Official November Release Party Contest

I am absolutely smitten with all of this month's new releases and I can tell by the excitement that some of you have shared with me that you are too!  A big thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us tonight during release festivities!  

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season and our amazing November release line-up we are giving away a fabulous prize package tonight!  Practically the entire November release,which has over a $140 value!!!  All you need to do to have your chance to win is post an answer to the following question in the comments section below.

I apologize for the confusion with the double posting.  Somehow Typepad posted it twice.  In lieu of this confusion we have chosen two winners, one from each of the posts.  Congratulations Mandy & Elizabeth!  Please be sure to contact Customer Service with your shipping information so we can get that out to you!  Thank you to everyone for stopping by tonight and happy shopping!

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  • 1
    Maureen L says:

    Ihave a couple of times … mostly ornaments to go in groupings. I made paper pumpkins one year and tree ornaments on other occassions, and I made “candles” for a bridal shower (the bride still displays them)

  • 2

    I use papercrafting skills often for home decor items, but probably my favorite was an advent calendar I made for my adult daughter and her family.

  • 3
    Jamie N says:

    I actually made a banner last year after seeing the superly pretty one on Dawn’s blog w/ her vintage ornaments.

  • 4
    see mary stamp says:

    I can’t think of a time when I’ve used my papercrafting skills to make home decor, although I do have the makings to embellish some of those frame ATC type boxes that are all the rage right now. I am however really looking forward to making some banners. Another great release PTI!

  • 5
    Alanna says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t made anything crafty for home decor. I totally should though and with the help of the banner dies, I can. Thanks Nichole and gang for a great release.

  • 6
    kryssi ng says:

    Yes, pretty boring, just embellishing picture frames and such… would love to expand it for the holiday season after being inspired by this week’s sneak peeks!!

  • 7
    Lisa G says:

    I like to take artist canvas, paint it and then add pictures, die cuts and stamped images. I also like to make plates and cups to serve goodies I make.

  • 8
    Mary M. says:

    I’ve never set out to use my papercrafting skills for home decor. I have raided my adhesive stash to align pictures in frames. There are times where my supplies come in handy for things around the house.

  • 9
    Laura S says:

    Yes. Wraps for flameless pillar candles.

  • 10
    Babies- Beth says:

    Hmm… only ribbons to make lots of bows around the house, lol! I just bought a Christmas Cricut cartridge that has a 3-D house. I am hoping the banner dies will make them gingerbread houses, lol!!!

  • 11
    Cathy Weber says:

    I haven’t used PTI to make any home decor items yet, but as you release things every month I am certain to make something in the very near future. A decorative calendar pops into my head right now. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  • 12
    Tasha says:

    Once so far. I made a piece for my bedroom, the artwork I could find to match my colors weren’t my style. All in all I’m very happy with it and can’t wait until we redo my living room so I can make something to go in there.

  • 13
    Allene F. says:

    I have only made one home decor item before in a stamp class. I learned about to stamp on a candle. I tend to stick with cards, gifts, and scrapbooking. I would love to learn more and play more with creating home decor items.

  • 14
    Joyce says:

    I have. I made a birdhouse wall hanging that holds keys. I’ve done puzzle swaps so I have muptiple artists displayed in one piece. I’ve altered dress forms. I have a fall candle on my chicken crate that was altered with fabric, paper and ribbon. Altering is one of my favorite crafts.

  • 15
    Dawn Nikol says:

    I *love* making things for my home! Picture frames, canvases, mantle pieces, etc. Lately the focus has been on Christmas, which is my favorite!! Love this release!!

  • 16
    Marlena McDeavitt says:

    I have not made home decor before, because I am new to “seriously” stamping. However, I am looking forward to seeing some ideas….

  • 17
    Kara says:

    I’ve used my craft supplies to makes wreathas, Halloween decorations, birthday party decorations, and very soon…BANNERS!!

  • 18
    Gladys says:

    Yes to make my house number unit display. So excited with the release! Can’t wait to purchase! Thanks for the chance

  • 19
    mary dawn q says:

    I’ve made paper christmas tree ornaments before, way back when i first started cardmaking…i might have to do some again this year

    great release this month, can’t wait to see the full reveals

  • 20
    Kristine says:

    I have made a few home decor items. I love a photo collage frame I made.

  • 21
    Laurel Klinge says:

    I have used my “stash” of papercrafting products to make several picture frames to match specific them photos. I gave them as grandparent gifts with pictures of my darling son in them and they were really appreciated. I have also made CHristmas Tree ornaments and centerpieces using my crafting supplies. I cannot WAIT to add your banners to my repetoire – Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 22
    Tracey Kuzniak says:

    Not very often, but I have been making a few gifts tags to go on our own Christmas gifts, so I can reuse them year after year 🙂

  • 23
    Jamie Nania says:

    Yes, I made a banner for Valentine’s day this year and used the PTI patterned paper for it and my Cricut to cute the letters. I have lots of ideas in my head for those large-scale banners as well!

  • 24
    Terry says:

    Yes, I just finished a home decor project and made a Christmas sign to hang on the lamp in my Great Room.

    Love the new releases…what an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • 25
    Lindsey Martins says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting supplies to decorate pictures frams, and cover wooden letters (initials for a nursery), but that’s about it. Excited for the release tonight!

  • 26

    I haven’t yet, but I have plans to decorate the closet doors in my craft room. Well I guess they would just be the storage cabinet. Anyway, I’m mulling it over in my mind.

  • 27
    Sally says:

    Yes I have used my paper crafting skills to
    make all my Christmas cards and tree ornaments!

  • 28
    Kathy McDonald says:

    I made two wall hangings for the bathroom using punches and frames. Ali Edwards featured this idea on her blog, and I loved making them, and enjoy looking at them every day.

  • 29
    Cindy C says:

    I’ve used paper to cover soup cans and make pencil holders….they turned out so cute! Now, just need to win those banner dies to make my own *wink*

  • 30

    Oh yes! I’ve created several banners, picture frames, and other wall hangings!

  • 31
    Jessica ML says:

    I recently created a bulletin board for my office. I just love it and used several of my papercrafting skills.

  • 32
    Karen Thomas says:

    I sure did!!! I made a beautiful framed cork notice board for my daughter to pin all her notes ect on. She loved it!


    PS – I think I would faint if I won this release!

  • 33
    Nita says:

    Yes, I have made home decor. Primarily seasonal deco. I made a framed “Thankful” saying and lots of Christmas deco for the house. I also made frames for my son’s room. So excited for this contest!

  • 34
    Laurie Hunt says:

    We were trying to sell me husbands house after we were married and I made a couple of pieces of wall art for that. I am wanting to try some different things that have been floating in my head for a while though.

  • 35
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    I have made a banner before, for our last Christmas to hang on our mantle. That is why I am so excited to see a banner set, but with the large dies so that I can make more for many different occasions with such ease! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and the chance to win!

  • 36
    Kara says:

    I’ve made some cute blocks that say “be thankful” and have plans to do many others, but they might be made instead on banners – after they come in my mail next week 🙂

  • 37
    Joan corson says:

    Yes I have made Paper napkin rings, place cards and cupcake holders. I cannot wit to make banners with the new set tis month!!!! Oh I am so excited

  • 38
    Dana says:

    I’ve mostly used it for Birthday decorations, but this year I made some wreaths made from paper leaves 🙂

  • 39
    Lynn says:

    A few times…but not often enough! I have made pumpkins out of paper strips…love some fun fall patterned paper…and a couple of banners. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • 40
    Dee in N.H. says:

    Oh yes! I especially like making paper bouquets! My next favorite is magnetic notepads for the fridge!

  • 41
    Amy Smith says:

    I have made several things before, chiefly etched glass. I use stamps to emboss on the glass, then use etching cream. After the cream has worked, I wash it off and peel off the embossing. Makes beautiful candle holders. Lately I have been trying things with vinyl and my Cricut. And this Thanksgiving I want to do place cards and table decorations. I also plan to cut paper leaves out of PTI’s patterned paper and put them around a grapevine wreath for a door decoration.

  • 42
    Amy Everson says:

    I have made ornaments, wall art from vinyl, and a couple of banners. I really love using vinyl for walls and windows.

  • 43
    Edie Burke says:

    I have made calendars for family, Christmas ornaments and birthday banners and wrapping paper. Looking forward to using some of the new sets soon! Thanks to everyone involved!

  • 44
    Donna C says:

    Yes! I have stamped a lamp shade, picture frames, votive covers, place cards, and napkins. Such a fun hobby!

  • 45
    Stephanie S. says:

    I am always making ornaments for christmas and also altering bird houses to use for the seasons. I even took a metal star and altered for my house.

  • 46
    Kimberli Sarsfield says:

    I made a photo frame type accent to sit on a shelf in our living room. It makes the picture and embellished mat so much more special since I know I did it and I can appreciate it everyday in my house instead of giving it away:)

  • 47
    Colleen C. says:

    I made some great custom photo mats for a framed photo. Does that count as home decor? Great release this month, but I say that every month!

  • 48
    Alyssa S says:

    Not so much…I keep meaning to make some magnets, a template to hold my pens and such, picture frames, etc. I always end up giving them away or making the goodies into cards. One of these days though…

  • 49
    Donelle u says:

    I have made a tray for my mom with pictures of our kids on it and I have made wall hangings for both my husband and father in law with quoates pictures and decorations. I would love to do more. I have also made decorated picture frames for friends.

  • 50
    Jamie Greene says:

    YES!! I have made some frames. I am planning on making pictures for my daughters room soon as well.

  • 51
    Kathy H says:

    Hahaha, this is a funny question because I’ve been “making home decor” since I was a kid…and my mom would proudly display the wall art for awhile! Recently I’ve made picture frames for our guest bedroom. I didn’t have the money to buy frames so I used my digital cutter to cut out frames for 8×10 pictures I took of different architecture.

  • 52
    Caren B says:

    I’ve covered block letters in paper for my craft room and just made ‘NOEL’ letters to decorate for Christmas

  • 53
    Heidi says:

    I once used my paper crafting skills to try and make “art” to hang in my home. I made a Christmas shadow box with punches and paper. It didn’t turn out as I had hoped so I gave it away to a friend. I learned that I am much better at making cards than I am at working on any 3 dimensional projects.

  • 54
    Judi Rose says:

    I have made paper ornaments for Christmas and paper wreaths.

  • 55
    Leigh Ann says:

    Sometimes I like to use my paper crafts supplies for things I get to keep…like making picture frames or decorating a corkboard or making magnets for my refrigerator “art gallery” 🙂

  • 56
    Daniela says:

    Oh, yes. I made several photo frames, holiday decor, ornaments, wreaths….

  • 57
    Sandy Kay says:

    I’ve made Christmas ornaments and some little totes to sit around to put things in – if that counts!
    Fabulous release as always!

  • 58

    I can honestly say that I have never made anything from paper for home decor. Now, if you want to count my little table settings for Thanksgiving THIS year, then I guess I have…..but, that is all that I have ever made to decorate my home. I guess I need to get on the ball, huh?

  • 59

    Yes, I have created some picture frames, framed scrapbook pages and even garland for our tree one year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 60
    Kristen says:

    Yes. I made the cute little butterfly shadow boxes when those were the rage a couple years ago. And I also filled a vintage paper tray with hundreds of tiny pictures for a gift for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Now I want to make one for my home, but haven’t finished it…

  • 61

    My shining moment in home decor items was making an advent calendar for christmas last year. It was a lot of fun and came out nice but the best part was how much the kids LOVED it and now look forward to bringing it out again 🙂

  • 62
    Amber Goble says:

    I’ve made picture frames and door hangers. So easy to make home decor with crafty goodies.

  • 63
    Allyson says:

    I haven’t done too much home decorating with my paper crafting skills – but I want to now after seeing all these fun banners and such! I have, however, used my paper crafting skills to make baby frames, decorating the matting and the frame to give as a gift. I am definitely more inspired to try after having found the Papertrey design team! 😉 Thanks for the chance to win all these great products. I hope I win!!!!

  • 64
    Barb S says:

    Oh yes, even as a kid I made lampshades of paper decorated with homemade stamped images. Now, as an adult, I use my wonderful stamps to decorate pillow covers, make luminaria, and wall hangings. I even have paper valences in my dining room!

  • 65
    Linda w says:

    I have to say I am pretty much stuck on creating greeting cards. Although I have created many Christmas ornaments utilizing paper crafts. Could that be considered home decor? You never know though when I just might try my hand at the new paper decor things.

    stamp on…

  • 66
    Kathy W says:

    No, I have never used my papercrafting skills to create a home decor project for MY home. However, I made several themed houses using the PTI template last year that I gave as gifts to friends and family, and I am constantly using my papercrafting know-how in my kindergarten classroom on bulletin boards and special thank you’s for my parent volunteers.

  • 67
    Angie Reedy says:

    I’ve love using papercrafting for home decor. i’ve made paper owls that I framed, and i’ve also made frames out of paper for photos!

    love papertrey!!

  • 68
    Sande says:

    I have made a bunch of fun home decor items with stamping/papercrafting supplies. I change out the wreaths on my craft room doors each season with different paper crafting decorations. I made a great advent calendar that we enjoy year after year. I have made name frames that are a hit with the kids. I love making things that we can enjoy throughout the house and throughout the seasons! Thanks for giving us the chance to share our ideas, learn from one another, and find terrific quality supplies!

  • 69
    C Stephens says:

    I have used my crafting to make gifts for others like journals, decorated boxes and the like. I think this release is wonderful and I look forward to all the great products!

  • 70
    Carole kerr says:

    One year I made all the table decorations using paper and stamps!! My family loved it and thought it made Our holiday together more homey. I’m dying to get my hands on the banner dies!
    Thanks for such a great release.
    Carole kerr

  • 71
    Maryanne Degiorgio says:

    I love making 3D stuff for Xmas and Birthday parties and making boxes for gifts. The banners would be terrific for any number of parties.

  • 72
    Anne S says:

    I’ve decorated picture frames that come in kits, but that’s about it. I pretty much stick to cards and scrapbooking. Can’t wait for the release!

  • 73
    Monica L says:

    No but I plan to make placecards for Thanksgiving this year using Places Please stamp set and die.

  • 74
    Maeghan M. says:

    I’ve definitely used my papercrafting skills for other things… I’ve covered up cute little wooden frames and metal recipe card boxes, and I’ve made a few signs here and there! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful talent!

  • 75
    Gabriela says:

    All the time…. I made a vinyl art piece for the top of my staircase, I added vinyl to glasses for a Halloween Party, I have made banners for birthday parties, I even added some Cricut cuts to a cake. I love incorporating my “skills” into my home decor. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 76
    Miki says:

    I just made a Halloween banner for our mantle a few weeks ago! I plan on making another one for Christmas. Hopefully the dies won’t sell out before I get mine!

  • 77
    Michelle N says:

    A few years ago I made a family of chip board gingerbread men tied together in a row with ribbon as a christmas decoration. I decorated them with individual papers and put each person’s name on them. they were so cute I leave them up all year!

  • 78
    Jen Barkdull says:

    I haven’t made anything for myself, but I have used them to make Christmas decorations, like decorated letters and words, for family and friends.

  • 79
    Kristin says:

    Yes!! Absolutely YES! Every Christmas, of course. But most recently was my daughter’s 4th birthday. We did Jessie from Toy Story. I did the Birthday Banner, a Jessie “round up” where I took photos of all the kids who were coming (b&w) and put “Wanted” on them. Dressed my dh up in an old Western shirt and bandana, son’s cowboy hat and play gun and put “Outlaw” on his pic. These were on the doors at the girls’ eye level. Then, I had little tins (like kids used to take their lunch in back in the 1800s) and we had a bandana cut up and I did tags with Jessie/Old West kinda stuff on the handle, and filled them with jelly beans and little toys. SOOOO FUN and such a hit. (and I left her birthday banner up for THREE weeks!!)

  • 80
    Jess Kruegel says:

    I actually just started making decor items last yr. I mainly have papertrey to thank for that, with all of the inspiring projects you show on your blog. for the most part, i like to make framed art pieces and i made a bunch of ornaments last yr. im super excited to work with these new banner dies and stamps to make some awesome decor items this year.

  • 81
    Krista says:

    I made little kitchen plaques using cheap wood frames crackle paint and the year of flowers stamps for my moms kitchen.

  • 82
    lan says:

    Yes, I”ve used my supplies to decorate a canvas to hang on my wall but i’ve also made the cookie tray xmas countdown calendar and banners.

  • 83
    carmen says:

    i usemy crafts to help my husband to make picture frames for his football autographs he get so he can display them, io think he really likes it but dont want anyone to know….lol

  • 84
    Lisa says:

    Yes. I have made a Christmas Tree by using papers, ribbons, and silver Kisses chocolates. I still have it and it will be in my dining room this year again. Thank you so much for the chance.

  • 85
    Michele L. says:

    WOW! It’s ironic you asked that question, because I just finished a shadow box today. I’ve been meaning to make this for years and actually sat down did it today.
    I decorated a shadow box, containing a letter my grandfather gave me along with Monetary bills- “escudos”. It was the currency in Portugal before the Euro. It’s a nice memory of him and my childhood summers!

  • 86

    I’ve made wooden blocks and decorated picture frames, but that’s about it. Nothing too fancy…can’t wait for the banner collection to change that though!

