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The September release has been full of some gorgeous new products and we hope the projects from the team have been beyond inspiring!  I've picked out favorites of my own, from each of the design team members, to share with you today!  Click the link next to each team member's name to see more details about the project shown here, as well as the rest of her projects from this release!  And be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post… won't want to miss out on this month's release in review CONTEST!!!

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  • 1

    I love getting our tree an decorating it. My birthday is December 6th, so heading over to the local tree farm with my family is like a birthday present, too!

  • 2
    Genevieve says:

    I love to see all my kids waiting to open their christmas stockings . I think they almost prefer these to anything else .

  • 3
    Kim Faucher says:

    I think the most important thing is being with family. It is the time of year when we make quality time for one another and create our memories.

  • 4
    Barbara Shook says:

    I love decorating the house, the anticipation of the coming holiday gatherings with family and friends.

  • 5
    Kari D says:

    I look forward to our Annual Tree Trimming party. Picking the theme, making the invitations/Christmas Cards, cutting down the tree, decorating the house, and making the cookies and other party goodies all happen before the night of the party…and all are in anticipation of gathering with family and friends to decorate the tree! So much fun! AND such a great way to start our holiday season!

  • 6
    Shelly says:

    Last year we had a set of twin boy elf on the shelf visit our house and got into all kinds of shenanigans! I hope they return this year! My daughter is hoping they bring a girl elf with them this time!

  • 7
    Judy says:

    I love having all of my family coming home to spend a few days together. We enjoy playing games, going sledding and of course eating Christmas goodies.

  • 8
    TeresaP says:

    Getting together with all our families! We have about 30 guests come over each year and then we take several road trips to see the rest of the family.

  • 9
    Lori Cullen says:

    I look forward to having a break from school with my boys and watching them decorate the Christmas tree.

  • 10
    Judy Workman says:

    I love that I am an adult and can still visit with one of my grandparents. It is such a treat, and having lived through the depression she loves hand made cards and gifts. Thank you for allowing me to add joy to her life.

  • 11
    MarmiteMum says:

    Stir-up Sunday at the end of November, which is the day when I make the Christmas pudding is my favourite tradition. I even FaceTime my older daughters, who are away in college so they get a virtual stir of the pudding. It starts off the whole season by getting everyone together, even if we are far apart.

  • 12
    Melissa Friedrich says:

    I look forward to going to pick a Christmas tree right after thanksgiving. That event kicks off the season for my family and the anticipation builds from there!

  • 13
    Bonnie Aeschlimann says:

    Decorating the tree and listening to Christmas carols as we do so. Having had four children in five years, the youngest now old enough to help hang baubles, my tree is messy, lopsided, mismatched in colour and completely and utterly beautiful.

  • 14
    Angie C S says:

    Seven years ago one of us received a Fruit Cake in a tin. When our extended family got together, the fruit cake was put on the table with desserts. No one opened it. We decided to pass it on each Christmas and we did, as a surprise. Now that we are in other places (we lost our homes in Hurricane Katrina), the person holding the cake has to take a photo, and mail it to the next. We share photos of sending and receiving the cake. It’s a funny tradition that keeps us connected during the Holiday season.

  • 15
    Amanda says:

    Our entire season is so full of traditions I don’t think I could pick just one. I love Christmas jammies. We all have some and take a family photo in them on Christmas Eve. I love putting up the tree and the mini tree. Opening presents and stockings! Love the stockings! I love baking cookies as a family and watching Christmas movies. I love pulling out all the handmade ornaments and decorations from the littles and making new ones each year. It really is the most magical time of the year!

  • 16
    Julene says:

    I would have to say that what I love the most is just gathering at the table with all the family there and spending time together for the holiday!

  • 17
    Lisa Echerd says:

    I love to decorate. I do a staircase garland and one on the mantle filled with beautiful, delicate ornaments. I often leave the mantle one up a few weeks after Christmas to make winter seem a little shorter.

  • 18
    Marci Snee says:

    My sister and I take turns every Christmas Eve making eggnog for our party. Every year it’s a new recipe and we try to out do each other. Our party has a ton of food and I love eating the leftovers on Christmas morning while we open gifts.

  • 19
    Carolyn Picken says:

    Christmas Eve church service..remembering why we celebrate Christmas

  • 20
    Ty's Mom says:

    Such a fun & festive release! How do you keep coming up with such pretty and new hings release after release?!! I always look forward to playing Christmas music while decorating our tiny tree and putting out the pine boughs and Woodland critters and snowmen around the family room and dining room. Thanks for the chance to win! Great release!

  • 21
    MerMer says:

    Jesus is the reason for the season!

  • 22
    Marcie says:

    Our Trim A Tree party. Always hand make the invites too. Who would have thunk?!

  • 23
    jengd says:

    I love the evenings when the tree is lit and decorated and we’re all chilling out watching Christmas specials.

  • 24
    Cheryl Nussbaum says:

    I love getting out the Christmas decorations each year and decorating every nook and cranny! And also burning LOTS of candles on Christmas Eve. I’ll never forget when my new DIL walked in one Christmas Eve, looked around and said to my son “No one does Christmas like your mother!” A compliment I’ll always remember!

  • 25
    Linda F says:

    Gathering at my sisters with family for a BBQ and pool party.

  • 26
    Ohhh Snap says:

    When my daughter was very young, we didn’t have stockings so she would color the lunch bags we used for stockings. We lived in such a small space, we would put up the folding table and put out our decorations, a small tree, a snowman she made in school and our bags. Now she is nearly done with college, all she wants for Christmas is handmade things. It makes me very happy. (I get handmade things as well :D)

  • 27
    Carrie K says:

    Christmas traditions seem to change over the years. When I was a kid, I most looked forward to eating potato sausage at my grandmother’s house. It was the only time of year I was able to eat it, and boy, was it delicious!! Now that I’m a mother, I most look forward to making cookies with the kids, and (just for me) making gifts to give the kid’s teachers and our favorite bus driver. I always turn to PTI for fun products and inspiration to help me with that last one. ?

  • 28
    Isabel Z says:

    Decorating the tree with my family.

  • 29
    Denise C. says:

    I can’t wait for November to arrive so I can start playing the Christmas CD’s. My husband rolls his eyes but I know he enjoys it!! Even my now grown children call and ask if the music has started!! haha!

  • 30
    Lea Ann H. says:

    Turning up the Christmas Carols and baking up a storm is what I look forward to each year. Then, taking all those baked goods out to deliver to neighbors, co-workers, and friends. So much fun!

  • 31
    Kelly Keegan says:

    Making Christmas cookies and crafts with my kids.

  • 32
    Deborah Rose says:

    Trimming the tree and hanging the stockings while singing Christmas carols.

  • 33
    Liz R says:

    We love getting the tree out and decorated. The earlier the better – more time to enjoy it, and all the work into putting it up!

  • 34
    Jessica Monte says:

    Every Christmas Eve celebrate the morning with the blessing of our Daughters birthday. In the evening we gather with family for Christmas Eve Mass celebrating the Birth Of Jesus. What a wonderful Day. Christmas Day we gather with My family and spend the day just being together.

  • 35
    Maria C F says:

    I love decorating the tree with my family while listening to Christmas carols.

  • 36
    Barbara Ann Cowan says:

    Listening to Christmas carols & decorating the tree!!!

  • 37
    Diana K says:

    My favourite family tradition is the “lovely parting gifts”. After Christmas dinner is over, and everyone’s ready to leave (or go to bed), there are the consolation prizes. I shop throughout the year for little gifts that are especially fun or funny and wrap each one up (there’s always one or two especially coveted surprises included). They’re left in a pile by the front door and everyone gets to choose a random gift before leaving. Much hilarity ensues. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 38
    Sherry says:

    After all the good food of our Thanksgiving dinner, the Christmas tree would come out and Mom would put the lights on and then all of us kids would get to help put the ornaments on the tree…then Mom would finish it off with all the icicles…I still put my tree up on Thanksgiving and have such fond memories of me and my brothers hanging the ornaments…

  • 39
    Diane Anthony says:

    I love the celebration of the Christmas Eve church service!

  • 40
    Susan R says:

    Gathering with my family is a major highlight. This year I’m also looking forward to worship on Christams Day, since Christmas is on a Sunday.

  • 41
    Julie says:

    I look forward to decorating the house. I put up 7 trees so it is quite the task to get the house decorated. Especially since one of the trees takes me 5 hours to put it up.

  • 42
    Pat says:

    Going to Midnight Mass with my family.

  • 43
    annheidel says:

    Our annual holiday open house. We’ve done it for three years now and I love having friends visit our home. I make lots of goodies to share. It’s the highlight of our Christmas season!

  • 44
    Jessica Kerr says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is creating “Boo” bags with my children, friend’s children, nieces and nephews – which we distribute randomly to neighbors. I love that it gets the kids together to create, while getting them excited about giving (rather than getting). Since it’s early October, it’s much easier for all of us to find time together (too difficult around Christmas!) But I especially love that it opens the children’s eyes to how much impact a random act of kindness can have. For weeks, all they can talk about is how far the “Boos” have spread – essentially we leave a creative package of Halloween goodies (candies, toys, novelties) anonymously on a few neighborhood porches and an attached note asks the recipients to pay it forward. Those recipients place a (provided) sign in their window to let everyone know they’ve already been Boo’d (so they aren’t boo’d again), and the kids watch for the signs to spread from house to house!

  • 45
    Vicki Finger says:

    Finger Family Christmas – My In-laws, their children and spouses, the grandchildren and great grandchildren all gather for Christmas the weekend before. It’s a large crowd with 72 people all together at the family farm.

  • 46
    Cindyblizzard@aol.vom says:

    Christmas Eve dinner is our tradition it is the best with our small family than Christmas Day with the whole family.

  • 47
    Samantha johnson says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is to go cut our Christmas tree . We go to this tree farm in rural Indiana where they use horse drawn wagons to take you to the field . We all have to agree on the perfect tree and then my youngest picks out a name for it . Last years tree was fluff !

  • 48
    Tanja S. says:

    My mother usually makes beautiful table centrepieces with flowers, gum nuts (we’re from Australia) and candles. I love seeing them on the dining and coffee table.

  • 49
    richard vd L says:

    I look forward to decorating the tree and my house for the holiday’s (although I also dread getting all those bins from my small attic)

  • 50
    Tammie J. says:

    Annual family gathering at my sister’s. Chance to see everyone and share a wonderful meal together!

  • 51
    Peggy Allen says:

    My favorite tradition is reading in one of the Gospels of Christ birth which we do before opening gifts on Christmas day. Jesus is the reason for the season.

  • 52
    Melissa Ladd says:

    We have many great traditions as a family at Christmas time. One of my favorites is going to the farm to choose and cut our tree.

  • 53
    GinaEgg says:

    We do an Advent Calendar every year with our kids. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve had to become more creative about what goes in it – and THAT has been so much fun! It even has its own section in my planner. It is so much fun!

  • 54
    Victoria h says:

    I’m going with Christmas dinner….I love turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, vegetables (not Brussels sprouts) and gravy, starter & dessert too!

  • 55
    Polly says:

    Of course spending time with my family is always the highlight of the Christmas season..but I do love all the holiday cookies. I seem to have become the official family’s baker which I happily take on.

  • 56
    Cathy Yamashita says:

    After Christmas Eve services, we get together with friends and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Then we have hot chocolate and holiday snacks together.

  • 57
    sallie says:

    Simple…..just being with family from near and far.

  • 58
    Helen Cole says:

    I love to sit and watch the Christmas tree lights twinkle at night, especially while singing Carols on Christmas Eve. It really means a special time of year to celebrate!

  • 59

    Just as PapertreyInk needs to get the season started early to get their products out to eager stampers, I also start the Christmas season early during the month of September when I bake my Christmas Cakes. They need a long time to fully mature into that deep intense flavour. For me, this is the start of the Christmas season. Cheers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 60
    Celia says:

    My favorite tradition is my cookie exchange with my craft friends. As someone who does not bake- it has become a hilarious tradition for me to find a fabulous bakery to do decorated sugar cookies and then I decorate the packages. I show up to the cookie exchange with flour on me as though I was baking all night. We all know the truth but this has become a very funny tongue and cheek with my friends!

  • 61
    Stephanie Poteet says:

    I love to decorate for Christmas! This year we’re in a new house that we spent a year remodeling and all through that time, I put things together specifically with Christmas decorations in mind… I cannot wait to see how it all comes together!

  • 62
    Betty H. says:

    My favorite tradition is going to get the tree and then the whole decorating process.

  • 63
    Keri says:

    Christmas crafting has become one of my most favorite holiday traditions! I love to tuck something handmade into gift giving…and I do all of this while watching my favorite Christmas movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 64
    Jan says:

    It’s always a mad rush as we hurry to eat and get to church on time, but I love our traditional pancake supper and Christmas Eve services afterwards. Those are the two constants every year–oh, and Christmas cookies as we open gifts!

  • 65
    Donna says:

    I love Christmas Eve. My brother and sister in law make a beautiful dinner and decorate their home beautifully for Christmas. It is wonderful being with the family.

  • 66
    Rita says:

    Love spending time with family. Love the Christmas music.

  • 67
    Terri E. says:

    I love seeing the joy in the kids throughout the season. I love telling them the story of Jesus and talking about what that means to our lives. It really is just a fantastic time of year!

  • 68
    Laura O. says:

    I love everything about the holidays! But I think I look forward the most to our putting up all the decorations and tree together as a family ๐Ÿ™‚ so much fun for us and the kids!

  • 69
    Liz mca says:

    Baking with my mom. We don’t spend a whole day like we used to, but any time with her is a treasure

  • 70
    Jayell says:

    I love mulled wine and have a couple of gorgeous mulled wine sets which I look forward to bringing out each holiday season. That makes it feel like Christmas!

  • 71
    F Bond says:

    Decorating the trees with family. The main tree and several little trees- with children and grandchildren and having them all over the house. Family all together- love it!

  • 72
    kelly says:

    Christmas Eve worship and then open house at our house for a cup of Christmas cheer! I love it all but this is my special favourite!

  • 73
    Kim G says:

    Barbeque and oyster soup on Christmas Eve at my Dad’s with my brother and sister and our spouses, children and grandchildren!

  • 74
    Beverly LoPinto says:

    Being together with family. Since we we are all in different places, it’s the one time of year we get to be together.

  • 75
    Lisa G. says:

    Getting together with family and friends for the Feast of The Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. We have such a good time.

  • 76
    Cindy O says:

    The beautiful hymns and anthems of Advent and Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of singing in our church choir. Glorious music and words to stay with me all season long.

  • 77
    Louise Spiden says:

    Carols, lights and Elf on the Shelf!

  • 78 says:

    Decorating the whole house. The kids love all the details put into our Christmas Season. I think they will remember it always!!! A second thing and this is with complete truth – I wait all year for this release and all the other Christmas products. It is my absolute favorite crafting things and I love creating Christmas crafts the most!!!

  • 79
    Jamie Greene says:

    Decorating the house the weekend after thanksgiving!

  • 80
    Kailash says:

    I love gathering all the Christmas decorations, as each one brings back precious memories from all our travels and especially love looking at the ones my son made when he was little!!!

  • 81
    Angela W says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is being with family on Christmas eve and then opening Christmas presents and spending the whole day together on Christmas.

  • 82
    Laura Gaechter says:

    Getting together with my Dad and my sisters and their families on Christmas Eve. We have a big meal, play some games, open presents and we all just have a great time.

  • 83

    I look forward to decorating our multiple trees every year. It doesn’t feel like the Christmas season until I have my special ornaments hung.

  • 84
    Danielle B says:

    Being with family, playing games, and laughing a LOT!

  • 85
    krillsister says:

    The morning of Christmas Eve, my children and their spouses and children come to my house. We all pitch in making pierogis which we have as part of our Christmas Eve dinner. Every one (even the children) have a specific job (dough maker, roler, crimper, filler)
    We all attend the Children’s mass in the evening. After that we eat dinner, then open gifts. It is a wonderful Family day!

