Good morning! Welcome to this month's Moments Inked Planner feature. Surprise, I have another printable! Remember back in June when I said I didn't have to be as attached to weekly planning during my summer off? Well, that has allowed me to really have fun with other aspects of my planner, starting with last month's Christmas Planning section and now with this month's printable – a page of monthly journaling prompts.


I've seen many variations of "currently" types of lists in different bullet journals and planners and the idea really spoke to me. It seems to be an easy way to jot down simple memories to eventually look back on for a smile. Some of my favorite examples were hand stamped prompts, which would be a fun way to do it, but I really needed something a little more quick and easy.


So I put my design skills to work and came up with a page to print and stamp – the best of both worlds! Jumpstarting from the idea of "Currently this month…", I picked sixteen words to complete, leaving room on the page for a few other sections: Days to Remember, Quoted, and Noteworthy. For the stamping part, I left plenty of room at the top to add the month in a decorative way.


I will be adding my pages to the monthly sections of my planner binder and want them to blend in, so I used the handy color guide in the front of the planner for perfect coordination. I even printed the pages on Fresh Snow Linen Cardstock for another touch of matchy-matchy!


I also wanted them to coordinate well with each other, so I decided to repeat the same title design using Pencil Me In and Pencilgrams in each month's respective colorway. Although not part of the Moments Inked line, these two sets are go-to planning sets for me. Pencils and planners are a match made in heaven (!) and the size of Pencilgrams is perfect for all kinds of custom word additions, like the month names here. To complete the title, I added "in review" from Moments Ink: Remembered.


See how perfectly the journal page matches the month's title page and color scheme? Gotta love well-coordinated products! I also carried a little stamping into the journaling boxes – for example, adding dates and separating the "Days to Remember" box into smaller sections depending on the important events of the month. I think I'll stick to the top two or three for the most part. In the "Quoted" bubble, I will likely alternate between seasonal, inspirational, and things that are said around the house – stamping portions when inspiration hits and time allows.


I ended up placing each page at the end of its month's section since my journaling will most likely happen at that time. Although you could just as easily place them at the beginning or create a new journaling section to keep them all together. 


With the Moments Inked: Edged die and a small coil (found at most office supply stores), you could even make a separate spiral bound journal! Of course, it's super easy to print and stamp up several at a time, especially with a repeating title design – August is ready and waiting to be filled in!


I can't wait to look back on these at the end of a year or two to see what I was up to every month. I have a pretty good memory for the big stuff, but the little things are fun to remember too! I hope you find this printable useful and fun as well – even those of you who aren't #plannernerds might enjoy creating a monthly currently journal. As always, please let me know what you think and what you'd like to see in the future!

CLICK HERE to Download PTI Currently This Month Printable

Until next month…


Happy Planning!
:) lexi

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