January 2017 Release in Review & Contest

The January release has been full of some gorgeous new products and we hope the projects from the team have been beyond inspiring!  I've picked out favorites of my own, from each of the design team members, to share with you today!  Click the link next to each team member's name to see more details about the project shown here, as well as the rest of her projects from this release!  And be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post…..you won't want to miss out on this month's release in review CONTEST!!!

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  • 1
    Cindyblizzard@aol.com says:

    Bleeding hearts and peonies they where my dads favorites and as we drew up and got our own houses he always planted them for us.

  • 2
    Kelly Keegan says:

    I live when the Peonies bloom in my garden, it signals the beginning of warm summertime weather!

  • 3
    Karen says:

    Awesome release, PTI! My favorite flowers are daffodils, for we had a field of them at our farm when I was growing up, and I loved them!

  • 4
    Lisa Schenck says:

    My favorite flowers are daisies. I just love their simplicity! They just appear out of nowhere, and spread happiness!

  • 5
    KAtherine says:

    I could never pick just one flower! haha but Roses are up there for me. I was in Europe as a teen and I saw a women after her wedding walking down the stairs giving a gorgeous peach rose to each person at the ceremony. It was so intimate and lovely that the memory really stuck with me. I have loved roses ever since. I love Sunflowers, too!!!

  • 6

    I love Gerbera daisies. I just think they are so pretty with so many petals.

    My favorite memory is having a few in my wedding bouquet πŸ™‚

    Great release this month (as always!!)

  • 7

    Tulips are one of my faves!!! Definitely have some heartfelt memories, too many to list πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chance to win PTI – love this release!!!!

  • 8
    TeresaP says:

    I love Daisies!!! They were the flowers we used at our wedding 38 years ago!!

  • 9
    Frannie says:

    I love roses. They are romantic but most of all my mom’s name was Rose.

  • 10
    Penelope Tucker says:

    My favorite flower is the sweet pea. I love how dainty they are, their vivid colors, and their scent. But the real reason I love them is that my father grew them every year, so we always had them every spring.

  • 11
    Kathy D says:

    I love any sort of daisy. They are just HAPPY!

  • 12
    Miriam Prantner says:

    My favorite is the peony, it’s just so bold and showy and beautiful, but at the same time can be soft and sweet and pretty.

  • 13
    Carrie K says:

    Like my grandmother, I’ve always liked Lily of the Valley. I like them because they are so sweet and delicate. I think my grandma liked them because her name was Lillian.
    Great release! Super excited for the anniversary festivities to begin! 10 years is a huge milestone. Congrats!!

  • 14
    Cary Maendl says:

    I fav is White Calla Lilies! I always think of my mom when I see them

  • 15
    Leigh Penner says:

    Hydrangeas! I have one growing beside my front steps. This past summer, it was so big and full of blooms, it made me smile every time as it welcomed me home.

  • 16

    My favorite flower is the Orchid! I just love how they grow. β™₯

  • 17
    Isabel Z says:

    I love freesia because I think they are so beautiful and I carried them in my wedding bouquet.

  • 18

    I am a life-long flower lover thanks to my grandmother and my Dad. It is really hard for me to pick just one flower. I love irises, daises, day lilies — really anything with color! But one favorite is the Blackberry lily — love the delicateness of the flower and the blackberries that remain on the stems after the flower dies.

  • 19
    Maria C F says:

    I love daisies because they make me happy. There is something so sunny about them.

  • 20
    Kathy DuBose says:

    I have many favorite flowers, but the one that brings back memories is the peony. My Dad brought them from his old home in Illinois and kept a big garden of them in Connecticut. When they moved to North Carolina they took some with them and still have a bed. Unfortunately, it is too hot here in Louisiana to have my own bed.

  • 21
    Judy says:

    My favorite flower is the rose. I love all colors of roses. To may they are a token of love on special occasions.

  • 22
    Anna Moreno says:

    My favorite flowers are the roses & carnations. I just love their scent especially the carnations. I could fold one right to my nose for hours! I love how the petals feel too. My first experience with the carnation was at the funeral of my grandmother when I was a child. I didn’t know what was going on with all the adults crying & feeling so sad. I got a hold of one & it made me feel good smelling it so close during that sad time. It reminds me of her. She loved yellow carnations.

  • 23
    Kara says:

    Tulips – remind me of my Grandma and my wedding. Not a bad combo.

  • 24
    txgrandma says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite flower but if I had to make a choice, it would be a rose. The lovely colors and the special fragrance make it a pleasure to behold!

  • 25
    Sarah T says:

    ? How am I supposed to pick just one? ? It’s a family joke that I would buy a bunch of flowers rather than lunch if I only had money for one ? I’ll go with sweet peas for all memories. ?

  • 26
    Em says:

    I love portulaca which seems to grow no matter what the weather might be and in a surprising array of colors. Most of all I love it because it was my mother’s favorite and it brings back happy memories of my childhood.

  • 27
    Erin S says:

    My favorite flower is a tulip. There really is no special reason, I just think they are beautiful.

  • 28
    Donna says:

    Although I love lots of flowers, and big showy flowers like peonies, I love a bunch of tulips in a clear vase. They are beautifully colored and clean and simple. As long as they open nicely, they are a perfect bouquet without any other flower.

  • 29
    Priscilla from CA says:

    I do love daffodils! It’s great to see them poke their yellow heads up in early spring…

  • 30
    Beth H. says:

    My favorite flower is lilac. I remember as a little girl having a lilac bush in our yard and loving to bury my face in the fragrant blooms each spring. I have always planted a lilac bush in my yard as an adult and look forward to bringing in cuttings so I can enjoy the fragrance indoors. Maybe that is why my favorite color is purple.

  • 31
    DebbyH says:

    My favourite flower is the Iris. It looks so beautiful and delicate, and yet is hardy enough to flower in my garden in Perth, Western Australia.

  • 32
    Melissa S. says:

    I think my favorite flower is the rose, a creamy white rose with slightly red/pink tips. My next favorite is the peony. It is just so gorgeous and frilly and feminine.

  • 33
    Teresa beg says:

    I love dahlias. They have so many variations,that are so gorgeous!!!!

  • 34
    Genevieve says:

    My favorite flowers are the lilacs in my driveway in the spring . The colors ,the smell and the new beginning that they bring

  • 35
    Annette Snyder says:

    My favorite are pansies. My grandmother grew them in her garden.

  • 36
    Tammy W. says:

    I love the fragrance of Asian Lilies and the purple color in the center. They were one of the first bulbs we planted when we bought our new home years ago.

  • 37
    Robyn smith says:

    Can’t wait to start buying!!!favorite flower is gerber daisies. Always make me smile

  • 38
    Cindy O says:

    My favorite might be the hyacinth. Beautiful flower shapes and colors, and their fragrance is gorgeous, too! Lovely indoors in pots, or outside in the garden for a welcome to spring. My mom loved them, too.

  • 39
    linda c says:

    My favorite flowers are cosmos because my mother planted them every year in our garden and they always remind me of her.

  • 40
    lisa808 says:

    My favorite flower is a bearded iris. No special memory, I just think they are so very beautiful, especially the purple ones.

  • 41
    Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    Pansy. I love the bright and happy colors of purple and yellow.They look like faces. My mom always planted these in containers on her front porch.

  • 42

    Lilacs! When I moved into my first (and only) house, the previous owner had lilac bushes everywhere. And when spring finally arrived… oh the gorgeous smell! Love them! Oh – I also love hydrangeas – now my yard has several lilac and hydrangea bushes!

  • 43
    Nancy Ward says:

    Picking a favorite flower is not an easy task. They are all so beautiful. I like the crocus. It is always a hint of spring and can grow through crack in the sidewalk. Hearty and hopeful!

  • 44
    Kathy says:

    A difficult question to answer, I come from a family of florists and gardeners, but sunflowers are my favorites! Yellow is such a happy color. For years when I was teaching, I had photos of them under my clear desk blotter. Those were happy years.

  • 45
    KristaT says:

    Lilacs are my favorite. We had them at my house growing up, and we’ve had them at every house since. I look forward to their brief appearance every spring.

  • 46
    Shelley Scheele says:

    Roses are my favorite. I have fond memories watching my grandparents tend to their rose garden. They were so proud it. I can also remember the scent in the house when they would bring some in.

  • 47
    LindaCC says:

    My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley because it smells so good for such tiny delicate flowers and I can actually grow them! No special memory connected with them.

  • 48
    Karen B. says:

    My favorite flower is the stargazer lily! I love the smell, and the vibrancy of the centers of these flowers and the design of each petal. So pretty!

  • 49
    FeM says:

    Peach colored orchids remind of my parents. My dad always had them growing (specifically for my mom) and when he passed my mom did everything to keep them flourishing. She has now passed and we’re doing everything to keep them alive. We, my siblings and I, don’t seem to do too well at growing plants.

  • 50
    susan hatfield says:

    My favorite flower is a tulip or a peony, I think it’s a tie! I love all flowers and find it fascinating to discover new ones. It’s fun, when traveling, to see what flowers grow in various regions of the world. We had three hanging baskets this year of small red flowers and had hummingbirds all over the place. You all do a great job designing flower stamps!

  • 51
    Feigy Z. says:

    I absolutely love love orchids. There colors are so vibrant and they look so majestic and regal. Orchids bring back so many lovely memories since I had them at my wedding.

  • 52
    Terri (Blindstamper) says:

    Tiger Lilies. I grew up in the country and I love the way they line the roads from the ditches.

  • 53
    Cathie says:

    Eggplant colored calla lilies! They just make me smile and they last forever!

  • 54
    Kelly W. says:

    The daisy is my favorite flower although I love them all! Simple, sweet, and they last a long time plus they’re showy in a landscape. They remind me of my grandpa who was an excellent gardener.

  • 55
    Carmela Hubler says:

    Since moving to Texas, my favorite flower is the Bluebonnet. I just love seeing them in the spring. Every year there is anticipation about how well they will grow and how many we will see. I have special memories of taking family pictures of my boys when they were little in a field of bluebonnets which is a Texas tradition.
    Before coming to Texas I would have chosen Roses. I love the shape and smell of Roses and the beautiful variety of colors in which they come. They also remind me of the times I have received Roses from my husband.

  • 56
    Rita Wright says:

    I love sunflowers. They always make me smile and are so cheery. No specific memory, I guess, just a lot of times they’ve been in my home when I needed to smile.

  • 57
    Mary D Lenz says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips. Tulips remind me of the sweet older lady that babysat me. Plus they make me think of new beginnings since they bloom in the spring.????

  • 58
    Annie D says:

    Lily of the valley is my favorite. My mother’s June wedding bouquet was a simple spray of lilies of the valley. I wanted some in my own wedding bouquet, and it being August, I got my wish by settling for artificial, which still delighted me. Does anyone know the round I loved singing in Girl Scouts and then again with my grownup best friend?–
    “White coral bells upon a slender stalk;
    Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.”

  • 59
    Christa Stokes says:

    My favorite flowers are tiger lilies. They were a part of my wedding bouquet and I fell in love with the look and scent of them.

  • 60
    Suzy Girl says:

    Definitely Sunflowers are sentimental to me and I had them everywhere for my wedding and when I look back at the pictures it’s the first thing you notice.
    Also Sweet Peas get me every time.

  • 61
    Polly says:

    My favorite flower is lily of the valley…their fragrance is intoxicating and I love the tiny cup shape of the blooms. We had many in our yard and I always picked those for my mom when I was young.

  • 62
    SabineVDK says:

    I like most flowers and to have in my home I love Peonies but I would have to say the flower that has the most memories for me and that I love are tulips. My mom always grew tulips in our flower beds each year and it was so pretty to see all the colors and how many would grow. Reminds me of my childhood whenever I see a bunch of tulips at the store!

  • 63
    Jan Mancini says:

    Gerbera Daisies! They come in so many beautiful colors and are sturdy and make me happy whenever I look at them. Many years ago my daughter bought me a pot for Easter because she knew how much I love colors in my world. Now it has become a tradition and every year she finds me a different color! And every year my heart bursts over her thoughtfulness!

  • 64
    Diana K says:

    My favourite flower is the lily of the valley, because of how beautiful and delicate they are. Love the smell too; it always reminds me of how my mom had them planted along the walkway. Plus they look gorgeous mixed with so many other flowers in a bouquet.

  • 65
    Lynn Hardy says:

    Climbing red roses. Both my Late Dad and my late Mother-in-law loved roses and her favourite colour was red. We planted an arbour with climbing red roses in their memories. I can see it from the kitchen window and it looks glorious in summer when the flowers are all in bloom. Oddly enough, in the middle of winter (we have snow right now), one single red rose always appears in the same spot, pointing towards the house! It arrived at Christmas this year and is still there (if a little weather beaten). I’m convinced that my Dad sent it as a sign that he is watching over us!

  • 66
    Beata K says:

    Lily of the Valley hold a very special place in my heart. It was my mother’s favorite flower. Every Spring I remember (as a child) running through a field by my childhood home searching for lilies of the valley to bring to my mother. πŸ™‚

  • 67
    Beth White says:

    Roses, carnations, mums, daffodils, asiatic lillies, peonies, glads, bearded irises, there isn’t a flower out there that isn’t my favorite. When they bloom in my garden, I am astounded that nature can make something so beautiful and perfect.

  • 68
    Colleen C, says:

    My favorite flower is the beautiful rose. I love the smell of roses and I can’t pick a favorite among the colors of the rose. They are all beautiful to me!

  • 69
    Jean Buller says:

    My favorite flowers are irises, freesias, sunflowers, and orchids. Irises and freesias were part of my wedding bouquet because they welcome spring. Sunflowers symbolize the warmth of Summer. I love orchids because they are so exotic!

  • 70
    Susan myrick says:

    Hydrangea…beautiful in bloom. Then I let them simply dry in a vase and they last until the next year. They embody cottage style.

  • 71
    Betsy l says:

    Forget me not is my favorite. My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship and we hardly see each other. He went to AK with his family and learned about forget me not. He bought me a pair of handcrafted earrings of these flowers and told me the stories. This blue flower was used by many as a symbol of remembering loved ones. Since then, I love these little blue flowers.

  • 72
    Jessica Kerr says:

    Hydrangeas … I used them in my bridal bouquet, and they just remind me of beautiful summer days!

  • 73
    Mary Ann G. says:

    That’s an easy question for me to answer. My son was born in Texas and I’ve always called him my yellow rose of Texas, so there you go. Yellow roses!

  • 74
    Connie123 says:

    Lily of the Nile or agapanthus. They are so delicate and sway so softly in the wind. We had them in front of our first home…I always loved them.

  • 75
    Lisa Echerd says:

    Gladiolus are my favorites. My aunt used to grow them and bring them to church. I loved all the variety of colors. My husband found out I loved them and started planting them for me. One year he bought us 160 bulbs for Valentine’s day! They make a wonderful cut flower as they last for days with a little maintenance. They have no smell so they can be tolerated indoors well.

  • 76
    Tina B. says:

    My sweet grandma always had a small flower garden that she pampered and tended daily, well into her eighties. Her pansies were always strikingly beautiful. I always plant a small pot and remember her caring for her flowers.

  • 77
    Rita says:

    Violets are my favorite. They remind me of my mom.

  • 78
    Amy Cooley says:

    I really love carnations because they last so long and come in so many beautiful colors!

  • 79
    Karen says:

    The cyclamen is probably my favorite. My father always sent me one at Christmas before he passed away. I’m sitting here now looking at a beautiful pink one I picked up at the grocery store last week.

  • 80
    Renee C. says:

    Sunflowers. Sunflowers are not the softest, prettiest or a fragrant flower but they have a strength of their own. They remind me of the fall harvest and clean crisp air.

  • 81
    Vicki Bray says:

    My fav flower is the California Poppy – it has the most beautiful color to me and I love the way they grow wild along the hills where I live.

  • 82
    Noelle says:

    Our lavender plant is growing so well it hangs onto the sidewalk and smells so good when my kids run over it with their bikes. We like to pick it and watch the bees and humming birds enjoy it too. I hope it’s smell brings back wonder memories of summer for my children.

  • 83
    Angela Vacinek says:

    Definitely tulips. They are so delicate and I have warm memories of my son picking them for us!Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 84
    Bonnie says:

    My favorite flowers are lilacs. We had two huge lilac bushes in our yard when I was growing up. And my grandparents, who lived next door to us, also had one. We had lavender and white, while my grandparents had dark purple. We were awfully poor, but my mom almost always had big vases of lilacs in the house. I love the way they look and the way they smell. I keep meaning to plant some in the yard at my own house. They remind me of a happy childhood and of my mom, who cared enough to bring them inside to make our house beautiful with what was available to her.

  • 85
    D.Ann C says:

    This is another terrific release! Looking forward to tonight!!
    My favorite flowers are orchids. I love the wide variety of shapes and smells they produce. I also love that they stay in bloom for months, and often rebloom, so you get way more bang for your buck than with cut flowers. I also love that some of them look like dancing ladies, noses, dogs, monkeys and bears.

  • 86
    Krystal says:

    My favorite flower is a hydrangrea b/c my mother bought me one and just when I thought it had died because we were away too long once, it came back to life. Thank you for a fabulous and inspiring release!

  • 87

    Anemones … such beautiful blooms and I love how the stems curve and bend to take on a life of their own! Anita πŸ™‚

  • 88
    Angela Pearcy says:

    Rose of Sharon and Crepe Myrtle are two of my favorites. As a child making mud pies, I would pull these off our bushes and decorate my pies with them. Happiness!