  • 87
    Ngan R. says:

    I have used my crafting skills to make wreaths out of paper and ribbon and other embellishments. I’ve also made plenty of Christmas tree decorations and still have them for use every year. Perhaps I’ll make a banner and wrap around my tree this year with all those dies you have out now!

  • 88
    Anita Farrell says:

    But of course. Last year I made a replica of my front door, complete with window panes and sidelights. Then I put a cute couch and rug from On My Couch peeking through the windows. I used the sentiment there’s no place like home for the holidays and then framed the piece. It was a great addition to my kitchen Christmas decor.

  • 89
    Wendy says:

    For Halloween this year I made a banner, door hanger and paper flower display. I’ve also decorated a picture frame. I’m looking forward to making lots for Thanksgiving and

  • 90
    Nicole F, UK says:

    I haven’t made any home decor, but that’s something I hope to rectify with this month’s release – I have images of banners all around my home this Christmas!

  • 91
    Betty says:

    i have made birthday gifts for my sisters in which i used old photos from when we were children, made background using various stamping techniques and papers and then framed them using vintage picture frames. that’s about it.

  • 92
    Meredith says:

    Name frames for darling little birthday gifts…. easy to customize with a theme and colours from the recipents bedroom !!!

  • 93
    Karen Thomas says:

    Gosh – my post never went through!

    Yes I have! I’ve made a beautiful cork board for my daughters room for her to hang notices and photos and the likes from! She loved it.


    PS – I would faint if I won this release! lol

  • 94
    Noreen says:

    This year for Christmas gifts I made several sets of tumbled tile coasters using my paper crafting supplies.

  • 95
    Lee Cockrum says:

    Not really! Perhaps some slight embellishment to photo frames, that is about it. But I do really love all of the banner ideas that I have seen during this release.

  • 96
    Dana says:

    I just used my supplies to make a snowman diorama inside of a shadowbox frame. It is only 4×4, but I used the Papertrey tree die and chartreuse felt and vintage red buttons in it! It’s very cute for a first try at a diorama. I see more in my future!

  • 97
    Emily Keaton says:

    Yes!! I’ve made papercrafted art to frame for the wall in my bedroom and altered things like a small memo board to use in my kitchen. I’ve even used my papercrafting skills to make board games–although I guess that’s not technically “home decor”!! BTW–fabulous release this month 🙂

  • 98
    Denise says:

    YES! I totally have made home decor projects! One of my favorite is a Frame I made for Halloween…every year I add my kids’ pictures in their costumes! Here is the blog post with a crackle paint tutorial I did on the frame…

  • 99
    Mariah says:

    I have used lots of PTI supplies to make hair accessories for my girls, beautiful paper flowers for pictures frames and lots of seasonal decorations for around the house. PTI’s CS is so nice and thick…it’s perfect for so many projects!

  • 100
    Jaala R. says:

    Yes, I really enjoy crafting projects for my home! I like to make framed art, ornaments, table settings and other seasonal items. This is a great release that will help me make even more home decor items! Thanks.

  • 101
    Trinka King says:

    Yes I have…but nothing like what y’all come up with. I have decorated picture frames and made dry erase boards out of frames. I can’t wait to see all the release tonight…staying up late just for y’all!

  • 102
    Sharon says:

    I made a “Thankful” accordian banner for the top of my mantel—soo cute.

  • 103
    Myrna Holstrom says:

    I have made artwork for my home – accented photographs and decopauged canvas with quotes cut and stamped from paper glued on top of decorative paper.

  • 104
    Jeni says:

    I’ve made several home decor items. I’ve made banners, altered frames & altered tins. I am a quiller as well, so I’ve done quilling around pictures & our wedding invitation too.

  • 105
    Giovana says:

    Yes! I have made Christmas ornaments, table decor, picture frames and I am in the process to make a Thanksgiving wreath!!
    I would love to win!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • 106

    Yep! I have made tea boxes, votive candle shades, the little house boxes that were released last year. Tiny boxes for holding candy. I’ve also made picture frames and letters for my kids’ nurseries.

  • 107
    Amy Cheek says:

    Not yet…but after seeing the new banner stamps and dies from PTI…well, I think I will be making a Christmas banner to hang on the mantel this year!! I can’t wait!!

  • 108
    Shasta says:

    I have only made a few home decor pieces, flowers and such, but can definitly see more in the future with those banners!!

  • 109
    Lauren says:

    Making my own home decor is something that’s very new to me. Only recently did I make my first attempt. I basically made framed art with patterned paper, stamps and die cuts. One is of our last initial, embellished with flourishes and a bow. It came out much cuter than I expected. So I will definitely come up with other ideas. Those big banners sure would come in handy!! 😉

  • 110
    Karli says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting supplies to make lots of home decor things for my home & as gifts for family & friends. The usual suspects- frames, canvas art with scrapbook pages, decorated letters, banners, & holiday decorations.

  • 111
    ladybugg61 says:

    Relatively new to cardmaking, I’ve never ventured into home decor – yet! Those lovely Banner Dies/Stamp Sets definitely make me want to go out on a limb and give it a try real soon!

  • 112
    Lisa Dolson says:

    Besides banners and Christmas ornaments, my daughter and I decorated her cat carrier for a 4-H cat show with card stock, flower dies, and ribbon! This is a wonderful release package!

  • 113
    Barbara T says:

    Yes I have. I have made banners, Halloween decorations, Christmas ornaments and most recently I am working on a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

  • 114
    Elizabeth H says:

    Gosh, who hasn’t! I started early with paperchains and have only graduated from there.

  • 115
    Jane S says:

    I have made a banner for different seasons and occasions to hang from my bannister and entry way. Amazing releases!!! Jane S.

  • 116 says:

    I have made Advent boxes for my girls to count down to Christmas. They helped fold the paper and add the candy and bible verses. We had a blast together!

  • 117
    Avril Tanner says:

    I have actually created a number of things… some altered items as home decor and also some framed pieces of art!

  • 118
    Sheryl says:

    When I first began stamping a few years ago, I stamped a Bible verse (John 3:16) on card stock and stamped roses and leaves around it, then matted and framed it. My stamping has improved since then, but I am still happy with the results!

  • 119
    Vanessa G says:

    Yes, I make banners every halloween and I’ve made themed picture frames for different occassions. Can’t wait for all the goodies tonight!!

  • 120
    Liliana says:

    Mostly for Christmas – ornaments & tags. But that’s about to change w/your Banner dies. I’m SUPER excited!

  • 121

    Yes! I made a watercoloured layout in a shadow box frame, and I think it came up quite nicely! I’d love to do more though. Awesome release!!

  • 122
    Rhonda H says:

    I made a banner for Halloween. Having dies would have made the whole project a lot easier!! I had considered a Thanksgiving project but held off cause I didn’t want to cut them out. I can start planning one now.

  • 123
    Becky K. says:

    Hmm, papercrafting not so much yet (don’t have enough space to decorate!). I’ve used my Silhouette to etch glass coasters though!

  • 124
    Laura Boyd says:

    Just a few things, some picture frames, Ikea mirrors, and some boxes. I think this is my favorite release this year. I can’t wait to get some of the new goodies. Too bad my check book can’t handle all I want!

  • 125
    CarolLynn says:

    A banner, but oh how much easier it will be to make one with the new dies.

  • 126
    Whitney Moss says:

    Yes! It’s one of my favorite things to do! I’ve made a couple of framed things, one with the sayings: live, laugh, love and of course holiday decor (my personal favorite!!). Now I can’t wait to get the dies to make some banners!

  • 127
    Katie Jones says:

    I actually just did this a couple of weeks ago for the first time! I made a plaque that says “Grateful” and is decorated with some Fall images.

    I really want to make a banner after seeing all of the cute ones your awesome designers made!

  • 128
    pegg says:

    I have made mostly baby cubes (large and small) for friends with new babies. They love it! I think this month’s release will have so many options for home decor!

  • 129
    Kathy says:

    Yes. I’ve done stamping on candles and fabric and made a framed collage on friendship. I don’t do big things like walls but enjoy using my stamps on smaller things for gifts.

  • 130
    Breeonna Delaire says:

    Yes! I’ve decorated picture frames, decorated stakes for our house plants and tried my hand at banners. I’m very, very excited to use the new banner building collection to create timeless decorations for every season. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 131
    Beverly BL says:

    I have not created anything for my home.

  • 132
    Kim Heggins says:

    If you call putting together a birthday party then I guess yes, but nothing like what you and your team do! Can’t wait to try out the banners.

  • 133
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I made a banner for my DD 3 yrs ago, I have decorated several picture frames, wooden letters, small tables for my DD’s sorority little sisses & a wooden mailbox for a Valentine for my DH.
    So, I guess you could say “yes” is my answer.

  • 134
    Tricia Dee says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting skills for making ornaments, table decor, and lots of crafts with my First/Second Grade class!

  • 135
    Lisa F. says:

    The only home decor I can think of that I made was a couple frames for dd’s room, as well as wooden letters when that was all the rage lol!! I am loving the DT’s banners, gorgeous work ladies!!

  • 136
    Kim says:

    Lots of things. Stamped lamp shades, picture frames, coasters. Covered letters–Love for me, have made Love and Noel for others. Noel frames. Thanks for the chance to win such a great release.

  • 137
    Patty O says:

    Definitely. I’ve used my supplies to create picture frames, calendar icons and holiday decorations. The banner set would definitely be a chic way to elevate my home decor! Thank you!

  • 138
    Amy G. says:

    Well… I’ve had lots of good intentions to make home decor. Most of those haven’t happened yet, but the ideas are there when the notion or opportunity strikes. 😉 The only home decor projects I’ve actually made are the “dry erase” picture frames that I’ve made as gifts. They were one of the first projects I discovered here on Nicole’s blog. They are always a big hit!

  • 139
    Kim H. says:

    I haven’t used papercrafts for my home decor — but I think this month’s releases may change that! Can’t wait to begin filling my shopping cart –

  • 140
    Michelle Balletti says:

    Home Decor….No not really…but I totally used a bunch of your stuff when I threw my own baby shower….yes, a lil control-freakish but heh…I used Baby Blessings and Men of Life including the fab tutorial you did on a 3d boat (which unfortunately didn’t make the cut (after I already did 50 hulls)(was going to attach them to the favor box) oh well…my stuff was a hit (at least to me and I still need to e-mail the fab creator with my invites I did to show her how much I appreciated her work!! but on home decor, sorry I degressed, no not yet!!

  • 141
    Laura Isham says:

    I have created several things for home decor from my papercrafting stash. Recently I made a fall wreath made with the great leaves dies here at PTI for my mother-in-law and myself. I have also made banners with scalloped squares with the words LOVE and HOPE on them. The banners being introduced tonight are so on my list! Love them. Love PTI. Love all the great inspiration we get monthly.

  • 142
    Ted says:

    I have yet to use my papercrafting skills to make home decor… although I’m learning that there’s really no end to what one can do! 🙂

  • 143
    Donna de Peyster says:

    Absolutely! I’ve made various decorations over the years. Included are things like small tabletop Christmas Trees, ornamental boxes in the shape of shoes, decorated picture frames, desk organizers, collaged pictures and the like. I would love to learn new techniques.

  • 144
    Mila Ayers says:

    I have made several items, but my favorite is a framed collage of a recent mission trip to Africa. It hangs next to our front door. I included a couple of pictures, some awesome African-looking papers, and some fibers and memorabilia I brought back from Afica.

  • 145

    I LOVE to make banners and I try to do so for all of my kid’s birthdays, baby showers, and wedding showers. The most special banner I made was for my son, Ethan. He was just 4 when he died last year of cancer, but his banner from his 4th birthday hangs proudly in his brother’s room. It says “Yee Haw” and when he saw it at his birthday he pointed to it and told our family friend, “Look, it says Happy Birthday Ethan!” It was soo cute. I used it again just yesterday at my youngest boy’s 1 year old birthday party! I can’t wait to get the new banner set and all of the coordinating dies!

  • 146
    Deena says:

    I have never created ant home decor item with my paper crafting skills, however I will definitely be changing that old habit as soon as I get my hands on those gorgeous new banner dies!!

  • 147
    Charmaine says:

    I have made a few home decor items. Paper pinecones for my Christmas tree, as well as other Christmas decorations. Currently working on a few things for Thanksgiving.
    I have also done some really cool art pieces for my brother using art canvas, acrylic paints and stamps. I used different types of papers, sheet music, book print and grunge paper, to make roses for them.


  • 148
    Jen Barkdull says:

    I haven’t made anything for myself, but I have made Christmas decor for family and friends.

  • 149
    April W says:

    I’ve made alot of wall hangings and everyone’s seemed to love them so far! 🙂
    – April W

  • 150
    Colleen K says:

    I have used my papercrafting skills to make ornaments, book covers (stamped on fabric) banners and centerpieces for special occasions.

  • 151
    Jayne says:

    Yea, I made a Halloween banner. It was so fun and a big hit at our Halloween party. I also have some frames waiting to be altered soon!

    The releases are great, and I’d LOVE to win! Thanks!

  • 152
    karen q says:

    Other than seasonal things for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I haven’t made any home decor. I mainly do banners for my mantle.

  • 153
    Liz says:

    I have made various Christmas decorations, and last year I made an Advent Calendar. I am in the process of making this year’s advent calendar at the moment. This month’s release is amazing, it seems every month gets better!!

  • 154
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    Although most of my hand made home decor was done on the sewing machine,I have made wreaths from paper and banners by hand.

  • 155
    Karen says:

    I have used my papercrafting a couple of time for home decor. One I used was stamping a design on tissue paper and adhering it to a candle to make it decorative. Another was I stamped on picture frames. Would like to do more when I have the opportunity.

  • 156
    Shirlann says:

    When I have to take an appetizer to a friends house I usually make a hot dip and chips. I make a bowl with a paper lunch bag, by scrunching and rolling down the top, add a raffia bow around the bottom rim with the recipe printed on a tag, line the bag with waxed paper, and add the chips!
    Recipe books are also my favorite paper crafting deco item….I display all that goodness on a stand for all to see!

  • 157
    Nicole R. says:

    I haven’t made any real home decore projects yet. I’m excited to get those large banners though and get started!

  • 158
    Denise O says:

    I have done a lot of home decor projects, they are one of my favorite things to do. I have done wall vinyl art, centerpieces, ornaments, and last Halloween even made a 3-d Haunted House entirely out of paper.

  • 159
    Suependous says:

    Without the fabulous ideas out there now for quality appearing hand crafted items, I have only made paper flowers and placecards for holiday gatherings. The new banner ideas are fascinating to try.

  • 160
    Amna Al Fard says:

    yay finally .. YES .. mainly for shadow boxes as gifts for friends
    now working on ornaments .. also for friends ..
    waiting for the stamp release .. 🙂

  • 161
    Lucille Bentley says:

    Yes, I made christmas ornaments one year. We use them every year on the tree since.

    Thanks for the chance to enter to win the new releases.

  • 162
    LeAnn says:

    I used my skills to crossover and make vinyl cuttings on my walls. Otherwise, sadly no.

  • 163
    Vanessa Bell says:

    I just created a shadow box for my sons nursery. I plan to do more but so far that is it.

  • 164
    Wendy Gilbertson says:

    When I was about 13 years old I thought I should have some wall paper on my bedroom walls, but we couldn’t afford wallpaper. So I cut out these really basic flower shapes out of construction paper and drew flower centers in them and taped them to my wall. I connected them with satin ribbon that my mom had in her sewing basket. It looked really cool and I was SO proud of myself.

  • 165
    kathyl says:

    I’ve used my paper crafting to make a few ornaments for my Halloween and Christmas trees. I also made a plaque to hang Santa’s door key since we don’t have a chimney 🙂 I have several more things on my to do list, just need to find some time!

  • 166
    Michelle M says:

    Lots of things! Love to cover photo frames and wooden letters with scrapbook paper and then embellish. Many homemade Christmas ornaments and small decorations adorn my home. So incredibly excited about this release! My Christmas came early!!!

  • 167

    I have made wreaths and banners (though not as cute as ones made with the new dies will be). I am so looking forward to making some professional looking banners!
    Thanks for the awesome chance to win!

  • 168
    Tara Boston says:

    I have been trying to make more home dec seasonal decorations – I think the new banner dies are perfect for making holiday banners! Thank you for a chance to win!

  • 169
    Nora Anne says:

    Yes, I made a banner for my little cousin’s First Communion and a tissue box holder (came out super cute!) and some framed art…I love cardmaking and scrapbooking, but home decor projects are super fun too! and the banner dies in this release are a FABULOUS addition! I can’t wait to try them 🙂

  • 170
    Erin says:

    As a matter of fact my mom just helped me make a beautiful ruffle shower curtain for my daughter’s bathroom. I love ruffles on my cards and now I love them on other things as well!

  • 171
    Cindy Retchin says:

    I have made clip boards and picture frames. If I made everything I dream about making, I would have a house full of paper-crafted decor. My hope is to make some pumpkins before Thanksgiving.

    The release tonight gives me even more inspiration. Love it ALL!!!

  • 172
    Donelda says:

    I like to make place settings for special occasions like thanksgiving or birthdays! I’ve never made banners before but I sure have some inspiration after this release!!

