You won’t be surprised that I cried. πŸ™‚

  • 78
    S. Molinari says:

    True love can’t be summed up in one magical moment (although there will be those). It’s the daily decision to stick to someone through the good, the bad and the children. I’m happy to have found my true love 35 years ago and still going strong.

  • 79
    Maria F says:

    On the day that we said, “I do.”

  • 80
    Shannon says:

    True love is the number of times my husband has put up with my loony mom, who is certifiable. No one but one who truly loves me would stay and put up with that.

  • 81
    Ted says:

    I think for me, it was when my mom travelled 3,000 miles to be with me as I was dealing with medical issues. A mom’s love knows no bounds!

  • 82
    Genevieve says:

    The everyday talks and support

  • 83
    Catherine says:

    Staying up all night with you to finish cards for birthdays, christmas etc. and always supporting and loving you through every situation – good and bad.

  • 84
    KathyC says:

    When I held my first grandbaby……and still when all of them run up to me “grandma, grandma, grandma, come here”. My wonderful husband and I are so blessed.

  • 85
    Peggy Lamb says:

    I have a passion for flower gardening. The moment my husband told me that he would turn over a large area In our back yard so I could have a big garden showed lots of love-what a lot of work for him!

  • 86
    Ange B says:

    There hasn’t been just one moment in my life that represents my Mothers true love for me. She has always been by my side through tough times and good.

  • 87
    Rita says:

    If you have ever watched the movie, Bridget Jones, you know the famous line about loving someone just the way they are. For me, true love isn’t a moment, it’s the feeling and the knowing that someone wants you in their life. If I had to capture a moment, it would be the smile and hug hello before a day of laughter and time together.

  • 88
    Danielle Pajot says:

    So many, it is hard to count! I know that the moment i first gazed into my son’s eyes when he was born and my husband was holding me and kissed my forehead…that was true love.

  • 89
    Anika F says:

    When my grandfather was in the hospital, we all came together to be at his bedside. My boyfriend stayed countless hours with me, drove everywhere to run errands, brought lunches for my relatives, and even helped babysit all the little ones, so we could have time to say goodbye.

  • 90
    Judy Stiles says:

    Seeing both of my chidren marry their true love!

  • 91
    Ruth F. says:

    Oh so many … I’ve been so blessed, but watching my husband take care of the boys when they were just babies, and then later — when they were older, teaching them games and tinkering in the shop! He always had such a look of love when he watched over them through the years.

  • 92
    Connie P. says:

    The day I became aware of the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me. In earthly terms, every time I watch my daughters sleeping my heart just swells with love and joy.

  • 93
    Shannon--Hank's Mom says:

    True love is having my husband move us from apartment to apartment with a smile on his face. He supports us ever day hoping we will be able to move back to the Midwest soon.

  • 94
    Pam says:

    The birth of my sons. That’s my true love.

  • 95

    My husband who picks up the pieces whenever I fall- one particular moment that stands out is when he got up after an hours sleep to attend my friend’s funeral with me this year. He just stood there giving me all the support I needed while I fell to pieces.

  • 96
    see mary stamp says:

    Watching my husband with our first grandchild. It is truly a mutual admiration society and brings so much joy to my heart.

  • 97
    Ashley says:

    Seeing my husbands face light up when he saw me walking down the aisle at our wedding showed me true love and how much he loved me πŸ™‚ That picture of his face is one of my favorites from the wedding!

  • 98
    Susan says:

    My heart pounding, I carefully tore away the beautiful baby blue wrapping paper from a tiny gift which obviously held jewelry inside. Small jewelry. Ring size jewelry. My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost 4 years. It was Christmas. I was ready! I expected a ring! And here it was! Yes! Tried to manage my thoughts and keep from leaping up in the air with joy when indeed the torn paper revealed it was a ring box. On my! I’m getting engaged! Yes! I allowed myself a nervous smile to him then, and he smiled ever so happily back. I just knew it. This was the moment!

    I opened the box and there it was! A gold nugget ring with itsy bitsy diamonds sparsed all around. You are probably too young to remember when this was popular back in the 70’s. A jeweler would take all of your old gold jewelry and melt it down into a rough hewn nugget you could wear on your finger. I was speechless. He had had his mother’s (passed away) old jewelry melted down into a colossally ugly ring for me to wear on my RIGHT hand. My RIGHT hand. I broke into tears from emotion, and he hugged me thinking it was tears of happiness.

    Short story long — I thought about ending the relationship; would he never commit? Was I wasting my life hanging around for a proposal? I realized after that Xmas that no matter what, I truly loved him, and couldn’t imagine life without him. I really loved loved loved him. We were married 3 years later. YES! THREE years it took him to propose! And we’ve been married almost 40 years now! That Christmas was my moment!

  • 99
    Betty H. says:

    The first time I saw my baby boy.

  • 100
    Chloe says:

    Every time my boyfriend stands next to me for an IVF, IUI or FET attempt, no matter how much he hates all the medical humiliations we have to go through for that.

  • 101
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    My biggest moment of true love is when my husband donated a kidney to me. I was so ill and he never hesitated to give me this gift of life and love. He has always been the kindest and most generous person in my life.

  • 102
    Robin Barwacz says:

    True love…the day we adopted our wonderful son!

  • 103
    Janet Mack says:

    My mother has been very sick the last few months and at one point she was staying with us. My husband is such a help, he will do anything. One day my mom was complaining about facial hair ( she has always shaved, her eyebrows, stash etc. ) I tried using the electric razor on her and was not doing a good job so my wonderful hubby stepped in. I swear my heart melted.

  • 104
    Detra Parks says:

    As I sit and write this I am at the hospital with my mother who broke her hip last week and my boyfriend is here with me, helping and just giving me a hug when I need it!!!

  • 105
    Lori Cullen says:

    When my husband napped with our newborn son in the crook of his arms for the first time as if he had been doing it all his life. I felt such a rush of love for the two of them.

  • 106
    txgrandma says:

    I recently had foot surgery and have been unable to walk for 4 weeks. My family, led by my husband, has rallied around me and helped me with every need I have had during this challenging time. After many years of being their caretaker, they have risen to the occasion and are doing everything they can to make sure this time is easier for me.

  • 107
    Teri says:

    True love has been the commitment my husband continues to make – by loving our family daily since we were 17 years old, 23 years thus far πŸ™‚

  • 108
    Gabriela Duclos says:

    Recently I burned my hand while cooking. Unfortunately, it was also my dominant hand. Everyone in my family pitched in and helped with all the household chores. They made dinner and did the laundry. Every time I tried to help they would march me back into the living room to rest.

    Happy Holidays. Wishing everyone a happy 2014.

  • 109
    Linda K. says:

    I have to say there were 2 moments in my life, because it was when I gave birth to both my children.

  • 110
    Connie G says:

    That is a tie between my wedding day and the birth of each of my children!! True forever love!!!

  • 111
    Richard says:

    The moment I realized that our love was forever. Twenty three years, and counting!

  • 112

    I agree with a lot of the other comments here the moments my two sons were born we’re the most LOVED filled moments in my life!! I still remember the excitement and my HEART felt like it was on the outside of my body!! How much LOVE I had in my heart and looking at my husband was so magical!! We were both in AWE of what we had created with our LOVE for each other!! I’ll never be able to FULLY emulate that type of LOVE experience again, but I do think that it will show through in other events in my life!! THANKS SO MUCH for the chances to win and have a Fabulous Holiday Season!! I LOVE the Release this month!! πŸ˜‰

  • 113
    Crisanne D. says:

    I grew up on a farm that my Grandfather owned, and my father worked. Many years we were in the hole at the end of the season, some years we barely broke even. One Christmas I opened a present that taught me about true love. My father took his entire income from our little farm that year and purchased a violin for me. NOT a cheap one either. 24 years later, I still play and teach music lessons to others on the instrument that my father sacrificed everything for.

  • 114
    Annette says:

    The day my son was born ….and everytime he comes to me giving me a big hug. He’s 9 now.

  • 115
    Alex says:

    I am not married, but my life-partner and I have been together since 2001. We have had many up’s and down’s like most relationships, but I’ve come to realize over the years that it is the strength that holds us together that helps me realize what true love is. We have 2 beautiful girls together, 9 and 7. Unfortunately, over the last 2 years, I have had 2 miscarriages, and it was in those moments of sadness and overwhelming depression that I knew how much he truly loved me and was willing to do anything for me.

  • 116
    lisgz1972 says:

    The birth of my children…hands down

  • 117
    Margaret C says:

    I have ME and my husband often had to pick up the bits that I’m too unwell to manage. These include a lot of household chores and caring for our DD. He never complains about this and it’s a situation that is unlikely to change. That’s a lot of moments of true love.

    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  • 118
    Sue says:

    When my son was born, I was in I.C.U. fighting for my life, and my husband was able to care for our newborn and the entire home alone. It showed me what courage and strength he has. As well, he supported me fully until my complete recovery. That is what love is!

  • 119
    Lynda says:

    My 80 year old parents were visiting us. I was doing some chores while they sat on the front porch enjoying the nice weather. My teenage daughter told me later how sweet she thought is was that they were holding hands. They celebrate their 60th anniversary later this month.

  • 120
    Ronna E. says:

    Attending my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary showed me how fortunate I was to be loved by two parents who shared their own True Love for each other.

  • 121

    Giving birth and watching that child grow up to be a fantastic parent!

  • 122
    Bev Hill says:

    There is not enough room to note all the signs of love I’ve seen over the years, but the newest is the look of LOVE on my granddaughters face when she saw her baby girl for the first time. Pure love!

  • 123
    janet wilson says:

    Now that is a very thought-provoking question. I would like to declare a personal moment, but I am going to mention something I have seen – that epitomizes longevity of true love. Two elderly volunteers at my hospital, married for over 50 years and they would lunch together and afterwards he would walk her to her “station”, holding hands and give her a kiss on the cheek, before going to his own station…aaaahh πŸ™‚

  • 124
    Jan Stephens says:

    When my husband had a heart attack June 1, every one of our kids came to St. Louis to be here with him. One came from California, one from Chicago and one from as far away as Belize! True love is caring so much that you will drop everything and be there during the most important moments! We have learned so much from our kids.

  • 125
    Edie says:

    Over my 65 years, there have been so many but probably the one dearest to my heart was the love and support I received from family and friends when my mother and husband passed away two days apart.

  • 126
    Rhonda H says:

    Family that is there thru thick and thin. Always encouraging and supportive of my dreams.

  • 127
    Liz (wifelady) says:

    It’s those moments when my hubby looks at me with that sparkle and glimmer in his eyes and his beaming smile!

  • 128
    Amy R says:

    When my mom was lying in bed after quadruple by-pass surgery, and she opened her eyes after she came out of anesthesia.

  • 129

    Every moment of the past 25 years my hubby and I have been happily married.

  • 130
    Kim R. says:

    Since it’s the season, and it’s so fresh in my mind, I’ll say watching my 10 and 12 year olds plan for, shop for , and buy Christmas gifts for us and each other with their own hard-earned allowance money!

  • 131
    Paula Laird says:

    So many! One is my husband meeting me at the grocery store on the way home from a long work day to help out with the kids.

  • 132
    Holly Saveur says:

    The standing by each other in hard times..each time it amazes me how strong love is..and how it over wins it all…

  • 133

    I am reminded daily of the Love my Heavenly Father has for me, in the morning when hearing the sweet voices of my little ones’ Giggles and hugs.

  • 134
    Lona H says:

    When my kids were born for sure!

  • 135
    Kathy says:

    Watching my Dad care for my mother right before she passed. Such love and devotion.

  • 136
    Julie coit says:

    Seeing my children born was awesome but seeing my grandchildren born was truly the highlight of my life seeing your children have children is almost the better than having your own kids true love from the moment you see your kids becoming parents,

  • 137

    There are many moments…but I think what stands out the most is how my husband helped out when I had my c-section with our first daughter. He was so worried he got to the hospital before I did! And he didn’t eat anything all day just because he knew I couldn’t eat anything before my surgery.

  • 138
    Cara T says:

    When I was a sophomore in high school, my father had a heart attack in the middle of the night. I was awoken by my mother’s screams. She not only called 911 for help but also, while doing that, performed CPR on him until the paramedics arrived. She saved his life without a doubt! That is true love!!!

  • 139
    Melissa F says:

    One of my most recent moments of true love was just last weekend: my husband of 31+ years whisked me away for an overnight at a B&B in a small town a few hours away. It gave us time together during this sometimes crazy-busy holiday season.

  • 140
    Colleen C says:

    For me it is not just one event. It is the selflessness that my Mom always displayed in taking care of me and my six brothers and sisters. She always put us first and took joy in doing that. That is an amazing gift and what love is really all about!

  • 141
    Sue D says:

    When my first child was born.

  • 142
    Manuela says:

    The moment where my husband came to the decision to spend one of his kidney for his brother to give him a new life.

