Passion for Papertrey

By April 9, 2007General

Check out what Julie Masse did with her Green Thumb set on her project here.  She used one of the flower stems as a handle to turn the flower pot into a bucket!  So clever!  Bravo, Julie!

I am going to start a new category in the column to the left entitled, Passion for Papertrey.  Whenever I find cool interpretations, like Julie’s above, I will post and categorize them there.  That way you can use it as a reference when you’re in need of some inspiration!

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    Allison says:

    Hi Nichole…due to my forgetfulness, I have added a post on my blog where I document blogs where I have found creations using your stamps:

    That way, when mine arrive (today, maybe?), I’ll know where to go for inspiration. If you wanted to check it out to see more of your stamps in action, that would be swell!

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    Julie Masse says:

    Nicole you have made my week!!!! Thanks for checking out my creations and for you great comments! I really do love these stamps!

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    Chrissylea says:

    I so scared!! I’m going to go play today and submit something!! I haven’t stamped in so long I think I’ve forgotten how!

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    Joanne says:


    Just placed my order for Green Thumb yesterday and I’m so excited to start seeing previews of the next set!

    Thanks to Julie’s awesome work, and Jen’s blogger challenge, I’ve been playing more with my sentiment set, and I love the ease of use with these stamps to get everything exactly where you want to. They ink up so nicely! Well done!

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