  • 173
    Holly says:

    Oh gosh, yes! I’ve done all kinds of things – candle votive holders, banners, wall hangings, Christmas ornaments, gift tags, gift bags/boxes, picture frames, desk organizers, calendars, and more. This PTI release is so exciting – lots more home decor projects are brewing in my head right now! 🙂

  • 174
    Chris Simon says:

    I have a lot of handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree. Love them all, and try to find at least a couple of new designs to make each year. I also have a couple of framed pieces in my craft room, and my favorite of all is the clock that I made for the craft room. I can’t wait to try my hand at banners.

  • 175
    Sheila says:

    I’ve made banners before and am so looking forward to these new dies for them. They’ll make everything exactly the same size just like I love. THANKS!

  • 176
    Mel Tallman says:

    Yes I have. My husband thought I was nuts, but we needed a towel rack for the kids bathroom. When I told him I was going to do he didn’t hide his disbelief very well. When it was all done he asked me to make one for our bathroom. Best compliment ever!

  • 177
    Vivian says:

    I can’t think of a time I have used my paper crafting skills for home decor, but may have…that is unless you count a candy holder that sits on a table.

  • 178

    Yes alot of items.. my favorite is a framed word I designed
    Bon Appetit…. different letters that I altered.. Bonnie7

  • 179
    anababy says:

    I have made two things for home decor. One was a wreath of stamped leaves and the other was various flower punches that I attached to painted twings to create a floral arrangement.

  • 180
    Stacy says:

    My favorite home decor items I have made are framed wall art for each of my daughters. I selected colors and images that match the colors and themes of their nurseries, and pieced them together to go with other items from their rooms. The results were two beautiful wall hangings that I look at every day when I am in their rooms. I love that I was able to put my love into something that hangs on their walls, and that they can point to it and say, “Mommy made that for me!” I also recently made one for my best friend’s new baby boy.

  • 181
    Tami Grandi says:

    Yes I have- I have made photo cubes (using sentiments/quotes/verses) and I have made decor in picture frames to hang up around my house (also usually with verses or quotes).

  • 182
    Lisa in Aus says:

    I have made lots of home decor projects…some big some small….wall art, chore charts for my boys…but my favourite is my coundown to christmas and our christmas advent calendar…. LOVING all the release goodies in November

  • 183
    Sarah N. says:

    I’ve made a few banners & decorated frames using decor vinyl, chipboard, and/or designer paper. So excited – need to go figure out my order for tonight!

  • 184
    Mendi M says:

    No, I have not but I am very much looking forward to all of the PTI products this month to make that possible!

  • 185
    Dee Rose says:

    I love making home decor items such as banners, ornaments, frames and table decorations. I am so excited about the new line of PTI banner products! It will be so much easier to make banners using the dies with my Big Shot. All the details in this product line are absolutely amazing!

  • 186
    LouAnn says:

    I have made several wreaths and some Christmas ornaments. I am hoping to make a few more wreaths for other holidays and now hope to make some banners as well.

  • 187

    Well, this is a super easy question for me. I made an autumn banner yesterday thanks to the PTI DT’s wonderful inspiration!

  • 188
    Kelly Jo says:

    Yes- I created the most adorable (if I say so myself) welcome frame with gorgeous scrapbook paper and a rub-on that says welcome. It’s stunning and looks beautiful against my paint.

  • 189
    Cara Staten says:

    I can’t think of anything I’ve done so far…but I would love to! Just need some motivation and inspiration…which I can always get from you ladies at PTI!

  • 190
    Audrey T. says:

    I love making home decor out of my papercrafting supplies! I have made lots of framed pieces, a ribbon wreath, stamped candles and coasters… I love making 3D projects – they make such great, personal, gifts! 🙂

  • 191
    Diana says:

    I usually make Christmas ornaments, stamping on candles for hostess gifts and glass etching on plates, vases or votive holders. Looking forward to the release tonight….

  • 192

    I haven’t been brave enough to venture out too much. I usually just decorate frames…

  • 193

    I love making home decor projects and my favorite is a “h-o-m-e” sign that I made to fit a metal frame that I already had.

  • 194
    Jamie Nania says:

    Yes, I made a banner for Valentine’s day this year and used the PTI patterned paper for it and my Cricut to cute the letters. I have lots of ideas in my head for those large-scale banners as well! a

  • 195

    Using my crafty stuff to do home decor is one of my favorite things ever. I’ve made many wall hangings and this pasdt year created an Easter banner with SB dies. And recently created a double banner that lights up! Even the hubby likes it!

  • 196
    Rosemary D says:

    sadly, i haven’t really used my papercrafting skills to make too many home decor items. i recently altered a tin that could be used as a home decor item, though and i have made wrapped candles….

  • 197
    Donna O. says:

    I have made wreaths with fabric or paper and then another favorite has been ornaments, especially this time of year.

  • 198
    Deanna Jean says:

    I have used them to make ornaments for the tree. In the past I have not been able to do much because I was mainly a scrapbooker and just didn’t have the right supplies. This year is going to be so fun. Not only am I going to decorate..this year I’m able to make homemade Christmas gifts as well. Let the fun begin!

  • 199
    TammyRN says:

    I made several of the Home Made houses last Christmas. I guess that would be the closest thing to “home decor” I’ve made. I’m mostly a card and gift package maker.

  • 200
    Michelle says:

    I have not used papercrafting to make home decor item before but after looking at this month’s release I most certainly believe there is a first time for everything! Why not start now:)

  • 201
    Jen G says:

    I’ve made several poppet canvas portraits – of myself, my family, my kids – using stamps and patterned paper and paint. So much fun!

  • 202
    Shelly says:

    No…but that could change with this release 🙂

  • 203
    SaraQ says:

    I have been branching out from my usual card making and scrapbooking to make some home-decor items. My favorite one so far is a Christmas sign I made for our entryway with big, red, glittery letters which spell “JOY”.

  • 204
    Lisa Mosher says:

    yes I have a decorative glass plate that I change for the holiday’s, and I have made banners using insperation from Kelly Lunceford so excited for this release! thanks for a chance to win!

  • 205

    I’ve used paper-crafting supplies to make photo frame decorations and a few door hangers. After reading some of these comments, I need to get a little more daring!

  • 206

    I have not used my paper crafting skills for home decor items, although this month’s release has given me plenty of inspiration to do so in the future! Thanks again Nichole and the design team for another amazing release.

  • 207
    Sarah Jay says:

    I’ve made a few shadowboxes for family members using my great-grandmother’s recipes. And some fun photo mats.

  • 208
    Amber K. says:

    I have made some signs with my paper crafting supplies to hang on our front door. Hopefully with the banners I can make some banners for the holidays and celebrations.

  • 209
    Isabel Z says:

    I made a birthday banner for my youngest and I sure could have used the dies that are being released tonight. I cut out each triangle by hand as well as the matting and it took forever. It was worth the work, because she loved it. I said that I would never make another one but now PTI has made it easy so banners here I come!!!

  • 210
    Tanya says:

    I made some pictures mats for all my pictures in the living room. It looked so much better having it all match the paint in there.

    I can’t wait to order, or hopefully win, tonight.I am overly excited about this release 🙂

  • 211
    lori says:

    I love using my supplies to alter picture frames, candles, wooden letters etc. I cannot wait for the banner dies to make for my mantle!!

  • 212
    Suzanne says:

    I have made some photo books for my mom on Mother’s Day, but I have never made anything for the house. I need to do something about that!

  • 213
    Diane Jaquay says:

    I have seasonal decorations that I’ve cut with my Cricut and hung from our kitchen light, but that’s about all from paper. I used to make a lot of fabric home decor projects though.

  • 214
    Patty Chalas says:

    I use papercrafting skills often everything but for home decor items just a few times, but my favorite was an photo holder i made for my kid picture and he was so in love with it that he took it to school.

  • 215
    Banu H says:

    I have used my papercrafting supplies to create simple home decor like picture frames, decorate wooden blocks and also to create some simple banners for festivals.

  • 216
    Kris says:

    I have made banners for birthdays, decorated a frame, and wooden letters for my craft room. Those banners are going to fly tonight!
    Loving all the wonderful ideas!!

  • 217
    Teresa Blue says:

    I love making home decor items with my supplies. I’ve altered lots of things like canvas and old pictures etc. Love the banner dies! Can’t wait to use them to decorate my mother’s mantle.
    T. Blue

  • 218
    Marie L says:

    I can’t say I really have. I did make the little house using the HOME MADE set. I love it and it stands in the family room. I also made a little box out of match boxes. I don’t know if you really can call that home decor.

    Can’t wait for tonights release.

  • 219
    Elizabeth Beasterfield says:

    The only thing I’ve made that might qualify as home decor is I decorated a customize your own travel coffee mug from Starbucks with my scrapbooking stamps and cardstock – it was fun, but I’d really love to do more. UBER excited about the banners in this release!!

  • 220

    Yes,with my papercrafting supplies, I have just completed a Thanksgiving banner.

  • 221
    winjes says:

    My sister and I decorated my nieces “big girl” room using papercrafting. We made special frames, hanging knobs, and beautiful crosses. We’re just about to start on my 2nd nieces big girl room too!

    By the way – I love your Nov release. Can’t wait to play with them.

  • 222
    Lisa S. says:

    I haven’t used my papercrafting in home decor but I’ve definitely used it in helping with school projects for my children!

  • 223
    Stacy says:

    I’ve made picture frames, paper gift baskets, stamped onsies, decorative signs, coasters. I love to craft and create things, especially for gifts for friends and family. I so love it all this month and every month, thanks for keeping my hobby new and fun!

  • 224
    Lori W. says:

    I have a table-top size tree that I bought at Pier 1 Imports that I decorate for holidays, seasons and birthdays. I use my die cuts, stamps, and scrapbook supplies to create the decorations. It sits in the kitchen on our breakfast bar so we get to see it every day! My girls always enjoy their special birthday tree!

  • 225
    Carol says:

    I’ve made frames, decorated storage containers, refurbished small items, such as coasters… pretty basic stuff. I am so excited about this release and all the possibilites!

  • 226
    Robbie Baker says:

    Yes I made a Halloween banner, some Christmas ornaments and one of those paper chains decorated for Christmas. I can’t wait to get all of your banner products and make banners for all of the holidays!

  • 227
    Carol J. says:

    Just recently I have made two banners. The first banner I made was for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. I used the nestabilities scalloped circle as my base. I used sheer ribbon to connect each scalloped circle. It was definitely the finishing touch. As the DT says:”Swoon”. The theme was curious George so I used primary colors.
    Last month my newesst grandaughter was christened. I made a banner that read: “God Bless Lilly.”
    My sister suggested that I keep the banner for when she makes her first communion. I thought that was a great suggestion. However now that I have seen these new ideas, I am going to embellish the original banner with some new background layers.

  • 228
    Zena B. says:

    Well, I’ve tried stenciling but failed miserably at it. I think I put on too much paint (should have been dabbing) so that my images were not crisp and clean. Made a terrible mess trying to clean it up and haven’t tried that project again since.

  • 229
    Vera Yates says:

    I used my papercrafting skills to make a few ornaments before. With this new releases I’ll be so tempted to try to make more. Thank you so much for the chance. I would be so grateful if I can win these amazing releases. Thank you so much for the chance.

  • 230
    Bree Delaire says:

    I’ve made a few things but nothing I really display. I’m currently working on a small hanging for Christmas. I’m excited to try making a holiday banner using the new collection. Great work this month!!!

  • 231
    Fritz says:

    Many times. I’ve made decorative plates and Christmas ornaments. I stamped the walls in my bathroom with a baroque border and, my favorite thing, wall art with the word “HOPE” that I have in my bedroom. I made it shortly after my divorce and it continues to remind me to stay hopeful.

  • 232
    Diana says:

    I made Christmas tree ornaments one year (medallion type) but nothing else that I can remember. Though I do consider the mini scrapbooks that I make home decor. I display them throughout the house and people seem to enjoy them – especially my grandsons who love looking at themselves!

  • 233

    I always use my paper crafting supplies for my kids birthday parties … from invitations, decorations (like banners and centerpieces), cupcake or cake toppers, games, pinata, gift bags and thank you cards … i like how I can personalize them and don’t look store bought at all … it’s my labor of love =D

  • 234
    Jamie Gracz says:

    I have made picture frames, but that is about it. I might have to start making banners now though. I love this release. Keep up the good work.

  • 235
    Bobbette Cochran says:

    My husband bought me a Cricut cake 6 months ago and since I can’t bake everyday I started scrapbooking. I have enjoyed finding my new passion during the holidays. I have already made paper pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I am already planning on creating tons of things for Christmas.

  • 236
    picklethings says:

    Yes. I have made several “memory” pictures and also have made several wedding invitations into pictures using paper and other accents.

  • 237
    Erin says:

    I haven’t used my paper crafting skills (yet!) for home decor, but have made some decor around my house – specifically jewelry holders to showcase my jewelry. Can’t wait for all the goodies tonight!

  • 238
    Lori B says:

    I’ve made a few Christmas decorations and a paper wreath or two. This isn’t really home decor, but I’ve just finished making 200 wedding party favors with some of my PTI papers/stamps for my son’s wedding on Saturday! They are so cute:)

  • 239
    Jo Ann Mooney says:

    I have made multiple Christmas Ornaments, picture frames, photo collages and many other fall,Christmas, and Easter projects. I love to make personalized momentos. Thanks for the chance of winning!

  • 240
    katie says:

    I’ve wall hangings, ornaments, decorated frames, paper boxes and mirrors. My favorite is a box that we keep our numerous remote controls in. I made it out of 4 CD jewel cases and lots of paper crafting supplies and photos.

  • 241
    Sherrie T says:

    Yes! Definitely!! My girls and I love to make seasonal items. We find that fun because, although they can be used year after year, we can also redo them very economically with the new trends or styles (or using new product that we LOVE each year). This year we love the banners but also look forward to making more ornaments and hopefully even a complete Christmas village out of paper. My girls make rooms signs for each season and I love shadow boxes too. I just love that papercrafting allows so many options that you can just let your creativity run WILD!! My adrenaline is really going tonight. Can’t wait!

  • 242
    Anemone says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting a few times for home decor – mostly for Christmas items. I’ve done stamped candles several times for gifts. I’ve also done several different types of Christmas tree ornaments with papercrafting supplies.

  • 243

    I have made so many different types of papercraft home decor. My favorite things have been tissue box houses. I have made one for each season and some just for holidays like Christmas and Halloween.
    I have made several as gifts too. Last year I made a spooky Halloween one for my sister. She loves it so much it stays out year round!
    Thank you for making the most fabulous pennant dies and stamps!

  • 244
    Jan Ledman says:

    Yes, I’ve made many items but pillows and a shadow boxes come to mind mostly. I like that we can branch out and use supplies in so many different ways.

  • 245
    Michelle says:

    YES, absolutely! Most of my pictures hanging on my walls at home are all made by me…home decor!

  • 246
    Leilani says:

    One of my favorite home decors that I’ve made is a large canvas piece where I have a variety of photos, journaling and misc. embellishments. The photos and journaling are of my family. It’s a home decor I get many compliments of … and request to help my friends and family make.

  • 247

    I just got started in the “home decor” realm with some banners for my baby shower last month. I was so inspired by all of the wonderful flag/pennant banner ideas I’ve seen online that I had to made one. And then I made two more! These are also a great way to use up some smaller pieces of felt, paper, and ribbon that you’ve been saving.

  • 248
    Jennifer D says:

    I often use my scrapbooking/paper crafting supplies for home projects! I used my Silhouette machine to cut a stencil to add the words on my son’s birthday cake. Wall hangings and little framed bits of “art” are pretty common. I’ve used my foam stamps on picture frames. My adhesives and paper cutter find many uses. Sometimes I feel like I go to my craft room more often for “household” needs than for crafting!

    Thanks for a great release… and a chance to win!

  • 249
    Cindy S. says:

    OH yes! I often make seasonal banners with the kids using chipboard coasters. SO looking forward to the new banner dies for this!!! We also make 12×12 artwork and hang it in frames for display. The kids love to take themed materials or color related materials to make collages for their rooms.

  • 250
    Susy says:

    I’ve used my crafty goodies to decorate frames for my boys rooms, on the walls in my living area and as OTP gifts. I love htis months release, gorgeous.

  • 251
    Vickie S says:

    I love using my crafting skills to make home decor items. Recently I made fall garland using die cut leaves and pumpkins. Looks beautiful across the mantel!

  • 252
    mandy says:

    I’ve used papercrafting skills mostly to make decorations for the Christmas season – a framed wall hanging, and paper Christmas tree ornaments for when my oldest son was young enough for me to worry about putting breakable ornaments on our tree.

  • 253

    well, i quilt and sew…the papers i love make it easier to mix up patterns

  • 254
    Annamaria Miller says:

    I have made a few home decor items using my paper crafting skills. A very pretty fall wreath and a couple of shadow boxes. When I think home decor I don’t really think about paper crafting. That’s about to change with the new releases. My mind is full of new ideas. Thanks!

  • 255
    michelle l says:

    I guess it was more office decor – when my company moved into new offices, I altered giant paperclips for myself and several coworkers to use as photo holders on our new desks. I’m sure I’ve done some other things, too, but those were the first to come to mind!

  • 256
    Renee Lynch says:

    I can’t recall ever using papercrafting skills in decorating my home, but there is evidence of all my other little crafty skills when I look around: painting, sewing, florals…

  • 257
    Laurie G says:

    I have done a very special home decor project with paper crafting. I spelled out my granddaughter’s name with wooden letters that I decorated with paper, stamping, rub-ons and embellishments. That was such a super fun project too with wonderful memories. Thanks for reminding me.