  • 89
    Jan G says:

    My favorite flower is a pink peony. Just looking at the flower brings the most beautiful calm feeling.

  • 90
    Caitlin says:

    My favorite flower is a rose because my Grandmother had a beautiful rose garden and everytime I see one it reminds me of her.

  • 91
    Anne H. says:

    I’ve always loved the Sunflower. Just the bold yellow and brown colors and IRL those suckers are Huge!! My dad and I planted some when I was a child and I remember feeling like Jack from Jack in the beanstalk. It’s gorgeous and -bonus – you can eat the seeds! Ha ha! What’s not to love!!

  • 92

    I love roses because that’s what my mom always had in her garden

  • 93

    My favourite flower is the Sweet Pea. My grandfather used to grow them. Not the modern hybrids but the old-fashioned ones that had the most sublime fragrance. I get my love of gardening from him…and my love of sweet peas.

  • 94
    Sharri Reeves says:

    I’m usually drawn to the wilder flowers like Rose of Sharon or Honeysuckle. But right now I’m enamored with Rannunculus. Love the layers upon layers of petals.

  • 95
    Erin Bigler says:

    Violets…I remember picking wild ones with my Gramma once when I was about 5 years old ?

  • 96
    Jill S says:

    I don’t know that I have a favorite. Many have such wonderful memories. I guess the one is chose today is Lily of the valley. I can remember picking them at my grandmother’s house in the village growing up. It’s the one flower I would love to plant here, but because of the toxicity, I have to pass for my kitties’ sakes. Ironically, they are named Tiger Lily and Violet. Maybe they’re my favorite, too?

  • 97
    Janet B. from WV says:

    Tulips are my favorite – just because they’re beautiful. I love that they come in so many colors too.

  • 98
    Joyce McIntosh says:

    I love azaleas. I have one that is about 5 feet tall and when it blooms all you can see are the flowers. It is a mass of beautiful pink flowers. We have several azaleas that we have received as a gift when close relatives past away. When they bloom it makes me smile and have good memories.

  • 99
    DGolly says:

    I love hydrangeas. They are so bright and colorful. They remind me of our Summer vacations and all the wonderful memories spent with my family and friends.

  • 100
    Bonnie W. (Cardm8kr63) says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips. I love all colors and varieties.

  • 101
    April Z. says:

    What a wonderful release! If I had to pick one flower I’d probably pick daisies because they just seem so fun and cheerful.

  • 102

    I always love orchids because they are unique, have beautiful colors and patterns on their petals, and they help me to learn about patience when taking care of them πŸ™‚
    Orchids always remind me of the grateness of God, my parents and home country.

  • 103
    oh jinsung says:

    Because it is the most beautiful blue flower in the world.

  • 104
    Andrea Smith says:

    I have always loved peonies. My grandmother had a row of bushes at her farmhouse and they were always so beautiful and fragrant for those couple of weeks that they were in full bloom.

  • 105
    Mary Jo Stewart says:

    I love my hydrangeas. Every year is a surprise as to what color will bloom. Sometimes they are pink and sometimes they are blue/purple or a combination of 3 colors. Unfortunately, our neighborhood deer also think they are quite tasty!

  • 106
    Anne Fletcher says:

    My favorite is the poppy. It represents our veterans and service men and women. My father and many others gave their lives. The poppy reminds me of them.

  • 107
    sano says:

    Cone Flowers and Tulips. How could you pick just one? Tulips remind me of childhood days of my neighborhood tulip lady and Cone Flowers are just amazing and feed my birds when the weather gets bad!

  • 108
    Lizzie T says:

    I LOVE Gerber Daisies! They are my absolute fav – I love the bright pinks, reds and orange colors! It’s one reason why Friends Til the End is one of my all time fav stamp sets!

  • 109
    Jeni says:

    I love Gerbera Dasies the most. They are just so happy looking. When I was younger we always used to put food coloring in the water of regular white daisies. It was fun to watch them turn color.

  • 110
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love hydrangeas. I also love crocus and daffodils.

  • 111
    sharonb says:

    So many flowers have special memories for me as they each remind me of a beloved family member. Pansies, iris, daffodils, roses – I could go on – I love them all and always smile when they begin to bloom each spring!

  • 112
    laura mm says:

    Beautiful release!
    I love tulips, esp. lavender, because they were my mom’s favorite.

  • 113

    I’d have to say Lilly of the valley, as I remember them from my grandmothers house when I was a very little girl, many, many moons ago.

  • 114
    marion says:

    I love gerberas as they are so bright and make me happy.

  • 115
    Vicki A says:

    I love flowers, my favorite is the rose. My mom grew roses when I was growing up. A red rose is nearly perfect, although roses of all colors are beautiful.
    I enjoyed the release this month, thank you.

  • 116

    My favorite flowers are pansies – I just love their colorful, happy faces!!!!! I smile every time I see them. πŸ™‚

  • 117
    lainey says:

    I would have to say roses, love the variety and the smell! Roses always remind me of watching the Rose Bowl parade with my parents when I was little. Great release and awesome sale PTI!!

  • 118
    Stephanie says:

    my favorite flower are tulips. Unfortunately very limited life span. When I got married, I wanted a huge bouquet of white tulips – but back in the 80’s they were only available in Spring – so I went with white Iris instead – my second favorite flower

  • 119
    Cheryl says:

    I love hydrangeas (and tulips and irises and poppies and…) because they are summery, and they come in my favorite colors.

  • 120
    Kate says:

    I love all flowers, so picking one is difficult. But the rose, in its many colors and many varieties, has always been a personal favorite. Many thanks to the design team for capturing the beauty of many different types of flowers and allowing us to express our thoughts through them.

  • 121
    Pat Quinet says:

    I love daisies because they represent happy moments. I especially love creating cards with daisies on them. They are fun to color.

  • 122
    Detta says:

    I love pink roses. I carried them in my wedding and my husband brought some to the hospital when our daughter was born

  • 123

    I love roses… Any color except white.. And they have to be fragrant, the smell is what I love the most!

  • 124
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    I love sunflowers! The fact that they turn their faces to the sun is so very inspiring!

  • 125
    Kimberly says:

    Roses are my favorite, they remind me of when my husband and I were dating and of our wedding day!

  • 126
    Laura O. says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower. I love it because it always looks happy to me πŸ™‚

  • 127
    Sandy W, says:

    Daisies, because they are simple but pretty. I used to pick wild daisies to put in a jar on our picnic table when we went camping years ago.

  • 128
    Kelly in Canada says:

    In terms of flowers from my garden, I love peonies. They have a lovely scent that isn’t too strong and they grow such full, luscious blooms. If I’m at a florist, mauve roses are my absolute favourite and were in my wedding bouquet.

  • 129
    Marlee S. says:

    I like all flowers, but I would say poppies are my favorite. I remember having lots of poppies in our yard when I was a kid.

  • 130
    Jules says:

    Gardenia is my favorite. I love the fragrance of a single bloom and the memories of childhood, prayer ( my quiet time was near a beautiful gardenia bush) and I love it because it reminds me of my aunt who was a very creative florist.
    Love the new release!!
    Julie L, GA

  • 131
    Terri Bills says:

    Lilacs because they smell so beautiful. They were my mom’s favorite flower because she loved purple but she had a terrible allergy to them. I wish they lasted longer and stuck around all summer. The fragrance they leave in the air in spring is so wonderful.

  • 132
    Jen W says:

    How to choose… I will say peonies. Just love how large and beautiful they are. I have peony bushes at my house from my grandmother’s house that I have moved three times. Still growing strong.

  • 133
    Sue LD says:

    Sunflowers are my favorite–they make me smile and remind me of my grandmother who always grew them in her garden.

  • 134
    Pam G says:

    Definitely hydrangeas. We had huge bushes in our yard growing up that became houses, forts, a place to escape. I planted them in my own yard 50 years later to remember my mom who passed away from cancer.

  • 135
    Janet Blakeman says:

    As a small child I remember the excitement of searching our backyard for the beautiful and dainty wild violets to make a simple Bouquet. The sight of these treasured little gems still bring me the joy of that simpler time.

  • 136
    Lori Y says:

    The rose is my favorite flower without question! My mother has a beautiful rose garden in her backyard and I grew up helping her tend to them. We always had the cut stems in the house during the summer and gave many bouquets to friends and family. Tea roses are my favorite variety because they have a beautiful shape, smell heavenly, and come in an abundance of colors.

  • 137
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    I guess daisy would be my answer. I had daisy bouquets in my wedding 38 years ago, so they hold a special place in my heart.

  • 138
    Marianne says:

    Freesias are my favourite flowers. I love the sweet fragrance and when I was a student, I used to buy them a lot. They were cheap and they kept a long time. When DH and i got married, I bridal bouquet had fuchsia pink freesias in them, a perfect match with the colour of my pink silk dress.

  • 139
    JoAnn H says:

    There ar easy too many favourites to pick just one…flowers can brighten someone’s day or remember a loved one…so many memories, nice release and exciting bonus offers tonight

  • 140
    Jan Pufall says:

    My favorite flower is the Iris. We had them in our back yard, growing up. So, it brings me back to those days and fond memories of days gone by.

  • 141
    Dana W says:

    Dahlias are my favorite flower, they are work to grow them, but I love the great flowers they produce and that they make great cut flowers!

  • 142
    Cin says:

    I love tulips. Every year 1 million tulips are sent from the Netherlands and are planted in my city as thanks for sheltering the Dutch Royal family during the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Every year they remind me that I live in a country that is beautiful, strong and free.

  • 143
    Tiffany R says:

    I love Tiger Lilies. They are so pretty and they have the name of my favorite big cat.

  • 144
    Meg Crawford says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower. It is a simple, authentic style that the sunflower has that I like so much. The colors are also some of my favorites; golden yellow, brown and green.

  • 145
    Meg Crawford says:

    No special memory with sunflowers, just like them!

  • 146
    Chelsey S says:

    Hydrangeas (spelling ?) i have only them at my wedding and love the natural beauty they have all by themselves.

  • 147
    Elaine Pierce says:

    My favorite flowers are purple flowers…lilacs, peonies, poppies, violets, phlox, mums…I love the cool, soothing colors of purples and blues and greens together with just a touch of red-violet and a hit of white to snag the eye. But the heady scent of lilac is just intoxicating! And peonies, enchanting! Oh, to be a hummingbird or a butterfly or a honeybee all day! Sigh, a nice dream in January in northern Vermont; but,crafting can take me there in an instant! Spring and summer can flood my cards from now until my windows open to the song of peepers in late April!

  • 148
    Elise S. says:

    This has been a fabulous release! I especially love the paisley. Hmm my favorite flower is a hydrangea. When I was in high school and college I worked at a florist so any flowers remind me of that job. Also we predominantly used hydrangeas and peonies in our wedding so they also remind me of that very special day πŸ™‚

  • 149
    Rebecca says:

    Definitely delphiniums! I adore the elegant cascade of beautiful blue flowers. So stately and yet graceful with the most gorgeous shades of blues from the colors of the sky to periwinkle! They also remind me of a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Wisley in the U.K..

  • 150
    Diane B says:

    I’m going to say daffodils because they are cheerful and a sign of the beginning of spring. They are my mum’s favourite flower and we always get her some for her birthday or mother’s day. They remind me of her.

  • 151
    Debbie Babb says:

    There are so many that I love, peonies, zinnias but snapdragons always bring back childhood memories. We used to pick the flower and squeeze the side to make them talk. So much final!

  • 152
    jenni1st says:

    Gardenia! Not the prettiest flower, but still a nice creamy white. Remind me of growing up in the South.

  • 153
    Lori B says:

    I love my Hydrangeas! One year I was searching for a newly released variety, my teen aged son tracked one down & gave it to me for my birthday. It was so sweet of him.

  • 154
    Marilou S. says:

    Lilies! All different types…I love their vibrant colors. Besides, they are my Dad’s favorite flowers. He would pick them along the road in the UP of Michigan and bring them to his mother.

  • 155
    Annie says:

    My grandmother grew roses and I would help her tend to them. She had and amazing garden filled with many different flowers, but the roses were my favorite.

  • 156
    Jen Mitchell says:

    I love so many flowers but I’d have to say that magnolias are a favorite of mine. I love how the blossom blooms on the tree before there are any leaves and although the grandiflora doesn’t grow where I live the giant blossoms are stunning!

  • 157
    Steph M says:

    I love sweet peas because of their beautiful scent and their ability to turn a plain fence or wall into a colourful work of art. Growing up on a farm in the Western Australian wheatbelt for the first 8 years of my life, sweet peas are the only flower (besides geraniums) that my mum grew. We also called my little brother, Peter, Sweet Pea, too.

  • 158
    lois says:

    Very difficult to pick just one when there are so many beautiful flowers? If I had to I would pick yellow mums as they were my Mom’s favorite.

  • 159
    Charity Chamberlain says:

    I love pretty much all flowers but my most favorite are lilies. They are not only my favorite but they were also my Dad’s favorite when he was alive too. PS: Thank you so much for the chance to win! I’m super excited for this release!

  • 160
    Amy Klin says:

    Daffodils. My father always had them growing well.

  • 161
    sandyk says:

    I love the peppermint carnation. It usually is in the florist around Christmas time. It’s red stripes on the white carnation are so festive.

  • 162
    tonilea says:

    My Grandma, Veryl, loved lillies of the valley so of course, since she was my favorite Grandma, I love them too. They smell so sweet and are so pure and white. Second to those are daisies, which I carried in my very simple wedding bouquet in 1972. Also white and pure and just friendly.

  • 163
    Jen W. says:

    I love roses. My grandmother grew so many beautiful ones and they always remind me of her.

  • 164
    Deenie says:

    I love SUNFLOWERS!! To me, they just LOOK happy!!

  • 165
    Martha Barnes says:

    It really is a toss up between wild daisys and peonys . Daisies remind me of the farm where I grew up and my Dad and the simple line that they create . Peonys smell so lovely in my garden every July .

  • 166
    Heather says:

    I love tulips. My Husband purchased some for me ages ago, long before we were married. They have been my favorite flower since…simply because they remind me of the wonderful Husband I am so fortunate to have.

  • 167

    I love roses. They are just always the flowers I’d get from my husband on various occasions.

  • 168
    Julene says:

    My favorite is the Hydrangea! Memories of them growing along fences in my neighborhood and at the beach town we went to just fill me with nostalgia!

  • 169
    Dee says:

    I love lilies, tulips, and peonies. I’ve always been drawn to the colours, smells and beauty in bouquets.

  • 170

    I love Alliums. My father gave us our first bulbs years ago. This past summer we had over 82 of them in bloom. They are beautiful and they remind me of my father and his green thumb in growing not only flowers but vegetables in his huge garden.

  • 171
    Teri W says:

    Sunflowers….their gorgeous color and it reminds me of glorious late summer early fall. I have the sunflower cover die and just love it!

  • 172
    Gina says:

    I love hyacinths for their fragrance; and sterling roses because we used those in our wedding and my husband had a dozen sent to me after our first child was born.

  • 173
    Linda Ryszka says:

    Fuchsias are my favorite. They remind me when I first got married and had our first home we bought fuchsias to brighten up the place.

  • 174
    Penny J says:

    Oh my, pick one flower…..no way! My mother taught me to love ALL flowers, as she did. But, her favorite was hibiscus, so in honor of my mother, I choose hibiscus. She always had tons of flowers wherever she lived. We had three different colored roses along our back fence where I grew up. But every year without fail, she would head out and get a hibiscus for the pot on the patio. Just puts a smile on my face to think of her and her love for flowers.

  • 175
    Sherrie M. says:

    Tulips are my favorite because they come in so many different colors and remind me of the coming of Spring and the warm weather. Plus cut tulips seem to last a long time and brighten my home.

  • 176
    Jennifer W. says:

    The Poppy is my favorite flower. It is so beautiful and clean, yet elegant. The Lilly is my other favorite. They can be colored almost any color and still look fab..and they are easy to work with as a stamp & die. I have never been given poppies, but lilies were a a part of my beautiful bridal bouquet when I got married 30 years ago and I have gotten them as a gift several times since. So beautiful!

  • 177
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    My favorite flower would have to be a peach rose. The very first dozen roses I ever received from my husband were peach roses and they will always be my favorite!

  • 178
    Cyndie says:

    Lilies of the valley! The momma cat across the street would bring her babies over and stash them in there. I guess she didn’t like the folks she was living with.

  • 179
    Cara B says:

    So many to choose from…but my favorite is the Gerber Daisy. No special moment associated, I just love how pretty they are and enjoy them immensely.

  • 180
    Terri E. says:

    I love tulips. They are always the first to bloom and it makes my heart smile!

  • 181
    Nancy L. says:

    I love tulips! They refund me if my Mom, she loves them too. They’re just simple and beautiful and so peaceful to me!

  • 182
    Amanda S says:

    My favorite flower is more of a category. I love wildflowers. I love that they are not cultivated or trained, but are just as they are. I live on a hobby ranch and every spring out pastures are bountifully full of more than twelve variaties. My daughter often brings me bouquets. It’s also often a fun adventure to see if a different variety is blooming due to varied weather conditions.

