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Hi friends!  It's the 6th of the month and that means I'm here with my new Packaging Ambassador post!  You were all incredibly kind after last month's post and I'm so glad you enjoyed the tassel tutorial (for which you waited so patiently).  I hope you've had a chance to try making a few!




I actually have NO tassels on my projects this time around–GASP!  It's a rare occasion that I make a project without one but I think you'll enjoy this post since I'm continuing on with the card packaging theme.  It has been a frequent request, and while I touched on it last month, I've jumped in with both feet this month, making the cards and all!  Let's get to it!




Last month I used muslin bags and they are convenient for so many things.  We don't all have them at the ready, though, so today I chose something I'm certain you ALL have (or will acquire again soon)–plastic card boxes.  Specifically, I used the boxes that Papertrey Ink stamp sets come in.  I don't know about you but I have always kept them, even though I take the stamp sets out.  I guess it's because I used to make a lot of cards and they're convenient for giving or sending cards that have 3-dimensional elements that will get squished in a standard envelope.


Let's discuss a couple factors to consider when using these boxes: They do come with the paper band around the top of them, which shows the stamp set housed inside.  The paper band has a bit of adhesive on it that keeps it in place.  The simplest thing to do is remove it and wrap your own paper band in it's place.  Use patterned paper or paper on which you've stamped a design.  Simple.  Easy.  Maybe you've even done that before.  I didn't do that.



I kind of like the bit of motif that's on the front of those bands so for 2 of my techniques, I incorporated hints of them into the packaging design.


For these boxes, I made simple notecards to put inside, paired them with envelopes, and wrapped them up to give away.  They are simple because 1) they're flat notecards and space for writing is essential; and 2) the focus of the post is the packaging.


I focused on creating something colorful, eye-catching, and minimal.  I wanted to make a portion of the notecard a part of the overall design and it took a couple of tries to get it right (which is why you may see some different-looking notes in the unwrapped stamp box photos!  Full transparency: It happens to all of us!  The first tries don't always succeed, so you work until you achieve something you're happy with.


The boxes are an A6 size, meaning they fit cards measuring 4.5" x 6.25".  I thought I could get away with using an A2 card size (4.25" x 5.5") but they didn't look right when I tried to package everything up and that's why I had to start again.  I went with a larger size, some different colors, and different placement of my stamps.  I'm so much happier with the way these turned out, too, so it seems it worked out for the best this way.


The packaging styles and elements are similar for these boxes.  You can save yourself some time by not trying to reinvent the wheel for every single package.  After my first attempt failed, I had to come up with a new plan and that takes time.  While I would have loved to create completely new and unique concepts, there simply wasn't time, so I adapted.  And I'm not sorry because I love what I turned out in the end.  DON'T make the process stressful or it won't be fun anymore–I can't stress that enough (apologies for the awful pun)!  This is meant to be fun–we're hobbyists and for many of us, papercrafting is our relief at the end of a long day or busy week.  Do what is fun, don't worry over an idea that doesn't work out–make a few tweaks to a standing design instead.




The cards in the first set feature stamps from Fancy Foliage in Tropical Teal and Bright Buttercup inks.  I colored in some of the leaves with Melon Berry ink and a blender pen.  I then paired my notecards with Curry envelopes from Paper Source (they're a great match to the BB ink).


Using the box that the set Fresh Floral Wrap Ups came in, I let a bit of the orange chevron peek through.  There is black type on the band also, so I could only allow a hint of the orange to be seen, but I think it's just enough to add some interest at the top of the box.  With a 4" white paper doily, I covered the rest of the text; I'm aware that a few black spots are visible through the lacy cutouts, but that's fine–again, interest and depth.


Simple tags came next, using the Fillable Frames #9 die and the long strip from the Bow Clips die.  I cut 1 tag and 1 strip out of gold glitter paper (I HAVE to have some shine in there!), a tag from Melon Berry card stock, and a strip from white card stock.  It takes a few plays to get these details right most of the time.  There's adding elements and taking them out, placement preference, and multiple stamps in multiple colors.  Do you do that, too, or is it just me?


