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  • 1
    Victoria h says:

    when everyone sings in the car- I’m the one who always gets the words wrong!

  • 2
    Jill Norwood says:

    Road trip memories are the best! One of my favorites was on a road trip in Montana. We were on the “Going to the sun” road in the park and it was HOT!!!!! We stopped at a waterfall coming off the rocks on the side of the road and took a “sunshower” fully-clothed to cool off! It was refreshing and hilarious!

  • 3
    Shelly says:

    When my son was still a toddler the inlaws decided they wanted us to go to Mrytle Beach with them. It was a very long car ride so to occupy himself he kept smelling his feet and making silly faces. I still remember the sound of his giggles. I took some photos and I think this silly scrapbook page was my favorite of the whole trip!

  • 4
    DebbyH says:

    Remember camping at a place called Salmon Lake, which obviously had a lake and boats, but also 3 wheeler bikes for getting around…had the best time ever! (even fish gutting LOL)

  • 5
    Sue Plote says:

    When our older brother died the entire rest of our family…including 5 adults, 5 children and two dogs…piled into a 15 passenger van and drove from Chicago to Albuquerque to surprise our younger brother and to be together for Christmas. It was such a special trip…in many ways!

  • 6
    Leigh Penner says:

    Oh, I love road trips with my kids! One of my favourites would be two years ago when we drove to Minneapolis for a few days. We shopped, spent a day at Valler Fair and went to the zoo. Such a great time! And, I’m super excited because we’re leaving tomorrow on another road trip… This time, we’re going to Denver. 🙂

  • 7
    Kate says:

    When I was a child we took a trip through what would become a national park. However, at the time it was backcountry with dirt roads. The spring brought a sudden downpour and the loaded car was too heavy for the mud. So all but my dad got out with the things we had brought with us and trudged through the mud. Other than the mud we were covered with, he drove the car past us at a rate that kept it from getting stuck but sprayed us with more mud. it was a blast to play in the mud although all we had intended to do was have a picnic and see the sites

  • 8

    When my daughter was a toddler the first movie we took her to see was Finding Nemo, while we were visiting my dad in Florida. On the road trip back home, her father and her kept saying to each other “Dude”. “Sweet”, new words she’d learned from Crush the Turtle. It was so cute. It’s a memory we revisit over and over again.

  • 9
    Isabel Z says:

    I don’t have a specific road trip in mind but I do remember that listening to books on tape with all five of us in the car was always a highlight.

  • 10
    Karen says:

    Road trips are the best! Several years ago we drove from NY to California, stopping at lots of national parks. One night we walked out of dinner in Yellowstone to see a full moon reflected on Yellowstone Lake. It was magical! Just one of MANY wonderful memories from that trip.

  • 11
    diane says:

    me and my husband pack our bags and take off every stop light we flip a coin which way to turn, we have ended up in some amazing places, but like you say it it the journey that is the fun

  • 12
    AngelaP says:

    One of my favorites was on a dive trip when our daughter took her first dive. She was excited and terrified at the same time. It was so fun watching her react to the wonders under the sea!

  • 13
    Penny P. says:

    One of my favorite road trips was when I was stationed in England in the air force. My boyfriend and I drove to Edinburgh Scotland and stayed in the city for a few days. Beautiful drive and amazing city!

  • 14
    Kelly Keegan says:

    Growing up, taking vacations to Maine with my family. We would drive up the coast and it was really beautiful. Miss those times when everything was much simpler.

  • 15
    Jessica Kerr says:

    Oh my goodness, SO many to choose from! When I was young, my dad would take us camping a few times every summer – one of my favorite destinations was Copper Harbor, MI. But it was 10-12 hours of driving to get there, and dad would play Gordon Lightfoot CDs on shuffle/repeat for the ENTIRE drive. Needless to say, I know all of the words to many of Gordon’s songs (“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” “Sundown” and “If You Could Read My Mind” – to name only a few), LOL! So NOT my taste in music, but something I will always associate with my dad.

  • 16
    Melissa Ladd says:

    Last summer we drove up to Bar Harbor ME….such an amazing vacation!

  • 17
    Liz says:

    We have done a lot of road trips, and I think that the best part is seeing all those places that you never would see normally – the ones “off the beaten track”. And it’s much more relaxed than real life!

  • 18
    Peggysue says:

    Our family loves road trips! Each holds special memories but perhaps the most recent was when we went across half the country to go to my son’s wedding on Spokane at a tiny country church. The setting was gorgeous, the event was so happy and the family was all together.

  • 19
    Denise C. says:

    As a child, we would drive from Missouri to Nebraska in a station wagon to see my grandparents. We were a family of ten! Despite the sibling arguments that would break out at any given moment, we would stop for a picnic and then visit a few places of interest along the way to break up the trip. Amazingly, I have fond memories of those road trips and realize that my parents were saints!!

  • 20
    Barb says:

    Best memories as a child my family would always drive from MI to Fl and we would play license plate games and I spy for hours. It was fun because we had our parents captive in the car for 12 hours playing with us.

  • 21
    Imke Ludwig says:

    My walk on the Great Wall of China. Even if I saw it with my own eyes, it is an unimaginable construction !

  • 22
    Jessica Monte says:

    We where headed to the outer banks and over the ocean there is a very long bridge. We where using the TomTom navigation and it said turn left now. Except we were on the bridge. And my daughter said it wants us to swim with the sharks. We still laugh about it to this day.

  • 23
    Gracie G says:

    My extended family on my dad’s side takes a trip somewhere together every year. I was lucky enough to join them when they decided to go to China and explore the silk road. We were on the road for 10 days, crossing dessert plains by camel, into cities by bus and through mountains by train. My oldest uncle, who has since passed away, was 74, and the youngest cousin 28. It was an amazing trip with so many wonderful memories.

  • 24
    Sandra Edwards says:

    We always end up getting lost, sometimes I think we do it on purpose. But these slip ups make the most amazing adventures and memories.

  • 25
    Beth Stiver says:

    Taking a two week road trip across the US from MI on our honeymoon….so awe inspiring for someone who had never been out of MI before!

  • 26
    Luanne Ford says:

    Tomorrow, I’m going to our former family cottage in Interlochen, Michigan. My. Dad, stepmom and siblings will be there. It’s been over 40 years since it was sold, and my dad had an opportunity to rent it for a week! I remember many road trips for our summer vacations there, and I can’t wait to see it again!

  • 27
    Cindy Thompson says:

    One of my favorite road trips with my boys when we went to Mackinac Island Michigan. We stayed on the Island for a few days and biked around the island. We also took a carriage ride around the Island and saw places we wouldn’t of otherwise gone to. It was so nice being in a place without traffic because only emergency vehicles are allowed on the island.

  • 28
    Pamela Levingston says:

    Driving to Florida, just me and my mom and having her request that I sing…no one wants to hear me sing. She died the next month and I have that as a precious memory.

  • 29
    Kelly Flaherty says:

    “Road Trip” conjures up memories from childhood when our family of six would travel from Charleston SC to Kentucky and then to Pennsylvania. It was always the three girls in the backseat and the constant picking, fighting over who sits where, and the silly games we played always brings a smile to my face!

  • 30
    sarah t. says:

    I come from a family that doesn’t road trip – you take the fastest route with no deviations to get from A to B in as little time as possible. So the time my friend and I drove to the Lake District and (gasp) stopped on the way to have a relaxed lunch and a spot of shopping was a revelation.

  • 31
    Liz mcallister says:

    My funniest road trip was with two girlfriends to New England. We traveled in my rainy vow rabbit. Llbean, a really bad hotel, Boston and just loads of laughing

  • 32
    Susi says:

    Most memorable would have to be our trip up White Mountain, New Hampshire. The sights, the beauty of nature, and being able to stand in the clouds was just breathtaking!

  • 33
    Miriam Prantner says:

    We had a vacation that was kind of a bust…ended up in a trip to the emergency room, but as a result we ended up deviating from our itinerary and staying in this really cool old hotel that had an old fashioned elevator you manually ran with a lever. It was a great unexpected end to our trip!

  • 34
    Linda Ryszka says:

    My husband, daughter and my mother took a week road trip from Buffalo, NY to Mt. Rushford! It was so awesome to see the Great Plains and beautiful scenery and then finally the monument! Oh, and I was pregnant too!

  • 35
    Kathy D says:

    I have such fond memories of childhood road trips (before seat belts), stretched out in the “way back” of the station wagon with a quilt, or curled up in the VW cubbyhole.

  • 36
    Judy Rogers says:

    Taking off with destination unknown putting north, south, east and west in a hat and picking one. The direction picked is part of the fun. Stopping at every antique store we can find poke around looking for that rare and wonderful piece of history.

  • 37
    Nan says:

    Any road trip where you travel the backroads and stay off the highway. You see so much more and it is more relaxing.

  • 38
    Michelle Benoit says:

    Twenty eight years ago we drove for six hours with friends to a college graduation ceremony with our one month old son, Kyle. I think he cried the entire way down and back. My most precious memory is how kind and gracious everyone in the car was to this nervous wreck of a new Mom! It was a wonderful weekend nonetheless!

  • 39
    Lea Ann H. says:

    When our daughter was 18 months old, we move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Dear friends came along to help. We had a wonderful time seeing the country, but the best was when we stayed with some of their family. So much love and laughter, along with fabulous Indian Tacos. What a gift their hospitality was!!

  • 40
    Karen B. says:

    Awesome release! We traveled to Montana from Wisconsin when I was twelve and I read most of the Babysitter’s Club books on the way there and back. It was great, I felt like I was part of their club by the time we got home.

  • 41
    Linda C says:

    My best friend from high school and I reconnected after 30 years. We took a road trip to Savannah, Georgia. We took a boat cruise, did a little shopping and had a great meal at Paula Deen’s restaurant. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.

  • 42
    Angie says:

    Best road trip of all was when the entire family got in the car and went to Pontchatrain beach (in New Orleans). The midway rides were wonderful (mirror maze, spooky ride and Zephyr!). We had a picnic on the beach and also went into the penny arcade. This was a long time ago but it is one of my best memories of all.

  • 43
    Sandye Curry says:

    We took road trips with our grandchildren. What they enjoyed most was singing Barbara Ann and Dancing Queen as we drove along. I still remember those voices singing as loud as possible–totally off key!

  • 44

    One of my fondest memories of driving to Mt. Rushmore from NH is when my son, who at the time was 3, started seeing the water towers everywhere. We don’t have many in NH for him to see. He would spot them miles and miles away and get so excited. He wanted to touch one. haha We did end up finding one in a little town that was easy enough to get to and we could get close enough for him to be able to touch it. When we got close he started crying and wouldn’t walk up to it to touch it. They are quite huge when you are standing beside one. 🙂 Such a great memory!!!

  • 45
    Elise says:

    One of my best memories is when we were driving to Disney World with our young children. There was so much excitement in the car! Those were the best days!

  • 46
    carol says:

    I love road trips; those I did as a kid with my family and those my husband and I take…often! One of my favourites: last July, we flew to Ottawa to pick up a van and trailer filled with road bikes and cycling gear (from competitions that had been held early in the season) to drive back to Alberta. We traveled through the US, which made for beautiful scenery. The highlights: the opportunity to meet three blogging friends, in real life, for the first time! Each visit was like being reacquainted with an ‘old’ friend. Special trip; special memories! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity…

  • 47
    Gerdine says:

    The wonderful meetings we had with locals!! Especially in Eastern Europe, such lovely people!

  • 48
    theCook says:

    I don’t have road trip memories : road trips simply are not my way to go on holidays!

  • 49
    Debbie Archer says:

    As a child my family would travel from North Carolina to Miami to visit my grandfather. The 14 hour road trip was always full of adventure. My four siblings and I played silly games like ‘count the cows’, and ‘punch buggy’. I remember being thrilled when we were able to get the tractor trailer truck behind us to blow his horn. Then there was the eating out! That was real treat for us, as my mother always prepared our meals at home. GOOD TIMES!

  • 50
    Julie C says:

    Love road trips! One of the funniest was getting stuck in traffic between Vegas and the Grand Canyon and listening to CDs with my parents and sister. Took my dad until the 4th time the CD started over before he realized we were still listening to the same thing!

  • 51
    Andrea1702 says:

    I remember as a kid always getting a new Archie comic book before a long road trip. I wish I had saved them because now my daughter loves Archie comic books.

  • 52
    Sabinevdk says:

    We have been on many road trips to the states from Canada with the kids. My favourite was driving home from Yellowstone a few years ago and the kids both burst out singing loudly to funky town when it came on the radio lol.

  • 53
    julieann says:

    We drove from Wisconsin into Canada at Windsor. During the time we were there they had a huge wine fest that you would drive from one winery to another. We visited 15 wineries and got wine from everyone and then drove all the way to Niagra Falls and back. When we got back to get out of Canada and go through customs we had 38 bottles of wine and then we got stopped and audited. We counted incorrectly as to the amount of wine so they were going to keep all, but they decided for us to just pay the duty on the one we missed during our count.

  • 54
    Melanie A says:

    Hard to pick one, but I’d say collectively the road trips my sister and I took with my dad after his first cancer diagnosis. We took him to some great places, had some great times and made great memories.

  • 55
    Sandy Rizzo says:

    A road trip from Florida to Wyoming…. Being happy watching buffalo cross the road in front of the car.

  • 56
    Donette B says:

    When I was 9 my family of 5 plus my 2 grandparents and their poodle rented a motorhome and drove from CA to NY, entered Canada drove across it and came back down in WA and back to CA. It was the best 6 weeks of my life and I have so many memories that even 33yrs later I can remember it like it was yesterday.

  • 57
    Donna says:

    When I was a child, my father never liked to put the air conditioning on. We would swelter in the car but he would tell us that it was just our imaginations. On one trip, when we took out our lunch — cheese sandwiches — the cheese was all melted. We had the last laugh on my father.

  • 58
    Cindy O says:

    One of my favorites was the road along the river from Montreal to Quebec City. We had such a good time in both places, and it was just a beautiful drive that day between the two. Great memories.

  • 59
    Pmm says:

    In the days before fast food, we stopped at little parks by the side of the road for a picnic!

  • 60
    Sue D says:

    Best memory from a road trip is the fun we had listening to stories on tape while traveling with the kids. This was before dvd players.

  • 61
    Louise Spiden says:

    I must admit I have not done a lot of road trips…..not the best of fun squashed between 3 brothers! All I remember is putting on my headphones and listening to music for a few days so I didn’t have to hear them argue!

  • 62
    Sandy says:

    A few years ago I wanted to drive from germany to croatia in a tiny car with 3 friends. As we planned on camping the car was packed to the brim.As we stopped for petrol near the austrian border a friend of mine noticed that she had forgotten her wallet and passport at home.We didn`t feel like driving back 5 hours as it was getting late. We drove into Salzburg and arranged for the wallet to be sent to austria via express, which is expensive but only takes 24 hours-usually.
    We found a beautiful hostel on top of a hill overlooking Salzburg and decided to have a look around.
    We were surprised as we realized the Salzburg festival – a prominent festival of music and drama- was on that weekend. This is a main society event in Austria.Guess it`s a bit like the Oscars in the states. It´s very hard to find accommodation that time and we had found that romantic hostel overlooking the city.We ended up near the red carpet and saw many famous actors and singers getting in.And there was an open-air public viewing of an opera.It was magical. The express shipping took 3 days in the end, but we were happy for every day we spent in Salzburg looking at Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart´s birth house, going hiking in the mountains and enjoyed a Mozart dinner concert in a baroque hall. If my friend wouldn`t have forgotten her wallet we would`ve driven nonstop from germany to croatia and would`ve missed this charming city.

  • 63
    Teresa Porter says:

    My husband and I love to road trip. My favorite memories are taking the back road wherever we go. It may take longer, but you see so much more!!

  • 64
    Lynn Hardy says:

    When I was a little girl my Dad would sometimes drive us all out into the English countryside. If it was spring and there were lots of lambs about he would wind down his car window and shout “mint sauce” at them!

  • 65
    Tami B says:

    We took big road trips every summer when I was growing up, and just getting to see so much of the country was incredible.

  • 66
    Cyndie says:

    You’ve got some fantastic offerings this month–can’t wait to order!

    My memory is of a trip to Arizona, driving a little 4-cylinder rental car on Schnebly Hill Road from Sedona to Highway 17 in February. We thought it would make a great shortcut rather than driving around the long way. But that road is really just a jeep track and it had 8-inch deep mud tracks. I drove on top of the dried mud tracks and thought it was a gas! My husband was just glad to get out of it alive (no spirit of adventure).

  • 67
    Judie A says:

    This has been an awesome release! My best road trip was with my boyfriend, half way through the trip we went out for a short hike and he proposed 😀 Best day ever!

  • 68
    Linda Gorman says:

    One of my favorites is taking all three children out to Colorado Springs. We drove from Ohio and made a special stop each day. It took a week to get there but it was so much fun. A picnic everyday too.

  • 69
    DawnBarbie says:

    When mom, dad and I took my sister to school in Rhode Island, the were signs all over of men shoveling turtles. Really, they were signs for road work, but we all had a good laugh!

  • 70
    annheidel says:

    In 2012, I drove across the States with my four kids to take my oldest son to college. My favorite memory of that trip is singing along to music the whole way. All of us. Especially when “She’s in Love” from the Broadway soundtrack of “The Little Mermaid” came on! We were singing at the top of our lungs to that one. We had three zipper binders of CDs with us, a huge variety of music, and it was one of the best trips of my life.

  • 71
    Tee Tee says:

    Best road trip memory is when my entire family took a trip to Cape Cod for a week long vacation.

  • 72
    Melissa S. says:

    Best road trip memory was riding to the beach with my husband and singing along to our favorite songs and just talking.

  • 73
    Kathy Marsh says:

    When I was in my teens, we took a trip to the Grand Canyon from Wisconsin. This was my first trip out of the state and I remember staring out the window at everything — everything was so new and different. Loved it!

  • 74

    We were driving mini van in Colorado with my in-laws when we saw a moose. My then 4 year old son said “Dink down, so I can see!”

  • 75
    Karen B says:

    Running out of diesel fuel on the Blue Ridge Parkway on a Sunday morning (in the days where everything was closed on Sunday) next to a big tank of diesel fuel that was ready to be dumped. Truly amazing!

  • 76
    Jewel Allen says:

    Three kids in car seats – two still in diapers – my husband and I thought it would be a nice relaxing treat to take everyone to the beach ?????. WHAT WERE WE THINKING! ?????

  • 77
    denise says:

    my daughter was playing with silly putty and was creating a nose over her nose and some of the putty got stuck up in her nose while she was molding it and she was freaking out. for sure a have to be there moment and know my daughter but we all laughed so hard at her..

  • 78

    I think my most memorable road trip would have to be when my mom and I flew to North Carolina to visit my sister who was doing a practicum at a hospital in Winston Salem. We went on a road trip for the weekend through the mountains and it was awesome! We sang at the top of our lungs, ate good food and laughed a lot. So much fun!!

  • 79
    Beverly Perdue says:

    One of my best memories is travelling to the beach with our boys when they were little. They were always so excited and we would play games. They are both grown now and I cherish all of our memories.

  • 80
    Natasha H says:

    This was our first real road trip just the kids and I in a long time. We left town late (5:00pm), determined to not miss not even one day with my hubby who had taken a new job 8 hours away. It was so much fun to see how much my kids had grown-up. They were selfsufficient, I didn’t need to hand them items of entertainment, they chitchatted with me, keeping me busy. The trip was a blast and a great bonding opportunity. I rolled into our parking spot at two in the morning a bit inlightened and excited for the kids and their future.

  • 81
    Kathy says:

    We traveled to Canada to see Niagara Falls last year with our daughter’s family. Seeing our two grandsons’ reactions to the Falls and the gorge areas was wonderful!

  • 82
    Kristina says:

    I love road trips! My favorite memories are basically just being together and laughing and talking. We would pile a bunch of us in a big suburban with sleeping bags and snacks and hit the road. No iPads or phones. Best vacations ever.
    What a great release, ladies! Love everything!

  • 83
    Stephanie says:

    Lot of camping trips! When my girls were young it was to Idlewild Park in PA. (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood)

  • 84
    Lisa says:

    Wonderful road trip with parents traveling through Yellowstone, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, Wyoming, Colorado, with stops at Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondback baseball games. Great Fun and beautiful scenery!

  • 85
    Terri (Blindstamper) says:

    As a small child, we used to road trip to my mom’s relatives. I remember the cigar boxes packed with cool stuff for us to do in the car. We thought that was so great…hardly remember where we went!

  • 86
    Claire A says:

    Leaving at 4am for our annual Summer trip to Cornwall, with us still in our pyjamas and Mum feeding me and my brother marmalade sandwiches. Then the feeling of joy getting to the beach after what seemed like the longest journey in the world. Happy days!

