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With an impending move into our new home in mid-December, I wanted to be sure to get most of my holiday shopping/preparations done early this year.  As I said in my post yesterday, I got all of my homemade tags done to be used when wrapping all of my gifts.  Now my shopping is complete too.  I did most of it online a few weeks ago and the packages began pouring in last week.  It was so nice to make a list, jump onto the computer and have it all done with just a few clicks.  I found so many great items that I thought I would stop in today to share some of my favorite finds with you!

The gift of luxury…

Foot duvets
These Luxury Plush Foot Duvets from Restoration Hardware are a steal!  When they arrived, I was so impressed with the quality for such an inexpensive gift!  They are normally $20 a pair, but until November 30th, they are on sale for a mere $16!  The interior is so soft and luxurious, you will definitely want a pair for yourself.  

Hot Cocoa Ensemble
I will be pairing these up with some mugs and homemade hot cocoa mix so the recipient can have the gift of a cozy night in.

For the cook…

Italian Herb Garden
I loved this Italian Windowsill Herb Garden so much, I ordered one for myself as well!  It includes three little antiqued Guy Wolff pots, a metal carrying basket, snippers, plant markers with an antique finish, seeds, jute bag to hold everything and even the growing medium.  And it's only $27!  It comes in a gorgeous presentation box that is easy to wrap and will be impressive to the recipient!

Olive Cookbook Stand
I actually purchased this metal cookbook stand for my new kitchen, then when it arrived, I loved it so much that I ordered a few additional ones as gifts!  It is a nice heavy metal, complete with attached paperweights to hold your pages open to the recipe you are working with.  It shows beautiful craftsmanship and I am so pleased with it.  I know anyone who loves to cook would just love to receive this!  The price tag is a mere $34, so it will fit in almost any budget!

I love almost anything from Paula Deen.  She has her name on so many things now, from cookware to furniture.  Two of my favorite things from her cooking line are these two gift ideas that I purchased for a few of the people on my list.

Wooden Spoons

These wooden spoons are THE best wooden spoons, ever!  They are very substantial, made from solid acacia wood.  They have copper plated rings for hanging, if the recipient wishes.  They feel so incredibly good in your hand and are a real treat to use in the kitchen!  And you can't beat the price of only $10 for the set of two!  I am packaging these up with one of my absolute FAVORITE reads for this year…

Homemade Life cover

A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table is a wonderful book by Molly Wizenberg that is based on a blog that she began a few years ago.  She made the discovery that favorite recipes are not only favorite recipes because they taste good.  They are usually favorite recipes because there is a memory or story associated with it that brings back that moment every time you prepare or indulge in it.  The book is full of her personal favorite recipes and the stories & memories she identifies them with.  Not only are the recipes to die for, but her stories are unbelievably beautiful and well-written.  I would call it a cookbook with heart, something anyone would enjoy receiving and using.

Paula Deen measuring spoons

And for something a bit more extravagant, this set of measuring spoons is one of the most beautiful things that I've ever laid eyes on!  The set of four pewter spoons comes with a stand to hang them on, perfect for leaving out on the counter so they are always easy to access.  I haven't gotten a set for myself yet, but they will be coming to live at my house soon too!

Recipe box
Every cook loves a new recipe or two to try.  When giving gifts like those above, I always like to include a few of my favorites.  This year I am including them on the specialty recipe cards I designed to coordinate with our Recipe Box stamp set.  If you have the time, any cook would also love a homemade recipe box to match!  Something like that truly becomes a family heirloom!

For the bookworm…

I just LOVE giving books as gifts.  You can ask any of my dear friends about that because they pretty much get a book for every occasion!  I never give a book that I haven't read myself and I love pairing a books personality with the recipient.  If you haven't read any of the following suggestions, this is your excuse to indulge so you can make well-informed decisions when purchasing gifts this holiday season!

Winter Garden cover
My absolute favorite book that I have read this year is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  Kristin is an incredible author, actually one of the best in my opinion.  This book will transform the lucky recipient; the story consumes you to the point where you cannot put it down, causing you to reflect and think about the characters even when the book is not in hand. It makes you appreciate what you have and hold your family a little tighter.  It is a must read and any avid bookworm would thank you for such an amazing gift!  

Forbidden Garden cover
I mentioned this little number here on the blog when I read it this summer, but it bears repeating!  The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton is a wonderful, wonderful read, especially for those that love historical novels.  It has everything a gal could want from a book; love, suspense, mystery and everything that comes along with it!  Just fabulous, a real, honest-to-goodness page turner!