  • 143
    Sonia says:

    My husband, Luc, demonstrates this often, but the clear standout goes back to when we were dating. We had been dating for about 4 months when it was discovered that my father had terminal cancer. He was given 6 months to live. Without even a pause, Luc jumped in & began making preparations so we could be married while my dad was still strong enough to walk me down the aisle. 7 weeks later we were married, and have been happily married for 8 years.

  • 144
    Krystal G. says:

    One moment of true love in my life was when my husband asked me to marry him. It wasn’t how he envisioned asking me and I had thwarted his earlier attempt and was having quite a meltdown about life. And he rescued it all. We are still very happily together many years later.

  • 145
    Victoria Nelson says:

    When I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, my mom was by my side for every test, every procedure, every chemo round, and most importantly when I didn’t think I would be able to go on–she was there telling me to never give up. Everyone should have such a wonderful mom!

  • 146

    I have many examples of true love in my life but the moment that stands out for me right now relates to my parents. One night last year when I was staying at their home, my 92 year old father who had dementia was having a typical night. Everyone was in bed, every five to ten minutes I could hear my dad asking my mom if he was sleeping and every time he did I could hear my mom patiently, quietly and lovingly telling him yes Kees, close your eyes, you are sleeping. This continued throughout most of the night. Not once did my mom lose patience even though she was exhausted herself. Not that’s true love.

  • 147
    Amy P says:

    On our wedding day, I felt true love when my husband said his vow and promised to love me till the end of his life…. It just touched my heart

  • 148
    Priscilla from CA says:

    My husband arranged a cruise for me and my friends for a “milestone” birthday. In addition, at one of the ports, he arranged to have a limo take us wine tasting and then on to a great lunch. It was amazing!!

  • 149
    Andrea r. says:

    Meeting my newborn children and knowing that I would do anything to protect them.

  • 150
    Jeannie L says:

    My hb is a simple person who isn’t very expressive with words or actions. He takes great care of not just me but every member of my family. Something major happened between us once while we were dating and I was calling it quits. And I saw him cried then I knew he’s someone I would wanna spend my life and grow old with.

  • 151
    Marcie Rhys says:

    At 55 I needed a hysterectomy, because as I told my gyno, “I don’t want to get pregnant. At my age, I could only have a sea turtle.”

    After the operation, I awakened in my hospital room, to see my husband sitting in a chair facing me. He had with him, a giant stuffed sea turtle. He walked over to me, kissed me, and said, “Just wanted you to know that nothing’s changed; we can still have a sea turtle.”

    I’m crying while I’m writing this. My husband has Asbergers, and he understood so deeply what the surgery had meant to me, that I still can’t believe it. (I had suffered many years with my fertile body.) I slept totally peacefully every night, with my arms wrapped around that huge turtle.

  • 152
    Barbara T says:

    This is an easy question! Every day with my husband. who has stood by me in some of my worst moments.

  • 153
    Debbie P says:

    It’s always difficult to isolate an incident but a recent one was when my husband said that we could add a small apt over our garage for my aging parents to come live with us.

  • 154
    Alyssa S says:

    My love for my son

  • 155
    Mo Jo says:

    I don’t have one big moment but, I have a million little ones. My husband is so patient and supportive. He shows me on a daily basis what true love is.

  • 156
    Cheryl I says:

    There are too many to count, but a special moment is every night around the dinner table, my husband kisses me right after we have said ‘amen’ after blessing the food. If we’re sitting far apart he blows a kiss my way and I still melt after all these years!

  • 157
    Cindy says:

    After 32 years of marriage, my husband and I are still silly in love! I couldn’t pick one time because there have been so many.

  • 158
    Lori B says:

    The first time my baby boy looked me in the eyes and it was like he was really recognizing me, and then smiled! Wow….my heart nearly burst with love! That was over 29 years ago and still brings tears to my eyes!

  • 159
    Ngan R. says:

    My brother, on his first leave from the Marines, went straight from his base to my father’s side in the hospital where he had been after suffering a second stroke. I had never seen my grown brother cry before that day and it made me know what true love is.

  • 160
    Barbara Ann Cowan says:

    As my mother was losing her battle with cancer, she always made sure to order extra cookies with her meal in hospice. She would give these cookies to everyone who was visiting her so that they would have something sweet in the sorrowful situation of saying their goodbyes to her. She was loving and unselfish and giving up until the day she died.

  • 161
    Sharon J says:

    That must be our wedding day, it’s the most amazing and unforgettable day in my life, not only referring to out love story but the warm regards given to us by our families and friends, its truly precious.

  • 162
    julie webber says:

    The moment my twin sons were born.

  • 163
    Tosha says:

    As said by many love shows its beautiful face in times of trials and my husband has been a beam through many over the last 35 years, but what means the most to me is every time my John walks through the door, every single time, he smiles at me and glares with his gorgeous blue eyes; that look says to me “I’m glad to be home with my wife who I love”. He’s overseas right now and I’m missing his glare and crying.

  • 164
    Sandy Vincent says:

    I have had many of my own, but one that stands out is watching the love in my parents’ eyes as my father was recovering from surgery. They have been married over 50 years…watching the bond of love between them was and continues to be a blessing and an example!

  • 165
    Elizabeth T. says:

    There have been many moments….but one that always tugs at my heart strings is the morning my husband was taken ill a number of years ago. We weren’t sure what was going on and it was very concerning for us, yet he was also concerned that he might not be able to drive me into work that day!

  • 166
    Lori Campbell says:

    In May 2012 I was contacted by email out of the blue by the boy I dated at 13 years of age before he moved away at the start of grade 9. Our elementary school was having a 50th anniversary open house (we had both been ushers at the 25th anniversary open house so long ago). We ended up meeting there…and picking up where we left off 24 years prior! Shortly after, he was out of town when my birthday happened to fall and he sent me a mixed cd (though formatted it as one big long track so I’d have to listen to it continuously like you would a cassette tape). He used to make me mixed tapes when we were 13! So sweet!

  • 167
    Melissa Cass says:

    A friend brought over a surprise dinner when I was in the midst of working, going to school, student teaching, and preparing a lesson for my church. True compassion and love!

  • 168
    Karen B. says:

    True love is how my husband looks at me and treats me. πŸ™‚ Also, how I feel about him and my children.

  • 169
    laura j says:

    too many moments to just name one….the common thread amongst these moments is the unconditional love of family

  • 170
    Connie Pruitt says:

    my son being born.

  • 171
    Monika/buzsy says:

    If I have to pick one… it would be when I held my son in my arms the very first time… (having 2 children, it did happen twice) but that is one moment when you know that no matter how that little one looks like, no matter how many fingers he/she has… you have true love for him/her.

  • 172
    Tracie C. says:

    I would say true love is when I married my husband.

  • 173
    marion says:

    Today has been a day for realizing how much my whole family care for me – I have had the best birthday I can remember with beautiful and thoughtful cards , gifts and messages.thanks to all. X

  • 174
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    There have been many, but one I can share is the moment I first held my son in my arms. I fell totally and hopelessly in love.

  • 175
    Karen C says:

    I was in hospital after the birth of my second child. I heard my daughter (20 months) coming down the corridor and put the baby down so that I could greet her properly and give a hug. She gave me a quick hug and a kiss and told me that the reason her brother was crying was that he was hungry and that I needed to feed him. I just basked in the love of my family.

  • 176
    Diana K says:

    So many, but the day I met my first grandchild has to be the frontrunner. Pure bliss.

  • 177
    Anne-Marie Tribbett says:

    True love to me was seeing my mom very carefully rubbing my fathers feet as they were hurting him so during his last days in hospice care and then at the end when his soul was departing and she was rubbing them she was saying how now his hurting feet will turn to wings so that he can fly to heaven and be free! And now we find feathers at different times around the house and what a comfort it is to mom!

  • 178
    Colleen F says:

    Every day I feel blessed with true love from my family and friends and the Good Lord!

  • 179
    Jamie Greene says:

    There have been so many in my life I feel very lucky. But I always remember how my husband held our kids when they were born and it warms my heart:)

  • 180
    Cathy Weber says:

    My husband went to work at a job he HATED while he was temporarily laid off from his job. He worked graveyard shift, drove a long, long way to get there and was humiliated every day…just to support our family. It was such a display of love…I’ve never forgotten that, married 34 years now!

  • 181
    Irene says:

    The day I had my daughter and I looked into her eyes. She has shown me true love ever since .

  • 182
    Mary M. says:

    hearing the way my grandmother talks about my grandfather.

  • 183
    Annette P. says:

    Everyday I come home from work and run to my computer to see the ‘picture of the day’ that my Niece sends me of my Great Niece, who is now 16 months old. That makes my day!

  • 184
    Pam Sparks says:

    the joy & love of bringing children into the world… then the joy & love of grandchildren… Merry Christmas!

  • 185

    Seeing my daughter for the very first time after she was born. I knew the greatest love I could ever have for a person

  • 186
    Joanne says:

    My husband stepped in to love and care for his grandaughter and daughter in law as a father figure after a tragedy involving my son.

  • 187
    Kris says:

    The moment I realized that my hubby was going to stick with me through thick and thin and loved me unconditionally. It was life-changing.

  • 188
    Rosemary D says:

    there are several moments in my life that have shown me true love, but two that stand out are when both my boys were born!

  • 189

    I was quite a bad teenager.. My parents still believed in me at that time and supported me more than I deserved. That is real love for me. I feel the same love for my childeren.

  • 190
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    Life is made up of an infinite number of moments. I feel my husband’s love in any of those multitude of moments big and small, momentous and mundane: holding my hand as we walk down a gangway to a plane, warming up the car on a cold winter day, putting toothpaste on my toothbrush…

  • 191
    Susan says:

    At first, I didn’t think I knew of any moments of true love. But then I remembered my youngest brother caring for my Mom when she was dying. One might think that was no big deal but it really was since their relationship had been a pretty rocky one. He took care of her and promised her to take care of my Dad so she could go peacefully.

  • 192
    Jill S. says:

    Goodness, I feel like I’m so blessed with love around me all the time! When my husband and I were first dating I had a major surgery and he took care of me the whole time, while I stayed at his place to recover. He even brought my cat to his appt and he was allergic.

  • 193
    Dawn says:

    I have many. The birth of all 3 of my children and holding them all for the first time and also when my husband (boyfriend at the time) flew me to Paris and proposed to me up the Eiffel Tower!!!

  • 194

    Really the day I met my husband. I knew I would fall in love with him on the first date. He is a special and kind man. He supports every thing I do and loves me and the boys unconditionally!

  • 195
    Kris says:

    After my girls were born. Knowing I was their mom and I was responsible for taking care of all their needs. And yet I was so happy to do whatever it took to raise healthy, happy kids.

  • 196
    Lea Ann H. says:

    True love? The day our daughter’s birthmom placed her in our arms and asked us to raise her. That she would have the strength to push her own pain aside for love of her child stuns me still. So blessed to have her in our lives.

  • 197
    Sarae says:

    The day my fiance and I decided we would get married.

  • 198
    Mary e says:

    Seeing my nephew make the transition into college and thriving!!!!!!

  • 199
    Celine Blacow says:

    When we lost our longed for baby, my husband held me for hours on end, telling me everything was going to be okay, telling me he loved me more than anything in the world, telling me that we were strong and would make it through all of this. He was right, of course. True love is when your own heart is breaking and you still have love enough to try and heal someone else’s.

  • 200
    Donna C says:

    When my husband had brain surgery and before he was conscious completely, his worries were about me.

  • 201
    Melissa Flieg says:

    My wedding day was the one that comes to mind first and then the day that each of my three daughters was born.

  • 202
    AllysonA says:

    When I became a mother. I’ll never forget the look in my husband’s eyes as he cried and told me how much respect and love he had for me because of what I had just gone through to give life to our first, long-awaited child. A lot of love that day. Thanks for a fun week of beautiful inspiration!

  • 203
    Yvonne F. says:

    I remember a lot of moments but nothing that I want to share publicly. Everyday, when my children smile at me, I know that they love me.

  • 204
    Mitzi Mink says:

    I believe that true love exists in all of the many moments that pass through our lives. Whether those moments come from a life changing event such as a birth or death, or from the many small everyday occurrences like a glance or smile, they combine to make up the essence of true love.

  • 205
    Bernadette M. says:

    I have 2 moments – the births of my 2 sons.

  • 206

    For me I think it would the memory of my children’s birth. There is no better feeling of love then when you hold your little one in your arms for the very first time. You see the perfectness and the love of it all.

  • 207
    Jen M says:

    This is a sad, but very powerful memory. My father died almost 5 years ago and on his last day my mother sat in the room with him, held his hand and sang or hummed all of their favorite hymns. She put aside her grief to comfort him as he passed and I will never forget how beautiful those loving moments were.

  • 208
    Diana F says:

    Seeing my parents, after raising eight kids, still show the affection for each other that they must have had when they first got married. They had their share of fights but in the end I believe they truly loved each other.