  • 87
    Laura Leigh says:

    Funny reading this as we drive back to Cincinnati area from our 9th annual Myrtle Beach beach house vacation with my husband’s ffamily. My husband is about 20 years or more older than our 7 nephews & 2 sons, but he forgets every time we get together with them–& so do the athletic & fun boys boys!! Of course, hubby takes another week to recover from vacation!! Always a fabulous time of family togetherness & celebrating God’s amazing creation & His goodness…

  • 88
    Terri E. says:

    We do a lot of road trips. We love finding fun and quirky things along the way. The big green giant was a fun discovery!

  • 89
    Melissa Friedrich says:

    My favorite road trip is when our family spent a summer month driving around the northeast US visiting all our friends and family. We had moved across the country in the past year so it was fun to go back to visit all the places and loved ones where we had lived. We sang the same songs over and over from one of my kid’s favorite albums. Now when we hear one of those songs we all just groan and smile in remembrance.

  • 90
    Betty Sue says:

    One of my favorite road trips was when I took my twins to visit a friends family “Historical” farm house. We hiked a little of the Appalachian Trail, visited a wonderful College which my son attended, saw a natural wonder that was close by and just had a wonderful time!!! Stayed at the old house and played games late at night as we didn’t have television! Wonderful!!

  • 91
    AnitaR says:

    One of my favorite recent memories of a road trip was traveling to my dad’s, heading down Rt. 81 in VA with the red bud trees and the pear trees in bloom! Beautiful trip!

  • 92
    Marianne says:

    My first summer vacation with my husband took us to Norway. DH did not like holidays but he agreed to this trip because we would also be visiting my sister, whose health issues prevented her from coming to the Netherlands. We had a wonderful trip and DH was greatly impressed by the rugged nature of the Norwegian landscape.

  • 93
    Lee Anne says:

    My dad took my two sisters and me road tripping through the Hill Country of Texas, near Austin and San Antonio, while my mom taught art lessons nearby. He made us create scrapbooks of the trip just to keep us busy. My sisters and I still talk about that trip!

  • 94
    Marlena M says:

    One of my favorite roadtrip memories is on the way to anywhere with my parents and girlies. Dad was filling me in with story after story of family heritage I had never heard. We had spent hours commuting when I was in my teen years, and had I never heard these tidbits. It’s as if he were saving these nuggets just for that trip! It was awesome. 🙂

  • 95

    Road trips are always filled with memories! I will always remember our family driving from the Midwest to California when I was a preschooler. Such a long drive, in the time before air-conditioned cars! We would stop at gas stations along the way to fill our window-mounted car cooler with bottles of water. It condensed cool water vapor as we drove across the desert. Each night along the way, we would jump into the pool at the motel just to cool off! Oh, the memories… I still love road trips! ♡

  • 96
    Angela Crockett says:

    My husband and I drove to Colorado to visit my brother. We decided to knock out some states that I had never visited. So we left Arizona, drove to Utah. Made our way to Colorado and drove home through New Mexico. We’re huge foodies, well I am. We made sure in each state to eat at some place that had been featured in Diners, Drive ins and Dives. It was the best!

  • 97
    Vicki A says:

    When I was a kid, every summer we would drive from Las Vegas to Montana to visit my mom’s parents. My parents would help my grandparents with the wheat harvest. The scenery was amazing. We would drive through Yellowstine National Park, what a beautiful area, and my brother and I would count the number of times we would see the Snake River.

  • 98
    Christy Blundy says:

    Laughing together as my husband asks which way I think we should go…I say left…he turns right. Gets us there every time 😉

  • 99
    Melissa says:

    My family and I have made a lot of road trips, but I love the memory of driving to Scotland from Beglium. The English countryside was beautiful. We were on our way to visit family and that was the best part, the anticipation of seeing our loved ones!

  • 100
    Lori Cullen says:

    One December we went to Vermont to ski for the weekend with my parents. Of course it snowed and our Pontiac Grand Am became stuck in the snow. My father got it out of the spot with a sheer force of will and a confidence that my husband still marvels at today, 21 years later.

  • 101
    Debbie says:

    My father and mother took my three sisters and myself on several very extended road trips. We had fabulous times that we still talk about to this day, but one (crazy) thing that we all remember is the day we were driving through Kansas and right beside our car, right at window level, flew a huge hawk with a VERY long snake in its mouth. We almost drove off the road watching that hawk and snake!!!

  • 102
    jeannine j. says:

    When we were kids my brother & I would take a notebook on our summer vacations and keep track of all the different license plates we would see.

  • 103
    Becky P. says:

    My favorite road trip memory was from college when my friends and I read “Forever” by Judy Blumenthal out loud from Iowa to New York. The book brought back so many childhood memories for all of us.

  • 104
    Jamie Greene says:

    Our family is actually on vacation right now. We are a a family of five so we usually drive to save some money and it is a family bonding experience. I really enjoy all the sight seeing, talking and laughing we do while we are driving.

  • 105

    We did the 2005 Power Tour. It was great fun driving down the road with all of the fancy cars. Everyone waving to us as we passed. We took out top down and waved right back.

  • 106
    Jackie Adair says:

    My best memory was the first road trip with my husband, before marrying him, to the Amanas. We had such a wonderful time getting to know each other and we have used that destination as our “go to” for the past few anniversaries!

  • 107
    Donna Gourley says:

    One of our road trips years ago included a ferry boat ride and I remember my mom, daughter, new granddaughter, and myself being on the upper deck of the ferry watching the seagulls circling us and just feeling such pride about this group of ladies who were all related to me.

  • 108
    Kailash says:

    Traveling across countries in Africa when I was still a young girl in primary school with my late dad, those were the best memories. He made me play games like adding numbers from the registration on cars in the opposite lane, it may have been a game to me then but little did I know that those really enhanced my math skills:-)))

  • 109
    Stephanie Clapper says:

    In my dad’s baby blue 1962 Chrysler Imperial, 7 of us made an early evening trip to Tennessee for my brother’s wedding. My seat was on the backseat floorboard, which I thought was great. It was warm and I was the only one able to stretch out. I looked up at the starry sky and dozed off through part of the trip. My brother had a beautiful wedding and I was a very proud little flower girl.

  • 110
    lois says:

    Driving to Atlantic city…no air …windows down…couldn’t wait to smell the salt air, a sign that we were close to the ocean! Such excitement for a 6 year old!

  • 111
    Monika Davis says:

    8+ years ago hubby bought a truck from another state… so we got on the train to get there. It was near the Canadian border so we arrange to meet my BIL who happened to be in Canada (from Europe). It was a nice reunion… then we hopped in the truck and drove home stopping couple of sights.

  • 112
    Regina says:

    Fun adventures in Ireland on the back roads and in the small towns.

  • 113
    Dolly says:

    Our family has travelled from Canada down to the US to do route 66 two years now and of course there is still more to go. The memories of just being together is awesome however I have a picture of the three of us sitting on one of the original/abandoned pieces of route 66 right in the middle of the road and it’s one of my favourite photos so I would think taking that picture might be it! 😀

  • 114
    coseyfamily5@yahoo.com says:

    When I was 20 I drove cross country with my 2nd Mom. We laughed the whole way there!!!! One of the best times in my life!!!

  • 115
    Erin Bigler says:

    Always the annual drive to the shore…the usual stops, the tunes, the lively conversation…all in anticipation of the week to come!

  • 116
    Becky M says:

    When we had long drives my family always did word puzzles or brain teasers – always my favorite part of the trip!

  • 117
    wdrwras@neo.rr.com says:

    While living in England where my husband was stationed with the military, we took our 3 sons and our big (by European standards) Chevy van that we’d converted enough to sleep in and camped through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. While driving through the mountains in Italy the engine began to heat up so we looked for a camping place…but all were full. While driving up a mountain side all at once all the water drained from the radiator. We pulled into a little parking space above a village on the side of the mountain and spent the night. The next morning was Sunday and I think all the villagers took a stroll by our van. Finally one stopped. Our only Italian was “Aqua pumpa kaput.” … and a shoulder shrug. Fortunately there was a garage in the village…the van was fixed…and we continued our journey – seeing wonderful things.

  • 118
    Jennifer T says:

    Taking trips with our parents in our conversion van in the 1980’s. My sister and i would go a little stir crazy torwards the end and probably had sugar highs. We’d start laughing at the most minor things. It probably drove our parents nuts!

  • 119
    F Bond says:

    Road trips- there have been many- military moves. Once I was driving the truck (we always stopped to look around in cities we had never been) and apparently while we were out of the truck, a couple of bees decided to explore it. When I got back in a bee stung my bottom which began to swell. My husband who didn’t have a license said was “oh no, who’s going to drive the truck”?! Fortunately I am not allergic to them, so a visit to the drugstore and some ice did the trick. We laughed and laughed about that! But I made sure he got his license soon as we got there!

  • 120
    Tracy says:

    We were traveling from NC to Disney, and my daughter who was little did great for awhile and then got restless and started singing a song she learned in school over and over, to make us crazy, but now it is fun to say do you remember when you sang that over and over on the way to Disney.

  • 121

    When my sisters and I were 15, 13 and 10 my grandparents took us on a road trip from Ohio to CA. Grandma couldn’t drive so Grandpa paced himself and drove till dinner where we always found a motel with a pool. We swam, ate and then slept to do it all again– for a week! They had planned stops at so many sights: Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Forest and even just pulling over to get a jar of red dirt from Arizona. Grandpa would always honk his horn when he passed a truck and we’d make the pull sign so the truckers would honk back! We played the license plate game, I spy and whenever ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ came on the radio we’d sing it at the top of our lungs! It was an amazing trip I’ll never forget and I absolutely love my brave grandparents for making it happen.

  • 122
    LindaCC says:

    Bringing our two friends from India home to Wisconsin from a conference in Maryland…many good laughs along the way! A first for them after so much flying.

  • 123

    Way back, as a family my parents and brothers would take a weekly trip in the old car to the outskirts of Toronto where we would picnic, explore and swim.

  • 124
    Sue McRae says:

    Driving across western Canada was amazing. Beautiful sights all the way, including coming across elk, deer, bears and moose on the drive. Nature at its best!

  • 125
    Shirley Robelotto says:

    The many summer trips to Hilton Head when our kids were all home.
    Thanks fr another great release.

  • 126
    Mimi R says:

    Driving to Yosemite with friends and staying at the famous Ahwanee Hotel. It was so beautiful there and the hikes were great – we saw double rainbows at one of the waterfalls! That is something I will never forget!

  • 127
    Donna M. says:

    When I was about 12 my family took a camper & drove to Canada. On the way back we stopped in Maine, went to an antique store & bought an old Victrola with a bunch of old records. That evening we sat by a campfire & listened to old tunes on the Victrola. Nice…

  • 128
    Brinda says:

    The best is hitting the roads before sunrise and having McDonald’s breakfast!!

  • 129
    Teresa Doyle says:

    First I have to say Thank You for sharing SO much wonderful inspiration! Its my 1st hop with Papertrey and I am blown away with what I’ve seen! So inspired! I don’t have any of your products yet but if I was lucky enough to win the BIG prize, I can see myself becoming a serious regular here! LOL (I’ve seen a tonne of goodies from previous releases I’d like!)
    My best road trip memories are from a long weekend my husband & I and our best friends from childhood drove from our homes in Nova Scotia to the U.S. for a shopping trip! We power shopped, ate, laughed, drank (a little) and shopped some more. SO many memories! We are now planning another one but this time its at the request of our DIL. So our son, DIL, my husband & I are going to hit the road! Can’t wait!

  • 130
    Mary L says:

    Traveling to Florida from Missouri in mid-winter. Very cold that very early morning getting on the road. By the time we stopped for picnic lunch the warm sunshine and balmy breezes south were such a treat I will always remember!

  • 131
    Maggie Haas says:

    I’m on a road trip in Niagara Falls right now! This may more memorable than best, but we are currently marooned here as someone broke the rear windshield on our car two days ago. Once we got the police stuff out of the way, we did a huge hike along the Niagara River that was fantastic to clear the head of all the resentment I felt toward the drunk dude that did it. So a gc would come in handy since my stamp $ is going towards a deductible ?

  • 132
    Chris Cross says:

    In the early 80’s, my family of six took a 1967 Ford Mustang on a two-hour road trip to an amusement park after our family station wagon would not start. My brother and I had to ride on the hump in the back seat and across the console in the front (back in the days before seatbelts), but it was so much fun.

  • 133
    sharri reeves says:

    When my kids were little, before cell phones, up add, iPods, etc, we would drive from New Orleans to Oklahoma to visit family. We would fill the time telling stories, and singing. They still talk about the books MOM memorized (because I can’t read in the car without getting sick), while they sat in back turning pages as I recited the story.

  • 134
    Cindy H. says:

    One of my fondest memories happened years ago when I was single. Two of my friends and I drove down to Washington, D.C. on a holiday weekend. We took in as many National Memorials as we possibly could during the day and went out to the local clubs at night. Yes, we were tired but we had so much fun and so many laughs.

  • 135
    Nancy Ward says:

    When my children were little we used to play an “eye spy” game. It was even more fun because their grandmother would play along and could never keep the rules straight. It made for lots of laughs!

  • 136
    Dee says:

    When the kids were little, every summer we would take a road trip to another state. I think my favorite trip was to Colorado; from the mountains, to the prairies, to the desert. I still have fond memories of that road trip!

  • 137

    It seems every time my sister and I go on a road trip we get lost or are delayed… even if it’s been years since we went on one! Just last month the same thing happened! But it makes for interesting fun!

  • 138

    My favorite rod trip memory is of my kids first road trip….as a family from Kansas, we went to Kentucky and Ohio…up through New York to Niagara. Through Canada and back into the US at Detroit, we hit Chicago and back home! That trip instilled the love of travel into my children!

  • 139
    Flo says:

    We were coming home from Oregon, and went through San Francisco. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and someone offered to take a family picture for us. I love that picture.

  • 140
    Jennifer T says:

    One of the best road trip memories I have is driving along the coast in Central California and listening to the waves crash. We also came across a huge group of seals sun bathing on a beach. So much fun!

  • 141
    Judy S says:

    When our daughter was about 4 we planned a 2 week road trip around Colorado. The day before we left she came down with chicken pox so we had to change the itinerary to visiting relatives who had already had the pox. We limited our stops where we could eat takeout and sneak her into gas station rest rooms. Of course, our son got “the spots” on the trip home.

  • 142
    maryrose says:

    We’ve had so many fun family road trips. One of my favorites was the day we discovered New Harmony, Indiana. The town was home to not one but two Utopian societies in the 1800s. This charming little town has so much history. We spent a memorable spring day there, and I’d love to go back and see if it’s just as charming as I remember.

  • 143
    Lindsey L says:

    I was just talking about this with my sister yesterday. 🙂 It was a quick road trip my family made to San Diego when we were in high school. Money was tight and I know my parents felt bad we couldn’t do more, but we thought the 2 1/2 days we were there was awesome.

  • 144
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    My most memorable road trip was a trip to the Grand Canyon, it was awe inspiring! I’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful. Great June release! So many wonderful new products I can’t wait to get my crafty fingers on ?

  • 145
    Susan B says:

    I love camping road trips with my grandchildren every year.

  • 146
    christal mclean says:

    My whole childhood and adult life has been filled with road trips and I just love the memories associated with them and looking forward to new ones in the future. Dad was the great adventurer and loved to take us places of interest and of course weird ones included. If you’ve seen the movie ” Vacation” with Chevy Chase, this was my dad. Back then, slides and 16mm movies was the norm with photography. He was the dreaded neighbor who wanted to have a night to show everyone his travels. Mom cringed, worried about our friends trying to be polite but we kids loved them because we were in every one of the pictures. Dad is gone now but I inherited his love of road travel and looking for the next memory and photo to add to our life experiences.

  • 147
    KristaT says:

    I took a road trip from San Diego to Chicago with my youngest son and parents. We saw the most amazing national parks and sights along the way. Hoover Dam, Zion National Park, Pike’s Peak, Royal Gorge, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and of course Wall Drug! It was a great trip!

  • 148

    A trip to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons. It was my husband, myself and our 3 boys when they were little. We had so much fun. The boys have great memories. I kept a bag filled with trinkets from the dollar store. It was bribery for restlessness. We called it Mom’s Magic Bag! Worked like a charm!

  • 149

    Me and two girlfriends took a short road trip to Nashville for a concert and had a blast! It was so fun to ride and talk about whatever came up.

  • 150
    Lisa R. says:

    There was a group of six of us and we traveled up north to the Syracuse State Fair. We had a blast!

  • 151
    April Wilson says:

    We stopped in the Smokey Mountains on the way from NC to MO for lunch and to leave “trail magic” on the Appalachian Trail.

  • 152
    Nicole wanvig says:

    We traveled from Florida to Virginia two years ago. It was a long trip but my 12 year old brought his guitar and played so listening to my two kiddos sing along the way made my heart happy!

  • 153
    SunnyinAK says:

    Driving to Myrtle Beach this summer with my friend and our kids and we saw a deer had met its demise. One of us quipped, “Oh deer…” And then another chimed in “I guess the buck stopped here.” We were quite sleepy and had been traveling for a long time at that point which only magnified the hilarity to the point I literally had to pull over because I had tears of laughter and couldn’t see. It still makes me giggle… Although I do feel bad for the deer.

  • 154

    I have so many wonderful memories of road trips with my sisters and parents when I was a child. One favorite trip was one in which we had traveled to California and on the way home we stopped at the Grand Canyon just before sunrise. At that time there were no restrictions as to when or where you could enter the park. Watching the sunrise over the canyon was amazing. I will always remember that trip.

  • 155
    Chris Biljan says:

    One year my siblings and all the kids met up in Yellowstone for a few days of camping. It was so nice to have everyone together in one place, exploring and having fun. The kids still say it was one of their favorite vacations ever.

  • 156
    Karen Rose says:

    I can barely think of the memories because my thoughts are on all the things I want in this release, however my favourite memories are from my childhood when travelling as a whole family. My mother would pull out the song book from the glove box and we’d sing our way to the destination. Fun! Thanks for the contest

  • 157
    Joyce says:

    My husband and I did the Dodge car scavenger hunt. Who wouldn’t want a new car right!? We ended up driving 1800 miles and the last night we were in upstate NY, in the middle of nowhere and no normal hotels to be found so we stopped at this little place that had one room cabins. It was scary! When we got to our cabin the door was open, the bedding looked like it was from the 1950’s, it was crazy. But we laughed and had a great time.

  • 158
    Holly Saveur says:

    Going on holidays when the boys were young..all being together…now they both go alone on holidays….

  • 159
    Kristin R. *jcmom04* says:

    We just came back (last week) from taking the kids to the Grand Canyon & Sedona for the first time. A lot of amazing and wonderful memories were made there. But really, it was our trip to Colorado 2 years ago (we took them to Pike’s Peak) that holds one of my best road trip memories. Our son, then 10, had never seen a mountain, and his reaction and pure amazement at them when he first saw them is etched in my brain for all time. Pulling over (on a freeway!) is not something we do, but we had to (and it was safe) to be able to capture those memories.

  • 160
    Martha says:

    The best trip was when we took a camping trip to Washington DC. We stayed in Maryland at a Yogi Bear Park. It was fun and educational for our two girls who were about 7 & 13!

  • 161
    Viki says:

    I love when we have my sisters van filled with family members. The more family members in the van, the more fun we have.

  • 162
    Cindy Otto says:

    My favorite vacation memory was our family trip to Canada before our boys left for college. What a great trip hiking, seeing the Canadian Rockies, the wildlife along the way, and spending time together as a family.

  • 163
    Sandy Vincent says:

    One year we took a vacation with another family,traveling from Michigan to South Dakota. There were 8 of us packed in our van. Lots of laughs and good times.

  • 164
    Edie B says:

    We use to take many road trips. Our youngest son was in a wheelchair and it was easier than flying. One of our trips was from Co to WA, camping along the way. We stopped one day on the Oregon coast and it was fabulous.

  • 165
    Sonia H says:

    The best memories I have are the times when we would stop for a picnic – it was always a beautifully green and tree filled area, somewhere along the way. My mom is an amazing cook, so the food was always fantastic, and sitting together, relaxed on a sunny day, lying on a soft blanket was just heavenly!

  • 166
    Jen W. says:

    So many great products in the new release! I’m especially loving the Need For Speed cars!
    In August 1997 my brother and I packed all my worldly possessions into my tiny Ford and we drove from Louisville, KY to New York. Both the air conditioning and the radio were broken so we sweated our way along the highways with a boombox sitting between us singing along to CDs at the top of our lungs. 😀

  • 167
    Christina S. says:

    My favorite memory from our road trips, would be when we would do a gas stop. My parents let us pick a couple of snacks. It was fun to see different food depending on which state we were in. After, we would all get back in the car and try each other’s snacks. It was just nice to have the whole family together.