  • 86
    Dragica W. says:

    Definitely getting our tree an decorating it.

  • 87
    Anne Fletcher says:

    My favorite tradition has always been gathering the whole family together on Christmas Eve. We have a very special dinner –the same menu – every year — and everyone is allowed to open one gift. This has always been my most favorite event.

  • 88

    Being with family is by far the most important holiday tradition for me. All the other traditions are most enjoyable when done with family: trimming the tree, reading the Christmas story from the Bible, filling–and unfilling–stockings.

  • 89
    Donna Gourley says:

    After reading about it in a magazine, my family started a tradition of writing “stocking notes” to each member of our immediate family when our children were young. It was a chance to tell each person why you loved them, how they were special, etc. We open them on Christmas morning and things get very quiet for awhile while everyone reads their notes. There are often tears (of joy) and it is easily the best part of my Christmas EVERY year. That’s not to say that the kids didn’t complain about having to write theirs over the years, but it’s easy to see that they love it as much as the adults. They are all adults now and we still continue the tradition (and they still complain sometimes)…but that’s okay. We have one grandchild now and she’s been included as a “recipient,” but she hasn’t had to write her own notes yet though. I encourage everyone to give this a try.

  • 90
    Birgit says:

    I really just look forward to gathering together with family and friends and simply enjoying the moment. Thanks for a great release! Can’t wait for shopping time!

  • 91
    Pat Q says:

    I love Christmas music, especially the music played at church on Christmas Eve. It’s so promising and sounds great because everyone sings enthusiastically.

  • 92
    Dee says:

    I have a tradition of buying a new ornament every year. I love shopping for it with family and looking for something new and different to add to our collection.

  • 93
    Susan Hoey says:

    I love making and sending Christmas cards.

  • 94
    S. Molinari says:

    I look forward to more time indoors where it’s cozy, crafting with family and friends.

  • 95
    Liz mca says:

    Baking cookies with my mom and daughter. We used to bake thousands of cookies over a whole weekend. Now we are down to just a few favorites but it is still a treasure!

  • 96
    Alanna says:

    I look forward most to taking a week off of work to spend extra time with the family. I’ve done it for several years now and am already anticipating the down time spent with family.

  • 97
    Barbara Springer says:

    I love Thanksgiving – the food, my family, my friends and time to enjoy all of it.

  • 98
    Rita Wright says:

    I love waking up on Christmas morning to bake the cinnamon rolls my husband lovingly made the night before. We do this as we open our stockings and it is the best part of the holiday.

  • 99
    Julie Bitner says:

    It has always been the time leading up to Christmas! Wrapping gifts, baking cookies and decorating the tree!

  • 100
    Karen B. says:

    What a beautiful release! I love pulling out and setting up my nativity every year. I put on the Christmas Tunes and think of the amazing story the figurines represent and I am just thankful and at peace. Every. Single. Year.

  • 101
    SabineV says:

    The one holiday tradition I look forward to most every year is watching the kids each open their Advent Calendar. The excitement on their faces when they see their treat and quickly eat it is always just so nice!

  • 102
    Carolyn J says:

    Love decorating the entire house…inside and out. I also like how our small town has hardly any traffic Christmas eve evening….except when Church service has just ended or is about to start…that calm on Christmas eve in town is so peaceful.

  • 103
    Carmela Hubler says:

    Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I look forward to the season of being with friends, sharing special holiday foods and just remembering the reason for the celebration, the coming of God’s son Jesus. I hate to see the season end because it is such a special time of peace and joy. I especially love the tradition of decorating our tree as the ornaments hold fond memories. Thanks for your beautiful products that inspire creativity and a means to remember the reason for our celebration.

  • 104
    Ljhart says:

    I love to go to church with my family on Christmas Eve and share a lovely dinner on Christmas Day. As I get older, I’m just thankful for the time I/we get to spend with my parents/brothers/uncle/nephews and inlaws. My parents are in their 80s now and I know every year we get to spend together is such a blessing. Many of my friends (even my husband) have lost that opportunity. It really isn’t about the gifts (my kids don’t completely agree, lol)

  • 105

    The Holiday Tradition I look most forward to is
    making & giving Snow Cookies.

  • 106
    Terri Bills says:

    Watching my son get excited over our Advent Calendar and getting together with family are my favorite things about the holidays.

  • 107
    Jan L says:

    Every year I look forward to making Christmas pudding with my daughter. The smell is wonderful. We love to make a big batch and give most of them away wrapped with cellophane and topped up with a sprig of holly.

  • 108
    Beth M. says:

    Christmas morning breakfast.

  • 109
    Amy McCue says:

    I like going to get the tree with my family. Whether we cut it down, or just go someplace local, it is always fun.

  • 110
    Cynthia Baldwin says:

    I look forward to sharing presents with family, relaxing at home, and spending downtime with my kids!

  • 111
    Kathy D says:

    I love unpacking all of the ornaments. We have a John Glenn ornament with a sound bite from his Friendship 7 flight in 1962, and I hang that on the tree first & flip the switch to hear, “Roger zero G…”, and any offspring in the house come running.

  • 112
    Sue dodds says:

    I look forward to getting the whole family together (30+) for dinner on Christmas Day. We attend the midnight service the night before then the gang comes early in the morning. There’s nothing like the noise and laughter of young and old together.

  • 113
    Gracie G says:

    My favourite tradition is lunch after the catching of Christmas cray. This is where my husband and a couple of close friends get up at crazy o’clock on Chirstmas morning each year and go catch something (usually a crayfish) for dinner. They get back to the house (rotated annually!) about mid-day and everyone, families included, have a wonderful BBQ lunch.

  • 114
    Cindy says:

    Sitting with my family watching Its a wonderful life.

  • 115
    Jean says:

    I always look forward to creating tags for all my wrapped packages.

  • 116
    Kathy V says:

    I don’t have any Christmas traditions. We celebrate the birth of Christ by going to church. Then the rest of the day is spend like a Sunday. We stay home and have a quiet day. Peace, Love & Joy!

  • 117
    Jan B says:

    The best tradition is having the family gathered together and enjoying the Day. With 2 grandchildren, what could be more special?

  • 118
    Julia Aston says:

    Playing Christmas Carols is my most favorite thing (along with gazing at our Christmas tree!) – they get me in the spirit of the season and remind me of all the Christmases that have passed.

  • 119
    Regina says:

    Going to see the Plaza Lights in Kansas City–always breath-taking.

  • 120
    Noelle says:

    Can I pick only one? Christmas Eve candle light service, new ornaments, cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning…nope can’t =)

  • 121
    Debbie P says:

    Everyone sneaks down to the living room before going to bed on Christmas Eve to stuff family members stockings that are hanging on the mantle. We all have to avoid seeing each other. On Christmas Day we all get our stockings down, sit down together, pull one item out of our stocking and then go to the next person. We keep going round the circle until there are no more items in the stocking. It’s usually just pieces of candy or small gift items but it’s fun to take our time, laugh and share.

  • 122
    Christina says:

    My favorite tradition is, putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations. My sister and I always help my mom set everything up. And just about every year, my sister will fall asleep super early, and my mom and I finish the decorating. It’s always fun to reminisce about all the past ornaments we have.

  • 123
    Jan G says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is that my sister and I get together every year and make cookies and candy for two days and then find creative ways to package them up to give away at Christmas time.

  • 124

    Oh, it would have to be decorating my yard for the holidays.

  • 125
    Pippa67 says:

    Having a walk in the evening in the neighbourhood and watching all the beautifull decorated christmastrees,inside and outside the houses. My husband and Ihave doen this for nearly 19 years now.

  • 126
    Jane M says:

    I love the Bermudian tradition of making Cassava Pie! It is a tradition for my husband and sons to make it Christmas Eve. Then the family gathers around Christmas morning to eat and enjoy it for breakfast, as well as all day long!!! I love that Christmas is the time for family togetherness.

  • 127
    Cindi Hall says:

    I love gathering with family and friends on Christmas Eve. We all bring a dish to pass, and say one thing we are thankful for. We do Secret Santa and all open a gift, then go visit Santa with the kids at our local church.

  • 128
    JeanFB says:

    Trimming the tree! I’ve gotten each child an ornament every year since their birth, and we all love unveiling them each year.

  • 129
    marcy says:

    Setting up the tree and putting lights up. It is so festive!

  • 130
    Jackie Killorn says:

    Having all the family together and decorating for Christmas inside and out.

  • 131
    janet says:

    Watching “The Muppets Christmas Carol” on Christmas morning as presents are opened ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 132
    Marianne says:

    Spending quality time together, lighting lots of candles and having Christmas music in the background.

  • 133
    Cindy C says:

    Every year my family goes on our annual Christmas shopping trip. We always have a blast, enjoy a great lunch, and just have fun hanging out together.

  • 134
    Pamela Levingston says:

    Trimming the tree for sure. I put on holiday music and after the tree is all finished we dance around it!

  • 135

    Christmas Eve is when all our extended family get together to celebrate. That is my most favorite day.

  • 136

    The holiday tradition that I look forward to every year is Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival where the kids will play lanterns and candles while the adults will enjoy Chinese tea with mooncakes! It is the best gathering of the year!

  • 137
    Debbie says:

    My family gathers at Thanksgiving and draws names for shoes. We can spend only $15 on silly, cheap, dollar store type gifts and they have to fit in all the wooden shoes we have collected over the years. The shoes are lined up along the hearth on Christmas Day and all the tiny wrapped gifts spill out all over the floor. We have more fun opening all that “junk” than we do opening our “big” presents.

  • 138
    Tammy says:

    I look forward to opening gifts Christmas eve with just my husband and no one else

  • 139
    Karen B says:

    Christmas stockings are my favorite part of the gift giving of Christmas. We use the stockings my mother knit for three generations of family. They have been mended a few times, but still stretch to fit in lots of goodies.

    Singing in the choir or playing in the orchestra at our Christmas Eve service is the best. Helps keep me focused.

  • 140
    Megan Carroll says:

    Getting to see my family of course,…..and my mom’s Christmas dinner….yum!!

  • 141
    Amy Cooley says:

    I look forward to putting the tree up as a family! It’s fun to pull out all the ornaments and reminisce.

  • 142
    Diane Oliver says:

    Who ever finds the hidden “pickle” ornament on the tree, gets to open the first gift! Hugs.

  • 143
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    Decorating the tree of course! I love, love, love pulling all the decorations out of their age old boxes, unwrapping the well worn tissue paper and revealing the wonderful ornament that I haven’t seen all year! The comforting smells of the holidays filling the house and the underlying excitement that keeps building each day in anticipation of Santa…these are my favorite holiday traditions.

  • 144
    Luanne Ford says:

    Making my list and checking it twice! Being naughty and it’s nice…LOL. This is an awesome Christmas release and I’ve loved everything!

  • 145
    bookboxer says:

    Every year, we put up a tabletop silver tree and top it with a photo of our youngest – who turns 33 today! It’s a funny tradition that started many years ago .. and HE started it!

  • 146
    Georgette says:

    Our house is where the entire family comes and celebrates. It is wonderful to have all the kids, grandkids and their spouses all in one place.

  • 147
    shell says:

    We slow down for the holidays , make cookies and cards for people. Try to do things at home.

  • 148
    Jenny says:

    I look forward to decorating my tree and spending time with family.

  • 149
    Karen Briguglio says:

    Wonderful release, once again, and I am also eager to see more details of Post & Parcel from Betsy! We always make Cinnabon clones for breakfast on Christmas morning, and that’s the only time we eat them all year, since they are definitely NOT healthy!!

  • 150
    Cindy Close says:

    It’s so hard during the year to get everyone together, the grandchildren are grown, everyone works, everyone has a significant other and their families. Christmas is the one time that you are not allowed to not show up – we don’t always hold Christmas on Christmas but the feelings of family are still the same whether it’s in January or November.

  • 151
    Cynthia says:

    Making latkes from scratch and lighting the menorah, which I inherited; it’s the one I used growing up.

  • 152
    Mary Vela says:

    It all starts with Thanksgiving for me! Expressing thanks and graditude to family and friends and especially to our heavenly Father usher in a joyful Christmas celebration!

  • 153
    Marlee S. says:

    I love decorating my home and sending Christmas cards. As always I will be mailing my hand made cards! I am looking forward to the Holiday Make It Market Kit!!

  • 154
    Christine Kline says:

    Family get together on Christmas day – always a good time

  • 155
    Liz M. says:

    I love baking and decorating cut out cookies with my mom!

  • 156
    StephClapper says:

    It’s hard to pick one favorite tradition but if I had to choose, I look forward to my daughter’s and their families skyping with us on Christmas morning. Our 4 children live in different parts of the country so on Christmas morning we’re still able to share in the fun and excitement of everyone opening their gifts together, in our pajamas. Then my husband makes his fried dough treats that he had as a boy called “Pizza Freeks”.

  • 157
    Dolly says:

    Christmas morning breakfast, we sit on the couch by the light of the tree and my DD excitedly chatters on about her goodies ๐Ÿ˜€ love that!

  • 158
    Lori B says:

    My Dad’s birthday is Christmas Eve. We always gather together to celebrate that & Christmas. He is known for making his famous oyster stew.

  • 159
    Jill A says:

    Getting together with family–decorating the Christmas Tree–making cookies and watching Christmas Vacation!!!!

  • 160
    Liz mca says:

    Ok, I apologize I posted a comment twice. I didn’t see this first comment and thought I commented on the wrong page.

  • 161
    Cherie whitworth says:

    I love the holiday season because it gives me the opportunity to reconnect with my siblings ( there are 11 of us). And while we live all over the country, we always at least connect by phone or email.

  • 162
    Susan P says:

    I look forward to playing Christmas music every year – while decorating the tree, while cooking, even while cleaning. Just puts my mind in the mood for Christmas!

  • 163
    Julie Pike says:

    I always create some sort of handmade item for family and friends for Christmas. It could be jelly, baked goods or something sewn. Of course greeting cards are on that list as well!

  • 164
    Jona says:

    So many things I look forward to- decorating the tree and house, stringing the lights outside, family finally being home together again, my sister coming for her once a year visit and hitting all the stamping stores for 3 days and just enjoying the season!!

  • 165
    Debra Jenkins says:

    Going to the Christmas Tree Farm and picking out our tree with the family!!!

  • 166
    Saundra Grose says:

    I look forward to trimming the tree; my Mother would buy me a dated ornament every year since I was a teenager and each one brings back memories of all the happy Christmases my family shared. My parents are gone now, so the memories are all we have.

  • 167
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    I look forward to opening the boxes of ornaments and reminiscing with my husband about where we bought each one. Such special memories rekindled each year.

  • 168
    Donna M. says:

    Decorating our tree is always fun! Seems each ornament I pick up brings back memories of where I was, what was happening @ the time I purchased or made it, or the person who gifted it. Love it!

  • 169
    Deb says:

    The night before Christmas with all the family, also putting up the tree and decorating

  • 170
    Deanne Rehmer says:

    The tradition of our three adult children gathering together at our house on Christmas Day.

  • 171
    Heather Sudduth says:

    Christmas dinner with extended family every year. Turkey, dressing, mac & cheese, potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie!

  • 172
    Carol Blaisdell says:

    First the Christmas Eve service, then we always have a “picnic” in front of the fireplace with a “meal” of everyone’s favorite appetizers. It’s just our family and it’s small and intimate and lovely.

  • 173
    Jenn Bishop says:

    I love so much about Christmas, from decorating together as a family to church services, watching movie classics, and having my husband read Christmas stories to us. If I had to pick, though, it would probably be the togetherness we have with baking and crafts days, where we hand make everything from 5 types of cookies to homemade gifts and cards. So much fun!

