Color Trends: What Are the Hottest Colors This Fall?

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[img] Fall color trendsJust like fashion, every season certain colors are trendier than others. Pantone, the company that created the universal language of color, recently announced their top 10 fall 2018 color predictions and it’s full of bright and vibrant colors. The best part – many of the colors are very similar to our classic Papertrey Ink colors. We’d be on trend for years now!

Red Pear

Red Pear isn’t your typically Hollywood red-carpet red. It’s more of a mix of burgundy and a perfect glass of your favorite red wine. While a shade lighter, our Americana color is similar to Red Pear. Americana is perfect for all those colorful red leaves, apples, and more this fall.

Valiant Poppy

Valiant Poppy is a muted bright red color. It’s the perfect accent color without screaming for attention. Our Pure Poppy might be a bit brighter than Valiant Poppy, but it makes a great accent or statement color in all your fall card designs.

Nebulas Blue

Nebulas Blue is that beautiful shade of blue that you didn’t know you wanted. It’s the Super Blue Blood Moon meets Arctic and works great in many designs. Our Blueberry Sky is slightly lighter but gives off the same natural vibe as Nebulas Blue.

Ceylon Yellow

Ceylon Yellow is spicy mustard meets sunflower. If you’re looking for the perfect shade of yellow for autumn leaves, look no further than Ceylon Yellow or our Saffron Spice. Our Saffron Spice will take you all the way through Thanksgiving.

Martini Olive

We all love to picture the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of fall, but once the leaves drop, the earth turns an earthy green and brown until the snow falls. Martini Olive not only looks like a delicious olive cocktail but the color of fall once the leaves drop. Our Olive Twist is the perfect match to Martini Olive.

Russet Orange

You can’t have fall without Russet Orange. Pumpkins, squash, leaves, and even pumpkin spice lattes – orange is a color you need! Our Clayton Clay orange is perfect for all our new fall stamp sets and die collections.

Ultra Violet

Purple is always in no matter what season. Traditionally the color of royalty, Ultra Violet is a gorgeous shade of purple that can be used almost anywhere in your card designs. Our Amethyst Allure is an excellent alternative to Ultra Violet.

Crocus Petal

Our floral stamp sets and die collections continue to be the most popular products year after year. Flowers are a great way to add a little color to any design, and we love our purples. In fact, we have six different shades of purple! Our Plum Pudding is similar to Crocus Petal, one of Pantone’s top fall colors.


Limelight is a bit of a yellow-greenish color that might not top your list of favorite colors, but it makes a great accent color. Our Limeade Ice is a lighter shade of Limelight and a great color to use as your primary or accent color in your designs.

Quetzal Green

Introduced by Meghan Markle during her engagement announcement, Quetzal Green is one gorgeous color. Unfortunately, we don’t quite have a similar color in our color palette, but we do love our Tropical Teal, which is a lighter and more tropical beach color.

We’re excited to try some of these new colors in our fall card designs. Will you be incorporating any of these trendy colors in your designs?

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