  • 209
    Stephanie C says:

    I already knew my husband and I had a great love…but very recently we had a great big scare…we found out that at age 44 he had a heart attack. It was a very scary time for us. This just reminded us how much we love each other and how important family is and what really matters in life. He is my great and true love – and I am soooo blessed!!!!

  • 210
    ShirleyR says:

    Becoming a mother and realizing that my life had forever changed…that was the moment I knew what true love was.

  • 211
    Laurie Hunt says:

    I was illl for quite a long time and even though he didn’t have to my the boyfriend, now husband stuck by me and still sticks by, even though he knows with my health things will never be easy.

  • 212

    When we lost my dad,I flew back home right away and from the moment I arrived, one of my brother always by my side and when I finally asked what were they doing and they said, they want to make sure that one of them will be there to catch me if I faint since I was daddy’s girl and they’re worried it’ll be too much for me. When I heard that, that’s when I know that I can always count on my brothers no matter what. Sibling love is true love.

  • 213

    The day my husband proposed, the day I married my husband, the day I gave birth to my son, and everyday since.

  • 214
    laura mm says:

    My father exemplified true love when he stuck by my mother’s side through her long, fatal illness!

  • 215
    Sarah Lewis says:

    True love is my kids!

  • 216
    Paula Collins says:

    The love from my mom. I was a sickly child she always made my favorite meals and played board games with me. I am now 53 she has been gone for 20+ years I still miss her everyday.

  • 217
    Kim Heggins says:

    There are so many but to choose just one, it would be the birth of my daughter…she is amazing!

  • 218
    Cindy O says:

    So many moments with my husband, but one was when I was very sick and he took such great care of me.

  • 219
    Lynn Hardy says:

    The first time I held my daughter just after she was born – instant and complete love!

    Also when my husband proposed to me. There were just the two of us on beautiful Ord beach on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and it was simply perfect. He asked me to marry him and slipped a shell that he’d found with a hole through it over my finger! I still have that shell in a little box – we call it Michelle!

  • 220
    Lorraine says:

    The birth of my son. The best thing I ever “did” in my life.

  • 221
    April W says:

    One of my moments (there have been many!!) was the day my daughter was born. There is no love on earth like the love of a mommy. πŸ™‚
    – April W

  • 222
    Wendy Hoff says:

    The day my daughter was born.

  • 223
    Velvet says:

    Watching my mom care for her aging mother, my grandma, was a lesson in love.

  • 224
    Dolly says:

    It’s really the little things that mean the most…
    when my daughter takes my hand in her little hand or the gesture of reaching for my hand….That is love!

  • 225
    Kathryn A says:

    I would say the birth of my first child showed me what true love is. I knew I would have done anything (!) if his life was threatened in any way!

  • 226
    Debbie says:

    The one moment that has shown me true love is the time I was blessed to have witnessed my father’s unending commitment to my mother as he nursed and cared for her during her last months of her life. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and struggled with many challenges as a result. My father never left her side for one moment during her entire journey. He had her hand, comforted her when she down and lifted her up with encouragement and grace.

  • 227
    Nancy L. says:

    The times when by husband & kids tell me they love me, out of the blue!

  • 228
    Kristina says:

    To pick one moment – when I came back from a long tour of travel and just that feeling when he picked me up from the airport, never felt anything like it. He let me go, and I came back.

  • 229
    Linda Carson says:

    The day that I was saved from my sins by the grace of Jesus! That’s true and unconditional love!

  • 230
    Becky K says:

    When my first child was born!!

  • 231
    Nancy G says:

    There are so many moments and I love when my husband does extra sweet things at the end of a long day that shows his appreciation for kids and me!!

  • 232 says:

    More than just one moment, it is all the days that my husband works so hard and still has a smile for me when he comes home, all the days my children call and come over for dinner and to catch up, and all the days we have been so blessed to have family and friends gather together.

  • 233

    My husband shows me true love everyday! I am so lucky!

  • 234
    Carrie T says:

    I experienced true love when my husband and I were dating and he stayed with me all through a surgery and then got up at 5 am to come to my apartment to wash my hair for me every morning for 2 weeks because I wasn’t allowed to get my eye wet. He has been just that awesome for the last 17 years and 2 kids later!

  • 235
    Sue S. says:

    The moment in my life that has shown me real love is the day my husband and I saw our son for the first time – I will never forget how in that one moment my heart grew with unconditional love for that little precious being! What a great question for today’s contest – brings a lot of smiles and happy memories πŸ™‚

  • 236
    Nita K. says:

    I have had too many too count. One that really stands out is when my grandfather passed away last year. Just as we were leaving the cemetery, my grandmother touched the casket and said, “Bye, honey. I’ll see you later.” Truly touching and a testament to their 60+ year marriage.

  • 237
    Geri G says:

    True love – gazing into the eyes of our children and seeing the love returned πŸ™‚

  • 238
    Roxann S. says:

    The look (and tears) in my husband’s eyes when our first daughter was born! No doubt.

  • 239
    lisa808 says:

    That would most definitely be the note my father scribbled to us the night he passed away.

  • 240
    Elizabeth S. says:

    There are so many ways my husband has shown his love for me in all the years we have been together. For me it has been with all the trials that we have had he hasn’t given up and we have made it through them.

  • 241
    Erin says:

    When I first started dating my husband he was a germ-a-phobe. He worked to overcome his obsessiveness with this because of my dog and now we have two that he/we can’t live without! It takes a lot to do that for someone and I love him for it.

  • 242 says:

    So many examples of true love my husband has shown me over the years so I will go back to one of the reasons I knew he’d be an amazing and loving husband and father. Both of his grandparents fell terminally ill during his teenage years and he was the one who took care of their daily medical care until they passed, such a huge responsibility and example of true love for a teenager…

  • 243
    Angela NJ says:

    Without hesitation, the birth of my only child. In that moment, you realize just how much you love your husband, just how much you appreciate your parents, and just how miraculous God really is.

  • 244
    Teresa B says:

    Of coarse the first time I held both of my new born sons! We have been married for 31 years and my husband has always shown me true love , in the little things that he says and does.

  • 245
    Wendy G says:

    I would definitely have to say the birth of my two children. It was so amazing, and I have never felt so close to my husband as I did at those two moments. Two moments of pure love!

  • 246
    Leanne S says:

    When my husband managed the house & children & sent me on a holiday.

  • 247
    Sarah J says:

    About two months after I met my now husband, my infant son had to go to the hospital. He stayed with us and never left our side. That’s when I realized what true love was

  • 248
    Melissa Hungria says:

    It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I experience true love each day. My husband and I are both teachers and we both take one child to school with us. Someone always arrives home first, and there is a great anticipation of waiting for the rest of the family to return home! There’s running down the hall, kisses and hugs to be had, and how was your day at school? as soon as the door opens.

  • 249
    Pat Whitley says:

    That happened the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!

  • 250
    Janet W says:

    Seeing the love in my son’s eyes as he gently held his young wife’s hand as she lay on the couch to rest after a chemo treatment. Less than 2 months later she was gone. “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

  • 251
    Marsha says:

    In our 36 years together, every day has been a gift and a blessing, but that one moment had to be when I suffered a Grand Mal seizure in the wee hours of the morning, and he dressed me and carried me to the car and rushed me to the hospital. Turned out I had a huge brain tumor. Those following days were filled with more moments of devotion and true love that will forever remain in my heart.

  • 252
    Kathy McDonald says:

    True love is in the little everyday acts of kindness. In our family, we say “love is a verb”. There are a million little “moments” each and every day, and I am so grateful.

  • 253
    Laura Evangeline says:

    It seems like everyone has such an easy time picking just one moment. I have so many that come to mind. Most of them would require quite long stories, but I think the summary of one of my greatest love stories would be how the love bloomed between my husband and me when we were deployed together in Afghanistan. We found love in a place filled with quite the opposite. πŸ™‚

  • 254
    Natasha says:

    I find that it’s always in what seem like the smallest gestures- a simple hug everyday when he comes home from work, or just randomly helping out, so that we can get the household chores done quicker and spend more time together.

  • 255
    Laura B. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! You’re always so generous. I would say the birth of my child of course! πŸ™‚

  • 256
    aa in OH10 says:

    this my sound silly but i know that i am loved when my little nephew calls me to come over to play video games with him .

  • 257
    Deanna Jean says:

    When I was 17 I found out I had cancer. My parents were amazing during this very difficult time. The love and support they showed me and the care they gave me are something I will never forget.

  • 258
    Barbara Campbell says:

    I have been blessed with several, but I have to say meeting my husband and being aware of how love grows each time he thinks of me first, does the laundry, cooks a meal or takes me out for a special dinner. The love continues to grow with each year.

  • 259
    nina says:

    Can I say 2? The birth of my boys!

  • 260
    Chris L. says:

    One of the many times would be the days that my children were born!

  • 261
    Wendy says:

    My husband getting up in pain every morning do to a destroyed ankle and go to work for us.

  • 262
    Ronda says:

    Good to take a moment and think about all those true love moments during this busy time of year. A big one for me would be the day our son was born.

  • 263
    Charmaine says:

    When my husband calls or messages me in the middle of a busy day for him just to tell me “I love you!”

  • 264
    Jodi (Jodi&jade) says:

    The day I felt true love (three times in row) was when I gave birth to my triplets and saw each one of their faces. That day I I found true love and a true love of life because in that moment I knew what I was here for.

  • 265
    Chris Dring says:

    Every time my hubby looks at me, I see how much he loves me, even after almost 23 years of marriage. (Sappy, I know, but oh so true!) Merry Christmas!

  • 266
    Denise E says:

    There are many, many moments with my family that I’ve seen true love. But, the one biggest moment of my life, was when I realized that God sent his only son to earth to die for me because of my sin. For me, that is the ultimate portrayal of true love. That’s why I love Christmas time so much…to celebrate the birth of the most priceless gift from God above. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • 267
    Erika Hyde says:

    I was 19 years old when I gave birth to my first child. It was a very scary experience because she was born 6 weeks early and had to stay in the NICU. I wasn’t able to hold her until she was 2 weeks old. I stayed at her bedside for those 4 weeks she was in the hospital- night and day until they kicked me out for shift changes, even though I had healing of my own to do, I was only concerned with her. The first time I held her, it felt like my heart exploded into a million tiny pieces. That was my first experience with true love.

  • 268
    Kathy says:

    It’s hard to pick one moment. But I guess my wedding day would be that one moment. We promised to be there for each other and have been for the past 13 years. There have been so many special shared moments since then, but I think it all starts there!

  • 269
    Becs Attwood says:

    I’m not sure that I can point to any one moment that showed me true love – it’s in all the little moments that happen day-to-day, being there for the big things & small, that showed me what “true” love is.

  • 270
    Lorrie says:

    When the sister I had never met hugged me and welcomed me into her family at age 34.

  • 271
    Pat Ackley says:

    There hasn’t been just one moment in my life that showed me what true love is…it’s been the 43 years of marriage to my husband that proves to me that true love exists and that we were lucky enough to find it.

  • 272
    Becky Green says:

    Well, this “one moment” that happened in my life to show me what True Love is, has happened OVER & OVER AGAIN with my husband! Time & time again, my husband puts me & our children FIRST, before his needs & wants! For example: He would wear clothing that is falling apart & buy us what ever we needed before he’d by himself ANYTHING!!! I grew up with a father that wouldn’t do this, so the fact that my husband was so selfless, has & still does BLOW ME AWAY!!!! He’s a DEEP WELL of love that others just don’t see!!! He deeply cares about others & feels their pain like NO ONE I’ve EVER MET!!! My husband is a “gift” from God that I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of!!!! :)My husband shows me what TRUE LOVE IS—Denying oneself to meet the needs of others; Putting others FIRST!!!:)

  • 273
    Debra B says:

    The birth of my children.

  • 274
    Cnixon says:

    When I held my first grandchild in my arms and realized my family had come full circle.

  • 275
    Lynn G. says:

    Your cards are all just AMAZING!
    My Mom had a horrible, rare cancer. It was just devastating what she went thru. My Husband stood by my side thru it all. She came to live with us for 2 years. Not many Son-In-Laws would let their Mother-In-Law come to live with you! He is AMAZING too!

  • 276
    Kim says:

    Everyday I am shown true love but when our first child was born was one of the best that stand out to me!

  • 277
    Lisa Addesa says:

    My son was struck by lightning almost 7 years ago. The love of family, friends and total strangers for my son and our family… days, weeks, months and years…even now, almost 7 years later following his injury …that one event has shown me true love in SO MANY WAYS!!!

  • 278
    Kristie H says:

    Watching my parents love my kids the way they do. They always make time for them, participate in their activities, and really connect with them. I love knowing that my kids know that they are loved by a big inclusive family. It’s the very best gift you can ask for your children.