  • 174
    Judie A says:

    My favourite tradition is going to the midnight mass on Christmas eve and then going out for warm drinks with friends and family!

  • 175
    Kimberly Rendino says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas morning breakfast at my parents’ house. My mom makes the best quiche, and last year she added an overnight french toast casserole to the menu. Yum!

  • 176
    Janet says:

    Family getting together and the reading of Luke 2 as a reminder of what the season is all about

  • 177
    Jeni says:

    I love doing an Advent Calendar with my son. He loves opening each box everyday & finding a little treat inside and knowing that we are one day closer to Christmas.

  • 178
    Monika Davis says:

    I love eating turkey at Thanksgiving… I also love decorating the Christmas tree with the kids. We also started a Jesse Tree last year, so I am looking forward to doing that again.

  • 179
    Pam A says:

    Decorating the tree and making fudge, cookies, and red Christmas cake!

  • 180
    April Z. says:

    My favorite tradition is getting out the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and putting up all the holiday decorations. Baking cookies is also high on my list!

  • 181
    Anna says:

    Decorating & spending time with family.

  • 182
    Brigitte says:

    My favorite tradition is opening the ornaments prepared to adorn the tree! All the memories and stories are so wonderful and such a nice thing to share with my nine year old. So exciting!!!

  • 183
    Pat says:

    Outdoor Christmas lights! So festive as the days grow shorter.

  • 184
    Elise says:

    I look forward to Christmas Eve. My family comes to our house we have our favorite holiday food. We gather round the tree an open presents. The best is watching our grandkids. It’s always so much fun!

  • 185
    Lori Aitken says:

    My German brother-in-law introduced us to one of his annual traditions, Feuerzangenbowle. Translated literally, it means fire, tongue, bowl. You mull 2 bottles of red wine with mulling spices and orange and lemon slices on the stove top. Then, place a metal tongue across the pot and place a cone of compressed sugar on top. Soak the sugar cone in 150 proof rum and light it on fire. Continue to bathe the sugar cone in rum to keep the flames going until fully melted/dissolved. It’s a toss up whether making it or drinking it is more fun. Enjoy!

  • 186

    Trimming the tree….

  • 187
    JanetB says:

    I love to pick out the tree in the snowy tree lot, bring it home, and unwrapping all the ornaments to decorate it.

  • 188
    Pat Baker says:

    When I was a child, my dad made our Christmas cards, and I liked to make my own too, when I was out on my own in my 20’s and 30’s. Life got in the way over the next 20 or so years until I started papercrafting (with a vengeance) about 10 years ago! I also started making holiday cards with my parents again. Now my Dad has passed away and my Mom and I are making her holiday cards each year. I thoroughly enjoy “vetting” card designs with her and then we have a marathon session making the “winner”. She always gets lots of compliments on her handmade holiday cards!

  • 189
    DGolly says:

    I look forward to our Yankee swap every year. It’s a fun way for the adults (and the older kids) to enjoy gift giving without spending too much money. It’s fun watching how families strategize to try and get the items they want. It’s always fun and unexpected.

  • 190
    Marcia Hill says:

    I love it all, from decorating our home, cookie baking with the girls, Christmas Eve service, and most of all being together with family! Great release this month PTI…loved it all!! :0)

  • 191
    Lucie Renee says:

    I look forward to putting up my Dept 56 North Pole Village every year. Once all the elves are out in the display, it feels like Christmas.

  • 192
    Michele H. says:

    Our family is spread out all over the country, but we all try to make it home on Christmas. We sit up all night and talk and drink wine and laugh! It’s the happiest time of the year!

    Beautiful inspiration today!
    Take Care!

  • 193
    Amy R says:

    Christmas Eve with my whole extended family. It’s often the only time we all get together all year.

  • 194
    Felicia says:

    Thanksgiving because our tradition is to rotate which home it is to be held and everyone else brings different side dishes. This year we are allowing the children 7+ to help make a small dish to bring of their favorite.

  • 195
    hwgang says:

    So hard to choose! But decorating my mantle with old and new treasures is probably my very favorite.

  • 196
    Danielle says:

    Picking out a Christmas tree with my little man! This year our church gets to be a selling location for the the #BuyATreeSaveALife tree location and we can’t wait to get out there and SELL trees this real too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 197
    Linda Lander says:

    Sharing the beauty of Christmas Eve service at church, with our family, followed a family meal (most always homemade Mexican food)!

  • 198
    Richard says:

    I always look forward to the lights appearing all over, everywhere I go!

  • 199
    Deepa M. says:

    I love decorating for the holidays, and putting up the tree signals the festive season in my house. I enjoy going through and unwrapping all the special ornaments collected over the years and then sitting by the glow of the tree in the evenings and drinking hot tea.

  • 200
    JohannaM says:

    Bringing in the tree a few days before Christmas and decorating it sets me in the mood. That is when Christmas begins for me. All the preparations before the actual holidays like making cards, planning the menu and decorating are usually more exciting than the holiday itself.

  • 201
    Chris Cross says:

    We always spend Christmas Eve morning with our grown children and grandchild. My favorite day of the year–hands down!!! I always turn on my favorite Christmas music while we open gifts.

  • 202
    Lisa Chapman says:

    I look forward to just family getting together. I come from a small family and, over the years, just the few of us actually slowing down from life and just enjoying time with each other has come to mean so much to me! As we all get older, the time spent with each other means more than the presents. I kind of think Christmas has evolved into something more meaningful as I have gotten older.

  • 203
    Susan says:

    I love wrapping up the toys and treats I get for my dogs (including any foster dogs I might have!) and watching them open them. The best dogs are the ones that don’t hesitate and start eating the treats before the paper is even off them. I always get such a huge laugh and that’s a great way to start any day.

  • 204
    lois says:

    I love decorating the house, wrapping the gifts, celebrating with family and friends and most of all…Going to midnight Mass. It is always so beautiful, makes me remember what Christmas is really about!

  • 205
    Lynn Hardy says:

    I love to get out the Christmas tablecloth to set the table for Christas lunch. I dress the table with handmade place cards and Christmas china too. The very best part is getting together with friends and family though.

  • 206
    Stella says:

    II always look forward to Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve day we have a really nice dinner at my house with my family (children, spouses and grandchildren.) We have a Christmas Eve service at my church and then we all gather back to my home to eat dessert and open presents. i love the anticipation of the grandchildren as they open their presents. Then everyone goes home so Santa can come to their homes to deliver gifts from him.

  • 207
    Suzanne A. says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite holiday tradition is cutting down, bringing home and decorating a fresh evergreen spruce!

  • 208
    LindaCC says:

    I most enjoy our candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve!

  • 209
    Beth Costello says:

    We love decorating our tree. Each of my kids has a collection of ornaments and they love getting it out each year and choosing what to display.

  • 210
    Lynne Phelps says:

    We go to candlelight service on Christmas Eve. The moment when the candle flame is passed along as we sing Silent Night just makes my heart soar! I always feel like the Grinch when his heart grows three sizes bigger in one moment!

    I am so thrilled with all the faith-based sets this year!

  • 211
    carol says:

    Christmas Eve church with my mom is my highlight tradition; I’m so lucky to have her in my life! Of course, enjoying the joys of the season – opening gifts, skating, sledding – with my niece and nephew (6 and 4) is mighty wonderful, too!

  • 212
    Sandy Chalfin says:

    I believe my favorite thing is the Christmas “feast” and it’s preparation. The wonderful smells, the tree is lit,christmas music is playing and the whole family is together. Who could ask for anything more.

  • 213
    Cindy H. says:

    The start of our holidays begin on the day before Thanksgiving with the purchase of our wreath at the local farm. After picking out our wreath, we get to feed the animals (my favorite part) that they have brought in for the holidays. They used to have reindeer there but recently it’s been baby goats and I think llamas, but still awful cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 214
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    I enjoy decorating the house and inviting family and a few friends over for a cookout. After everyone has left I get cozy on the couch and watch my favorite Christmas movies.

  • 215
    Terri (Blindstamper) says:

    Decorating the tree. I love remembering the where, when, and who of each ornament as it goes on the tree. Wonderful memories of childhood, family, even vacations…

  • 216
    Vickie Z says:

    Love decorating- putting up the tree and bringing out all the ornaments-reminiscing. And, of course family time!!

  • 217
    Tracy says:

    I like decorating, getting everything out, we put on Christmas music and have fun looking at all the things we have collected over the years. Have some hot chocolate. It is a fun family time.

  • 218
    Joyce says:

    We have always had Christmas Day at our home, we always thought it was crazy to have a child wake to what Santa has left then wisk them away for the day, so we have spent the last 24 years at home. Of course that also means dinner for about 20 people but it’s become our tradition and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • 219
    Myra says:

    My favorite used to be putting the tree up on my birthday but now it’s adding new little dwellings to my village using the stinkin’ cute tiny town dies. Keep up the good work PTI!

  • 220
    Tiffany R says:

    When my sisters and I were little, my Mom started buying us a new ornament every year. I still have all of them. I kept that tradition when I got married, and now with our son. It’s so much fun to find an ornament that is special for him.

  • 221
    Kris T says:

    I love our tradition of Christmas jammies. The kids love it! Even my teenagers. They request footie pajamas. Thanks for a Great holiday release ladies!

  • 222
    Sheri Elmont says:

    I look forward to putting up the Christmas tree. It signals the beginning of the holiday season.

  • 223
    Michelle Benoit says:

    We listen to the old radio program, “The Cinnamon Bear” every day in December and from the 15th to the 24th my husband hides a little cinnamon colored Beanie Baby bear for the kids to find.

  • 224

    Christmas starts when I start making the cards…It’s the first holiday ‘project’ I do every year and that’s when allbegins for me. While creating, I listen to Christmas music…and that puts me in the right frame of mind to conquer what craziness the season brings!

  • 225
    Janet Mack says:

    My husband and I put out the nativity set together. We have a beautiful manger and figures that my husbands relatives made so I unwrap and he places the figures. He does such a wonderful job.

  • 226
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    We get the entire family together at my MIL house on Christmas Eve and have a nice dinner. It is great

  • 227

    I am so excited for the Woven Hearts Die. I am in love!

  • 228
    B Soo Hoo says:

    What I enjoy most about the holidays is getting together for dinner with family and friends on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

  • 229
    Sheryl B says:

    I love having my family all together to play bingo! My mom always has a ton of prizes for the winners.

  • 230
    Nancy Ward says:

    I think decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite. I have old and nostalgic ornaments that bring back years of holiday memories.

  • 231
    Elizabeth S says:

    Decorating the tree and seeing ornaments the kids have made through the years. Oh such memories!

  • 232
    abrash says:

    Watching White Christmas with our whole family – lots of fun singing all the songs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 233
    Kay Tillman says:

    It is so hard to pick just one but I think my favorite is gathering together with our extended family on Christmas Eve and exchanging gifts with them.

  • 234
    Sharri Reeves says:

    There are so many. From decorating the tree to Christmas morning, I love it all. But my favorite is a special Christmas Eve tradition of opening an early present. It’s always new pj’s and slippers.

  • 235
    Imke Ludwig says:

    If you are an adult with no children, Christmas is not so important. But I think it’s nice to stroll through the many Christmas markets here in Germany. And being with parents and grandparents is special.

  • 236
    Linda K. says:

    Baking and gifting Christmas cookies!!!

  • 237
    lainey says:

    Making Christmas cookies! It’s a tradition that goes back as far as I can remember – starting with making them with my grandmother.

  • 238
    Nancy Penir says:

    Do I have to pick just one? There are so many that make the holiday the best part of the year. Has to be the gifting around the tree, Christmas morning. Family gathered, the grandchildren out of control, everyone I love in one room. All the decorating, shopping, planning and surprises about to begin. The heart can’t contain the joy!

  • 239
    Elizabeth T. says:

    I always look forward to walking around our neighborhood to view the colorful holiday lights.

  • 240
    Chelsey Schweitzer says:

    Christmas Day at my parents. We take hours to leisurely open presents. We stop frequently to enjoy yummy snacks and treats. The house is warm and filled with love for baby Jesus!

  • 241
    Nancy Thomas says:

    We have several traditions here so it would be hard to pick just one…decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve church service, watching the movie Christmas Vacation, serving dinner on my late mother-in-law’s china. As I get older I seed to cherish them even more.

  • 242
    Debi W says:

    My favorite tradition is having homemade lasagna on Christmas Eve and watching It’s A Wonderful life.

  • 243
    Linda Steele says:

    So many traditions to choose from, but I so look forward to having craft parties with my “Paper Dolls” club. We begin working on Christmas in August (for four months). We craft, laugh, enjoy time together and get ready for the holidays together. And, through the workshops I’ve introduced the Paper Dolls to all the wonderful Papertrey products. All the holiday traditions are meaningful but time with my crafting buddies is high on the list.

  • 244
    jan metcalf says:

    The sparkling lights on the Christmas eve tree behind everyone in their new jammies, all prepared for the morning Christmas pics! Just love having the family around, cousins playing with cousins, games galore, hugs and kisses, and wonderful food dishes!

  • 245
    Autumn says:

    I love the lighting of the candles during the singing of “Silent Night” at the Christmas Eve service each year. It’s always so beautiful!

  • 246
    MaryB says:

    Every year the family gathers on Christmas morning to read the Christmas story from the Bible before opening gifts. We end up just sitting there in a group for a while, laughing and joking and enjoying spending time together. Then we eat home-made cinnamon rolls to tide us over till a big mid-afternoon meal. Our only (so far) grandchild will be 19 months old this Christmas, so it should be lots of fun!

  • 247
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I celebrate Hanukkah and I look forward to lighting the menorah at temple with my community every year. Imagine all of the light from all those menorahs!

  • 248
    Frannie says:

    To me Christmas means family and I look forward to spending time with them.

  • 249
    Rhonda Ries says:

    Christmas Eve with my family is my favorite! We go to church, then once we are home we fill our plates with appetizers, drinks and treats and gather to open presents. This is a several hour production since we go around the circle with each person opening a gift, and the kids always go first, but it’s a tradition I love!

  • 250
    Lizzie T says:

    Every year I throw a family Christmas party with food and games. Everyone looks forward to it and I spend all year trying to find new fun things to do at the party! This is the only time we get to see my sister and niece for the Christmas holidays and don’t get to see them again until the spring because of travel and weather issues.

  • 251
    Janet S says:

    My husband and I have started going all out at Christmas. I love it all! We will start decorating the outside of the house right after Halloween and then begin the inside on the weekend after Thanksgiving. That is the weekend all the lights go on outside and we light them every night until Christmas. I love wrapping all the gifts, which amounts to more than a hundred! We have five children, their significant other and seven grandkids! Everyone gathers at our house Christmas Eve for food and gifts! Such a fun time!

  • 252
    Patricia A Cross says:

    I love the Sunday that we put up the tree. Putting a pot of homemade soup on the stove, and all the delicious fragrance in the air. Bringing up the ornaments and lights from storage and then unpacking each ornament from it’s tissue. We have ornaments from before we were married – so they span more than 45 years, and each one has a memory that is unwrapped with the tissue. Vacations, births, loved ones now gone. It is the time when the real presence of Christmas comes home in my heart.

  • 253
    lisa808 says:

    Making Christmas cookies.

  • 254
    Carolyn says:

    Christmas morning at the pajama buffet. Everything beautiful, hot cider, freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, yummy homemade food to eat all morning, quiet noises of peaceful and joyous anticipation and seeing those you love open and appreciate gifts and each other.

  • 255
    Angela TX says:

    It’s most fun to unwrap and hang all of the ornaments we’ve collected over the years and to unbox the Christmas books that were stowed away for a year, and if I could, I would find a way to leave that tree twinkling on all year long.

  • 256
    Donna Coffeen says:

    My adult sons and I still love to make the old Betty Crocker Candy Cane Cookies and even though they don’t live here anymore, when they arrive for the holidays, it is one of the things we work into the schedule.