  • 168
    Marcia Hill says:

    Had lots of great road trips growing up with my folks and brothers, but my favorite road trip was my honeymoon with my husband to Maine. We had dinner at an old Victorian house converted into a restaurant at Bar Harbor, and my husband ordered a stuffed lobster…the look on his face when they served it was priceless! The lobster was SO huge, it was hanging off the sides of the large dinner plate! The look on his face when they brought the bill was even more priceless…$103 for just his lobster! He ate every bite of it and still says it’s the best he’s ever had! :0)

  • 169
    Debbie P says:

    One trip that comes to mind is driving from Washington state To Atlanta in our convertible to visit our daughter. It was a hot summer and we had the top down the whole way.

  • 170
    Sue says:

    We just returned from a wonderful road trip in Newfoundland. The people there are wonderful and the food is amazing. We loved every minute of it and will remember this trip for many years (especially with the scrapbook I will be working on thanks to the Papertrey stamps like the lighthouse and What the Doodle Waves etc).

  • 171
    Teresa Currie says:

    One of my favorite memories is of our little family of 4 driving from Michigan to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina for a week vacation at the beach. We made that trip many times over the years. The kids were very good car travelers. I hope to be able to gather everyone at a Cape Hatteras cottage in a couple of years. 🙂

  • 172
    Rosemary D says:

    the road trip memory that always comes to mind for me is a trip my family took to Colorado to visit relatives. as a family of seven in a time before mini vans we had to take two cars. my older siblings were in one and my little sister and I were in the other with my mom and dad. my dad had told my oldest brother to always follow him and not drive ahead. well… my brother decided it would be funny to break that rule and during one stretch of the drive in Utah he suddenly zoomed passed our car and off down the road! I don’t think I ever saw my dad so mad!! by the time we caught up to them my dad had calmed down and I think even laughed about it!

  • 173
    Sandy Kay says:

    I remember road trips to Tennessee when I was little. My dad was from Tennessee and his family moved to PA when he was 16. Two of his older siblings had already married, so there were trips to visit them for many years. I always missed them when we’d come back home. I still have a heart for TN! Would move there in a heartbeat!

  • 174
    Rita says:

    Road trip memories…giggling with girlfriends, singing with my sisters, listening to students on a school bus heading to a field trip…and my favorite: riding with my dad in his convertible with no specific destination in mind. Oh how I miss those long talks with him. This “road trip” down memory lane is filling my heart with smiles today.

  • 175
    Alyssa S says:

    My family took a road trip from Colorado to Disneyworld when I was about 12. We stopped in this little restaurant somewhere in Louisiana and my mom got a whole crab. She proceeded to ask the waitress how to eat it. The waitress would say something like, “Some people eat that part, but I wouldn’t…” while wrinkling her nose. I think my mom ended up eating the legs and that’s about it! Pretty funny!

  • 176
    Mary W says:

    Favorite road trip was 2 years ago when I loaded up all 4 grandkids (without any parents) and we drove from NC to FL stopping anywhere they wanted. We went through a cave, Cherokee Museum, mountain hike, ruby mine, Dillard House to eat in GA and stopped anytime anyone wanted to. I had envelopes with money for each day and said we could spend whatever was in the envelope. They could decide. 18, 15,13,and 5 yo. It was a blast and they had so much fun. We ended up with money left over. I borrowed the money to do it and paid it off this month. So worth the time and money. We all laughed and talked and played. Dream vacation with this 5 day road trip.

  • 177
    Stacie Wells says:

    My favorite memory was from traveling with family when I was little to Georgia to visit family. We traveled in the “car with the Christmas lights.” It was my grandfather’s van with lights all inside it. Strange sounding, but very cool to a kid. My brother and I would lay down in the folding back seat and watch movies and build forts with blankets. We’d stop for peaches and get fresh fruit at little mom and pop markets along the way. Fun memory!

  • 178
    Nancy Penir says:

    Raising children in Central CA, where we were hours from sea, mountain lakes, SF, or LA, we took oodles of road trips. The seasons, where the scenery changed from snowy white, to green sprinkled with bright orange poppies, to golden, were my favorite memory. Playing along side the Grapevine to enjoy a snowy afternoon, to stopping and picnic at a Farmer’s Market in Arroyo Grande, are my best memories. Hard to pick one, They all come flooding back and make me smile!

  • 179
    Katie Skiff says:

    We used to road trip all the time, as my dad wasn’t a fan of flying so we drove where we needed to go. WE drove from Seattle to Portland along the coast and across the amazing Astoria Bridge. dad also wasn’t a fan of being a passenger but he got sick that day and mom had to drive over the bridge. I’m sure he held his breath the whole way over. Good memories!

  • 180
    Tanja S. says:

    We loved travelling from Charleston south to Miami a year and a half ago, When we were in the US we live in Australia. There was so much to experience, sights, sounds and tastes. My husband bravely drove a large rented car and tackled the complex highways, we were thankful for the GPS.

  • 181
    Marybeth says:

    When we were in Yellowstone Nataional park as a child (12) My dad stoped the car so we could see a large Bison by the road and I got out of the car to get a close up picture! My parents had no idea I got out ……( large family) they said I almost gave them both a heart attack !!!!!! I was quietly told to get back in the car and once at a safe distance voices were raised :/

  • 182
    Sally Gainer says:

    One of my best road trip memory is the summer we took our children on a tour of Civil War battle fields . They still bring it up at the dinner table and tell how much they hated it! Ha and they are in their 50s

  • 183
    Penny J says:

    When my sister and I were 9 & 7 my mother packed us and my, just turned 16 year old, brother into a none air conditioned 1963 Belair Cheverlot to head cross country, from NC to CA to, visit my grandparents. My brother had mapped out our trip, zig zagging us all along the way to different sights. Him and my mom would take turns driving and since we had no air conditioning there was many a time there were feet hanging out three windows. What a sight that must have been to other drivers. We were gone the whole summer that year and it has remained one of my most memorable trips out of many in my life.

  • 184
    Lisa Smith says:

    When I was a young girl every summer we would jump in the station wagon pulling our pop up camper and head to Canada for two weeks. My mom knew every jingle from tooth paste ads to coffee to cereal. She would change the words up but stay true to the tune and would add the city we were going to stop in for a bathroom break it was a hoot! She was great at entertaining 3 kids who were I am sure driving her and my dad crazy!

  • 185
    JoAnn H says:

    Growing up, we often went to the local beach on weekends to swim and cool off. I fondly remember that short drive to the lake anticipating the sandcastle a and ice cream the whole way.

  • 186
    ALOC says:

    A road trip from Maryland to St. Simon’s, Georgia to attend a wedding of a favorite niece is a favorite. The time with family and the leisurely side trips to Savannah and Charleston are very memorable.

  • 187
    DebiKT says:

    As a child, we’d visit my grandmother in a small Iowan town every year. Dad was never a leisurely driver but I remember once he stopped, all 6 of us, and we piled out to pick some wild asparagus growing in one of the ditches along a country road! I remember the experience more than the eating of the tender shoots of wild asparagus! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • 188
    Betty H. says:

    My favorite road trip is to the ocean and that first glimpse through a break in the trees gets me every time. It never fails to fill me with awe! Can’t get to the beach fast enough after that!

  • 189
    Emily M. says:

    My first real road trip was one of my favorites. I was 8, and we were headed to have a massive family vacation with family from all over the country. My grandparents rented one of those giant vans, and my mom gave me one of my birthday gifts early: an original Game Boy and Super Mario, Yoshi’s Cookie, and Zelda. I was so excited to go to the beach, and I’d never seen anything other than the flat cornfields of Illinois before, so the mountains were especially exciting.

  • 190
    Marianne M says:

    When I was 9 or 10, traveling in Oregon with my family to see relations, we stopped at Multnomah Falls to see the view. I was delighted when Dad took time for us to hike into the falls and stand on the path behind the falls–was incredible to my young mind!

  • 191
    Jan B says:

    When I was a kid most of our family vacations were going to Wisconsin to go fishing. My favorite part was leaving at 2am and driving in the dark. Even now hearing traffic in the dark reminds me of these trips. Oh yeah and stopping for breakfast at a truck stop. Thanks so much for a chance at a great prize.

  • 192
    AllysonA says:

    My mom and I visited New York for a music competition. In order to save money on the hotel, we checked out early and went sightseeing, with all our luggage in tow! It was hard to traipse around the Big Apple loaded down like that, but I will never forget it! Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration this week. I am looking forward to seeing my PTI package at the door!

  • 193
    Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    My husband and I drove cross country from CA to MD one summer during a move from one coast to the other, the boys flew home with graddad and it was a lovely trip.

  • 194
    Cindy Holshouser says:

    Last summer we drove to Bandon, Oregon to stay at a friend’s vintage lake cabin that was off grid. Driving along the Oregon Coast is so gorgeous.

  • 195
    Linda K. says:

    In 1991 our family drove over 5,000 from Arizona to Georgia, to Illinois and back to Arizona. We saw parts of the country we had never seen before and it was so much fun.

  • 196
    pooja says:

    Memorable road trip .one from my childhood when my dad drove our card through heavy rains !Its still very very clear in my mind..it was like an adventure for my little mind then !

  • 197
    chris g. says:

    Playing silly games with my kids, so funny.

  • 198
    Maureen P says:

    One of the best memories of a short road trip the dh and I took one Christmas was getting engaged. We went out of town for his staff Christmas party and he proposed that night in our hotel room. Very romantic evening I will never forget 🙂

  • 199
    Debs says:

    When I was a child my parents took us on a camping trip from NJ to Acadia National Park in Maine. Bring a city kid, I never knew such natural beauty existed.

  • 200
    Julia L. says:

    I remember when we were driving to California from Minnesota. We stayed in Las Vegas one night (I remember seeing an Ernest Goes To.. movie playing on a drive in movie screen and we ate at a McDonalds). The hotel we stayed at had an electrical problem so we didn’t have electricity. I took a shower with my dad shining a flashlight so I could see and we played games to entertain ourselves because we couldn’t watch TV. I think I was 7 or 8 years old.

  • 201
    txgrandma says:

    A couple of years ago, we took our two oldest granddaughters on a road trip from TX to KY. We had a week of new adventures and lots of great memories. None of us wanted to go home. We are looking forward to taking another trip soon with the girls!

  • 202
    Diana K says:

    The summer I was seventeen, just before university, a group of friends (five of us) drove across the country from Montréal to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, where we had jobs picking cherries. Will never forget, can’t ever forget. It was wild!

  • 203
    Adele Holcomb says:

    I have wonderful memories of the annual family trip to see my grandmother in a small town in Eastern Ohio. I was a child of the 50’s, before turnpikes and superhighways, so our trip from Chicago wound through country roads, where tall corn and cows and horses were endlessly fascinating to three little city girls. We stocked up with comic books and snacks and games we could play in the car, and didn’t even fight too much. 😉 The highlight of the trip was one night on the road, usually spent in one of those cheesy motels with cabins that looked like windmills or tepees. Thanks for a fun question and a trip down memory lane!

  • 204
    Erica says:

    My best memories are listing to my grandfather whistle and bang his hand in tune with the music on the steering wheel on our way to camp every summer!

  • 205
    kelly says:

    i remember wearing shorts and playing in the snow as we drove through the rocky mountains in western canada; my mom remembers my sister and i being a little bit ‘bicker-y’ but i have no recollection of that 😉

  • 206
    Becky Green says:

    I think my FAVORITE road trips were when we as a family would do “little” road trips together with our children when they were younger! I was ALWAYS looking for fun things for the kids to do in the car, kind of like Erin’s creations to keep the kids busy….. AND OF COURSE, FOOD! Our FAVORITE place to visit was an OLD Canal Town. We LOVED IT when the Apple Butter Festival was going on. My favorite road trip here where we live now, was when we visited a Historic home & toured it, hearing how people lived. Afterwards, we had a picnic on the grounds. SUCH FUN doing things together as a family. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate! JUST BEING TOGETHER IS ENOUGH!! 😉

  • 207
    Autumn says:

    Traveling to upstate New York with my husband on the first day of our honeymoon was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable road trips I can remember. Beautiful scenery!

  • 208
    Erin S says:

    As a little girl, anytime we would take vacation we would drive. It was always an great experience and….back then…..I could lay in the back window of the car (totally unsafe!) and watch the stars as we drove at night. It was magical at that age.

  • 209
    Kristie H says:

    I would pick our first trip back east to visit family when we were all piled in an old station wagon. It was such an eye opening experience to see the rest of the country for the first time!

  • 210
    Laura Gaechter says:

    Growing up in Michigan, the best road trips were when you went “up north”. We would always go once or twice a summer camping and always to a different campground. We climbed the dunes, went to Mackinac Island, the UP and to lots of beaches. We took our three boys up as often as we could. Now my middle son will be attending college in the UP and we’ll get to take lots of road trips taking him and picking him up from school.

  • 211
    Noreen says:

    While traveling, we do alphabets of various subjects such as flowers, authors, boys names, etc. We have done some very silly alphabets with some very silly items for each letter. It totally entertains us and keeps us laughing for miles. We have had some wonderful road trips!

  • 212
    Deb Hudson says:

    I love road trips! One favorite would be when I was 5. We were driving 395 south from Oregon to LA. It was very hot and our car had no air conditioning. My mother bought a block of ice and put it on the floor of the back seat. We played with the ice and it kept us cool.

  • 213
    Brenda Kuder says:

    One of my best memories is of a trip to Texas in the Spring when we drove around looking at all the beautiful and amazing wild flowers along all the highways.

  • 214
    Maria C F says:

    My favorite road trip memories are the ones in which we got lost and discovered something unexpected.

  • 215
    KK Hanson says:

    When I was 14 years old my dad took our family up thru Indiana to see some of his family and then on to Montreal, Canada. Then we came down thru Niagara Falls and spent a week in NYC where he had a convention to attend. I wore my first high heels and lipstick. Will never forget it all! Now I’m really overly excited about this new release and can’t wait to see what happens.

  • 216
    Zehra says:

    Going to Florida with my kids and stopping to see the falls and having time to spend as a family for a week with no obligation. It was awesome.

  • 217
    Felicia says:

    Wow there are soooo many. My college road trip with girlfriends, we laughed, cried, shared intimate secrets, sung all our hit songs…(horribly-LOL) and felt more like sisters by the end of our trip home from various FL stops while taking in the scenery, festivals, beaches and night life. We’re still close to this day.

  • 218

    A 2 week car-chick-trip through Canada. Beautiful country – beautiful scenery — fabulous memories!

  • 219
    Amanda says:

    The first time we were in Italy we were visiting Siena. We drove right into the center of old town – where you aren’t suppose to go. We had mad Italians beating on our car, yelling at us, and our car barely fit through the streets. Even the taxi we were following ( because he had to know his way out, right) was having trouble making the turns. It’s the kind of experience that is hard to get these days.

  • 220
    Yvonne Mathie says:

    Going round Paris to find Disney and getting totally lost. We were driving in completely the wrong direction and ended up at L’Arc de Triomphe arriving at our destination hours late. Perhaps not the best memory but had to laugh afterwards!

  • 221
    Karen barker says:

    I’m from the uk and I’d have to say my best ever road trip was when I was with my hubby in California. And we drove up the Pacific coast highway to monetary and Carmel. Both beautiful and stunning places and then drove to San Fran. I have such fond memories of those 3 blissful weeks together, driving and exploring.

  • 222
    Patricia F. says:

    My husband, 2 grown sons & daughter-in-law, & I went to England & Scotland in Jan. earlier this year. We flew into London & after a few days travelled by train to Edinburgh with stops in Liverpool & Birmingham. The English countryside was beautiful & traveling by rail was relaxing & fun! We saw many castles in Scotland & the people were all so friendly. Scotland is a beautiful country. I’ll treasure the family memories we made there forever.

  • 223
    Joy H says:

    In the day before iphone map applications, my sister and I made a road trip and she was the map reader. On our last day, I felt like we were not getting any closer to home, when we both realized she was reading the map wrong and we went 2 hours in the wrong direction — but all was ok. We had a big laugh, extended the road trip a little and still talk about it – and that was about 20 years ago. Such a fond memory for both of us.

  • 224
    Debra says:

    My husband makes road trips so enjoyable. For him, there truly is joy and adventure in the journey, not just the destination. A few years back we went to see his family and stopped at Yosemite on our way home. We were there in the early morning hours and drove through part of the park with the windows down and the sunroof open. There was the sweetest smell from blooming wildflowers coming through the windows. The smell was distinct and indescribable but something I will always associate with the contentment I felt as we wound our way through that beautiful national park. And I have that sweet memory thanks to my husband who was willing to make a detour from our route home!

  • 225
    Jane says:

    My favorite road trip was a trip with my grandparents where we sang and had fast food. Your release is great!

  • 226
    Shelby Cox says:

    My husband and I were traveling in Glacier National Park a few years ago, looking for a place to eat our lunch. We were headed towards a picnic area when a small black bear scampered across the road in front of us on three legs, carrying something in his other paw that he had gotten off one of the picnic tables in the area we were headed towards. Needless to say, we did not stop at that particular picnicking area.

  • 227
    Christine Nixon says:

    When I was small, we lived on one end of the state and our relatives lived on the other end. So, we’d pile into the car and take off for our visit and stop halfway at a little diner to eat lunch. In the middle of the river outside the diner there was a huge rock with a full size bus parked on it and my sisters and I would tell stories of how we thought the bus got on the rock. Such good memories and such tall tales!

  • 228
    conny w. says:

    taking a two weeks road trip across the western part of the US. Beginning from Chicago ending in San Francisco was the best I´ve ever made.

  • 229
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    We were on a trip in Missouri, & saw a sign that warned to watch out for Amish buggies. I am fascinated by the Amish & was so excited to see a buggy at the very next intersection.

  • 230
    Susan G says:

    Best road trip was a four week trip in a rented RV visiting every western state, logging over 10,000 miles total, zigzagging our way out and back to Ohio. Planning was such fun. Seeing mountains at sunrise…feeding chipmunks and stellar jays…hiking around the Grand Canyon and several national parks…absolute bliss.

  • 231
    karen b says:

    Last year we drove from Zion National Park to Bryce and on to Monument Valley– not a hard or long trip, except it was in their biggest snow storm in years and it transformed the landscape! What a fun trip!

  • 232
    Renee Lewis says:

    Many years ago my husband and I rented a car in Ft. Lauderdale and drove to Key West on The Overseas Highway which is a 113-mile highway of U.S. Route 1 through the Florida Keys. It could only have been made better by having a convertible. Best Drive Ever!

  • 233
    Marilyn in Michigan says:

    So many to choose from. One of my favorites was when my daughter and I drove up to Traverse City to surprise my sister for her 50th birthday.

  • 234
    Marlee S. says:

    I went on a road trip with my two sisters and my mother in law to Arizona to see my daughter. We did a lot of sightseeing and had a great time. It was wonderful to have most of my family together at once!

  • 235
    Dasha says:

    One of the most beautiful memories is when we were driving back home, we searched almost 3 hours for a place to sleep over, we couldn’t find anything so we slept in a card…and in the morning when we woke up, we took a swim in the sunrise 🙂

  • 236
    Patty J says:

    My best memory was road tripping to Winnipeg from MN as a child, being in the back of the truck (when that used to be acceptable), lounging and eating licorice with my sister while laying on all the sleeping bags for the entire family.

  • 237
    Little Mabel says:

    A few years ago my sister from Florida was visiting me one Summer and we decided spur of the moment to visit our Nova Scotia sister. Florida sis had never to NS so we hopped into my little 2-seater and boogied on North for a couple of days. On the return drive, I drove us to Eastport, ME so she could watch the sun come up from the Eastern-most part of the USA.
    We rolled into town about 3:00AM, parked the car and waited for Sunrise, while reminiscing about all our road-trips we endured as a military family travelling up and down the Eastern Seaboard when growing up.
    It was so peaceful and we listened as the fog horn sounded, then the sun burst forth over the horizon in all its golden glory.
    The end result is that the Sunburst Doodle is at the top of my list this release 🙂

  • 238
    Kathryn A says:

    I used to love the summer road trip to the mountains. After the flatness and heat of the prairies, the coolness and fresh pine smell was amazing!

  • 239

    On one trip from Georgia to Florida, I all of a sudden, and out of nowhere, I started humming the theme song to Sanford and Son. Then my husband joined in, and then our son. When we were done, we all laughed, and we still laugh when we talk about it.

  • 240
    Denise Bryant says:

    My favorite car trip memories…. lots of trips from northern CA to Santa Barbara. My family lived in Hayward and we would take vacation trips to Santa Barbara to visit my grandparents. On one trip back home, we stopped along the way in Los Alamos area at a ranch to pick up a Siamese kitten we had arranged to get.

  • 241
    Renee Collier says:

    One of my most favorite road trips was with several of the women that I’ve met over the last seven years through our shared love of crafting, cardmaking and scrapbooking. We meet every year to attend the Great American Scrapbooking Convention (we’re all from different states). On our last trip to Arlington, TX we had so much fun re-creating favorite car scenes from movies. We ended up including people from other cars too; who were nice enough and didn’t think we were totally nuts! We were loud, silly…it was such big fun!