  • 279
    Nancy says:

    I first learned about true love by watching my parents and the little things they would do for each other. It wasn’t captured in one moment, but in many moments both big and small. There is one moment, though, that didn’t necessarily show me what true love is, but, rather, captured it. That moment happened during the first time I nursed my daughter in the middle of the night. I had just burped her and was holding her before switching sides. She turned her head and tried to latch onto my cheek. It was such a quiet, intimate moment and a mother’s love blanketed us both. I can still feel her little body pressed against me.

  • 280

    The day our first daughter was born and my husband (a burly manly man) turned to me crying and said “Thank you.” πŸ™‚

  • 281
    Linda S. says:

    Holding and looking at these amazing little babies in your arms. Although my sons are 36 and 39 I still can remember that overwhelming feeling of love.

  • 282
    Maureen W. says:

    The moments when we found out our 3 IVFs failed and hubby comforted me even though I knew he was hurting too.

  • 283
    Marie says:

    So many moments. The first that came to mind was the day my twin niece & nephew were born and I got to welcome them to the world with a squeeze and a smooch. They are 12 now and now we still welcome each other with squeezes and smooches!

  • 284
    BarbGhig says:

    During my sudden hospitalization in 2008, my husband stayed by my side until 2 days later, when I forced him to go home to get some rest. I am so blessed to have this wonderful man, and will always cherish his love and dedication!

  • 285 says:

    I was just in a car crash and when my son heard he was so upset and protective it was very sweet.

  • 286
    Craftyfield says:

    Following a minor car accident in which I was in the back, my (now) husband at the front, I saw true love in the panic and concern on his face when he turned around to ask I was. On that day I finally believed that he did love me!

  • 287
    Kathy C. says:

    The moment of love for me was looking in my newborn daughter’s eyes for the first time.

  • 288
    Marisa says:

    For me it isn’t one moment, but rather the day in and day out walking life together, thinking of the other person’s needs above your own and having someone there to share joys, sorrows, achievements, milestones, kids etc. Better still, it grows each day πŸ™‚

  • 289
    Rocio Torres says:

    I have many…I am very blessed…the look on my husband’s face when I told him I was pregnant…the birth of our son, placed on my tommy, just born and he opened his eyes to meet mine…(swoon)..and every day since with both these guys…!

  • 290
    Marsha S. says:

    One Valentine’s Day several years ago my husband made a special gift for me!

  • 291
    Susan in AK says:

    The birth of my children. The first time I saw both of them.

  • 292
    Anne B says:

    All the love and care I’ve received from my family, especially my parents who made so many sacrifices for us kids.

  • 293
    Judy says:

    The way my husband tended to me emotionally and physically when I battled cancer.

  • 294

    My husband has never worn his emotions on his sleeve, so when I saw how he held our newborn son, it was like seeing a bright shining star for the very first time in my life. We now have 3 boys, and he has held all of them this way as newborns. They are a little older now, but it’s like a love I cannot explain, this shining star that he is when he is with his sons. πŸ™‚

  • 295
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    The birth of my daughters…and my granddaughter. Absolutely true love!

  • 296
    Linda S says:

    Oh how I would love that gift certificate!

  • 297
    Chunyuan says:

    It is the way my husband is so caring and patient with our kids (sometimes crazy me) after long day of work.

  • 298
    Shelley J says:

    The day i got married. The day my daughter and son were born. And when my aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer the way my family was there for one another, from the time she was diagnosed, when she lost her battle, and even now. We are all there for one another.

  • 299
    Cynthia says:

    I have bad asthma. My hubby rearranges his schedule to commute with me so he can carry my things and make sure I’m ok!

  • 300
    Cindy says:

    Through almost 38 years of marriage, I believe true love is shown every day through the good and bad and ups and downs of life.

  • 301
    Mimi says:

    I remember coming home from college and my brother was waiting for me to arrive! He couldn’t wait to see me. And this is the brother who never showed me any affection as I was growing up!

  • 302
    Bonnie Wieser says:

    I would have to say when my boys were born.

  • 303
    Rema Timm says:

    This is a hard one so I’ll just mention the most recent one. I had surgery last spring and was pretty much bed ridden for six weeks. I was waited on hand and foot by my better half. No cooking, no laundry or cleaning. It was nice to know that some one really did care…

  • 304
    Hilde Ruiz says:

    There have been so many.. but here is the most recent. I was off work over Thanksgiving due to a knee strain. I could barely hobble around and driving was out of the question due to painkillers. My mom called that evening and said “We’re on our way!”. One hour later, my whole family (mom, sister, bro-in-law, and 3 little nieces) showed up at my door with an entire homemade Thanksgiving dinner!

  • 305
    Jean R-T says:

    Mine have to be the moments I first saw my daughters.

  • 306
    malina germanova says:

    When my grandma will sit next to my bed, watching me sleep, waiting for me to wake up, so she can care for me and take care of me. And even though I was getting mad at her sometimes, that’s when I felt most loved πŸ™‚

  • 307
    Jeanie P says:

    The love of my life came to wake me up at 3am (with a basket of midnight snacks) to take me to the beach to see Haley’s comet.

  • 308
    melissae says:

    The evening of our engagement on NYE, our wedding day and the birth of our 3 kids are moments that I can’t decide between.

  • 309
    Helen F. says:

    Thankfully there are so many more than just one moment in my life when I experienced true love. I had 20 years of loving moments with my husband who died in 2011. I will remember and cherish each one in my heart forever.

  • 310
    Dasa says:

    True love is when my boyfriend hugs me every night and brings me coffee in the bed every morning πŸ™‚

  • 311
    Dana Kirby says:

    This is a hard question…I see true love everyday. From the way my husband provides for our family to my kids helping each other out and so forth. Thank you for another beautiful release and Merry Christmas!

  • 312
    Penny H says:

    The first time I saw my son – instant love πŸ™‚

    Penny H

  • 313
    Kristinkat2 says:

    My folks have had a couple of health issues this year. Watching them care for one another after 46 years of marriage … that’s true love.

  • 314
    annheidel says:

    My husband holding each of our children for the first time. On a slightly less serious note, we’ve had no dryer for three weeks. He’s been taking wet loads of laundry to the laundromat for me. Love that man!

  • 315
    Deb Hudson says:

    Itf was about a week after my husband proposed and I said yes. I felt so loved and loving I radiated the feeling everywhere I went.

  • 316
    Gerry Smith says:

    As I watched my dad, in his wheelchair, sit with my mother as she was dying. He would sit all day, hold her hand, and talk to her, even though she was in a coma. They were married 60 years.

  • 317
    Dori says:

    One for me is when my best friend and I had gone to visit her mom in California for memorial day weekend. We normally did this so it was no different than any other time. On the Sunday of the weekend we were having a bbq with some of her mom’s friends. They realize at some point that they need something from the store so I go with one of her friends to the store. When we get back the house is all decorated for a birthday party. It was a surprise for me! I felt very loved and special that day.

  • 318
    Miriam Prantner says:

    Tough question. I don’t know if it can be summed up in a single moment, but looking back on a myriad of moments through my marriage shows me what love is – hard work but so worth the effort.

  • 319
    StephH says:

    Most recently I experienced seeing pure love while watching the look in my big, strapping son’s eyes, as he held his first born daughter for the first time!

  • 320
    C Flood says:

    Every time my family supports my choices in life and tells me to follow my dreams.

  • 321
    JanetG says:

    So many moments of true love, from rubbing my back after a hard day at work to all the times I need help in my craft room hanging something up, rearranging furniture or punching out hundreds of flowers.

  • 322
    Chris K says:

    To me true love is shown every time my family comes together – whether in happy times or sad – we are always there for each other.

  • 323
    musemyworld says:

    When my husband proposed to me 5 years ago, with both of our little boys standing next to his side. (we did it a little backwards) It was a moment of true love for our whole family!

  • 324

    I knew it was true love with my husband when during my last year of college we had to be separated due to a job he got 3 hours away. Once I had a really bad day and he quickly hung up on me and proceeded to drive all the way over to cheer me up, arriving after midnight and having to return to leave again before 6am to go back to work. This was before cell phones so it was a sweet surprise and one I will never forget.

  • 325
    kyrsten koops says:

    The way my husband takes care of me (all the time) but especially now that I am pregnant with our first child!

  • 326
    Pat says:

    I think I’ve had many moments…but giving birth to my first born child tops it. As much as I love and adore my husband, becoming a mom has taught me more about unselfish and unconditional love…

  • 327
    Christine N. says:

    True love for me had to be the birth of our beautiful children! Life is so amazing and such a gift from God.

  • 328
    Casey P. says:

    No question, the labor and delivery of my son. Love at first sight for him and the unconditional love my husband showed me!

  • 329
    jan m says:

    When my husband was in the hospital for heart surgery 2 weeks ago the nurses asked if I was his wife, he replied ‘yes’ and added, “She is my best friend” πŸ™‚

  • 330
    Tosha D. says:

    This year we lost our family pet of 13 years and it was excruciating heartache. I saw my husband cry for only the second time in our lives together. I know we have true love because I put my feelings aside just long enough so I could be strong enough not cry so that he could grieve as much as he needed to.

  • 331
    jeannine says:

    the first time my little grandson looked up at me and said “I love you, gammy.” thanks.

  • 332
    Jen Sessions says:

    The day my first child was born. She is 8 now!

  • 333
    Deb Pereira says:

    When I looked into my newborn daughters eyes for the first time! Magical!

  • 334

    May 8, 2004 when God revealed how much he loved me through the Holy Spirit delivering me from something I thought I would be in bondage to for the rest of my life.

    And my daddy’s unwavering love towards me all of my life and standing by my side never leaving. He died on July 29, 2013, suddenly.

    One day, I’d like to have a husband and see what being loved like that is.

    I guess that’s two things and a wish.

  • 335
    Mutzy Mia says:

    When I realized the unconditional love the Lord had for me and accepted him as my personal savior.

  • 336
    teresa says:

    Coming home everyday to see my dog greeting me is one of the most simple loving thing.

  • 337
    SabrinaV says:

    True love is my mom coming home from work at a busy job and taking care of me this year on more than one occasion, due to illness.

  • 338
    Bicka Hall says:

    I know my husband’s love every time he takes me to a craft store and waits patiently in the car for me! He never complains, hurries me, or says anything to lead me to believe I have to hurry. Forty four years and I still know he loves me!

  • 339
    Theresia says:

    To take care of my daughter, she was very tired for weeks, than they found out she had pfeiffer but she seemed to have more going on in her little body next dygnosis illness of lime, I am such a thankful mum for her strenght and all the love we have together. We fight together with God to overcome this. He is the biggest hug and support we can have in this time. Now we will celebrate his birth more intens than ever.

  • 340
    Karen says:

    My hubby helped me live! 5 years ago, I was on a vent, with respiratory failure, hospitalized for 2 mos. He helped me get out, and I live and love him every day to the max.

  • 341
    Cassandra says:

    Definitely the birth of our daughter. In those few moments after she was placed in my arms and my husband hugged both of us. Something I will never forget

  • 342
    Cindy H. says:

    It’s a million little things he probably doesn’t even know he’s done that make me smile and feel all warm inside. He does such sweet things nearly every day. Love him to the moon and back!

  • 343
    Crystal Romo says:

    A true moment for me is the birth of my children.. With my first I thought ok… I never knew my heart could love someone so much!!! Then I had my daughter and was scared if I had it in my heart to love her just as much.. And sure enough I just fell in love again! Now for the 3rd and final time I just knew as soon as I saw my baby’s face that feeling would consume me all over again! That’s what love is…

  • 344
    Leslie S. says:

    There’s not just one moment, but 21 years of the little things that have shown me true love over and over again!

  • 345
    Sally Gainer says:

    The day I became a Christian and was baptized was the day I knew true abounding love and forgiveness.

  • 346
    Tonya Dirk says:

    Not once, but four times for me…the moments right when each of my children were born…a love like no other.

  • 347
    Kara says:

    Marrying my husband!

  • 348
    Deanne says:

    There are so many but I experienced one just yesterday when a group of us were having so much fun making cards each other had designed. My friend who was there wanted to share with a family we talked about who lost everything from a tornado three weeks ago in the town near where my son lives. The family of five will have a little bit more for Christmas thanks to the love of my friend.

  • 349
    diana says:

    Many moments. But always my parents’ example.

  • 350
    Cathy Yamashita says:

    I’m working again now. But at one point, I was very burned out and frustrated. So I asked my DH, “how would you feel about me taking a buy-out and staying home”. With no hesitation, he said, “if that’s what you want to do, do it! I just want you to be happy.”

  • 351
    Stacy S. says:

    My husband being by my side through birth of our boys, surgery, my temper, my bad moods, etc. He accepts all of me. That is true love.

  • 352
    Julia Aston says:

    All the nice little things my husband does for me – like getting me a blanket if I’m sitting on the sofa and a little chilly – or getting me a glass of water and my medicine when I’m sick – these all add up to the true love that we have together!