  • 258
    lisa Garzona says:

    I bought a few 12×12 frames and made layouts that look more like art to hang in my home as well as giving them as gifts. I love personalizing them for family and friends and they love hanging them and looking at these one of a kind gift.

  • 259
    Shannon F says:

    This is the best time to bring out all the papers, embellishments, ribbon and make holiday decorations. Just finished making a few great decorations…a Christmas wreath and wooden letters with paper decoupaged onto them – what a center piece!…love PaperTrey Ink – thanks for the inspiration and challenge.

  • 260
    betty lou says:

    Christmas ornaments, birthday decorations, and frames are paper crafts that I have attempted in home decor! I have been wanting to make banners, and your new banner dies will be just what I need to create those now! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • 261
    Tonya says:

    I have decorated picture frames and background art work(alcohol inks) for my husbands scroll saw art but that is about all. Excited for tonight’s release, can’t wait to see what my paycheck will be bringing me this month!

  • 262
    jsneers in MA says:

    I have not created home decor with my supplies, though I’m always inspired to do so by you and your PTI DT. Maybe when life slows down this spring, I’ll give it a whirl.

  • 263
    Linda W says:

    Mostly holiday things. But I have several framed Sherensnitte (I know that’s not spelled correctly) pieces and I’ve down vinyl wall art, but that’s not paper. Lots of cards and scrapbooking though.

  • 264
    sarah says:

    i can’t think of anything that i have made for my house, but my mantle is screaming for a banner 🙂 i love, love, love all of the inspiration you guys have given this week!

  • 265
    Lori Campbell says:

    No, not really but I’ve seen so many great suggestions in recent weeks and months that I may have to take the plunge some time soon! I have a dozen or so empty picture frames that I bought but haven’t ever put up so it might be fun to fill some of them with paper-crafting “art”!

  • 266
    Maureen says:

    the only thing I can think of is the seating plan for my nephew’s wedding. I stamped the actually paper I used for the seating plan and added flowers…but nothing for the home…YET!!

  • 267

    I have used papercrafting before to decorate my home! I have made napkin rings, table settings, wreaths, and hanging decor for outside my home. Not only is everything beautiful but my husband “sees” where my money goes! LOL!!!

  • 268
    Becky says:

    I have crocheted items but I can’t think of any paper crafting items that I have done.

  • 269
    Bean says:

    When I first discovered paper-crafting, I didn’t realize that there were so many possibilities for home decor items until I started browsing paper-crafting sites, including this one! Since then, I’ve made several home decor items, though I live in such a tiny little space that I end up giving most of them away as gifts!

  • 270
    Kristin Burge says:

    I have made several things, but my favorite is hanging up right now. It is a banner that spells out autumn. I love that I can put it up in Sept. and keep it up until Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for the great release!!!
    -Kristin B.

  • 271
    Christine McMullin says:

    I must confess that I haven’t used my papercrafting skills to decorate my home. As much as I love papercrafting, I feel like I’m all thumbs when it comes to decorating my home. My husband has a good eye for color so I leave most of the decorating decisions up to him. But…those banner dies might just inspire me to give it a whirl.

  • 272
    Amy Main says:

    I have! My favorite was creating wonderful storage boxes (paper mache boxes), covering them with patterned paper and fancy embellishments. Using the old fashioned scissors for different edges (the paper world has changed so much). Still love them!

    So excited to here – my very 1st time!

  • 273
    Chrissy says:

    Yes, I have here and there, I’ve made an advent calendar and some Christmas decorations. I’ve also used my papercrafting supplies to decorate and embellish collage style photo frames and to make altered frame wall decor. Always trying to find a way to get my money’s worth out of my stuff (which makes it easier to justify buying more, of course!!).

  • 274
    Heather Mills says:

    I don’t think I have ever made home decor, but I have been contemplating for a while now making some kind of name “banner” for my girls’ doors to their rooms. Maybe after this release I will actually make real banners! All your releases are fabulous and I can’t wait to see all the sets in their entirety. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us!!!

  • 275
    Maria from ChiTown says:

    I’m sorry to say that I have not creating any home decor. My crafting skills are soley reserved for card making but I am willing to try, especially with all the new items from this month’s release!

  • 276
    C Burke says:

    I’ve made Christmas ornaments and embellished picture frames with paper. It’s so rewarding to see the results when a project is finished!

  • 277
    Ella Jerome says:

    I haven’t tried making home decor but I’m sure that will change when I receive my order of the banner building collection! I love everything this month, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 278
    Lee Anne Skipper says:

    No! But I sure see some banners happening in this household very soon. This release is amazing!!!

  • 279
    Lori Kistler says:

    I made a paper flower bouquet for my Mother for Mothers Day. I added all kinds of embellishments to make flower centers and things for leaves and petals.

    I have also done calendars with friends where we each made one a different month. Everytime I looked at it I had wonderful thoughts of each of my friends.

  • 280
    Mindy says:

    I haven’t made any home decor with my craft supplies yet but I would LOVE to! I have been wanting to try making a banner for months but was intimidated where to even start. With the new banner dies, it’s going to be a breeze!

  • 281
    Sue Plote says:

    I have, and I have made several things … basket tags, banners and altered photo frames. I’m soooo excited to get these new banners!! I’ll be making one for every holiday now!!

  • 282
    Kristy says:

    I make a lot of boxes for gift giving and like to display many of them on my couch table. I make them into a seasonal display along with little figurines, dolls, greenery and the like. I have also made paper flowers and put them into bright ceramic vases. These were a lot of fun.

    I love this month’s new releases and can’t wait to be able to add many of them to my paper crafting collection!

  • 283
    Cheri Mosgrove says:

    I have made a couple of banners. . . one for me and one for my mom. All of the fun banner building tools have me itching to make some more though! I can see that this could be really addicting! 🙂

  • 284
    Anne G says:

    I made some quilled snowflake ornaments a few years ago and hope to make a few more this year.

  • 285
    Judy S says:

    No, unfortunately, I haven’t used my papercrafting skills for a home decor project. I love the banner idea and you have provided us with so many cute project ideas. So this may be my perfect chance to add a banner to my decor!

  • 286
    Joscie says:

    I’ve made garlands/banners, framed art, covered letters. 🙂

  • 287

    Oh yes! I’ve jazzed up some wooden letters for my daughter’s room; i’ve done several pieces of wall art; magnets and ornaments! Paper and stamps are just too beautiful for just cards and layouts.

  • 288
    Rhonda M. says:

    I’ve made a few things for my home including some picture frames, scrapbook pages for the wall and some fun decor items for my 11 year old nieces room. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the banners in the future!

  • 289
    Nancy Karmann says:

    I’m just starting. Let’s say definitely bitten by the bug. My first project is a shadow box wreath and it turned out pretty good. I’m already planning my banner!

  • 290

    I love it when I can incorporate some of my papercrafting supplies into my home decor, although it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. However, the holidays are right around the corner and I have big plans to put all of my new supplies to good use! Which makes my purchases even more justified:)

  • 291
    Teresa H says:

    Hmmm…. I’m stamped on tiles – does that count? Other than that, nope, I haven’t made any home decor objects.

  • 292
    Linda says:

    Christmas always seems to bring out the paper crafter/decorator in me. Last year I made advent calendars for my two boys! This year, I’m going to make an awesome banner! LOL! Other holidays and special occasions are going to get banners too!

    thanks for the chance to win!


  • 293
    Stephanie Washburn says:

    I haven’t used my papercrafting supplies for decor projects…. YET! I can’t wait to get my hands on the banner products so I can make a fun Christmas banner to hang on my mantle! Thanks!

  • 294
    Teresa Brada says:

    I have used stamps to make a background for a quote that I liked and framed it…that is the only thing that I can think of.

  • 295
    Sherry says:

    I have made an Advent calendar using a cookie sheet and lots of scraps. And although it isn’t paper I cut vinyl with my Cricut and have done lots of home decor that way. Can’t wait to try a banner!!

  • 296
    Roxann says:

    A dear friend taught me to stamp on tissue paper and then melt it onto a candle. They make great decorations!

  • 297

    I have made candle wraps to go around those little battery operated pillar candles…wouldn’t want my hard work to go up in flames! They made nice little gifts!

  • 298
    daniellemarieclaire says:

    Yes I’ve made ornaments, frames, banners for my classroom and 3-D balls.

    Love the new releases ! Thank you for the chance to give this awesome prize !

  • 299
    Nancy M says:

    I haven’t used my paper crafting skills for home decor… unless wallpapering counts. 😉

  • 300
    Aussie Emma says:

    Instead of using a boring cork board to display the kids paintings and drawings etc. I got a large artist canvas, painted and decorated it. Hung it in the hall for everyone to see. Used ribbons and pretty pegs etc to display the pictures. The banners would be great to add to it, love the mums aswell by the way.

  • 301
    Nicoleskm says:

    I’ve made wall decals and pillows from stamps and die cuts. Love, love this release! Genius strikes again!

  • 302
    Suzanne Daniels says:

    I most certainly have. Last year I made Christmas Trees using the polystyrene trees from Joanns and then covered them in patterned that I scalloped and used the Holiday Button Bits Stamp Set to embelish them, especially that cute gingerbread man. I made three of them, all different sizes amd evem if I say so myself, they were seriously cute.

  • 303
    steph zerbe says:

    I use papercrafting skills all the time for home decor items. I add stamped images to small frame windows and clipped digi art for artsy canvases. And every season around here has it’s own banner!! There is so much to love about this month’s release. Thanks for the chance to win, month after month, post after post! One day I will break through. lol

  • 304
    Ginny A. says:

    I mostly have handmade holiday items, like ornaments, but can’t wait to expand my range to every day decorating! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 305
    Kathy says:

    I’ve made some cardboard xmas houses, wreathes, desk organizers and frames. I love using all the beautiful papers out there!

  • 306
    Kelly Braund says:

    Definately! In fact, I just made a photo tray project for Halloween that turned out adorable! I think I’m going to do one for Christmas as well! I like to make ornaments each Christmas for us as well as to put on packaged gifts so I use a lot of my papercrafting supplies & ideas for those and this year- lots of PTI felt! 🙂

  • 307
    Bonnie H. says:

    I have used my paper crafts for many different house decor!!! Some of it good,
    lol Some of it horrible! . I have made frames, labels for my kitchen jars, Christmas calendars, frige magnets flowers and cook books, ornaments for the christmas tree, and even picture magnets for my husbands tool box lol.

  • 308
    Cheri says:

    I made letters for in my daughter’s room and just today made an advent calendar. I also have 3 picture frames (8×8) that I scrapped and change out the pictures each year.
    Lovely sets and dies!!!! Just love the Take 3!

  • 309
    Elaine -the soil scientist says:

    Yes I have. I have made several centerpieces for the table during the holidays and decorating during Halloween, birthday parties at my office. I just love to make things!

  • 310
    Candi says:

    I love creating home decor with my paper crafting “stuff.” I have made pillows using the embossed velvet stamping technique, decorated candles by melting stamps tissue paper to them, and numerous framed art pieces. Fun! Fun!
    SOO excited for this release!!!!

  • 311
    Sarah Fisher says:

    I love using my papercrafting skills for all sorts of home projects–including picture frames, seasonal decor items, Christmas ornaments, calendars and so much more. Since I discovered PTI a couple years ago, the possibilities have been endless!

  • 312
    Carol says:

    My favorite is the bulletin board above my stamping desk that holds many of stamped sample ideas and inspirations.

  • 313
    Lori Winters says:

    I love using my stamps and paper to make just about anything…. I have made a clock for my bathroom to match my decor. I stamped the images for the background and then purchased the clockworks from the local craft store. I’ve painted and stamped picture frames and made picture frames with just paper when I want to give a photo as a gift.. I’ve also used my stamps to make a custom shower curtain to match the colors in my bathroom.

  • 314
    Renee V. (happystamper05) says:

    I’ve only done a few home decor items…. altered frames, stamped candles, calendars, embellished wall art, and a few knick-knacks (altered wood letters and such).
    I’m really looking forward to making some banners for different occassions!
    Absolutely love this months release… what a treat it’s been visiting your blog this past week!

  • 315
    Lindsey Larsen says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting supplies to decorate the inside of picture frames,make some Christmas decorations, make some word blocks, and make a couple birthday banners, but that’s about it. I’ve seen tons of ideas that I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t quite found the time to do them yet. I’m so excited for this release!

  • 316
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I have made just a few home dec items: a few canvas’, a calendar, and some baby nursery items for my niece. I would love to make more but cannot seem to find the time. So loving all of this wonderful inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  • 317
    christi says:

    I use my paper craftiness all the time to create home decor. I love making canvases for different seasons and events.

  • 318
    Jackie says:

    I’ve used paper crafting for everything from decorating candles to making placemats to decorating our Christmas tree. I love finding a new use for all my supplies.
    One reason I’m so excited about the new banner die is because I’ve made banners for holidays and birthdays for years. It’ll be nice to not have to hand cut everything.

  • 319
    Barbara Axmacher says:

    I have not yet used papercrafting to make home decor. If you look around my home though, you will agree that i could use some more decorative elements! I am inspired by the banners I’ve seen lately and think that will be my best start!

  • 320
    Donna Delaire says:

    I have not made any home decor with paper crafts but I have created many knit and sewn projects to display throughout the year. Perhaps I’ll try paper craft decor this season. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 321
    Nancy Batchelder says:

    Nothing too exciting. A banner for my grandson’s 1st BD and then some cute little houses that were used as place cards for a girls family reunion. The itinerary was listed inside. It still sits on my desk as a reminder of getting together w/ my family.

  • 322
    Holly F. says:

    I made my first significant papercrafted decor this Halloween. I had blast putting together a 7 Gypsies ATC tray with Halloween motif. PTI contributed with the Friendship Jar and Fall Fillers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 323
    nancy nelson says:

    I have made a few Banners but not to the professional level the the new dies will enable me to do!

  • 324
    Sheryl C says:

    Banners, Banners, Banners! I made a precious banner for my cousin’s new baby girl in pinks and browns. I’ve made banners for the holidays. I love making them, especially as gifts!

  • 325
    nina says:

    I’ve made a few small things, but last year I made my biggest projects yet – an advent calendar for my 2 young boys and a snow scene play kit using Made of Snow. That was a lot of fun! Really looking forward to making holiday banners…

  • 326
    samtha johnson says:

    A few type, but it’s hard to stray from card making.

  • 327
    Brooke says:

    One of the things that I’ve turned my hand to is making Christmas bon bons (crackers). The store bought ones are so expensive and I love to be able to personalise them with gifts that I know the recipient will love. I have a $5 budget for each gift and obviously is needs to fit inside an empty toilet roll. Instead of jokes I do a heap of research and write down a whole heap of Christmas related facts and history. I throw in a couple of jokes for good measure. It’s something that once I made it I’ve had to continue it year after year but I do love doing it.

  • 328
    Kathy R says:

    I’ve made Christmas decorations but that’s about it. But I’ve got all kinds of ideas for those banner dies. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 329
    Sallie says:

    In all honesty, I have not. I’m hoping to get the banner dies and start! : ) I think that would be fantastic for the holidays.

  • 330
    Suzanne says:

    I;ve used my crafting supplies to make pictures for my 3rd daughter’s nursery and party decorations! What a great countdown…thanks for all the inspiration. You guys never disappoint!

  • 331
    AnneSATX says:

    The only thing I’ve made is a Christmas … sign? picture? with three openings and the letters inside decorated and spelling out JOY. Not very original, but it was fun and it looks great.

  • 332
    Janice Melton says:

    No I haven’t done any for Home Decor but I have decorated gift bags and such.

  • 333
    Detra Parks says:

    Not yet, other than party decorations but I can’t wait to try. Love this months release. Thanks for the chance to win….

  • 334

    Oh ABSOLUTELY! I love creating decorative frames and fun paper bouquets… Something I know PTI’s coordinating stamps & dies are great for!

  • 335
    Rosanne says:

    I’ve altered various home decor items and made some banners. Love the new release especially the banner builders!

  • 336
    Katie Gehring says:

    I love using my papercrafting supplies for home decor projects. I have decorated frames, made decor for my daughter’s nursery, created birthday and holiday banners, designed and framed favorite quotes, and made ornaments for our Christmas tree. I love being able to fill our home with these little touches to remind my family how much I care about them.

  • 337
    Cyndie says:

    I guess the first home decor item I ever made was as a kid in the scouts, folding those small magazines, page by page, then fanning out the pages so it would stand up. Can’t remember what it was used for, though. Nowadays my paper crafting is a bit more sophisticated. Thanks for the great release!

  • 338
    Avital says:

    Other then my paintings I don’t really do home decor. The only thing I can remember doing is putting up a Hanukkah spread on the window shelf with Dreidels, Menorah, glass beads and an embellished match box for lighting the Hanukkah candles…

  • 339
    Sheila A says:

    I made a banner for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but that’s about it

  • 340
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I have made a tribute to my Grandmother using her buttons that were given to me. It is in a frame using different stamps and different embellishments on 12 different dollies which are decorated separately making sure each one had a least one button. I have also decorated picture frames and several other things with templates. I love the idea of homemade around the house. I also make gifts for others and they display them in their homes.

  • 341
    Mary H. says:

    Decorated some CD’s in patterned paper and flowers, spelled out HOME in chipboard on them and hung them with ribbon in my craft room, which I still really enjoy looking at it. I’m always been interested in making homemade banners for birthdays, holidays and so forth, but it seemed too time-consuming most of the time. The ULTIMATE Banner collection is going to make it a SNAP to put together cute banners quickly. …….and I can’t WAIT!!