  • 242
    Mcstamper says:

    Very old memory. My parents, brother, and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas to see my Dad’s birthplace. This was the early 50s and my first stay in a motel. Will never forget the fun and thrill of my father when we found the house still standing.

  • 243
    Karen B. says:

    I’m leaving on a road trip up the California coast today – hoping to make some great new memories!

  • 244

    Just when I am happy with what I have, you do this to me. I LOVE THE ENTIRE NEW COLLECTION ! Best road trip southwestern Colorado.

  • 245
    Annie D says:

    One of my best road trip memories is of last December right before Christmas, when my husband and I drove all day to greet our beloved son home arriving from deployment in Iraq. I was so excited that I told store clerks and restaurant cashiers along the way!

  • 246
    Amy R says:

    We took a family ski trip every winter between Christmas and New Years to a lovely place in northern Michigan. It was a blast every year!

  • 247
    Dianne Jenkins says:

    Best Road Trip Memory? when we rented our first mini-van for a trip and both boys felt like they were in a spaceship – and even better, each boy had his own row of seats to set up how they pleased with no “He’s touching me” for the whole trip!!!!

  • 248
    Cheryl F. says:

    On our honeymoon, my husband and I were driving over Beartooth Pass (Montana-Wyoming state line) and it was snowing like crazy. We weren’t expecting it, since it was July; but it was a beautiful place to be. It’s one of my happiest memories.

  • 249
    Elise Smith says:

    Some of the best memories I have from a road trip are from when I was a kid. My parents wanted us to visit some family in Wisconsin but I was too scared to fly on a plane. So we drove all the way from Texas to Wisconsin and stopped at lots of cool places along the way… Louisville Slugger factory tour, Bridges of Madison County, Mall of America, etc. This was a great release! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • 250

    I went on a road trip to Manhattan with two college friends to go to a bachelorette party in the big city! We even got a flat tire near the United Nations building on the Sunday we returned, but even that turned in to a fun(ny)adventure!

  • 251

    Best road trip…..Colorado with the family.

  • 252
    Peege04 says:

    Glacier National Park. It is such an incredibly beautiful place. Every turn in the road provides another magnificent view!

  • 253
    lainey says:

    As a kid, going on our summer vacation playing games and singing in the car to keep us occupied. Asking a hundred times “are we there yet”? lol

  • 254
    Tonya Jastad says:

    My honeymoon down the Oregon coast had to be one of my most favorite memories. We drove up and down the entire coast and walked on all the beaches. Found all kinds of out of the way restaurants and shops, saw sea lions, whales, tasted cheese and ice cream in Tillamook, saw the largest sequoia tree. I hadn’t thought of that trip in a long time, thanks for reminding me.

  • 255
    MaryB says:

    One of my favorite road trips was just the two of us, just last summer. To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we went back to the place of our honeymoon, St Louis, MO. We took 9 days, and began the trip visiting our kids and month-old grandchild here in OH. We even took in some Cardinals baseball, just like on our honeymoon, which made hubby very happy. Although this time we had front row seats for both games instead of way up high. It was wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win a grand gift certificate. I want almost everything this month!

  • 256
    Karen Bryan says:

    I love road trips! My favorite, because it was so memorable, was driving MN to Colorado. I had never seen mountains before, and I was driving my 5 speed little Bronco II. I was going crazy with excitement, the road was twisty, the sights amazing, and I think my husband was about to die. Scared out of his mind.

  • 257
    Vickie D says:

    One of my best memories from a road trip is traveling with another couple & their 2 kids in 2 separate cars. Our kids had walkie talkies & sang camp songs along the way1 The time flew by & the kids didn’t argue!

  • 258
    Colleen F says:

    When my daughter was going to Pepperdine, she flew but a girlfriend and I drove her card down loaded with all of her stuff. We had so much fun talking and laughing and we stopped at Carmel to go shopping and at Little Scandinavia (which I can’t remember the name of the city, but it was definitely a great time!

  • 259
    Natalie Winterstein says:

    We took a lot of road trips as a kid. One of my favorite trips as a kid was to California in the family station wagon! We went to Disneyland. It was so much fun!

  • 260
    Patti says:

    Camping with just my sister and our two daughters – leaving husbands behind : ) we went each year to “Susan’s Creek” in Oregon. Tent camped with no showers on the creek for TWO weeks! : ) Bathed in the creek LOVED every minute of it and so did our girls. Now that they have families of their own they take their kids there too!

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  • 261
    Chris L says:

    This month’s release was amazing–so many great projects! My favorite memories from a road trip are from when we drove to Bryce Canyon in Utah–such a beautiful place!

  • 262
    abrash says:

    Great road trip with my husband and parents while in Maui. Fantastic memories and good laughs!

  • 263
    Lennie says:

    Road trips with my twin girls are the best. Always a lot of laughter. One of my favorite memories is when they decided to try and talk backwards for most of the trip, it was hilarious!

  • 264
    JessicaK says:

    Long car rides with lots of people can be cramped and boring – not something you look forward to. My favorite was getting to our hotel destination after an 8 and 1/2 hour van ride and having pretty much everyone’s reaction be, “oh wow, we’re here already?”

  • 265
    StephH says:

    Took a roadtrip with my sweetheart 26+ years ago to adjoining state to where we got married. Best roadtrip of my life!

  • 266
    Brandi R says:

    Road trip memories…..oh there’s a few. One of the most recent that we still recount and laugh over, is from a trip to the Outer Banks. Not much fun when roads change and you are relying on Garmin to get there and she’s not aware of the changes….LOL. Well, we missed a turn due to road changes; and in the process of getting turned around, Garmin continued to tell us how to get back on track. Seemed the more she said, the tone in the voice changed. We howled when the words “TURN AROUND” came out while in a turn around. Sounded so snippy and we’ve been so very tempted to see if we can get her to do it again….LOL.

  • 267
    Janet Goshorn says:

    Playing games in the car by looking for license plates from every state

  • 268
    Jen Carter says:

    I remember going to a Royals game and it was so hot! They use to always give the first so many kids a freebie when they went through the gate and this game it was a blue batting helmet. In between one of the innings, the announcer told all of the kids to stand up and wave your helmets so I did. And as I did, my pink overalls that I had on fell to my ankles. I was so horrified and the drunks behind us just laughed making it worse! I had been so hot that I had undone the buttons holding the overalls up. OOPS! 🙂

  • 269
    Sandy S. says:

    When my children were small, we wanted to drive from NJ to MN to visit family. Instead of pushing the trip, we allowed five days to get there and made each day a mini-vacation. One of our favorite stops was at the circus museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

  • 270
    Kelly Szafron says:

    This is a hard one, I have gone on a lot of road trips and done a lot of camping. One of my favorite road trips was to Florida with my husband, kids and parents. We camped by a beach and had a fantastic time.

  • 271
    susan hatfield says:

    Driving up to Mt. Haleakala going through a forest of Eucalyptus trees and smelling their wonderful fragrance. This release has many fun and gorgeous products!

  • 272
    pamhollie says:

    My Dad’s family lived on the East coast and it was a couple of days drive to visit once a year. Traveling in the 60’s was a lot different than now, no a/c, not a lot of places to stop with 4 children, no video games or movies. We mostly just slept or argued. Stopping was usually at a souvenir store on the side of the road, Stuckeys for the bathroom or Howard Johnson’s to eat. Most of my family has passed now, but remembering the trips is a good way to enjoy the time we spent together.

  • 273
    Tracy K says:

    1972 – My parents and two sisters and I traveled from our home in KS through NE, CO, UT, NV, AZ, NM and OK in one week! We saw so many amazing things that week. I still have all the matchbooks and other things I collected as mementos of the places we visited.

  • 274
    Pat says:

    Probably the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Fran…just my husband and me…to celebrate our 30th anniversary! We stopped wherever we wanted..no itinerary..just with the final destination in mind.

  • 275

    I think my favorite road trip was when we visited British Columbia. My daughter was 3 and my son was 6 months old. I had bought little gifts for my daughter to open along the way to entertain her. It is such a beautiful place and I enjoyed looking out the window at the coastal mountains and the lush forests. Road trips are great because you get to see everything along the way.

  • 276
    Ruby N says:

    Road trip with my close friends, overnight and just listening to music and chatting. Miss them!

  • 277
    Karen Wade says:

    my favorite road trip is where you say nothing I. The car but just admire the scenery. So peaceful and lovely. I have seen some beautiful things in my quiet road trip.

  • 278
    Teresa F. says:

    Being together with my family on our first trip to Walt Disney World! Such a fun and memorable trip from Kentucky to Florida–my grandmother was even along!

  • 279
    susanhoey@rogers.com says:

    Love the road trips I took as a child with my parents and sisters. Vacations made us grow closer and we have such fond memories to share. I especially like the one we took to the Canadian Rockies. I fell in love with the mountains and told my parents we should move there. No concern about my Dad not having work there.

  • 280
    Tiffany R. says:

    Best road trip memory, my husband proposed during a road trip to Yosemite National Park.

  • 281
    Beth M. says:

    Traveling to Tennessee to research my family history- lots of great information. It was a good trip

  • 282
    Caitlin M says:

    Our family always loved to play I Spy whenever we went on long road trips:)

  • 283
    April Story says:

    My favorite road trip memory is when my mom and dad and brother and I went on vacation out west. We drove our RV and spent lots of quality time together. :-). It’s a road trip I will never forget

  • 284
    TamiBabs says:

    Gosh, so many trips! We went on a two-week road trip every year when I was a kid. Favorites were driving to Disneyland and then many years later driving to Disney World! Growing up in the Midwest those trips to a “coast’ were so much fun because the scenery changed so drastically!

  • 285
    Ann Lind says:

    One of my most memorable trips was with my Mom and Dad after my Dad had his terminal cancer diagnosis. We drove from Chilliwack, B.C. to Reno in their motor home. My Dad loved going to Reno and he was so carefree there. I will always treasure that trip and our time together.

  • 286
    LindaM says:

    We went on a road trip that had no destination. We just went from different art studios to stores whatever caught our eye. It was just a fun day just going with what was there.

  • 287
    Ashlee says:

    When I was a child my family would leave our house in the middle of the night and drive to Oregon to see our grandparents. My brothers and I would usually fall asleep and then when we woke up we were so excited because we were almost there:)

  • 288
    Sandra says:

    Hiking the Grand Canyon where I had my first kiss.

  • 289
    Jean R-T says:

    Road trips with my parents and brothers were full of action. I’ll always remember having to sit between my brothers to keep them from punching each other and playing grammar games. (My Mom was an English teacher 🙂 )

  • 290
    Sally K says:

    When I was young we went on a road trip from California to Arkansas to visit family. My Grandma went with us and I got to be her hotel “room partner”. Such sweet memories of sharing that time with her.

  • 291
    Pat Whitley says:

    A girlfriend trip to a wedding in Winston Salem from Kansas. We went to Charleston first, then the wedding, OBX, Colonial Williamsburg all in 6 days! Fun times!

  • 292
    Elle H. says:

    It would have to be a girls weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia. I can spill any details but the trip there, certainly our time there and then the trip home was filled with so much laughter!!!!!!!!!

  • 293
    Carolee Mc says:

    Whenever my family goes on long road trips we turn up the radio really loud and sing our hearts out!!! So fun:)

  • 294
    Kathy Mc says:

    My DH and I have done a few road trips from WA to MN with stops along the way to see the sights, especially Mt. Rushmore, and then a different route home. Next week we’re meeting my sister and BIL from MN in Billings to drive to Yellowstone and plan our September road trip from MN to TN, especially to see Graceland and Nashville. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fond memories from both trips. Feel free to share any helpful tips on what not to miss!

  • 295
    Peggy S says:

    Our first stop on a long car trip was lunch at a diner. My mom was in her new vacation outfit-blue gauchos! When she opened the catsup for her burger the bottle was somehow under pressure and catsup exploded all over her, the table, splatters everywhere. It felt like all in the restaurant turned to stare. My mom was crushed about her clothes and had to change clothes in the bathroom. As we left we saw the staff opening and closing every bottle of catsup.

  • 296

    On the Road to Hanna….on the backside…..we found this beautiful old church with a very old graveyard. We wandered around for a couple of hours reading the headstones. It’s always a nice relaxing thing we like do…although sometimes it can be heartbreaking when you come across lots of small children’s graves because of some epidemic.

  • 297
    Landa Wagar says:

    Near the end of a long road trip with three little ones in the back, for some reason my husband told them to howl. What we got were three of the sweetest little howls you could ever imagine. A tiny chorus of precious that never fails to give me a smile.

  • 298
    LR says:

    One of the best road trips we took was to the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon! So majestic and beautiful! God is a great artist!

  • 299
    MargaretC says:

    My DD reading her first chapter book all the way to our destination…
    She hasn’t stopped reading since 🙂

    That and the great chats my husband and I have.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 300

    I love road trips and have a bunch of them, but my favorite one is from New York City to San Francisco, we were driving a new Benz for a friend, delivered the Benz he bought in Pensylvania to SF for him, the best car and most comfort car and we make a few stops along the way, had a snow storm, it was scary but yet a new experience for me, lots and lots of fun along the way.

  • 301
    Sue Delaplaine says:

    On a trip to California, we rented a Convertible, thought it would be fun… but on side trip to Sequoia Nat’l Park, all the cars were pulled over to see something… (that something was a BEAR)… so I thought the convertible in a Nat’l park with wild animals wasn’t such a great idea anymore!

  • 302
    crestajune says:

    Last May, my best friend and I went on a 3-week, 9 National Parks road trip. We had so many adventures and blessings, but one of the favorite memories of the trip was waking up to snow on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was so beautiful!

  • 303
    Kathryn D says:

    A road trip around the Cape in South Africa. The most spectacular scenery and glimpses of Whales out on the coast. Great memories !

  • 304
    Joybells says:

    When my kids were teens, I took them tent camping to a wilderness area in Michigan. A favorite memory is returning from a day trip very late at night and seeing eyes in all directions (deer).

  • 305
    Niki C says:

    On our way to South Padre Island from San Antonio to go camping for a week. On the way down my husband and I were discussing things we still needed to pick up, like toiletries. A 6 year old voice pipes up from the back seat, “Toilet trees? There’s no such thing as toilet trees…..?” as he turns to eye the passing palm trees suspiciously. 🙂

  • 306
    Ariadne Moore says:

    When my son was very young, I took him on a road trip to northern Michigan (just the two of us) he so wanted to learn how to fish, so I bought him a children’s size rod & reel and we went out to a long fishing dock, there he befriended an elderly fisherman who taught him how to fish that day, it was a beautiful moment seeing the two of them, something I will never forget.

  • 307
    Arianna Barbara says:

    Road trip memories are the best! I love when everyone sings in the car, discovering beautiful places while you’re driving and stopping in lovely places for a pic nic.

  • 308
    Pat Baker says:

    My favorite memories of road trips were the annual summer vacations to the beach. We went to Stone Harbor (NJ) every year for many, many years and we would always take the same route to pass by a particular road stand that had ice cream and “belly buster” burgers and “foot long” hotdogs. It was about the half-way mark on our trip, so it was a good break from driving (or just riding in the car when we were little). There was a small airport there and picnic tables, so it was fun to see an airplane actually landing or taking off, too.

  • 309
    Mary-Anne V. says:

    We took a road trip on our California and it was just amazing to drive along the coast and just enjoy the natural beauty that God has created!

  • 310
    kimgyu says:

    LOVE road trips! My hubby and I use to go on one every year. My favorite memory is visiting the Blackhills in SD for the first time. We went to Custer State Park where we could feed wild burros, wait for bison to cross the road, and view a variety of different types of wildlife. It’s definitely one of the treasures in our country!

  • 311
    Kylie says:

    Taking a trip to the beach with my family packed in the car and playing games the whole way there.

  • 312
    Susan P says:

    One of my favorite memories of road trips when the kids were little, was playing the license plate game. We used to have so much fun finding all the states, and I always felt like they were learning at the same time! Score!

  • 313
    GinaEgg says:

    As a kid, our family used to travel from Arkansas to Nebraska to spend time with my grandmother and her husband on their farm. Mom used to pack special “travel bags” for me and my sister. We had no idea what was in them until the day we left for vacation. Our bags were always filled with new travel games, crayons, coloring books and other fun road-trip activities. Such a fond memory.

  • 314

    Illinois to Washington and back with our two sons (jr high and high school). What a great way to experience each other and America: Corn Palace, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Mount St. Helens and so much more.

  • 315
    Elizabeth Knehans says:

    I loved road trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house when I was kids. My siblings and I would pile in the back of our station wagon to make the journey. We’d sing, play car games and nap till we go close and then one of us would have a serious case of “are we there yet”. We’d pull into our grandparents driveway and see who could race into the house first to get the first hug.

  • 316
    KKO says:

    Some favorite memories are common to many of our roadtrips– watching our son building campfires, scramble up or down hiking trails, skip stones, and check out all the best climbing trees…

  • 317
    Ericka Strange says:

    The day after our wedding, my husband and I took a five day road trip up the California coast from San Diego to San Fransico. So much fun to go to the beaches, eat wonderful food, stop by some wineries and coffee shops, the Monterray Aquarium, and other tourist sites. Carefree newlyweds looking forward to a great future together. Some day we’ll get back but probably when the kids are older.

  • 318
    Cindy C says:

    When I was 19 my whole family (mom, dad, and 3 younger brothers) went on a road trip out to the Grand Canyon in Arizona in a motorhome. While my teenage self probably didn’t appreciate it as much, I’m so grateful we took that trip & I have lots of memories from it. My mom later passed away suddenly when I was 28

  • 319
    Dori says:

    Going to visit my friends mom in California. We used to make the trip all the time and it was always fun. But one time we decided to stop at McDonalds and get chocolate dipped cones. We were eating them in the car and it was a disaster! There was ice cream everywhere because they were melting quicker than we could eat them. We had to pull over partly to get rid of the ice cream and partly so we could stop laughing and actually focus on driving. It was hilarious!

  • 320
    Noelle says:

    Driving through the redwoods as a family! We got to see so many amazing things. The car battery also was dying so we had to start leaving the car running at each stop =)

  • 321
    Steffi H. says:

    2 year ago we spent 6 weeks in Australia and made almost 6000 miles on the road. We saw so many strange things, breathtaking landscapes & crazy animals … this will be a lifetime memory.

  • 322
    Karla P says:

    When my two oldest kids were just an infant and a toddler, we would travel at night. Driving from Kansas to visit family in Wisconsin, we saw the most spectacular display of Northern Lights, as we drove through MN…. God’s beautiful handiwork painted across the night sky!!

  • 323
    merryf says:

    On our honeymoon a few years ago, we were in the mountains of Italy and rented a car for a couple days. One day we headed off to a nearby city to see a museum but it was closed — and we ended up on a random road trip through the wine region of the Italian Alps, stopping at a couple of wineries. We have a photo of the two of us at a winery with large wineglasses and even larger smiles!

  • 324
    Linda Lander says:

    Taking my granddaughter and daughter on a road trip to the beach; complete with brunch on the water, painting class and the most fun…. Sand castle lessons fro. A professional. Sandcastle builder !!!! Special memories that will last forever… For all of us.

  • 325
    Elizabeth S says:

    When we took a trip up the coast of California and was able to take our granddaughter who was about 2 at the time. It was so much fun watching her excitement of seeing all the sights. The Dolphins swimming was a special moment.

  • 326
    Susan W. says:

    Just returned from Scotland/England! Drove from Edinburgh to Wick, Scotland (about a 6 hour drive) and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Went crazy with everything backwards on the roads: steering is on the right side of cars so you drive on the opposite sides of the road!
    Glad our son-in-law did the driving! We went for my brother’s daughter’s wedding. 🙂

  • 327
    LaFaunB says:

    Saw beautiful country and wild animals in a seven-day adventure from Utah to Alaska with sisters, friend, and young niece and nephew. Fun memories!

  • 328
    Connie Fisher says:

    My husband and I love to take the back roads, with no particular agenda – stop and explore where and when we want, stay where we want. Love, love, love roadtrips with him. Also love the roadtrips my sister and I take to visit her kids and grandkids in Seattle – just got back last night from one of those trips. We had so much fun and are totally exhausted =)

  • 329
    Janice Marcham says:

    My best road trip memories are from our many trips from Connecticut to Virginia Beach! The 13 hour trip was usually filled with playing the car license plate game and stopping at the same places to eat every year. Also, having to go over and through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, the signs would start miles ahead and the anticipation grew the closer we would get. I looked forward to that trip every year!

  • 330
    Linda Miles says:

    One of my best road trip memories is driving to California with my mom and kids and spending time on the beach with them. I can still feel the cool breeze and hear the ocean waves . . .

  • 331
    JWL says:

    Fun games & snacks also mg the way.

  • 332
    Patty says:

    Making up word games of any sort with my siblings.

  • 333
    Krissie says:

    Singing songs upon songs to help with the long rides.