  • 183
    nancy says:

    Hmmm…I have to say the Iris is my favorite flower. My Grandmother had a huge bed of them and she was the one who influenced my love of flowers and flower gardening.

  • 184
    karen h says:

    My favorite flower is a sunflower. I really don’t know why, I just remember always loving them. I even had a sunflower in my wedding bouquet!

  • 185
    Kathy Marsh says:

    Sunflowers with daisies a very very close second. Just something about the pretty petals spread around a center – perfect for a smiley face!

  • 186
    Dana Kirby says:

    I love tulips! Such a pretty flower, I only wished they would last longer. Thanks for another great release PTI!!

  • 187
    Joan K says:

    Peonies. They are so beautiful for weddings. Our daughter used the peonies growing in our yard for her wedding. Beautiful memory each season now when they bloom!

  • 188
    Natasha says:

    Irises are my favourite. My childhood home had so many different variations of irises. I loved seeing them because it meant summer was here. I loved bringing homegrown bouquets to my school teachers. I still love their sweet smell and hope to grow some in my own garden soon– now that I will finally have a garden!

  • 189
    Nancy Penir says:

    Early spring brings a wild flower called Sweet Pea. It’s so hearty, grows in many colors and climbs toward Heaven! But it’s my favorite because my mom shared with me that it’s the flower my dad brought her in the hospital when I was born. I always smile when I see a bright bouquet of them, imagining her face as she received them!

  • 190
    Michele F says:

    Oh Nichole, I’m always grateful for a chance to remember… Lily of the Valley was a favorite flower when I was a tiny child, because they were so darling and tiny, too! I’d pick hands full for my sweet mom. let’s not forget their fabulous fragrance – Muguet du Bois… my moms favorite perfume! I never see them, or smell them without thinking of her…

  • 191
    Cindy H. says:

    I love most flowers but I guess roses bring back the most memories. My DH planted rose bushes for me when we first bought our house and for many years afterwards. All were specially hybridized like the Peace Rose, the Razzle Dazzle (my personal favorite) which was white on the underside of the petal and deep red velvet on top of the petal and so many more gorgeous ones.

  • 192
    Melinda Matos says:

    Tulips are my favorites. With their bright colors they are so refreshing with the air that arrives with Spring.

  • 193
    Jessica Monte says:

    My favorite flowersong are roses my great grandma had beautiful rose bushes. I remeber her always cutting up banana peels amd putting them around the base of those bushes. I also love lily of the valley. The scent is amazing and my great grandma always loved lily of the valley too…

  • 194
    Beth M. says:

    Sunflowers are so bright and cheerful and make me remember my time spent in Kansas.

  • 195
    Glorie says:

    I love peonies. They are the only flowers in my “garden” that I wasn’t able to kill. And my father helped me plant them.

  • 196
    JanetB says:

    Right now, with over 3 feet of snow in my yard, I would love any flower! At this time of year at the market, I look for the first signs of spring, when they start to sell tulips and daffodils. Growing up, I loved to see the rhododendrons and camellias bloom. We would make bouquets for our teachers and May baskets.

  • 197
    Anne B says:

    Great release! My favourite flower is the rose. I grow a number, including some old fashioned varieties with a gorgeous scent. Roses always remind me of my Mum.

  • 198
    Penny P. says:

    Tulips are my favorite. They don’t last long but I love going to Longwood gardens and seeing a sea of them!

  • 199
    Jade Wilson says:

    Gerbera Daisies have always been a favorite. No special memories I just think they are a beautiful, youthful flower πŸ™‚

  • 200
    Judy Stiles says:

    My favorite flower is the tulip. My mom’s favorite and it carried over to me.

  • 201
    Ann. Bin. says:

    My favorite flower is lilies.
    No particular reason, I like white flowers and lilies is special to me.

  • 202
    Jackie Parkins says:

    Gerbera Daisies, because they are so bright and cheerful. There are no special memories associated with them, I just think they are gorgeous. If I was a better gardener (no green thumbs here) I would have a garden full of them, in every color.

  • 203
    Carol D. says:

    I simply love yellow roses. First, they were my Mom’s favorite flower, and I remember my Dad bringing them to her on special occasions. Second, for my first prom in high school my date (who became my husband) brought me a yellow rose corsage. Third, at my wedding my bridesmaids all had yellow rose bouquets. And they smell so nice, too!

  • 204
    Nadia K says:

    Daisies are my favorite. I think that they are beautiful and playful at the same time. Also they are great to receive and give in a bunch πŸ™‚

  • 205
    Pmm says:

    Clover flowers and tiny wild violets and buttercups are favorites, as we picked those as children and gave them to mom and grandma, who were just delighted. I still have one of the little dime store vases grandma put them in!

  • 206
    Inkersaweigh@frontiernet.net says:

    Gladiolus they were my brothers favorite & because he loved them, my mother did too.

  • 207
    Suzanne A. says:

    My favorite flower is the Lilac, mostly because of it’s scent. It reminds me of childhood and the last days of school before getting out for the summer.

  • 208
    LindaM says:

    My favorite flowers are sunflowers. They are just so bold and vibrant. No special meaning just the flower that I like.

  • 209
    Sandy Vincent says:

    Roses. The fragrance, and they are so beautiful!

  • 210
    Donna Gourley says:

    As a flower lover this one is tough! I guess today I’d say the peony…specifically the pink or red ones rather than the white ones. I guess they remind me of the peony bushes at my childhood home. I think it’s just a gorgeous flower with all the petals.

  • 211
    Ty's Mom says:

    Big red gebera daisies are my favorite flowers. No special memories associated with them, sorry, they are just so pretty, red is my favorite color, and since flowers in general make me sneeze, I like that they aren’t overly fragrant. Thanks for the chance to win, and the great re-releases and sale! Happy Anniversary!

  • 212
    D L says:

    i like the bachelor button it is such a unique flower kind of like me.

  • 213
    Suzanne Mooney says:

    Tulips. They were my moms favorite and she always got them when they were in season.

  • 214
    Renee says:

    Dahlias are so beautiful but my grandmother grew bachelor buttons so my sister and I always love seeing them

  • 215
    Alexandra S. says:

    I love peonies! They just look so lush and luxe, especially when paired with dark green foliage. I remember when I first saw one, I didn’t even know what it was called at the time. I looked it up and since then it has been my fave.

  • 216
    Lyn says:

    Daisies – I just love them – they were the main flowers in my attendant’s baskets and my wedding bouquet almost 45 years ago!

  • 217
    Gwen says:

    I love lilacs because of their wonderful scent and their purple shades. We have always had them on the places where I’ve lived, both as a child and adult. I can remember having bouquets of lilacs in the house as a child and they make the whole house smell wonderful.

  • 218
    Janet S says:

    I love peonies. Even though they don’t flower for long, I look forward to seeing the huge flowers. When I was little, my mom had peonies growing all along the fence line. When my parents moved, I dug up just a couple of the plants for her and transplanted them into their new yard. I now have one of those plants in my yard that I dug up when we sold their house four years ago. I wish I would have dug up more.

  • 219
    Pat A. says:

    Peonies! I’ve had them growing in every yard where I’ve lived for the last 46 years! Love them in every sunny spot!

  • 220
    Julie says:

    I LOVE flowers and have collected and grown so many beautiful varieties over the years – I have a special love for hydrangeas – we used them in our wedding almost 40 years ago and when we honeymooned on Martha’s Vineyard, they were everywhere, and so stunning!

  • 221
    Marcia Hill says:

    Daffodil’s are definitely my favorite! Winters are loooong here in Michigan, and when I see those sunny yellow flowers come up, I know Spring is near and that just makes me smile! :0)

  • 222
    Teresa Currie says:

    Roses are my favorite for the table and they bring back happy memories of my Aunt Marion taking such good care of her roses.
    She was a terrific gardener and such a hard worker.

  • 223
    Christine Nixon says:

    I love most all flowers but some are more special than others. From my childhood, blue morning glories, daisies, sweet peas, nastursiums, carnations and home grown roses, because they still gave that wonderful scent that you don’t get with commercially grown ones.

  • 224
    Maggie says:

    Roses. My middle name is Rose after my Dad’s mother. My father bought me roses every Valentines Day as a child. They also smell heavenly. Mags

  • 225
    LauraJane:) says:

    My favorite flowers are poppies, because they are the simplest to paint…I delight in wildflowers too. Making clover blossom chains as a child is a fond memory.

  • 226
    Deborah Rosenow says:

    Gardenias are my all time favorite flower. The smell is amazing and last long past the life of the actual flower. My grandma grew them in her front yard and always had a bowl of them in her house when they were in bloom.

  • 227
    Laurie Hunt says:

    The iris. Irises remind me of my mom. My mom’s favorite flower was the iris.

  • 228
    Keri says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy. It’s such a happy little flower. Daisies remind me of smiles in the sunshine. πŸ™‚

  • 229
    Diane H says:

    Daisies hands down! White and yellow daisies were the predominant flower in my wedding celebration and covered the train of my dress.

  • 230
    Ted S says:

    My favorite flower is any type of orchid because their forms are so interesting and unusual.

  • 231
    Laurie Page says:

    This is a difficult assignment as I love many flowers. However, if I must, I choose two (can’t narrow it down to one); hydrangeas because they are so showy and lilacs because I so fondly remember a huge lilac bush near my grandma’s back door.

  • 232
    Deb in IL says:

    Daffodils-they are always one of the first flowers of spring and have such a bright & happy look to them, sometimes even blooming through snow.

  • 233
    Terry M says:

    My all time favorite flower is the Rose. Lots of special memories include roses. At Christmas time I have to admit I am a fan of the Amaryllis though. Actually have one right now that is just about to open up. Both flowers will always put a smile on my face.

  • 234
    Liz M. says:

    I would have to say daffodils. I remember watching them bloom in my mom’s garden every spring. They are such a bright and cheery sight after a cold winter!

  • 235
    Allison T. says:

    My favorite flowers are hydrangeas! The large blooms are always show stoppers. We used them at our wedding and every time I see a hydrangea it remains new me of that very special day!

  • 236
    sallie says:

    Lilies-of-the-Valley. Love their scent and sweet delicate flowers. They were a favorite of my maternal grandmother, my mother and now mine. Our daughter had sprigs of them in her bridal bouquet as a remembrance.

  • 237
    Charmaine says:

    Sunflowers and hydrangea are my two favorites. I remember growing sunflowers as a young girl and still love doing it to this day. Hydrangeas have also been a favorite since I was young. I do have one plant, it’s the only one that has stayed alive due to our soil. it blooms beautiful bluish purple flowers. I carried hydrangeas on my wedding day!

  • 238
    Renee M says:

    Lovely release and projects, y’all! A favorite flower for me is the shasta daisy. My grandma had them at her house and I’m so glad that my dad dug some up from there (when I was a little girl) to plant at our house. I remember cutting the flowers to take to my teachers sometimes. Whenever we moved, my dad remembered to dig some up and take them with us. So now I’m 51 and still have flowers that are descendants of the ones my grandma had πŸ™‚

  • 239
    Deborah Long says:

    Roses are definitely my favorite. Rose is my middle name and it is a family name. I had a grandmother and a great grandmother named Rose so the flowers and my name are a connection to my past.

  • 240
    Avonlea says:

    Just one flower? Hmmm… I love the magnolia tree’s bloom. It’s so unique, bold and delicate all at once. Plus we don’t have any here where I live (too cold) so it has an exotic element for me. The first time I noticed a magnolia tree was wgen I was visiting friends in Seattle.

  • 241
    Peggy S says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite! Love all their colors.

  • 242
    Jacklyn H says:

    My favorite flowers are daisies just because they are simple and pretty.

  • 243
    Holly Saveur says:

    My favorite flower grape hyacinth … they remind me of my B-day and Love that they announce Spring ..new Life and all is green again…and love the special blue color..and their smell!

  • 244

    I love roses. Especially blush coloured ones. There’s a shop near me that sells them and they are a family favourite. A wonderful lady I knew used to give them all the time. Any time someone was struggling or celebrating, flowers would show up and you always knew who they were from in advance, especially once you saw the colour. She passed about 15 years ago and I will always remember her sweetness.

  • 245
    Jennifer T says:

    Awesome release! My favorite flowers are pansies, particularly the mini ones. I love that they seem to have faces and I am always reminded of how they sang and giggled in Alice and Wonderland. I love planting them every year and actually gave small planted pansies as a favor at my very simple wedding. We scattered the left overs in our yard and 10 years later they are still popping up! ?

  • 246
    Michelle Chapman says:

    I love poppies! They are so whimsical and dainty at the same time. I love free flowing flowers and the color is so vibrant. It’s my home state flower so we’d see them growing wild in the hills during spring growing up. Many great memories of that beauty.

  • 247

    I absolutely love flowers so much so that I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I guess like dahlias the best. There are soo many varieties and beautiful colors. I like that the flower comes in this ugly tuber that gets planted which miraculously turns into a beautiful flower!

  • 248
    Kathryn A says:

    Sweet Peas and lilacs remind me of my grandma. Their sweet scents make me think of my childhood visits with her.

  • 249
    Flo says:

    I love daisies and they hold a special place in my heart. I always gave daisies to my grandma just for no reason except I loved her. I even had them in my wedding. Noe that she is gone whenever I see them I think of her.

  • 250
    Victoria h says:

    Roses- I love the beautiful,soft petals and scent. Special memories from my wedding bouquet to Valentine’s Day and making rose petal perfume as a child and then with my children.

  • 251
    Colleen F says:

    Gerber Daisy because their blooms are so big, they are bright and bold, and I carried them in my wedding bouquet.

  • 252
    Amy Kolling says:

    The star gazer lily. Was THE focal point of my bridal bouquet so it brings me back to my wedding day!

  • 253
    Terri W says:

    My favorite flower is the Daisy which reminds me of the time my mom told me even though I didn’t have a green thumb it would be hard to kill that flower. She was so right. I love planting these in a big flower planter on the upper deck right outside my kitchen. The blooms always make me smile.

  • 254
    Nancy Alletag says:

    Crepe myrtle because I live in a land locked state and it reminds me of trips to the seaside.

  • 255

    White daisy. For my 16th birthday my family took me camping. On the day of my birthday my cousins and I went down to the river and was fishing my dad came up to me after we had been there for about an hour and handed me a bouquet of white daisy’s. They were so beautiful. We were camping for 5 days more after that day and they lasted for a whole more 2 weeks. I was so surprised at how long they lasted and that my dad would go into town to even think about buying me flowers. It is a day that I have never forgotten and never will!!

  • 256
    carol says:

    Snapdragons are dear to my heart, not only because of their vibrant colour and delightful fragrance, but because they remind me of my dad. One of my fondest childhood memories is my dad – the ‘stoic’ engineer – showing me how we could make the ‘dragons’ roar by gently squeezing them to open their mouths! I was tickled pink with this revelation! Every time mom grew snapdragons, Pa and I would enjoy making them roar…and that tradition lasted for years. I wish he were still here to share this with my niece and nephew, but since he’s not, I will…a little bit of ‘Papa’ memories to share with the kiddos makes my heart smile…

  • 257

    My favorite flower is the frangipani. It is beautiful and has a gorgeous fragrance, but most of all, it reminds me of many happy years in Nigeria.

  • 258
    Deborah Wilson says:

    Pansies are one of my favorite flowers no special memories really….they just make me happy for some reason.

  • 259
    Victoria Nelson says:

    I have several favorites, and I’d say my love of flowers comes from my grandmother, who was an avid gardener. She would let me pick a small bouquet of pansies from her flower pots so I could enjoy fresh flowers at my tea party with my dolls! I also love sweet peas, and I remember receiving a bouquet of them from her when I “graduated” from 6th grade. I have a few more favorites, but I’ll stop with those two.

  • 260
    Sue says:

    Sweet peas are so beautifully fragrant and come in such an array of beautiful colors. My parents grew a wall of them against a wire fence to beautify the area and my husband did an amazing watercolor picture for me hightlighting these special flowers.

  • 261
    Jessicak says:

    Tea roses are my fave flower – my mom loves themail- the brighter the color, the better – and we always get them for her birthday.

  • 262
    Lynne S in GS says:

    Lilacs are my favorite!! There is a festival every year and it is something we still look forward to. A great reason to go home. The variation in color, the lilac trees that line my grandparents driveway are just a couple reasons. Great release!!

  • 263
    Brenda Kuder says:

    Roses are my favorite because they come in so many beautiful colors. I really love the variegated colors.

  • 264
    Cindy C says:

    I love yellow roses. They were always my moms favorite flower & so it always reminds me of her πŸ™‚

  • 265
    Maureen P says:

    I have always loved the periwinkle hydrangeas as they remind me of visiting Vancouver, BC. They have the perfect soil for that colour while we only get white where I live. I also love peonies because we had a bush of them under our front window growing up. They remind me of my mom.

  • 266
    Jess S. says:

    Loving the new release! My favourite flowers are hydrangeas. They remind me of the time I lived in Japan. They grew everywhere in the city where I lived. I also love how the flowers often blend colours.

  • 267
    Becky Green says:

    My favorite flower is the red rose. Because of it’s beauty & scent, & rich red color. It’s a romantic flower. Three special memories where Roses were involved would be, when I graduated from Beauty School. My mother sent me a tea cup with small tea roses in it in honor of my graduation; My first birthday with the man I love, as he sent me roses; & the day after I told him I loved him, he sent two dozen roses to me at work! I save every flower too! πŸ˜‰

  • 268
    merryf says:

    I love sunflowers. two weeks after 9/11 I went apple picking at an orchard that had a huge field of sunflowers. Just seeing those happy faces and taking photographs gave me a huge emotional lift.

