Stamp-a-faire Winner: Challenge #10

By July 28, 2011Stamp-a-faire

I apologize for this being a day late.  Right after returning home from Stamp-a-faire, I had to jump right into school preparations for my three little ones.  This is their first year at a new school since moving, so there were lots of extras to take care of, along with meetings and oodles of paperwork.

First day of school
Today was their very first day… this will be the first year that all of them go all day.  I already miss little Ethan!  He's in Pre-K, Hannah is in Third and Owen is in Fourth.  They were excited for all of their new adventures to begin!  This is a quick pic I took with my iPhone (pardon the image quality) before I dropped them off.  They just get so big so fast!

Now onto the REAL reason you are stopping by today!  Without further ado, here is the last Stamp-a-faire challenge winner!



CLICK HERE to read more from Ree.

Big Congratulations to Ree for her win!  She will be receiving a free Iconic Images stamp set along with the official Stamp-a-faire tote!  Ree, be sure to email customer service with your shipping info so we can get that out to you!  And thanks to everyone who played along with this last challenge!  I swear our customers get more and more talented as the months go by!

P.S. Cath over at the Moxie Fab World blog is featuring several of our stamps today and is doing a HUGE giveaway that you may want to check out!  Tell her Nichole sent ya!!! *wink*

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  • 1
    Donna K says:

    It’s been so much fun to see what has come out of these challenges. So many great ideas and cool to see Papertrey stamps and products used in so many different ways.

  • 2
    June K. says:

    Your children are adorable, Nichole. What a busy life you lead with your family and business (and anything else).

  • 3
    Kathy Mc says:

    What a special memory to cherish of your three adorable children! Congrats to Ree and such intriguing challenges for the SAF.

  • 4
    diane mcvey says:

    Gosh, I remember when Ethan was BORN!!! It doesn’t seem possible that he could be going to school already. The time surely flies by, doesn’t it. . .
    Your children are adorable. I’m sure they will love their new school, as they love their new home! What a beautiful place it is. . . best of luck for a wonderful school year!

  • 5
    Ohhh Snap says:

    I hope they had a wonderful first of school! I’m thinking you used the note die :D.

  • 6

    What sweet little kiddos!
    My youngest is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks; lots of mixed emotions there….
    Btw, thanks for the heads up about the Moxie Fab World give away!

  • 7
    Kathy H says:

    Your kids are cute, but school already?!!! You’re a trooper,Nichole, for being able to juggle the Stamp A Faire and getting your kids ready too.
    Congratulations Ree!

  • 8

    What a beautiful family you have. I loved watching your new home become a reality and loved the little race you had for the kids and hubby. I am a great grandmother who got into card making because of PTI and I love it. I met you at the CHA summer show in Orlando. It was so crowded but it was so much fun. One of my many happy memories. Give your kiddos a kiss from me. I know they will do well in school. I will keep them and you in my prayers.

  • 9
    SueB says:

    Such an adorable photo of your kids. Wow! They start school early!

  • 10
    diane oliver says:

    Nicole I LOVE viewing the photo of your kids. Reminds me of my grandkids (9-5-2 1/2) They must keep you busy I’m amazed at all you can do with a young family to boot. Amazing. I hope they have a great first day! Hugs.

  • 11

    Beautiful children! Yes, they do grow up fast…faster it seems after they go to school. As a mother and grandmother, who has adult children and five adult grandchildre, the last one graduated from high school this year, I, at times, would like to turn the clock back! Just enjoy every single day to the best that you can with them. Corrine Ann

  • 12
    Cindy Coutts says:

    Oh wow school sure did start early in TN! When I was in KY, we still would have had a few weeks left. They do grow up fast, but you’ll learn to love the “me” time during the day which makes the evenings just all that more special. You can get your chores done during the day and much faster, dinner faster, everything faster but at a slower pace without having the kids with you. Clear as mud? This is just a new phase of their lives and yours, and just as enjoyable as when they were home too, but in a different way. God bless!

  • 13
    Juanita in Ohio says:

    Aaaaawe, the children are beautiful! I cannot believe it is time for school to start, where is the summer going?? CONGRATULATIONS, Ree that is a great card. TFS.

  • 14
    peggysue says:

    Wow, cannot believe school is starting by you already! They look so cute!

  • 15
    Sharon D from Canada says:

    Congrats to Ree! And thanks for a fun challenge, Nichole!

  • 16
    Sharon D says:

    Your kids are so cute! Thanks for sharing that pic!

  • 17
    Susan Wesley says:

    Such adorable kiddies!! I can’t believe how big they are getting!! Good luck to them at their new school!

  • 18
    Kristin says:

    Hard to believe how fast our “littles” (as Dawn says- which i love!) grow up. My youngest starts PreK this year too and my oldest is in 2nd. Crazy… just yesterday I could’ve sworn she was in diapers and he was running around the house with a *Thomas the train* in both hands 🙂

    thanks again for the opportunity to “play” at home!

    I didn’t enter any of the challenges since I ordered enough to get my own Iconic images set- wanted to make sure those who couldn’t got a fair chance. But i still made LOTS of cards that day! 🙂

  • 19
    Cindy H. says:

    Oh, Nichole, your children are so adorable and look so cute in their new outfits! Hope their first day of school is fun.

    Congrats to Ree!

  • 20
    Linda E says:

    Your children are adorable!! Enjoy every moment, they will be off to college before you know it. Can’t believe it is back to school time already either.

  • 21
    Roxann says:

    Nicole, your children are so precious! {{Hugs}} to them for sharing you with us for Stamp-a-faire! Wow, they start school early in your area. I hope their first day is one of many happy memories in the making.

  • 22
    Lisa says:

    This is the sweetest looking little trio Nichole! My goodness they had to start back so early. Blessigns on your day!

  • 23
    Kris McGinn says:

    WOW! School starts early there! I remember the days when we didn’t start till after Labor Day – OK, I know I am aging myself. Your children are adorable in their new uniforms! I remember it well – mine are 25 and 29, so those days are long gone for me. Sometimes I still miss that stage, but adult children are SO MUCH FUN!

  • 24
    Paula says:

    School already? It isn’t even August yet!

  • 25
    LuAnn in AZ says:

    What a beautiful trio! You must be so happy and proud to me their Mom… They are so fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful Mother. Fall brings with it a special kind of energy as we all get back “on schedule” and everyone begins all the new assignments and after school activities that come with it. It is my favorite time of year. New shoes, new school supplies, new teacher and hopefully some new friends! And don’t forget… the gorgeous Fall leaves and cool weather that comes. Hooray for FALL.

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