  • 257
    Stacie W says:

    I look forward to decorating the tree together. There’s so many memories in the ornaments. Stories are told, the fire is going, and it’s just cozy and fun.

  • 258
    Jennifer T says:

    Aha-mazing release! I look forward to decorating our tree each year. I’ve purchased special ornaments every year we’ve been together and had a family. It’s always fun to unwrap them and tell the story of where they came from.

  • 259
    AOK says:

    All of my family sitting down together in my home to Christmas lunch and spending the evening together.

  • 260
    Kristie H says:

    This has been a recent tradition, but I love having the elf come visit my boys. The elf does such a great job of keeping them guessing where he’s going to show up every morning.

  • 261
    Julia L. says:

    I love seeing the Christmas Lights people put up on their homes.

  • 262
    Lori Lehanne says:

    Decorating the Christmas tree always brings so much joy now that I get to do it with my children. I love listening to Christmas carols while we work and drinking hot chocolate once we are finished.

  • 263
    Judy Larson says:

    We sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus on Christmas and now our Grandchildren enjoy this family custom โค๏ธ

  • 264
    sylvia ruthven says:

    Your stamps and dies are just to die for…you guys are awesome. Hope I can win something. Have some friends over for stamping and would love to tell them about Papertrey

  • 265
    Susan B says:

    Making handmade Christmas gifts

  • 266
    Heather says:

    Christmas Eve Mass with my kids

  • 267

    That’s a hard question since I like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is about being with family and friends and setting the tone for the upcoming Christmas. Christmas has always been special and now with a granddaughter it’s even more so. Love the excitement she exhibits when opening presents and her love for tradition.

  • 268
    Penelope Tucker says:

    Putting up the tree is my favorite thing. There is something about Christmas lights that fills me with joy.

  • 269
    Leanne S says:

    Welcoming non Christian friends over for a visit & serving them traditional cake, fudge and more.

  • 270
    Diane Hanson says:

    Gathering with family on Christmas Eve to open gifts and reading the Biblical story of our Savior’s birth.

  • 271
    Mimi R says:

    I love summer vacations and basking in the sun all day doing nothing!

  • 272
    Linda L says:

    Cookies, cookies, cookies! We hold a large cookie baking day with many relatives on both sides of our family participating. Also, making my children, nieces and nephews a yearly ornament – they love this even though they now range in age from 27 to 10. They will be getting some lovely felt vintage ornaments this year thanks to Erin and PTI!

  • 273
    Christine Nixon says:

    My children are all grown and we set up our own tradition several years ago, so our grandchildren could have Christmas at their respective homes. At 2:00 p.m. the Sunday before Christmas, all the kids and grandchildren come for dinner, presents and spending the wonderful day together!

  • 274
    Miriam Prantner says:

    I love celebrating Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

  • 275
    Claire A says:

    Christmas stockings…although I’m a bit old to receive one now so have to watch the kids open theirs!

  • 276
    Susi K. says:

    Bringing home the tree to trim & decorate – ALWAYS done while Christmas carols are playing on my CD player ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 277
    Pooja says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas ,our Holidays are for Diwali,Festival of lights .we look forward to family reunion,delicious sweets n savories ,decorating home with earthen lights and paper lantern ,rangolis..lots of traditions to follow !

  • 278
    Melissa S. says:

    Holiday baking and being with extended family. I also love the spicy crisp aromas of the autumn and winter season, and all the pretty foliage and decorations.

  • 279
    Renee says:

    Putting up my trees! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I get so excited I always put them up the first Saturday in November but with my first one off to college…
    she wants to be here when they go up so I guess I’m going to start a new tradition this year of waiting for all my kiddos to be home.

  • 280
    merryf says:

    When I was a very little girl, my grandfather showed me how to spin a dreidle upside down. Every year since then I always try to see if I can still do it. The best is taking a handful of dreidles and spinning all of them upside down at the same time, to have a tabletop of them!

  • 281
    Jana Wyatt says:

    The tradition that I most look forward to is trimming our Christmas tree with our kids. Although they are now in their late 20’s and early 30’s they have trimmed the tree almost every year since they were old enough to hang ornaments on the bottom branches. I hand them their ornaments … I still have every homemade one (even the toilet paper roll reindeer who is missing an antler), and every year they would get a special ornament that had something to do with what their year was all about. As they put these on the tree we reminisce. Their favorites of course are the Hallmark ornaments that have batteries and do things. It’s hilarious watching them play with them now. And then together they place the angel on top. She’s been with us since the beginning and I have photos of them doing this way back to the times Daddy had to hold them up or we had a ladder to reach. Then, after they go back to their homes my husband and I get to enjoy the tree and all the memories those ornaments hold near and dear to us.

  • 282
    Lynne S in GS says:

    We have wonderful traditions passed down from our families, but my true favorite is the cards and holiday party invitations we create each year. Our friends, family and co-workers, they seem to look forward to it, and I’ve kept them all, even the “practice ones” and the prototypes! Papertrey has been an essential part, from stamps, dies, paper and design ideas. Thanks PTI!

  • 283
    Nicole wanvig says:

    We always go to the candlelight Christmas Eve Church service. I love it when the turn out the lights and see everyone’s candle shining bright … It warms my heart!

  • 284
    Pat Whitley says:

    I think mine is a tradition that is no longer. My oldest nephew would dress up as Santa for my crafty sisters young boys. To see the wonder in their eyes.

    But, now, it is remembering the reason that we celebrate the season.

  • 285
    Betty N says:

    I look forward to decorating the tree- we usually put up the tree early December so that we have all month to enjoy it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 286
    Katherine says:

    I always love going to Christmas Eve service with my family!

  • 287
    Meg Crawford says:

    Sending out our Christmas cards, of course! These are my most prized messages I send out to our family and friends each year. My design for this year’s card is set and I am now in the supply gathering mode. Looking forward to begin making them soon!

  • 288
    Tosha says:

    My husband and I spend Christmas Eve together. First by going to church, we usually play a special selection. We then we spend the remainder of the evening reflecting the blessings of the year. Grandchildren will arrive on Christmas!

  • 289
    Kim Heggins says:

    Christmas Eve in San Francisco having lunch at Lefty’s on Union Square with my family. We all bring lots of toys to donate.

  • 290
    Sue McW says:

    Spending time with family. We usually all attend Christmas Eve mass together and then return to my home for a big family dinner. Last year my husband was going thru cancer treatment and a bone marrow transplant so we weren’t able to be a part of the family festivities. This year will be extra special as we celebrate the miracle of the remission of his cancer.

  • 291
    Bev T says:

    I love decorating for Christmas and getting together with kids and grandkids.

  • 292
    LindaM says:

    Our family gathers every year at my parents house. At the end of day after all the food, opening gifts and visiting the blankets and pillows come out and a new video starts and it is quiet time.

  • 293

    The highlight every year is Christmas morning. Before we open presents or stockings we pause to unwrap the baby Jesus and place Him in the manger. We take turns being the one to do this each year.

  • 294
    Catherine Milne says:

    Since my mother died, I host my family Christmas each year and the date we choose is earlier than Dec 25. I look forward to decorating the house early and having our lights up a month in advance. Everything is so pretty at that time of year.

  • 295
    Sandyk says:

    I look forward to baking a special dessert for Christmas day dinner.

  • 296
    Tracey C says:

    Spending a day baking cookies with my girls, then we package some up and bring them to our neighbors.

  • 297
    Angela Lemmons says:

    Going to church on Christmas Eve with my sweet family for the wild and wooly impromptu Nativity and delivering cookies on Christmas Eve to people who have to work. And watching “The Holiday” while I wrap presents!

  • 298
    Linda says:

    I look forward to Midnight Mass and a late supper when we get home from church. We have food that we never make any other time of the year, and finish with a plateful of Christmas cookies. Now that everyone is “older” we sleep in and open presents late morning, enjoying a glass or two of Buck Fizz (mimosas).

  • 299
    Penny P. says:

    I love decorating with my kids. They enjoy it as much as I do so it’s the best!

  • 300
    Maureen P says:

    My favourite tradition is putting up my gorgeous nativity scene and placing my reindeer mugs (from Pottery barn) on my display shelves…that means Christmas is coming!

  • 301
    Carolyn says:

    Family Time! I love having my family home to celebrate. Our Christmas begins with the annual children’s Christmas Eve service at church followed by a Christmas a party with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Christmas Day is spent with my immediate family. A family tradition starting with my Great Grandparents!

  • 302
    Linda Hedfelt says:

    There are so many reasons to enjoy the holiday season….listening to Christmas music, baking a ton of cookies, decorating the house…but most of all, just seeing my grand babies and their faces filled with excitement!!!

  • 303
    Susan from Colorado says:

    Christmas is my most favorite Holiday! I love all the lights, decorations and family coming under one roof! Celebrating the birth of our Savior together – nothing is better than that!

  • 304
    Pat A. says:

    We always opened one gift on Christmas Eve with our kids, and now we do this with our grandsons. I look forward to this every year.

  • 305
    Vanessa says:

    My family gets together the Saturday before Christmas for dinner and then we have an ornament exchange. Ornaments must be handmade, nothing store bought. They are all different with varying levels of expertise, but they all provide loving memories every year on our Christmas trees.

  • 306
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    In keeping with our German heritage, we put real candles on our tree — in holders we bought in Austria. On Christmas Eve, my husband reads the Christmas story from the 2nd chapter of Luke, by the light of the real candles on our tree. His grandfather used to have 100 candles on his tree!

  • 307

    Placing ornaments on the tree that were made by our boys when they were little (and now our grandchildren’s).

  • 308

    I like the tradition to gather together with some tasty food and to celebrate each other when it’s 00:00 on the clock, and then to call our parents for the first minutes of the new year (even is they live next to us).

  • 309

    Decorating the tree is my most favorite Christmas tradition at home!

  • 310
    Chris L says:

    I love baking Christmas cookies with my kids–so much fun!

  • 311
    Alesa says:

    Decorating the tree, Christmas morning is everything & Christmas dinner!

  • 312

    Trimming the tree is my favorite family tradition! All of our ornaments are gifts from friends and family over the years. We have my husband’s delicate, glass ornaments from his childhood tree. Over the years, my family, friends and students have given me so many beautiful ornaments. Several ornaments were handmade by loved ones. All of the ornaments are tagged with the name and date (although I can remember each person, without even peeking at the tags). So, it is truly a walk down ‘memory lane’ each year when we add them to the tree, remembering a special time together. Our Christmas tree is truly a ‘scrapbook’ of my life! Just thinking about trimming the tree warms my heart! โ™ก

  • 313
    Carol b says:

    It has to be “the tree”; from going to cut it down, then bringing it home, getting out all the decorations for it (which takes awhile since many hold special memories from those my parents had, special ones that I made for my children or were given or purchased on travels). I do a lot of reminiscing. Then it’s the moment the angel goes on top and we light it! Truly special!
    Carol b (cl crs)

  • 314
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    Watching my grandchildren on Christmas morning

  • 315
    Sue McRae says:

    Decorating the tree while listening to holiday songs and having hot cocoa and cookies.

  • 316
    Jean R-T says:

    I love being together with family all day from Christmas morning breakfast and presents to the big dinner at my brother and sister-in-law’s!

  • 317
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    I love EVERYTHING about the holidays but my favorite “tradition” (which is somewhat new to us!) is delivering gifts to our adopted family. A couple of years ago my extended family decided that instead of exchanging gifts with each other we would pool our money together and adopt a family in need through a local organization. I would encourage others to look into similar programs where they live. It’s been such a wonderful and rewarding experience!

  • 318
    Susan G says:

    Everything!!! Going to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Then getting everything over to my daughter’s house (used to be we went to my parents house, then my house and now we travel to her house) and then the festivities begin with everything delicious and present openings and just plain happiness and love at being together. Phone calls through the day to family living across the country. Everything!!!

  • 319
    Sue D says:

    I look forward to our Birthday Party for Jesus before we head to the candle light service at our church on Christmas Eve.

  • 320
    Jan Pufall says:

    Once the house is decorated, I love sitting with the fireplace and the lights glowing. It’s such a warm feeling. My husband and I will turn on Christmas music and enjoy it together.

  • 321
    Natasha says:

    It’s not a typical tradition, but I really enjoy getting together with just my immediate family on Christmas Eve. We have a low-key evening of finger food and maybe a movie and a board game. It’s just a nice way to enjoy time together before the full madness of the extended family festivities start!

  • 322
    Nancy G says:

    I love getting together and decoration for the holidays, being with family!

  • 323
    TracyK says:

    I love our home when it is decorated for Christmas, the sounds and smells of the season, and getting together with family and friends. It’s my favorite time of the year!

  • 324
    Katie Skiff says:

    Oh my, there are so many to look forward too. Walking outside on a snowy night, making popcorn balls, gathering with family. It’s a beautiful time of year!

  • 325
    Joy H says:

    Each year the cousins get together for a Gingerbread decorating party. Invitations go out, houses are made then the cousins (ages 2-24) decorate them. It is a blast and we have so much fun!

  • 326
    Michelle says:

    baking cookies with my family and exchanging homemade ornaments with my in-laws.

  • 327
    Marianne M says:

    My favorite tradition for the Holidays actually begins each January as I stamp, sew, and create gifts, cards, and tags for all my family. Can’t believe it takes the whole year to be ready, but it does! I enjoy feeling that Christmas excitement for 12 months this way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 328
    Peggy S says:

    Making Christmas cookies. Certain cookies are only made during Christmas time and are from our ethnic background. We can remember how these cookies were part of celebrating Christmas for generations of our relatives.

  • 329
    Lindsey L says:

    I look forward to our family Christmas Eve dinner. We have lots of yummy food with family recipes that we’ve been eating for years, but only make at special holidays. And we finish out the evening reading Luke 2. It something we’ve always done, and I love it.

  • 330
    Mary W says:

    What I absolutely love the most is after all the excitement, I’m alone while my family goes to visit their other family. I put on Christmas music, get a yummy hot drink and a couple cookies, sit in the quiet, and look at the lights on my Christmas tree. It floods me with memories of the season from the morning and many other previous mornings with family and friends. I LOVE that warm hug from the past and feel so peaceful. (The icing on the cake would be to smell some fresh evergreen, too.)

  • 331

    Every year we make all kinds of chocolate covered pretzels to share with our friends and neighbors and every year I love it.

  • 332
    Mel H says:

    My sisters famous pinwheel cookies. I can’t bake worth a darn and her cookies are something I look forward to every year!!!

  • 333
    Donna Kay says:

    I have a huge extended family and we always get together for our annual Christmas party, it is so fun to see everyone all dressed up and Santa comes for the little kids and their faces as he gives out presents is wonderful!

  • 334
    Holly Saveur says:

    receiving Xmas cards….

  • 335
    Carol says:

    Having all the family together on Christmas Day seeing all the delight in the grandchildren’s eyes, and enjoying a nice hot meal. I also love the tradition of the cookie platter of homemade goodies that we deliver just before Christmas Day to family and friends, it is so enjoyable to see the faces light up to see all the different goodies that were done for the year.

  • 336
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    I love decorating the tree with my children. We have very special ornaments that we get whenever we go on vacation and it’s great to reminisce about these wonderful memories each time we put up the tree.

  • 337
    Mary W says:

    Thanks for acting with caring hearts!

  • 338
    sarah t. says:

    Reading “the night before Christmas”. It used to be read to my son as he cuddled up on my lap, but now he’s 16 and 6 foot we just huddle up together and take turns. We can do most of it from memory but my husband holds the book just in case.

  • 339
    Marty B says:

    I love pulling out the ornaments when decorating the tree. There is one for every year & places traveled.

  • 340
    Connie Fisher says:

    We always have a Christmas Eve party with friends and family…lots of good food, drinks and fun for all

  • 341
    Jackie LIc says:

    Getting together with family and sharing our day together. I have 4 sisters and we switch off who is hosting.