Grounded cover
The above selections are definitely more geared towards female readers, so how about one of my favorites that is fantastic for anyone, no matter their gender?  Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World by Seth Stevenson is amazing book for people with an adventurous spirit that may not get as many opportunities as they like for world travel.  This true story involves a couple selling all of their belongings and traveling around the world without utilizing any airplanes.  So their journey involves freighters & ships, trains & cars.  It is fascinating how much we miss by getting from point A to point B on an airplane that only allows us to see the sky.  I really enjoyed this book and anyone that loves to travel, or even the idea of it, would enjoy it as well!

Pair any of these books up with a homemade bookmarkcozy blanket

Tea portfolio

…or a favorite brand of tea (packaged pretty of course) and you will be so appreciated! 

For the men on your list…

I ordered this Utili-Key for several of the men on my list.  Almost every guy is obsessed with gadgets and this one can't be beat for $12.  This handy tool can be kept on a key ring and includes Phillips, flat-head & eyeglass screwdrivers.  It also includes a bottle-opener and straight & serrated blades.  This handy little tool comes in an impressive gift box that makes it easy to wrap and perfect for giving!

Snack mix
I am including some homemade snack mix with the Utili-Keys for the men on my list.  I love putting things like this in our wax-lined, windowed coffee bags because it makes it look so special and polished.  Not to mention, it is an inexpensive way to store the mix in an nearly air-tight way without having to pay for pricey tins.

Bird ornaments
Both my father-in-law & grandfather LOVE birds.  They love to sit and watch them flitting around their yard from feeder to feeder and when I talk to them on the phone they love to discuss what species is a frequent visitor in the current season.  I knew when I found these wooden bird ornaments that they would be the perfect gift.  They are hand-carved and painted and are SO detailed and amazing.  Totally worth the $24 price tag.  

Attracting Birds cover
I am pairing them up with this fantastic book about attracting birds to the backyard.  It contains 536 ways to create a haven for birds outdoors.  It has 320 pages of wonderful photos, tips & tricks with a price tag of only $15!

Bird House

And how fun will it be for me to include this little bird house made from red papers, filled with bird seed?

For the kids (and kid-at-heart!)

Stencil kit
I love this little stencil kit (especially that it comes with proper storage to keep it all together!)  I have a few young cousins, nieces & nephews that love doing anything creative and this little gifts fits the bill perfectly. The stencils allow you to create custom faces or zoo animals with ease.  It comes with markers, stencils, paper and this cute little tin box to store it all in.  All for $10!

Temporary tattoos

As soon as I saw these temporary tattoo sets, I could hardly contain myself!  They are such a clever idea!  Kids can transform their hands into robots, dinosaurs, zoo animals, monsters and more!  A single tattoo is applied to the side of their hand, allowing them to transform them into portable playmates!  Especially fun when you get siblings or friends to participate with you to put on an entire puppet show!  I loved them so much,  I ordered them for every kid on my list!!!

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Do you remember friendship bracelets from a few decades back?  Remember safety-pinning them to your jeans as you worked on them?  I used to love making them and as soon as I saw this little kit, I knew it was the perfectly thing for some pre-teen girls on my list.  It comes with several colors of floss, instructions, safety pins and complete instructions for a few different styles of bracelets.  All in a little storage tin and only $13.

Flip book kit

I don't know about you, but I used to love making flip books as a kid.  Holding the stack of index cards in your hand and flipping through them quickly as you watched the object seem to come to life with animation!  This little kit comes with two pre-drawn flip books that can be colored in, two blank flip books so they can draw their own, 6 markers and four clips to hold the books together.  A great activity and loads of fun for only $12.

Knock knock
I am making several of the kids in our family this little knock-knock joke book to be tucked into their packages as well.  My kids just LOVE to tell jokes and I think almost all kids are the same way!  It is a quick and easy little project (especially with the FREE download that I shared with you) that will bring a few giggles into their Christmas Day!

Cupcake Take Along
I also have a few little girls that I am making Cupcake Take Alongs for.  This little gift always goes over SO well!  I like to include a small cupcake pan and a whisk with the gift.  If you really want to make an impression, you can include a personalized apron!  This gift makes little girls fell so "grown-up" when they get their own baking supplies!

I hope some of you might find this little helpful as you complete that holiday shopping list!  Do you have any favorite finds for this year?  Any homemade gifts that you've blogged about recently that you care to share?  I would love to see what your plans are!  I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday weekend!