  • 342
    Jen Adcock says:

    I have in fact with greateror lesser degrees of success. I often decoupage my unused card making die cuts or spare stamped images onto trays and well loved bits of old furiture to breathe new life into them. Great for also getting some extra millage out of the kids bedroom furniture which unfortunately doesn’t grow with them.

  • 343
    Kris says:

    We’ve got a huge old fashioned country barn that has been decorated while raising our three kids every which way you can imagine. Fall barn parties, square dancing parties, birthday parties, graduation parties and most recently, our daughters wedding rehearsal dinner and reception. We’ve had lots of great paper crafting memories under those rafters… (give me a theme and I’m off and running)!

  • 344
    Polly says:

    I’ve framed a couple of stamping pieces and they are now hanging in my bathroom and guest room. Thanks for the chance to win….really fun stuff in this months release!

  • 345
    Kristen Cohen says:

    I use my skill to decorate canvases for my walls, jar candles for gifts, centerpieces you name it!

    Always look forward to you releases! Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  • 346
    Lexi says:

    I love putting a homemade spin on my home decorating. My most favorite is the clipboards that I made to house my kids’ chore charts. This is a great release! I can’t wait to get my hands on….it all! 🙂

  • 347
    Tan says:

    Though it isn’t exactly home decor, I used my papercrafting skills to make the favors and centerpieces for my daughter’s wedding.

  • 348
    Beth Meier says:

    I made a Valentines day banner last year that I hung on my fireplace….I loved it!
    I loved it because I made it with my daughter and she was so proud of what we had done!

  • 349
    Wanda says:

    I have done a few things, but mostly I love showcasing my scrapbook layouts in acrylic frames. You can swap them out to fit your themes.

  • 350
    Karen S. says:

    I haven’t made any home decor items yet but I do display many of my CHA papertrey cards on the iron birdcage card holder in my craftroom!! Maybe that counts!

  • 351
    Steph Connor says:

    All of the time! I’ve made banners, invitations, favors, and party hats for all of my kids’ birthdays. I’ve also made ornaments and Christmas wreaths and decorated picture frames, wooden blocks, and wooden letters. Cannot wait to get my hands on those banner dies!!!

  • 352
    Anna (doctorfoodie) says:

    I have made a few things for my baby daughter’s room – a (diecut) butterfly mobile, a nursery door decoration with her name on it, an altered frame with a scrapbook layout inside for her wall, mats for photos. I really like doing that, and as a bonus, it’s more visible to me and others.

  • 353
    Helen F. says:

    Not sure if this can be considered paper-crafts in home decor, but I have made centerpieces for the Holidays and decorated homemade food gifts for family and friends with stamps and embellies :o)
    Thanks for a fun release PTI~all of the DT have been so creative and inspiring!

  • 354
    Deanna says:

    Oh for sure, I have made paper chandeliers, pencil holders, decorated magazine holders, magnets for fridge, tree ornaments, I could go on! I love paper crafts and especially PTI!

  • 355
    Sarah Randell says:

    With two children, the new PTI banner products would make amazing decorations for birthday parties. I would also love to make holiday decorations.

  • 356
    Terri Bills says:

    The only thing i have made that could be considered home decor was an altered frame i made for my husband for our 5th anniversary. I think he liked it. I am so excited about tonight’s release and can’t wait to see everything.

  • 357
    Tammy W. says:

    I’ve made a few ornaments for decorating at Christmas but have always wanted to try making banners. This month’s release is “PTI PERFECT” (as is every month’s release!) and I am looking forward to getting the banner making products and have some fun! Thank you for this most generous opportunity to win this awesome prize package! PTI rocks!!

  • 358
    annheidel says:

    Does woven paper star ornaments count? 😀 I’ve made lots of home decor with decorative painting, cross-stitch, sewing, that sort of thing. I can’t think of any paper-crafted ones off the top of my head. Obviously, something I need to remedy!!

  • 359
    Danell H. says:

    I have made a halloween scene to put in a frame for the wall. I am currently trying to finish a paper leaf wreath that I saw on Dawn McVey’s site, really cute. Thanks so much!

  • 360
    Judy Walsh says:

    Yes, I have used my supplies to make a few things. My favorite was a shadow box type of frame that I made with my friend’s baby’s name highlighted on the little clothes hanging on real wooden hangers on a clothesline. Turned out cute. Oh, I also made a personalized sign for a friend’s laundry room in her favorite colors. I’d love to do more, I have so many ideas (and tons of inspiration from you and your awesome design team). Thanks.

  • 361
    jen shears says:

    I’ve made several banners (won’t this month’s release make THAT easier!)- frames, large letters embellished with pretty paper, etc! I love when my hobbies overlap!!! 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration & fun (as always)!!

  • 362
    Lori M says:

    I have only made frames! I’ve always intended to make other things but haven’t done it yet!
    Excellent release!!!

  • 363
    charity says:

    I have done some crafting for home decor, just not paper crafting. I hope to do an advent calendar and some other things this year. 🙂

  • 364
    Jennifer H. says:

    I make Christmas ornaments every year for a local nursing home. I never get tired of seeing people’s face light up when they receive a handmade ornament. It makes them feel like someone remembered them even when they are away from their families.

  • 365
    diane mcvey says:

    No, I have not used my paper crafting supplies to make home decor items.
    Thanks for doing the give-away yet again! 😀

  • 366
    ChrisTea says:

    I’ve made garlands for the Holidays from punched circle tags and buttons a la Pine. Making fabric pennant flags was going to be an upcoming craft – but now I might have to do paper!!!

  • 367
    Julie S says:

    I’ve made seasonal home decor things like a cute little Christmas Advent Calendar, Christmas tree ornaments, Birthday banners when my boys were young…nothing quite like the ones possible with PTI’s November release though! Such fun!

  • 368
    JenMarie says:

    But of course! 😉
    I’ve made a banner, topiary… Hmmm…more but I can’t think right now. ha!

  • 369
    Jo says:

    That’s what I’m going to do when I win the November release! I’m going to use those large sized banners!

  • 370
    sandra m. says:

    Yes i have, tons of stuff! Ornaments, picture frames, paper flower arrangements on twigs in a vase, decorations for just about every holiday, candle holders, recipe tins, clocks, etc… love to craft with paper!

  • 371
    Bernadette M. says:

    I have made tile coasters, which I guess can qualify as functional home decor. I have also made a birthday banner using my Cricut, but nothing as fancy and elaborate as the banners created by the DT team. I will definitely try to create a banner for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

  • 372
    DarC says:

    I’ve made some small paper embellies to add color to items I use daily. It’s a bit of color and whimsy that gives me an inner “giggle”. I added a embellishment to the coffee filter holder so that my husband would get a laugh too. He saw it and told me he really liked it; it was a pleasant surprise for me!

  • 373

    So many things! Banners, mini books, decorations for so many holidays, advent calendars, wreaths, you name it! I love paper crafting to decorate my home!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

  • 374
    Cindy Lee says:

    I make a lot of Holiday decor, but the last thing I really went all out for was my daughters graduation party. Making banners, centerpieces, cake decorations and gifts! I had a blast crafting and I was told the room looked great! (And it was all on a low budget!)

  • 375
    leanne says:

    I’ve made a few different things. I’ve stamped on coasters and candles. I’ve made boxes to keep my crafting supplies in. I also made a calendar for my mom every year, which she keeps on her fridge. I’ve never attempted a banner, but I’m so excited to try one!!

  • 376
    Anna Was says:

    I have made ornaments, a Jesse tree, picture frames and various other small projects. The release this month of the banners will certainly add something new for me to papercraft! Can’t wait…everyone at PTI continue to amaze me every month!

  • 377
    JoAnna says:

    I have made art accents for my room. I love creating things and am especially excited about this release to add more things got my room and friends.

  • 378
    MJ says:

    I guess rub-ons are considered papercrafting supplies, right? I had bought a pack of rub-ons and a ceramic pitcher and tried to copy a tutorial from some website/blog. It was meant as a Mother’s Day present. I liked how it turned out, but being the perfectionist that I am, I wasn’t too comfortable giving it as a present. So it currently sits on my console table collecting dust, loose change, and other knick-knacks.

  • 379
    toni1 says:

    I just made an advent box and a banner for Christmas. My favorite project this year was a fall wreath. After cards home decor projects are my favorite. I’m so excited about the new banner dies and can’t wait to use them. Thanks for all the great product.

  • 380
    Kathy W says:

    Yes, I have many times…I have made pictures with stamping and collage elements, accordion books to display on a mantel open, banners and signs

  • 381
    Peggy Sue says:

    I have made home decor items from papercraft supplies. I just recently made a slide out box with tea candles emblished with stamped tissue paper. They turned out so cute. What nice Christmas gifts they will make. Like the others -WOW what great products, thank you for the chance to win such a super prize.

  • 382
    Sue D says:

    I haven’t used papercrafting supplies for home decor –Yet!

  • 383
    Krista says:

    I’m looking at my 7 gypsy’s printers tray right now that is filled with fall pictures and stamped goodness.Soon I’ll replace fall with Christmas.

  • 384
    N Vines says:

    Yes, and hot glue is amazing! I’ve made a few things: curtains, pillow cases but my fav was a pair of mini lamp shades that I based off of a card that I had made but I will always return to my first love of papercrafting and stamping!

  • 385
    Deborah S says:

    I made napkin rings and coordinating place cards last Thanksgiving and plan to do so again this year. I’ve also made seasonal wraps for the bulb ‘candle’ bases on the chandelier in my dining room. I’m seeing gorgeous banners in my future decorating too!

  • 386
    Bree Jerome says:

    I’ve created frames using paper and embellishments but am very, very excited to try making a banner. I’m sure it will be addicting and I’ll find myself creating one for every season! I love the entire release!! Thank you!!!

  • 387

    oh my, yes!! I LOVE to use my paper crafting supplies for home decor items. I’ve made everything from decorated and/or stamped candles and frames to old windows turned into chore charts, frames for photos, and most recently a place to hand wet hats and mittens- all with my paper crafting supplies. I’ve made canvases, banners, and also decorated an old piece that was once used to display little trinkets and a little chest I found at Goodwill. I’ve made lots and lots of seasonal items to display around my home. I rarely ever buy new decor pieces for my home. I mostly make what I want out of my paper crafting supplies or alter something that I can find at a flea market or thrift store. It’s a fabulously inexpensive way to create one of a kind pieces for your home.
    This is a fabulous release!! I really think you have outdone yourselves this time!

  • 388
    Jessica says:

    My very first attempt of creating home decor with paper crafting was for my son’s first birthday (almost 5 years ago!). I was new to paper crafting, but I wanted something unique, so I was inspired to create my own decorations. I made a simple banner and centerpieces. Looking back, the things I made were so simple compared to how my skills have evolved over time, but I will always treasure what I made and how it made his first birthday so special.

  • 389
    misse336 says:

    I’ve made a name frame for my daughter’s room and altered picture frames for around the house.

  • 390
    marilyn says:

    Last year, I made an advent calendar for my nephew’s family…I’ve decorated wreaths with paper embellishments…decorated candles for my daughter…

  • 391
    Gina says:

    Yes, I have created ornaments, banners for parties, a collage for my husband’s birthday, and much more. So excited about the new release!!

  • 392
    Tricia says:

    Yes,I have created a monogram for my gallery wall.

  • 393
    Rachel Hope says:

    I make Altered boxes, shapes, tins, etc for gifts and Seasonal Decor, one of my Faves is an MDF Advent Calendar Tree from Kaiser Krafts, we use it every year!

  • 394

    Made a 3D scrapbook page on a canvas board for my parent’s 40th anniversary. They have it displayed on an easel in their livingroom.

  • 395
    Karen Lazar says:

    Where do I begin? I have made candle rings, canvases, picture frames, banners, chalkboards, quilt hangings, and Christmas ornaments. All your products make adding cool crafty things to my home so much fun! My favorite thing I have ever made is a “Be Well” banner I made for my dad when he had open heart surgery. He hung it in his hospital room as well as in their family room when he came home. I would just flip if I win this release!

  • 396
    Wendy says:

    I’ve made various items, christmas ornaments, topiaries, seasonal framed pictures, etc. I would love to add banners.

  • 397
    Geri Freeman says:

    I made the game gifts for my niece’s baby shower: a frame for the winning guest and a frame for the baby’s room, embellished two bottles for the scented oils/reeds–one for guest, one for baby’s room, also covered a set of paper mache’ boxes for the baby’s room for the shower gift. I’m really excited at the possibilities of the large banner dies for home decor and think they will make great gifts!

  • 398
    Michelle M. says:

    My daughter and I haven’t done anything yet, but we’re having so much fun getting ideas, and wondering if we’ll actually ever have enough time to do them all!

  • 399
    Jan S says:

    two places to post tonight, so I am posting in both spots–
    I have always been able to use my “stash” to make things for gifts and for my own home. I love to make handmade gifts to give to friends and family, and I have always decorated for the holidays, with decoupaged items, frames, wreaths, ornaments, etc. This month’s release will help to make this so much easier!! Thanks you all so much for all of your creativity and all of the small touches that you have included to make it so much easier for us to use and coordinate your products! Great job this month!!

  • 400
    Mary Eason says:

    Not often. I’ve framed a few LOs for a wall display, made decorations for parties, altered containers for desk storage, but that’s about it.

  • 401

    I have used my papercrafting supplies to make picture frames! It’s so much fun! I’d love to try to make other home decor items in the future!

  • 402

    I love to use my stamps and decorate candles with the tissue paper technique and then make a matching wrap and tag…makes great Xmas gifts!

  • 403
    LaurieJ says:

    Unfortunately, the only thing that I have tried is creating magnets for the refrigerator using PTI dies and felt. It was so easy and fun! I really SHOULD try something more, but I definitely keep busy with my card making. Thank you for another beautiful release and all the fab inspiration.

  • 404
    Louise says:

    I have used my papercrafting skills for ornaments, and all kinds of Valentine’s, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday items for myself and my friends. I find it therapeutic! Congratulations on a another awesome PTI release!

  • 405
    Lori says:

    I’ve used my paper crafting skills for a few different home decor items. I’ve done stamped memo boards, decorative picture frames, and a few other items. No banners–at least not yet!

  • 406
    Jen Carter says:

    Yes!! I’ve created a banner, frames, wood blocks with letters to spell out a word, post it note holders, an advent calendar, etc. I had so much fun with each project!

  • 407
    Becky P. says:

    I have made scrapbook pages on canvas for my parents walls. I have made a framed collage for my parents as well. A couple of years ago, I made an advent calendar. I have created banners for my son’s room, but nothing as great as I could make with the new banner set and accessories. I just cannot wait to see what everyone will come up with. Houses are really going to be decked out this year!

  • 408
    Chris L. says:

    Mostly I have used my papercrafting supplies to make birthday party decorations–posters, party favors, that kind of thing. But based on all the inspiration this month, I think I might be broadening my horizons!

    Thanks for a great month!

  • 409
    Ange kelly says:

    I have never made decor to around the house, but after this release I may have to! LOL!

  • 410
    Karen says:

    I’ve made just two projects for home decor. Both are mini clipboards and are decorative pieces. One is in my studio and the other is in our den.Fabulous release!

  • 411
    Jacquie says:

    I love using my papercrafting supplies to create home decor items – altered picture frames, an ATG spinner address/phone book, ornaments, wall hangings, decor boxes, and seasonal mini-scrapbooks that are rotated throughout the year.

    Congratulations on another super release!

  • 412
    Lissette Pellegrino says:

    Yes, holiday decor,place mats, place cards,ornaments and wreaths. Adore this November release!

  • 413
    Nicole K. says:

    I have used paper crafting to enhance photos that I’ve taken, of landscapes and my family, to decorate my house. I love using bright paper to enhance a black and white photo.

    This is only my second release since discovering PTI less than two months ago. I love this new release and finding myself addicted to PTI! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • 414
    Diane S. (momoffive) says:

    I have made some little paper storage baskets to collect all of the bits and pieces that end up in my living room. Everyone knows if they have a small something missing, it is probably in the little basket.

  • 415
    Sue McRae says:

    I’ve made some Christmas decorations with papercraft supplies and a wreath.

  • 416
    Paulina says:

    I’ve used my crafting supplies to create home decor and decorations. I made button ornaments and trees (love my buttons!), then a few banners for holidays. Excited about the new banner dies! 🙂

  • 417
    Destiny says:

    I made a really cute Christmas wreath with lots of patterned papers, ribbons, bells, and small greenery, santas, snowmen, and trees. I have also made many Christmas Tree ornaments.

    I am so in love the the banner stamps and diecuts! I envision banners for each holiday, birthday, and other celebrations.

  • 418
    Malia D says:

    I’ve made a few small things, like picture frames and calendars. I’m new to this web site and fine it inspiring with wonderful ideas. I’m sure I’ll be doing more as time goes along.

  • 419
    Elizabeth says:

    I think the only thing I’ve made out of paper was a wreath out of Christmas scrapbook paper. It came out so cute and my co-worker asked if she could have it!

  • 420
    Meggan says:

    Yes, I made a banner for my fireplace mantle from scrapbooking supplies. The new large-scale banner dies may temp me to make another one. So excited for the release tonight!