  • 342
    Ted S says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating for the season.

  • 343
    Karen says:

    Although it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the 11:00 Christmas Eve carol & scripture service at our church, the most important tradition is gathering with family (usually over several days) & certainly that is what I most look forward to.

  • 344
    Karen B. says:

    The smell of a fresh Christmas tree and getting together with family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 345
    Janet J says:

    I make my Christmas cards right after Christmas of the previous year. I’m still in the mood for the holidays in January. I start writing in those cards on Thanksgiving weekend to send out the second weekend of December. It’s become a tradition to help make the holidays last.

  • 346
    Linda says:

    My whole family gathering at my Mom & Dad’s for Christmas Eve. The traditional Swedish food that we share.

  • 347
    Dana Kirby says:

    I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it…family, church, baking, cooking, decorating, etc. When it is all over I always wish I had a few more weeks to enjoy the season. Such a joyful time. Thanks PTI for another amazing release!

  • 348
    Tammy says:

    Christmas cookie baking! The whole family (husband, 3 adult children, and myself) get together for a day or two and make lots of cookies to share with friends and neighbors. Christmas music is playing in the background and lots of laughs to be heard too. I always look forward to this each year.

  • 349
    Kathie B says:

    The best part of Christmas is faith and family…time to remember what is really important in life and to celebrate it with those who are nearest and dearest.

  • 350
    Deane says:

    Just watching my grandkids faces, as they see all the familiar favorite decorations come out! The excitement and joy! Family times!

  • 351
    Stephanie says:

    Not to many traditions are kept now that the family has grown and moved all over the US. Those that I still enjoy as an empty nester… making,sending, and receiving cards, Christmas Eve service, and being together as a whole family whenever that day happens. We read Luke’s account of Christ’s birth sometime during the day’s events.

  • 352

    Putting up my 10 foot tree that I cover in lights and red & gold ornaments!

  • 353
    StephH says:

    My favorite is the gathering of all the people I love in the world at our house on the day after Christmas. That way, no one is traveling on Christmas Day, and the next generations are building traditions in their own homes.

  • 354
    Patty says:

    Going to go play in the snow with my family.

  • 355
    LauraJane:) says:

    Christmas Card making with the family!! This is the only time of the year that others help make the cards:))

  • 356
    Krissie says:

    I love going out into a the neighborhood, taking a stroll with my family and admiring all the wonderful Christmas lights/decorations on the streets

  • 357
    Ann says:

    Just love getting together with our extended family as we don’t often get to see everyone all at one time. So fun.

  • 358
    Kathryn Baldwin says:

    I love decorating the house for Christmas. The glitter and sparkle and glow just make me feel all warm inside, no matter what it’s doing outside. My husband will play carols on the piano while I trim the tree and then we share a glass of wine when the work is done. It’s funny how plain the house looks when all the twinkly stuff gets put away.

  • 359
    Julie C says:

    I love the decorating! I’m in charge of the indoor stuff, and my husband has been collecting lights every year to go full-on Griswold outside. We’ve been in our home for 5 years, and it gets crazier every year!

  • 360
    Rosemary D says:

    decorating the tree (or sometimes trees!) right after thanksgiving is one of my favorites. but getting together for Christmas dinner with my family is my favorite!

  • 361
    Silke Ledlow says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is that we we bake together…it’s always so much fun eating all those yummy goodies afterwards!

  • 362
    Cyndie says:

    There is a neighborhood in our city, mostly one street, that goes all out for Christmas decorations. Totally lit up, every house, with decorations crossing the street overhead and everything. We like to drive through there, then go shopping for a tree at a nearby lot that is a frozen custard place in the summer. Such wonderful tree smells!

  • 363
    Keysha Sain says:

    The holiday tradition I look forward to each year is cooking the dinner! My mom, sister , 2 aunts and myself get together and cook…. we always have a good time laughing and joking around – reminiscing about different things. It allows us to spend some good quality time together.

  • 364
    Pat from sd says:

    Oh I love the holidays and seeing/spending time with the family, eating lots of great food and just chatting around talking. Love this tradition.

  • 365
    Kathy Mc says:

    Baking and eating the special goodies that I make only at Christmastime and attending our festive Christmas church service.

  • 366
    Linda Carson says:

    Getting together as a family at my brother’s house watching the excitement on the children’s faces!

  • 367
    Arianna Barbara says:

    Awww!!!! I’m definitely in love for this new release!
    Baking biscuits and the Pandoro (a traditional Italian Christmas cake), decorating my house and making Christmas cards make my holidays absolutely magic! For this reason, Christmas is the most sweet period of the year!!! And I can’t wait it comes soon!!! <3

  • 368
    mitzimink says:

    Gathering family together and enjoying each other first and foremost but specifically, unpacking and tasting the salt cured country ham after it has been scrubbed, soaked, cooked and wrapped in blankets and newspapers for 24 hours. The old fashioned prep and cooking process takes about three days but it wouldn’t seem like Christmas if we didn’t have that old ham!

  • 369
    Patty J says:

    Strangely enough,it is our family nerf battle on Christmas Eve day that brings us all back to our memories of the kids’s youth, how fast time flies and how much fun can be had without getting hurt. It’s the un-traditional events that I cherish the most.

  • 370
    betty lou says:

    Christmas Eve candlelight service at church!

  • 371
    Jennifer Thompson says:

    Making Christmas sugar cookies with my boys.

  • 372
    Karen Wade says:

    Cookie and candy making with my sister. We have been getting together for years, what used to take us one day of baking, now takes three. Either we watch too many Christmas movies in between or we are just getting old.

  • 373
    Cheryl F. says:

    Decorating the tree is what I think of most. My kids love to decorate, and get so excited. After a while, they get bored and I have to help them finish so I can put all the boxes away. But I love it, because it’s the same every year and it’ll be a priceless memory for me.

  • 374
    Sadie says:

    It’s such a happy time of year! I love decorating and making the house all festive. Love the time spent with family.

  • 375
    Jane Sprando says:

    Every year my grandkids and I decorate gingerbread houses. They start about a year old. Amy is 16, so she has made 15 houses! Youngest is Gianna. She is 2 1/2 and this year will be her third house. 8 kids gather around the kitchen table. I put the houses together ahead of time.
    Frosting, candies, sprinkles are everywhere and it is so much fun!

    I take lots of pictures and each year I make a book. They love looking back at past years!

  • 376
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    Family togetherness is my favorite part of the holidays.

  • 377
    Denise Bryant says:

    Love the review of everything! So many fabulous cards and so much holiday creating inspiration!
    The holiday tradition I look forward to most is baking several kinds of cookies, packaging them up and then delivering them to friends and neighbors!

  • 378

    I really enjoy decorating for the holidays but my favorite holiday traditions is Christmas crepes. After we open our gifts on Christmas morning my husband makes crepes and we eat them with strawberries and whip cream. My oldest son once said that it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have gifts under the tree but he would be very disappointed if there were no Christmas crepes for breakfast

  • 379
    Sue B says:

    The I enjoy visiting with family and friends. I love baking,everyone gets Christmas cookies to take with them.

  • 380
    Karyn S says:

    Putting up the Christmas lights on the house. I love coming home to them on after work (thank you automatic timers). It is a joy for me. I really miss them when they come down in January.

  • 381
    chris g. says:

    I love being with my family at the beach celebrating a “sunny” christmas.

  • 382
    Leslie Scholes says:

    Oh my the products in this release are so wonderful. My favorite tradition is decorating the tree and making the Christmas cards I will send out. I’m looking forward to adding to my Christmas stamp collection!

  • 383
    Lercy says:

    I don’t decorate extensively, but I love bringing the holiday decorations out and with each one, reminiscing with my husband about past holidays.

  • 384
    Samantha Burns says:

    I look forward to making Christmas cards and decorations for the house, cool nights, and a glass of wine by the fireplace with my hubby while we play a game of Yahtzee. ?

  • 385
    Debbie Winter says:

    One of my favorite memories as a child was always spending Christmas Eve with my Aunt, Uncle, and 3 cousins. Every year we would alternate either going to their house or them coming to ours. My Aunt made a carrot pudding that had a delicious sauce.

  • 386
    Amy Klin says:

    Christmas Eve service and time with family.

  • 387
    Edie Burke says:

    Every year we rent a van and 7 of us spend the evening (usually 7-8 hrs) driving around looking at Christmas decorations. My daughter sets up a schedule for us, picking out homes that have been highlighted in the local papers. It always includes homemade Christmas snacks, a stop for coffee and food, and canned food for houses that are collecting!

  • 388
    Jacquie says:

    I look forward to displaying our Santa collection every year – usually the first holiday decor to come out and the last to be put away!

  • 389
    Joyce M. says:

    Our Christmas tradition is to go to the movies and eat Chinese food. We do it every year….it’s a Jewish thing. And, then wait for the after Christmas sales, of course.

  • 390
    Sue says:

    I love hanging my vintage ornaments onto my Goose feather trees.

  • 391
    Cathy P in AZ says:

    Making snowball cookies with my mom every year is what I look forward to! It’s become a tradition I treasure!

  • 392
    Sherry Lowmaster says:

    spending time with my family!

  • 393
    Vivian C. says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree. I love remembering the stories for each of the ornaments.

  • 394
    Vikki H says:

    Love the decorating of the tree with all my ornaments collected from travels but my fave is seeing the family in new pjs! We always get new pjs under our tree!

  • 395
    Amy Papale says:

    My favorite holiday tradition goes back as far as I can remember. My family is Polish and every Christmas Eve, when my extended family usually celebrates Christmas, we would do one simple thing before we ate dinner. We would take Oplatki wafers and go around the room and exchange bits of our wafer with each and every family member. At this time we would hug and tell each family member that we love them and wish them a happy and healthy new year. My husband, when he first came to celebrate holidays with my family in tenth grade, thought it was really odd at first. But now, since we have been together over 26 years, really enjoys this tradition. It is something even my ten year old daughter really enjoys now too.

  • 396
    Carol h says:

    Decorating for the holidays and spending time with family and friends.

  • 397
    Becky M says:

    We like to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and get all the decorations out. It usually takes 3 or 4 days to get everything just right!

  • 398
    Sue says:

    Christmas time is the most special time of the year. I love all the preparations and a chance to do some special things for some very special people. Papertrey Ink’s holiday releases make me squeal with delight!

  • 399
    sandra edwards says:

    Our family take it in turns making Christmas eve a very magical night, last year I managed to acquire a snow machine!

  • 400
    Laura C says:

    I have a collection of Snow Village houses. I love putting them out as they add a soft glow of light in the our house at night.

  • 401
    Dee says:

    I love having the grandkids for the afternoon to bake and decorate sugar cookies – makes for wonderful memories!

  • 402
    bea W. says:

    I think the most important thing is being with family. and decorating the house for all of us.

  • 403
    Amanda T says:

    My grandmother, mother, and I get together to make Christmas cards every year and watch our favorite Christmas movies. The results aren’t always perfect, but we have a blast together laughing at some of the resulting cards. It’s our special tradition every year and is the true start of Christmas for our family.

  • 404
    Pat Treleaven says:

    I love decorating every room in the house. But also love the feeling of getting as much of the family as possible all together for a great day

  • 405
    Cindy C says:

    Decorating the tree, seems like no matter how many times i open the boxes of ornaments, the tears trickle down from memories of years past.

  • 406
    Nancy M says:

    Making Christmas cookies is my favorite tradition. It brings back many wonderful memories each year along with making new ones.

  • 407
    Donnah says:

    We like to go out and go through different neighborhoods and look at the light displays. Try to pick a clear night.

  • 408
    Susan W. says:

    I have started a new Christmas tradition (past three years now) of crafting Christmas ornaments for each of my four children and their families. It brings great joy to me to create! I hope my children feel the same joy when they receive their ornaments and place them on their trees. Thanks to PTI, I have a wonderful source with which to create my ornaments each year! ?

  • 409
    Marcie Sharp says:

    My favourite holiday tradition is reading my children “The Night Before Christmas” before they go to bed on Christmas Eve. I love it.

  • 410
    Patti says:

    Spending time with family!!

    Thank you for the chance to win : )


  • 411
    Malina G says:

    Opening the presents ofcourse on Christmas day ofcourse. Or mostly watching my nephews destroying the pile of presents while digging to find theirs. And secretly enjoying their innocence

  • 412
    Ashlee Diane says:

    I am so excited about this new release!!! My family rents a house at a fun location and then our whole family joins us!! So much fun:)

  • 413
    L. Sunn says:

    Mostly just getting together with my whole family. It’s always a good time with a lot of laughter!

  • 414
    txgirl says:

    I look forward to the fall and the change in the weather. So every September-November, I bake lots of pumpkin bread! I give away some, but most we eat here at home. I love the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven!

  • 415
    Caitlin Rebecca says:

    Love your new release! I love making gingerbread cookies with my grandkids:)

  • 416
    Dori says:

    Decorating my house and spending time with my family. I also love all of the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies and pretty much watch them every night!

  • 417
    Carolee McCaslin says:

    Oh such a fabulous new release of goodies!! My favorite tradition is decorating our Christmas tree with our whole family getting involved!

  • 418
    Lady Gray says:

    The traditional food – turkey, potatoes, stuffing etc

  • 419
    Kris says:

    Going to church on Christmas Eve with the family and then coming home afterwards for the “snacks” (shrimp cocktail and party mix being the most anticipated delights)!

  • 420
    Bonnie Brown says:

    Attending our candlelight church service on Christmas Eve is my favorite Christmas tradition. No matter how busy we have been or how much I have left to finish, this service never fails to refocus my mind and my heart on the greatest gift of all.

  • 421
    Dawn K-M says:

    I really look forward to watching my family opening their gifts. It’s fun to see their reactions to the gifts I picked out.

  • 422
    Donna K says:

    I have a couple of quilts that always come out at Christmas. They are special and remind me how special the Christmas season is.

  • 423
    Susan says:

    Family dinner on Christmas Day

  • 424

    Since my daughter was little, I’ve done an advent calendar with little daily goodies. She’s in college now but still looks forward to it so I send half to her dorm and the rest she opens at home. We both have fun with this tradition!

  • 425

    Getting our tree. For years we’ve gone to a place called Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Farm. It’s always such a nice experience to choose our own tree and cut it down ourselves.

  • 426

    I definitely look forward to filling the hanging stockings! This year starts a very special time as we now have a grandson!
    Beautiful release…again!

  • 427
    Carrie T says:

    Trimming the tree with my family and the Christmas music playing in the background is my favorite holiday tradition. Once it’s done, I just love to sit and look at the lit tree. I love it!

  • 428
    Pegg says:

    My family is scattered everywhere so our tradition is to go out to LA and spend the Christmas and New Year’s holiday week with my sister and her family. The most important thing is spending time with my niece and making sure we have lots of laughs and fun with her!

  • 429
    Kim says:

    I would have said Christmas cookies, but now I’m gluten-free, it is probably the beautiful music and being with people I love.

  • 430
    super stick chick says:

    Love this new release and such inspired wonderful ideas! My favorite tradition is baking cookies!

  • 431
    LindaReilly says:

    I love to make cookies for Santa! One year we made 8 different cookies. We had cookies galore and shared with neighbors and co-workers.

  • 432
    Greyce says:

    one of my favorite christmas traditions is baking cookies while watching “white christmas”. i’ve been watching that movie for almost 50 years and it never gets old.

  • 433
    Brenda Kuder says:

    I look forward to the Yankee Swap every year. It is always a lot of even if you don’t get what you want.

  • 434
    Veda says:

    New catnip toys in the kitties stockings. They get all doped up and act crazy. It is funny!

  • 435
    Suzanne Webb says:

    I love spending time with our grown kids and their kiddos! I absolutely adore putting up our Christmas tree and getting out our ornaments that I started collecting when I was a little girl, and now our family adds to my collection every year, as well.