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  • 1
    betty lou says:

    Thank you for sharing such great gift ideas, Nichole!!! I’m a giver of books (and hopefully, a receiver!!), also! One of my favorite finds was on Etsy for my great nieces – – darling little initial necklaces that are packaged in tiny cupcake holders! Thanksgiving blessings!!

  • 2
    Jenn Copeland says:

    What great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  • 3
    Kathy Archer says:

    great ideas, just ordered slippers for two people on my list thanks for sharing

  • 4
    pai says:

    wow nichole, you have some lucky gifgt recipients. theses are great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  • 5

    I enjoyed reading this post. I spied lots of lovely gifts. Good luck with the move to your new home. I wish you many, many happy years there with your family.

  • 6
    Laura Isham says:

    Oh, Nichole! Thanks so much for taking the time to list all of these lovely gift ideas in one spot. I will totally be coming back to this post to help me in a pinch when I start Christmas shopping!

  • 7
    Helen F. says:

    Fabulous ideas, Nicole. Thanks for the help~it’s really appreciated.
    Wow, can’t believe you are moving next month. It seems like just yesterday you posted about buying the land. How wonderful for you and your family. Wishing you many Blessings in your new home!

  • 8
    nkmac says:

    PS…that is exatly how I shop 1 for you 1 for me!!!

  • 9
    Priscilla from California says:

    Wow, you are a great shopper. What wonderful, unique, inexpensive gifts. Would you be my personal shopper?

  • 10
    sharon says:

    Way Helpful Nichole…..I actually saw some of those zoo tins yesterday and it didn’t click!!(mind you, in a shop in Bondi Junction, Sydney Australia LOL) Will have to check them out online somewhere now…..thanks for the inspiration

  • 11
    Katie {choc0holic} says:

    As if I don’t already spend enough money with PTI…now you’ve got me covered for Christmas shopping as well. You’re such a huge help Nichole!!!

  • 12
    Dana says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share these terrific gift tips and book suggestions! The gears in my head are just a-moving now!
    Good luck on your move! Not the best time of year but I’m sure you’re excited to be in your new place for Christmas! It will be a sight to behold and I wish I knew you personally and could presume an invitation! πŸ˜‰

  • 13
    Elaine Allen says:

    Nichole –

    Thank you so very much for such wonderful ideas! Believe me they helped, I am so far behind. I wanted to wish you tons of luck with your move to your new house. You must be over the moon! I’ve been following the blog with the construction and I am in love with the location and the house. Much Happiness there.

    Elaine Allen

  • 14
    Mandy from Canada says:

    I am such a fan of Kate Morton and I have read her other book House at Riverton AWESOME just as good as The Forgotten Garden and I have her new one The Distant Hours I just started it, but I’m sure it’ll be just as good also!

  • 15
    Danielle says:

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful gift ideas, and book recommendations!

  • 16
    Brooke says:

    I can’t believe your place is nearly finished. It’s come along so quickly and I’m sure will be the most perfect gift for you and your family to move in.

    Love the gift ideas. I tend to either go completely homemade or completely store bought and am shocked that I never thought to pair a book with a homemade bookmark! Silly me! I’ve picked up some great gifts this year too and am most happy with a little toddler friendly photo album of family members that I’ve created.

  • 17
    Laurie says:

    WOW, what fantastic gift ideas. How sweet of you to share. Wish I was on your list.

  • 18
    Holly F. says:

    Where do you find the time and inspiration? I have to agree, RH better thank you as I just ordered slippers! My puppy just ate one of mine about timing. One for me and another for a gift. Can’t wait to try them out.

  • 19

    Wow, Nichole…. I’ve been blog hopping a lot today, and can’t believe your wonderful post. How generous of you to share your shopping finds, prices, discounts, packaging ideas, etc. Are you related to Santa? Thank you so much!!!

  • 20
    Jeanne says:

    Thank you doe sharing these wonderful gift finds. I love the packaging that you have personalized so well! I love the details and how thoughtful it is to “wrap it up” with loving thoughts. I know you are so organized to have your shopping and most of your wrapping underway. Now, you can spend your next couple of weeks planning and organizing in you new wonderful home!

  • 21
    eleftheria says:

    i love ALL the ideas!!And i m really happy you re moving in your new house soon

  • 22
    Sally says:

    Thank you so much for these clever ideas. I have read “the Forgotten Garden” and I am giving it as a christmas gift.
    May God bless your new home and continue to bless your business!

  • 23
    SueB says:

    Love all of these ideas – you are always so good about sharing your genius with us. Thank you!