  • 334
    Martha Y. says:

    Learning to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  • 335
    Ann says:

    Practicing our math facts (rote memory) of adding, subtraction, multiplication and division…and having a race as to who gets the answer the fastest.

  • 336
    Meagan says:

    When I was young my grandparents took me and all my cousins on a road trip to Disneyland. There were so many of us that we needed to use two cars. That was in the days before cell phones so my Grandpa had the ingenious idea of using walkie talkies. You can imagine the craziness that went down with two cars full of kids and a pair of walkie talkies. I think my Grandpa regretted that idea pretty fast but man did we have fun.

  • 337
    KathyFL57 says:

    Whenever we took a road trip as a kid, we always stayed at “sleepy bear” motels..Those motels were the highlight of our young minds because it was big time to stay in a motel.We were always so excited about the motels that we would be on the lookout for them along the way…

  • 338
    Pat from sd says:

    My parents would always bring certain foods in the cooler for our car rides…

  • 339
    jengd says:

    My husband and I went to New England for a friend who was taking her parents’ ashes to family locations for burial/dispersal. While it wasn’t a trip for the happiest of reasons, we went to some places we never may have otherwise, met our friend’s family who we’d heard of for years, and generally had a great trip.

  • 340
    Carrie T says:

    My favorite road trip happened a couple of years ago on the way back home from Ludington, MI. My husband, aka Mr. GPS, wanted to take me and the kids on a “quick” side trip to a small park that he remembered as a kid. Well, we ended up on some two track going through a primitive camping area because that was the direction that the GPS said to go! We did eventually find the park, and then we found a MUCH shorter way back to the interstate. So much for his faith in the GPS! We teased my husband the whole way home!

  • 341
    Lauren Yo says:

    Talking, laughing, singing, eating while on a road trip with others is always fun for me.

  • 342
    Deborah Rosenow says:

    My honeymoon was a road trip to Yellowstone National Park. My husband had never been while I had gone many times as a teenager. Well our first day driving through the park was priceless….not just because of the incredible views of Mother Nature but my husbands looks of amazement was just priceless.

  • 343
    Kim Heggins says:

    So many wonderful memories of driving up to the mountains each year to cut down our Christmas tree, we always did it as a family and spend time with my dad’s Navy buddies, loved that time with my family.

  • 344
    Linda S. says:

    When my kids were growing up my sister, her son and I would take a road trip to Cannon Beach, on the Oregon Coast each year for a week of fun at Haystack Rock.

  • 345
    Sherry Knight says:

    The best road trip was when we traveled from California back to Indiana. My son was around 4 and we got to take him to Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, Grand Canyon, etc. He got to see a lot of the wonderful things the US has to offer.

  • 346
    Donna K says:

    heading out West one summer we kept seeing signs for Stuckey’s every other minute. Finally my sister said “I can’t see one more sign for Stuckey’s”. She turned herself around in the car (pre-seat belts!) and immediately saw a Stuckey’s sign for people going in the other direction. We laughed so hard and we still tease her about it almost 50 years later.

  • 347
    char says:

    When my family drove across country to Wisconsin and spent a month. I got to meet that side of the family and my cousins! I was a wonderful summer I’ll never forget!

  • 348
    janet says:

    When we were little, our parents bundled us int he car (we lived in Scotland) and we were told that we were emigrating to New Zealand! So, chaos ensued in the car as four children were distraught that we were leaving all our toys and friends behind! MY parents had a great time keeping it going, until were realized we were just heading to England for a surprise visits to our Grandparents – LOL!

  • 349
    Nancy Wilcox says:

    One of my favorites was a family trip to Yellowstone Park.

  • 350
    Talitha says:

    Lots of road trips to choose from! Some of the best are day trips. But I’d have to say the best was the trip to the Grand Canyon from North Carolina. We made several stops along the way, but still made it in record time. Would love to do it again!

  • 351
    betty lou says:

    When I was six, my family took a road trip which turned out to be the only vacation we would take together before my daddy died of cancer a few years later. We stopped at every historical marker, froze in the car with my dad controlling the air conditioner, and had to beg Daddy to stop for a restroom break. It was great!

  • 352
    Hanne says:

    Every year, we would drive to the south of France from belgium. My father had a bag of comic books under his seat for my brother and me to enjoy.
    We got it when we crossed the border into France. Great memories!!

  • 353
    LaurieJ says:

    My husband and I took my dad on a road trip across South Dakota to the Badlands and the Black Hills/Mt. Rushmore. There are so many good memories from that trip! But one thing that really sticks out were the fields of sunflowers that we drove past. Beautiful!!

  • 354
    Louise Basgall says:

    Long car rides were always a mix of excited anticipation and asking Dad every time minutes “Are We There Yet?” He always answered, “Two More Miles”. It’s now a game that we continue to play. Every trip is filled with, “Two more miles”….
    Such happy times.

  • 355
    Karen B. says:

    Our best road trip was when we flew back east. 🙂 We did rent a minivan and drove all over the eastern states seeing US history sites as well as LDS church history sites, and family too. It was our last big vacation to spend together before my kids started graduating from high school and going on missions for our church and off to college. I will never forget that trip!

  • 356
    Diana B says:

    Our annual Summer family trip to Virginia was always fun. My father would make up games inspired by things we saw on the road, my favorite being making sentences with words based on letters of license plates from passing cars. He’s gone now from cancer, but I carry on the games with my nieces and nephews. Thanks for evoking a sweet memory 🙂

  • 357
    Leslie Scholes says:

    Growing up, we had a tent trailer then a motorhome. Every summer we would go on long road trips, often to a National Park and usually on the smaller back roads. They thought you get a better feel of the places you visit staying off the big freeways and highways. There isn’t any one memory but years of lots of memories. My parents retired early and continued to motorhome for many years…

  • 358

    I drove my Mom and myself, just the 2 of us, from Chicago to southern California. She was great company and a great passenger. There was a lot of good conversation, laughs, and comfortable quiet, and I loved taking her to places she’d never been before.

  • 359
    Jill A says:

    We took a road trip from PA to Aspen Colorado. Along the way we did some camping in the Rocky Mts–one morning having coffee a mountain lion just calmly strolled through the camp site next to us and across the road–all I can say is I am glad it was the morning we were headed out and not the first day there!!!!

  • 360

    When my family took a road trip through New York state, to the Thousand Island region and up into Canada. My first glimpse of Quebecs’ Château Frontenac and the old city fortifications, it was positively magical. I had never seen such beautiful buildings and I remember walking through the narrow streets and coming to a little restaurant where they made french onion soup in a stone oven. It was heavenly~

  • 361
    Barb Waldsmith says:

    Our road trips when we were younger are the best memories you can have. Mom, Dad, my sister and I, and ALWAYS my grandmother sitting between us in the back seat! We would take trips for two days or a week, but grandma was always with us. That is what made the memories so good, the locations were a bonus. So many games, singing, and having that great pillow to lay on, and she never complained.

  • 362
    Nora says:

    This will be hard since I have been road tripping since I was small. I do not think of one memory but of many when we traveled to upstate NY every year to see my relatives. We would all fight for the way back where you didn’t have any seat belts, play license plate bingo and have ice tea from a giant thermos that my mother always brought with us. My father HATED stopping for us to go to the bathroom so that was always an issue. I remember not loving it at the time but these are some of the best memories of vacation I have and we have carried on the tradition of taking road trips with my daughter.

  • 363
    Jeanne H says:

    When my daughter was almost 5 we moved from MN to CA. Driving there, the route took us to Colorado where the snow lining the road was several feet higher than our VW bug. What fun to see. Minnesota snow was never as deep as that!

  • 364
    Susan in AK says:

    Wow…so many to choose from…driving from Texas to California when I was younger. We saw and did so many wonderful things along the way.

  • 365
    Linda says:

    We always stop at a Waffle House when we go on a trip. Not fancy but just tradition.

  • 366
    Sarita says:

    The best road trip ever was when I was 10 and we went to Big bear. My extended family joined us and best of all there was snow.

  • 367
    Laura C says:

    Too many great memories to pick just one favorite! When we were kids, we had a ’76 Buick Estate Wagon with faux wood panels on the sides and a luggage rack on top. My parents would load all 4 of us up and we would go visit my grandfather. Yes, arguments over who was on who’s side of the seat but so much fun! I am so thankful for those trips.

  • 368
    Gwen says:

    Driving through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina on our honeymoon

  • 369
    L. Sunn says:

    I love road trips! My best memories are just driving up to Mammoth Mountain. It’s such a beautiful drive!

  • 370
    Sandy Carroll says:

    We took a short road trip to the SC beach, but we took our two horses with us. As it was the off season, we were allowed to ride on the beach. It was fun to see the horses react to seeing waves coming toward them. It was a great experience to gallop thru the waves rolling up on the beach. We enjoyed a picnic on the beach with the horses.

  • 371
    Craftyfield says:

    My most memorable road trip was an extensive trip through Arizona and back taking in Petrified Forest, Las Vegas and of course Grand Canyon. The best memory has to be that first sight of the Canyon with all the beautiful colors. Amazing!

  • 372
    Lydia says:

    Traveling up the west coast w my husband, to deliver my parents’ car to their new home in the San Juan Islands. Many memories, but the one we still talk about it landing is a small “nowhere” town in Oregon, where the truckers stopped. Diners opened for breakfast at 4am, then closed for the day at 2pm. The waitresses called you “Hon,” the display cases held home-made pies, and jello came with every meal.

  • 373
    Jackie LIc says:

    I was 16. My parents took us in a camper from Illinois to California for 3 weeks. One day we ate breakfast in Oklahoma, lunch in Texas and Dinner in New Mexico. that was so cool I never forgot it.

  • 374
    Mary Ann M says:

    Best road trip ever was to the Baltomore, DC, Gettysburg area. My husband golfed and I soaked up the wonderful culture.

  • 375
    Mel H says:

    I have great memories of traveling across the west with my dear friend Judy to a convention in Spokane. We hit the door and a good friend yelled-Look it’s Thelma and Louise. We’ve been that ever since. That was such a great trip with a great friend.

  • 376
    Michelle Laulu says:

    My whole family, including my 97 year old grandpa, piled into a van and went on a 3 week long road trip across the US. I loved being able to see so many amazing places, but three weeks was really long! Next time I will fly by airplane. 😉

  • 377
    LauraJane:) says:

    While traveling to Hilton Head Island with my DH several years back, I thought I saw a BEAR along the side of the highway somewhere in Georgia. It was actually a very hairy donkey! We still giggle at the memory of my mistake in animal identification:))

  • 378
    Jacquie says:

    The best road trip memories are the great conversations with my kids when everyone puts the electronics down and we just talk. I love road trips!

  • 379
    Dorothy Hodgson says:

    I am blessed to go on at least two road trips a year with my Husband in our can. We recently went to Mirror Lake in Utah with all our kids for Memorial Day.There was still over 6 feet of snow at the end of May!

  • 380
    Kara says:

    It was actually right after we got home, but my then boyfriend – now hubby of 16 years – had our first kiss after a road trip to Vegas with our college roommates.

  • 381
    Kris says:

    When my husband started his career, we had sold our home and closed on the new house, but couldn’t move in for 6 more weeks. We packed up our car and headed west with our 18 month old daughter (I was 6 months pregnant with our second child). We had a glorious 6 weeks of camping and hiking through Colorado up to Idaho, back across North America and home to Ohio…no worries, no house to take care of, only ourselves and the promise of a new day…priceless.

  • 382
    Lemalie Laulu says:

    We don’t go on many roadtrips, but we do visit family in Pocatello Idaho, about 2 1/2 hours away. We once visited Antelope Island in Utah and spent a relaxing day by the water.

  • 383
    Vikki H says:

    Leaving Lincoln NE around 9 pm so we kids would sleep all night and waking up to the lights of Cheyenne, WY in the distance. Dad was telling my mom that we were basically out of gas and coasting! We did make it to a gas station in time but what a way to wake up! (1962)

  • 384
    Natasha says:

    One Christmas break my family headed to Minneapolis and on the late night drive back home we were all a little tired and totally silly and we kept singing Christmas carols but substituting key words with bacon. It was hilarious.

  • 385
    Sarah S. says:

    One of the best memories I have from a road trip is playing “I spy” with my Mom and my Brother. It was my favorite game and I could play it forever! LOL

  • 386
    LeAnne Madsen says:

    My favorite road trip was going with my adult siblings and my mom for her 80th birthday to the “Price is Right”. We traveled from Utah to California and spend five days together. My mom and sister got to be in the audience. It was a dream come true for my mom.

  • 387
    Caren C. says:

    Going to North Shore with family and friends, and having delicious shave ice!

  • 388
    Susan from Colorado says:

    I can remember traveling to the Oregon coast as a little girl and how the excitement would grow as I hoped to get that first glimpse of the ocean. Always hoping that the next corner would reveal that gorgeous ocean view.

  • 389
    Lizzie T says:

    The conversations! When you’re all confined to a car and don’t want to wear down your electronic devices conversations about all sorts of topics come up!

  • 390
    parul says:

    We recently went for a Europe trip in April. And We drove from Montreux to Lucerne.. And that mesmerising experience can not be explained in words!! This is such a scenic route and Pleasant weather was a cherry on top.Those lakes and those green fields were just too good. I just wanted to keep on going!! Wish for more of that..

  • 391
    Sheila W says:

    One of my favorite trips was going up to Door County when the kids were younger to go camping. Went biking in a state park, visited a lighthouse, visited an animal farm where the kids got to milk a goat, played in the swimming pool and had many happy times around the campfire. We got to end the trip with packing up all our camping stuff in the rain. Good times!

  • 392
    Velvet says:

    My little brother wanted to see Mt. Rushmore, so we took a road trip from California in a borrowed motor home. We were driving through Kansas when someone drove by yelling, “Pull over, there’s a house coming down the road!” We did and then waited about 20 minutes. Sure enough, a big trailer came along slowly, pulling a house being relocated — it did take up most of the two lanes of the road, but we never understood why it was so urgent that we pull over and wait. We still laugh about it over 20 years later.

  • 393
    Leanne S says:

    The best memory of a road trip was one with friends. We had a swell time singing & laughing all the way.

  • 394

    The past few days have been fantastic! I just love seeing all the wonderful creations and new products! As a kid we travelled a lot so I have many wonderful memories but the one there is one that I will definately never forget as it was just a very comical trip. Let’s just say I learned a bunch of new words that I probably shouldn’t have from my dad that trip, I learned how gross a van full of boys were, I learned not to leave your purse at a Resteraunt, and learned why you shouldn’t miss your highway exit because it could end up costing a fortune in toll fees, lol! I have never laughed so hard as I did that trip and when I tell people the whole story they are laughing just as hard, that’s when you know you had a good road trip 😉

  • 395
    Diane Oliver says:

    My dad was a person who would on any given Sunday say “Get in Car… we’re going for Ride”…. We never where … but would end up by the lake watching the barges sail by… or up north… any given park for a picnic. One day I remember when the Mackinaw Bridge was first built we drove up to “drive over the 5 mile bridge…to visit a friend!” ALL of our RIDES will always be good memories. Hugs

  • 396
    Deb Selby says:

    My friend and I take a Thelma and Louise trip home from Arizona to Canada. We stop in Zion National Park and end up hiking “The Narrows” totally unprepared for such an adventure. I am the oldest person on the hike. My friend is helping me until she sees a pretty butterfly. She’s gone. I fall in the river with my camera and fancy purse (as I said unprepared). Fantastic looking young man rescues me. He spoils everything by calling me “A real trooper!” to be on such a hike! I unleash on my friend and accuse her of trying to drown me. We laugh all the way home. The story gets more embellished and we laugh harder every time we tell the tale to someone. This is life at its’ best!

  • 397
    Vicki Finger says:

    My most recent favorite memory from last year is driving down North Carolina Highway 12 that links all of the islands and peninsulas of the Outer Banks and seeing the “Inn at Rodanthe” off to our left. I told my husband I had seen it and that we would need to stop on our way back by at the end of the day. He said I was imagining things. NOPE! I have the pictures to prove it. Wish we could have seen the Bankers Ponies!

  • 398
    Harriet Skelly says:

    I never went on road trips as a kid but once I moved across country to California from Pennsylvania I took many road trips across the country in the summers to visit my family. Most of the time I was by myself but I enjoyed taking the different routes across the country and tried to see as many National and State Parks as possible on each trip. Now my husband and daughter love to take road trips together – we are very compatible travelers!

  • 399
    Irene Sterquelle says:

    Traveling from San Francisco to LA was my favorite road trip. It was so scenic and beautiful.

  • 400
    robi says:

    Great memories of driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in our old station wagon. We had no air conditioning, so we left late at night, which was an adventure itself, to avoid the daytime desert heat. Also, there were no seat belts, and my brother and I were allowed to lay down in the back of the station wagon.

  • 401
    Jill S says:

    I do not have a specific road trip, but I always cherish trips in the car with my kids singing and talking about everything.

  • 402
    Robin says:

    Driving to Washington DC as a child with another family. My mother packed up the car with lots of travel games and we still to this day talk about how wonderful it was.

  • 403
    Lorraine says:

    Definitely the singing (I’m tone deaf) and car games, lol.

  • 404
    Carol says:

    When I was little and never planned our mother would pile all of (8) kids in the car and would go to all different waterfalls, parks, beaches and my mother always packed a picnic, so much fun was always had by all of us.

  • 405
    Michelle Chapman says:

    One of my best road trips was with my best friend driving up the coast of California. We had so much fun and it was our last trip together since I moved that following summer.

  • 406
    Vanessa says:

    When we moved from Florida to Oregon, most everything we owned was shipped cross country, except for my car. We decided to make the most of the 3,000 mile journey and took off a couple of weeks from work to move the car. We didn’t have tons of time to visit every tourist attraction, but we did visit some and we did stop at every state welcome center on I-10 while crossing the country. I still look at the photos from that trip and remember it fondly. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

  • 407
    Margaret says:

    When I was in elementary school, my family took a trip to New Mexico – Carlsbad Caverns. When I heard a weird noise like you hear when you turn your head, we realized it was bats hanging out in the souvenir shop. Creepy.

  • 408
    Gay Ferland says:

    My road trip memory is going to Kennybunk, ME. What should have taken 1-1/2 hours took 6. When we finally arrived at camp, I realized I had GPS!!!

  • 409

    I don’t have one specific trip in mind but I always loved our car trips to the beach each summer. The games we’d play and things we’d see!

  • 410
    S. Molinari says:

    We have taken so many road trips as a family. The best part is just being together, playing games, singing songs, getting on each others nerves. Good times 😉

  • 411
    Sue Taylor says:

    When I was a child, we took road trips to visit my grandparents each summer. I don’t remember a specific one but rather the entirety. The big deal was that my father, didn’t smoke in the car due to my sister’s car-sickness. Instead to control his cravings he ate Strong mints and humbugs. We got to have them, too which was a treat as we normally weren’t given candy.

  • 412
    Lori Lehanne says:

    I have had many memorable road trips both as a kid with my family and as an adult with my own kids, but one that popped in my head with your question one one I took all by myself. I was driving back to college for my sophomore year, from Dallas to Boston, and I meandered along the way. One night I found this wonderful inn on the lake to spend the night at. Another stop was to tour the Hershey’s factory. I really enjoyed my time alone.

  • 413
    JulieK says:

    The best road trip was driving to Cape May New Jersey with our 3 sons, our twins had just graduated high school and we had a great time along the way as well as a great time on the beach when we arrived.

  • 414
    Dana Kirby says:

    One of my favorite road trips was going up the CA, OR and Washington coast and into Victoria Canada. We had a great time and made wonderful memories. Thanks PTI for another amazing release!

  • 415
    Sandy N. says:

    Driving into San Francisco and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge peeking over the tops of the fog as it is rolling in.

  • 416
    Renee says:

    We just got returned from a 14 hour road trip to FL…
    and while it was great…
    our kids were “plugged in” and only came up for air when asking for food and it made me miss the road trips of my childhood.
    Riding stretched out in the back window with the windows down…
    no seat belts so we stretched out EVERYWHERE and still fought over space…
    the games we played to pass the time.
    I can’t think of a single memory from one single trip…
    I just enjoyed them all.
    And am already looking forward to the next. 🙂

  • 417
    Pat Q says:

    My favorite trip was from Carmel to LA on Highway 1. The scenery was gorgeous. I was glad I was a passenger so I could appreciate the sights.

  • 418
    Em says:

    I often remember the road trip from Syracuse to Chicago when we happened to run into friends from graduate school in Nebraska at an interstate rest stop. Such a serendipitous moment.

  • 419
    lisa808 says:

    When I was young my mother, father, and I used to sing and count woodchucks while on the road.

  • 420
    Keri says:

    I was 18, newly married, to a Marine, and starting the biggest adventure of my life. My new husband and I left upstate NY in a pickup truck, hauling a small UHaul trailer. The hitch broke on our way south to NC, on a Sunday of course, so we had to drive v-e-r-y slowly. We made it there safely, nearly 18 hours later, stopping here and there along the way.