  • 436
    Laura Q says:

    Christmas morning! We have an Open House breakfast for friends and family. I love cooking for it! I love having visitors coming and going and sharing this very special day with us.

  • 437
    Nancy Wilcox says:

    I love having the family together for a meal – both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • 438
    Jill Norwood says:

    I think my favorite holiday tradition is baking and decorating cut-out cookies in all the holiday shapes with my son and whomever joins in each year! It just makes the holiday so special! And then we get to share them with family and friends which brings joy to all!

  • 439
    Shirley N says:

    Having the family over for breakfast on Christmas morning and later watching our grandchildren open their gifts.

  • 440
    Peege04 says:

    Cookie baking. Love making cookies to share!

  • 441
    Karen B. says:

    Decorating the tree! I love getting out the decorations each year and going to pick out the tree, we always have a festive dinner while we decorate. And then, let the Christmas baking begin!

  • 442
    Linda (LSN) says:

    I love putting up our tree and getting out all of our decorations. I just love “Decking the Halls” and seeing all the special ornaments that designate milestone events.


  • 443
    Colleen Manning says:

    Attending church… remembering the true meaning of the holiday.

  • 444
    Leslie Deering says:

    Shopping with our family for gifts for the Angel Tree Project! it is a ministry for children of parents in prison. It brings us such grace and joy to be allowed the privalige to do this one task to honor His birthday!

  • 445
    Craftyfield says:

    Decorating the Tree! It’s the start of the festive season and the smell of pine is just delicious…

  • 446
    Tonya Dirk says:

    Mine is our day after Christmas tradition…we take our kids and head to our cabin in Central Oregon and spend some good quality family time together. It’s always the calm after the storm and with our oldest away at college this year it will be extra special.

  • 447
    Sandy Redman says:

    Spending time with my family and having oyster stew on Christmas Eve.

  • 448
    Martha says:

    Being with my family…creating new fun memories.

  • 449
    AnitaR says:

    What I love most is being with family; I love the music; I love the “from scratch” monkey bread we have every Christmas morning; I love the kids and now grandkids examining their stockings….so much to love. ( I also love Thanksgiving!)

  • 450

    I love our Christmas Eve party, Christmas morning with the kids faces!

  • 451
    Jelenzini says:

    It would have to be Christmas Eve. My entire family gathers at my house for dinner and dessert. Then we open presents. In my family Christmas Eve is our big celebration.

  • 452
    Michelle Chapman says:

    So hard to decide my favorite. It is all such a magical time. The family time and the reason for the season is so special. I’d say my favorite though is getting together Christmas Eve, going to church celebration, and spending the evening anticipating the marvelous day of Christmas.

  • 453
    karen h says:

    About the only thing we do every year is a tree. I love white lots (and a ton of them) with all the ornaments sparkling. Most of our ornaments have memories attached and reliving those when I pull each ornament out is my favorite thing.

  • 454
    jeannine j. says:

    Going to my parents’ for dinner & spending the day w/ my whole family.

  • 455
    Candice L. says:

    Holiday music in the background, tree lights twinkling in a corner, and sipping a hot drink in my PJ’s with my dog next to me. That’s my absolute favorite moment.

  • 456
    pmm says:

    Love reading “The Night Before Christmas” from the book I had as a child.

  • 457

    Going to our Christmas eve service as a family and letting the kids open one present when we return home.

  • 458
    LR says:

    I love everything about Christmas—being with family and friends, the Christmas concert at our church, Church service on Christmas morning, decorating, making, buying and giving presents, listening to Christmas music, baking and so much more! Every Christmas there are special unexpected treasured moments that happen, too! We kick off the season with the parade and tree lighting downtown and a pizza party at our house with friends afterward!

  • 459
    Becky M says:

    After Thanksgiving, my sister and I would always be in charge of decorating underneath my grandma’s tree with her ceramic Department 56 houses. I just inherited them this year, as she’s moving into an apartment. I’m planning to have my sister over to help me decorate my own tree this year so we can continue the tradition!

  • 460
    Bonnie Sharp says:

    Oh boy – our favourite tradition is heading to our daughter’s home Christmas morning and watching the grand kiddos opening their gifts!! Breakfast is next – with all the family showing up. Champagne and orange juice is always included – a wonderful morning for sure!

  • 461
    Reva Brightman says:

    Cutting a fresh fir tree on our property and decorating it with our (over the years) handmade ornaments. Children-(grand and great grand) always ask as they hang each decoration–“who made this one”?

  • 462
    Cindy Otto says:

    I love putting out all my glittery little houses and making fun paper crafts with the grandchildren. They love coming to Granny’s house for craft projects,

  • 463
    Janelle H says:

    The best part of Christmas is seeing the joy on my 6 grandkids’ faces as they open their gifts. Our tradition is to eat noon dinner then open gifts and they don’t eat much in anticipation!

  • 464
    April C. says:

    Decorating the Christmas tree. Many of the ornaments have memories attached and it’s kind of like reconnecting with old friends. Plus the family loves to come sit by the tree.

  • 465
    SandyCu says:

    Baking Christmas cookies is a close 2nd to making Holiday cards and gift tags.

  • 466
    renee milner says:

    Beautiful new release and great projects! A favorite tradition is singing Silent Night by candlelight on Christmas Eve at the evening service at the church my parents go to.

  • 467
    Colleen F says:

    I love decorating the house and pulling out all the tree ornaments! I love when the grandchildren come to help and we reminisce with the special ornaments!

  • 468
    Yoshira says:

    Decorating the christmas tree is my favorite tradition during the holiday.The family goes together to pick it out and then everyone adds an ornament to the tree.Can’t wait to order the felt ornament dies.

  • 469
    Debbie says:

    I adore my Christmas tree!! Every ornament is either handmade or a collection of ornaments I received over the years as a preschool teacher. I gaze into that tree knowing there is so much love and thoughtfulness throughout each and every branch.

  • 470
    Betty Sue says:

    I just love decorating my house for Christmas and making it homey!
    I also love making all the tags for my gifts!

  • 471
    Yvonne F. says:

    On Christmas we donยดt just open the presents. We role the dice. If one has a 6 or a 1 he can choose a present to give it for somebody of the family. Now everybody lokks waht the person gets. If there is an 4 you have to sing a christmas song or recite a poetry. Thats a lot of fun and itยดs not just a wild opening of packages.

  • 472
    NancyF says:

    I love it all — the shopping, decorating, the cooking, the baking, and spendng time with family.

  • 473
    Cherie says:

    Our Christmas Open House where family, friends and neighbors stop by and enjoy the festivities, food and fellowship.

  • 474
    maria f. says:

    Hands down it would have to be cutting the tree!!! Sometimes with snow on the ground, sometimes in mud, always taking longer than is actually necessary (“What about this one?”) but a good family tradition.

  • 475
    Carolyn K. says:

    I look forward to our Christmas cookie tradition – the baking, decorating, eating (of course), and sharing with friends and family. It is JUST not Christmas without our special treats.

  • 476
    Greta H says:

    I love driving around to see the Christmas lights. An area of Victorian homes in my town uses all white lights & it’s so beautiful.

  • 477
    Kathryn D says:

    I mostly look forward to Carol Singing at Christmas. The traditional melodies either around the tree or at my local church just capture the Christmas spirit. Even better with snow as well!

  • 478
    Lisa O. says:

    I love the delight of unwrapping each precious Christmas ornament!

  • 479
    Katie Leach says:

    Spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family–the calm after the storm.

  • 480
    Sonya says:

    Breakfast with my family on Christmas morning is my favorite tradition.

  • 481
    Shelly K says:

    Trimming the tree!! The kids each get a new ornament to add to their collection; and the smell! and the entire process of getting the tree! It really starts the holiday season for me!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  • 482
    Lynne in NI says:

    My favourite thing is getting together with the whole family at my Mum’s for Christmas dinner! Though it will be sad this year as my Aunt, who was a huge part of our lives died last month, so we will miss her terribly. I reckon we’ll all be needing the kids there with their toys and games!

  • 483
    Tasha H says:

    Christmas Eve movie night. Sitting on the couch in our pajamas snacking and watching a movie together. Even as adults we try to spend the night at one of our homes so we all wake up together. It’s like a family slumber party with tons of fun from Christmas Eve to the end of the day on Christmas day.

  • 484
    andrea smith. says:

    We always make Christmas cookies with my grandma. It’s so much fun. She’s always made so many kinds of cookies around the holidays and it’s always something that I look forward to ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 485
    Janice Marcham says:

    Christmas Eve Mass and then our Christmas breakfast with our egg casserole and many more goodies! Also just being with family and extended family for the day.

  • 486
    SueB (UK) says:

    Decorating the tree and house to the accompaniment of all the cheesy Christmas song So!

  • 487
    Rachel says:

    Elf on the shelf – my kids love him. They can’t wait for Buddy to arrive and see what mischief he will get into. It’s not Christmas until our elf arrives.

  • 488
    Brenda Lee says:

    Christmas is a wonderful time for my family. A few of the traditions I love is celebrating Christ on Christmas Eve, decorating the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and the second weekend in December is always reserved for Christmas baking with my mom!!! Really looking forward to spending time with the family this year.

  • 489
    Lisa Ragano says:

    I very much enjoy the building sense of anticipation that surrounds the holiday.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 490

    The holiday tradition I always look forward to is on Thanksgiving Day after dinner we all gather in the living room so that we can set up and decorate the Christmas tree. We turn on Christmas music and take hours just pulling out all the branches on the tree and then hours more in decorating. It takes a long time but it’s all totally worth it because we are together. This tradition has been passed on for generations using the same tree which makes it even more special.

  • 491
    Sandy Vincent says:

    Christmas Eve service, then loading everyone in the car to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Then home for hot chocolate and snacks.

  • 492
    Glorie says:

    Having a big family gathering on Christmas Eve is my favorite tradition during the holidays.

  • 493
    Dee Ann Matthews says:

    There are really so many things about Christmas that make it wonderful! The first thing is getting the house decorated with favorite things collected over the years- my husband never want s to have them taken down afterwards.

  • 494
    Lori Hefner says:

    Hosting Christmas dinner with all my children and grandchildren!

  • 495
    Sarah A says:

    I’m not terribly original, as seen in many other posts here, but my favorite tradition is spending the time with my family, celebrating the reason for the holy day, and seeing the kids enjoy their gifts (though times change, and they tend to ask for gift cards now.)

  • 496
    Diana F says:

    One of my favorite that has become a tradition for the past six or so years is a giant Euchre party with the family on Christmas Eve. Don’t know how much longer it will continue, but right now, the kids are grown and don’t have kids of their own yet. Sometimes we have upwards of 16 people. It is a great time and there are prizes for the top three scorers. Most of us would just be sitting home on Christmas Eve, so this way we all get together.

  • 497
    Sandy C. says:

    I love hearing from all my friends and relatives thru their Christmas cards. It it the only time I hear from many of them and it’s good to renew that connection. I also hope they all enjoy my homemade card to them. Everyone gets a unique card that I have worked to create throughout the year.

  • 498
    Sue Plote says:

    I LOVE everything about the holidays…but my favorite tradition is making gingerbread houses with my grandsons! It truly makes the season feel magical!

  • 499
    Irene Sterquelle says:

    I love the dinner where we are all together. Decorating is fun too!

  • 500
    MelissaH says:

    I love our Christmas Eve church service – lit candles and Christmas carols with family and friends. Plus cooked afterwards.

  • 501
    Connie G says:

    Christmas eve with family and friends is always a memorable time for us!!! Love how christmas means more surrounded by your love ones. Amazing release!!!!!

  • 502
    Jane C. says:

    Filling the stockings and watching my girls open them is the best!!!

  • 503
    Noreen says:

    Being together with family is the best part of the holidays for me. Decorating the Christmas tree is always special, too, as we revisit cherished ornaments while we hang them. So many of them have special memories.

  • 504
    Sharon Mattingly says:

    Entire family being together – such a special time!

  • 505
    peggy c says:

    Family time on Christmas Eve with a children’s service at church and then a special
    meal with all the grandkids able to open one gift before bed.

  • 506
    Malyssa M. says:

    Too many Christmas traditions to pick from! Walking through the tree farm to pick a tree, setting up the Christmas village, driving through town in the peace & quiet of Christmas morning, seeing Santa drive through town on a firetruck, buying presents, wrapping, having the quiet of Boxing Day with leftovers! Things have certainly changed over the years. Loved ones have passed on, but we make an absolute point to keep them an integral part of the celebrations today as they are in the memories they helped build.

  • 507
    Kristen says:

    Just that it is the commemoration of our Lord’s birth. My son is older now but we used to read the advent calendar and hang an ornament on the tree for each day leading up to Christmas. Then there’s the pickle in a jar ornament hidden somewhere and elf on a shelf somewhere but…Being with family though is the most precious.

  • 508
    Mutzy Mia says:

    I look forward to decorating the house for Christmas, enjoying all the times with family and friends and this year starting new traditions with our family as we are no longer traveling out of state for Christmas. Having little grandchildren adds so much to the Christmas excitement and celebration of Jesus birthday!

  • 509
    Melanie says:

    This will be the third Christmas in our Dream Home so each year is a new experience. We live in Pennsylvania ans the first year we got a small Norway Spruce so I’ve kept ‘her’ alive and she is our Traditional Christmas Tree ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 510
    Diana Ban says:

    My favorite Holiday tradition is definitely carrying on my parents’ Christmas Eve events. Now that they have both passed, my family looks to me to bring it all back and it is a special feeling. We can definitely feel my parents with us on this special night.

  • 511
    Cheryl Sampson-Dutro says:

    The holiday tradition I enjoy the most is giving an ornament to each member of my daughter’s family – her, my son-in-law and three grandchildren. Sometimes I make the ornaments, sometimes I buy them. The grandchildren will each have a collection of ornaments to take with them when they start a home of their own!

  • 512
    Deb Hudson says:

    I love sharing gift opening with family. Which we always combine with food. Usually now days means several places and days.

  • 513
    Vicki A says:

    Decorating our tree and house for Christmas is my favorite tradition. I save a few ornaments for our grandkids to hang when they come over.

  • 514

    My Dads Birthday is on the 24th so we ALWAYS Celebrate our Family Christmas on that day!! I LOVE the Tradition and being with my Family on that day!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • 515
    MargaretC says:

    I love ALL traditions around Christmas but my favourite is going to a local coffee shop for breakfast on Christmas Eve with my beautiful DD. It’s a lovely calm moment in the bustle and excitement.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • 516

    My most favorite tradition is putting up my snowman room with all the things i have collected over the years. My tree, ornaments, lots of snowflakes and snowmen glistens and sparkles everywhere, it’s amazing. We don’t have snow here in California so this is my little piece of a Winter Wonderland during the holidays!!.

  • 517
    Jennifer L. says:

    I enjoy decorating the tree and filling the advent calendar for my kids. Love the glow of the tree lights throughout the season.

  • 518
    B & C Mommy says:

    I love to decorate our home but I can’t really think of any traditions. I just love my family and any time we spend together creating memories is amazing.

  • 519
    Alice Roushia says:

    Every Christmas Eve, we spend the day at my dads house. Now that my brother, sister, and Mother are all deceased, there is just my Father and myself left. He also has cancer, so I just don’t know how much time he has left. This is why I will cherish the time I have left with him.

  • 520
    Candy says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but I love wrapping gifts and trying to make them look beautiful.

  • 521
    Elle H says:

    Christmas Eve with my family at my grandmother’s. It’s a tradition and never to be missed!! Always a great time and so many wonderful memories throughout the years!!!!

  • 522
    Patricia Ladd says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree. I do a different “theme” every year using different colors or kinds of ornaments. Speaking of ornaments, I love Kay’s card of the water-colored ornaments!

  • 523
    Mary Sue Bancroft says:

    I don’t purchase gifts at Christmas time, but I do look forward to making my Christmas cards more than anything. And, my family and friends look forward to what I’ll send them each holiday season!