  • 269
    Jeanne says:

    A flower that has special meaning for me is the carnation. It was my dad’s favorite flower and he would regularly bring bouquets to my mom.

  • 270
    Sheryl M says:

    The daffodil is my all-time favorite flower. Its lovely yellow reminds me of beautiful Springs, growing up in Texas, and most of all, it reminds me of my Mother.

  • 271
    Aimee Johnson says:

    The carnation, it is a simple, inexpensive, long lasting flower. It was my Dad’s favorite flower, so whenever I see one it reminds me of him:)

  • 272
    Heidi says:

    I love tulips. They remind me of spring and new life after a long winter.

  • 273
    Deb Hudson says:

    I have always loved Forget Me Nots since I first saw them when I was 7. The family was spending the summer on Stewart Island in BC. Our neighbors had a small freshwater pond surrounded by Forget Me Nots. I loved the small yet bright blue yellow centered flowers. I’m now thinking the name comes because once planted they reseed themselves. I have them growing everywhere now.

  • 274
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    Roses and hydrangeas are my favourite. Rosses because of their gorgeous beauty and hydrangeas because they remind me of home and warmer days.

  • 275
    Grace C. says:

    My favorite flower is the tulip because reminds me of my childhood. My mother there planted red tulips (her favorite color) next to a fence and I looked for them every spring.

  • 276
    Johanna M says:

    I don’t really have a favourite flower, but I do love pansies. They come in all kinds of beautiful colours and they’ll last forever just as long as you remember to snip away the dried up flowers.

  • 277
    Viv N says:

    Calla lily because they have a classic look and unusual shape!

  • 278
    Kim Heggins says:

    I love white tulips, always have. They are so beautiful and elegant.

  • 279
    Cynthia says:

    Forsythia…. We had a big hedge of them on the side of our yard when I was very young. They were gorgeous in the spring. And when I was a baby and just starting to talk, I thought they were named after me (Cynthia). I still call them For-Cynthias!!

  • 280

    Picking a favorite flower is like picking a favorite child, can’t be done! If I HAD to chose, it would be be peonies. They remind me of my childhood, when we had rows of them around our vegetable garden. Now I have many different varieties in my yard.

  • 281
    Mel H says:

    Irises are one of my favorites. My mom raised them and after she passed I was able to keep a few rhizomes of her plants and I’ve moved them twice. Ow. They make me happy.

  • 282
    Stacy Simpson says:

    Pansies. My grandmother always had them in her flower garden. I can remember helping her plant them. They are so delicate and I love the colors especially purple pansies.

  • 283
    Sherri says:

    Definitely daffodils. I have a beautiful picture of the gorgeous daffodils that emerge each spring in Eden Park in Cincinnati that I use as my desktop background. I have so many great memories of spring in Eden park. I no loner live in Cincinnati and miss springtime in Eden park terribly. Especially the spring show at the Krohn conservatory and the gorgeous daffodils.

  • 284
    Amy Gutknecht says:

    Hyacinth are my favorite flower! They remind me of summer!

  • 285
    Rachel W. says:

    The pincushion is my favorite. When viewed from afar, they appear so simple yet elegant. On closer inspection, they are amazingly detailed yet unassuming at the same time. Just like so many of us!

  • 286
    see mary stamp says:

    Hmmmm. Tough question as I don’t consider myself a flower person. I do like sunflowers and daffodils. I guess my favorites are any my dear hubby gives me.

  • 287
    Chris L says:

    My favorite flowers are carnations–they are such a happy flower! And the best memory of them–they were in my wedding bouquet!

  • 288
    Jen Carter says:

    I have 2 favorites. Lilacs because they remind me of my grandma! She had several bushes on her farm and I LOVED when they’d bloom! The other favorite is sunflowers because I’m a Kansas girl and think they are beautiful! We even had them in our wedding so they are extra special!

  • 289
    Pat says:

    i love hydrangeas and peonies, hyacinths and lily of the valley, but my favorite is hibiscus because it is tropical and reminds me of so many vacations in South Carolina and Hawaii.

  • 290
    Linda says:

    Lilacs and carnations are my two favorite. Love the fragrance of both of them. These were my mom’s favorites, too.

  • 291
    Lauren Yo. says:

    I love flowers! My favorites are peonies, tulips, lavender & hydrangea. They make me happy!

  • 292
    Lisa R. says:

    I adore Peonies. They have such a happy look!

    The cards today were spectacular. Everyone has outdone themselves, as usual πŸ™‚

  • 293
    Diane says:

    Love gerber daisies and peonies. They are such beautiful flowers.

  • 294
    RedGem says:

    I love roses…red, pink, yellow, yes any color! I love it when brides choose a beautiful rose bouquet, very classy! Looking forward to the new release!

  • 295
    Tammy Hanson says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips. They signal the dawn of rebirth and of a glorious new season. Seeing them fills me with energy and all kinds of happiness.

  • 296
    Marianne M says:

    So many favorites! Have to choose irises over them all. Beauty AND fragrance all in one! If I could have an acre of all varieties of iris, I would be a happy gardener!

  • 297
    Sandy C. says:

    I love the amaryllis for it’s beautiful showey flowers and how it often brightens the gloomy days of winter. And of course this flower reminds one of wonderful Christmas memories. I am still enjoying blooms on some amaryllis bulbs I got before Christmas.

  • 298
    Shelly Greybeck says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. They are ever-changing in color and seem to just bring happiness when you look at them. My grandmother had some beautiful heritage hydrangeas when I was growing up that she always clipped and had around her house both fresh and dried.

  • 299
    Holly says:

    I’m looking forward to the new release tonight!! My favorite flower is and always has been the gerbera daisy. It’s just like me – simple and unassuming. πŸ™‚

  • 300
    Nora says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips. They remind me of my late mother, who also adores them. I especially love red ones as that was her favorite color.

  • 301
    Kylie Z says:

    I love daffodils because it means that the cold dark winter is almost over.

  • 302
    Marcia P says:

    My favorite flower is hydrangeas. I’m not sure when I started to love them; I just do! My favorite color of hydrangea is the pale blue.

  • 303
    Crystal M. says:

    My absolute favorite flower is an asiatic lily! I’m also partial to roses, but that’s because it’s my Mom’s favorite flower and they make me think of her.

  • 304
    Evan says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips because they remind me of my mother who always grew them in our yard.

  • 305
    Kate Temple says:

    Ranunculous are my favorite flower. I love the dozens of tight layers in those beauties!! Peonies are a close second…oh, and hydrangea because they remind me of my grandmother’s beach house.

  • 306
    Rhonda Ries says:

    My favorite flower is the stargazer lily, I had an entire bouquet of them in my wedding. I love their beauty and fragrance and whenever I see them I smile because it brings back beautiful memories of my wedding day and days since.

  • 307
    Tracy says:

    I don’t think I can pick just one, so I will list a few- the poinsettia- it is just so beautiful and perhaps more special because we only see them once a year. The others are lily of the valley- they remind me of my grandma, she had them planted at her house, and then while most people want roses, I love carnations because they are so colorful and last so long when you get them in a bouquet.

  • 308
    Susan W. says:

    One of my favorite flowers is the chrysanthemum probably because they remind me of my mom. Her name was Kiku which is short for chrysanthemum in Japanese (“kiku no hana”). I would have more fresh flowers around my home if we didn’t have 3 cats. They love to eat flowers so I have to stash any fresh flowers I may get in our bathroom behind a closed door.

  • 309
    Janet J says:

    My absolute favorite is sweet peas. My Dad grew them every year. When I was in grammar school he would pick a huge bouquet for me to take to my teacher. Such sweet memories.

  • 310
    MaryAnn N says:

    So. Many to choose from. My memories of flowers back to childhood ,my mother always had a large flower garden tulips, ? roses, daffodils, snapdragons were her favourites so became mine too.

  • 311
    Stacy Jensen says:

    I love the smell of roses! They remind me of my Grandmother who carefully planted and cared for all flowers. At her funeral all her grandchildren chose a flower that reminded them of her to place upon her casket! I chose a beautiful pink rose, love you Grandma B!!

  • 312
    Dloates2005 says:

    My mother loved flowers of all types. They were all around our home. I remember some peonies that she planted that I loved to run and jump over – after they bloomed!

  • 313
    Leslie Scholes says:

    For a person who DOES NOT like to play in the dirt how can it be that I love flowers so? All flowers, especially tulips, my daughter sends them to me for my birthday, and orchids, my mom grew several varieties – with great success, and gardenias – that sweet scent! We had a large bush right outside the front door of the house I grew up in – every time someone opened the front door that wonderful scent would flood the house. I love it so!
    Another great release – especially the florals!!

  • 314
    Julia Aston says:

    My favorite bloom has got to be daffodils, they are the harbinger of spring – one of the first things to come up in my garden each year – I love how many varieties of them there are with different colors and different edges – they remind me of Easter, rebirth and hope!

  • 315
    Claudia says:

    I’m an avid gardener, so it’s really difficult to pick a single favorite flower. I’m going to go with Delphiniums, because I love their deep rich colors and how they stand so tall and straight. They are also elusive, because I have had no luck growing them in my own garden. Second favorite is the crocus, because they signal the arrival of spring when they show up in March, often when snow is still on the ground.

  • 316
    Michele W says:

    How can anyone pick just one flower as a favorite. I have trouble limiting it to three. I love peonies because they remind me of my mother’s garden. I also love hydrangeas because they remind me of my grandmother’s garden. But I suppose my most favorite flower is the lilac. I love the smell of lilacs as well as the pretty blooms and both my mother and grandmother grew them so they invoke some great memories.

  • 317
    Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome release!

    That’s an easy question for me. Sweet Peas! Lots of fond memories of picking them in our backyard with my Dad when I was a kid. He grew them on the back of the house, with a string trellis that they would twine around. We picked bouquets for my Mom and some for me to take to school for my teacher. I love the fragrance and the colors of Sweet Peas and they always make me think of my Dad.

  • 318
    Malyssa M. says:

    I never really thought about what my favorite flower was, I guess I’ve always just been drawn to roses since my middle name is Rose! My grandmother just passed away in December and she loved all things gardening and flowers so I’m being drawn to all the things she loved as I remember all my memories of her and I. Picking a favorite flower for her would’ve been like picking a favorite child!

  • 319
    Helen F. says:

    If I had to pick just one favorite flower, I would say it is Roses!
    The Rose is my birth month flower, I had long stem red roses for my wedding bouquet and my husband would surprise me with a “Just Because” vase of roses on occasion. πŸ™‚
    Beautiful release this month, thank you for all of the amazing inspiration!

  • 320
    kimgyu says:

    Gerber Daisys are my favorite. I didn’t even have to think about it! I love the variety of colors they come in and how the center just draws you eye to them. They remind me of summer so they line my walk up to my front door when I can find them.

  • 321
    Tema says:

    My favorite flower is the orchid.It has such longevity.It’s beauty can give me pleasure for at least a month.I still remember the first time I discovered them about 30 years ago I was in awe of how long I could enjoy their beauty.As far as fragrant flowers I love roses & freesias.

  • 322
    Debbie Bailey says:

    My favorite flower is the Daisy. It reminds me of sunshine, a warm breeze, the sound of birds in trees, and blue clouds all on a Summer day. Ahhhhhh, I can close my eyes and I am there.

  • 323
    Noreen says:

    Lilacs. When I was growing up, we had a lilac bush right outside our kitchen door. Whenever one of us had a cooking mishap (which, according to my siblings’ reminiscenses, seems to have been pretty often!) we would throw it behind the lilac bush – so our parents wouldn’t know about it. The bush flourished! In the summer we would sit in the shade of it, pull off leaves, and make a chain of them by weaving the leaf stems through the leaves.

  • 324
    Leslie S. says:

    First of all Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! What an amazing milestone! My favorite flower is definitely the tulip. Ther’s no particular reason why, I just love the way they look. They’re always so beautiful to me.

  • 325
    Wendy Ventoza says:

    I am a gardener and love flowers! My favorite is the hydrangea though. They bloom for so long and often start out one color then change into a most extrodinary new color. My mother grew many and I remember her in each one of mine.

  • 326
    Jennifer says:

    Roses are my favorite flower. Each color can mean something so different.

  • 327
    Sandy S. says:

    Oh, so many! Peonies are one. I have a not-so-pleasant memory of that. One year my in-laws gave us three peony bushes as an anniversary present. The instructions said to dig a hole 2’x2’x2′ for each one. It was NOT a fun way for my husband and me to spend our anniversary!

  • 328
    Tracy L. says:

    It’s hard to pick but I like roses the best. I love how they look as a bud and I like to watch them as the open to full bloom.

  • 329
    Cheryl I says:

    Daisies are one of my favorites for their simplicity and universal appeal. On my 16th birthday (many many years ago) my dad surprised me by buying me a bouquet of all daisies and they have forever been ‘my flower’. Sweet Peas are a very close second for their beauty and fragrance!

  • 330
    Sally K says:

    I love irises. They are so beautiful and unusual but most of all they remind me of my mom and my grandma.

  • 331
    Deepa M. says:

    I love flowers in general, but I have a soft spot for marigolds, because they remind me of my grandparents. My grandfather used to pick them every day and bring them into the house when he was visiting us for 6 months, and my grandmother used to wear garlands of them in her hair. I plant pots of marigolds in my own home now, and whenever I smell them, I think of them!

  • 332
    abrash says:

    I love daffodils – they are so pretty and perfect!

  • 333
    Deane says:

    My favorite flowers are Marigolds. They are rich in many colors of Fall and are very hardy!

  • 334
    Kristi Poling says:

    I love Lily of the Valley. They are so fragrant, multiply like crazy, and grew right by our front door. When the right breeze would blow through our door the house would be filled with their beautiful fragrance.

  • 335
    Meagan says:

    I’ve always loved tulips. Not for any specific reason, I’ve just always thought they were beautiful.

  • 336
    Linda M. says:

    I love flowers and have a garden full of them. My favorites are roses, gardenias and carnations. They’re all pretty and they smell so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 337
    Zehra says:

    Roses are my favorite, that is the meaning of my name and I have happy thoughts anytime I think if roses

  • 338
    Mimi R says:

    The Tahitian tiare is my favorite flower because it smells like an intense gardenia. My first Tahitian competition all of us had on tiare in our hair and the smell always reminds me of that eventful day!

  • 339
    Dee says:

    I love lilacs! Growing up we had a row of lilac in colors of purple and white – the smell was heavenly.

  • 340
    Debbie says:

    I’ll go with daffodils… sunny and cheerful. They are a sure sign of spring.

  • 341
    Ruthie Armstrong says:

    Mums large and small. When I see them any where I stop and take in a big sniff of their pretty scent. Reminds me of my Grandpa and the times we spent in his garden. Miss those simpler days.

  • 342
    Irene S says:

    I love peonies. They are so beautiful and are only available for a short time during the year.

  • 343
    Veda says:

    Bird of Paradise – reminds me of a trip to Hawaii!

  • 344
    Linda in St Chuck says:

    I guess I don’t really have a favorite. I Really enjoy the variety throughout the year!

  • 345
    ML from IL says:

    My favorite flower is the rose because that was my grandma’s name.

  • 346
    Melanie A says:

    Poppies I think, just something cute and cheerful about them! I love seeing them growing along the roadside! I do like Daffies though too. First sign winter is ending and Spring (new beginnings) is around the corner!

  • 347
    Becky L says:

    Daisies (blue daisies) would have to be my first pick as those are the flowers my husband of 39 years has sent me ever since we met. But peonies would be a close second.

  • 348
    Kristie H says:

    My favorite flower is lilacs. I have some very sweet childhood memories of playing in my grandparents back yard with the sweet smell of lilacs.

  • 349
    Linda L says:

    Lily of the Valley. My Grandma had them growing in her yard when I was a little girl. They are so dainty and perfect.

  • 350
    Emma S. says:

    My favorite flower is the Gardenia. It is so fragrant and reminds me of my childhood. My mom knew I loved them and on special times and birthdays she would always get me one. They remind me of her.

  • 351
    MaryB says:

    My favorite flower changes regularly, but for today I’m going to say camellia. They are so very beautiful and have such fragrance! Years ago when living in AL, we planted 3 camellia bushes, and I was so excited about them. Then we moved north before they had a chance to bloom. So disappointing. It is too cold up here in northern OH to even try to grow any.

  • 352
    Cathy Y says:

    My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley. I grew up 4 doors from my paternal grandmother, and saw her nearly every day of my life until she passed. She had Lily of the Valley planted all the way down one side of the house. They are such tiny, perfect little flowers and have a strong, unique scent. Whenever I see them, I think of my beloved grandma.

  • 353
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    Gerbera daisies; I love them because they are so colorful.

  • 354
    Kirsten E says:

    My favorite flower is the lilac. My grandmother had a large lilac tree in her yard and I remember cutting branches of flowers every spring. The beautiful scent filled the whole house.

  • 355
    B Soo Hoo says:

    I love the beauty of peonies. My mom & I discovered them the time we were traveling the northeastern U.S. and Canada. It was just the two of us exploring new sites, places, and experiences. Loved it!

