So one of the most exciting things about this set is the "trail" stamp I designed!  See, there it is, the stamp we have all been waiting years for!  And the best part is that it coordinates well with Butterfly Kisses too!

I decided to take the trail a step further and create the ability to customize it.  So the new set includes a little "two dot" stamp.  The dots are the same size and spacing as those int he existing trail image.  You simply draw a custom path with pencil.  The path could be completely from scratch or be an extension of the stamped trail image, as shown here.

Then stamp the dots along the path.  It is surprising how much easier this is to do with two dots at a time rather than just one.  (I didn’t incorporate more than two dots on this particular stamp so that the transition to curves is easier to achieve.)

After you have completed your "extension" just erase the lines!  I took it a step further and after I had matted my focal point,I extended the path off onto the red card base.

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