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2017 was an incredible year for Papertrey Ink. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in February and we look forward to celebrating our 11th in a few short months. When we first started Papertrey Ink over 10 years ago, we had no idea where it would go, but thanks to all of you, we’re heading to great places!

Since it’s the end of the year, we thought we’d take a look down memory lane and relive some of our favorite memories from this past year and share a few sneak peaks for the coming year.

1. Our 10th Anniversary

On February 15, 2017, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a big celebration. For 10 days, we celebrated our milestone online with blog posts, a special stitching project from Lizzie Jones, and lots of giveaways. Our special anniversary set – Grand Finale – was a big hit with all of you and we loved seeing all your creations.

2. Stamp-A-Faire

We held our sixth annual online Stamp-a-faire in August. It’s one of our favorites events each year because we love seeing your creations. For over a week we challenged you to bring your projects and designs to new heights. And boy did you guys deliver! Since we were celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, we challenged you to use traditional anniversary gifts, like paper, wood, and bronze, to make your designs.

3. Live Release Party

On October 1st, 2017, we held our first ever Release Party Live on Facebook! Who doesn’t love a live party? So many of you joined us for this fun event. Designers Stephanie Gold and Lizzie Jones shared some of their projects and answered all your questions. Congratulations to our lucky giveaway winners and look for more live release parties in 2018!

4. New Product Designers

In 2017, we welcomed two new product designers – Kimberly Crawford and Rebecca Luminarias. Kimberly, a former elementary school teacher turned passionate paper crafter, introduced two kits, Modern + Marbled and Envelope Envy. Rebecca, a graphic designer from Orange County, California and Papertrey Ink Packaging Ambassador, brought us Good Tidings.

5. New Die Series

Betsy Veldman introduced the new Mix & Mat die series this past year, which became an instant hit. With Betsy’s clever design, each collection contained three dies that could be used alone or all together. Not only do these dies offer tons of incredible versatility, but each Mix & Mat die is so unique you’ll want to collect all of them for years to come.

6. Honey Nut

No, we’re not talking about Cheerios here! Every year we love looking back on the top ink and paper colors. Honey Nut was a color that really topped the top 10 charts in 2017. This beautiful color offers a warm caramel hue that can be used as a base color or an accent color. It’s one of the most versatile colors we sell. Heather Nichols called it the new Kraft!

7. Flowers Galore!

Flowers are always a popular trend at Papertrey Ink. Dawn McVey is the queen when it comes to flower sets. Gran’s Garden was a popular stamp set that offers a variety of multi-step floral images that are versatile for any card from Mother’s Day to wedding invitations. Take a look at a few of our designer’s creations with Gran’s Garden.

8. Make It Market Mini Kits

Betsy Veldman’s Make It Market Mini Kits are always an instant favorite. What’s not to love? You get everything you need to create the perfect card. From Halloween Hugs to Holiday Tag Along to Bloom & Grow, look for new kits coming in the new year. 

9. Our New Blog

Have you noticed things look a little different around here? We decided to freshen things up a bit and launched our brand new Papertrey Ink Blog on December 5, 2017. Be on the lookout for a whole new website design in the new year. We can’t wait for you to see it!

10. Looking forward to 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, we look forward to an even bigger and better 2018. We have some exciting things planned for the coming year and can’t wait to share it with you all soon. Since we don’t want to give away all our secrets at the moment, we’ll give you a little sneak peek about what to expect in the coming year ahead. Expect more videos, new designs, and lots of fun challenges, and a big 11th Anniversary celebration to come in February!

Now that we have shared our favorite moments from 2017, it’s time for you to share yours! What’s your favorite stamps, dies, and kits? What do you want to see more of in 2018?

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  • 1
    Melanie Shellberg says:

    Heather- just a note to let you know that I think you are doing a really great job with the Blog. Change is not always easy but you are doing an awesome job. Thanks so much for all you do.

  • 2
    Cindy B says:

    Heather and team, where to begin! You all produced so much, I haven’t had a chance to explore everything!!! You are right about Grans Garden… it’s a favorite. But I’ll have to admit that Betsy’s Make I Market Holiday Tags saved me this Christmas!! I thought I would have time by now to create my own travelers journal, but alas, I have not…I have big plans for that die set…stay tuned! Rock on Papertrey.. you’re my fav!!!

  • 3
    Noelle says:

    What a fun post. Of course I like everything! I collected a few things from 2017, my favorite so far was Noted: Scalloped Square Die Collection and the Tag-a-long Kit. Alas my cart is still full of lots of lovely Christmas sets I hope to own sooner than later =) Thanks for a fun year PTI. I look forward to 2018!