  • 421
    itsterry says:

    I purchased some glass frames from the $ Store and stamp new ‘insides’ for them. I’ve made holiday ones and all occasion ones. Given them to family, friends and even included them in gift baskets for the high school auction. Love the November release — so excited!

  • 422
    Deb C says:

    I copied Alli’s ribbon wreath for my moms for Christmas gifts. I also framed a few stamped collages when I couldn’t find anything in the colors I wanted. With all the choices of cardstock and ink, I can match just about anything!

  • 423
    Bev says:

    Yes, I have made wall-hangings, banners, picture frames, and various Christmas goodies to use in my decorating. I especially like to use my paper crafting to make gifts for Christmas.

  • 424
    Sarah H says:

    This year I made an autumn themed banner to hang up in my dining room. It was my try at a stamped home decor item and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Looking to try more in the future!

  • 425
    Connie F. says:

    I have used my papercrafting supplies to decorate candles, picture frames, Christmas ornaments and center pieces, for Halloween, I covered wooden “Spooky” letters with paper, diecuts, ribbon, etc. I love the idea of party & Holiday banners, but have never made one—maybe now that PTI has made it so easy, I will finally try it! Thanks so much for the chance to win—I’m keeping my fingers crossed =)

  • 426
    Jamie Nania says:

    Yes, I made a banner for Valentine’s day this year and used the PTI patterned paper for it and my Cricut to cute the letters. I have lots of ideas in my head for those large-scale banners as well!

  • 427
    MichelleLL says:

    I recently made a Sweet 16 banner for my daughter with the Beautiful Blooms patterned papers, a bit of pleated crepe paper and some glittered clothespins! It is also our tradition to make each child a birthday crown (boys and girls!)so I made a coordinating crown to match, which made for some very cute photos!

  • 428
    Kathlyn Tyson says:

    My favorite one is a Christmas table tree that I make a couple of years ago.

  • 429
    Ellen Elizabeth says:

    I enjoy making creative gifts and decorating for holidays. I love the new banner products!

  • 430
    TinaH says:

    Other than helping kids with projects, home decorating for holidays and help with wedding invites, not much other “home decor” so far. But, I am always open to the possibility, and your site is a great inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 431

    Yes,I have! I’ve used my stamps to stamp a border on the walls in our master bath, and I’ve made a few framed seasonal decor items. I currently have a Thanksgiving frame out that I created with the leaves dies and stamps.

  • 432
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I have used my paper crafting skills and supplies to decorate picture frames. That is the only thing I have done for home decor.

  • 433
    LorraineN says:

    I’ve done mostly framed items for placing throughout the house. Would love to make banners for special occasions, though. 🙂

  • 434
    April Z. says:

    I haven’t used my papercrafting skills for home decor before, but after seeing the new banner dies I’m eager to try something like that.

  • 435

    I haven’t made any banners, but this release should fix that. Can’t wait to place my order – or better yet – not have to! Thanks for this great prize package.

  • 436
    Becky C says:

    Yes, I made a framed wedding invitation, as well as a Christmas ornament once.

  • 437
    Liesl van Vuuren says:

    I have made decorative letters for my kid’s bedroom doors but that is a while back and with these stunning new dies it would be a breeze to do a make-over! I love love love your products!

  • 438
    Laura says:

    I’ve made some simple ornaments and plan to make a banner for a Christmas decoration using the ornament dies — they’re all cut out and ready for some pretty baker’s twine. 🙂

  • 439
    Teresa says:

    Yes, I have! I recently made a Halloween banner for my daughter and her roommate 🙂 Being first-time apartment renters, they had no holiday decorations and were thrilled to have the banner made of chipboard and Halloween paper!

  • 440
    Martha S. says:

    I’ve never used papercrafting to decorate, unless you count the tree I made out of folding up the pages of an old Reader’s Digest! Ha!

  • 441
    Kim G says:

    Not really, but I would love to change that with the Banner set!! You and the design team do such a great job of inspiration! You always keep coming up with something new. Great job!!

  • 442
    Nicole' Reeves says:

    I’ve never made home decor but I love to display my handmade albums, does that count? I’m excited to try making a banner for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • 443
    stampyblock says:

    I love this question! Yes, I have made several things but the one that I am the most proud of is the painting that hangs over our bed. I loved this pattern paper from Basic Grey several years ago and thought if I could have it in an extra large size, it would be great wall art……so I grabbed a large carvas we had in storage, the paint we used for the walls and painted it to match the pattern paper. I know no paper was used in my finished art but my pattern paper was my inspiration and my paper craft experience gave me the courage. Love it and love everything I have seen so far this month! Probably my favorite release ever!

  • 444
    Melissa D. says:

    I don’t recall making anything for my home with paper. I have been planning on making a banner for seasons and holidays but haven’t yet gotten to it. The new dies would make this task so much easier.

  • 445
    Clouds says:

    I did once, I used one of my large flower stamp sets to make a paper flower arrangement that is still on my mantlepiece!!! 🙂

    C 🙂

  • 446
    Janis says:

    I have bought inexpensive frames and either decorated the frame itself, or embellishments the photo area. It was nice to work on something other than a card or scrapbook page.

  • 447
    Christine Jensen says:

    Always! Everything:Chrsitmas countdown blocks, motivational thought blocks (can you tell I’m a woodworker too?). Seasonal decorations, favor treats for women at church, I love to mix the mediums of paper and wood.

  • 448
    jane says:

    i’ve used my papercrafting skills to create baby gifts and advent calendars.

  • 449
    Stacie D. says:

    Most of the papercrafting home decor I have made has been gifted to someone else, name frames, A(sk)S(eek)K(nock)frames, and Chipboard coasters/Name wall hangings. Easy last minute birthday gifts for my kids friends.

  • 450
    joy says:

    Yes, last 4th of July I made cards and decorated my mantle with them and cut out letters “HAPPY FOURTH”and put them across the fireplace — with the new die set this year I’ll be able to do a banner! Wahoo

  • 451
    Darlene says:

    I definetly use my supplies to repurpose items almost monthly. It is a passion of mine to be able to make something for my home versus purchasing because it is of my design and means more to us as a family. i just made a ‘gratitude’ board for this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. Excited to be able to see the Nov release in one place – it always amazes me each month..i don’t think it can get better and then you outdo the previous month. This looks like a winner for sure!

  • 452
    Amber Daigre says:

    I love to use my papercrafting supplies to make customized menus for my dinner parties. I choose colors and embellishments that coordinate with the party theme. Last menu I made was for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Brunch.

  • 453
    Kathleen Pennington says:

    Yes, I made a luminaria tree for Christmas. I made 50 miniature brown paper bags to put on a string of Christmas tree lights that I attached to a catalpa branch. We use it every year and it is very cute. I a excited to see all the releases tonight.

  • 454
    Robyn says:

    Just loving this release!! Everything looks so fabulous!! Yes, I’ve made home decor…banners, decorated frames, pillows, lots of fun stuff!! 🙂

  • 455
    k prakken says:

    I have made various home decor items using my papercrafting skills. The most recent thing I made was a tissue box cover that I learned from a tutorial over at SCS. I used the Peace Be Still dies and stamp set to decorate it. It is very pretty, if I say so myself.

  • 456
    Alyssa Pappas says:

    Oh yeah, lots of picture frame decorations, some cute little holiday signs, table decor, etc. I’d love to do more though, since my family really appreciates it, which I certainly love! Loved the release days and I can’t wait to see the stamp sets in full!

  • 457
    Anne B says:

    I’ve made Christmas ornaments and this year a ribbon wreath. I’m hoping for some banners in my near future though 🙂 Or maybe some other PTI home decor ideas next year?

  • 458
    Diane Nelk says:

    I am very excited about the 3 window die and co ordinating stamps. Can’t wait to have them in my hot little hands. But, I haven’t made many home dec objects. Maybe this year is the year!

  • 459
    Ginny Schleich says:

    I made paper snowflakes to hang on a centerpiece for my table. It was beautiful and I have put it on my dining room table for the last couple of years. I also have a few ornaments that I hang on the tree every year. Wonder what I will make this year? Maybe a new banner when I win the awesome giveaway!

  • 460
    Alice Roushia says:

    I can honestly say “No”. I need to as much as i make, but after 5 craft shows, I kind of get burned out. Need to start getting pepped up and get something done about home decor!!!

  • 461
    Tracy D says:

    Once I made a wall hanging with coasters, but that’s about it. I always see so many beautiful projects… maybe one of these days I’ll try something else.

  • 462
    Heather says:

    I made a cute Halloween box with paper flowers this year! Loved it!

  • 463
    Kriss says:

    I’ve made tons of home decor, but I can tell you my banner didn’t come close to the fabulous-ness of all you ladies! I love home decor items, and the supplies that are available now, are so much more exciting than 10 years ago ;)!!

  • 464

    I enjoy incorporating papercrafting into my home decor. I’ve used my papercrafting supplies to create a prayer box that I keep by my bedside and I’ve made a few canvases for my home.

  • 465
    Emmy says:

    I have decorated wood blocks with paper and die cuts to make holiday decorations. My list of projects is getting longer and longer. Paper banners are now at the top of my list. Thanks for sharing beautiful projects and creating awesome products.

  • 466
    Lola Fields says:

    I love papercrafting. One of my favorites is half of a old door that I put lots of vintage looking papers on then I used pictures. It hangs in my scrapbook room.

  • 467
    Melissa says:

    Yes,I showed a friend how to decoupage her table top for her living room.

  • 468
    Maripat says:

    I had a lot of fun helping my good friend decorate a nursery for twins! We worked together to create a great wall mural along with some matching picture frames and a set of hatbox type boxes to stack. It was a huge endeavor but worth every minute! Love all of this months releases and thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 469
    Naz says:

    First of all this release has to be one of the best yet so I really hope I win, or I’ll be broke. I haven’t made very much a couple of banners but nothing else. Can’t wait for the big dies!!

  • 470
    Lesa W. says:

    Does beautifully contained buttons and ribbons count as home decor items? If so, my decorated containers of buttons and ribbons are displaying my papercrafting skills.

  • 471
    Jean Martin says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t tried doing that before. I’m afraid to go there yet. Perhaps with a little more inspiration, I’ll get to make something one day! 🙂

  • 472

    Yes I have altered various containers and a muffin tin and turned it into a wall hanging/photo holder. Thanks for the chance to play – looking forward to seeing all the new products!

  • 473
    Colleen says:

    Yes, I made a card “lunch box” that was decorated with designer paper and filled it with a collection of hand-made cards. It was my mother’s favorite colors and she has it on her side table. I love the new releases!

  • 474
    Tenny Kusuma says:

    I made a spiral roses topiary. Pretty challenging…but I did it. Thanks.

  • 475
    Dawn says:

    I have not used papercrafting to decorate me home, yet! I think I will start with a banner using all the new sets. I can’t wait until Midnight!

  • 476
    Sandra says:

    I have framed some of the many beautiful papers, created hanging mobiles with chipboard shapes, made home journals…. too many to remember!

  • 477
    KathyM says:

    Sometimes I suprise myself by ways to incorporate my paper-crafting into my home decor. My latest was to embellish the middles of two huge sparkly plastic snowflakes from the dollar store with multi-layer snowflake medallions, for my mantle. Awesome and thrifty!!!

  • 478
    Karen says:

    I did make a birthday banner once many years ago. It sure wasn’t that professional looking … Just imagine what banners we can all create now!! Thanks for the contest once more!

  • 479
    Lori H says:

    I have done a few picture frames & ornaments, but that’s about it so far. I can’t wait to make some of the larger banners. They look like so much fun!

  • 480
    Laurie W. says:

    I used my papercrafting supplies to make picture frames and wall hangings! So excited to see all the new sets tonight!

  • 481

    Yes, I have used papercrafting supplies in home decor projects. Most of the items I have made are seasonal decorations. Christmas ornaments are one of my favorites.

  • 482
    Carol R says:

    I’ve used pattern paper in picture frames with a stamped image and paper piecing for the different seasons. I’ve also made a trio of snowmen to place on the sideboard to welcome visitors one year. And I’ll decorate the dining room table when having a special dinner – place cards usually.

  • 483
    Connie says:

    I haven’t ventured into the home decor realm all that much, but I have made several chipboard candle holders to give as gifts.

  • 484
    Laurie C says:

    I have had lots of fun creating picture frames and a fun clipboard that I have hanging on my wall in my office where I hang all of my To do: lists on. The release tonight looks awesome. Thank you so much for a chance to win. 🙂

  • 485
    Vanessa says:

    No, but after tonight I will. I can’t wait to make my first banner!

  • 486
    Shay says:

    Yes, I have used papercrafting to decorate my house for mostly special occasions and holidays. For instance I made some art to decorate for Halloween. Thanks for the chane to win such an incredible prize!

  • 487
    Annie says:

    Yes, I have used my papercrafting skills to make home decor items. Several years ago I made paper cone ornaments to give as take home gifts for our guests. I filled them with chocolates. I am very excited about this month’s new releases. I have several ideas in mind for the banner dies.

  • 488
    Barbara says:

    I’ve used my stamps with acrylic paints to create mixed media pieces. I’m waiting on my recent order of Falling Leaves for this very reason! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 489
    Mary W. says:

    I love papercrafting, but the extent of my home decor crafting would be a name frame that I made several years ago.

  • 490
    Lena says:

    I’ve made ornaments and covers for candles using my paper crafting supplies.

  • 491
    Michelle Dyson says:

    I have made ornaments before and I made turkey place card holders last year.I have made birthday signs for my daughters birthday and wreaths for my door. This year I intend to make candles using the stamped on tissue paper technique for gifts. I would love to make one of the banners you have featured… they are beautiful!

  • 492
    Linda in FWB says:

    I have made a Christmas wreath and some seasonal tags for the fireplace mantle and tree, but nothing as knockout as your releases this month!

  • 493
    JoAnn Heinbuch says:

    Just a few collages and frames and calendars for around the house. Would love the chance to make my own banners an trims

  • 494
    idette says:

    well i have covered boxes and put ribbon and flowers on it….i have covered a lunch pail and used it as a boxes to hold homemade cards…i have also make some nice things -vintgae sytle- and framed as a shadow box..i covered a magnet board with paper and use it as a memo space…
    i cant think of anything else for the moment.

  • 495
    Andrew Kemp-Gerstle says:

    I help my girlfriend with some of her craft projects. We recently made thank you cards to send to friends.

  • 496
    Dawne says:

    I use my papercrafting supplies often for holiday decor and gifts for friends, especially new baby gifts. I love to make little framed name signs for the new baby’s room.

  • 497
    Christine Macneil says:

    I have used stamps to create a border in my son’s bedroom. Can’t wait to purchase the new release items!

  • 498

    Goodness yes, I just love all things crafty! Even my google picture for my blog is a picture frame I made with a family portrait of paper people!

  • 499
    Amy Kolling says:

    Yes, I’ve used my supplies to make home decor before! That’s why I’m so excited about the banner collection!!! I altered a picture frame and made a small scrapbook page to put inside.

  • 500
    Deb says:

    I’ve not made any permanent home decor. Lots and lots of party decorations. The new banner release will help me quickly make some new holiday decor for sure. I cannot wait!

  • 501
    Mona says:

    I’ve never used my papercrafting supplies for home decor, but it’s always a possibility….I love all of the design teams inspiration every month!

  • 502
    Donette B says:

    I haven’t ventured into using my papercrafts for home decor (yet)…but I’ve been making floral arrangements with baskets, wreaths, etc since I was a teenager. This year I found some mason jars and made a cute Christmas arrangement to give to neighbors with a matching card using friendship jar. Awesome release this month.

  • 503
    Sandy says:

    I have made some animal ornaments out of papers for our christmas tree. And I am looking forward to making some fun banners in the near future. 🙂 Loved the release, and thanks for a chance to win.

  • 504
    Karen says:

    In the past I have made many table centerpieces to display during the holidays. Right now, I have a cute turkey made from fun papers, ribbons, and some glitzy accents.

    The new releases this month are all amazing! Thank you for the chance to win them.

  • 505
    Nicole says:

    I have made may different things – door name plaques, altered frames, embellished letters/words to go on walls, clipboard notes holders, altered clocks, the list goes on. Most of them have been given as gifts and I hope enjoyed by the recipients! They are such fun to do and a break from my normal scrapping/card making 🙂

  • 506
    Yvonne Snellings says:

    I have made a banner before (now it will be easy and not take days!!) and Christmas ornaments! Love this release!

  • 507
    Paula LacKamp says:

    Oh goodness yes! I’ve made garland, banners, picture frames, etc. I use it every chance I get. Why limit ourselves to paper? If I could cook with the stuff, I probably would! :o)

  • 508
    Kim N. says:

    Yes, I have created multiple items with my papercrafting supplies. My favorite is a printer’s tray I decorated with my supplies and pictures from a recent vacation to the beach.

  • 509
    Kristina says:

    I have made ornaments and a thanksgiving decoration fo the fireplace mantle. I am very excited to get the pennant products. THere are so many possibilities!!!! Creative juices are flowing… great release PTI!

  • 510
    TraceyJean says:

    Most of my home dec has been limited to altering a few Dollar Store frames; although I am currently working on a piece of wall art.

  • 511
    Vicky B says:

    I am fairly new to papercrafting so haven’t worked up the courage for any type of home decor yet. I am looking forward to making holiday banners with the new PTI products. This is another outstanding release. I am totally blown away every month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 512
    Wendy says:

    I have made Christmas decorations, along with my handmade Christmas cards. I would love to make a shadow box using family pictures…maybe even a banner! Thanks for your great products!!