  • 353
    Linda w says:

    Still looking…

    stitchin’ & gettin’ inky…

  • 354
    Beth Anne Vella says:

    When my husband purposely turns his eyes away from the tv when there is a victoria secret commercial (or other similar type occurrences). This blesses my heart and shows me that he truly only has eyes for me!

  • 355
    maryrose says:

    Holding a husband’s hand, holding a child’s hand…a million moments! Can’t pick just one!

  • 356
    Beverly says:

    Every day I spend with my grandson.

  • 357
    Sarah T. says:

    The first time I watched my husband rubbing noses with our newborn son.

  • 358
    Dee Rose says:

    When my husband held our first child in the delivery room and brought her to me, it was a life changing moment. I’ve always thought that our first daughter taught us the meaning of unconditional love and our second daughter taught us the meaning of joy.

  • 359
    Tee Tee Z says:

    When my family and friends stood by my side after surgery.

  • 360
    Christine B. says:

    Every time my husband looks at me and says he is so in love with me, and I feel the same way about him. It’s been a gift and a blessing for 37 years.

  • 361
    Evan says:

    When my twins were born–a long awaited addition to our family after many many years of trying.

  • 362
    Elle says:

    One example I can share of true love is that of my family & friends. I went through a five year battle with a rare form of cancer with it coming back three different times and finally resulted in the loss of my leg. Each & every time I faced another battle my friends and family would rally around me and lift me up. The other example would be the unconditional love of my fur babies. They have always been the lights of my life.

  • 363
    Vanessa Cadman says:

    The day I held my precious, much longed for daughter in my arms!

  • 364
    Teresa F. says:

    The birth of my two children! Total, complete and instant head over heels love πŸ™‚

  • 365
    RedGem says:

    I don’t know true love… but I love reading the stories about it!

  • 366
    Viki says:

    Having my babies! Thanks for another great release.

  • 367

    there is a picture from my wedding day – the photographer was taking our pictures and we were just standing there smiling, but my husband was looking at me, smiling down at me. i didn’t know until after we got the photos back. it is the most precious picture. true love xxo πŸ™‚

  • 368
    fran says:

    when my dad said I love you right before he passed away

  • 369
    Maureen D. says:

    The way my husband stood by me after the very unexpected death of my mother. He comforted me, gave me space, did anything I needed even if I didn’t know I needed it.

  • 370
    Maeghan d.m. says:

    My dad, bringing me lunch every single day when I was in elementary school!

  • 371
    Linda says:

    A true love moment is when a friend or family member is there for you, to pull you up or just be by your side in silence without being asked or having expectation of return but out of the pure goodness of their heart. That being said I cannot pick just one as there are many times I have felt true love in my life. I am grateful.

  • 372
    Anja curvers says:

    Everytime I got struck with a severe migraine my husband takes care of me and the kids are so helpfull and understanding.

  • 373
    Sandyc says:

    Just knowing my husband and I always have each other’s back.

  • 374
    QP Levingston says:

    True love for me was when my husband to be (at the time) built me my craft room in a space he had planned to have for himself!

  • 375
    Kris says:

    Well…ok…this is true love in friendship. While we were away last week vacationing in Hawaii, it snowed 6 inches at home and the temperature dropped to -1 degrees (it was in the high 40’s when we left). My dear friend offered to drive an hour to the airport and meet us on our return flight to bring us winter coats and gloves. If that isn’t true love……

  • 376
    Kathy Mc says:

    Throughout our almost 30 years of marriage, my DH has always been right there by my side with sick & dying parents (mine & his). Also a few years ago, we experienced a devastating family matter which required us both to attend a counseling session to see how to cope with the situation. Don’t mean to sound depressing but that can be life sometimes. On a more positive note, we love to travel and have some very memorable “true love” experiences.

  • 377
    Sharon D says:

    I love to see my husband laugh–that moment our eyes connect over a shared joke–his happiness makes me happy.

  • 378
    Susi K says:

    I underwent an organ donation operation a while back and my husband was with me throughout the experience. I barely take aspirin so the deluge of drugs in my system made me quite sick a few days after the operation while in the hospital. His loving care and constant companionship made me realize just how lucky I am to have such an amazing guy!

  • 379
    betty lou says:

    Holding my firstborn, and then, 26 years later, holding his firstborn.

  • 380
    Laura Boyd says:

    I haven’t found my true love, I don’t have a children. But I do own The Princess Bride. Wove, twue wove.

  • 381
    Paola Maggi says:

    My oldest lady dog ( I refuse to call her bitch) when she was intubated due to laryngeal paralysis and barely conscious….. Somehow she heard me whisper to the vet from the threshold of the room and tried to raise her head and turn to me……to add a happy note she did undergo surgery and came through with flying colors!!!

  • 382
    Renee Godsey says:

    True love is in the everyday, the moments that aren’t perfect or maybe are even very difficult. It’s so easy to feel and see the love in happy and good moments. After 25 years to still have that great true love in both the good times and tough ones is awesome!

  • 383
    Gwen says:

    My son and I went through a rough patch. He’s been away at college (two states away). One night he came home through the bulkhead and was in the family room downstairs arranged with his brother’s help. Our dog was going nuts “talking” to him and I couldn’t figure out what was going on, every time (three) I went to the family room he hid. Then he just walked into the living room and hugged me. It was the best surprise of love ever!

  • 384
    Luanne Ford says:

    The way my husband thinks I’m perfect and continues to tell me so…Boy, love is blind!
    Joking aside, I’m amazed by the unconditional love shown to me by my Heavenly Father each and every day!

  • 385
    char says:

    Something that comes to mind recently is seeing my grandaughter being born!

  • 386
    Barbara Martin says:

    What a lovely question! I could list so many wonderful moments in my life. But recently, my elderly parents were visiting us. My father (who has alzheimer’s) needed to take a shower and was confused by the strange surroundings. Without a moment’s hesitation, my husband stepped up to help. He was so gentle and loving towards my father – made me realize all over again why I love him so much!

  • 387
    Sheila W says:

    Having my husband get up through the night after our first son was born and getting him back to sleep for me when I would be exhausted and now helping in the house with supper and dishes after working long days.

  • 388
    Linda monroe says:

    The one moment when I understood true love was the day I understood and accepted that god loves me just as I am and I accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior. I never knew what unconditional love was till I read the bible.

  • 389

    There are any moments but the most important one to me was when my husband stayed by my side – holding my hand – during the birth of our second son (he missed the first one).

  • 390
    Emily says:

    The love and support my husband has given me over the years … starting from before we were married to now in all that I do!

  • 391
    Shannon N. says:

    Seeing my Dad get tears in his eyes at the thought of ever being without my Mom.

  • 392
    Elise says:

    Not the day I first met the love of my life, not the day he (hypothetically:)) asked me to marry him…but the day I saw my son for the first time (Love at first sight)! That was the moment for me.

  • 393
    Elsa says:

    I would have to say the day both my girls were born.

  • 394
    Lillian O. says:

    My husband is constantly showing me his love for me but I really feel it when it seems like he just senses I need his help or love or guidance and he is just there with exactly what I need at that moment. I don’t know how he does it, but it really makes me feel so loved!

  • 395
    Lee Anne says:

    Watching my father care for my mother during her last days showed me what true love is. Watching my husband care for his mother in her last days showed me again. Thanks for a great release!

  • 396

    3 days after she was born, holding my oldest daughter…. I looked at her and knew I’d stand in front of a moving train for her. There is no truer love than when you look at your child!

  • 397
    Laura Smith says:

    My 22nd wedding anniversary. My husband had a bunch of musician friends record covers of Depeche Mode songs (our favorite band). Seriously overwhelmed by how many people put effort into this. Still can’t believe it to this day!

  • 398
    Kelly in Canada says:

    I taught a little girl many years ago whose mother found out, while she was pregnant, that she had cancer. She refused to terminate her pregnancy in order to undergo cancer treatment. She gave birth to her baby and died a week later. She left behind a husband, daughter and baby boy but did so with conviction, determination and unselfish love for her unborn child.

  • 399
    Tammy W. says:

    Probably that first time holding each one of my children after they were born. That magical bond and connection that happens when this tiny little infant you have been carrying for 9 months is finally in your arms.

  • 400
    Aileen Ryan says:

    Like everyone there are many defining moments in our lives that we can look at as ‘true love’ moments. One that stands out for me, is the cuddles from my youngest son as I grieved. To have this sweet young man become the shoulder to lean on for a parent who has tried to be so strong for so long is to realise true love.

  • 401
    sharri reeves says:

    There have been many moments in my life, but the best was watching my granddaughter being born, at home on the bathroom floor. To be one of the 3 to see and hold her first is unforgettable.

  • 402
    Colleen says:

    Holding my baby girl for the first time, I thought my heart would burst with joy.

  • 403
    Rachael Burdick says:

    The way my husband stood by me, took care of me, and put me and my needs above everything else when I got sick right after we got married. Many people would have left and it only made our relationship stronger. I’m still sick and he is still doing those things 14yrs later. He’s a saint and I’m a lucky girl! πŸ™‚

  • 404
    Susan P says:

    I think the moment I realized what true, pure love is, is when I realized what Jesus Christ did for me. He gave his very life for me – such sacrifice is the truest form of love!

  • 405
    Maureen P says:

    there has been no “one” great moment, but all the little moments when my husband does those special little things for me…make me tea, draw me a hot bath, rub my feet, tells me he loves me, makes dinner…all these things and more.

  • 406
    Annette L. says:

    True love is when after 29 years of marriage you still laugh at each others jokes and you plan on growing old together.

  • 407
    JulieZ says:

    Sad as it is; one moment that showed me what true love was is when my grandfather died recently. There wasn’t anything really wrong with him at the time; he just sat down to take a little rest & then died. No one knows for sure why he passed away, but we do know that he missed my gram terribly – she had passed away about a year before. We truly believe he missed her that much. They raised 6 children together, went through many, many ups & downs, and yet were married over 60 years. That is true love to me.

  • 408
    Colleen says:

    The day my husband adopted my daughter! I was a single mom when I meet him and he didn’t want children but he loved me and my daughter so he adopt her and twenty years later that same wonderful daughter is married and having our first grandchild!

  • 409
    Patty Chalas says:

    A true love moment for me was the day my mother died….she waited for my stepfather to get to the hospital room to take her last breath…She was just waiting for him to kiss her goodbye!! (he left the night before without saying goodbye)

  • 410
    Teresa Blue says:

    The moment my eyes met those of my newborn son! Truest form of LOVE.

  • 411
    Tanya says:

    When my six year old nephew bought me a love note at school with his own money and it was all his idea. We were all surprised when he brought it home to me. Too cute. Love that boy ( he is now 20 years old).

  • 412
    conil says:

    The day I looked into the wonderful eyes of my precious husband. BTW, terrific release this month.

  • 413

    My son was graduating from college. While there he befriended a 92 year old retired professor. While walking out of the crouded auditorium on graduation day, my son took his elbow and escorted him out to his car which he had parked illegally so the man wouldn’t have far to walk. Upon his death, my son cried. This wa the first time I had seen my adult son cry.

  • 414
    Carol W. says:

    I would say the birth of my daughter and my loving husband staying in the hospital with me for the three days we were there! They are the biggest loves of my life!

  • 415
    Jayell says:

    Not one moment but two – when I held both my children for the first time and looked on their faces as they looked back so intently

  • 416
    Melanie P says:

    The birth of my son 12 days before Christmas. Love at first sight.

  • 417
    Cheryl F. says:

    My extremely thoughtful husband bought flowers for my mom on her birthday. He drove on icy, snowy roads to take them to her because she was too sick to celebrate this year.

  • 418
    carolanne says:

    After my sister passed away from cancer…after the funeral, my husband very quietly cleaned up her bedroom so my brother in law or mother or myself would not have to. Meant so much to all of us. We weren’t even to the point where we could do it.

  • 419
    lainey says:

    Watching my parents…after 60+ years of marriage, they still love each other more and more each day. What great examples they are of true love!

  • 420
    Kathy says:

    When my husband of 38 years frequently tells me I am his best friend. It has been a wonderful life.

  • 421
    Jennifer L. says:

    So many small moments with kids show me true love. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 422
    Josie Dee says:

    The birth of my daughters, the caring comments and kind gestures of friends and family while dealing with breast cancer, but mostly the deep and steady love my husband shares with me every day for nearly 42 years! He is my rock!!

  • 423
    Jennifer D says:

    I totaled my uncle’s new (to him) car, and while I know he was upset about it, he never said an unkind word to me about it.

  • 424
    Celia Smoot says:

    Not an exact moment but a totality- Brad loving me not in despite of my faults but because of my many quirks!