  • 4
    KathyW says:

    I understand how you want to look forward, but I’m confused that to recap 2017 you are not mentioning Nichole. I have always viewed her as the heart and soul of Papertrey Ink, and to not acknowledge her in looking back at the past year seems strange. Also, I am very disappointed that when I try to access past projects from her blog (capture the moment), I’m immediate directed to this blog. Is there a feature here that goes to an archived set of her blog posts? I bookmarked tons of posts in order to use that inspiration for all the past stamp sets and dies that I own. Help!! How can I access these? Or will you be creating your own posts for the stamp and die sets released since the beginning of PTI? Any help finding this information is appreciated.

    • 4.1
      Heather Nichols says:

      Hi Kathy, all of the Papertrey Ink content from Nichole’s blog has been moved over to the new Papertrey Ink blog. You can do a search for what you are looking for or if you click “blog” at the top of the page it will take you to the blog listings and there is an option on the right to look through the archives by month/year.

      • Tammie J. says:

        I tried that approach many times and the blog post comes up for a fraction of a second then disappears and returns to the blog landing page. Disappointing.

      • Hannah says:

        I, too, am disappointed Nicole was not mentioned. She was an incredible asset to PTI in so many ways. In fact, I haven’t seen a single comment from the co-owners. Seems like a unnecessary slight to Nicole and terribly unprofessional.

        • Heather Nichols says:

          Is this happening on this new blog or on Nichole’s blog?

          • Tammie J. says:

            Well, when I go to the new blog and search for Nicole, then select any of her old blog posts it just disappears after a fraction of a second. I don’t know if the issue is indicative of her old blog or the new one to be honest but can’t get to her old posts. The issue might be impacting other blog posts too – not sure.

        • Heather Nichols says:

          There is an automatic redirect set up on Nichole’s blog to this new blog from any of the content there. All of the Papertrey Ink content from her blog has been transferred here and so if there is something that you are looking for, you can do a search or ask for help if you can’t find what you are looking for – we would be happy to help. At this time, we don’t know how long her blog will remain online.

      • Shelly K says:

        I was able to go to the search function and all blog posts were archived there. You can see every month and year.
        All content is still available.

  • 5
    Adele Holcomb says:

    The Mix & Mat series is a favorite of mine — I hope there are at least a few more! I use some part of them on almost every card I’ve made lately. I like the mini kits and have made a lot of nice cards with the Herb Garden kit. The mini dies and stencils in the Christmas tag set are so unique. PTI offers a wide assortment of interesting products at a reasonable price, and all are beautifully interpreted by a talented DT — I’m just addicted!

  • 6
    Helen F. says:

    I have to say one of my favorite stamp/die sets is Song Birds, but Gran’s Garden is on the top of my Wish List right now. Of course, I love all of my PTI sets going back to my very first sets Fancy Florishes and Fall Elegance (still being inked up 🙂 I love the new products each and every month and I’m always amazed at your creativity and inspiring projects! Thank you all for sharing so much with us!

  • 7
    Cindy H. says:

    I have to agree that Honey Nut is a favorite. I keep reaching for it when I’m creating. Gran’s Garden is really getting a workout – love it! Now, I can’t wait to start using Farmer’s Market Florals 🙂 The PTI DT always bowls me over with their gorgeous cards. Love the berries series and the Mix and Mat series. Looking forward to 2018!

  • 8
    Sue says:

    Gran’s garden and the Christmas inspiration were my fav’s for 2018! I always looked forward to new kits being released. Thank you for your creativity and making papercrafting so enjoyable for all of us! Happy New Year!

  • 9
    Becky Green says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I SO ENJOYED the Stamp-a-Faire! I had a BLAST! My husband called it a “Marathon!” LOL It was FABULOUS! I LEARNED SO MUCH! My favorite stamp set was Especially You! And for the dies, I think the Mix & Mat Sets are classics, a basic staple everyone needs! It is hard to choose on a favorite kit! LOL I WISH I could buy them ALL!!!! AND what I would want to see in the future? MORE LINED IMAGES OF FLOWERS!!!! Life like images! I can NEVER get enough of them! I LOVE the whole process of stamping & then choosing what I want to color them with….. 😉

  • 10
    Jane says:

    The Mix and Mat dies are my favorite because they are so versatile. I love Grans Gardens too. You have some great designers and team that showcase your products. I liked the team members pictures on the old blog because I could click on their picture and see their creations. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • 11

    Well, looks like I’m NOT alone . . . LOVE BEST the Mix & Mat dies . . . . will love seeing what new ones ya’ll come up with ! LOVE PTI!! Thank you for all your creativity!!