  • 513
    Dana says:

    I always have the intention of making home decor but little follow through… I’m excited to try some banners, though!

  • 514
    Robin W says:

    Yes,but only once. I made my daughter a poster for her room; she had gone to a Brad Paisley concert. It turned out pretty cute actually.

  • 515
    Kim Howard says:

    I have made several decorated frames for our house and I love the banner dies-they are phenomenal!

  • 516
    Renee Godsey says:

    I love making home decor items! Frames, banners, and looking forward to trying something on canvas. Love this release, and can’t wait to place an order.

  • 517
    Shirley L. says:

    No, I haven’t made any home decor items yet, but I think I am about to now that I have seen the new banner stamps and dies!

  • 518
    Mrstran says:

    I used the papertrey buttons to make a Christmas tree and wreath last year. I made three of each for my mantel but after a few days I gave them to friends who admired them and hinted about me making one for their home. That’s the beauty of making things with love….I can give it away and always make more!

  • 519
    june g. says:

    i have used my craftiness in decorating the kids rooms and advent calendars. my favorite!

  • 520
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    I made a framed scrapbook page for my great-nephew’s birth. It had his name on it and was in the colors that his parents used to decorate his room.

  • 521
    Sammie says:

    I haven’t yet, but have lots of ideas swimming around in my head!

  • 522
    Kimberly S says:

    I’ve made a candle with stamped tissue paper and Christams ornaments. I am so looking forward to making a banner for my kitchen that says Tea Time, using Tea for Two and a lot of Simply Chartreuse, which is an almost exact match for my kitchen walls. I was so excited when you introduced that color!

  • 523

    All the time! I’ve embellished picture frames, decorated candles, displayed scrapbook layouts on my walls, created christmas ornaments, made decoartions for my boys’ birthday parties, covered birdhouses, etched plates and glasses. The one thing I haven’t done is banners, that’s about to change, and I can’t wait!!!

  • 524
    Mary P says:

    I love making Christmas decor things such as embellished words, Advent calendars and table decorations to match the theme for the day. So, I’d love to make a matching banner for this Christmas. I love Christmas. Just amazing release this month!! thanks. Mary

  • 525
    Karen Ramsey says:

    I made the centerpieces for my Mom’s 80th birthday party. I stamped and cut out hundreds of flowers and attached them to green floral wire and put them in flower vases. When the party was over, I let her friends take them home as favors

  • 526
    Denise says:

    I have not made home decor items to date. But… I have made boutonniers (sp???) for my son’s Cinderella party when he was in first grade!!! Course that was eons ago!!! (back when I may have spelled much better!) Oh, and a clock for the party that hurried “Cindy” out the front door! Not exactly home decor, right!!! PTI Ladies, You are the “bees knees”!!!!!!!! Each of you is TOO talented, but I’m glad that you are!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT TALENT! Each of us out here is the beneficiary!
    Loves & Hugs to All

  • 527
    Tanya says:

    I actually used Lisa’s original LIFE stamp set to make coasters and a mirror. They were big hits and sold lots to friends! Probably one of my favorite sets of all time. Excited for this release! Thanks!

  • 528
    Brenda Z says:

    I made a banner for my niece for her 2nd birthday. I used a Sizzix die to cut out fabric. I embellished it with beads, ribbon and chipboard – it turned out so cute! It took a while to make it, which, is why I’m so excited for PTI’s new banner dies!

  • 529
    leish says:

    I think the only time I’ve used some paper crafting techniques or ideas would be when I was decorating a Christmas tree. Nothing fancy, but I’m sure getting a lot of crafty ideas here!

  • 530
    Barb says:

    Yes, I have used my papercrafting skills to create home decor. I created card boxes for my Mother and Mother-in-law that coordinate with their home offices.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! And congrats on another great release! Can’t wait to see all the goodies!

  • 531
    Julie Fiehler says:

    Hmmm, I have decorated picture frames, made message boards, a couple of advent calendars. I am always looking for more ideas!

  • 532
    Carrie says:

    My girls & I love to use our paper crafting skills! We’ve decoupage pretty paper onto coffee tins to make banks for their allowance. We like to decorate them to match their room decor. I also like to make my own photo frames and decorate them for gifts to the grandparents – always a hit! Love the new releases!

  • 533
    lainey says:

    I’ve made mostly banners either by using my Cricut or just printing them out on the printer. That’s why this month’s release is sooooo exciting!!!!!

  • 534
    Julia Ryder says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting items numerous times for home decor. I have made canvases, altered dress forms, altered picture frames, Christmas table centre pieces. Anything that is not tied down I will alter.

  • 535
    Amanda M. says:

    A couple of years ago I made a paper flower bouquet for my Mom. If only I had discovered PTI back then! With the new dies and felt, I think I may need try my hand at another. After tonight’s release, I can’t wait to make some banners for both home and work!

  • 536
    Nicole Maki says:

    I do all the time. My favorite is mixed-media canvases and wreaths.

    Gorgeous new releases – so excited!

  • 537
    Andrea M says:

    I haven’t as of yet. Although I have seen a few altered trays and frames that I would love to try! Now with tonights release, banners could be in the near future ;). I have stamped on a few baby onesies and bibs for a friend so I guess I’ve tried something a bit beyond just paper and cards : D
    Great release!!!!

  • 538
    Amber R. says:

    Hmmm, I’ve used papercrafting supplies to decorate picture frames and to embellish wall decals to make them fit my color scheme. Also, last year, PTI’s HomeMade houses were made to complement the exterior of friend’s houses as hostess gifts at the holidays, does that count? With great releases like this one, we can expect to all increase our creativity into home decor!

  • 539
    Lori Y says:

    I have created a couple of princesses with the help of my Cricut for my daughter’s room decor. And I’m currently working on an Artist Tray for our Living Room. Last year I made a few of the houses and decorated them with the Homemade stamp set, but my daughter decided they worked better for her dolls and I lost them. So excited for this release!

  • 540
    Rochelle C. says:

    The latest paper project for my home has been a Halloween trick or treat banner sign. I love PTI ideas for home decor. One of my first things I learned from PTI was how to make candy filled baskets with toilet paper rolls.

  • 541
    Elizabeth B says:

    I haven’t yet, but I can’t wait to do something for my house when I get the new banner collection!!!

  • 542
    Victoria in OHio says:

    Not yet, but i use them aaallll the time to help my daughters with their school projects – comes in so handy ….

  • 543
    Nancy Wolff says:

    No, I never made a home decor project unless you count scrapbook pages that I framed and hung. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 544

    I use my craftiness to decorate anything that’s a little too “blah” around the house. I love to dress up our old refrigerator (we live in a rental) with cute magnets and notepads. Any extra bit of sunshine helps in a drab kitchen! I can’t wait for tonight’s release. This month’s stamps and other releases are soooo amazing. Thanks to the entire DT for a super inspiring week!

  • 545
    Lisa B. says:

    The closest I’ve come to making home decor items with my papercrafting things has been to do a bunch of Christmas ornaments. Not very exciting, but they are very cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  • 546
    The Feel Good Gourmet says:

    I love hosting parties and make my own placecards! Such a simple project but can really enhance a table setting!

  • 547
    Carla says:

    Home Decor with paper crafting isn’t something that I typically do but I did on one occasion. For my son’s first birthday, i made a banner of pictures from birth to 1. It was fun, and I still have it 3 years later. I’ve considered making decor for my boys room, but have never bitten the bullet.

  • 548
    Trish says:

    I love being able to make home decor with my papercrafting goodies. I’ve made a bunch of stuff over the years but most recently I made a 12×12 canvas with a gorgeous picture of my hubby and daughter.

  • 549
    Jenny J. says:

    I’ve made collages with re-purposed frames and 12X12 canvases. Last year, I made my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift from a frame I painted white, took watercolor paper I distressed with a little water & blue chalk and stamped some Bluebonnets. She loved it! And it still hangs in her kitchen.

    The new releases will so enhance my collages!

  • 550
    Chong McAfee says:

    I made a magnetic calendar using a cookie sheet, number stamps, and a circle punch. And some tissue box covers.

  • 551

    I’m planning to make table runners, place mats and napkins using stamps, resist and dies for holiday gifts this year! Just waiting for the Thanksgiving holidays for the time to put it all together!

  • 552

    No, I just covered envelopes with paper and glued them together & put them on the refrigerator to put receipts and coupons in. I am looking forward to making some banners, tho.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  • 553

    Yes, all the time…picture frames, layouts to hang on the wall, holiday decorations. My fave was a Thanksgiving project a couple years ago. We made placemats for the boys, where they used their hands to make turkeys. So fun!!! Excited for the release!!

  • 554
    Elizabeth K says:

    I’ve used banners in our family to welcome
    each new baby home, banners with birthday,
    get well soon as well as holiday banners.
    When I saw this month’s banner releases,
    it made my day.

  • 555
    Kirsty says:

    Only Christmas ornaments so far. I do have some ideas of things I want to do.

  • 556
    Shelly says:

    Yes, I’ve made a lot of small chipboard picture albums for friends and family to display around the house. I’ve also made wall hangings for family…everyone loves the photos that are included!

  • 557
    Lisa says:

    Christmas ornaments, postcard collage, picture frames….and if you asked me, I’d tell you I’m not very crafty. 🙂

  • 558
    Andi Sexton says:

    Yep! Just yesterday made some wooden Christmas Countdown blocks, and a hanging magnetic note-board! Getting ready for the holidays!!!! Love those big banners!!!!!!

  • 559
    Wendy F. says:

    I’ve used my supplies to make Christmas ornaments before, but that’s about it. Does it count if I think about using them to make home decor items? I’ve got a list of things I’m going to make “some day”!!

  • 560
    Karen Murray says:

    I have made ornaments, candle scapes, decorated picture frames and monograms. The favorite thing I ever made was a name that I framed for a baby shower gift.

  • 561
    Jamie Nania says:

    Yes, I made a banner for Valentine’s day this year and used the PTI patterned paper for it and my Cricut to cute the letters. I have lots of ideas in my head for those large-scale banners as well!

  • 562
    Kellie says:

    I am always thinking of ways to use my supplies. I used my goodies last year to make an Advent Tree. I made sour cream containers filled with treats for the kids and hung them on a “kitchen” tree. It sits on the counter and as is they need any more reason to get excited it adds another element of fun. If anything sits still long enough I will cover it in paper and decorate it!

  • 563
    Vicki McCully says:

    No but I would love to start now. Very excited about the release tonight !!

  • 564
    Joyce says:

    Haven’t done too much home decor with papercrafts….just a little decorating on frames and such. Love the new releases this month!!!!

  • 565
    Lori Weinberg says:

    I don’t believe I have made home decor with paper, but I do consider all my spice jars filled with fabulous PTI button home decor! That counts, right!?!?

  • 566

    I have decorated a canvas to put pictures on it…even made it so I can change things out for the seasons. Great release!

  • 567
    April C. says:

    Only a few times and the things I made ended up in other people’s homes, lol! I made a wedding banner for my daughter – it’s at her house. Name banners for my grandchildrens’ rooms – at their house. A Christmas picture frame and ornaments which were purchased and ended up in someone else’s house. Guess it’s time to start making things for my house. I’ve appreciated the inspiration with the fab projects you’ve showcased. Thanks!

  • 568
    Susie Nam says:

    I recently made a birthday banner for my son’s birthday party but I had to cut them all out by hand. In the past, I’ve made Christmas ornaments, a Valentine’s day garland, and other birthday banners. I guess one thing I consistently make are birthday banners so this release is especially exciting for me. I hope I can get my order in before the banner dies sell out tonight!!!! Thanks again for creating the banner dies!

  • 569
    Wendy Sue says:

    oh yeah – all the time – banners, framed pieces, picture frames and so much more! :o)

  • 570
    Kathleen says:

    I have made lots of things—one of my favorite things is my advent calendar!!! LOVE IT!

  • 571
    Lisa says:

    I made some heart box ornaments that can hold a sweet little surprise on your tree, can be displayed again on Valentine’s Day, or every day…who doesn’t love a heart, right? I am over the moon with the release of these banner dies especially because I can add a little message banner over the top of my heart boxes…mix and match and PTI is making it so easy to do this! I am over the moon with the November release. Thank you for the opportunity to win it all!

  • 572
    Robbin Clements says:

    I’ve used my craft supplies to make embellished picture frames, baby shower decorations, wooden shapes and letters!! I haven’t made any banners yet…but I’m looking forward to trying that next!!

  • 573
    Denise says:

    Does the kitchen table covered with glitter, buttons, and felt count as home decor? If not, then I have yet to branch into paper crafting for my home, but I am SO excited to start! Thanks for all the thought you put into this release… it is always a treat to be a part of the fun!

  • 574
    Romaine says:

    The funny thing, is that it is not really a craft, but I have so loved some papers, that I have put them in frames….Does using dp behind old window frames made into headboards count as home decor? :0)

  • 575
    Linda Lou says:

    I am new to crafting but have used paper to cover hat boxes, which I then use as decorative storage for all types of goodies!

  • 576
    Mary B says:

    I haven’t used any papercrafting skills for home decorating…yet. I have a definite feeling that’s about to change. Leave it to PTI to introduce a new (or new-to-us)concept that we all must try! Thanks so much for sharing so much of your creativity with us.

  • 577
    Candy says:

    I love making holiday decor by papercrafting — stars, banners, snowflakes, garlands!

  • 578
    Elaine Tomooka says:

    Our mantle is always filled with our kids’ artwork which includes the items made with my craft goodies. We also make birthday party goodies and decorations.

  • 579
    Rema Timm says:

    I’ve framed a few pictures with quilled flowers in the past but other than that I haven’t. I’m very excited about the banner dies and anxious to make a Christmas banner to hang on my mantle.

  • 580

    Actually, I have. I’ve created ornaments and gift card holders that you can hang on the Christmas tree… Lots of fun. So excited for your new release. Thanks for the chance to win!!! 🙂

  • 581
    Rosie Lilya says:

    I made scrapbook “layouts” on canvas of my two kids and then had them framed. This is my favorite home decorative project that I’ve made.

  • 582
    Crystal M. says:

    I’ve made a few framed ‘mother’ collages for my Mom, sister, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I’ve never made paper crafting home decor for my own home. This Christmas I’m making ornaments using PTI felt, ribbon and rhinestones with a picture of my boys in the center for my family and extended family. I can’t wait for the release tonight!! So excited!!!

  • 583
    Julie L. says:

    Last Christmas I made card boxes for my mom and my sisters and filled them with a variety of cards to use throughout the year. My sister enjoyed it so much she asked me to make a set for her two daughters.

  • 584
    Jeanne says:

    I havn’t made much home decor, only a couple of pretty paper boxes to store things in to sit on my desk.

  • 585
    Rieca says:

    Yes, I made a calander, and I have made several banners.

  • 586
    Cathy B. says:

    I haven’t really done much in the way of home decor. I’ve decorated a few picture frames, and have also done Christmas ornaments and gift tags, but that’s about it.

    The release tonight looks super exciting!

  • 587
    Ang says:

    I have made several home decor items, mostly as gifts for family members. I really enjoy doing it and everyone is always very touched by the gifts.

  • 588
    Pamela Campbell says:

    I used my papercrafting supplies to make a photo holder for my daughter’s baby shower in August. I used the colors of the shower, blue and brown, and I decorated a large binder clip and put her ultrasound pic on it. I think it was really adorable!!!

  • 589

    I use paper crafting in my decor all the time – especially for special dining occasions!! But I’ve also made pictures for my bathroom when I just couldn’t find the right thing, and I used my stamps with acrylic paint to put flowers on my daughter’s table in her nursery. I’ve been working on some luminarias for my Thanksgiving table and paper pumpkins for centerpieces…..there are SO many possibilities!

  • 590
    Dolly says:

    Funny how your new release is my favorite paper crafting home decor item; banners! I love to make seasonal banners for holidays, celebrations and best of all, just because! I have made pennant ornaments to hang on branches for centerpieces, it’s a great way to use scraps and combo them with my favorite Papertrey Ink stamps and embellishments.

  • 591
    MA says:

    I’ve made decorative cigar boxes for gifts..with handmade cards, pens, and postage stamps inside. Can’t wait to see this release!!

  • 592
    Katie Renz says:

    I’m home decor challenged, but these banner dies might change that!

  • 593
    Teddra says:

    I really like to decorate for the holidays. I made a wall hanging for Halloween and am currently working on ornaments for Christmas. Love the banners!!

  • 594
    Morgaine says:

    I often make banners, placecards, table centerpieces and decorated boxes. I LOVE to use my papercrafting supplies in decorations. So much fun!

  • 595
    Sara P says:

    Yes, I often do! I love creating decorative shadow boxes. I also have made banners to go across the mantle for the holidays.

  • 596
    christinem says:

    As of right now I have not. We are going to be moving into our new home in a few weeks, and I will be making some art work with the Turning a Leaf stamp set. Thanks for a wonderful release.

  • 597
    aimee says:

    I made a candy wreath and added a few tags and such to dress it up during the holidays. I’ve also made some frames with stamped artwork to dress a hallway..

  • 598
    Joan says:

    I made one of those cute clay flower pots full of pens with hand-made paper flowers attached to the pens and stuck in dried peas. I had this on my desk at work for quite a while.