The stamp I used was the 'hello' portion of the sentiment that's on the notecards; I masked off the branches and leaves to get just that word, stamped in Bright Buttercup).  The little flourish is taken from the stems in Fresh Floral Wrap Ups, and again, I've isolated just those 3 tiny leaves to stamp in Tropical Teal.  (You'll see it again on the next card box, too.)


In the end, these are the elements, colors, textures, and placements that worked.  I then played around with some trims.  Melon Berry ribbon (not enough contrast), Ocean Tides ribbon (a bit too far from my color palette), the pink burlap string that came with the Lovely Laurels kit (not thick enough).  I tried out the Aqua Mist Twill Tape and LOVED it, so I decided on using just a bow with the pink string.  All the colors and textures work so well together here!



My next box of notes features images from Fresh Floral Wrap Ups stamped in Tropical Teal and Summer Sunrise.  I did plan the colors around the stamp box I was going to use–teal and orange from the Text-Style logo.  I'd been using Tropical Teal throughout ALL the projects in the post today so it worked out well.  It's such a rich, saturated shade and contrasts so nicely with many of the warmer colors that I wanted to feature it here, too.


I made this package of notes landscape instead of portrait, knowing the paper band on the box would be to the left side instead of the top, as in the previous set.  Again, though, I chose my stamp placement based on what would be seen in the bottom right corner of the package, wishing to incorporate that peek into the overall package design.




As before, I played around with the placement of elements–the tags, doilies, and ribbons–before settling on the final design.  I followed a similar pattern to the first card box, using 2 die cut tags and 2 of the banner cutouts of the Bow Clips die.  I stamped "Love You" on the white cut out with a little Summer Sunrise leafy flourish.


A little bit of white lace adhered to the bottom of the Summer Sunrise tag offers my beloved texture and depth.  I again settled on Aqua Mist Twill Tape, loving the contrast with the teal and bright orange.  (The envelopes here are Peacock from Paper Source.)


Before I let you leave to design your own card boxes, I have one more for you.  Should you wish to remove the white band, you may find there is a small remnant left behind from the adhesive.  Like I said before, a simple strip of patterned or stamped paper in it's place would do just fine…but if you want to get a little fancier, you can try this:



How about a fun box covered in brightly colored crepe paper?!  If you read last month's post, you'll remember the die cut of the little cake stand from Cloche Quarters.  I mentioned that I took the idea from some cards I made in preparation for this post…The gold glitter cake stand die cut with a cute felt bow is a quick and easy birthday card!  I made 2 with color variations and then whipped up 2 more quick cards with a stamp and die from the Lovely Laurels kit.  I haven't decided whether I'll give all 4 as one set or divide them into 2 sets, but being as bright and festive as they are, they deserve a matching package! 


This is so easy to do, too!  I'm using a roll of pink crepe paper which is nearly spot on to Raspberry Fizz.  I found it at the dollar store, which is where I get a lot of my crepe paper rolls.  After removing the original paper band from the stamp box, I ran a strip of double-sided tape across the bottom of the box, about where the middle of the paper streamer would be.  It's a bit hard to see in the photo because it's clear tape on a clear box, but hopefully you get the idea.


The I just started adhering the crepe paper, gathering or ruffling it as I went along.  When I got to the edge of the box, I trimmed it.


I repeated these steps all the way to the top of the box, trimming the excess again when I reached the top.  So easy!



Going along with my other packages today, I used more tags, lace, a little tulle, and an Aqua Mist twill bow atop a fun pile of shredded pink paper scraps and gold fill (also found at a discount store).  A little white tag stamped with XOXO denotes a sweet gift and it's all ready to give.  It only took 5 minutes to put together!


There are so many fun ways to package up your special handmade cards so I know this will not be the last post I write about the subject.  Today's ideas were about being simple and thoughtful, and using a product many of us, if not all PTI fans already have–the plastic card boxes.  It's always handy when you already have a box to use instead of trying to hunt one down online or at a craft store, right?  Until September 6th, happy card making (and packaging) to you!!



