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t1658o house #1658!  Would that happen to be you?  I made this project for the latest special issue from Paper Crafts entitled Room to Room.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you just HAVE to get a copy!  It has 283 super easy ideas for altering/creating home decor projects all with paper crafting supplies!  I just love being able to take the supplies I normally hoard and make something that I get to look at everyday rather then just a card, which the recipient may or may not keep.  I got SEVERAL ideas from it that I plan on using to create gifts for people this Christmas.

So, back to the subject at hand, I made this project for the issue.  It’s a house number plaque to hang in a porch or sun room.  I used numbers that I thought visually balanced each other out, not even THINKING as to what in the world I would do with it after it had been photographed for the magazine!  So I want to pass it along to one of you who just HAPPENS to live at house #1658!  Leave a comment here, and IF there is more than one person who lives at #1658, I will randomly draw a name.  I’ll share who the recipient will be tomorrow!


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    diane mcvey says:

    That is SO awesome, I wish I could say that was my address! Any chance you have a 28952 that you don’t need??!! *grin* Your plaque is beautiful, that’s gonna be one lucky lady that gets it! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Karen Lazar says:

    Well, I live at 4658. Maybe we could change the one to a four? Love the sign. It just goes with my decor. Oh so close, but maybe not close enough…

  • 3

    What a fun project and little giveaway! Alas, I live about seven thousand numbers away!

    This will be fun to watch…talk about serendipity!

  • 4
    Doreen says:

    Hi Nicole I registered at the forum and my name deedee appears in the list of members but I cannot post to tell them they are locking me out …my password is correct so I’m stuck in no man’s land! LOL Can you see what is going on???? thanks DD

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    that is a very nice project, Nichole! I wish I could say I lived at 1658 but no such luck! Congrats in advance to the lucky recipient!

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    Mary A says:

    Awesome! Unfortunately, that’s not my address, either… But I have my fingers crossed that you’ll continue to pass along some of your fabulous creations to faithful readers of your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s the scoop on that terrific dome frame you used?

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    DeniseLynn says:

    Hee Hee! We all have the same thoughts here … we don’t have that number but sure would love to have YOU make something for us. I would love to have a Nichole original in my home as inspiration and I see I am so not alone. This is a beautiful idea and now I think I just have to go find that issue in the store, now where are my keys and do I have a few dollars in my wallet!??? *snort*

  • 8
    Julie Brooks says:

    I’d be willing to move! LOL!

  • 9
    Kelly says:

    Wow, it’s gorgeous. What a neat project. Sadly, I live about six blocks away from that number…to bad!! I love the comment from Julie up above that she’d be willing to move! LOL!!

  • 10
    Michelle says:

    What a great idea Nichole! Love this project and I love your new banner, it looks great – visually.

  • 11
    Angie says:

    Great idea!!!! I see myself making a few of those!

    BTW, I just ordered my first PaperTrey sets. I am really looking forward to getting them to make some holiday projects.

  • 12
    Jennifer says:

    WOW, this is my address. It is funny see your house numbers on someone elseโ€™s blog. I would feel honored to have this, it is very creative.

  • 13
    Beth M says:

    My address isn’t even close but think of the conversation starter if I proudly hung it in my entryway!

    Love your work!

  • 14
    *scarlet* says:

    Not my address either, but I am in need of some trivets! *wink* :o)

  • 15
    bichonlover says:

    Well, I ordered the magazine so I could figure out how you made the darling ptac. I think they would make great gifts – could see this in my daughter’s house. Very cute.


  • 16
    K Ostvig says:

    I might have to go check my address book. I have two of the numbers does that count?
    I think its very pretty and you’ve motivated me to think, about what I am going to do for christmas.

  • 17
    Patti says:

    I bought my copy of Room to Room several nights ago and loved this project. It’s wonderful!!! Where did you find the plague?

  • 18
    Patti says:

    I should really preview my posts for typos…lol…that’s plaque not plague.

  • 19
    Jen del Muro says:

    what a cute idea and i’m happy to see that you have a reader that has that address!

  • 20
    Connie says:

    Very neat! I live on a rural route! No house numbers here!

  • 21
    Gina K. says:

    That is fabulous!!! Just great!!

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