  • 524
    Susan K says:

    My favorite tradition is also one I kind of dread each year. I make ornaments for each of my family members which was fine when there were only 10 of them. Now there are about 25, so I annually panic that: 1.) I won’t get them done in time and 2.) that the ornaments won’t be as good as I want them to be. So far, I’m a bit less stressed because instead of making a unique one for each, I make multiples of 5-6 designs. PTI is always part of the designs. Once I get past making the ornaments, my favorite part is my sister’s cooking! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 525
    Laura Holt says:

    I love any part of Christmas that involves the grandchildren! And any decorations that are centered on the reason for the season – Jesus.

  • 526
    Stacy Simpson says:

    Going to the tree farm to pick out our tree, then bringing it home and decorating it as a family!

  • 527
    Gail Steadman says:

    I look forward to spending time with family. Especially since we are spread throughout this beautiful country of ours.

  • 528
    Theresa G. says:

    Christmas Eve get together with family, having finger food, hot spiced wine, singing Christmas carols and opening just one gift each.

  • 529
    Ivy says:

    Love the Christmas Eve Service at our church, we end with everyone lighting a candle and singing Silent Night together.

  • 530 says:

    I love making nuts and bolts every Christmas- it’s an old fashioned variation of a Chex mix. My grandmother used to send us a butter tub or cookie tin filled with it from Canada every year and we would look forward to it, there was never enough for our family of 5 to get our fill. Grandma passed when I was 8 so I got the recipe when I was a teen and have been making it every year for 27 years. Now I make it and share it with my kids.?

  • 531
    Gail Steadman says:

    The thing I look forward to most is spending time with family. We are spread across this great country of ours now so anytime we get together is special.

  • 532
    Terri says:

    One of my favorite traditions starts long before Christmas. I make all of the Christmas cards that my parents, aunt and uncle, and grandma send to their friends. I start in May by sending them 5 samples to choose from. They pick which design they want and how many they need. Then I start in August creating for them.

  • 533
    Jacklyn Howard says:

    I always looked forward to having Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house with all of our relatives.

  • 534
    Susan in AK says:

    We have so many holiday traditions that it is difficult to choose just one. I love the decorating the tree, baking Christmas cookies with my children and grandchildren…family and friends for Christmas…

  • 535
    Lauren Yo. says:

    I love being nestle in the house w/ the decorations up!

  • 536
    Cathy Falbe says:

    Favorite tradition: each family member selects an additional stocking theme and the rest of us put something in that stocking that relates, i.e. bespoke, bollywood,ocean,favorite pet, sew historical. We always have some outrageous and funny stockings. One year my husband wrote poems for each theme and it was hilarious!

  • 537
    Leigh Penner says:

    I love decorating our home for Christmas and putting up the tree. I enjoy listening to the reminiscing my kids do when we do this together: “Remember that time when…” It’s so good!

  • 538
    Sandy Dayhoff says:

    I love to cook for the Christmas dinner with my family. We have ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, apple pie, and my signature chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The grandkids can hardly wait to check their stockings!!

  • 539
    Lisa K says:

    Our tradition is to go the the mountains to cut our own Christmas tree. We have SO many wonderful memories of our tree cutting experiences. There were a few years that we actually went out in the early fall and located a few Christmas tree possibilities since finding them in the cold (with young kids) can take a long time. We “GPS’ed” the trees so we could find them later. It was a good thing because it was snowing very hard and the trees were very full of snow when we actually went out to cut them. We would have never found them without the GPS. It was so much fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 540
    Linda B says:

    Being the oldest at our family gatherings my personal favorite holiday tradition is sitting quietly off to the side while four generations gather around the tree. As the child selected to be Santa’s helper passes out the presents, I sit and reminisce about how our traditions started and by whom. Traditions carry our memories forward through the years.

  • 541
    Lisa Dolson says:

    Being with our families!

  • 542
    Lorraine says:

    Getting together with family and watching the kids open their gifts! I always look forward to seeing their faces light up during this time!

  • 543
    bevyb says:

    Decorating the Trees. I have ornaments from different places I’ve traveled to so as I unpack it is like taking a walk down memory lane. I also have a tree devoted to Penguin ornaments I’ve collected and add to every year.
    Also always looking forward to getting together with my stamping friends for our annual Christmas card swap

  • 544
    Nancy S says:

    Definitely the decorating of the tree and arranging the ever expanding Christmas village. Already stressing over the placement of the tree this year due to some new additions to the room. I’ll figure it out though.

  • 545
    Carol says:

    I love attending the Christmas candlelight service at my church with its beautiful music and recounting of Christ’s birth.

  • 546
    Kathy says:

    I love making ornaments for my nieces and nephews each year. That way when they move out, they have ornaments for their own trees! The felt ornament dies in this release would be perfect!

  • 547
    Karolina says:

    Christmas is my favorite Holiday.
    I love decorating our house with all little things: our Christmas tree, lots of candles, cinnamon & apple tea, gingerbread cookies …….Christmas is just magic.

  • 548
    Cheryl B. says:

    I enjoy all the preparations that lead up to the holiday as much as Christmas Day itself. Love making cards, wrapping gifts and holiday baking. I particularly like the day the 24 hour Christmas music starts on our local radio station! Yep, I’m that person!

  • 549
    Sally Gainer says:

    I look forward to Christmas Eve service!

  • 550
    Niki C says:

    I love making and sending Christmas cards. It’s my favorite time of the year to craft ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 551
    Joybells says:

    I look forward to the special Christmas programs at church.

  • 552
    Char says:

    Christmas hands down !!! I love Halloween and thanksgiving too but my two year old granddaughter is so much fun !

  • 553
    Viki says:

    Hanging out with family is my favorite tradition. Another great release.

  • 554
    Cindy Thompson says:

    I look forward to decorating cookies with all my children at my house. This year we will have a granddaughter to join in the fun!

  • 555
    Avonlea says:

    I look forward to decorating the house in all things Christmas, especially with my Advent wreath and Advent calendar! And I loooooooove baking a variety of cookies to share throughout the Christmas holiday!

  • 556
    Lynda Marquez says:

    I look forward to baking and gifting my goodies! I only make these yummy things at Christmas, so they are things we look forward to all year!

  • 557
    Maria Helena says:

    I am looking forward to have all my sons home!!

  • 558

    The procession through town where the children re-enact the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem … followed by Christmas Eve mass … it’s a joy … and the reason for the season! Anita ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 559
    Michele W says:

    I love everything about Christmas but probably my favorite tradition is trimming the tree. I come from a large family and over the years we given ornaments to each other. Getting them out every year brings back memories of all those Christmases gone by.

  • 560
    Michele W says:

    I love everything about Christmas but probably my favorite activity is trimming the tree. I come from a large family and every Christmas we’ve given each other ornaments. Getting them out every year brings back memories of all the Christmases gone by.

  • 561
    Kathy W says:

    I most look forward to the holiday jigsaw puzzles that we do during the month of December and on Christmas Eve.

  • 562
    Terri W says:

    I always look forward to decorating the house with Christmas music playing in the background.

  • 563
    Olga V says:

    I’m looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree! It’s a family activity, it is fun and fills the air with positive energy and holiday spirit!!

  • 564
    Anne B says:

    Meeting up with family who live overseas – it doesn’t happen every year but this year I will be spending Christmas with them and am so excited to see my niece.

  • 565
    Bev W says:

    Being together around the dinner table fir Christmas dinner is the highlight since that’s when we get to reflect on the past year and all the other Christmas’ we shared.

  • 566
    Kelley says:

    The paper doll series is a real “grabber”. The kids can’t wait until the next set comes out.

  • 567
    jennifer says:

    celebrating with family of course but if I don’t bake at least a few different kinds of Christmas cookies, it never seems like the season. I look forward to this every year.

  • 568
    Jennifer S says:

    We have soooo many traditions…I love most going to a Christmas Eve church service each year (and making our secret family recipe caramels)!

  • 569
    Annette Snyder says:

    Spending time with family decorating, cooking , and having a good time.

  • 570
    KathleenA says:

    Every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, I host a holiday brunch for my crafty friends, and after brunch, we all make our Christmas cards or gift tags, or some other holiday craft. We look forward to it every year, and I get a jump start on my cards for the holidays! I usually have the card designed, and all of my prep work done so it is like an assembly line after brunch. This ensures I will have them all ready when I need to get them in the mail which I try to do the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  • 571
    Karla P says:

    I look forward to the children’s pageant, singing the Christmas hymns, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with our church family.

  • 572
    Claudia says:

    We have a beautiful hand-painted nativity made by my husband’s grandmother. It’s not Christmas until we pull this out and set it up on our mantel.

  • 573
    Chris says:

    Our family comes together on this special day to eat, drink, and be merry! The main course of the dinner is alway the same: standing rib roast, crispy roast potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. Those who didn’t cook the main course that year brings a special dish to complete the meal.

  • 574
    Carrie S says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is attending our Carol and Candlelight service at church. It’s so beautiful to sing Christmas hymns and end with Silent Night while everyone is holding candles.

  • 575
    Cele Schaffer says:

    Getting the tree all decorated then lighting it up the first night. We like to sit and have hot chocolate in pj’s and just admire it and love the cozy feeling.

  • 576
    TamiB says:

    Gathering the family together. It’s the one time of year where everyone tries really hard to ‘meet in the middle’ since we are scattered across the U.S. Just being together is so wonderful!

  • 577
    Lennie says:

    I love making and decorating holiday cookies with my girls.

  • 578
    lisa m says:

    putting up the tree and decorating it with the kids, baking Christmas cookies and gingerbread lattes from starbucks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 579
    Jennifer Williams says:

    I love our Xmas Morning tradition of the family gathering for breakfast after all gifts are open. We start with the youngest and Mom is last to open gifts, then we all sit down to an awesome breakfast and just talk and reminisce, hug and enjoy each others company

  • 580
    Andrea says:

    I love going to midnight mass with my family.

  • 581
    Christine C says:

    I love the time spent in the kitchen with family creating all the wonderful goodies we hand out to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

  • 582
    JWL says:

    I loved a snow day! No work or school! But now I live in California, no more snow days. I have to try very hard to seek out snow here.

  • 583
    Martha Yo. says:

    I love a winter’s night with a yummy hot beverage watching Christmas movies with my daughter.

  • 584
    Emily M. says:

    Baking Christmas cookies, decorating the tree and house, visiting Santa…. Basically all of them. I am so excited for this Christmas with my kiddos finally being old enough to really “get” the traditions!

  • 585
    Lisa Schenck says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching the kids open their stockings & then watching my husband & kids open their presents. And then having a yummy breakfast & coffee, then calling loved ones not so near to us to wish them a Merry Christmas!

  • 586

    I look forward to having a big meal with my family together. I don’t get to see my son very often, so it’s special. I make all his favorites and then we open gifts. But the most important thing is being together and just the feeling of Christmas.

  • 587
    Becs Attwood says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is leftovers for breakfast on Dec 26th – that’s when it feels like all the pressure of preparing for the big day is over & it’s time for a holiday!

  • 588

    Our traditions are changing as our family dynamics has changed. My favorite is making a special Christmas breakfast for my sons and opening gifts . . . They don’t get too excited about the holidays but they gotten into the spirit of gift-giving.

  • 589
    Sydney Grace says:

    We look forward to having an open-house Christmas Eve with people coming and going all night. It’s so much fun.

  • 590

    My favorite holiday tradition I look forward to all year is baking with my kids. Especially an old German cookie recipe passed down from my grandma. She’s no longer with us, but making this recipe with my kids brings back the special memories of when she baked for me as a kid. And I love sharing that with my kids every year.

  • 591
    Janet W says:

    Our favorite and funniest tradition is listening to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”! Years ago, so many folks seemed to be appalled by the song, but my fun-loving mom always got such a kick out of it (maybe she was just tired of hearing the grandkids playing the Chipmunks’ Christmas album!). She has been gone many years now, but every year we love singing along and remembering what a hoot she thought the song was! Boy, do I miss her…

  • 592
    Sharon D says:

    I love looking at Christmas lights. I love picking greens in our neighborhood park and making a wreath for my front door. I love sitting by the Christmas tree and enjoying the glow of the lights. I love the spirit of generosity and good will that Christmas brings, as we remember God’s great gift to us.

  • 593
    Karen Bryan says:

    Christmas Eve dinner in my home, gathered around my table. The food that my hubby and I lovingly prepared. It always leaves with my heart bursting with joy. And, then I collapse, lol!

  • 594
    Barbara Howell says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with our sons and their families.

  • 595
    Emma Sleppy says:

    Probably making Christmas Cookies and Decorating them as cute as can be!

  • 596
    Heather says:

    We have special bowls with each of the reindeer’s names. The kids fill them with sugar cubes and place them around the yard. My little one says it gives the reindeer ‘energons’ (energy) to finish delivering the remainder of Santa’s presents!

  • 597
    Kylie says:

    Gathering together as a family to decorate the tree.

  • 598
    Evan says:

    Setting out the cookies for Santa and the carrots for his reindeer.

  • 599
    Erin says:

    Every year my daughter and I make sugar cookies, we love decorating them and they are by far my favorite to eat as well!

  • 600
    Elaine F. says:

    My favorite tradition has to be Christmas morning breakfast! All the family gathers for the lighting of my Dad’s angel chime and the wonderful breakfast feast of our family favorites. This includes guava jelly (my grandparents would always bring us some from their FL trips) on hot buttered biscuits, fried morels, eggs, grits, hash browns, bacon, sausage, country ham, fresh fruits, milk, juice, coffee and hot chocolate. Now that my grandparents and Dad are gone, this is our remembrance of them and all the special holiday gatherings we had together. This small tradition means the most to me!

  • 601
    audrey says:

    being able to gather together with family and friends to enjoy each others company on a blessed and happy event

  • 602
    Margarita Navarro-Rivera says:

    I love getting together wth family during the holidays!

  • 603
    Mary Jo says:

    This holiday release is so exciting! =)
    I look so forward to putting up the tree with our twins. They just love to decorate it!

  • 604
    Manuela says:

    very traditional, in the morning meet friends for some hours, and christmas eve just with my kids and husband, cozy and relaxed…

  • 605
    martha dalluge says:

    Picking out and decorating the tree. The kids still enjoy taking part. It is kind of like down memory lane. There are memories attached to certain ornaments and the kids have their favorites. Always lots of stories and sharing time together.

  • 606
    Jen Carter says:

    I look forward to putting out the nativity set!

  • 607
    Sandi Roth says:

    My favorite tradition is decorating the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving…so magical and I love the lights! I love all the gatherings with family and friends every day during the holiday season, and all the wonderful carols and activities at our church and throughout town…it’s the best! I love making all my holiday cards as well.

  • 608
    Renee Ludlow says:

    Decorating the tree on the first day of December is always greatly anticipated in our house. It is always huge fun choosing the colour scheme with my girls.

  • 609
    Janell Rink says:

    Being together with Family!!!

  • 610
    Iris Shubert says:

    We always look forward to the special yummy food that we have on Christmas day.Almost all of our family has gone to heaven, so many of our traditions are sweet memories now. I love my memories ๐Ÿ™‚ The most important thing to remember is that because of Jesus, the reason we celebrate Christmas, I can say with assurance that I will see my family again someday. He is our blessed hope.

  • 611
    maryrose says:

    Last year, we took the train into downtown Chicago for the Christkindl market. We walked the snowy streets and went to the State Street Macy’s and admired all of the window displays. I think it will be a new family tradition!

  • 612
    karen b says:

    I love every single moment of the season! The absolute best part is the time spent with my family, there is simply nothing better!

  • 613
    Dana N says:

    I look forward to the German Christmas goodies! Still trying to get my kids to look forward to the same ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 614
    flo says:

    I used to love to pulling out the Christmas ornaments and open each one with the my kids and tell them the story of that ornament. They are grown now with kids of their own, and the tradition continues with old and new ornaments.