    I have also stamped and decorated photo frames.

  • 599
    Anika says:

    I have embellished frames and made mats for pictures, but haven’t taken it any further than that yet.

  • 600
    Lee says:

    I have made Christmas ornaments and altered items. I’m really excited to start making holiday banners.

  • 601
    BarbaraB says:

    I have done just a few things; my favorite is a memoboard with a frame covered in pretty papers and other embellishments.

  • 602
    Cristina says:

    I’ve made place settings and napkin rings for holidays. But I’m looking forward to this Christmas when, thanks to you guys, I’ll hopefully make a banner or two. Congrats on another amazing release!

  • 603
    Christina M says:

    I’ve only made home decor once so far, and I made an embellished holiday frame with a picture of my kids. I look forward to making more paper crafted decor once my kids are a little older and I have a bit more time!

  • 604
    Sheryl B. says:

    So far, I’ve never used my papercrafting supplies to make home decor, but….never say never! Maybe someday soon with all these great PTI goodies!

  • 605
    Pat says:

    Wedding candles, place settings…but thanks to you there are lots more things I’ll probably try!

  • 606
    Maryse N says:

    I have used them to make many things but I think the ones I like the most are my framed scrapbook pages. I change them seasonally. It’s a fun way to decorate your house. I also like that the pages I work so hard on aren’t just sitting in an album, but they are out and enjoyed by everyone.

  • 607

    Absolutely! I’ve made a sweet altered photo frame, and also a paper-mache monogram letter “G” (for our last night) that has family photos on it and embellishments. I’m so proud whenever a visitor in our home notices these!

  • 608

    All the time! My latest project was a set of paper crafted & embellished embroidery hoops to hang on the wall. If you lightly mist your paper, it becomes pliable & much easier to fit between the hoops.

  • 609
    Laura :) says:

    hmmm, not really. I sew or cross-stitch lots of home decor items, especially for Christmas.

  • 610
    Susan says:

    I don’t know if this counts, but I just used my paper crafting skills to make invitations, programs, favors and cards for my daughter’s wedding. I never could have done it without the skills I have learned from papercrafting with PTI. Thanks for all you’ve taught me!

  • 611
    Debbie D. says:

    I have used the Quilter’s Sampler sets to make framed stamped quilts.

  • 612
    Marla says:

    I have used my stamping skills to make Christmas count downs and also one year I made Snowman picture with family names on them.

  • 613
    Dixie C. says:

    I have used my crafting skills to make Christmas Ornaments and party decorations, as well as wearable art(flowers and t-shirts). I have lots of ideas…but stay too busy with children at this time to take on big projects (which is why I LOVE cards!).
    Tonight’s release and give-away is so exciting! PTI is such an incredible company!

  • 614
    Kimberly O. says:

    I made decorated stone tiles with tissue paper, stamping and Stazon ink. 🙂

  • 615
    Shelby says:

    Hm… Well, I made a “JOY” wall hanging for Christmas last year, and something similar for my dad with our pictures on it.

  • 616
    Becky says:

    I created a collaged, double-sided window with paper, rub-ons, paint & wire on a window from an old house! I can hang it as a room divider & post notes, photos & momentos on it! I love it & had a blast making it!

  • 617
    Keisha says:

    I haven’t used my papercrafting skills to decorate anything for home decor, yet. It’s something I’d like to get into, maybe make a wreath or something like that for christmas. I think it’s really pretty when other people do it, I just haven’t got on the bandwagon yet. 🙂

  • 618
    Priscilla from California says:

    Actually, I haven’t. No, wait a minute, I have used my supplies to cover boxes and containers that I have in my craft room.

  • 619
    Jenny S. says:

    Yes, I have made mobiles out of die cuts/stamped images. Also made other stuff to decorate for the holidays.

  • 620

    Very interesting topic this month! I have done quite a few baskets, boxes, and pictures using my paper crafting skills! I just finished my annual Stamp Camp for my gals in my classes. We did a cute Thanksgiving favor…..thanks PTI for all your wonderful items!

  • 621
    Melanie Nass says:

    I’ve used my papercrafting skills to make framed art collages. Excited to see all the fun goodies tonight!!!! Have you all thought about doing trains, there are not a lot of cute sets out there…food for thought 🙂

  • 622
    Joyce W. says:

    Well,different from all of you guys, I have never used my paper crafting skills to create home decor, since I don’t think my hubby really appreciates it. He will never understand why I am crazy about the pattern papers and the stamp sets, etc. I keep my paper crafting quietly to myself, and enjoy myself. it is kind of sad…

  • 623
    Alyssa Clawson says:

    Making home decor items using paper crafting techniques and supplies is so much fun! Especially decorating for parties and holidays! I am in the process of making most of my own holiday decorations this year as a way to cut costs. My PTI goodies are close at hand and these new release items would make my decor even more fabulous and festive!

  • 624
    KathyN says:

    I used some paints and stamps on wood frames many years ago for baby shower and wedding shower gifts. Love your new releases tonight!!

  • 625
    CrazyCurl says:

    Just last month I made a Halloween banner to hang in my family room. It turned out so nice, I’ll be using it again next year. I got lots of compliments on it!

  • 626
    Andrea McCulley says:

    Yes, I made a little bird house ornament from a template that Nichole posted a while back. My list of ideas for my next project is very long and I sure appreciate all of the paper crafting ideas you share in addition to cards!

  • 627
    Mel H says:

    Yes, I’ve used my papercrafting supplies to make lots of items, but last year I made my mother cry when I presented her with a shadowbox heart frame that had a my favorite photo of my sisters and my parents. She said it was her favorite gift last year, and she has it hanging right inside the door where everyone can see it. Totally worth the time and effort to see her love it so.

  • 628
    Joan E. says:

    I took a class on making a bouquet of flowers in a flower pot. I love it, and I have it displayed in my home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 629
    Jennifer S says:

    Yes! I have used my papercrafting supplies to decorate picture frames, decorate votive candle holders, and a few other things. I once used foam board and scrapbook paper to make a really cute framed scrapbook page. I love to make name frames for baby gifts! Haven’t made a banner though, YET!!

  • 630
    Stephanie says:

    I made a beautiful topiary using paper flowers to cover the styrofoam balls. I made this for my office. I don’t have a grren thumb so this gave me great joy to create a beautiful floral arrangment I couldn’t kill.

  • 631
    Sharon D says:

    I guess I haven’t really made any papercraft home decor–unless setting out the most recent card I made counts. This is a great release!

  • 632
    Heidi Stock says:

    I made a cute monogram wall hanging using my Silhouette, some black PTI felt, some red PTI buttons… and I put it all on a small square box lid-turned ‘canvas’ covered with light blue vintage dotted fabric. It’s on the wall next to my wall collage of mirrors, framed art and family photos 🙂

    And this week I’m going to make a “JOY” banner for Christmas (I think I’ve already procrastinated past Thanksgiving)!

  • 633
    Angela H. says:

    Yep — various wall art, a couple banners, Christmas ornaments, calendars…makes all those craft supplies even more versatile!

  • 634
    Amy Dann says:

    I made a paper alphabet that I have taped in my daughter’s room to help her with her ABCs. It worked! She’s an expert now! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Such a great month of new goodies!

  • 635
    Mary Webb says:

    No. I’m relatively new to papercrafting, but Papertrey Ink products make me excited to try!

  • 636
    christina cook says:

    i’ve used paper crafting for decorating my kids bedrooms and in picure frames

  • 637
    Jennie C says:

    This is a hard one to answer! I decorated a clock face to give as a gift once. I’ve made lots of ornaments for all my nieces and nephews with various techniques. One of my favorite things is the trivet I use made from a ceramic tile with stamping on the surface.

  • 638
    Julie says:

    Nope not yet, but think about it all the time (that’s a start, right?)

  • 639
    June says:

    Have always enjoyed making things-years ago when I was first married I stenciled all of my Christmas tags for my family gifts. Another year my sister and I made tree skirts for our Christmas tree. I have even made paper crafts with my Kindergarten students-they stenciled with paint a Christmas card for their parents!

  • 640
    Lesley says:

    Other than the odd Christmas decoration, I’ve never been brave enough to make something to display around my home…I’m still a bit shy with my abilities!

  • 641
    Maria Goniotaki says:

    I have used rubber stamps combined with calligraphy to make wall art. I have also rubberstamped on material to create pillowcases and duvets.

  • 642

    I made a halloween tree for halloween this year, and I plan on making a Christmas tree as well. I have also made Christmas ornaments to put on the tree. I haven’t made anything to keep out all year long yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  • 643
    kerry davis says:

    I sure have! A few years ago I made “name frames” for my whole family as Christmas presents. They still have them on their walls today. And most recently, I decorated w/ cutout leaves and had everyone in our family write what they are thankful for.

  • 644
    Michele says:

    I have created multiple christmas decorating items before; paper strip trees, pinecone ornaments, and a paper strip wreath. I won a Christmas decorating contest at work because of them :).

  • 645
    Sandy Glin says:

    I made several Christmas Countdown Snowmen for gifts this year . . . so excited about the release!

  • 646
    Janette Childs says:

    I make all kinds of home decor… frames, magnet boards, banners, etc. That new Papertrey Banner collection rocks! Would make decorating easy, fun, and beautiful!

  • 647
    Brittney Mitchell says:

    I have never created anything for my home. I have thought about it but I am not confident enough yet to display my work. I am taking baby steps and getting there soon.

  • 648
    Robin H. says:

    I have never used crafting for home decor but would love to start! The banner sets seem like a fabulous way of doing it. Thanks so much for all the amazing products this release

  • 649
    Ketha says:

    I’ve made several things, mainly during the Holidays…name cards for dinners, place mats too, “hint” cards for hubby to locate his Valentine…wreaths, labels for jars and containers in pantry and bookmarks for Bible Study group… Looking forward to the release…

  • 650
    Eva C says:

    Oh yes..I have made many thingsthere are a couple still in the house now. I have a candle and a candle holder that were embellshed with paper crafting techniques (this is my favorite) and I currently have an ornamental sign in my entryway that I made.

  • 651
    Aimee G. says:

    Oh I use my papercraft supplies for everything! I’ve made vinyl wall decorations for my children’s room, paper garlands to hang from the piano, and I use my dies to cut applique for projects made from fabric. My tools and supplies are useful for so much more than just cards and scrapbooks!

  • 652
    Kristi Saeger says:

    I’ve created banners, framed scrapbook pages as art, a hanging advent calendar, ornaments, and helped a friend create large hanging owls cut out of paper for bday party decor.

  • 653
    Jovan says:

    I have not used my paper crafting skills to make home decor. I’ve painted every room in my home and have done some cool technics but no craft decorations.

  • 654
    Ann Lind says:

    I have made many items but my favorite is the advent calendar I have had for years the small pieces have magnets on the back and the tree they go on is backed by a sheet of metal in a frame. I made one for my grandson as well such fun for kids to move the pieces around.

  • 655
    Jen says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! I have used my paper craft supplies to make ornaments, frames, banners, plaques, etc. Have a great evening!

  • 656
    Ivette says:

    My passion has been making ornaments for Christmas. I have an entire tree dedicated to all handmade ornaments. I have stamped on ceramic, glass, wood, paper and whatever else I can find to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes. But I don’t limit myself to only stamping. I have lots of quilled ornaments, which is where my love of paper started!

  • 657
    Karen Mc says:

    Every year I try to make some new home decor items. One year I made a serving tray by stamping on dominos and using them for the surface of the tray. Using the dies to cut fabric and using iron on adhesive is also a way I’ve made table runners. It’s always great to find multiple uses for everything I purchase. A great way to justify getting more 🙂

  • 658
    Robynne says:

    I did and I loved the result. I made a canvas for my sons room when we re-decorated and i loved the outcome – and so did he. A double bonus!

  • 659
    Laurel says:

    I don’t know if this counts as home decor, but I have made a lot of table favors and centerpieces for decorations at church parties.

    Like so many others have already stated, I am so excited to order the banner stamps and matching dies! Talk about home decor!

  • 660
    Jewels says:

    I made a family tree using the original Out on a limb set and got an Honorable mention in the old monthly PTI contest and it still holds a special spot on the wall beside My Dad’s photo (who passed away) I also made a patterned paper mosaic with my Daughters pictures in the center and have them framed and hanging on our photo wall. Paper crafted decor adds such Character to any home and I can not wait to make more!!!

  • 661
    Lauren says:

    I am new to this paper crafting obsession, but it all started with my daughter’s first birthday in July when I made a banner and butterflies to decorate the house. The banner dies would have made my life much easier! Thanks for all of your beautiful products and project ideas, pti!

  • 662
    Janis says:

    I made a faux mosaic mirror frame that now hangs in my craft room. Other than that, mostly just organizers and desk sets. It’s fun to make things for my home that are unique and made to order!

  • 663
    Monica M. says:

    I clearly remember. I made a banner for my husband’s birthday the first year we were married. Everyone thought it was cute, and my husband wanted to know when I had time to make it. By the way, great release!

  • 664
    Marybeth says:

    Yes I have. Ive made place cards, and i have even made banners before . cant wait to use the new banner dies from payertray

  • 665
    Annette P says:

    Yes. For Mother’s day I filled small vases with a single color m&m, then used my punches to make flowers on pipe-cleaner stems. I made one for all the Mothers in my family to take home, but first used them to decorate the mantel.

  • 666
    Gigi says:

    Making papercrafts for home decor is one affordable way I’ve been able to decorate my home. I’ve used dies and punches to make wreaths as well as paper flowers to make paper flower arrangements to put in vases. I can’t imagine not ever using my paper crafting materials and tools to make something beautiful and decorative for my home!

  • 667
    Christine N says:

    Yes, and I mostly make collages for wall art but I’ve made numerous altered items!

  • 668
    Wahinelei says:

    Yes!!! I recently altered a frame for a poem that my friend sent me. I was so pleased with the way it turned out! It was WAY better than any store bought frame and the poem is even more special to me now.

    If you’d like to check it out, you can see it here:

  • 669
    Susan Buckley says:

    Haven’t used any papercrafting in home decor YET – but that’s all about to change. Can’t wait to get some of the releases for this month.

  • 670
    Mary (Happy Now) says:

    I have made several home decor items, but I often give those away as gifts… I am thrilled with some covered JOY letters and a chipboard Thankful banner that I do have, though!

    Awesome release! Fingers crossed!

  • 671
    Sara Roberts says:

    I’ve made picture frames, decorations for the mantel, and I even decorated a doll house my supplies.

  • 672
    Ilissa Willing says:

    I’ve used my supplies to make a 15×15 frame scrapbook layout, like twice…for each child. I love what’s coming out in a few,. Thanks

  • 673
    Kellie B says:

    I have not. I am a collector of supplies…I found that I really do use those supplies to make cards. I stuggle to make some of the other things that I think I will make.

  • 674
    Angela Person says:

    I’ve made decorated picture frames, banners and used the paper to make stencils for sewing projects.

  • 675
    Barb says:

    I’ve always made boxes, covered containers, picture frames, wraps, ribbon flowers, treat boxes and the like. When you are a paper crafter you get into all sorts of fun things. The joy of giving is so much fun when you make it yourself.

  • 676
    Anthonette says:

    I made a Halloween banner this year. Congrats on your release this month! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies.

  • 677
    Chris C. says:

    I made a Halloween banner with my paper craft supplies. My husband helped and used stamps for the first time. We had a blast!

  • 678
    calliezant says:

    I have not used paper crafting to create home decor…but I have for party favors-thanks to PTI!!!! Thanks again for another inspirational release!

  • 679
    lindsey says:

    Yes, I have made a few modge podge signs with pictures and words for my kids’ room. So much fun!

  • 680
    Cassi says:

    Yes, of course! My first home decor project was creating artwork to hang above our couch. I purchased 3-12×12 canvases of varying thickness, paint, modge podge, and some Amy Butler Patterend Paper (also 12×12) and went to work. It turned out great and is still on display. Since then I’ve tried my hand at other things like a banner for grandfather’s mantle and picture frames for my nieces and nephews. I just love the November Release, thanks PTI!

  • 681
    melissa sibert says:

    I have made a WELCOME banner for my entryway at the front door, and have made several painted and stamped canvases for inside my living room. I have also done some stamped things with photos to hang up as well. I like the way I can custom design things to go with my decor and not spend a lot. It adds a personal touch.

  • 682

    I enjoy making various wall hangings for our home- just some spruced up little quotes and monogrammed things. One of my favorites is making a sort of box lid out of cardstock and stamping my boys’ handprints on them every year. They hang just like artist’s canvases, but I’ll be able to trim them and put them in an album when they’re no longer room decor. All of your awesome ideas this week have my wheels turning and thinking up new ways to use papercrafting in our celebrations. Thank you so so so much for all your hard work & sharing your talent with us!

  • 683
    Carol says:

    Yes, I have! I recently made a banner for my scrap room and I’ve even made a few pictures frames.

  • 684

    I have made used pattern paper to cover letters to make initials! I think that is about it! Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

  • 685
    Nancy Thomas says:

    I’ve made tons of home decor items including Christmas ornaments, a recipe box, Halloween decorations, etc.

  • 686
    Anita says:

    I have used my papercrafting supplies to make decorations for birthday parties and holidays…and a few picture frames, alterables and such. I would like to try more…like canvases and vinyl. So excited for the new release it looks like it is going to be awesome!

  • 687