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Have you been putting your new Moments Inked Meal Planning system to work? There's lots of planning to do with the holidays upon us and the planner can help keep it all organized in style! We will be rolling out reviews of the planner from your favorite Moments Inked team members over the next few weeks, giving you a peek at how real people are putting their Meal Planners to work!

Today you get to hear from Lizzie!


Meal Planner Review Sneak Peek


Lizzie says, "I have tried a dozen different ways to incorporate meal planning into my routine, but up until now it's managed to be a struggle. Despite my best efforts, I've never been able to keep all of my schedule notes, lists, and menu ideas all in one place. But all that's about to change thanks to the Moments Inked Meal Planner. Stop by to see how I'm finally streamlining the menu planning process once and for all!"

CLICK HERE to see the full review from Lizzie Jones!

As a reminder, you can see the full blog post and all the details about the new Meal Planner as well as the 2017 Planner System in this post HERE.

The Moments Inked Meal Planner (Spiral Bound) is available HERE.

The Moments Inked Meal Planner (Binder Edition) is available HERE.

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