  • 356
    SherryG says:

    My favorite is lily-of-the-valley. My mother carried them when she married my father; and when they begin to bloom around the edges of our yard, I know spring has arrived.

  • 357

    I love carnations! That was my mom’s favorite flower, few years ago I planted pink ones to honor my mom’s memory.

  • 358
    Kristina says:

    I honestly love ALL flowers! Which is why every flower set you put out there I have to have

  • 359
    Mary W says:

    My favorite flower has always been Lily of the Valley. It bloomed quickly in the spring with the most delightful sweet smell and was perfect for little hands to gather. I was so little then and moved south later where these don’t grow. So they live in my memory now and always make me smile when I see them thinking of my younger self exploring the magic of spring up north.

  • 360
    Pam Joiner says:

    Growing up on the farm, we would be surprised by daffodils that seemed to magically appear in our yard and throughout the cow pasture! I will carry that scene in my heart forever.

  • 361
    diana says:

    Peonies, especially the ones in my garden as they came from my mother’s garden. πŸ™‚

  • 362
    Sydney Grace says:

    My favorite flowers are gardenias because it was my grandmas favorite and the scent reminds me of her perfume.

  • 363
    Kate says:

    For me, it has to be roses. When we got married, rather than asking for all the usual stuff that gets given as wedding presents, we asked each guest to bring just one rose bush. Of course some people couldn’t help but bring more than one, but now I have a beautiful garden full of roses that remind me of our lovely wedding.

  • 364
    Pai says:

    one of my favorites is the lilac. It has such a great scent and we had big bushes of them in the backyard of my house growing up.

  • 365
    Greta H says:

    My favorite flower is the rose. I have quite a collection at my house where my folks used to live. My dad shared my love of roses & bought many of the ones still here.

  • 366
    Kathy Mc says:

    In our garden, my favorites are roses including varieties named after my deceased Mom and MIL. As a bouquet inside, alstroemerias because we often brought them to my MIL, which not only lasted two weeks but put a HUGE smile on her face. We’ve since planted some of those in our yard and are a great memory of my MIL.

  • 367

    My favorite flower when it’s time to plant my spring baskets is geraniums. They are so bright and pretty they stand out in the pot. The Salmon Red is my favorite,then the pinky red and the white. My Mum still grows her geraniums from seed. “I keep saying I’m going to cut back growing so many this year,” she says, but always has plenty of plants to share with my sisters and her friends.

  • 368
    Tammy says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower because it is bright and cheery. And enjoy it in the artwork of Van Gogh.

  • 369
    audrey says:

    my favorite flower is an orchid. the three special memories are my mom because she loved orchids, my wedding cake which had them on there for decorations, and going to an orchid show with my 2 sisters.

  • 370
    Patti says:

    I love Lilacs. When they were in season they filled Ball canning jars in several rooms in our house all during my childhood.

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  • 371
    Maddie Mc says:

    My favorite flowers are lillies as they are beautiful and the aroma lasts for so long!!!

  • 372
    April C. says:

    Beautiful billowing hydrangeas for me! They remind me of our wonderful trip to Nantucket where we learned about my husband’s ancestors who’d settled the island. The abundance of hydrangeas added to the charm of Nantucket’s beachy beauty.

  • 373
    Caitlin Rebecca says:

    I LOVE iris flowers as they remind me of my grandmothers house:)

  • 374
    Lehanne says:

    I think poppies are such an exquisite flower. When my husband and I bought our first house, my grandfather sent me a packet of poppy seeds. It was incredibly rare for him to write to me himself, a job typically left to my grandmother, so when that envelope arrived it already was something special. The fact that it was one of my favorite flowers made it all the more.

  • 375
    Ashlee Diane says:

    I still really love lillies!! I had them in my wedding 35 years ago and they are still my favorite:)

  • 376
    Linda Reilly says:

    My favorite flower is the pansy. They just look so cheerful.

  • 377
    Tammie J. says:

    Lilacs. My grandmother had a big lilac bush in her yard where we would spend every Sunday after church for a big family dinner. Love those memories!

  • 378
    Carolee McCaslin says:

    Roses are my favorite in all colors!!

  • 379
    Sharon D says:

    I love flowers! I think I will say my favorites are white chrysanthemums, but I also love dahlias, tulips, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, roses, day lilies.

  • 380
    Carol Blaisdell says:

    I love gerber daisies; they are just so HAPPY! Both of my girls had one single gerber daisy in their high school graduation photos and I love them!

  • 381
    Nancy M. says:

    I have always love the yellow rose, it just seems to be the most cheerful color!

  • 382
    Iris Shubert says:

    Well I have to say “Iris” of course. That’s my name and I was
    named after my Granny “Iris”. It’s the TN state flower, which is where I’m from. And it’s a beautiful flower, so many varieties and beautiful colors, it smells divine, it’s one of the first flowers to bloom around here in the spring. They are beautiful to paint also. PTI has a die of the Iris also!!!
    But I love all of God’s blooms πŸ™‚

  • 383
    LeeAnne says:

    I have two favorite flowers, both of which remind me of my late mom: tulips because she painted them beautifully, and peonies because she had them in our yard and loved them! What a great release!

  • 384
    Nancy M says:

    There are some things that it is impossible to pick a favorite – flowers, books, movies. I love violets because they look so delicate, but seem to be able to thrive anywhere. Roses are just beautiful in their many colors, and they remind me of one of my dad’s romantic gestures with my mom… and he was a very unromantic man. Creeping Phlox (I don’t think this is technically a flower.) because they share a glorious carpet of color in the spring when it is needed so very much. Obviously, I could go on and on.

  • 385
    Carolyn Hu says:

    Carnations because I made a pamphlet about selling carnations in middle school and I still have it. And they are my mom’s favorite. I love the peach colored ones.

  • 386
    Craftyfield says:

    I love white lilies, I love their elegant shape, virginal colour and heady scent, no memories attached to them… well originally! But since people know it’s my favorite flower I have memories of special occasions when I received a bunch!

  • 387
    Michelle Benoit says:

    I love hydrangeas! I love how they look so very lifeless in the winter, but they return the next year stronger than ever.They speak to me!

  • 388
    Barbara M says:

    Tulips are my favorite ! I have no special memories attached. I have just loved the clean and simple lines with all beautiful colors. Of course I have the PTI tulips sets…so now I can make them in all the colorsβ™₯️!

  • 389
    Ruth Gauss says:

    I love daffodils the most because I love yellow, they bring color to days that there aren’t many other flowers blooming, and they always are so cheery! My hubby always gets potted daffodils for me for my birthday (and sometimes for Valentine’s day) and that means a lot to me!

  • 390
    MrsJ1s says:

    Zinnias are my faves. They’re just so colorful.

  • 391
    Lisa Smith says:

    This is such a beautiful release! My favorite flowers are Lilies. My neighbor had the most beautiful yard filled with every color, shape and size it was beyond gorgeous, fairy tale like.

  • 392
    Annette says:

    My favourites in summer are hollyhocks, and in spring the early crocuses. Anything pretty that grows from seeds, really.

  • 393
    krillsister says:

    My favorite flower has always been a carnation. but I love them all, especially when my darling husband brings me a bouquet for no reason at all.

  • 394
    Mary Ann Fry says:

    Well, it’s not a flower, but I like dandelions. They take me back to when I was 7 or 8 and I would sit in the grass and blow on them. Sweet memories.

  • 395
    Becky P. says:

    Gerber daisies. They remind me of every happy memory in my life, as they have been my go to flower since I was a teenager.

  • 396
    Carrie T says:

    I love Gerbera daisies! I’ve just always thought that they were so beautiful. I had them
    In my wedding and love them in the bouquets that my husband gives me.

  • 397
    Carole says:

    I love white flowers especially white orchids. This past year my husband and I celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary. 2016 was a very difficult year for us and my husband knew how much I loved white orchids so on our special day, to make me smile, he ordered a beautiful bouquet of white orchids. I have to admit they were stunning and did bring a smile to my face. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 398
    Rosemary D says:

    had to pick one flower, but top on the list are tulips! I just love them… so simple, but so beautiful! I had tulips in my wedding bouquet and so when I see tulips it always makes me think of that day!

  • 399
    Dennisonka says:

    I love blooming flowers!!! But the first flowers I remember loving are roses. My dad has had a rose garden for as long as I can remember … nothing too large or extavegant but lovely nonetheless. When I was a young child, my grandpa, who was an avid vegetable gardener, inherited some of my dad’s roses when we had to move cross country, and I remember them talking about them. They flourished many years under his care. These two lovely men in my life cultivated my love of blooming things and so much more.

  • 400
    Kathy McDonald says:

    It’s nearly impossible to choose just one, but I do have a special place in my heart for tulips! They come in so many beautiful colors, and they brighten a room. I live a little over an hour away from Skagit Valley in Washington state, and it is a region that grows daffodils and tulips for resale. Every spring, thousands of people go to see the beautiful fields of tulips in bloom during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Pictures just don’t do this beautiful sight justice!

  • 401
    LR says:

    I love them all! Can’t just pick one. Each season has beautiful flowers and I look forward to each one. Flowers are a beautiful gift from God and they make me happy!

  • 402
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    I like to dabble in gardening in the summertime. I really can’t pick one favorite because I love them all!

  • 403
    Lorraine says:

    I love tulips. I visited Japan and the garden full of beautiful colorful loveliness….wow. Also love tuberose – the smell is so nice!

  • 404
    Tami B says:

    I absolutely LOVE flowers- all of them, and I think I get that from my grandmother. She grew lots of flowers and always had some in her house, (even in winter time.)

  • 405
    Amanda says:

    My favorite flowers are white daisies. I love their simplicity and happiness without all the fuss of some other flowers. I like them so much I used them in my wedding so now they are even more special.

  • 406

    I am really fond of black-eyed susans. I know they grow wild in many places, but my Mom had them in her beautiful rock garden along with zinnias, daisies and forget-me-nots. I’ve been able to keep them alive in my garden and now that she has passes away, they mean so much to me!

    LOVE this release!

  • 407

    Magnolia blooms are my favorite flower. I love the thick glossy leaves and beautiful flower. They remind me of weddings.

  • 408
    MargaretC says:

    My favourite flower is the snowdrop as it brings such hope. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • 409
    Susan G says:

    For fragrance, lilies of the valley. Mom always had some growing in our yard. She had this very tiny bud vase that was just the right height for one sprig. Every Spring she would bring in a sprig and fill a small area with that wonderful fragrance. I’d stop and sniff it every time I went past it. Also, lilacs…we always had a couple of large bush/trees in our yard. One sniff of either flower nowadays takes me back to my youth.

  • 410
    Kathy M says:

    Hydrangeas – I love how big and beautiful they are. They bring precious memories of my Mom.

  • 411
    Sandy N. says:

    This is hard – my favorite flower list keeps getting longer and longer. Peonies, roses, sweet peas, freesias, gardenias, anthuriums, hibiscus….and on and on. OK, ginger. It reminds me of Hawaii where I was born. Love the smell the delicate flower. My father-in-law made beautiful wood carvings and we have one of a ginger hanging on our wall that is unfinished as he passed before completing it.

  • 412
    MelissaE says:

    Roses and Gerber Daisies are my favorite flowers. I love the variety of colors that each of them have. Also, Roses were used in my wedding bouquet so it reminds me of that. I just like the look and scent of Gerber Daisies .

  • 413
    Patt H. says:

    I love poppies! They are so bright & cheery & always make me smile when I see them. My late mom loved them also so they always remind me of her.

  • 414
    Linda R. says:

    I love so many different types of flowers, but if I had to pick one, it would be the rose. It’s the epitome of grace and elegance. There are so many beautiful varieties. My favorites are sweetheart roses and two I grow in my garden==an antique rose that came from my grandmothers garden and an elegant hybrid that is two shades of pink and has a wonderful scent. Roses remind me of my wedding. We had many beautiful pink roses in bouquets and arrangements. My husband gives me roses on our wedding anniversary…one for each year we’ve been married. The bouquets have become quite amazing!

  • 415
    Jackie Adair says:

    I have always loved these pretty purple flowers growing along the sides of ther roads in Iowa. They tall weeds that look like straw flowers and remind me of summer here.

  • 416
    S. Molinari says:

    It’s hard to play favorites with flowers, they’re all so beautiful in their own way. But I do love lilacs, lavender and wisteria. Do you see a pattern here? Lol Great release and re-release!

  • 417
    Nita K. says:

    I love calla lilies. Especially the deep purple ones. They remind me of my wedding.

  • 418
    kelly says:

    I love lilacs because they remind me of my grandmother who had a gigantic hedge of lilacs growing behind her house. I wish they weren’t so fleeting because they are just so, so lovely!

  • 419
    Jerri Klusmeyer says:

    My favorite flowers are still daisies. I was raised in the country so there was wonderful wild daisies along the roadside. They are such a happy flower.

  • 420
    Laura C says:

    Well, it is difficult to choose just one. I love lilacs for their color and fragrance. They remind me of home and spring.

  • 421

    My favorite flower is the gerbera daisies, I love that its colors are vibrant and varied, in addition to that it is an extremely simple flower.

    My three favorite moments that remind me of these flowers are: the first arrangement of flowers that my husband means, being engaged; When she asked me to marry him, and the day our daughter was born, because I am getting an arrangement with these

  • 422
    Leanne S says:

    I love several as I grew up seeing my mum teach to make both fabric & paper flowers for decades. She still makes flowers at 88 but has slowed down. If I were to pick just one I would go for the rose for its beauty, scent & they remind me of my mum miles across the oceans.

  • 423
    Barbara Schmidt says:

    I love daffodils because they remind me that spring is coming – especially after a long winter.

  • 424
    Alice Roushia says:

    Carnations are my favorite flower by far. I love the smell, as they last quite a long time, and the different colors that are used on them. I always got carnations on my Anniversary with roses in the middle which signified how many years we were married. I also had a bouquet of red and white carnations on my wedding day. A record was broken on our Wedding Day of -13 degrees and we had people coming from Wisconsin which was -23. This is why carnations are my favorite flower ❀

  • 425
    Rebecca Attwood says:

    Such a great release. My favorite flower is the forget-me-not. I love the tiny delicate blooms & the beautiful blue color. I have great memories of finding them growing wild on my Aunty’s farm property when I was young.

  • 426
    Linda Lander says:

    Hands down, tulips… their simplicity has always spoken to me as well as my grandmother and now my daughter. (Hopefully the granddaughter will love them also). My daughter did use them as her wedding flowers and I continually buy them ..whenever they are available. An extra point…there are so many colors to choose from.

  • 427
    Linda K. says:

    I love all the bulb flowers like Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils…they always remind me of spring. I used to love when there would be snow on the ground but the crocus would start popping up through it.

  • 428
    Darla S. says:

    Tulips are my favorite flower! They come in so many gorgeous colors!

  • 429

    My favorite flower has always been Red Geraniums.
    I am sure it has to do with my Grandmother, Mom who was the most amazing gardener, cook, crafter, person…Grandmother in the world!!!

  • 430
    Jeanne H says:

    My favorite flower is the rose. I’ve loved it from childhood visits to my Aunt Goldie’s house. She grew roses all over her backyard, while my mom only grew vegetables! Nice memories for both, though.

  • 431
    Kathie B says:

    This is a hard question…there are so many different flowers that I love. I’ll go with the gardenia. The flower is simple and pure in appearance. The scent is hauntingly beautiful. They remind me of wrist corsages from dances in high school.

  • 432
    Linda C says:

    My favorite flower is the rose. Love the smell and my husband has surprised me many times with a bouquet

  • 433
    Anne Lawron says:

    Oh it is so hard to pick one but probably daffodils. They just make you happy. My favorite memories are just having a rough winter and suddenly there they are showing you that spring is here again and everything is new. Love your January release.

  • 434

    Tulips because they remind me of the first house my husband and I bought. We were pleasantly surprised when tulips bloomed the first spring in our house.

  • 435
    Teresa F says:

    Carnations! The first flowers I received from a florist and always a popular flower for prom bouquets!

  • 436
    lisa m says:

    I love daisies, they just make me happy!

  • 437
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    What a hard question! If I have to say only one, I would say a tulip, since it’s the first flower that blooms for me in the spring!

  • 438
    Jacquie says:

    My favorite flower is fressias. Many years ago a friend worked at a 5 star hotel and they changed out their fresh flowers every couple of days. He used to bring me the “old” flowers because he couldn’t bear to see them thrown out when they still had so much life left in them.

  • 439
    Diana B says:

    My most favorite flower is a simple white daisy. I’ve always felt they were ‘smiling’ flowers. As well, they remind me of my mother for a variety of reasons. She has been gone for several years now and seeing daisies is now ever more special.

  • 440
    Caren C. says:

    My favorite flower is purple roses. When my husband and I were dating, he found out from my roommate that I love purple roses, so he surprised me after class with a dozen of them!

  • 441

    I have many favorite flowers, the one that holds special memories is the Gerber daisy. My grandmother had an orange Gerber for about 10 years and when she died my mom took the plant. I am HAPPY to say that 25 years later it is still thriving and producing beautiful Gerber daisies that my entire family enjoys.

  • 442
    Jean R-T says:

    My favorite flower us the violet. They always remind me of picking them with my grandmother in her garden

  • 443
    Kathy Krug says:

    I would have a hard time saying which is my favorite flower. I love the star gazer lily, bearded iris for their shapes;the lilac and roses for the smell; camelia and daffodil because they are the breath of spring in late winter.