  • 421
    Adoree says:

    Traveling up to Whistler,BC for News Years, saw a lot of Eagles
    soaring…so Majestic they are!

  • 422
    DGolly says:

    I suppose one of the most memorable ones was when we went to the beach and it started to rain just before we got there. My 3-year daughter looked at the rain and said “don’t worry mommy, i wont’t get wet I have a ‘berella” To this day we still bring that story up, 13 years later.

  • 423
    Sandy K says:

    My favorite road trip is going to Highway 30A along the coastline close to where I live here in Florida. It’s so beautiful and I enjoy seeing people on vacation and shopping and eating good seafood along the way. Then I can be back home at my house in a couple of hours.

  • 424
    Samantha says:

    Playing the license plate game as a child was a favorite memory . We drove from Chicago to buffalo every summer and my dad started it .

  • 425
    Ruth Gauss says:

    In May after the kids got out of school we took a road trip from Illinois to Idaho to visit with my mom. We rented a Jeep Patriot and we were able to plug in my hubby’s iPod and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack (almost every day). Both of my teens have taken voice lessons, as have I, and all four of us were singing along to songs with joy in our hearts, even though we usually ask my hubby not to sing, LOL! It was a wonderful moment, which I hope to scrap soon so we can all reminisce about it for years to come!

  • 426
    Kim says:

    On one trip we were out west in more ‘desert’ surroundings and we ran out of gas. My husband and son left us 4 girls to trudge to the nearest gas station. Meanwhile we saw lizards and other interesting desert-y things while we waited. Coming from Minnesota, it was a fun experience.

  • 427
    Cheryl Curtis says:

    When all my college roomies hopped into my car to go to Disneyland. One of them had never been. It was a riot!

  • 428
    Nancy Sisti says:

    When I was younger, our family would go to cottages in the summer. I remember the anticipation, the hot car rides, everything about it was wonderful!

  • 429
    Lee Cockrum says:

    My husband and I drive from the east coast to Southern Illinois to visit his family at least once a year. Many years ago we did it when GPS units had just came out, and were SUPER expensive. So he put together a system with a separate satellite sensor/hookup (not sure what it was called!), and a laptop with a mapping program. I spent 850 miles with a laptop in my lap, hooked to the charger, the sensor cord etc. It was a little crazy, but fun too.

  • 430
    Frances S says:

    Road trips while my children were elementary aged, in answering the “Are we there yet?” question, I would let them know how much more time we had to our destination by the number of Barney shows it would take. Though they weren’t watching Barney shows in the car, it always seemed to appease their need to know.

  • 431
    Jenn Bishop says:

    When I was thirteen, my father, step-mom, and grandpa began a month long road trip from Iowa through north, then northwestern US, where we met up with my grandma and brother in Seattle. We then travelled down the west coast, through the southwest to drop my brother and me home in Houston, Texas. The best part of the trip was the first leg with just the 4 of us. We saw the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore with several more places, but the laughter and fun was amazing. I giggle just thinking about it! I got to know my family so well and will never forget that trip.

  • 432
    Amy Cooley says:

    I had a great road trip with my mom a few years back. It was a great time of laughing and catching up.

  • 433
    Jennifer Story says:

    One of our family’s funniest memories is my brother riding in the back of the station wagon (before car seat laws lol). He took his stuffed animals and put on a ‘puppet’ show for the cars driving behind us.

  • 434
    Danielle taebel says:

    We were driving home from somewhere, and my son had to go to the bathroom. There was absolutely no place to pull off the road, but luckily we had an empty “big gulp” cup in the car. At least it still had the lid! Yes, we were *that* family that had their son pee in the car. …

  • 435
    Mitzi says:

    My favorite road trip was to see my Grandmother.

  • 436

    On a visit to Florida some years back, we went on a road trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. My girfriend was the assigned driver for the day. The previous night we were listening to stories of cars going off the road into swamps and people missing and being found years later in the canals (scary!). Becausee it was early morning, we were all sleeping (all except the driver of course). We were jolted out of sleep by the sound of the tires running over the grooves that warn you were about to go off the road. We jumpted up and asked her if she’d fallen asleep. She said no, she hadn’t (later on that evening she confessed that she did fall asleep momentarily). Needless to say, with the stories of missing persons and vehiccles from the previous night, we did not date close our eyes again until we arrived safely in Orlando! When I think of that trip, I laugh so hard I cry from the hilarity of it all!

  • 437

    We drove across Canada the summer before my son started high school. So many fun memories but the most memorable was my son putting a pillow case over him head and sticking it out the window when we passed cars. The laughs and the giggles from my two children I will remember forever!

  • 438
    Lisa Dolson says:

    We drove from Montana to California at Easter a couple years a go and had such a great time. We still chuckle about our kids’ humor during the car drive. Best of all was when they got to surf!

  • 439
    ShirleyR says:

    There are so many…Just spending time with family and the children seeing the wonder of nature is enough for the soul.

  • 440
    Sue S. says:

    Gorgeous release this month! My favorite memory from a road trip is driving on the roads in Sedona, Arizona and seeing the beautiful red rocks as the sun was setting…..absolutely breathtaking!

  • 441
    Mutzy Mia says:

    I have recent memories of a road trip that we took with two other couples a couple years ago. Went out East, from Vermont to Boston and places in between, then Niagara Falls, Cooperstown, Detroit Ford Plant Tour and home. Traveling together and experiencing all the sights, food, laughter, seeing and stopping for a moose in the road late at night…great memories. And now one of our friends has just passed away so the memories are even more precious.

  • 442
    Amber P says:

    My favorite road trip memory: I was 5 years old. We drove from Central IL to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore. Along the way, we visited a drive through nature park with the animals running loose. You are supposed to keep your windows up, but my Mother didn’t. This was before cars had built-in cup holders, so we had some that hung up on the inside of the door just below the window. My mom was taking video of the elk that were near our car when one decided to stick it’s head in the window and tried to drink my mom’s Diet Coke! My mom freaked! LOL Talk about up close and personal!!

  • 443
    Kathy W says:

    One of my best road trips was as a child with my grandparents and sister. We traveled to San Francisco in the 1960’s. We went to the Redwoods, had giant pancakes for breakfast, and visited relatives.

  • 444
    Reva Brightman says:

    So many road trips thru the years. My fondest memories are with my Mom and Dad, sister and brother– no matter where we would go, we always had our note book of Hit Parade Songs and would sing each day. We also played a game of making words using the letters on the auto license plates. The time always passed too quickly.

  • 445
    Kathy Miller says:

    My favorite road trip was with my hubby for our 25th anniversary. We traveled through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada, staying at quaint bed and breakfasts and off-the-beaten-path hotels. Three weeks of bliss. The most memorable part was the nor’easter that came through while we were staying in a beach house up on stilts on Prince Edward Island. Boy did that house rock! The next morning the waves at the meeting of the bay and the ocean were spectacular, sending plumes 20-30 ft into the air. Loved that trip…and the Amazing Grace, Woodblock Prints, the Skinny and Big Basics products in this release. Super designs!

  • 446
    Carolyn J says:

    Visiting in the car on long road trips with no cell phones or tv to watch so we are really listening to each other is the best part of all of our road trips…and our family has had some looooong road trips!!

  • 447
    Susan K says:

    For my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, they took 3 of their 4 children with them on a road trip from Chicago to Charleston, SC. There were so many memorable moments – my sister and I still laugh a lot when recounting the stories to others.

  • 448
    Laurie Page says:

    A very fond memory involves a trip to Estes Park with my husband and our two kids. We took day or half day jaunts up into the mountains, fished, hiked, st on rocks and chatted. It was wonderful.

  • 449
    Jenny Ewing says:

    Growing up my family took a summer vacation each year. A fav of mine was South Dakota and Wyoming enjoying all the sites, hiking, biking and camping in a tent. A memory I’ll cherish forever!

  • 450
    Sue McW says:

    Driving across Florida, but we didn’t go on any interstates or major highways. We only took back roads through the small towns of Florida. We saw such great parts of Florida we never knew existed.

  • 451
    Marty B says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a road trip but I remember the great time of togetherness and the excitement of adventure.

  • 452
    Patricia Ladd says:

    A visit to the Cosmos Mystery Area near Rapid City, SD is a favorite memory for me during a road trip to Mount Rushmore. The place has allusions where a person appears to shrink as he crosses the floor in one room of a house. It was a fun break on a long road trip from Wyoming.

  • 453
    Jeni says:

    Any of the trips I take with DS3 end of being great! Sometimes they try your patience but then he starts singing some song & you can’t help but smile & laugh.

  • 454
    Lynda Marquez says:

    Every other year when I was a kid, we would travel from our home in California to where we were from in Illinois on (the old) Route 66…so many memories! We were in a station wagon, windows down, lunch on the roadside from the cooler…and all of the the trinket shops, Indian pottery, etc. along the way! Sure do miss the old road!

  • 455
    Carrie K says:

    My favorite memory on a road trip would have to be when my 2 girls and I drove to Chicago to attend the My Little Pony Convention. They were so in awe of the entire thing, to see the comic book artists in action, to meet the person behind the voice of Pinkie Pie, all the people dressed in costume, the gads of merchandise for sale. It was all such a fun and memorable first “girls’ weekend”!

  • 456
    Sheri Elmont says:

    As a child we went with my grandparents from CO down into TX, NM, and AZ seeing all the sights. We had our camper, and they had theirs and we were a little caravan making memories along the way.

  • 457
    Mary Bidelman says:

    A surprise 10th birthday present in 1967: Riding on a train with my brother from Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC with my grandparents and sightseeing with them for two weeks. It was unforgettable!

  • 458
    Vicki Smith says:

    Our road trip from CA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 1994 was an adventure and a fun time dining on the beach, walking and swimming. The beaches and water are beyond beautiful!

    Thank you for wowing us with this new collection!!!

  • 459
    Carmela says:

    I remember many road trips to Colorado to visit grandparents. My memories are of the gorgeous mountains, the refreshing cool weather, fishing and camping and spending time with family. I will never forget my mother telling my Dad to keep his eyes on the road when we travelled the winding mountain roads!!

  • 460
    Becs Attwood says:

    My relationship with the man who would become my husband started on a crazy road trip with friends to the top of the North Island of New Zealand. Great company, great music & great scenery was the backdrop for us getting to know each other – such a special memory.

  • 461
    Connie G says:

    We have had many road trips as a family!!!it is fun to be together in a car. We play games, sing together and nowadays we can even have a movie on. I love seeing the usa from a car. One of my favorite trips was to the Grand Canyon. Pure majestic awe inspiring beauty!!

  • 462
    cathy says:

    One of my earliest memories is taking a road trip to Florida with my mom, Dad, and two sisters. It was the furthest I had ever been from home and seemed totally exotic with all the tropical plants.

  • 463
    Loly Borda says:

    This was several years ago, when GPS weren’t as popular as they are today, we were going to the Gulf Shores and we tried to take a short cut and end up arriving 2 hours later than expected because my husband didn’t want to stop and ask for directions. I still tease him about that! Thanks for the chance!

  • 464
    Nita K. says:

    A road trip from Texas to North Carolina and back with my family was the best. I remember the restaurants we stopped at and seeing parts of the country that were so beautiful. It remains a treasured memory.

  • 465
    Teresa Brada says:

    When my siblings and I were teenagers, we were going to my Grandparents that lived in Florida, traveling from Ohio. Back then, we had a camper cap on the back of dads pickup truck, where us Kids rode. Well, my mom must have spent days making this hug can of Christmas cookies to take to my grandparents for the holidays. She must have not of been thinking and put that can in the back with 4 teenagers, needless to say the can was more than half gone when we arrived, and none of us kids were feeling too well!! Haha

  • 466

    listening to audio books with my kid and having him engaged in what was happening in the story

  • 467
    Ann. Bin. says:

    I remember especially “the big trip” in the United States. There were a lot of special moments. Family time full enjoyment. Every trip has a special song, usually funny, we always sing.

  • 468
    Donna says:

    Once at Christmas my sister’s family and my husband and myself were traveling from Florida to Tennessee for a holiday family reunion. My sister, in all her frugalness, insisted that we share a hotel room on the way up so we had four adults and two children in one room. My nephew was in a playpen and I can remember all of us lying in bed in the dark trying to be quiet so that he would go to sleep! He was babbling away and trying to look at us and thought it was all very funny and we were all trying so hard not to laugh! I don’t think we got very much sleep that night!

  • 469
    Yvonne F. says:

    We had a funny roadtrip to Disneyland Paris. We had so much fun in the car, we missed Disneyland and got lost in Paris!

  • 470
    Paige says:

    Our summer road-trips always took us to Grandma’s house! What fun we had there with the cousins!

  • 471
    Annette says:

    Discovering the best picnic site when you least expect it – just off a motorway in Sweden, there was a forest with huge boulders, overgrown with moss and the most beautiful lake. Next to the lake, there were lots of benches to sit on and we had a break from driving.

  • 472
    Helen F. says:

    Every time my DH and I flew anywhere, he would always rent a car and each road trip was a memorable adventure. One of our trips to Italy was especially ‘exciting’…I remember driving up a narrow mountain road (pretty much all of Italy) and a full sized tour bus coming down that same road~we pulled over as close as we could to the mountainside, but I don’t think you could have slipped a piece of paper between our small Euro car and that bus as it passed us by. Color me scared to death!

  • 473
    betsy l says:

    Growing up, my parents took us on road trips whenever possible (plane tickets aren’t cheap with you have six people in the family). One of my favorite memories is when my siblings and I would sing, on the top of our lungs, to our favorite Disney CD. We would assign parts to each other. This was long time ago… Good memories

  • 474
    blaquilts says:

    I’ve had many road trips with my friend Sheri! She’s great to travel with for many reasons, but one is she will parallel park for me! We went to Washington for a convention and decided that we wanted to drive up to see Mt. St Helene, now remember we are both from Florida,I drove up and we went round and round up the mountain, when we were near the top we saw a sign that said put your chains on now – we had no idea what that meant. We turned around the next bend and there was a blizzard!! Then we understood the sign!

  • 475

    I apologize in advance for the length of this comment, but this story is very special to me.

    My very favourite road trip memories took place during a road trip I took with my high school’s Senior String Orchestra when I was fifteen. We traveled from our home town of Waterloo, Ontario to New York to compete in the Young Manhattan International Music Festival.

    I have SO many amazing memories from that trip. Driving through the early morning mists in the beautiful Adirondacks. Feeling awestruck when I came face to face with the incredible sights and sounds of Manhattan first-hand.

    Several friends and I saw ‘A Chorus Line’ during a free afternoon and on our walk back to the hotel we met Johnny Depp (this was back in his 21 Jump Street days)! We were beyond excited of course and he patiently signed autographs for our entire little group. None of us had note paper with us, so he ended up signing the fronts of our playbills from A Chorus Line!

    We also competed of course. We had worked really hard and practiced together endlessly for nine whole months. We had a lot invested and were so excited and proud when our investment was rewarded with the Gold medal at our awards banquet.

    But the most memorable and heart-rending part of this road trip was during and after the banquet. A few of us friends managed to sweet talk the elevator operator to take us up to the top floor of the building we were in and once up there, all of New York was spread out beneath us like a giant twinkling carpet. We felt like we were on ‘Top of the World’. Maybe you’ve guessed already and if so, you’ll have realized why this memory is so precious to me. It is extra special and so precious because this very special evening took place at the World Trade Center.

    I will always treasure the memories of that trip – my very first to the United States. Every once in a while I catch sight of my violin, which is tucked away on a shelf in my craft room. When I do, I can’t help but smile as I think back to that incredible, yet now quite bittersweet road trip back in May of 1988.

  • 476
    karen h says:

    I love going on vacation – I do not like getting there. I just finished a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The best part of the road trip was the tunes. My daughter put together a 22 hour playlist of our favorites and it really helped melt the miles.

  • 477
    Megan Carroll says:

    When I was 17 I took a school road trip from Winnipeg to Panorama to go downhill skiing. 15 hours on a bus with my best friends…..it was a blast!

  • 478
    Deepa M. says:

    My favorite memory is when my family went camping in the Grand Tetons. There was a HUGE thunderstorm and the campsite got pretty wet. So my dad slept in the tent in the rain with all the bedding piled up to try and stay above water, and the rest of us piled into the van and slept inside all dry. It’s been more than 20 years now and we still have a good laugh!

  • 479
    Bonnie T. says:

    Last summer, my husband and I took our three children on an extensive road trip from Georgia to Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. It was quite an adventure with a three year old, four year old, and an eleven year old in tow! We made some great family memories!

  • 480
    Martha says:

    One of my favorite road trip memories is when we played our made-up game that we called, Name that Car.

  • 481
    Sandy Phu says:

    My Husband and I love to listen to books on road trips. We never get tired of listening to Harry Potter books. We always laugh and talk about our favorite parts!

  • 482
    Sharon D says:

    Every summer when I was growing up, my family would take a two- or three-week road trip in our pickup and camper. We would stay at state or national parks and spend several days at my grandparents’ farm in Iowa. These trips were some of my happiest childhood memories and enabled me to see much of the US. I remember one time sitting up in the pickup with my father while we drove on a winding road in the Smoky Mountains, with the sunlight slanting through the trees. I felt so happy and told my father what a great father he was.

  • 483
    Joyce M. says:

    My best car road trip was in the southwest, and we drove all around Canyon lands in a 4 wheel drive.

  • 484
    Jan says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to have been on many road trips, both as a girl and as an adult. There have been lots of great memories made on those trips, but one thing that’s always been the same is the joy of spending long hours with a loved one and the fun we’ve had enjoying one another’s company.

  • 485
    Kathy V says:

    When our son was a teenager, we went to visit some cousins in Washington state. They took us out on their boat and went crab fishing in the Puget Sound. Now some 20 + years later, our son still tells his children about the BEST vacation he has ever had!

  • 486
    Heather says:

    We were on the last leg of a 12 hour trip with our 3 kids. My toddler had been perfect the whole way but had decided the last hour of the trip that he’d had enough. I was doing everything to try and distract him and nothing was working. Our 5 year old daughter leaned over and started singing to him and he calmed down and gave her the most beautiful smile. It was simple and sweet and warmed my heart. It was the most memorable part of the trip.

  • 487
    Amanda S says:

    Most of my travel memories are from road trips as that is our go-to method (we’re too cheap to fly anywhere). We recently took a trip from the West Coast to the midwest in a rented RV. I’ll never forget the family time. It blessed me. 🙂

  • 488
    Martha B. says:

    Driving from St. John’s NL, Canada to Providence RI, for a painting conference and stopping in Kennebunkport on the way. Love New England. Made the trip many times back to Kennebunkport. Would say I am due for another trip!

  • 489
    Lisa S. says:

    My now husband, then fiancé and I drove from Illinois to Texas. We had such a sweet time just being together in the car for all those hours. It’s 25 years later and he’s still the love of my life!

  • 490
    Deane says:

    The best road trip ever! My husband said to pack our two kids and my bags for 10 days. He didn’t say where we were going. Ended up in Arkansas. Each day and evening, a new town to explore. We all had a blast! Nothing was planning advance, not even hotels. I think it was my best trip ever!

  • 491
    Sherah says:

    Getting snowed in driving back home to Colorado after spending Thanksgiving with family in Missouri. The dog was terrified of the monster (our 18 month old in a pack and play) in the corner of the hotel room. So we had this 110lb fur ball trying to climb in bed with us all night.

  • 492
    Susan Olfers says:

    When I was a child we stayed in Sequoia National Forest in a small cabin. My intrepid grandmother wanted my sister and I to see a bear so she left some honey on the outdoor section of the passthrough that led to the the picnic table area. Late in the evening she got her wish but for some reason decided she wanted her honey back. After several minutes of swatting at the bear through the passthrough she gave up, unharmed, and let the bear have it’s way.

  • 493
    Janene Mills says:

    Growing up with 7 siblings piling into a station wagon on a road trip to Florida to see my Brother in the Air Force. That was one long, crowded trip.

  • 494

    My favorite road trip was visiting the Parks in Utah with my adult son. We covered the whole state and part of Nevada in 8 days. We also discovered that we will never travel together again! But the scenery was spectacular and it was easy driving for the most part.

  • 495
    Kelly says:

    3 week tour from PA to CA and back as a pre-teen. We visited lots of National Parks and my aunt gave us a package to open every day of the trip!

  • 496

    One of the best memories from a road trip was when my hubby and I went to western Canada. We flew into Calgary and drove from there. I remember rounding a bend in the road and getting my first real live sight of the Rocky Mountains. Utterly breathtaking. Cheers.

  • 497
    KathyMS says:

    One of my favorite memories was just recently while driving to New Orleans with three of my BFF, I saw what I thought was a small tornado in the distance. I did not want to alarm my friends so I didn’t saw anything until someone else noticed it. All four of us our California girls and had never seen a funnel cloud before, so of course we all freaked out.

