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By November 1, 2006The Industry

Ed_board_1Ethan and I left for another adventure on Wednesday last week.  Our destination?  Salt Lake City and Paper Crafts headquarters.  We made it safe and sound.  Although traveling by myself with an infant will always be challenging.  Thursday we spent most of the day at the office. Contract negotiations and CKC brainstorming.  We also did a photo shoot for new headshots and a group shot.  The later part of the afternoon was free, so fellow PC Pro, Alisa, took me to a local scrapbooking store and a few other local attractions.  The entire staff than had a wonderful dinner at Cath Edvalson’s home.  Gorgeous house in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.  She made two different homemade soups that were to die for.  Others contributed warm bread, salad, pumpkin & apple pies.  It was all yummy!  Friday was spent at the Hampton Inn conference room for an Editorial Board meeting.  The entire editorial staff was present along with Kim Kesti, Teri Anderson, Valerie Pingree & Alice Golden.  And of course, myself and the other pros (Alisa & Sue.)  Wendy couldn’t make it out this time, and we missed her so much!  We discussed future issues and did some extensive brainstorming.  Great bunch of gals.  Ethan was pretty well behaved for the whole meeting!  So thankfull for that!  We went out all together for dinner at a local restaraunt.  Good food and fantastic conversation. We headed home Saturday morning.  It is always so nice to get home from a long trip!  I missed Owen & Hannah, my cuddly hubby, my shower, my bed and all of Ethan’s baby gear!

Above is a pic from the editorial board meeting.  (sorry for the poor quality!)

TOP (left-right) myself, Alice Golden, Alisa Bangerter, Susan Neal. 

BOTTOM Kim Kesti, Teri Anderson, Valerie Pingree.

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