  • 444
    Adele Holcomb says:

    I have many favorites, but if I can choose just one it would probably be cosmos. They are easy to grow and reseed themselves, and they happily wave in the breeze and make me smile. Likewise, I love zinnias, also easy to grow and they are such happy little flowers! I have no special memories attached to these, but have fond memories of the tiger lilies and pansies my mother grew in her garden.

  • 445
    super stick chick says:

    My favorite flowers are daffodils. They remind me of spring and warm weather.

  • 446
    cathy says:

    The Spider Mum. A flower that can stand by itself, like a modern painting. If you can’t spend a lot for a bouquet of flowers, you can afford this one flower in a small glass container making a wonderful picture.

  • 447
    mary whitcomb says:

    My favorite flowers are geraniums and it is because my dad always grew them and then brought them into the cellar during our cold northeast winters and they would sometimes bloom while snow was on the ground. What a beautiful sight that was!

  • 448
    Judie Attard says:

    Super awesome release and such great inspiration! My favourite flower is the magnolia, it reminds me of springtime and sunshine! I just adore how the flowers sprout out of an otherwise naked tree after a cold winter!

  • 449
    Alesa says:

    Roses! I have my mother’s & grandmother’s roses planted in my gardens. My wedding bouquet was all roses. I bought my daughter-in-law the most gorgeous Dolly Parton rose bush for mother’s day.

  • 450
    Vicki Smith says:

    My favorite flower has always been the daisy and I’m not sure why because there are certainly more beautiful flowers such as the rose and the lily. My mother always loved red roses and that brings back a lot of memories!

  • 451
    Jen K. says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower…I truly love it simply because it is such a happy flower. My birthday is in October and my husband always buys me the most gorgeous fall flower bouquet brimming with happy yellow sunflowers.

  • 452
    Robin says:

    Tulips are my favorite – reminds me of my trips to my grandparents’ home when I was a child. I was allowed to plant the bulbs which are my earliest memories of gardening.

  • 453
    SuzanneMB says:

    It is hard to pick ONE favorite flower but daffodils must win. I love the bright yellow color and the shape is amazing. They are so appreciated after a long MN winter.

  • 454
    Dori says:

    I like daisy’s! They just come in so many colors and are so cheery to look at! No particular memories just love the happiness they bring! So excited for this release and the sale!

  • 455
    Linda Carson says:

    My favorite flower is a rose. I just love its delicate beauty!

  • 456
    Pennie says:

    My favorite flower is the hydrangea. I love seeing the purples and pinks together. Great combo

  • 457
    Mandy Gegoux says:

    My favorite flower is s tulip because not only are they beautiful but watching them come up in the spring reminds me that it’s a brand new year! A chance to start again fresh and new !!

  • 458
    Kim says:

    I love gladiolas and calla lilies. They are both beautifully dramatic. Had white calla lilies in my wedding!

  • 459
    Auntie Ann says:

    Morning glories were always growing near my mom’s front door and after she passed my siblings and I gathered some seeds from them and now we grow them near our doors.

  • 460
    Carey Nusbaum says:

    My favorite flowers are carnations in red or pink! They smell wonderful and they last a long time! My husband buys me carnations for our anniversary and for my birthday every year! Thanks for the great release, for the inspiration and for the opportunity to win!

  • 461
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    Bleeding hearts have to be my favorite! I love pink, and I love how they hang in rows – such a beautiful sight! Only God can do such artwork as that! All flowers are beautiful!

  • 462
    Tonya Dirk says:

    IRISES or DAHLIAS….it’s a toss up for me. They both are such complicated and perfectly arranged flowers and the colors combinations are amazing!!!!!! I have so many fond memories of both of these flowers in relation to my grandma.

  • 463
    Stephanie says:

    Spring bulbs make me so happy, with hyacinths at the top of the list. They give that dull and muddy time between the melting winter and real spring life, color, and hope. Also, my wonderful father is from Holland. Everything grows for him. It always feels like he walks by bulbs and they just burst into bloom for him.

  • 464
    Sue McRae says:

    My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy. I have no specific memories of it, it’s just a happy flower that always makes me smile!

  • 465
    Janet Mack says:

    Daffodils are my favorite flowers. When we lived up north it was a sure sign spring was on its way. Plus I love the yellows and oranges, they are happy colors.

  • 466
    Dianne S says:

    I love irises – they grew everywhere in the Japanese Garden I loved to visit as a child. They were so unique and beautiful and the colors and shapes fascinated me. I also love orchids because my mom grew so many different varieties in her little porch. She spent hours with them and used to talk to them. I smile now every time I see orchids because it reminds me of her.

  • 467
    AnitaR says:

    What’s not to love about a flower?! Love them all, but since I grew up in NC, I still love the dogwood and all the dogwood trees in bloom every spring.

  • 468
    Laraine R says:

    Fabulous release! I love roses & carnations! Not sure why but any flower is always a hit!

  • 469
    Cheryl F. says:

    Daisies are my favorite. I love them because they’re so happy and simple. My husband and I had them in our wedding, and my bouquet was made of daisies. When I see them, I always think of the day we got married.

  • 470

    I love all flowers but my absolute favourite is lilacs. After a long Ontario winter, it feels like the whole world is born again when spring finally arrives. For me, lilacs are the expression of the entire season wrapped in one joyful, heady aroma.

  • 471
    Arianna Barbara says:

    My favourite are sunflowers! They remember me some of the best moment of my life: my degree, my 18th birthday and my engage! <3

  • 472
    TracyK says:

    My favorite flower is the hydrangea, particularly the blue ones. I don’t have any special memories tied to them – I just love them!

  • 473
    F Bond says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy. It has yellow in it- my favorite color. Every year I went to my grandmothers’ houses during the summer. They did not live that far apart. I think I was related to almost the whole county. There were uncles, aunts and cousins everywhere. I was blessed to even know my great grandmother. It was a simpler time with running and playing games of all kinds until dark. And just before dark, the daisies were picked to be given to all the adult women every day. As we ran from house to house to deliver them, they always smiled, thanked us with lots of hugs as if we hadn’t done the same thing yesterday.

  • 474
    Susan in AK says:

    One of my favorite flowers is the peony. I have several old, established bushes in my garden. They remind me of my dear grandmother who is no longer with us.

  • 475
    Catherine Milne says:

    Boy, this is a real tough one. I’d have to say roses. I just love the way they smell.

    A VERY close second is hydrangeas. Egads they’re bigger than dinner plates in Wales. I couldn’t get over the size of them there and they grew so prolifically. They really struggle in my desert Southern California climate.

  • 476
    Sara Mac says:

    My favorite flower is the Plumeria. The fragrance is unforgettable. We used to pick these to make leis all the time while I was growing up.

  • 477

    Another lovely release! Sweet peas are dear to my heart because they remind me of my Grandma who always put freshly cut sweet peas in a vase during summer months.
    Karen L

  • 478
    yvonne says:

    Probably bleeding heart. My original came from the garden of a friends mom.

  • 479
    AllysonA says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy. I just love a bunch of beautiful white daisies – they just look so friendly and whimsical and fun! I’ve enjoyed this lovely week of inspiration from the design team, and I’m looking forward to having all my new PTI supplies arrive at my doorstep!

  • 480

    oh i love flowers, but if I had to pick one, I would pick orchid, it is the national flower of Singapore, I love my country so I love Vanda Miss Joaquim!

  • 481

    I have to pick a favorite? Impossible! I am a cutting flower lover and grower! But I do have one that is close to my heart. There is a beautiful light pink climbing rose outside my kitchen that has been around longer than me (45!) So when we received the phone call that there was a baby girl who needed a home and her name was Rosalee, I knew I was about to become a mom. Little Rosie is now 2 and the light of our lives.

  • 482
    Lennie says:

    My favorite flower is the carnation. I love the smell, all the colors they come in and the fact that they last a long time.

  • 483
    Katherine says:

    I’d have to say simple pink carnations. Actually they were my daughters favorite as a young girl. So whenever there was a dance recital, Valentine’s Day, any special event, we would bring her pink carnations.
    The happiness on her face was just the best!

  • 484
    ReNae Allen says:

    My favorite flower? That’s easy! Peonies! Their fragrant blossoms remind me of summertime when I was just a little girl playing with mother in the garden. I remember that when she cut them and placed them in a vase in the kitchen, the whole house smelled so good! To this day that fragrance reminds me of my mom. That is a happy memory for me!

  • 485
    storymusicgirl says:

    I have too many favorites to pick just one. We used hydrangeas and roses in our wedding though. πŸ™‚

  • 486

    I have to say I love lots and lots of flowers, but some of my favorites would include wild flowers… I’ve loved them ever since I can remember, simply because they are easy to come across in nature and I loved picking them on my Grandparents farm in the summer!

  • 487
    Jan says:

    For different reasons, different flowers are my favorite, but I suppose pansies are my most favorite. My grandma grew them and pansies always make me think of her.

  • 488
    Julianne says:

    I have two, peonies because of their vintage charm and they’re elusive, it too hot for them where I live. The other is hydrangea, my grandpa had them, always loved them as a kid and still do!

  • 489
    Liz mcallister says:

    I love hydrangeas. Their color variety is fabulous. Every spring mY mother took a picture of my daughter in front of the hydrangeas. Two people I live

  • 490
    Susie Morris says:

    I love gardenias. My mom had a gardenia bush out in front of our house when I was younger. It always smelled so good and I couldn’t wait til’ they bloomed to cut some flowers and bring them in the house nd stick them in a bowl of water. Mmmmm, that wonderful aroma filled the air!

  • 491
    Cristina says:

    I love tulips, because it’s the first type of flower that we planted in our garden!

  • 492
    Dotty says:

    I love all kind of flowers but I think my favorite are Bleeding Hearts. I have a couple different colors of them. You know it
    is almost summer when they start blooming.

  • 493
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    My favorite flower is Sweet Pea. They smell so lovely. I have memories of smelling my mom’s sweet peas growing up. I grow them every year.

  • 494
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    Ooh goodness gracious I love ALL flowers! But if I had to pick just one I’d say lilies or tiger lilies. They are so beautiful and last a long time in a vase with mixed flowers. I’m just a flower lover! And my collection of floral stamps says it all! Great release this month, and gorgeous projects from everyone!

  • 495
    Kris says:

    White Gardenias…the smell takes me to a very happy place!

  • 496
    Debbie B says:

    I love spring flowers, most especially tulips! It makes me think of there earth coming alive after its winter sleep!

  • 497
    Beth says:

    My favorite is bleeding heart. It reminds me of my mother who had one growing in the garden of my childhood home.

  • 498
    Angela TX says:

    I will select the sterling rose – it’s beautiful velvety lilac color reminds me of my mother because she loved the ones that bloomed on a bush that grew wild in the backyard of our childhood home.

  • 499
    Rebecca F. says:

    Hydrangeas have always been my favorite! I used them in my wedding bouquet!

  • 500
    Kathy McCluskey says:

    I love bright, yellow daffodils! Looking for that spot of color that tells me Spring is here just makes my heart smile!!

  • 501

    My favorite flowers are hydrangea and lilacs… both that soft pretty purple tone. The lilacs remind my of growing up, we had a large lilac bush and hydrangea to me represent my loved ones that have passed on. My mother in law always plants a hydrangea when someone in the family passes.

  • 502
    Karen B. says:

    It is difficult to choose just one flower. I love many. πŸ™‚ I think it would have to be roses. I especially love yellow or white roses. My great aunt had roses surrounding her yard when I was a kid and they were so fragrant and beautiful! Good memories of Aunt Gail. πŸ™‚

  • 503
    Susan Hoey says:

    Love roses. Love how they look and their wonderful scent and of course receiving them.

  • 504
    Chris Shoop says:

    I’m reading everyone’s favorite flower and each has a special place in my heart, but if I have to pick just one it has be the rose. A garden filled with roses is a dream, as is a single stem in a tall slender vase. There are so many sizes, shapes and no limit to the color choice. Then there’s the fragrance….

  • 505
    Lorrayne ingram says:

    Purple and blue Delphiniums.
    My great grandparents farm had them growing.
    I have them in my garden too.

  • 506
    Sarosa says:

    Roses have long been my favorite; my mother had beautiful rose bushes. She had a huge variety of flowers, actually, so either I had other reasons for deciding it was a favorite that I do not recall now, or it’s just that it’s one of the few flowers I can actually identify! I am horrible with names, whether it’s people’s names, book titles, or flowers! The rose is a classic flower; Whenever I buy Victorian cardstock, there are always lots of roses! Sweet scent, so many varieties, and such elegance!

  • 507
    MerMer says:

    Yellow roses with a red rim.

  • 508
    Lisa Friloux says:

    Zinnias and sunflowers, are my favorite. They are so bright and cheerful. My grandmother use to plant them along her long driveway every spring and when summer came they were in full bloom, at the time I was about real young and the flowers were as tall as me! She loved her “wild flowers” as she called them and always had a vase of them in the window above her sink in her kitchen.

  • 509
    Liz R says:

    I love a beautiful, fragrant rose!

  • 510
    Debs says:

    The daisy…because it is abundant for all to collect and reminds me of a time when life was simpler.

  • 511
    dmoran01 says:

    Prob the iris. Reminds me of my sweet Grandma, who had a large area full of various colors of iris. Wonderful memories of her!

  • 512
    Janell Rink says:

    I love carnations. No reason I just do!

  • 513
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    Lily of the valley — I have special memories of gathering them when I was a little girl (in Michigan), then of people selling bunches of them on the street corners on May 1st when I lived in France.
    They were also embossed on my wedding invitations.

  • 514
    Amy R says:

    I love dahlias, the bigger the better! There used to be a gentleman who sold them at our local farmers market. They were so beautiful and he was so proud of them. He passed away last year and is sadly missed.

  • 515
    Claire A says:

    I love Irises – I think they are so elegant and they remind me of my wedding day as they were in my bouquet!

  • 516
    Cynthia Oppenheimer says:

    Puakenikeni. These are wonderfully fragrant flowers from Hawaii. They make “$10 leis” out of them. There was a tree I use to study under during college and the smell takes me back to my 20s and college and all those good times.

  • 517
    Pam Hollie says:

    I love all flowers, but roses are my favorite. My Dad always had rose bushes and tended to them practically daily, or at least it seemed that way from a child’s point of view. His hard work paid off, his blooms were as big a saucer and so very fragrant. Those are happy childhood memories for me.

  • 518
    Julie says:

    I love spider mum’s – they are usually used at funerals, but are so delicate and beautiful works of art. I just love them!

  • 519
    willireb says:

    I really love magnolia flowers. My dad and I planted a magnolia tree in my front yard 18 years ago. It’s gone from sapling to an over 30 foot tree and it is still growing. It is one of many good memories of my dad. WRE

  • 520
    Sandy Redman says:

    I really love all flowers, but if I must pick, I guess it is the rose because of its many layers, its velvety petals and sweet fragrance.

  • 521
    Tricia says:

    I love Peonies! They always remind me of my sister who has many beautiful peony bushes growing in her yard in Nashville.

  • 522
    Linda E says:

    Great release! Can I get a bouquet of flowers since picking just one is so difficult! I love tulips because they are a true sign of spring and yellow roses because they represent friendship! I also love hydrangeas and peonies! Thank goodness you didn’t ask me to name my favorite PTI stamp set!

  • 523
    Karen B says:

    Lilacs are my favorite because there was a tall hedge of lilacs growing around my parent’s yard. Every spring we would have tons of lilacs. Not only were they beautiful, but they smelled delicious!

  • 524
    MargR says:

    I love pansies! They’re such cheeky looking flowers. They remind me of my grandmother and thriftiness. Pansies flower a long time, throw seeds and spread throughout the garden – such a good value and colourful plant.

  • 525
    Karla P says:

    One of my favorites is the bleeding heart. My grandmother had several large plants next to her house. As children, my sister and I (or my cousin)would pick a flower off and “dismantle” it. We would separate the parts into a pair of shoes, a pair of slippers and a magic wand. We had to be careful not to pick too many of the pretty pink flowers! Girls and their shoes! LOL

  • 526
    Pam S says:

    I love hydrangeas and the colours they remind me of a trip my family ttook to Sydney when my father was still alive.

  • 527
    Jayell says:

    I love daffodils because nothing lifts your spirits and shows the first signs of spring like those pops of yellow

  • 528
    marcy says:

    My favorite flower are Geraniums. So easy to keep alive and thrive! It was a close tie between them and a rose since I have to pick one!

  • 529
    Cindy Hanson says:

    I never liked gladiolus until a dear friend gave a bunch to me. The sweet memory of the gift makes me love them now.

  • 530
    Kim says:

    Hard to choose just one. Probably it’s daisies. They make me smile when I see them, they are simple, and they last quite a long time.

  • 531
    Diana F says:

    I love carnations because the flower lasts a long time with minimal care, it is very pleasing to the eye, it comes in many colors (or can be dyed without ruining the flower) and is my state’s flower. It also has a special meaning because one of the very first bouquets that my husband bought me after we were married was a huge bouquet of various colors of carnations for my birthday and had it sent to my work. It was beautiful.

  • 532
    Joy Hadden says:

    Pansy is my favorite flower – it looks like they have little faces. As a child I remember picking some for my mom — from my neighbor’s yard — I know my mom loved the flowers – but my neighbor didn’t want them picked. HAHAHA – I’ll never forget that bouquet!