  • 615
    Teresa Brada says:

    Getting together with family and friends on Christmas Eve… always a fun time!!

  • 616
    Bette Manning says:

    I look forward every year to just decorating the house with my grandchildren. It is such fun!

  • 617

    We take our kids out on a Christmas lights tour around our town, I print out a “golden ticket” for entry into the car and hide it under their pillows while they are having a bath, when they are getting into their py’s, I pop corn and make hot chocolate and store it in the car. When they think they are going to bed, they find their tickets and know that it’s our special night! We drive all around town stopping at houses that synchronize their lights to music and lots of other lit up houses, and then finishing up the tour at a huge old building downtown that is amazingly decorated every year. It’s a special tradition that our kids look forward to and I hope will remember when they are older. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 618
    Linda C says:

    My girls and their families and I go to church on Christmas eve. It’s such a special service and I look forward to it every year. Last year we went to a chinese restaurant afterwards and decided it would become a new tradition for us.

  • 619
    Aimee Grey says:

    My girls (now 15 and 17)grab all the stockings and jump in our bed to open them. They even want the 2 dogs to join us!

  • 620
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    I like everything about it, but the most important thing is being with family and friends.

  • 621
    Regina Cornelius says:

    I love to pick out our Mom/Dad/Daughter ornaments to add to our tree!

  • 622
    Kory says:

    Singing, usually way out of tune, songs playing on the old victrola! Google it! Super cool!!

  • 623
    Lisa Peters says:

    The night we decorate the tree. Eggnog in hand, music in the background and the stories the old ornaments invoke. The sights sounds and smells of Christmas. Can’t wait!

  • 624
    BeverlyBL says:

    Love cooking together with family. Rum balls, boiled custard and Chex Mix.

  • 625
    Mitzi says:

    Look forward to taking my grandson to see Santa. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and the opportunity to win.

  • 626
    Karen Hetherington says:

    I look forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Massachusetts with my two daughters and their families. We gather at Janine’s 1700’s home with its wide board floors and huge center fireplace. It feels like stepping back in time.

  • 627
    Esther says:

    I love baking all kinds of Christmas cookies and making up boxes to share with neighbors and friends!! All of my family have their specific favorites, so I have some I make every year and then add a couple new ones?

  • 628
    Ann Steinbecher says:

    Watching out the window,especially if it’s already dark outside to see the headlights of our kids and grandkids coming up our long driveway to the top of the hill.

  • 629
    Sonja Van Laar says:

    I love Christmas dinner.

  • 630
    Kathy says:

    I look forward most to Christmas Eve worship at our church.

  • 631
    Robyn W. says:

    I look forward to listening to Christmas music on the ride home from Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 632
    Sue Rose says:

    Our family still gets together on Christmas Day…it’s loud and chaotic and the best day of the year. The more the merrier!!!!

  • 633
    Suzanne Hicks says:

    My favorite thing during any holiday is getting together with family and sitting down to a great meal together. We have lots of fun and catch up on everything as we eat and fellowship. I love it!

  • 634
    Carol B says:

    My husband and I have made homemade fudge as gifts every year for the past 37 years. What started out as an economical way to give a small gift to many has turned out to be a tradition! We didn’t do it one year many years ago thinking folks were tired of receiving it and we heard plenty! Haven’t missed a year since! I love decorating the tins and making a new gift tag for them every year.

  • 635
    Nicole Baruth says:

    Making lefse with my mom.

  • 636
    Barbara M says:

    Making the traditional Tom and Jerry’s and watching Christmas Vacation!

  • 637
    Priscilla from CA says:

    Decorating the tree, of course.

  • 638
    Jill S says:

    When I was a young girl, my grandmother would bake cookies–LOTS of cookies–and stash them in boxes for munching through the season. She has since passed on, but I have continued in this tradition, filling boxes with dozens of cookies ready at a moment’s notice for sharing with family and friends. Come to Bloomsburg and I’ll give you a cookie!

  • 639
    diana says:

    Christmas meal with family! Being together for a wonderful meal is special – we have stopped exchanging gifts so we can concentrate on the true meaning of the season. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 640
    laura mm says:

    Such a beautiful holiday release! I love getting out the Christmas tree & decorations & putting out Grandma’s Christmas village ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 641
    Deborah S (2dls) says:

    Choosing and decorating the tree is my favorite; I know my three kids’ (all of whom are adults and on their own) love their stockings! I shop all year round for things special to each, have done it that way all their lives.

  • 642
    Tina B. says:

    When my kids were small (and the first littles in the family), we ‘d get together with my husband’s brothers and sisters to bake and decorate cookies for Santa. When cousins came along, the decorating got more elaborate. Now the littles are young adults. The decorating continues, we know turned it into a contest recognizing the wackiest types. The winners get certificates and the grand prize winner receives the decorated golden spatula. The spatula is relinquished at the next cookie event.

  • 643
    Helen F. says:

    I love to attend Midnight Mass and celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the past, we always had family and friends back to the house to share in a ‘feast’. With everyone so weight conscious these days, the food choices are much more healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 644
    Bonnie says:

    My family doesn’t live close … so Christmas is the time I gather lots of goodies and send packages that I have planned all year. AND sending my homemade cards every year to all my loved ones, I make them special just for them….smiling just thinking about it.

  • 645

    I love Christmas baking. I turn up the Christmas tunes and fill the house with the wonderful scents of my family’s Christmas favourites. It is even more special when my girls and husband lend a hand.

  • 646
    Debra says:

    Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve! One of these years I will be organized but even so, think I would miss this last minute wrapping!

  • 647
    Kim Badelt says:

    The family dinner with all of us together, kids and grown ups, Christmas music on in the background, the tree glimmering to one side and loads of yummy special Christmas food. We have other family dinners through the year but this one is special.

  • 648
    Dorothy Hodgson says:

    My favorite tradition is staying home with family enjoying hot chocolate by the fireplace and opening presents. I love the holiday release products!

  • 649
    MargR says:

    Christmas lunch with the family. Love the hubbub! Love it when we can celebrate God’s gift for us, together.

  • 650
    Suzanne Watanabe says:

    I look forward to decorating our Christmas tree each year. Every ornament we hang is dated and has a special memory of that year.

  • 651
    Michelle Laulu says:

    Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. There’s no other time of the year where we take a break and spend quality time as a family. Crafting is also huge part of our Christmas traditions. I look forward each year to the fun holiday release from Papertrey Ink!

  • 652
    Lemalie says:

    I always enjoy pulling out the Christmas tree and putting on decorations as we listen to Christmas music. The smell of cooking Christmas goodies fills our house. We go sledding and make snowmen too.

  • 653
    Cindy Eilers says:

    About 30 years ago my husband was out of town on business and was to return home on his birthday (in September). I decided to do something special for his birthday and I decorated the house for Christmas. When he arrived home that night I turned on the lights and he loved it! Now it is a tradition to decorate each year the week before his birthday !! And yes, the house is decorated now! We love this special time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ.

  • 654
    pamhollie says:

    Pizza and light looking, my family enjoys the together time.

  • 655
    Caren B says:

    For the past few years, I’ve had a card making party with my friends!

  • 656
    Sandy N. says:

    Love having the family over to decorate gingerbread houses and trim the tree. Each grandchild has their picture on an ornament for each year – so fun to see how much they’ve grown.

  • 657
    Beth H. says:

    I look forward to the gift swap that we do when all the families are together. Since there are so many siblings, it would be to expensive to exchange gifts with everyone. So we buy a gift and draw numbers to see who picks the first gift and so on. We then can pick a gift that someone has already picked. It is a lot of fun when the gifts are funny items, so you never know what you will get.

  • 658
    Beccy Hlawek says:

    Making summer sausage with my son. I only do this once a year because it’s a huge process. He comes over every night during this time and helps. We spend a lot of quality time together that doesn’t happen the rest of the year.

  • 659
    Leah R says:

    It would be impossible to pick my favorite thing about Christmas just as it is impossible to pick my fav release today. They are all just incredible. I do send special birthday cards to all the people in my church each month and Christmas & birthday cards together make them such a treat to make and the recipients are so grateful.

  • 660
    Danny says:

    Being together with my family under one roof.

  • 661
    LaurieJ says:

    I look forward to all of the holiday baking. There are certain goodies that I only make for the holidays. I put on the holiday music and spend hours in the kitchen.

  • 662
    Tami B says:

    Baking and decorating cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve followed by attending the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church.

  • 663
    Lee Anne says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is sipping on hot cocoa while listening to our family read aloud The Night Before Christmas!

  • 664
    Liz says:

    I love decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas music, and watching The Muppet Christmas Carol!

  • 665
    Jill G. says:

    Venti White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks + Christmas iTunes + signing and addressing my Christmas cards. I look forward to it every year!

  • 666
    Rebecca F. says:

    Christmas pajamas! We open one gift on Christmas eve – a new pair of pajamas to sleep in and wake up in on Christmas morning.

  • 667
    Laraine R says:

    Everyone helping to decorate. Spending time with family, eating lots of goodies! Fabulous release!

  • 668
    Janet Sisk says:

    I live far from my family and I look forward to spending time with them over the holidays. We have a fun finger food meal on Christmas Eve and then open gifts. On Christmas morning everyone gets their stockings that have been filled by “Santa” overnight. Even as an adult I still look forward to finding surprises in my stocking! Thanks for a chance to win. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 669
    Suzy Godfrey says:

    Sharing Christmas dinner with close and extended family …plenty of stories and laughter!!

  • 670
    Rita says:

    Gathering as a family. It’s been a tough year and I can’t wait to be able to see my mom, brother and sister-in-law, and most especially meet my new niece, Danielle.

  • 671
    Ashley says:

    We just adopted our daughter, who will be 2 in 10 days. While this will be our 3rd Xmas with her, having her finally as ‘ours’ brings a lot of excitement! So excited to start new traditions with her, but also have her help with some old. I think having her help me decorate cookies is one I’m really excited about… but having her help me with the tree this year will be the best!

  • 672

    Our traditions around Christmastime always involve cooking and crafting– it’s such a sweet way to share our love.

  • 673
    Betsy L. says:

    When my siblings and I were kids, we used to gather around the piano. There are four of us total. My older sister, who’s a piano/music teacher now, would start playing and the rest of us would sing along, and may even join in on the piano as a duet/trio. It was really fun; this is rare now. But if we’re all at my parents, even for one dinner, we’d do the same thing. Except we are all grown now and won’t be able to fit on the piano bench together.

  • 674
    Darlene Placito says:

    I like Christmas Carols the best. And snow too! And holiday baking, and making cards, and….
    oh heck, I like it all!!!

  • 675
    Sonya says:

    My most favorite tradition is sitting down with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and a good Christmas movie with my husband.

  • 676
    Nadia Kendall says:

    I love taking photos for our holiday cards. It will be interesting this year now that we are in a warmer climate.

  • 677
    Marybeth says:

    Christmas Eve Children’s Mass ,then time with the family ! Nothing better on earth!

  • 678
    Rebekah says:

    After 5 years I look forward to our elf on the shelf coming as much as our boys do! But going through our ornaments and remembering special times is still my favorite!

  • 679
    Helen LeBrett says:

    I love driving around and seeing the Christmas lights, listening to The Messiah music, and listening to all my Christmas music!

  • 680
    Peggy Lamb says:

    I love baking yeast breads and making dozens of decorated gingerbread cookies. Then I package them using my long time favorite PT stamp set- Holiday Treats. People like the packaging as much as the treats! A wonderful tradition.

  • 681
    Judy says:

    I look forward to a special meal with my family.

  • 682
    Kelly in Canada says:

    Heading to my sister’s house on Nov. 30 to fill my nieces’ advent quilt. I bought them the quilt when they were 4 and 2. They are coming up on 11 and 9 so for the past 6 years I have spent my falls scouring all kinds of stores, searching for age-appropriate goodies to fill the pockets of their quilt. They are always so excited to see me on Nov. 30th and then every day or two for the month of Dec., I get texts and phone messages thanking me for their holiday treats.

  • 683
    Dawn M. says:

    I love getting out all of the decorations, opening all of the boxes and thinking about the memories each item brings to mind; especially the Chrstmas tree ornaments.

  • 684
    gailanne says:

    A quiet evening around the Christmas tree with loved ones is my favorite part of the holidays.

  • 685
    Patt H. says:

    I love fixing Christmas dinner for all the family. Everything always tastes & smells so good & having the family together around the table is a special time every year.

  • 686
    Shelly says:

    The gathering of family at one of our homes on Christmas Eve. Such a special night to come together and celebrate the REASON for the season!

  • 687

    I look forward to time off with my hubby and watching the kids play in the snow.

  • 688
    Robert Steele says:

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love how this holiday brings family together, and pulls out the warmth and compassion from mere strangers to another. I enjoy listening to Christmas music all month long. Oh yeah, I love giving and receiving gifts/presents too.

  • 689
    Linda Wickett says:

    I like making ornaments with my daughter. We used to have a group of her friends come over and have a “party” making ornaments and a present for their mothers. We are reviving it this year…they are now 30!

  • 690
    Jenny Ewing says:

    Having the entire family together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A little snow helps too!

  • 691
    Katherine says:

    I always look forward to Gingerbread houses. We’ve decorated Gingerbread Houses since our daughter was two, 22 years now. Most years we’ve turned it into a potluck dinner party with friends and family and everyone brings candy to decorate and we provide the houses. So much fun! And some of our best Christmas memories ever. Now our daughter is married and I still love to keep the tradition going.

  • 692
    Jennifer says:

    Decorating the tree!

  • 693
    Joni M says:

    I look forward to our extended family Christmas eve gathering. My cousins and I take turn hosting. It’s always so wonderful to visit with family who I haven’t seen for a year. Plus there is also the visit from Santa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 694
    Marรญa Alba Negrรณn says:

    I really miss the “Parrandas” that we used to give neighbors and family beginning
    on the first days of Christmas and ending on the Octavitas”, so much fun!
    Definition: Parrandas-you gather a bunch of friends and family, select typical instruments as Guiros (the word has two points over the u called diรฉresis, that means that you are supposed to include the u in the word,it is an instrument with a serrated surface, made from an elongated gourd and played with a fork like stick that gives a raspy sound effect),Maracas (Latin percussion instrument made from gourds and filled with small pebbles that you shake), guitars and Bongรณs (elongated drums that you play with your hands), then select the “victims”,start gathering at about 2:00A.M. and arriving at more or less 3:00 A.M at the first house for the “victim” to be awaken by the boisterous but so beautiful sound of typical Puerto Rican Christmas songs. The “victim” should be prepared to have appetizers and drinks for the “Parranderos”, everyone eats,drinks and dance and when it is over we pile into the cars and off we go to another “victim”.
    Octavitas: In Puerto Rico as well as other Latin Countries, Christmas ends way after New Year, on January 6 we have the tradition of the Three Kings and on the eve (January 5) children bring empty shoe boxes that they fill with grass for the camels to eat and they leave them at the houses of family members, on the 6th they collect presents as well. After that we have eight more days of festivities hence the term “Octavitas”, but usually it lasts about two weeks more!

  • 695
    Connie G says:

    Fabulous release!!! Favorite Christmas time is Christmas eve with friends and family. Makes the Christmas holidays extra special when spent with loved ones..

  • 696
    Sheila says:

    Celebrating Christ’s birth and just spending time with family!

  • 697
    Yola says:

    Sitting under the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music while drinking hot chocolate.

  • 698
    Melanie A says:

    Our Christmases have been far from traditional the last few years due to several of us being laid off. Most of our traditions have halted but my husband and I still love driving around, looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music and going to Candlelight service at church.

  • 699
    June K says:

    Gathering with friends for our annual parties. We always make time to get together during the holidays.

  • 700
    Debbie Archer says: