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By November 1, 2016Star Search


The big moment that you have been waiting for since we first announced our Star Search Video Contest back on September 1st, has finally arrived! 

One of the things that inspires us most here at Papertrey Ink is the creativity of our customers. Time and again we are always amazed at the talent that can be found within our very own fan base. In celebration of this we hosted a search to find the best of the best! The "Papertrey Star Search" video contest provided a way for all of you to not only share your talents, but also your enthusiasm for our products. 
We received so many amazing entries, making the final selections very difficult! There were a few basics rules, that included using all Papertrey Ink products and keeping the video under 3-1/2 minutes. It was such a joy to go through and watch all of the videos, see your smiles and your incredible creations!

Now is your chance to check out all of the finalists and vote for your favorite! The final five videos are listed below in alphabetical order. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!

CLICK HERE to see more from Anna Kossakovskaya.



CLICK HERE to see more from Mary Rose.



CLICK HERE to see more from Natasha Trupp.



CLICK HERE to see more from Stephanie Gold.


CLICK HERE to see more from Sunny Aldrich.


Aren't all of these amazing! Every single one showcases an amazing personality paired with fabulous talent and enthusiasm! Exactly what we are looking for! Below you can take the opportunity to help select the winners. Just vote for your favorites! Because we know choices can sometimes be difficult, you are able to make up to three selections! Poll closes on November 14th at 9pm ET.

One winner and two runner ups will be announced on release day, November 15th, 2016. The grand prize winner will receive a $500 Papertrey Ink gift certificate, while each of the runner ups will receive a $200 gift certificate. These three videos will also be permanently archived on the Papertrey Ink YouTube channel! The two remaining finalists will each receive a $50 gift certificate for participation.

Thank you for joining us and helping us to select the next Papertrey Star!

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  • 1
    maria f. says:

    Nice job, ladies!

  • 2
    Marybeth says:

    Loved the videos! Congratulations and good luck!

  • 3

    Every contestant did a fabulous job– so much inspiration!! (and so hard to vote for just one!) Congratulations– you make us all winners!

  • 4
    Nancy says:

    GREAT job by all five ladies, each video is easy to follow, good instructions, great ideas, very inspiring, kudos to all participants.

  • 5
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    Oh my, these are ALL amazing! Great job ladies! I loved each and every project!

  • 6
    Diana K says:

    Blown away by all five videos! Love the projects you shared and the personalities you showed. So much fun!

  • 7
    Teresa Currie says:

    Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS ladies! This was a difficult challenge. You all met it with such grace, humor and crafting expertise. Thank you all for your wonderful projects and the delightful peek at who you are!!

  • 8
    Carol D. says:

    Great projects, great videos, lovely crafters!

  • 9
    Donna K says:

    I’m so impressed by each of the five finalists. It’s so fun to see the process for each project rather than just a finished product. what a great contest Papertrey! They are all winners in a big way. (P.S. I want Stephanie’s kitchen!)

  • 10
    JM says:

    Loved all the videos – just wondering, for Sunny’s video – how do you do the sides on the bags? Thanks so much!

  • 11

    love them all, good luck ladies

  • 12
    Angie C S says:

    All of the ladies are creative, talented and great on video. I am on YouTube, but would never, ever be confident enough to do a video showing my face! Believe me, it takes a lot of courage to do it and also complete a tutorial. Wonderful job everyone and good luck! I hope Papertrey Ink rewards everyone with a gift card for even entering. They all deserve a reward.

  • 13
    Joleen says:

    All were great and very creative! TFS your talent!

  • 14

    Oh my goodness you ladies are SO CUTE!!!! I am so honored to be in the final five alongside you talented women. LOVED your videos. Much love & luck to everyone! <3

  • 15

    Congratulations to all of the contestants. To make it to the finalists is an accomplishment. Great ideas on all of the videos. I know which one I will vote for.

  • 16
    Carolyn says:

    I am sincerely impressed and inspired by each paper artist’s submissions. Very creative and pretty designs. Would love to know more about making video tutorials at some point. I knew it was a definite “not right now “for me. My usual , maybe someday, sigh….

  • 17
    Nancy Penir says:

    Wonderful, ladies! I am blown away with your ease in front of a camera, and was delighted with all the talented inspiration. Good luck to each of you!

  • 18
    LauraJane:) says:

    BRAVO ladies!! Every one is so unique….you are EACH amazing card/paper crafters!! Thanks for taking the challenge and stepping out to share your gift with us!! It is too difficult to choose just one!!!!

  • 19

    Oh wow wow wow! Still can’t believe I can see here my face and my card! Thank you for this honor to be one of the finalists! All ladies are so talented and creative, I enjoyed your videos! And definitely will not sleep the night before 15th!))

  • 20
    Yvonne F. says:

    Love all the videos! Thanks for joining the challenge so we could have this nice videos!

  • 21
    Marie Mielke says:

    Great job and good luck!

  • 22
    Sandy M says:

    Very photogenic ladies. Loved all the videos and learned something from each. Good luck on the win.

  • 23
    Nancy M says:

    Congratulations to the finalists. Great job showing both you and your process.

  • 24
    Jill S says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Great videos and projects–thank you for having the creativity and courage to share them. I don’t know who will win this contest it will be a tight race. The 5 of you have so much potential I can’t wait to see what other projects you share on your blogs. I’d write more BUT Mary Rose has made me need a coffee RIGHT NOW. Good luck!

    Thanks, PTI, for this great contest!

  • 25
    Deane says:

    Hard to choose just one! Each of you did a great job! Congratulations and best of luck!

  • 26
    Donna Phelan says:

    I think you all deserve to win….wonderful jobs ladies! Love your out takes Stephanie lol

  • 27
    Betty Sue says:

    Great job ladies!! So fun!!

  • 28
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    Awesome job by all! I very much enjoyed watching all of the videos! 🙂

  • 29
    StephClapper says:

    Hello Finalists! I’ve looked forward to seeing who you are and your inspirational projects. I wished the videos were longer, because I really enjoyed watching you make your projects. I’ll be the checking out your blogs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

  • 30
    Julie says:

    congrats ladies on the fabulous videos and fun projects – good luck to you all!

  • 31
    Vickie says:

    hope to be in this spot one day…

  • 32
    Sunny says:

    Hi JM! I will do a blog post on how to add sides to the bags. Also, the Favor It Die #7 makes a little trey (kind of like a paper hotdog tray) that fits perfectly in the bottom of the 5.5″ bag. There will be many many versions of these bags on my blog in the coming months! You can subscribe to my blog or check back here and I will follow up when I’ve posted instructions on creating the sides:

  • 33
    Janie Bradley says:

    Enjoyed every video. Thank you ladies for sharing your gorgeous work! Best wishes on winning!

  • 34
    Cheryl F. says:

    Wow. It was soooo hard to choose! They were all really great, and I got some new ideas from all of them. I give everyone who entered a lot of credit for doing this, it seems like it would be quite intimidating. But what wonderful projects!

  • 35

    SQUEAL!! CONGRATS to these AMAZING Ladies!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED ALL of the Videos and thinking you are ALL WINNERS!! I wish I was better at editing Videos as I would have LOVED to enter this FUN Contest!! One of the things on my Bucket List for Next Year!! To be Better at creating Videos!! THANKS for sharing and BEST of LUCK to each of you!! HUGS!! =)

  • 36
    Dana says:

    Wow ladies! So much inspiration to glean from. I really enjoyed all the videos and seeing each person’s creative process. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  • 37
    Felicia says:

    What Awesome Videos. I am definitely inspired and have found some new blogs to follow too. Great Job Ladies! Smooches…

  • 38
    Kristina says:

    These were all fabulous! It was hard to choose. Great job! And good luck to all of you.

  • 39
    Nicorin says:

    fantastic!! I enjoy these videos. Thank you ladies!

  • 40
    JanetB says:

    Great job on all the videos!

  • 41
    paula e. says:

    Great job to all of you-hard to decide. Best of luck to each contestant

  • 42
    Cindy Gratton says:

    These videos turned out great and they gave me some new ideas for cards & gifts as well. I think after viewing the 5 videos chosen, I won’t be so intimidated to make one in the future too! Good luck to each of you who submitted a video!

  • 43
    jean says:

    What a great idea to see a wide variety of styles and technique! I enjoyed each of the videos very much.

  • 44
    Tracy says:

    That was fun, thanks for sharing the videos and projects!

  • 45

    These ladies did a wonderful job with their creations!

  • 46
  • 47
    Anne Fletcher says:

    All the cards are exquisite! Thank you for sharing your talents. Anne

  • 48
    Gwen says:

    They were all great videos and it was very difficult to choose. You all should be winners ladies!

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