  • 425
    Kim Badelt says:

    The joy of my life is watching my children grow and develop and I distinctly remember in the first few days after their birth when you realise how fundamentally your life has changed and that this little person is dependent on you and you know you will do anything to protect and nurture them. That bond and commitment is love in its purest form. Brings me to tears just thinking about it – but so worth remembering!

  • 426
    F Bond says:

    I knew it was true love when in a five year period I had only seen my husband for about 9 months total due to military obligations and I never thought about not waiting for him to come home

  • 427
    JoAnnB says:

    There is something very special about a grandchild telling you he or she loves you. They really mean it and you can feel it. It’s innocent
    and true.

  • 428
    Mary K says:

    25 years after we first met, my husband rang the doorbell with roses, champagne and a sign saying,” What are you doing for the next 25?” He’s got me forever!

  • 429
    pamela says:

    One way that showed me what true love is was when my grandfather who was dying from blood cancer was taking care of my grandmother who was fighting gastric cancer. He showed me how to be true to the other half in good times and bad times, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. My grandfather didn’t leave my grandmother until the day he was admitted into the ICU and later passed away. This is what I hope to be able to be when I marry.

  • 430
    Jacquie says:

    A couple of my favorite true love moments were seeing my husband cradle each of children for the first time!

  • 431
    Laura K says:

    Our family has been through so much the past few years and we just keep getting stronger. We finally can see a light at the end of this dark tunnel and to look back and see all that we have weathered and come out stronger, that is true love. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • 432
    Carmen Sierra-Smith says:

    When my husband asked me to May him!! I was so sick and he was doing everything he could to make me feel better.

  • 433
    Karen Ramsey says:

    One of my most favorite moments was looking across the room and seeing my son holding his brand new baby boy with a look of total love and amazement.

  • 434
    Rosie E. says:

    To me the moment every time i called to my Mommy, we haven’t see each other in 18 yrs. i’m here & she’s in another Country, the way she lives & care for others showed me what the real true love is.

  • 435
    Sofia says:

    I get the feeling of true love every time my hubby tells me “I love you” even after so many years that we are together, and I can feel that he always means it!!!

  • 436
    Jennifer T says:

    After giving birth to my daughter, my husband was holding her and the look on his face was true love.

  • 437
    TeresaRP says:

    Everyday my husband shows me how much he loves me and our entire family. Seeing him with our grandchildren is just lovely!

  • 438
    susan h. says:

    My wonderful bubble gave me the master bedroom for my scrapbook room and it has a walk-in closet attached for even more storage! That is just one of the many wonderful things he has done for me! Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to win. This release is fantastic!

  • 439
    pam alexander says:

    It would have to be the birth of my children and the love in my husband’s eyes as he saw his children for the first time.

  • 440
    Roula says:

    The love of my life are my children, and I can’t get enough of their eyes and faces full of unconditional love very day….

  • 441
    Susan from Colorado says:

    Years ago, when my grandmother suffered a terrible stroke that left her unable to speak and do things for herself, my grandfather stepped up to dress her, bather her, do her hair, cook for her and take care of the house. She had always done for him and for the rest of her life he did for her. This was my example of true love. I miss them both so very much.

  • 442

    Now, my hasbund goes to graduate school, and so we don’t have so much money.
    But he let me do what I love which is making cards even though we can’t get money from it.
    Making cards is love of my life and letting me do it is true love,I think!

  • 443
    susan h. says:

    My bubble gave me the master bedroom for my craft room since it is the biggest bedroom in the house! Thank you for the opportunity to win! This release is really wonderful!

  • 444
    Sus N says:

    I experience true love when I hear laughter from my kids while the family is together. πŸ™‚
    We got snowed in yesterday and had so many moments to just enjoy.

  • 445
    Jenink says:

    But God, being rich in mercy because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ-by grace you have been saved. EPHESIANS 2: 4-5
    I have been shown love time and time again by many wonderful people, but nothing compares to the love of God shown to me in Jesus!

  • 446
    Tanis Scott says:

    Well, it’s hard to sum up something so big in “one moment”. The way my Grandma would catch a ride into town every day if she could, to visit with my Grandpa in his personal care home, even when he didn’t recognize her anymore, is the best example I have seen of true love.

  • 447
    Tasha H says:

    I recently had major back surgery where they go in the front abdomen and two places in the back. The look on my husbands face the first time I saw him after surgery said how much he loved me. I have never seen him so worried and filled with relief to see me. Apparently the doctor gave him a scare when she explained the procedure. There was no question he cared. He has been an awesome caregiver while recovering!

  • 448
    P.J. says:

    That God so loved us that He gave up His son to die for our sins. John 3:16

  • 449
    Liz R says:

    There are many, but the birth of my children is right at the top!

  • 450
    Manda says:

    True love is all the things we do for those we love even when they’re annoying us! (yes, I’m trying to get my children out the door for school!)

  • 451
    Greta H says:

    True love was shown in action by my dad who took care of my mom when she had a terminal illness–never complaining & always with great love. I admired him my whole life, but his selflessness under those circumstances (he was in his 70s) was an incredible example to everyone who knew him.

  • 452
    Danielle says:

    For me, it is not one moment, but two people who have given me true and unconditional love; my mother and my husband. My mother (especially) has been there with me through everything. Never to judge or criticize only to support,encourage and mentor. My mother has been the epitome of true and selfless love. My husband would do anything for me, is also very selfless when it comes to me and supports all my craziness. I’m a very lucky girl and I thank God and count my lucky stars many times throughout the day!

  • 453
    Marcia Hill says:

    There have been many moments of true love in my life, but the 3 most memorable ones were when my husband and I shared those first moments we held our newborn daughters…such pure love and joy! :0)

  • 454
    Meagan says:

    My husband and I went through a really tough period recently. We both had the chance to just walk away but we decided to stay and do the work to save our marriage. To me not giving up is true love.

  • 455

    While I can think of so many times – the biggest was realizing how much God loved me, and that he sent His son to die for me and my sins so I could live with Him forever…it is so easy to forget how huge that love is and take it for granted, but no other form of true love can compare!

  • 456
    Betty says:

    When I was just out of high school, I needed major back surgery. At that time, we lived in a little town two hours from the city where I had my surgery. My Mom doesn’t drive, and we didn’t know anyone in the city. So each day she would take the bus from our town to the city to see me, then return in the evening to my Dad and siblings. This went on for the two weeks I was in hospital. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 457
    Beatrice Lawson says:

    The way my husband and son stand by me and support me every day with constant love. After being ill for seven years and counting you appreciate each and every day, and you know how much it takes out of the people around you. It is not the one moment, although we have had lots of those too… It is being loving and patient day after day that really proves how much they care.

  • 458
    TracyK says:

    There are so many. One is when my grandmother was in the hospital dying. She was in a coma and my grandfather was there every day to sit beside her and hold her hand.

  • 459
    Margaret R says:

    When my two children were sharing a house, my daughter was very sick on one occasion. Without thought, my son cleaned her up, put her to bed and looked after her. I’m very proud of them both.

  • 460
    Robin Funge says:

    The way you feel when your children are born… Love at first sight!

  • 461
    Anna Natalia says:

    True love is when my husband helps me in my problems.

  • 462

    when I realized that Christ paid my debt
    I knew what true love is

  • 463
    LaFaunB says:

    I have felt the perfect love of the Savior Jesus Christ many times throughout my life–through trials, sickness, sadness, and pain. A knowledge of his love brings joy, happiness, and peace.

  • 464
    Tere says:

    The day I saw my newborn baby for the first time. After waiting five years to be a mom, finally he was right there in front of me.

  • 465
    tricia b says:

    The little things that my husband does to takes care of me!!

  • 466
    Michelle E. says:

    The day I walked down the aisle towards the love of my life…the feeling was overwhelming never felt that kind of love for someone until that day…still the happiest day of my life so far.

  • 467
    LIsa says:

    Looking into the eyes of my precious newborn son and seeing tears fall from those same beautiful blue eyes as his soon to be wife walked down the aisle toward him on their wedding day.

  • 468

    When my daughter was born and I became a mom.

  • 469
    Marty B. says:

    I remember when my beautiful granddaughter was standing at the front door of our home & she saw me at the end of the long hallway. She ran all the way to give me a big hug. She melts my heart & we are so very blessed to have her in our lives.

  • 470
    M Woodward says:

    When I realized the depth of God’s love for me…

  • 471
    Karen/fl/ny says:

    I see it in the love my dad shows for my mom who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . We have a long road ahead of us all but at both 86ys old and married 68yrs, he is patient and caring for her like they were newlyweds. I only hope our love lasts as long and continues on in the same way.

  • 472
    Mitzi says:

    My Mother’s unconditional love for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Wonderful release, can’t wait to order.

  • 473
    Karen says:

    Holding my children for the first time!

  • 474
    cathy r says:

    True love is seeing your first grandchild for the very first time.

  • 475
    Cindy C says:

    Probably the births of both my sons. Nothing but pure, unconditional love. Feeling love so strong you think your heart will burst.

  • 476
    Tricia says:

    Wow! There are so many moments over the years of raising five children when I’ve realized what true love is – true love is my husband always showing up – no matter what, I can always count on him!

  • 477
    Barbara Schmidt says:

    Having celebrated 45 years of marriage, I truly cannot pick just one act of true love. I feel that we are best friends & always there for each other during good & bad times. I suppose I could pick the day we got married & started our life together as showing true love.

  • 478
    Ivette says:

    When I looked into my husband’s eyes on our wedding day, I can see how much he truly loves me.

  • 479
    Barbara H says:

    The day that my daughter was born. I am blessed to be a mother.

  • 480
    Joyce M. says:

    When my mother was ill and needed emergency surgery. My husband was out of town when this occurred. He cancelled all his meetings and took the next plane home, so I could fly out and be with my mom and dad in the hospital.

  • 481
    Rebecca says:

    An act of true love is what Christmas is all about! Jesus came down as a baby and died for me and for you!

  • 482

    For me it was the day that my 2 1/2 month old baby girl got out of a 5 hour heart surgery and I went to see her in Intensive Care. Her sweet pink feet that were pink for the first time ever, laying under the heat lamp and her heart beating steadily. That was a moment of true love like I have never felt.

  • 483
    Liz O. says:

    I would say that one of the most beautiful moments were I have been blessed to witness true love is the birth of my children, my husband’s look and all the care and diligence he has shown over the years make me feel so blessed and fortunate to have him by my side…
    Thanks for all you do and share with us!
    have a wonderful afternoon!

  • 484
    Sue McW says:

    When I had surgery and my husband was by my side with such care as I recovered.

  • 485
    Veni says:

    I was amazed and so touched at the way my husband cared for my dying father…His kindness meant so much to my dad and step-mother in this trying days..

  • 486

    When my husband was at the hospital bed, I said to myself, boy, I just want to take care of this man, that moment, I surely know what true love is!

  • 487
    Nora says:

    The day my daughter was born. I never thought I could love someone so much. It is such a different kind of love then any other.

  • 488
    Kathy H says:

    The moment that showed me what true love is was the day I realized Jesus came and died for me…for me! I had a debt I could not pay, He paid a debt He did not owe. ” I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine!…” Isaiah 43:1 There is no greater love than His.

  • 489
    Shirley K. says:

    I once forgot my work laptop and my now-husband drove it up to me (hour and a half away) and bought me flowers along the way!

  • 490
    Lisa says:

    One time I made a very embarrassing mistake and my husband said he would take the blame for me. I didn’t let him because I thought it was unfair to him. We’re not together anymore but I still consider that to be one of the sweetest things he ever did.

  • 491
    Giovana says:

    The day I got married! My husband understands and cares for me, also I got my arms around my miracle baby, no words could describe this moment!

  • 492
    Michelle says:

    I think just seeing my parents and their unfailing love for their children. No matter what we do, we know that they will be there for us, even when having to let us make our mistakes.

  • 493
    mary says:

    The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital.
    We layed her on the bed in between us and just starred at her. The house was so quiet and she was sleeping making those newborn baby sounds. We were so in love with her and with each other. That moment was magical.

  • 494
    Renee says:

    My parents show me everyday through their support for their children and their love for each other through rough times.

  • 495
    Nikka geers says:

    I was in a car accident. My boyfriend told me that nothing before this matters anymore and that he never wanted to be without me. I knew then he was the one.

  • 496
    Chris Cross says:

    Watching my mother and father take care of each other after he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

  • 497 says:

    Hard to choose just one! My parents at their’s 75’s coming in a harsh winter to spend Christmas with my daughter during her cancer treatment, for example.

  • 498
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    I don’t exactly have one moment to point to but what I want to share is that my marriage has gone through ups and downs and I have come to realize that love is not only an emotion or a feeling but it can also be a decision. I can choose to be selfish and think “what are you doing for me?” or I can think “what can I do for you”! The first is the more popular mindset in our current society. I can say from my expierence that the second works much better! πŸ™‚ Just my two cents.

  • 499
    Martha D says:

    Has to be the birth of my kids. Just an overwhelming feeling of love the first time I held each of them. A moment that will forever be in my heart.