  • 24
    Kathy Martin says:

    Love all your gift ideas! Those down booties look very tempting! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the shares!

  • 25
    β™₯Wendi says:

    You are amazing! Such wonderful gifts with such creativity to go with them. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the ideas and for the inspiration!

  • 26
    Susan T says:

    Wow!!! You are talking the whole package here. Your gifts are so thoughtful and coordinated greatly together. Thanks for expanding my holiday ideas to give my gifts the extra touch.

    This year I am making cards sets to give as gifts. Hoping my recipients will love the homemade touch. Maybe I will pair it with a nice pen?

    Thanks for all you do. I was just thinking last night while working on my cards how grateful I was for the whole PTI gang. Good luck with the move.

  • 27
    Donna Simpson says:

    You have given me so many ideas! I really love the joke book idea. This is perfect for a little someone on my list. You are the best!

  • 28
    Cindy H. says:

    Wow, what wonderful suggestions!! I love all the gifts you made to go with them, too. tfs

  • 29
    Chris B says:

    Thanks for sharing the great gift ideas. My boys will love the tattoos.

  • 30
    Lori Winters says:

    Hey, great gift ideas…. however, for my friends, the best gift would be a stamp set from PTI!! : )

  • 31
    Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for all the great gift inspiration! Lots of GREAT stuff! (=

  • 32
    diane mcvey says:

    Wow, I thought Martha S. was special…but you’ve got her beat hands down! I would surely love to be on YOUR gift list! Your recipients are going to be elated. I can’t imagine getting a gift with papercrafted things to go with it. Very awesome. WOW!

  • 33
    Verona H says:

    I am reading and enjoying “The Forgotten Garden”, I didnt remember that it was you who introduced it to me. —and I ordered two pairs of houseshoes. I like your taste in many things. I had such a fun time catching up on your new home this morning. May you have many years of happiness and peace there.

  • 34
    Renee Lynch says:

    My first question is…will you just add me to your gift list? πŸ™‚ Amazing gift ideas! I thought I was pretty good with online shopping and finding some unique little things, but no way do I compare to you! Thank you so much for sharing, and if I wasn’t almost finished with my own shopping for this year, I would so case your finds!
    Second question…will you do a similar post for next year but maybe in September/October so I CAN case your ideas…? πŸ™‚
    Had Kristin Hannah on preorder with amazon for Winter Garden for a few months, such a beautiful story. She has new one coming…tried to win an ARC but no luck. And since you enjoy her, have you tried Jodi Picoult? She is my absolute fav writer for those emotional stories, though I didn’t enjoy her last one as much.
    Good luck on the move! You’re very brave to be doing it during the Holidays, I admire your courage. Merry Christmas!

  • 35
    Mish says:

    Oh wow Nichole, you’ve really outdone yourself here. All of these gift ideas are fabulous and well thought out. Good for you for getting your shopping done early!

  • 36
    Shelly K says:

    Great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    I bought up 8 Utili Keys 10 years ago when I was working at Eddie Bauer – we all still have them and couldn’t live without them on our key rings. Throw one in with the camping kitchen tools too! The men will love em! (keep one for yourself)

  • 37
    Roberta says:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing so much more than your wonderful project ideas.

  • 38
    Marcia Truslow says:

    Thanks for the great Xmas gift ideas! I ordered some (many)!

  • 39
    Steph H says:

    Thank you Nicole for sharing your incredible, unique finds. After reading you blog today, I got a jump-start on my holiday shopping. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 40
    Stacy W. says:

    Such great ideas! I love when you review books. I never get the time I want for reading but have so many people who do. This always gives me an idea of a book to give to someone else and so far you have never steered me in the wrong direction πŸ˜‰ all the recipients have enjoyed the books I have bought them after I read your reviews. I hope your move goes well and that you find time to enjoy the holidays πŸ™‚

  • 41
    Helen says:

    Love these ideas! Actually saw a few I can use for my MIL..she’s a tough one and her birthday is in December, too!

    I am going to try to FIND someone to give the cupcake take-along to..that was totally darling.

    Thanks for sharing, Helen

  • 42
    Meg says:

    Thanks for such wonderful gift ideas. I ordered 5 pairs of the foot duvets and also added 5 cashmere covered hand warmers to my order. I do love your taste!

  • 43
    Pat Cirrincione says:

    These ideas are just waiting to be done – beautiful creativity! Could spend my life doing these things!

  • 44
    Home theater interior design says:

    Wow, you are a Perfect shopper and your gifts ideas are innovative and interesting too.. Hope ur new home will come out well…

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