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  • 1
    Cindy Otto says:

    Love this idea, especially the festive crepe paper idea! I look forward to your post each month. So much inspiration! I give lots of cards away and have use the PTI boxes as holders and now I have some new ideas to try. Thank you so much.

  • 2
    Mary W says:

    WOW! I save my packages and always tear off the pretty paper strip – couldn’t think of something to do with it. I’m the crazy gal at retreats that goes through the trash to find treasures to use. Love the challenge. I’ve been making 4 card/envelope ‘gifts’ for friends and people that I know have had tough times and others have been doing nice things for them. That way they have cards ready when they don’t need to be out shopping for cards. I have admired your wrapping skills and now – WOW I will have a place to use your wonderful ideas. Taking a little bit of time to make a useful gift into a really pretty gift. PTI should make the bands be more dual purpose! But then it will be fun to make my own, too. FANTASTIC post!! Thanks.

  • 3
    merryf says:

    I *love* this post! I’ve got a huge box filled with the PTI stamp boxes. I am also intrigued by your one-page cards — I think it’s a great idea for a gift instead of a formal folded-over card.

    I am so appreciative of your explanations of the extra details — especially your thought process on the tags and ribbon. I have cut my own strips with some patterned paper but it always looked a bit plain. Now I’ve got some ideas to jazz it up. Thank you for the inspiration this month!

  • 4
    Nancy Penir says:

    Can I just oooh and aaah for a bit? I always re-love my PTI boxes, they’re just too pretty to throw away! And they make the best card set holders. Loving this post, Rebecca for so many ideas. Thank you! The crepe paper ruffles are over the top! You’re forgiven (this time) for no tassels!

  • 5
    Donna K says:

    I love packaging my cards as sets and love this post with fresh ideas. I actually store my PTI stamps in the plastic boxes so they are a little beat up. One of my local craft stores sells the plastic boxes so I have used them for card sets but I’ll say they never looked as pretty as yours. Can’t wait to jazz them up a bit more. Love your color combos also.

  • 6
    Michele F says:

    Rebecca a fun-filled, gorgeous post again this month!! LOve the crepe paper-wrapped acetate box … how cute would that be on a card?! off to the $ store!!! thanks SO VERY much for sharing your brilliance! xx

  • 7
    Greta H says:

    You always amaze me with your incredible packaging!

  • 8
    Becky Green says:

    HOW PRETTY!!!! I LOOOOVE the bright & cheery colors you’ve used Rebecca! AND your way of recycling the clear boxes! FABULOUS IDEA!!! I also LOVE that you used the Clouche Quarters-pedestal & the bow!!! SO CREATIVE! The crepe paper decor is frilly & fancy & feminine also! WHAT A TREAT for someone, & FOR US!! 😉

  • 9
    Kathy Mc says:

    Awesome post, Rebecca, and love your creative card packaging ideas. So glad I saved my PTI boxes. Now I need to quit hoarding them and gift away. The single-layer cards are great for people to just jot a quick note and more will fit in the box. And bunching up crepe paper is another cool way to “wrap” the box. TFS!

  • 10
    Adele Holcomb says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? I’ve been saving these boxes for a couple years thinking they would be great for a card set, but I wasn’t looking forward to removing the adhesive. So simple to just create a new decorative band. That’s why you are on the DT, and I collect the great ideas of you and others! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 11
    Silke Ledlow says:

    Rebecca, this is brilliant…I love how you covered the plastic cases! I will have to try this! All of your ideas are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing ❤️!!!

  • 12
    StephClapper says:

    Hi Rebecca! I now look forward with anticipation and excitement, to your monthly post! It’s the same feeling I get with the new monthly releases. What I appreciated the most this month was your openness about the process of creating. SometImes I feel like the country’s top designers do it with such ease, that it leads to feeling frustrated. It’s like you said, keep working with a good idea until you like it. I LOVE that! Your creations are so BEAUTIFUL, I can’t pick a favorite- because they’re all so pretty and original! Thank you, thank you Rebecca for your lovely inspiration, on many levels. You’re a gem! 🙂

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