  • 500
    Emily W. says:

    I always say that I know it’s true love because my other half gives me the center of his pancakes when we go to Denny’s or Perkins or IHOP. (It’s my favorite part, because I think it’s the BEST part, and he always saves it for me.)

  • 501
    Cassi says:

    Having a newborn and feeling like I have actually lost my mind. My husband was my rock and helped me stay sane when everything was chaos and no one was sleeping. True love!

  • 502
    Suzanne Watanabe says:

    My husband has always taken care of me….I felt the extra special love and care during my pregnancies with our two sons! God has blessed me with a WONDERFUL husband πŸ™‚

  • 503

    Definitely when my two boys were born.


  • 504
    Denise C. says:

    So many moments but the “big ones”…the birth of my children, the birth of my grandchildren, the day my deaf granddaughter heard her mother’s voice for the first time and everyday with my husband who showers me with support, love and understanding even through my craziest times!

  • 505
    Hydrangeas and Harmony says:

    The birth of my daughter

  • 506
    Karen Rose says:

    My true love moment was the day my adopted baby girl first smiled at me. That was so special!!

  • 507
    BarbaraB says:

    When my fiancΓ© made me a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day with his own two hands.

  • 508
    Keysha Sain says:

    When my best friend took 2 weeks off away from her family and work and flew from Arizona to Michigan to be with me for my breast cancer surgery – and to take care of me during recovery… Cooking, cleaning, even emptying my drains! She was a God-send!

  • 509

    After being together for 32 years (29 of them married)- there isnt one moment – there are countless moments where I am reminded of what true love is – from the births of our children, to deaths of family members and all the small stuff in between.

  • 510
    Alexandra S. says:

    Mine is a specific moment, but it was watching my mom take care of us while my dad was deployed. There were days where I knew she was exhausted but she always put us first.

  • 511
    kim pietruszewski says:

    The intense love I feel for my kids, one alive and the other in heaven. The love I feel for my husband when my husband, ( not my daughters Bio dad), helps me with spring clean up and landscape issues at the cemetery, and the tenderness he shows when I cry.

  • 512
    Melissa S. says:

    True love is receiving the unmerited grace, love and favor of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I experience that everyday anew. I also get to experience some of that true love every time my husband and sons extend love and forgiveness to me, especially after I have blown it with them during the day.

  • 513
    Peggy Allen says:

    Christ showed us true love when he died, was buried and rose again to take away the sins of the world. This is the time when we remember His birth. Christ is love.
    God bless,
    Peggy Allen

  • 514
    SheriE says:

    I think about when I was 5 years old and accepted Jesus into my heart. That was the beginning, it’s take my lifetime to have a glimpse of that love for me. Thinking of that Gift this month.

  • 515
    Deborah S says:

    When I look at my three children as young adults, all with good lives and the world open to them, my heart just about burts.

  • 516
    Milan says:

    Watching my little boy and baby girl with their Dad, the way he loves them and our wonderful family!

  • 517
    Meghan says:

    I recently had day surgery and when the nurse called my husband to tell him I was ready to go home, he was in the parking lot sitting waiting for the call. He said he wanted to be right there when they called. What a great guy!

  • 518
    Lisa R says:

    One moment I remember is when my oldest son and I were sending his younger brother off to college via the train. I didn’t need to ask all my normal motherly questions because big brother stepped in: Have you got your ticket? Warm coat? Do you have enough money for the trip? It seems like a simple thing, but I know he was expressing his love and concern for his brother.

  • 519
    Robin Mayfield says:

    I was shown true love when God allowed our daughter to survive a severe car accident that killed the driver. It has been one year since she got her traumatic brain injury from that accident and she continues to improve thanks to the many many hours of therapy.

  • 520
    Kim H. says:

    The birth of my boys… best days of my life. Both were sick as babies and to be able to hold them and take them home from the hospital after wonderful care by our nurses… was amazing. Love was in the hospital, with the nurses, with the doctors, with my family and friends supporting us and of course with my boys. True love.

  • 521
    Barb W says:

    It has to be when my daughters were born, 13 months apart. I had a pregnancy that didn’t go well, had surgery and they told me we couldn’t have children. Oh yea, I was 39 years old at that time. Two beautiful daughters later, they are the best times ever.

  • 522
    Cathy Max says:

    There are two things that come to mind…first, the way my husband takes care of me and our five children. He does it without asking for anything in return. He is a good man. He is my best friend.
    Secondly, the way my grandfather took care of my grandmother when she had breast cancer. He was loving and understanding.

  • 523
    Speanburg4 says:

    I can’t pick just one, but have 2. The days I gave birth to my 2 children. Not only did I realize the love I felt for them, but I was also reminded of the amazing love my husband has for me and I for him!

  • 524
    Carolyn G. says:

    Probably the day my daughter was born. Thanks for the chance to win, and Merry Christmas!

  • 525
    Erin S says:

    When I had devastating personal news and my sister (unbeknownst to me) stayed the night so if I woke up in the middle of the night I wouldn’t be alone. I did wake up and just seeing her there brought me comfort. That was years ago and thinking about it still brings me to tears.

  • 526
    Gabby says:

    15 yrs ago, after life saving surgery “gone wrong,” my health went downhill. My husband, parents and brother were there for me and helped me get through the yrs of complications and decline. After the unexpected and sudden death of of my brother and my husband’s passing, my elderly parents who have many health issues of their own, stepped in and have been helping me ever since. They show their true love for me every single day. Every meal, load of laundry, errand, every cold pack or heating pad adjustment, or trip to the dr or just spending precious time together … every little thing is an expression of their selfless, unconditional, true love for me. I am immensely blessed and beyond words, grateful for them and to them. :

  • 527
    Carol Wilson says:

    I am forever grateful for the love of family and friends, and although there have been those dramatic moments of indescribable caring during childbirth, illness, tragedy and celebration, for me it is the times when “nothing” is going on, yet laughter and understanding flow, that I know true and profound love.

  • 528

    eeekkk so hard to choose just one… but I would have to say the day my first born was placed into my arms for the first time… and then again with my second one!

  • 529
    Jen R says:

    I had a very severe infection a few years ago, and the way my husband helped out showed me true love!

  • 530
    Cara B says:

    I made sure that I tell my sons every day that I love them. They are teenagers now and they don’t hesitate to say they love me in front of their friends. I am proud of the relationship I have with each of my sons and I count my blessings that they are turning out to be great guys!

  • 531
    JoAnn K Delery says:

    true love is sacrifice. that is what i am reading in all the messages above. knowing how to selflessly sacrifice brings me great joy, happiness unlimited and unencumbered by the circumstances, is true love. i thank God every day for my family, my life and His Son, Jesus Christ, who shared the greatest love there will ever be, His death for my salvation. Praise the Lord!

  • 532
    Frances says:

    The everyday things are what’s best in my eyes. My hubby working everyday to support his family…the grandkids working so hard on coloring a picture especially for me and then giving it to me with a hug and kiss…all these things are precious and so much more that I don’t have room to write about…and of course we all know that love is not only a warm fuzzy feeling but a choice we make every minute of every day.

  • 533

    Without a doubt, when I first laid eyes on my baby daughter! That’s the deepest love I’ve ever felt – and it’s renewed every day I see her (my “baby” is 17!)

  • 534
    Bev Karolak says:

    My moment was when each of my beautiful children were born & placed in my arms! πŸ™‚

  • 535
    Becky P. says:

    I loved reading everyone’s answer to this question. It is great to know there is so much love in this world. I have several moments too (thankfully), but there are two that stand out above all others. The birth of my two children, I never realized how much having children changes you. The love I feel on a daily basis is tremendous, so much joy watching my two little people learn, grow, experience new things and have so much fun. True love is a toddler’s belly laugh when her older brother is making funny faces at her. It warms my heart every time.

  • 536
    Tanja S. says:

    I have seen many displays of true love from my parents and husband but also I have had friends (one in particular) that have shown me true love when I had a long struggle with depression, always encouraging me, visiting me (or allowing me to visit them often for a chat) and praying for me.

  • 537
    Wendy H says:

    The day my daughter was born. I knew what true love was.

  • 538
    Amy O says:

    When I truly understood what my saviour, Jesus Christ, did for me.

  • 539
    Aimee f says:

    When I met my husband 13 years ago and knew he was the one…

  • 540
    Marchelle says:

    One moment I was shown true love, there are many, was when I was 5 years old and in the hospital with bronchial pneumonia. I was in a plastic tent. (They don’t do that now – it was a long time ago.) The hospital I was at had rules where you could not stay overnight. I remember my Dad leaving and I cried and cried and cried -“don’t leave me Daddy!”

    Years later, there was a commercial on TV that had almost the same exact scenario and my Dad said to me, “I remember a little girl that I had to leave and it broke my heart.”

    Aren’t Daddy’s the greatest people in the world? I think my Daddy is!

  • 541
    Eva C says:

    The birth of my daughter was the first time, the second was the day she said she loved me…even after knowing all my faults!!

  • 542
    LindaM says:

    I hope I have more then one moment that shows true love. I see it in the thoughtfulness of my husband. The smile of my brother in law with Down syndrome and the friends who I know I can count on no matter what.

  • 543
    Zehra says:

    When we all four sister were together in India (a hard task) and were able to spend two days together, and another was when my father used to make goodie bags for us every birthday, we were six of us and he did it for all of us.

  • 544
    marcy says:

    When I became a mother. I learned what unconditional love really is. Then I became a grandma and can’t believe how much love there is for those little people.

  • 545
    Mary Sue says:

    The love I feel for my children! They are my everything.

  • 546
    Mary Sue says:

    Oops! Sorry! Let me rephrase that to be more specific to the question. My moment is actually all the moments that spend with my children because there is nothing they can do to stop me from loving them! I might be tough on them sometimes but they know that I will always support and be there for them.

  • 547
    Natasha Kara says:

    I could probably think of ‘A’ moment that would answer this question. But for me personally, it is in the hundreds of little things and seemingly mundane moments that I realize how completely loved I am. The spontaneous bear hug…., the out of the blue calls’ to just say I love you’… The surprise ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gifts….. The ”I’ll take the kids out so you can get some alone time’ days.

  • 548
    Karen P. says:

    The moment I learned true love was when my Dad was on his death bed and how he showed such courage so his family could get thru it easier. This is a sad story but shows the true character of my Dad. Always thought of others before himself.

  • 549
    Ellen S. says:

    The memory that stands out the most is the way my sister
    cared for my brother-in-law when he fought colon cancer
    for over three years. They had waited to start a family, so my nephew was under two years of age when his dad was first diagnosed. My brother-in-law wanted to die at home
    and she worked very hard to make his wish possible. If that isn’t true love then what is?

  • 550
    Amanda Holz says:

    The way my husband supported me after my mom passed away. Especially when I struggled with depression for a few weeks.

  • 551
    Goldilocks says:

    I experienced true love when my daughter was born.I also had the same feeling when my grandchildren and great grandchildren were born. I am fortunate to have four great grandchildren and get to see them often.

  • 552
    Susan says:

    My husband and family show me everyday. I am truly blessed! Plus my husband encourages me to order every month once I’ve seen the release projects πŸ™‚

  • 553
    Ruth Allmart says:

    Seeing my dad make two trips a day to the hospital to visit my mom after she had major heart surgery and then taking care of her when she came home. Pretty amazing stuff πŸ™‚

  • 554
    Joan B says:

    what a marvelous question. when my husband helped me take care of my mom for many many years. he’s a keeper!

  • 555
    Paulette says:

    I have been blessed with many over the years. I’m going to share 2 about the same person. Mr. Glass was a retired minister and he and his sweet wife lived next door to my Nanny’s house. We lived with her until I was 9. He did 2 unconditional loving things for me that I will never forget. He gave me a box turtle he found in his yard. He wanted me to hold it, but I was afraid. To show me it was okay, he held his hand out in front of the turtle and it bit him, hard. He put it back into the wash tub on the front porch. That turtle mysteriously vanished over night and he hoped I believed it climbed out of that large tub. LOL But I knew. The other loving thing he did for me, was to make a large wort go away from the palm of my hand. I had suffered with it for a long time. My mom put Compound W on it, it burned so bad and I would wipe it on the wall next to the bed. LOL Mr. Glass wanted me to put my hand down inside this hollow stump full of water, in his front yard, I refused. It was gross. He grabbed my hand and plunged it into that stump water. This wart was a big as a lead pencil erasure and it was on the heel of my hand, it was sore. That wort magically went away. =D He did both of these things out of love. Gosh, I miss them both! I know they wear many crowns in Heaven.

  • 556
    miriam says:

    a friend made a milestone birthday event for her very special-needs son. as part of his condition he generally has a spaced out and/or smiley look on his face. at the beginning of the birthday party, right after his parents wheeled him into the room, friends and family rushed over to greet him and kiss him and some people began posing with him for pictures. when his parents knelt on either side of his wheelchair his face immediately lit up, and it was crystal clear that he was glowing with delight and love for his parents.