  • 498
    Jennifer K says:

    When I was younger we took a family vacation to Disney World. We drove. From Iowa. We camped at WDW in May when the rain and humidity was atrocious. I had to listen to an 8 track recording of the Oak Ridge Boys the whole dang drive. Fond memories now but it sure wasn’t fun then. 🙂

  • 499
    Cindy G says:

    When I was a kid …… Driving along the Columbia River to its source. Being in eastern Washington state on a 110 degree day (no air conditioning). Buying gasoline for 25 cents/gallon & bingeing on 10 cent watermelons to keep from dehydrating!

  • 500

    As a child, we often went on camping trips. I remember one trip especially, as not only my five siblings and I but two cousins came along for the ride. Lots of fun singing, playing games and probably driving my parents crazy. This was pre seat belt, dvd players, game boys, ipods and ipad days – we had the best time ever and I don’t remember being at all bored.

  • 501
    Janet W says:

    So many years…so many road trips…so many great memories! There were the family vacation road trips each summer, as well as Sunday afternoon mini road trip outings just to explore. I carried on the tradition, and my son grew up loving road trips, as well.In my family, you can fly if you really need to get somewhere, but the only real “trip” is a road trip! It’s all about the journey…

  • 502
    Michele W says:

    When we were kids even going to see my grandparents was a road trip. Dad was in a barbershop choir so we would sing all the old songs. I loved it! As a treat, when Dad stopped for coffee he would bring each of us a roll of the multi-flavored lifesavers. That was the only type back then and it was the only time we got them so to us it was a really big deal.

  • 503
    Donna Phelan says:

    We live on the East Coast and one set of Grandparents lived in Iowa. Every summer (or so it felt) my Mom and Dad would load up the station wagon with camping supplies and us 4 kids and we would head west! We camped all the way there and back. I remember always flopping back and forth from the back seat to the ‘way way back’ we had our sleeping bags and pillows back there. Do no try this at home….this was in the 70’s lol

  • 504
    Lori B says:

    On our last road trip about we picked up our Grandson to bring along with us. We started singing the Wheels on the Bus go Round & Round, just like we used to do when his Dad was little. Brought back great memories while making new ones with our Grandson!

  • 505
    Bailey harrison says:

    As a child my family would drive from Texas to Colorado to camp during the summer. During those days the only entertainment was cassette tapes! My sister and I would do this mad Libs to pass the time. Wen we got to the camp a very tame deer came up to our car and was rummaging around for food. Colorado is beautiful, and I’m thankful for such wonderful family memories.

  • 506
    Kathy McDonald says:

    Our first family vacation EVER was a road trip to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm the summer before 6th grade. We loaded up the family station wagon and headed off for a wonderful adventure down the Oregon Coast. I remember stops at the Sea Lion Caves, the Trees of Mystery in northern California, a few days in San Francisco, and then on to our destination – Disneyland! It was truly a magical time.

  • 507
    Karolina says:

    One of my favorite road trips was when I visited the Spanish island of Mallorca. We have driven all around the island with amazing views. Palma is a little city, but the old town is fabulous!

  • 508

    Loved a road trip with friends to Berlin and Prague, just after the Wall came down … a moment in history! Anita 🙂

  • 509

    As newly weds, and my first visit to America from England, my husband drove us from New York to San Francisco. There we embarked on a ship bound for Hawaii, where we were to live for the next five years.
    Although it was so many years ago, I’ll never forget that exciting week long car trip across the United States. Much of it via route 66.

  • 510
    Julene says:

    Road trips with our 4 kids every summer from STL to the Jersey Shore, eating snacks all day, having them open little treat bags and listening to Disney Pocahontas soundtrack!

  • 511

    We packed up the kids and headed west to see the National Parks one summer when they were in High School. This had been a dream of my husband’s since before we’d even met so HE was the one who kept saying “Are we there yet?” and “This is the furthest west I’ve been today … No … THIS is the furthest west I’ve been today.” We all laughed at his excitement and someone started writing it all down which started us keeping track of silly statements from vacations. To this day, we can identify a vacation from a silly memory captured in a silly statement and it only takes one comment to get everyone laughing and talking about it all over again and it all began with that trip. Love that!

  • 512
    Sandy Redman says:

    I went from Colorado to Charleston, SC by car for a wedding. We stopped everywhere there was a sight to see along the way going east and went a bit north coming back and did the same thing. It was an amazing trip. I saw so much of the US that is beautiful. It just makes you wonder why you don’t go on a road trip every year. They are an adventure you cannot replicate on a bus, train or by plane.

  • 513
    Karyn S says:

    We took many long road trips and to pass the time when we just “on the road” we would play games. The games were great fun and kept us four kids from squabbling so much.

  • 514
    Cheryl I says:

    Great memories are of singing in the car together and gathering great ‘treats’ for the trip. It seems we’re always hungry when going on a road trip and there are special foods reserved for this wonderful occasion!

  • 515
    Greta H says:

    Fond memories from when my folks & younger sibblings drove me to college in the LA area. We didn’t have much money, but somehow my folks managed to save up so we could all go to Disneyland. I actually lost one of my contacts in the open air parking lot bus!

  • 516
    Krillsister says:

    My husband and I were staying at Yellowstone. I was talking to a woman who told me about how a herd of 100-200 buffalo cross the road every night. she told me where. My husband and I went at the time she told us. What an amazing sight and experience.

  • 517
    Melissa says:

    One of the best road trip memories I have is traveling across the country during my husbands leave when he was active duty. We had 4 dogs at the time. We were trying to make it to Asheville for my birthday and we were an hour away when we got stuck in traffic. One of the dogs was so disgusted she got in the drivers seat and put her paws on the steering wheel. She was one perturbed bulldog. I will never forget her face!

  • 518
    Julia Aston says:

    When my sister and I were really young – we were going camping about 3 hours away – every few miles our dad would hand us a few pennies in the back seat – and we’d put them in the arm rests (they opened- as they were cigarette ashtrays if you can imagine – never used for that by our family though!!) So we had a big pile of pennies to spend once we got to the campground.

  • 519
    Glorie says:

    We went on a road trip with friends 2 years ago, from IL to PA. It was so much fun being with friends and seeing new sights. From PA we went to NY, NJ, Maryland and DC.

  • 520
    Kristen L says:

    My favorite part of road trips are the unexpected stops you find along the way.

  • 521
    Tammy W (milwaukite) says:

    Probably not the best memory (for my dad, anyway) but a funny memory for my sisters and I. We were driving to St. Louis for a family vacation, Dad was driving and it was rush hour traffic. My sisters and I started motioning (the 70’s thing, moving your fist up and down like a trucker honking his horn) to the 18 wheeler right behind us. Well, he honked his horn and we thought it was funny. Dad didn’t!!!

  • 522
    Susan says:

    The best road trip I remember was going off to Ohio for my freshman year in college. It was the first time I had lived away from home for a long length of time and I couldn’t wait to start my new life as a College Girl!

  • 523
    Jayell says:

    My best memories of a road trip are driving with my mum, nana and daughter to Gairloch in the west of Scotland. The sun was shining and it was so beautiful.

  • 524
    Deb Else says:

    One of my most vivid memories was a family trip to CO, all three of us girls in the back. We pulled over at a little tiny hotel with an above ground pool because it was so hot on the road driving during the day. It was an unplanned stop, but we so enjoyed that afternoon in the pool until it cooled off after dark. We got to our cousins the next day, but the afternoon pool fun was one of the best highlights.

  • 525
    Jona says:

    I haven’t done a lot of traveling but one trip I do remember is when my family was on vacation and we decided we were ready to bring another dog back into our lives (our beloved Boston Terrier had passed the previous year). We found a breeder of Kerri Blue Terriers and fell in love with one of the puppies. We picked her up on our way back home. We were so excited, but the breeder forgot to mention that she was not a good car traveler. Our puppy howled and threw up all the way home( 4 hours) but we all fell in love with her anyway!!!! I guess this was kind of a good and bad road trip story!

  • 526
    Cynthia Myers says:

    My husband and I took a road trip to the coast of Maine the week between Christmas and New Year’s (very much off-season). We found a beautiful little bay which was frozen over and the ice was as smooth as glass, so I pulled my figure skates out and spent the afternoon skating on the bay.

  • 527
    mary lewis says:

    My fondest memory of one of our road trips was watching my four year old sing the song Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer in my rear view mirror….so sweet.

  • 528
    Amy Kolling says:

    Best road trip was taken last fall to Minnesota to a big family reunion on my husbands side! Not only did we get to sight see some beautiful countryside, we got to spend it together caravan’ing it with family!

  • 529
    Blenda Schultz says:

    We still take road trips (we just go where ever the car takes us) even though my children are grown…so much fun to relive the memories of when they were younger.

  • 530
    Pat says:

    I remember entertaining my pre-school niece with “Where the Sidewalk Ends” during a road trip. The adults loved the readings as much as my niece!

  • 531
    Ty's Mom says:

    I drove down to Hurlburt Field to visit my fiancee and we went to the BEAUTIFUL beaches in Destin, Florida, ate outside feeling a gentle breeze through my hair and feeling the salt in my skin, built sand forts and watched fish jump the waves and hit the outlet shops – ahhhh, my favorite weekend EVER (even though my car died on the way driving there!)

  • 532
    Tricia N says:

    Road trips up to the mountains as a kid were always a blast. Eating our favorite treats and listening to all our favorite songs looking forward to the fun family weekend. Such fun!

  • 533
    Birgit says:

    Our memorable road trips come once a year when we go visit our son and daughter in love in Ohio. They’re the prize after a long, 15 hour drive!

  • 534
    Jelenzini says:

    I remember summer of old trips as a kid. Wedged in the back seat with thre stinky brothers. No AC!

  • 535

    When I was little, my parents always took us on road trip to their clove plantation that not too far away from the lake. My sisters and I loved weekends for sure because we had those trips. It was a beautiful place and so many memories.

  • 536
    Renee Ludlow says:

    Driving interstate with my two young daughters by myself for the first time. It was such a freeing moment to know that I could do it by myself. We had so many laughs along the way.

  • 537
    Carey Nusbaum says:

    Our road trip to Gatlinburg was a surprise to me for our honeymoon. We left our reception late, so we lost our reservation. I didn’t know anything except my new husband was getting madder by the minute. We got lost and I couldn’t help navigate because he wouldn’t tell me where we were going and he wouldn’t stop for directions. He finally pulled over at this hotel with paint peeling off of it and scaffolding everywhere. He was going in to ask directions and I said, “Who would pay money to stay in a dump like this!” He came back to the car. I asked if he got directions. He threw the hotel key in my lap and said, “I paid money to stay in this dump! This is where we are spending our honeymoon night!” I felt horrible! We drove around the front to park and it was so beautiful and breathtaking! And they had not sold our room! It was a great honeymoon! We went onto Gatlinburg the next day. I didn’t say a word about any other stops we made! We just celebrated our 21st anniversary June 10th!

  • 538
    Laraine R says:

    Fabulous release! The one road trip was 30 some years ago when the husband & I road the motorcycle from MN to Florida for a 2 week vacation. Well we got to somewhere in Missouri and decided to stop for the night. We were planning on renting, so found a nice campground & we set up the tent. Well during the night it decided to pour and it was still taking in the morning. Well we get up and we are in 2 inches of water, everything is soaked including everything in the suitcases. So off we go to a hotel and take everything to a laundromat to wash. Needless to say it rain the whole day! No traveling on a motorcycle that day!

  • 539
    Nadia K says:

    When I made a military move from MD to CO, it involved 6 months in TX. My mom came for my graduation and drove with me from TX to CO through New Mexico. I never been to NM so it was great to pass through sleepy towns and even Roswell! The best part of it all was sharing the experience with my mom.

  • 540
    Angelique Vela says:

    Niagara Falls in the winter with my cousins!

  • 541
    Karine says:

    I read “Roots” as a 12 year old during a road trip to Louisiana…for me that was unforgettable!

  • 542
    Joan Frantzen says:

    Every year as a child, my family would drive for two weeks, seeing the sights along the way. Almost every year we went west, and my favorite place to visit remains Rapid City, SD, as well as the surrounding Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, etc., all the way up to Yellowstone and Montana. The herds of wild buffalo were awesome to see, and the scenery is like nowhere else!

  • 543
    Kathie B says:

    Two years ago on a trip to New England, we stopped at Sharpe Hill Winery in Connecticut. We had a wonderful wine tasting under the trees on a beautitular summer morning and then a fantastic lunch with Salmon and Ballet of Angels, a house wine. For me, it was like a scene out of a movie…a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • 544
    Linda E (uncbballfan) says:

    My most memorable road trip took place in the Smoky Mountains, along side my husband, just drinking in the gorgeous views, communing as one with nature.

  • 545
    marcy says:

    Each of the 3 kids were given a state to look up and give us an idea of what we should see there. We enjoyed these side trips and they learned a little about each state. We loved being together as a family.

  • 546
    Tammy says:

    My honeymoon was a road trip. Not so nice but I’ve come a long way since then

  • 547
    Shannon says:

    When I was 14 my family and I travelled from Canada to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona, tented along the way, and saw some of the major monuments and sites. My favourite was Mesa Verde.

  • 548
    Annette Snyder says:

    We lived in Idaho and we took a road trip back east to DC and Disney World and the Grand Canyon. It was fabulous!

  • 549
    Cynthia Clark says:

    Traveling with my Dad and our family in 1945 . Driving across Wyoming and staying at a motel. The first time I had ever stayed in a place other than relative’s homes. I remember it had a pink tiled bathroom, which I thought was heavenly!

  • 550
    Cory says:

    My mom, son and I used to take lots of road trips each summer. This particular time we took our grandma, my mothers mom, who always professed to be the expert fisher woman. My 6 year old didn’t believe her, so the contest commenced. My grandma pulls out a very good sized fish. “How did you do that?” She showed him the can of corn she was using in lieu of worms. We all laughed so hard! That is one picture that will always be displayed in our home.

  • 551
    Lisa M says:

    One of my best road trip memories is packing up my little car with all my favorite possessions and heading to college! I will never forget that feeling of being on my own ….driving across country and seeing all the amazing sights.

  • 552
    JohannaM says:

    I associate road trips with certain songs, or vice versa. When I was a kid my dad had some mixed tapes, a select few, that seemed to get played over and over. That didn’t put me off those songs, however, and when I hear any of them now I get somewhat nostalgic.

  • 553
    jill schultz says:

    Best road trip ever was with the kids in 2003. What started out as a plan to hit Six Flags over Georgia, became a 20 day trip from GA, up through the Blue Ridge Mountains, into Ohio, PA, Maryland and Virginia stopping at a total of 9 amusement parks along the way. The kids, ages 12 & 9 rode over 50 rollercoasters and still consider it the best vacation ever!!

  • 554
    Kathy Lewis says:

    My daughters always made compilation CDs for our road entertainment. I still have them and they bring back memories of the trips, the wonderful times, and singing out loud with my 2 lovely daughters!

  • 555
    jill schultz says:

    The best road trip ever started as a trip to Six Flags over Georgia, and morphed into a 20 day trip up through the blue ridge Mountains, into Ohio, PA, Maryland and Virginia on our way back home to GA. The kids, ages 12 & 9 rode over 50 rollercoasters and still consider it the best vacation ever!

  • 556
    jill schultz says:

    sorry didn’t think it posted up there, please delete this duplicate thanks

  • 557
    Cynthia Clark says:

    Driving across Wyoming in 1945 with our family. It was the first time I had ever stayed in a Motel. I remember it had a pink tiled bathroom that I thought was beautiful!

  • 558
    craftingwithfriends@gmail.com says:

    My favorite road trip was with my dear cousin, my husband and a friend. We were in NC at the Outer Banks, driving across a very long bridge. I dropped a lit cigarette in the car and we stopped right in the middle of the bridge, all four of us get out of the car trying to find that cigarette. It was hilarious!!!

  • 559
    Amy Papale says:

    My mom and I were enjoying a shopping trip to an outlet mall about 2 hours away from us in Pennsylvania. It was dark when we left the mall and we unknowingly took a wrong turn onto the interstate (we both had no sense of direction). A while into the trip home we were talking and laughing about our day and all of a sudden we saw the sign for “Ohio!” We looked at each other and said “OHIO” what do you mean OHIO! We laughed so hard and said we weren’t going to mention this to anyone!

  • 560
    Nancy M says:

    I grew up pre-mini van, so being the smallest of my siblings, I always ended up in the middle. Road trips were very much made up of “Are we there yet?” and “If I have to stop this car…” laced throughout games of license plate alphabet and looking for padiddles. Such fond memories.

  • 561
    Laurie Hunt says:

    Driving all over Northern California in a red convertible with my then boyfriend now husband! Fun.

  • 562
    Krista W says:

    On an unseasonably warm February day, 4 college girls drove to the beach in Delaware, singing loud and laughing and having the most amazing day.

  • 563
    Karen Briguglio says:

    My best roadtrip memory is going from PA to CA when I was 8 years old. My folks and brother and I all sat squished into the cab of our old Chevy truck (had a camper on the back) while our dog raced back and forth across our laps, scraping and scratching our bare legs with his claws. We had an 8 track tape player and 2 or 3 tapes that were played over and over and over. Cherish by The Association, Brand New Pair of Rollerskates, Sunny, Honey by Bobby Goldsboro. Irreplaceable memories. :0)

  • 564
    Giovana says:

    When my daughter was about 5 years old we went to the beach, it was a long trip and we spent almost 3 hours singing “The wheels of the bus” and “Head,shoulders, knees and toes”, I had to say we enjoyed it a lot!!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 565
    Malyssa M. says:

    Way too many road trips and memories to pick just one! My dad loved driving and ‘road trips’ were his favorite, whether it was all around the province or just 15 minutes from home. Each and every one of them were special and memorable!

  • 566
    Bev W says:

    We recently returned from a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fran to San Diego. Big Sur was so breathtaking and amazing. Seeing the sun set over the ocean gave me such a sense peace. We take for granted how beautiful our country is. We are very lucky to live here. Even with all the madness lately.

  • 567
    Laura says:

    My first road trip some 60+ years ago from Illinois to Florida in a 1950 Studebaker car! We stopped in Georgia to pick raw cotton and peanuts from roadside fields and were introduced to Pecan Pralines – which remains a favorite today! Crossing into Florida we enjoyed the freshest orange juice squeezed while you wait. Long before Disney existed we went to Cypress Gardens to watch the water ski show and visit the lush gardens. I still have a picture of me with a parrot sitting on my shoulder. No rides, no high tech, just fun family time exploring America.

  • 568
    Katherine says:

    Well, I’ve always had a fear of heights, or maybe a fear of falling. Whichever it truly is, the unreasonable fear is there. I’m one of three girls in our family and when we would round trip, inevitably there would be mountains and those narrow mountain roads. We’d head up the mountain and I would refuse to look out the windows, until my sisters teased me enough to get me to look. That’s because they knew that as soon as I looked out the window I would pass out, every time! Oh the things our siblings thinks are funny when we’re kids.

  • 569
    Barbara M says:

    Going to camping trips, the long scenic drive. We always stopped off at funny roadside cafes, really fun when your a kid!

  • 570
    Veronica Z says:

    Long road trips were a part of every Summer I had as a child. A trip that stands out is driving to the Great Smokey Mountains and camping with my family. I’ll never forget that trip!

  • 571
    Sue says:

    Road trips through the mountains- breathtaking and we are all left in such awe. Seeing the wildlife, bears, deer, mountain goats, etc… really makes the trip!

  • 572
    Rosa says:

    Los viajes de verano a la costa de Baja California México,eran una odisea, siempre le pasaba algo al carro. Pero ahora son lindos recuerdos de vacaciones con la familia y hasta con mascotas.

  • 573
    Anna says:

    Listening to a novel. When we arrived at our destination, we wouldn’t get out the car because we were listening to the last chapter and we couldn’t wait to hear how it would end!

  • 574
    Liz R says:

    After the stress of packing – it’s always great to get on the road, and see what adventure awaits us!

  • 575
    Rema DeLeeuw says:

    When the kids were younger we would take a road trips every summer to northern Wisconsin to my sisters cabin and go fishing, swimming and hiking. I miss those times.

  • 576
    Kim Badelt says:

    Many years ago on a way home from a trip to the mountains we were driving through misty rainy weather and suddenly there in the field in front of us were two elephants. We are talking Australia here not Africa!! It was one of the most startling, unexpected and memorable things we have ever come across on a driving trip!

  • 577
    María Alba Negrón says:

    Hi Nichole,

    My best road trip was going as a kid to El Yunque, a tropical forest reservation in Puerto Rico and seeing my wonderful and gorgeous father stop every time that I told him, so that he would pick wild raspberries for me. He did not complain or told me enough or said anything to me aside from yes sweetheart….how I miss him!
    My second best was with him also, we went to a tiny island that belongs to Puerto Rico named Isla Gata or Cat’s Island and I had my kids on swimming lessons, my youngest was 3 or 4 years old and we had to take a boat to get to the island, upon arriving, we are all going through a small pier and my youngest decides to dive into the water and I was going to see what he was going to do, but my darling father did not think it twice before diving fully dressed .shoes and all to retrieve him!
    Good and wonderful fathers as mine are AWESOME!