  • 533
    jennifer says:

    Roses for sure. They remind me of my Grandma, her middle name was Rose and she loved the scent of rose anything. They remind me of my Dad for various roses he gave us on Easter and my husband because he gives me roses on special occassions.

  • 534
    karen b says:

    I love all flowers, as one can tell by the number of floral stamp sets I own! I do love peonies, yellow roses and daisies just a tiny bit more than other flowers!

    Fantastic release, and oh my what a great sale!

  • 535
    Joanne says:

    My favorite flower is lilacs. Not only do I adore the smell, the beauty and color but it was also my mother’s favorite flower. To this day I cannot see a lilac bush or smell the scent without thinking of my mother.

  • 536
    Mary K says:

    Roses and sweet peas are favorites, but day lilies top the list for reminding me of summer at our lakefront cottage. They come in so many colors!

  • 537
    Emma Rose says:

    Freesias. They come in many beautiful colours and smell heavenly too.

  • 538
    Janet says:

    Lily of the valley-memories associated with a house where i grew up

  • 539
    Mutzy Mia says:

    Great Release and pre-anniversary sale! My favorite flower would be the hydrangea. They are beautiful all summer long and work beautiful in arrangements. We even used them in both our daughters weddings. We have several different kinds in our yard and I love their addition to our yard color.

  • 540
    Mary M says:

    Sunflowers are my favorite. They are happy flowers that remind me of the south of France.

  • 541
    Linda (LSN) says:

    Favorite flower would be Lily of The Valley! I love how delicate they are and the fragrance is lovely. My mother always has these in her garden and when I was little, we would make crowns out of the woven flowers.


  • 542
    Gail Vilardi says:

    Daffodils are my favorite flower from childhood and a sure sign that spring is near. They grew wild in the nearby fields, so I could pick as many as I pleased to take home.
    Peonies are my current favorite because I love the fragrance and the gorgeous colors, especially the pink ones–they are so romantic!
    A new favorite are blue hydrangeas. Last spring a dear friend and I used blue hydrangeas to decorate a hall for my father’s memorial service. (Blue was my dad’s favorite color. Now when I see hydrangeas, they remind me of both my Dad and my friend who helped me create a room full of flower arrangements to honor my dad.

  • 543
    Nancy Wilcox says:

    Iris because they seem so stately and elegant.

  • 544
    erin says:

    Dogwoods, b/c when I got married they were in full bloom, so every spring they remind me of that special day.

  • 545
    Carolyn says:

    My favorite flower is an Iris. I first saw an Iris when I was about 14 or 15 years old when shopping and the florist had a bunch outside the shop. The sunlight hit the petals just right and I thought they were the most beautiful and graceful flower I had ever seen. I had to know the name so went inside , asked about them and purchased my first flowers in a prettily wrapped package.

  • 546
    Kim Badelt says:

    A bright yellow daffodil! The first one is always such a welcome herald of spring to come and the yellow pops of colour makes the winter bare garden come to life.

  • 547
    Diane Phillips says:

    I love the creamy white flower of the magnolia tree. It’s very majestic and sturdy like the tree and lasts for a very long time. It reminds me of all the gatherings with friends the year I lived in New Orleans.

  • 548
    BobbieBluegill says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy. My Mom liked it best, so that may be why.

  • 549
    Susan P says:

    My favorite flower is a peony. I have such wonderful memories of cutting these flowers from bushes in our yard and bringing them inside (after picking off the ants!), to enjoy. Such gorgeous flowers!

  • 550
    Danny says:

    I enjoy wild flowers growing in a field.

  • 551
    Lesley says:

    I love so many flowers, but top of the list would be a rose. So many beautiful shades to enjoy, and the the scent! All my memories of roses signify the love shared in my family.

  • 552
    Monika Davis says:

    I love roses, but carnations come in second just because they stay alive for a long time. No special memories… they just look pretty.

  • 553
    Hannah Mize says:

    I love poinsettias! All the obvious…

  • 554
    Amber P. says:

    My favorite flowers are Gerbera Daisies and Bleeding Hearts. I love all the amazing colors that Gerbera Daisies can be. But Bleeding Hearts are my most favorite because they remind me of my Grandma and my Mother. They both kept Bleeding Hearts in their gardens and now I keep them in mine as well. <3

  • 555
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    My favorite flowers are lilacs. We always had lilacs in our yard and the smell of them reminds me of my childhood!

  • 556
    Manda says:

    I love gerberas because of their vivid colours. I had them in my wedding bouquet so the memories associated with them are all of the day of my marriage to my wonderful husband!

  • 557
    Melanie P says:

    My favorite flower is the pansy. I love that it comes in a variety of colors and that here in the south you can plant it in the fall and they survive well until the heat of the summer

  • 558
    Jo R. says:

    My favourite flower is the tulip. They were the main flower in my wedding bouquet and I still love them 20 years later!

  • 559
    Malina G says:

    It’s hard to pick one, but I deffinately have a week spot for snowdrops. They are so delicate but yet they grow in cold snowy days- so much strength in that little delicate flower

  • 560
    Lisa says:

    Oh how I love flowers! I would say my favourite is hibiscus (preferably yellow).

    When I was younger my neighbourhood friends and I would pinch off the little ‘knob’ inside and stick it on our noses! We would also wear the flower in our hair or stick it behind our ears and pretend we were in Hawaii! Fun times.

  • 561
    Karen Jones says:

    Petunias were one of my mom’s favorites &they called her Pansie Petunia. They always make me think of her!

  • 562
    StephClapper says:

    My favorite flower is the gardenia and is my sister’s too. She has a gardenia bush outside her door and when it blooms twice a year, our homes are filled with the exotic fragrance, that takes us away to a tropical island.

  • 563
    Lisa says:

    Freesia. I love the scent. And they’re hard to find, so when I do, it’s a special treat!

  • 564
    Jennifer McAllister says:

    My favorite flower is a rose. I particularly love white and yellow ones. White is my favorite but yellow was my grandmother’s favorite. My mom and I love to get them and are reminded of her. I love “The Sweet “Life” and Rosie Posie” ❀️?

  • 565
    Mary Kemp says:

    The pansy is my favorite flower. My grandmother loved them and I loved her very much. Grandma had a hankie collection and many of them had flower designs but I always loved the ones that had the big purple pansies on them.

  • 566
    Lisa G. says:

    Daisies would have to be my favorite. They are just a happy flower.

  • 567
    Becky M says:

    Dahlias or peonies are my favorite flowers – no particular reason for it, I just love strolling through the nearby landscape arboretum every year and looking at them all!

  • 568
    Bev Karolak says:

    My favourite flower are gerberas because they are low maintenance, come in so many varieties and colours. My beach house gardens are filled with them, as they have to fend for themselves during the week when we’re not there! Some of mine were given to me by my mum,daughter and uncle, so lots of memories! ?

  • 569
    Teddra says:

    My favorite flowers are tulips. I love the shape and bright colors.

  • 570
    Betty N says:

    My favourite flower is the peony. I love peonies because they are so full and lush. My parents have had peony bushes in their garden since I was a child, and they still do. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 571
    Barb L. says:

    What a fun question! The rose would be my favorite flower, as this is what my husband always seem to pick to give to me! Thanks for another amazing release PTI!

  • 572
    Beverly Perdue says:

    My favorite flower is hydrangea. My mom had a large hydrangea at our house when I was growing up. I really love the purple ones, but most of the ones I see are blue.

  • 573
    Cele Schaffer says:

    Hydrangeas, because they remind me of my aunt Edna who lived to be 103! Also my daughter got married in May 2016 and they were the stand out flower in her wedding bouquet.

  • 574
    Luanne Ford says:

    Tulips! Love them. Great release and my cart is going to fill up fast!

  • 575
    Stephanie klein says:

    I love daisies πŸ™‚ I love how simple and pretty they are. They remind me of a country farm home

  • 576
    gailanne says:

    I am charmed by the carnation’s delicate ruffled beauty and invariably think of my mum, whose delight in simple things all her life endeared her to me.

  • 577
    Shell says:

    My favorites are hydrangea the blue just calms me, and state fair zinnias. My family had a plant nursery and retail garden center growing up, the state fair zinnias always sold out and I never knew why until we made a large display of them, that was the first year I saw them bloom!

  • 578
    Shirley rea says:

    Love pink roses,my Mothers favorite color and flower.

  • 579
    Ruth Z. says:

    I love daffodils. Driving the 5 freeway in Washington and seeing a mass of yellow in the median made for a more pleasant drive.

  • 580
    Julia L. says:

    I love all flowers but my favorite is the peony. We had a big peony bush growing next to our front steps when I was growing up and I just have a special fondness for them because they are big, bold, and beautiful and they don’t last very long.

  • 581
    Connie G says:

    That is about the hardest question you could ask! I LOVE flowers – they are such a instant brightening to any day. I adore yellow tulips, gerber daisies and calla lilies but I could go on and on.

  • 582
    Mary says:

    My favorite flower is the Sonia Rose. It’s a beautiful peachy/pink color. We used them in our wedding.

  • 583
    Liz says:

    My favourite flower – it’s so hard to pick just one, but if I have to I would say roses. My favourite flower memory, though, is with Gladioli – my Gran used to do the flowers at her church, and she often used “gladdies” as she called them. Her arrangements were beautiful, and every time I see some gladioli I remember her.

  • 584
    Colleen B. says:

    Lilies are my favorite, so many varieties and very hardy. They were the perfect touch to my wedding bouquet.

  • 585
    Emily W. says:

    I love bleeding hearts; my grandmother had them in her garden.

  • 586
    Margaret says:

    Lilacs; they are the surest sign of spring for me. Their fragrance after a gentle rain brings me memories of days spent at Grandmama’s house.

  • 587
    Ohhh Snap says:

    Tree Peonies! But really it’s a difficult choice : D.

  • 588
    Vicki Finger says:

    I can only choose one??? Ha Ha – I love them all but for today I will pick Peonies! I love the color pink and I love the smell of Pink Peonies. The perfume I wear has Pink Peony in it.

  • 589
    Vivian Piper says:

    If I have to pick just one, it would be lily-of-the-valley. The sweet little white bells don’t last long but they give off the loveliest perfume!

  • 590
    Joyce M. says:

    My favorite flower is iris. I used to buy them for myself every week when I had my very first apartment, and they made me feel so grown up.

  • 591
    Cindy V. says:

    Peonies!! Growing up, my mom had the most beautiful peonies. They were pink and Huge!!!

  • 592
    Susi says:

    Orchids are my favorite, because of how exotic they are! In the colors dark blue & green, they bring back memories of my wonderful MIL who passed away and had many bouquets with this special flower in it.

  • 593
    Bev Ohm says:

    Peonies smell so wonderful as do lilacs. I think lilac is my fav as it lasts longer after being cut. My mom always filled the house with lilacs of different colors when I was growing up. Happy memories!

  • 594
    KK Hanson says:

    My favorite flowers are daisies and their cousins, the sunflowers. They always make me smile and can brighten any day. Wonderful new release PTI and very exciting sale. Congrats on 10 years! My favorite stamp company!!

  • 595
    Shelly says:

    Peonies! Remind me of my grandmother’s house with the lovely scent wafting through open windows.

  • 596
    Barbra Lawson says:

    My favorite flower is the hydrangea. It reminds me of romantic summers at the shore!

  • 597
    Patty says:

    Just love tulips as they are so pretty and come in so many different beautiful colors.

  • 598
    Krissie says:

    My favorite flowers are orchids. They smell wonderful and make great indoor plants as well.

  • 599
    Ann says:

    Flowers are just wonderful to have in the house and I love all types of roses. They can be dried easily as well.

  • 600
    Pat from sd says:

    One of my favorite flowers are peonies! They were always at my grandmother’s home.

  • 601
    Amy McCue says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite because the last so long.

  • 602
    Angela W says:

    My favorite flower is the peony. When I was little, my Grandparents had a peony bush in their backyard. Whenever we would get ready to leave their house after a visit, my Grandma would give me a couple of peonies to take home. I always loved smelling them. Now they remind me of that happy, innocent, time! I wish I could go back one more time and take it all in, again.

  • 603
    Debbie P says:

    I love tiny little purple and yellow violas. My great grandmother always had bunches of them planted around her house and so I guess it reminds me of my childhood and visiting her.

  • 604
    Cindy Thompson says:

    The rose is my favorite flower. I love their smell and they remind me of the birth of my 3 children as I got roses on they day each one arrived. I also love that they come in more than just red.

  • 605
    Tasha H says:

    My favorite flowers are Tulips because they remind me of Easter, Family, and renewed blooms each year that come up on their own. I love getting them as gift because they keep on giving year after year.

  • 606
    Ali T. says:

    I’ve always loved tulips….they were an easy flower to draw as a child yet is not a commonly seen everyday kind of flower

  • 607
    Janell says:

    I would have to say Sunflowers or Daisies, because they seem like such happy flowers.

  • 608
    Sheri Elmont says:

    I love lilacs! I have since I was a child. It’s a bummer that they have such a short growing season. Wonderful release! Thanks PTI!

  • 609

    My perennial and herb gardens are filled with my favorite old-fashioned blossoms! I truly love hydrangeas and fill baskets, vases, and crocks with them to bring the garden inside. I enjoy their dried blossoms all winter long. My studio space in the basement has many, many dried hydrangeas and herbs from my garden hanging from the ceiling. I lovingly call it my little ‘Paper Garden’ and feel so blessed to be able to spend time ‘in the garden’ all year long! β™₯ My wedding bouquet was filled with beautiful hydrangeas! I just adore their old-fashioned charm! β™‘

  • 610
    Dawn Z says:

    Calla Lillies because my husband buys them for me. And they are so beautiful.

  • 611
    Janet Swofford says:

    I love all flowers but my favorite would have to be pink sweet peas and roses ! Those were our wedding flowers 36 years ago when I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life! The church smelled heavenly!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • 612
    MarΓ­a Alba NegrΓ³n says:

    Mine are three, Hydrangeas for their delicate and vintage color like, Gardenias for elegance and fragrance and Peonies for boldness of flower and color. The first two remind me of my daughter’s wedding, the last one for being the first flower that inspired me to stamp and make cards.

  • 613
    Kelly says:

    I love roses. I’ve had rose bushes ever since I got my first house. Soft petals and sometimes so fragrant. Beautiful!

  • 614
    Rhonda says:

    One of my favorite flowers is the tulip. There are so many styles and colors. Some bloom early and others bloom later.

  • 615
    Michelle Laulu says:

    I actually have two flowers as my favorites, the hibiscus and the plumeria. My Husband is Samoan, and these beautiful tropical flowers remind me of his (our) culture. We saw many growing wild in Samoa when we vacationed there 8 years ago.

  • 616
    Sheila says:

    My favorite would probably be daisies. They are just simple, fresh, and cheery!!

  • 617
    Dorothy Hodgson says:

    My favorite flower is the lilac. I love the color and the scent. My kids gave me a lilac bush for Mother’s day many years ago, and I enjoy the bright blooms every Summer.

  • 618
    becky halfhill says:

    I love pansies. When we were kids we walk to the local nursery and buy them for our mom for mother’s day, every year! Hope she really loved them as much as we did! ?

  • 619
    annheidel says:

    I love tulips, mainly because I lived in Holland during my high school years and I loved seeing the big fields of tulips from the road. We went to Keukenhof Gardens every spring and there were so many gorgeous varieties of tulips there. Ah, sweet memory!

  • 620
    Lemalie says:

    Each Spring I can’t wait for the tulips to pop out of the frozen ground and make the yard colorful. I try to plant more bulbs each year so the yard will one day over-flow with color and beauty!

  • 621
    Trudy V. says:

    My favorite flower is the peony. They have a beautiful scent and I also love how the bloom looks.
    When my folks moved out of their home to move into a retirement community, I dug up their peony plant and brought it to my home. It took four years before it started blooming. Every year now, I look forward to the blooms, especially since both my parents are gone now.

  • 622
    Sylvia says:

    Daisies are my favorite! They were the flowers we used at our wedding.

  • 623
    Loretta says:

    I love the lily because of it’s religious symbolism, but even more so now as my new grand daughter is names Lily.

  • 624
    Sobia Shahab says:

    My favorite flower is a tuberose.

  • 625
    Lola Goldberg says:

    We have a specialty nursery here in Connecticut, Cricket Hill Garden, that sells mostly peonies. Some of them are more than 100 years of age, and the display when everything is in peak bloom is really something worth making the trip for. These amazing flowers became my favorite after making the excursion to this special place. I feel as though each flower has endless depths , and I don’t tire of gazing at each one. I’m partial to the pinks.

  • 626
    Bobby says:

    Daisies are my favorite. I have no memories that I can think of but I think they have such bright happy faces that make me happy. Poppies are second on the list. I love red.

  • 627
    Keysha Sain says:

    My favorite flower is the rose … I know it may seem cliche – it’s probably the most popular flower. It is my favorite because it reminds me of my grandmother… she loved roses.

  • 628
    Mindy B. says:

    My favorite flowers would have to be Peonies, they hold such great memories of playing in my grandmother’s garden as a young girl. They are big, beautiful and bright!

  • 629
    Sonja Van Laar says:

    Bearded iris because my maternal grandmother had a huge garden with so many different colors and types. I always think of her when I see iris. Also, tulips reflect my Dutch heritage.