  • 557
    Irma says:

    A true moment of love for me was when I first held my baby for the first time. It was a long time coming so that made it extra special.

  • 558
    Deanna says:

    Seeing each of my babies for the first time!

  • 559
    Amy Kolling says:

    The birth of my kiddos…..seriously, nothing could have prepared me for that LOVE!!!! True it is!

  • 560
    Kathy Martinsen says:

    There are several moments that I could tell about. But the one that stands out most in my mind is when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and being with him through his surgery and then the months of chemotherapy. It was a very stressful time in our lives …….but it brought us even closer together.

  • 561
    Jan Marcham says:

    I’d have to say the birth of our daughter with my husband by my side.

  • 562
    Birgit says:

    The moment that my eyes were opened to the greatest gift ever given, Jesus Christ, God in human form, came to the earth to bring salvation to all who will believe.

  • 563
    Jerie says:

    For me it was the day my nephew graduated ,and he gave me a card thanking me for always
    Being there for him.and for all we did together while he was growing up.

  • 564
    April Z. says:

    It’s hard to pick one specific time, but husband has always loved me unconditionally, even when I wasn’t particularly easy to love. He’s constantly doing things to help me out!

  • 565
    Janelle says:

    The day my daughter was born… The love for her has changed my life.

  • 566
    Angela Lemmons says:

    Definitely when my sweet babies were born!

  • 567

    The day I delivered my firstborn. The only thing that held a close second to that was the day my first grandchild was born. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • 568
    abrash says:

    Many many moments of love in my life, most recently having great friends there for me during a very difficult time.

  • 569
    MissAnn says:

    I’m sure this is a repeat, but seeing my husband get emotional when each daughter was born.

  • 570
    Karyn S says:

    When my daughter was born.

  • 571
    Beverly Perdue says:

    When my first son was born, the look in my husband’s eyes was true love! He is still the love of my life!

  • 572
    Margaret says:

    The first year we were married I had a very hard time getting home from work during a snow storm (before cell phones). When I pulled into the garage my husband was right there waiting for me and gave me a big hug!

  • 573
    Pat Q says:

    The moment I became a mother! I’m so glad that love has stayed with me all through the years.

  • 574
    Linda E says:

    When my son was born. He was premature so I had to leave him in the hospital. It was the hardest thing I ever did but I knew it was the best thing for him and put his needs before mine.

  • 575
    peg says:

    True love, for me, was when my daughter was born.

  • 576
    danah says:

    I was running late for work one morning and my wife had major back surgery about a week ago and she still had time to make me breakfast before I left. That’s true love. She is an amazing women.

  • 577
    Sandy Handrich says:

    When I became a mother for the 1st time!

  • 578
    Roberta says:

    True love is giving birth to each of my three babies! No one will ever understand that awesome loving feeling until they have experienced it themselves. Being married to a man who loves me unconditionally, no matter how many times I screw up, also makes me realize that I have true love.

  • 579
    Carol B says:

    There’s so many more than just one….but I love how my husband greats me each morning with a big bear hug and jolly ‘good morning’….even after 35+ years of marriage!

  • 580
    Gaby says:

    Awww the moment I saw my daughter at birth.

  • 581
    Joan K says:

    Seeing the way our new son-in-law looks into our daughter’s eyes and gives that certain smile that only she gets. You know that smile, right?

  • 582
    Sarah A says:

    My husband always shows me what love looks like, but he outdid himself a few years ago when I was going through some health issues that turned me into a different person-not what he signed up for! All is well now, and I am thankful for his patience and care.

  • 583
    Debbie Grant says:

    True love is holding your adopted baby for the first time and realizing that it doesn’t matter that they didn’t grow inside you. They are yours and that’s all that matters!

  • 584
    Julie Call says:

    My husband (fiance at the time) was at my grandparents’ house day after day helping care for my grandfather when he was on home hospice. He would work all day, then go there and help my family make my grandfather comfortable, even when I was stuck at work before I could join them. He even took dinner over for my entire extended family one night so they didn’t have to leave my grandfather’s side when he started to fail. They were so grateful that they asked him to be a pall bearer at the funeral, and I knew I couldn’t have made a better choice being with him.

  • 585
    Kim Faucher says:

    I have to say when my kids were born and within seconds of being born, they recognized my voice and I knew they had stolen my heart!!!

  • 586
    Tonya says:

    The first time I held my son. It was love at first sight.

  • 587
    Victoria in OHio says:

    THere are many selfless gestures my husband has made for me through the years. one that was very touching was when we were short on cash ( as always) and i wanted a curio cabinet for some treasures. he saved all of his perdiem money for a year and surprized me with that and tickets to visit my BFF in Texas..for Christmas. very very thoughtful!!!

  • 588
    Cynthia Baldwin says:

    I can remember one time, just watching my mom watch my dad asleep on the couch…she had a little smile on her face. It really put a smile on my face, because after decades together, they are still devoted and supportive of one another. I can only hope that my husband and I love each other like that after so many years!

  • 589
    Patt H. says:

    It’s a true love moment every day at my house. Just opening my eyes every morning & seeing my husband of almost 40 years right by my side is the true meaning of love!!

  • 590
    berryblue says:

    The day each of my three children was born was a time when I knew the absoutely incomparable feeling of pure love!

  • 591
    Laura says:

    The day my kids were born! My husband and I were so overjoyed and full of love, for our kids and also for each other!

  • 592
    Nicki S says:

    Just a few short months after we started dating, my now husband surprised me by having my best friend come into town for my birthday. I thought it was beyond amazing since we hadn’t been dating that long yet. I knew this guy was special…he earned major points for that πŸ˜‰

  • 593
    Sue McRae says:

    The day my grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary. Even after all those years I could see the love and connection between them and their beaming faces at making it to 50 years.

  • 594
    Leanne S says:

    When my son was born. Pure unconditional love.

  • 595
    Victoria Hassink says:

    When I saw how lovingly my step-father took care of my mother at home with Alzheimer’s. He was a confirmed bachelor until 51 when they Married that Dec 4th and I know 32 years was not long enough for him.

  • 596
    Shannon Baker says:

    I cannot begin to name one moment that I felt true love. There are just too many. My husband and two sons do things so very frequently to show me how much they truly love me. I am so very blessed.

  • 597
    Anne Marie says:

    The moment I told my husband I had breast cancer, his support and love never wavered through a very difficult year.

  • 598

    Probably the most significant moment in my married life is when my husband of 9 years this coming Thursday, took on me and my 3 children as his own to care for, love and provide for.

  • 599
    Carol (HB) says:

    The birth of my children… looking at those little, just born faces filled me with the most immense amount of lover!

  • 600
    LEGstudios says:

    My first true love was without a doubt, when my daughter was born! There’s nothing more pure than the love of a parent and child.

  • 601
    Heather says:

    That would be birth of my first child.

  • 602
    Jennifer K says:

    The way my grandma is patient and kind and loving with all her (10) children and (30) grandchildren. My uncle recently passed away from cancer and she was at his bedside for months helping to take care of him. A mother’s job is never done.

  • 603
    Jade says:

    The moment when I realize a true love is when I don’t have my parents and my husband next to me. Everyday I have their love and care, from a cup of tea to a hug every morning when my husband goes to work, a phone call when my husband finishes his lunch. It seems a normal routine. Now I live far away from them, don’t have a cup of tea when waking up and no hug every morning, and I know a true love is just a very simple thing that I used to have everyday!

  • 604
    Amanda says:

    Every single morning when at least one of my babies comes down and insists on cuddling with me. Starting the day with hugs and kisses from my little people reminds me how every moment is special.

  • 605
    MaryB says:

    The birth of our children came to mind first. Then I thought about all the images on tv of service members coming home from deployment, being greeted by their loved ones. Some are seeing their children for the first time, or the first time in a long time. They are giving up or postponing things that we take for granted, in order to help keep safe people they have never even met. They, and the families who support them while they are gone, definitely exhibit true love!

  • 606
    Suzanne mooney says:

    It has to be the birth of my children!

  • 607
    Cassie Brumbaugh says:

    True love is when my husband is holding my hair back for me while I am kneeling in front of the toilet throwing up…not romantic…but true love for sure.

  • 608

    There are just so many, but I remember one nurse at my Dad’s Alzheimer’s unit, she went way beyond the “duties” of her job every September. She would always personally go buy flowers for my Dad to give my Mom. He was there seven years and every September I would wheel my Mom into the special room that this nurse had prepared oh so romantically so they could have a “dinner date”. I miss them both πŸ™

  • 609

    When my newborn babies first looked into my eyes. True love times three.

  • 610
    Jen says:

    True Love-My husband would do anything for me. Go out in the middle of the night when it’s freezing could to get me a peanut butter cup because I’m craving it! I can’t say this happens often but just an example that he would do ANYTHING for me, LOVE him soooo much!

  • 611
    JoAnn H says:

    Definitely as the children we’re born, their looks to us for guidance and the changes I saw in my husband when we are with them

  • 612
    Kate L says:

    I think true love is in so many little things in life. When he gives me the warmer blanket at night, when he offers to eat what I clearly messed up while cooking, when wakes up earlier to feed the dog… It’s in everything he does and everything we do for each other.

  • 613
    Chris simon says:

    When my older daughter was born, I asked my husband to stay with her any time we were separated. He did a great job. I have several photos taken by the nurses of him rocking her and singing songs. His love for her just made me love him that much more.

  • 614
    Penne Lambert says:

    I learned what true love is when I found out Jesus loved me enough to die for me. His love has permeated my life since and I am so grateful!

  • 615
    stampyblock says:

    Oh my gosh, I am crying reading all these stories. There are so many moving stories, mine seems so small. But, when I was soooo sick as I was carrying our twin and my husband would cook and eat out side in attempt to curb my nausea. I was sick for 7 out of those 9 months so he did this a lot!

  • 616
    BethieJ says:

    Our Wedding Day and the birth of our kids!!

  • 617
    Kris in Alaska says:

    When my husband actually brought me a dozen red roses and told me “You’re going to marry me someday!”

  • 618
    marybethL. says:

    So many ……When my grandson, Aidan who is 9 choose his little sister with Down Syndrome at the same school to be his little buddy. It meant the world to her. He couldn’t understand how all the other kids in his class didn’t pick their own brother or sister… like he did. He loves her so much ! Constant Blessings with these grandchildren of ours.

  • 619

    Being taken in by someone when you can’t make it on your own… bearing one another’s burdens. That is love in action to me. I am thankful for it everday.

  • 620
    Pai says:

    my feelings for my son.

  • 621
    Pai says:

    my feelings for my son

  • 622
    Julie R. says:

    When my son was about 8, I went to kiss him goodbye in the morning. It was near Valentine’s day. He was holding a crystal heart he had bought with his own money from Snyder’s for $1.49. He stuck it in my hand. That is one of my most precious memories and my most precious belonging to this day!!!

  • 623
    Oreet says:

    For me, it’s not one moment but a collection of many– I am 28 years old but in many ways am anything but… I am chronically ill with literally over a dozen diagnoses and require 8 hours of skilled care a day. I’m wheelchair bound, have a feeding tube and port catheter and take over 65 different meds a day. My husband is my caretaker and our 3 year old son’s. He cooks, cleans, administers all my medication and is truly at my beck and call 24/7. And it’s not as though I got sick after we married,I have been ill since birth and my husband willingly partnered with me knowing the inherent difficulties. He has devoted his life to preserving my own and absolutely never complains about it or demand anything in return but my love. I have never known such complete and unconditional love as he has shown me!

  • 624
    Natalie says:

    So many things in life show what true love is all about and it’s always so nice to be around it. Most recently my son and his wife had a baby and I just love they way my husband lights up when he is around our beautiful grand daughter Azaleia.

  • 625
    Kimberly Russell says:

    The birth of my children!!

  • 626

    I knew my hubby truly loved me when I got out of surgery and saw the look on his face. He didn’t have to say anything at all. I could just tell he was happy I “survived” and thrilled to be there with me. I felt exactly the same! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 627
    Regina Roach says:

    My best friend is my sister. Although we haven’t lived in the same city for most of our adult lives, she’s my “go-to” person for celebrating, comfort, advice and fun.

  • 628
    Mary Marr says:

    My best friend is my Daughter-in-law, she joined me in my stamping and we seem to work off each others idea’s, we get together and stamp and chat! My son and hubby say we chat more than we stamp. It’s so much fun and we both enjoy it so much. Our best moments are when we see your release on the 15th and decide what we will order. Love everything PTI our favorite site! Mary

  • 629
    Elle says:

    My best friends are my mom, son, and daughter. I love them to pieces! πŸ™‚

  • 630
    Sue K says:

    My steadfast and caring husband, every day of my life, is what love is all about for me!

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