  • 12
    Diana K says:

    I always do a PTI year review also, in my head, seeing as it’s my favourite stamp company. ? I would have to say that my favourites in 2017 are Gran’s Garden (floral), Very Merry (Christmas), Beautiful Berries (series, with a special call out to the Winter set) and most definitely Honey Nut as the surprise colour of the year, with Cocoa Bean coming in a close second. Thanks for a fun year! Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for us! ?❤️?

  • 13
    Elizabeth says:

    What fun memories! I participated in my first Stamp-a-Faire this year and had a blast! Heather & team, I think you are doing a fantastic job with the new blog and I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for Papertrey Ink–or maybe I should say what Papertrey Ink has in store for 2018!

  • 14
    Lizzie T says:

    Everything Betsy creates is Gold! I love her creativity! I’d love to see more posts about the what you can create with the kits (not just Betsy’s) – maybe a monthly feature? Also I’d love to hear how she puts together the kits – a peek into her creative mind! I look forward to 2018 for PTI! Happy New Year!

  • 15
    Greta H says:

    My heart jumped when I started reading Nichole’s blog post–so afraid PTI was ending, but so happy when she said it would go on! Love a lot of products, but some of my favorites this year are the first couple Mix & Mat dies & the edgers. I also love the Cover Up Diamonds & Quatrefoil. I love that PTI offers products for $5-$10 as well as $24 & up, which oftens means I buy from PTI instead of something similar but more expensive at another company. I’d love more Cover Plate option–especially some that layer. I also would love more sentiments to use on cards for friends since that’s what I make the most. Always great when you release new colors! Thanks for continuing to sponsor all the challenges & Blog Hops–first thing I think about each week! Wishing everyone a great 2018!

  • 16
    Sarosa says:

    Change is hard … I’m missing Nichole’s blog! Along with her artistic ability, she is a gifted writer. But … change is also good. I see some changes I like, and it will soon become the new normal. I think PTI is one of the most business-savvy craft sites out there; you manage to be professional and personal, as well as generous with your give-aways. I hope this coming year will be your best ever!

    As far as favorites, I went a little crazy with the paisley stamps and dies! For this year, I hope more scripture designs, focusing on verses that are not found on every other stamp company’s site … lots of treasures that are less known. I think this is what I love about Betsy’s single verses this year … she choose scriptures that are not reproduced everywhere else. I also would love to see a C.S. Lewis set with quotes and/or Narnia images. It also would be great to have some new solid colors (you have a great variety, but astonishingly, I always seem to need a shade of something else).

  • 17
    Mila says:

    I have loved PPI for so long, it is my favorite company by far. I really miss the old blog, and Nicole. And I truly feel blessed that you all are working so hard to make us feel at home here on the new blog. I am sure in no time it will feel as familiar as previous one.

    I would love to see you revisit the kits periodically. They are so incredible, unique and BEAUTIFUL.

    Happy New Year, and looking forward to all you will do in coming year,

  • 18
    Karyn S says:

    Yes I think we all miss Nicole. However we are glad PTI can continue. I agree with Sarosa in that it would be awesome to see scripture verses that are not available everywhere else. The MIM kits are awesome and I have too many. This team is one of the most talented in the industry.

  • 19
    Stephanie Clapper says:

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I look forward to all of the “coming attractions” in 2018. In my opinion, everyone at Papertrey worked very hard to give us a wonderful year in 2017. I’ve learned so much and love cardmaking even more, if that’s possible. One of the things I was most excited about were the new designers. They brought a fresh prospective and gorgeous cards. My favorite stamp sets for this year are Gran’s Garden and Humming Along. Easy to work with and stunning results. I also bought most of Betsy’ s beautiful kits and Mix and Match frames. I appreciated the versatility and price points. Please forgive me, when I add this next comment– I hope to get my login straightened out for the forum next year. I put it off because I had so much trouble, so that’s one of my resolutions. And while I will miss Nicole, I give her praise for stepping into a new chapter. I’m sure no one misses her more than the girls at Papertrey. So here’s to a Happy, Crafty New Year!! God Bless!!

  • 20
    JanetS says:

    I’ve used the heck out of “Year of Psalms” and Mix and Mat dies. I also adore “On the Wagon”. I would love to see another Bible based series. I’m looking forward to another great year!

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