  • 630
    Sharon W says:

    Gotta say I love the look of white tulips with their green stems…very regal looking I think!

  • 631
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    I love peonies. They remind me of my grandfather’s garden.

  • 632
    Yvonne Snellings says:

    Pink lillies. Whenever I see pink lillies, I think of my wedding day. Our decorations were minimal but these beautiful flowers took center stage.

  • 633
    Alexandra Madison says:

    Hollyhocks are my favorite at the present time. Their lovely flowering spires reach ever heavenward. In fall, my daughters and I harvest their seeds for homespun gifts.

  • 634
    Marlena M says:

    The stargazer lily is my favorite-it was the feature flower in my wedding!

  • 635
    Cynthia Baldwin says:

    My favorite flower is the stargazer lily. I had them at my wedding – love the bright, pretty, pink!

  • 636
    LaFaunB says:

    I love a Christmas Cactus (hot pink blossoms) and purple pansies. They both remind me of my grandma. All flowers represent the beautiful world God has created for us.

  • 637
    Paula Fuller says:

    My favorite flower is the carnation. I love their fragrance and their longevity in a floral arrangement. On more than one occasion my husband has given me a flower arrangement for a special occasion, and he never fails to include carnations.

  • 638
    Jill S says:

    Tulips and hydrangeas. They just make me happy. πŸ™‚

  • 639
    Elizabeth T. says:

    Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower. There was a small patch of it in front of the house where I grew up. Today, many decades later, a single whiff of the wonderful aroma transports me right back to my childhood.

  • 640
    Rachael Burdick says:

    I love so many flowers, but I think tulips and gerbera daisies are my favorite. I had white tulip bouquets for my wedding so they hold a very special meaning for me.?

  • 641
    Karen Maccoy says:

    I just love delphiniums. I suppose it’s all the shades of blue that they come in and blue just happens to be my favourite colour.

  • 642
    Michele LouLou says:

    My favorite flower is the orchid. I think it’s such a beautiful and exotic flower. It was the first flower I was ever given, I used it on my wedding bouquet and it also reminds me of Hawaii, where we spent our honeymoon, a decade ago!

  • 643
    Annette P says:

    Bird of Paradise….reminds me of Hawaii.

  • 644
    Marcy says:

    I love Peonies. The first time I saw them they all the flowers were drooping down. I lifted one up and looked at the flowers and fell in love. Absolutely stunning!

  • 645
    Karen Ramsey says:

    Wonderful release! My favorite flowers are lilacs. Besides the heavenly scent, when I was child we would make May baskets for the neighbors. We would craft paper baskets, add a few pieces of candy and put in fresh lilacs. We would then put them on the neighbors front steps, ring the doorbell and run.

  • 646
    char says:

    Calla lilies. Creamy, white calla lilies. I find them to be elegantly beautiful. My daughter carried them in her December wedding.

  • 647
    laurie m. says:

    I will have to say lilacs. They are delicate and fragrant. My grandmother would pick them from her neighbor’s bush and put them in a mason jar for her tiny kitchen table, filling the house with their fragrance.

  • 648
    Rachel L. says:

    Yellow daffodils! I went to a commuter college years and years ago, so I spent a lot of time on the bus because I didn’t have a car. I always sat on the right side out of habit. The route took us by a part of road that looked dirty and not well-groomed. But when it was the right season, daffodils would spring up out of the dirt at the side of the road. I was never one to enjoy flower bouquets (my husband knew from the start that I would prefer a cheeseburger over flowers, haha), but I felt that God was “giving” me those flowers as a gift to show me that something beautiful can still grow out of something that’s not.

  • 649
    Lesa Wolfe says:

    I love yellow roses! I don’t see them very often, but when I do they make me smile!

  • 650
    Melissa Friedrich says:

    My favorite flowers are heirloom roses, I remember spending lots of fun with my grandmother in her garden.

  • 651
    Kerry H says:

    Roses and Lavender. And if you had had the privilege of knowing my *wonderful* grandmother, you would never have had to ask why πŸ™‚ Oh how I miss her!

  • 652
    Joybells says:

    I love flowers and each spring a friend and I go nursery-hopping. I look for unique ones. I really can’t pick a favorite but I’ll say peonies. They are so bold in their statement of beauty!

  • 653

    Really love purple African Violets
    because they remind me of my mom
    who always had them around!

  • 654
    Cheryl B. says:

    My favorite flower is a daffodil. My favorite color is yellow and daffodils are such a pretty shade of yellow. I like that they are an early spring flower. A hillside of daffodils is so magnificent. Not much for fragrance, in fact they rather stink, but I love the little cup surrounded by the petals.

  • 655
    Jill G. says:

    Dahlias are my favorite flower. I had never seen one in person until I saw oodles of them in the garden of a chateau in France. I fell in love!

  • 656
    Kathy says:

    I love the prairie crocus. When I was a little girl (65 years ago) my dad would take me to some virgin prairie on our farm in North Dakota and we would pick the early spring crocuses. We did it every year and when I was away at college he would pick some of the flowers and press and dry them and then send them to me in a letter. It is a special memory for me.

  • 657
    Denise Ewing says:

    I love hydrangeas. My aunt owns a lake house where the drive is lined with gorgeous hydrangea bushes. They are simply beautiful.

  • 658
    Jill A says:

    Great release!!! I love the lily of the valley—I remember my grandmother used to have them along the side of the house–I remember her picking them and they smell so good!!!

  • 659
    Lisa P says:

    Impossible to pick just one! I love them all, especially mountain laurel, because my home growing up had an abundance of them,some years they were just loaded with blooms and we knew summer was on!
    Looking forward to the new releases!

  • 660
    bevyb says:

    Just picking one is a hard choice but I will say my favorite is Columbines. It is such a delicate flower and reminds me of my Mother’s garden. She started with just a few plants that spread and even developed new combination colors. This year I’m going to start my own Columbine plants

  • 661
    Julie L says:

    The Clivia is one of my favorite flowers. It is native t South Africa. It is usually sold in nurseries here in the U.S. and only in warmer climates can it be grown outside as perennials. Otherwise it is grown as houseplants.

    This flower reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother and mother. I would love to see some layered stamps sets of this beautiful plant.

  • 662
    Cindy G says:

    My favorite flowers are dahlias, because they remind me of both my Mom & Uncle Jim, both gone for many years. Uncle Jim had a large yard, and one of his hobbies was growing dahlias. In the fall, he annually dug the bulbs & split them, giving Mom (& many others tubers). When we moved to a new house with a larger yard, more dahlias got planted. Our favorites were always the ones with large, dinner-Plate sized flowers. When Uncle Jim passed, Mom claimed a large plot where she grew nothing but dahlias, in honor of her brother. There were so many flowers, she took fresh arrangements to church every week, gave large bouquets to neighbors & visitors, and sent arrangements with Dad for his office & co-workers. So dahlias always remind me of kind loved ones sharing acts of kindness.

  • 663
    Sheryl Wilder says:

    Lillies are my favorite flowers. Doesn’t matter which one…all of them are Beautiful. Love the different colors they come in. No special memory attached to why they are my favorite. just love them.

  • 664
    Kathleen Curry says:

    Yellow roses are my favorite. They remind me of my mother, they were her favorite flower, I’ll always think of her when I see them!

  • 665
    Marjorie Henseler says:

    I love flowers and can’t pick just one. I love daffodils because they are so cheery and they are one of the first signs of spring.
    I love iris because there are so many beautiful colors and types. Same with lilies.
    Roses are gorgeous and some smell really good too.

  • 666
    Lori O says:

    Awesome release!

    I have to say my favorites are definitely roses in any shade of pink. I love the fragrance and they make me feel special!!!

  • 667
    Harriet Skelly says:

    My favorite flower is the iris – I love the gorgeous colors they come in and they are delicate and dainty looking.

  • 668
    JulieZ says:

    I love ANY type of flower! But I’d have to say carnations are probably my favorite because they come in so many colors, most colors smell pretty, and they can be found most any time of the year (& are inexpensive πŸ˜‰ and they last SO long in a vase. No special memories, just love having flowers around πŸ™‚

  • 669
    Ivette says:

    I’ll have to go with roses, the traditional flower of love. They come in lots of colors and smell so sweet.

  • 670
    Clare says:

    Strawberries (part of the rose family), because they’re so tasty! Not counting them, I’d have to say peonies. πŸ™‚

  • 671
    Sara Peatross says:

    My favorite flower is peony. My childhood home had a row of them for as long as I can remember by the driveway. I always loved the smell. They bloomed around mother’s day every year. They still remind me of my mom.

  • 672
    DonnaH says:

    Iris is my favorite flower. Growing up we always had irises growing around the house and I would have them in my house when I could. My mother also liked irises.

  • 673
    Lisa Kind says:

    Gardenias! My mom had 2 dozen of them in her wedding bouquet. I wanted the same bouquet, but it was way too expensive. So I opted for 5 of them in my wedding bouquet along with roses and stephinotis. The gardenias have an amazing fragrance.

  • 674
    GINA says:

    My favorite flowers are roses just because they are so velvety!

  • 675
    Karen B. says:

    Very hard to pick, but I do love peonies because not only can you get the big, showy blooms from the flower sellers, but there is also a variety of California wild peony that blooms in small patches in the foothills near my house. I have a friend who tracks their blooms and several times I have gone on long trail runs to look at a patch of them alongside the trail in some hard-to-get-to place. It’s like a treasure hunt. Interestingly, these are dark red blooms, not the usual pinks.

  • 676
    Sadie says:

    My favourite flower is the Peony. They don’t bloom long but they have such a beautiful and noticeable presence in a garden during that time. It reminds me of my mother in law (a dear sweet lady) who grew a variety of species in her garden. They were her pride and joy!

  • 677
    jengd says:

    I like wildflowers just for the riot of color and mock orange and honeysuckle for the amazing smell.

  • 678
    Chris Cross says:

    I love Gerbera daisies. I love the bright colors, and we have used them in several family weddings.

  • 679
    Mitzi says:

    Love sweet little pansy. They have cute little faces, fragrant, the more you pick them the more they produce.

  • 680
    Laura Q says:

    I LOVE Bacopa! White ones are my favorite! They have such a long flowering period!

  • 681
    Josiane says:

    Wow, it’s so hard to choose just one! My favorite flower is the peony. It’s just gorgeous and so feminine.

  • 682
    Barbara Martin says:

    I love Lily of the Valley. They were my grandmother’s favorite and always remind me of her.

  • 683
    Jaana says:

    I love peonies. Love the colours, not really a special memory but my house sitter ran over my peony plant and killed it.

  • 684
    Valerie Martin says:

    My favorite flower is the Iris. Ghah! They are so intricate and stunning and quite selfish, there share their gorgeous beauty for only a few short days each year. But when they do…Oh so beautiful!

  • 685
    Susan B says:

    Gerbera daisies are my favorite. Love the bright colorful booms

  • 686
    Crisanne D. says:

    I love seeing tulips and daffodils each spring! They remind me of new beginnings and hope.

  • 687
    Cindy says:

    I have so many favorites because my husband plants a garden full of flowers. I’d have to say my very favorite is the blackfoot daisy. It is a flower that is mounding and hugs the barren desert floor. It’s amazing how something so delicate and beautiful can grow with strong sunlight and little watering. yYet it blooms, and blooms, and blooms. A true treasure of the Plains.

  • 688
    StephH says:

    Violets have always been my favorite, the wild kind that volunteer in my garden every year. I never bother to pull them out from where they do not belong, as volunteers are a gift from Mother Nature.

  • 689
    katevdp says:

    My favourite flower is easy – it’s the Tulip. I have loved them my whole life, and then it turned out I married a dutchman. So, of course, I had tulips in my wedding bouquet, mixed with gum leaves for the mix of dutch & australian. I hope one day to visit The Netherlands in Spring, to see the tulip gardens. Bucket list for sure.

  • 690
    Lorna S. says:

    Pink, White, Red or Yellow Carnations are my favorite flowers. My grandmother always had some in her home. Typically, she could only afford one flower, so the florist always wrapped it up with some greens and baby’s breath. In the 50’s she was only paying 25 cents per week. When I grew up and had my own home, I paid 50cents for each at my local florist. The color reflected the seasons, as they didn’t add food coloring in the olden days! LOL

  • 691
    Michelle Leone says:

    Oh….. fresh flowers make me happy! Any sort really. But, gotta love the peony (with hydrangea a very close second), which reminds me of the best summer days!

  • 692
    Janice Marcham says:

    My favorite flower by far is the hydrangea. I love this flower! It reminds me of summer vacations with my family on Nantucket and Cape Cod! It also reminds me of my daughter’s wedding on the Cape. It was such a magical day!

  • 693
    Kathy W says:

    My favorite flowers are cosmos. They are a perfect cottage flower in the summer with so many pretty colors; they remind me of my former home in Oregon.

  • 694
    Jane C. says:

    Peonies are a favorite. My Mom always grew them and would have vases full. They were a harbinger of spring and summer to come.

  • 695
    Heather says:

    I don’t know that I have a favorite… I like the smell of hyacinth, gerbera daisies make me smile, and sunflowers just shout summer to me.

  • 696
    Karen Rice says:

    Peonies are my favorite flower!! A special memory: When I was a newlywed, we lived near a elderly lady that had an entire garden full of a variety of peonies and she would often cut a large vase full of those flowers and leave them on my doorstep! I love how the leaves are so green and make each bouquet look so full and finished! They may not smell like much, but they are an instant beautiful bouquet of color for any table! I love daisies and dahlias too!

  • 697
    Janet Sisk says:

    I love African Violets! My grandma used to raise them in her farmhouse. She would have tables of them sitting by her windows in the upstairs of the house. She could get them to bloom like crazy. I have one and I am trying to keep it alive. LOL Thanks for a chance to win. πŸ˜€

  • 698
    Linda Lipford says:

    Daffodils! We were a Navy family and moved frequently. Whenever we got to a new place my Mother planted daffodils as soon as they were available. Both Grandmothers both had daffodils
    in their yards and I was allowed to pick them.

  • 699
    PT says:

    That’s a really hard question, because I simply love all sorts of flora. But if I had to choose one, it would be roses…

    When I was growing up, my Mom let me have a space in our backyard so I could grow them. I loved how they smelled, and it always brightened my day to see them happily blooming. We had gorgeous roses in all sorts of colors — velvety red, pale pink, yellow, blue, etc.

  • 700
    Tracey A in NH says:

    Lily of the valley…they were my mom’s favorite and I remember picking them for her every time I saw some. Funny…I was reminded of these flowers just the other day. A sign from my mom, I’m sure. ?

  • 701
    Karyn S says:

    Hollyhocks because they are so tall and beautiful. I love all flowers and garden all the time. For memories though, veggies and fruit are it. My mom taught me to love to garden but it was the fruits and veggies that bring back the memories.

  • 702
    Linda Miller says:

    My favorite flower is definitely the rose. It is the flower for the month of my birth – June; my grandmother used to call me β€œJune Rose”; and it was my mother’s very favorite flower, and she was so proud when she grew a beautiful one. So beautiful!

  • 703
    Oreet says:

    I love many different flowers but one of my very favorites is hydrangeas!

  • 704
    Deborah S says:

    Cosmos. Growing up, my mom always planted a sea of Cosmos in one of our flowerbeds. It is such a pretty, light flower!

  • 705
    Jona says:

    I love tulips because I know when I see the first tulips that winter is behind us and it won’t be too long till I am out in my garden again!

  • 706
    Elizabeth Smoliak says:

    Tulips always make me smile. It probably goes back to the very fond memories I have of planting bulbs with my sister when I was a young girl. That’s why I enjoyed creating a card for her using the Tulip stamp set and matching dies too!

  • 707
    Pat Whitley says:

    Peonies, Hydrangeas and Lilacs. Hydrangeas are hard to grow in my region, but we have several old fashioned lilacs and their fragrance is wonderful!

  • 708

    Blue hydrangeas…they are so lovely and were on my wedding invitations!

  • 709
    Lori Cullen says:

    My favorite flower is the sunflower. They are so bright and cheerful!

  • 710
    linda mack says:

    favorite flower hydrangea reason its a big flower made of little flowers

  • 711
    Bette Manning says:

    I just love yellow roses…..they make me smile.

  • 712
    Donna K says:

    I love tulips. They come in so many beautiful colors and they remind me of Spring after a long, cold winter. No special memories – I just love them.

  • 713
    Verena says:

    I love poppies, they look beautiful and symbolise so much

  • 714
    Eileen M says:

    I am another who would have a hard time choosing a favorite. Right now I would say Iris, I will always make room for them I the garden. But also need room for Lillies, echinacea and black eyed Susan.
    Great release!

  • 715
    Jennifer L. says:

    Tulips are my favorite with daffodils a close second. I love the variety of colors of tulips and visiting tulip fields in the spring.

  • 716
    Vikki H says:

    Tulips are my favorite because they come with early spring and brighten up gray Oregon days. I love the colors, aroma and their carefree bend.

  • 717
    Pamela Levingston says:

    Tulips. No special memory attached I just love them.

  • 718
    Rebekah says:

    My favorite flower is a daffodil. : special memories with daffodils are: 1) they bloomed one week after we had snow- just in time for our wedding. 2) we bought our house in July & were amazed when spring came & there were hundreds of daffodils planted in our flower beds. 3) they bloomed while I was in the hospital having my first son & greeted us when we came home as a family of 3 πŸ™‚