    María Alba

  • 578
    Alesa says:

    Sharing stories, eating different food & trying in house beers. There is always a special remembrance of the moment token purchased.

  • 579
    Diane says:

    Our first road trip with a toddler, my husband called a bad driver a turkey. From the back seat we heard “gobble, gobble” from the mouth of our daughter. We laughed and it made us realize little ears were listening.

  • 580
    Peggy Nickeslon says:

    I remeber taking yearly road trips with my family. We would drive from California to Missouri to visit family
    .i have such funny memories of my three siblings and I counting rail cars and fighting over who had to be stuck in the middle seat in the car. Good times!

  • 581
    Aunt Min says:

    When our boys were small, we planned a trip to Cape Cod to visit relatives. The boys spent DAYS picking out their favorite snacks for the 3 day trip. Our youngest son volunteered to sit in the very back 3rd row seat. Just prior to reaching our first stop, He said, “Mom I don’t feel so good.” He had gotten in the snack bag and eaten EVERYTHING!!.

  • 582
    Carol says:

    Going out west most summers while growing up to see my grandparents. My parents would usually take some cousins or other relatives along as well to make it a carload. I’ve stood on the four corners, my sister got in some quicksand at the Rio Grande, the Grand Canyon is truly grand and real rodeos were the best.

  • 583
    Sandi D says:

    Taking side trips to explore the special sights advertised on the billboards along the way. Great memories of being with our daughter at Lost Sea, Lookout Mountain, etc. Great memories.

  • 584
    Veronica says:

    My funniest was last yr on way to Fl, my husband was playing Jeff Foxworthy’s experience with his colonoscopy. We were somewhere in Alabama, and I was laughing so hard knowing my first one was coming up soon. Still makes me laugh.

  • 585
    Janice Badger says:

    driving from a boston suburb up to northern NH, my 2 siblings and i in the back seat, no a/c because it wasn’t in most cars back in the 70s. and our 70# rottweiler sitting on my lap the whole trip, hanging her head out the window and loving every minute of it.

  • 586
    Kathy says:

    One road trip in particular, I think it is my first memory of a road trip …..driving from Seattle to LA with my family when I was little. We never ate out much so it was a special treat to stop not once but several times for meals – – (even if it was just fast food!)

  • 587
    Rachael Burdick says:

    Every summer when I was a kid my grandparents would drive out to spend time with us. When they drove back home to Arizona my sister and I would join them for the three day trip home. Some summers we would drive straight back, others we would stop at Disneyland, or once we went to the Grand Canyon on the way back. I always remember my sister and I playing barbies in the back seat, fighting, making up, and loving the scenery. These trips with my grandparents are some of my favorite childhood memories.

  • 588
    Suzanne A. says:

    One of the best road trips I’ve had is when we can stay at pet-friendly hotels and bring our little Westie along with us – he loves to travel!

  • 589
    Emma S. says:

    The best memories I’ve had was when we drove from New Jersey to Florida when we were moving down there, with our little puppy and my Mom. We stopped at South of the Border and took many pictures on the way down. It was fun!!

  • 590
    Cynthia says:

    I’ll go with our recent driving vacation last month in Ireland for our 25th anniversary!!

  • 591
    Cindyblizzard@aol.com says:

    Wow 1979 I was 17 went cross country with my sister and husband 4 kids under 7 from PA to California a super cab and camper the kind that fit in the bed of the truck. We got to the Grand Canyon and ran out of money to get to California my dad wired us money to get home made to Ohio and needed more money. We only had peanut butter marshmallows fluff on ritz crackers to eat for a few days. It was a fun trip all in all got to Grand Canyon, Mesa verde, seven springs, and much more.

  • 592
    Rubina Pantoja says:

    My dad was in the military and when we loved in LA, we would often travel to his hometown in TX. I loved seeing all the lush trees along the highways and just being with my dad (he passed away 2 years ago).

  • 593
    Claudia says:

    My favorite road trips prove the old adage that it’s the journey, not the destination. I love being in the car for long trips with my husband without all the distraction from our daily lives. We always have fun and interesting conversations – planning for the future, reminiscing about the past, discussing favorite books and movies – the topics are endless.

  • 594

    A family trip to see my Grandparents just after I had learned to drive, and my Dad let me loose on the open highway. Told me to follow the truck in front of me. So I did, after about 5 minutes my Mom asks “Can she slow down and not follow the truck in front of us so fast.” Great family fun.

  • 595
    Vivian Piper says:

    A road trip along the coast of Maine with my family, stopping to visit every lighthouse we could!

  • 596
    Susan T says:

    My best memory for a road trip is when we went to Michigan and stopped at a motel because we were so tired. We discovered the most beautiful lake…Lake Torch. I will never forget it hope to go back some day. I felt like I was out of the country. The water was soon blue. Thanks for asking.

  • 597
    Kathy says:

    The best road trip I took was when 4 of my girlfriends and I drove from OH to NY — I think the time in the car was almost as much if not more fun than our destination! We laughed, cried, shared stories and our dreams…it was awesome!

  • 598
    Lynne in NI says:

    Ha, we were just talking about this today! When we were young and on a road trip to the beach, there was always a competition to see who could spot the ocean first. And the winner got a sweet! Mind you, everyone else in the car got a sweet too, it was just the fact that you got it first LOL!
    LOVE the new release, stunning samples from the DT 🙂

  • 599
    Alanna says:

    One of my fondest memories is of a trip we took to Disneyland when I was young with my grandparents. It will always stick out as a special time.

  • 600
    D.Ann C says:

    So many lovely new goodies!
    One of my favorite road trip memories was camping through the national parks out West. Dad had the patience of Job as mom and I would get the giggles putting up our side of the tent and he’d have to wait on us. Fun memories!

  • 601
    ljhart says:

    Camping as a little girl in a tent. We went everywhere each summer since.

  • 602
    Lynne S in GS says:

    We took an amazing road trip in our RV from Michigan to Montana following US2 from the Upper Peninsula and across. We sought out the “roads less traveled” and had an amazing time, marveling at the true beauty of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and South Dakota.

  • 603
    Jennifer L. says:

    When I was in college, I was on an internship in New Mexico. Several of us often took weekend road trips to explore the state. A stop at hot springs was probably one of the more interesting experiences!

  • 604
    Ivette says:

    My favorite road trips are the ones where we get in the car on a Sunday afternoon and just drive. Neer know where we’ll end up!

  • 605
    Tracy L. says:

    I guess the most memorable road trip would be when my family decided charter a bus to go to our family reunion in Tennessee, (we all live in Michigan and I think we had about 20 passengers). We drove straight through talking and laughing and watching movies…Only problem, was that we were late for every event and we always seemed to leave someone behind at the hotel…sigh

  • 606
    Wendy G. says:

    My family and I went on a cross country road trip when I was a kid, in about 1980. That was the year that Willie Nelson’s hit “On the Road Again” was playing all the time. We heard it everytime we got in the car!! I think of that trip every time I hear that song. We still joke about it. 🙂

  • 607

    We went to the Mountains over Memorial Day Weekend!! My Boys had a BLAST Snow Skiing!! It was Greyson our 3 yr. olds 1st time!! We went Fishing in Snake River and Beckett caught a Rainbow Trout!! The WHOLE TRIP was AMAZING and one FULL of Firsts!! I’ll NEVER FORGET IT!! =)

  • 608
    Sarah A says:

    So many great memories from the road trips we took as I was growing up. One of my many favorites would have to be the joke we had as we would drive up into the mountains of Colorado. For many years, we had a diesel car that did not do well in the higher altitudes. My parents would tell us that we had to “help” the car get up the steep grades and we would rock forward and back in our seats, as if we were somehow attached to the engine and assisting with the horsepower. It was silly, but it became a longstanding joke for us. My sister even has her kids do it when they go to Colorado!

  • 609
    Genevieve says:

    Going to virginia in a westfalia as a teenager during easter break

  • 610
    Kanga says:

    Ahhh.. road trips all over the world – how to choose? The amazing green landscapes of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland; London to Edinburgh via Stonehenge; all over the Tuscan countryside for 2 weeks (bliss!); San Francisco to LA on 101 in a red convertible (husband’s mid life crisis!); anywhere in our beautiful Australia (deserts, rainforest, country, mountains and the sea); the glacial landscapes of the incredible South Island of New Zealand and most recently from Calgary through Banff to Jasper via another glacier – awe inspiring.

  • 611
    Brenda Hall says:

    We always laugh about out trip in Florida. The girls wanted to go to Fort Lauderdale and we thought that it would be a quick trip from Sarasota. My Husband assured us that Alligator Alley, was a long, long drive….He was right and we never hear the end of it!

  • 612
    Iris Shubert says:

    Any of the many road trips home for summer vacation hold sweet memories for me. Momma and Daddy would get 2 weeks vacation from work in Chicago and we would always come home to Tennessee for the summer. Daddy would buy me some comic books to read for the trip and we’d always stop in Kentucky and buy a Harper’s country ham to take home to Tennessee. The closer we got the slower it seemed to take. So long ago, but oh so close in my heart 🙂

  • 613
    Donna Maddy says:

    My best friend and I went on an epic road trip last year to several of the National Parks. My favorite part was the two grizzly bears that ran across the road right in front of our truck! Awesome memory!

  • 614
    GINA says:

    When I was 13 I went with my grandparents from Chicago to
    South Carolina. I remember stopping at all those fun gift shops and
    restaurants like Stuckies. I got a pink wallet that said KENTUCKY!

  • 615
    June K says:

    My favorite memory is a trip from Northern CA to Southern CA to visit Disneyland when I was a child. I was probably about 9 or 10 yrs. old. It was my first trip there and I had a great time with my parents.

  • 616
    MichelleT says:

    Driving with my mom to New Mexico to visit my family! Beautiful scenery, and we enjoyed the time spent together!

  • 617
    Linda (LSN) says:

    One of my most memorable road trips was traveling down to New Mexico. We took the more scenic route through Colorado and saw the beauty of both the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges along with many quaint mountain towns. Just all that beautiful scenery evokes such vivid memories.


  • 618
    Michelle Renee says:

    I always enjoy traveling to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels,Texas! Love the water rides!

  • 619
    Vivian C. says:

    My sister and I were doing a road trip on the Olympic Peninsula and didn’t realize how far spread out services would be. When it came time to eat dinner, we had a hard time find a place or finding a place that was still open. We ended up at the Hungary Bear. Boy did that food taste good! LOL We had a lot of laughs on that trip. Thanks for bringing back a fond memory.

  • 620
    Mary S says:

    Any family trips! Love traveling together!

  • 621
    laura mm says:

    We took a trip out west one summer when I was a teenager & got to see quite a bit of Route 66. It was a very memorable experience – great memories & photos! 🙂
    Loving this release!

  • 622
    Caitlin says:

    Singing as loud as I can to the radio on my way to college every semester – Denver, CO to Knoxville, TN.

  • 623
    Shelly says:

    A trip with our daughter & grandsons to see the oldest one
    play in “The Perfect Game in GA. Once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Memories with family are the BEST!!

  • 624
    Josiane says:

    We took a roadtrip from Oklahoma to North Carolina to attend a friend’s wedding. On the way, I was able to track down my best friend from college and meet up with him for an hour. I am very thankful I had that opportunity since it had been 10+ years since we had last met up and he passed away several months later.

  • 625
    Karen P. says:

    My husband and I plus my mother and granddaughter went out west and toured many places. Not only did we see a lot in five weeks we had a lot of time to spend together. Toured many of the national parks and they are awesome. All are so different.

  • 626
    Barb Barnes says:

    My husband & I took a road trip on our move from NY to CA, along with our cat Moe. We had a tiny Honda Civic in which we packed all our valuables as well as what Moe needed: litter box, food & water dishes, bed to hang out in if he wasn’t in my lap, LOL. I will always remember how fun it was to travel with him (and sneak him into motels at night!), and what a wonderful kitty he was. And he loved California, too!

  • 627
    Diane from MN says:

    Road trips to the Blackhills region of South Dakota with our various foreign exchange students. So many great conversations and experiences!

  • 628
    Carol Ann Ater says:

    Road trip along the Teton Mtn range with a photo of ourselves in 1995 and again in 2010 at the same place along a trail through a meadow. Same smiles and same happiest to be in the prettiest locale in the West.

  • 629
    Tina B. says:

    The girls in my family went to Hawaii. We rented a van to take a road trip on each island. We went on the Road to Hana. It was a bumpy curvy road. We shared stories and dreams. We laughed until we cried. We were fortunate that my elderly mom was able to travel along with us.

  • 630
    Cindy says:

    My favorite road trip was a motorcycle trip my husband and I took to Big Bend National Park in Texas. Big Bend is miles from nowhere, and I was stunned to find out that people used to live and work there. Not only that, Apaches and Comanches made the barren Chihauhaun Desert their home. When my husband and I finished touring all over deep West Texas, we logged around 1750 miles on our bike. I still say the trip was too much for our 1983 Goldwing, but she brought us back home safe and sound. That was the best trip ever!

  • 631
    Marchelle says:

    One of the best road trips was when we went to the Sun Highway in Montana. We had seen mountain goats which we thought was pretty exciting. We were on our way home and it was just before dusk and right in front of us a mountain lion ran and went up the side of a cliff. The cliff looked almost vertical to me and it climbed (clawed?) its way up like it was horizontal! It truly was amazing! (We were in a van so we were very safe.)

  • 632
    Janet Mack says:

    One summer we drove all over the US, 7 weeks and thousands of miles. The whole trip was magical, I can’t pick out just one thing.

  • 633
    Deborah S says:

    We did not do any real big road trips, the longest we drove was 3.5 hours to the Cape several times a year for many years. But we always played ‘I Spy’ types of games and blasted the radio, singing at the top of our lungs!

  • 634
    Teresa beg says:

    Playing road games with my brothers:)

  • 635
    Julianne says:

    Best road trip was with last summer, driving to Portland from Los Angeles. We took our time, pulled over to check out anything that caught our eye and got to spend time with family in Portland. Driving along the coast is a favorite since my childhood road trips! So glad to give my son that same experience!

  • 636
    Becky K. says:

    Before we had kids, my husband and I took 2 months off work and road tripped from Cincinnati, Ohio to California and back, rock climbing the entire way. We are coming up on our 10 year anniversary of that trip, and it’s still one of my favorite vacations ever!

  • 637
    Connie Wine says:

    Years ago driving from CA to Indiana to visit grandparents. My baby sister was just 7 months old and it was memorable to see her learn to drink from a straw, suck a Popsicle. We also ate big breakfasts and then less during the day. Don’t know why I remember that but I do.

  • 638
    Janet Sisk says:

    Last year my hubby and I did a whirlwind tour of the 5 National parks in southern Utah. We hit all 5 in one week. We were up at sunrise every day and saw the sun set every night. We hiked until our feet were aching. However, the wonder of God’s handiwork was worth it all. We spent quality time together and witnessed so many gorgeous views. I got to see mountain goats, quails, a herd of bucks, sunsets to die for, and more. I will never forget that trip. Thanks for the chance to win, too. 😀

  • 639
    Victoria Nelson says:

    One of my favorite road trips was my first road trip with my boyfriend. We drove up to BC Canada for a ski vacation right after Christmas. It was a romantic trip and we enjoyed a sleigh ride trip around the resort, something I’d had on my wish list of things to do for a long time.

  • 640
    Betty N says:

    We drove from Alberta to British Columbia years ago – the scenery through the mountains is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 641
    Sandy C says:

    One of my favorite memories from a road trip was going to an outdoor musical on a beautiful summers evening after visiting other local sites and a picnic lunch.

  • 642
    Crisanne D says:

    I remember being the navigator, and getting us so lost!! We had no clue where we were, until we went into a McDonald’s and asked them at the desk to point out our location on our map, and then get directions!

  • 643
    Kelly in Canada says:

    My parents were both born and raised in Alberta, Canada but after they got married, my dad’s job had him relocate to Ontario. So, when I was growing up, our summer vacation every two years or so would be a road trip to Edmonton and Calgary to see all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. One year, back when you could sit in the back of a station wagon with no seat belts (yes, I’m that old), my sister was sitting in the middle seat with the window down. I was in the back. My sister was chewing bubble gum and decided to blow a bubble. The wind caught the gum and blew it back into my hair (which was long enough for me to sit on). We had to cut it out with scissors. I cried for days!

  • 644
    Rae Ramses says:

    I surprised my mom last year for her 81st birthday and drove up from Florida to see her in Georgia. I was on the phone with her and ringing the doorbell at the same time. She told me she wasn’t going to answer it because she was still in her pajamas. After the third ring, I told her to at least peek out the window to see who showed up at 8 in the morning. When she looked, I was standing there waving and she started screaming and crying. She finally opened the door. Best road trip to date!

  • 645
    Cheryl Nussbaum says:

    The best road trip was taking our camper from Ohio down to Walt Disney World when our kids were young. Great memories!

  • 646
    Dolores S says:

    As a kid my family took one big road trip vacation and we saw more in that one trip than any other vacation. The Grand Canyon and Washington DC were some of the highlights.

  • 647
    Diana F says:

    One of the best road trips I remember was right after I graduated from college. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) and I took a month and traveled from Ohio thru the southwest, then California, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and then back home. It was a great trip.

  • 648
    Deborah Wilson says:

    Too many memories to pick just one. My family went to Florida for 2 weeks almost every summer. Each and every trip holds special memories with my family. Those memories are even more special now since I have lost both parents.

  • 649
    Kelly says:

    I remember a trip to visit family after my high school graduation. My memory many years later is the car was not big enough for the 5 of us. We also enjoyed the hotel swimming pools like we had never seen a pool before. Such good memories!

  • 650
    Trudy V. says:

    When I was younger my family use to take road trips to see out of state relatives and sometimes we would take a trips to see special things in the USA. The morning we left my mom would make up sandwiches for lunch. There usually was a choice between bologna, meatloaf (my favorite, because of the catsup), or peanut butter and jelly. She wrapped them in wax paper. We would stop somewhere and have a picnic. I loved it because we were all together and excited to be traveling! Good memories!

  • 651
    Tema says:

    Driving the coast of California from San Francisco to San Diega was so beautiful,I’ll never forget it!

  • 652
    Avonlea says:

    One of my favourite road trip memories is seeing The Twelve Apostles along Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which is the most beautiful, romantic and ecologically diverse ocean road!

  • 653
    Lisa Elton says:

    While our husbands and my son were on a fishing trip in Canada, my mom and I drove to Mackinaw City Michigan. We we on our way to the enchanted Mackinac Island. We were talking and giggling away on a lonely stretch of highway. I looked over to see my mom was going almost 90!! We still laugh at the casual way she was holding the steering wheel traveling at that speed!!

  • 654
    Polly Lemire says:

    A trip along Route 66 When I moved from Missouri to California in 2000. The vistas were so amazing that I never listened to the radio or all the tapes and CDs I had brought along.

  • 655
    Elizabeth McGregor says:

    My sister, a friend, and I were taking a road trip to Canada. We were using GPS with voice navigation, and as we approached the border the voice said “turn right onto…Canada.” We burst out laughing and it has been brought up many times since!

  • 656
    Pam alexander says:

    We drove half way across the US to Disney with the kids. It was fun just driving because the kids had a DVD player and were happy the whole time. It was about the journey, not the destination.

  • 657
    Deborah Rikard says:

    When I was in high school my boy friend traveled to Florida with us on our summer vacation. We have now been married 43 years and I still remember that trip!

  • 658
    Oreet says:

    I grew up in the South of France, in a tiny, little village in Provence. In the summertime, we would drive down the scenic coast of the Mediterranean sea, headed for Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo and eventually Italy. We would stop at every single beach, swim for 15 minutes and then hop back in our car and repeat until we saw the next beach. Those were the days!

  • 659
    Melanie says:

    I’ll never forget a road trip with my hubby to the shore. We came arund a bend and saw the ccean juxtapozed against the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in my life! Very romantic too!

  • 660
    Pam R says:

    One of the best rode trips was during college spring break. Three of us drove from Northern NY to Miami. I had to teach one of my roommates how to drive stick before we left, then the clutch cable broke on the way home over Easter weekend and extended our stay in FL a few extra days. Nothing like being broke college kids in the early 80’s.

  • 661
    Danny says:

    My fondest road trip memory is when my parents loaded all five of us up and tied 7 bikes to the back of the car. As we drove down the street the bikes went flying off. 40 years later it still makes me laugh.

  • 662
    Amy Young says:

    I’ve never been on a road trip but I hope to do a cross country RV trip when I retire. 🙂

  • 663
    Ohhh Snap says:

    Traveling across the country, stopping in a camera store for an emergency repair (back in the days of film) in Arkansas which lead to a little wander around and finding an awesome manual typewriter with brackets (very rare in manual typewriters).

  • 664
    Lisa K says: