April 2015 Product Preview

By April 15, 2016General

































Color Pop Butterflies KIt

Make It Market Mini Kit: Color Pop Butterflies: $29














Amethyst Allure

Amethyst Allure products will be available for purchase on April 15th in the following options:

  • Amethyst Allure 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock (12 sheets), $3
  • Amethyst Allure 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock (24 sheets), $5
  • Amethyst Allure 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock (50 sheets), $9
  • Amethyst Allure full size ink pad, $5
  • Amethyst Allure cube, $2
  • Amethyst Allure ink refill, $4



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  • 1
    Sharon Jaeger says:

    I have never tried one of her dies. But I did receive a felt ornament for a present, made with Beaded Holiday from one of my special crafty friends. I treasure it! And it has inspired me to try these dies to make one of these gorgeous creations…especially for gifting!

  • 2
    Donna Barthelt says:

    Beautiful release – I want it all!

  • 3
    Carol says:

    I have never tried the sewing dies and will hold out for now as I don’t have time to take on another hobby. Life is very busy at this time. I do love all the projects done with the sewing dies and brings back memories of the days when I use to make felt ornaments at Christmas.

  • 4
    Shawna says:

    So cute!! Love all the products I have gotten so far.. yes…it’s an addiction!

  • 5
    Patty Smith says:

    I am very hard pressed to decide on a favorite. There are are all awesome! I bought a bunch. Use them all the time for gifts. People are awed by their gifts. The videos are especially helpful; directions clear and concise, not to mention how fun, relaxing and enjoyable it is to spend crafting with them, especially the kits?. Pretty quick to put together too!! LOVE them!

  • 6
    Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! Great release!!!!

  • 7
    Charity Chamberlain says:

    What a fabulous release! Love the new color, the cover plates, and the hamburger stamps and die especially!

  • 8
    Judy says:

    I haven’t tried any of the sewing projects yet, probably because they look to be time consuming. The are all beautiful though.

  • 9
    Victoria Harris says:

    This is an awesome release. I am soo loving the amethyst allure!!

  • 10
    Andrea Tungland Heairet says:

    So many creative and beautiful options!

  • 11

    Can’t wait for tonight at 10 pm! Lots on my list.
    Great release you gals have all been very busy little bees.

  • 12
    Annie Dill says:

    I haven’t tried the stitched dies. But the sunshine one is tempting!

  • 13
    Teresa Currie says:

    I have several of Erin’s stitching dies and am looking forward to trying them this spring!! It is all just a matter of time!!

  • 14
    Nancy says:

    Beautiful new products – so inspirational!

  • 15
    Pssayee@netzero.net says:

    Love , love , love Faith. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • 16
    vicki says:

    awesome release!

  • 17
    Norma says:

    With the arthritis in my hands I can no longer hold a needle to sew, but I do enjoy seeing all the talent and beautiful projects. Straight stamping is still something I can do and enjoy. Thanks to all the DT members for gorgeous products and ideas!

  • 18
    Ohhh Snap says:

    Mind blown! AND a new MIM???? And the Alluring Amethyst is irresistable. I feel giddy : D.

  • 19
    Angie says:

    I’ll be here tonight to get the stitching dies. Love them!

  • 20
    Sandy Cu says:

    Too much love for card making to make time and space for another type of craft.

  • 21
    Denise Bryant says:

    Fabulous release! I have lots of things on my wish list! The Thank You Paper Clippings die is my favorite!
    I have not tried any of the stitching dies yet. Not sure my die cutter will cut felt… I have not tried it yet! I love the look of the stitched dies and the projects I have seen and may want to attempt it in the future!

  • 22
    Peggy S says:

    I haven’t tried them because I’d want to buy all the colors of felt!

  • 23
    Sydney Grace says:

    Love her dies and now love sewing with my mom and friends. I received the big sewing kit last year for my birthday and I love it still.

  • 24
    Julianne says:

    So much I like, as others have said, what a release!! I’ve seen hoop embroidery out there and have been wanting to try. This looks like the push I needed. Wonderful job by the design team with so many amazing samples for us to see the range of possibilities!!

  • 25
    Lynn Young says:

    Love the color pop butterflies and the amethyst allure color!

  • 26
    Nora says:

    I actually have two of Erin’s stitching dies. One is the circle collection and the other is the butterfly. I have used the stitched circles but not stitched them. I have NEVER used the butterflies. I LOVE them but do not have the felt to utilize them as they should. I want to say that there are some fantastic stitched dies that I have almost bought but they are never in stock when I want to order. This release was fabulous and I want to give KUDOS to the DT team!!

  • 27
    Linda R says:

    Really wonderful release!

  • 28
    LynneZ says:

    I have Erin’s Christmas stitching dies and love them. Have made many and gave as Christmas gifts using the stocking as a gift card holder. Really fun!

  • 29
    Deb says:

    I love the scissor keeper dies. Have made really nice gifts for family and friends

  • 30
    Patricia Butler says:

    The split sun and lightening bolt is so unique! I love it and cannot wait to have it! Excellent idea! Keep up the fabulous new ideas…you sure keep me on my toes creating magnificent cards!

  • 31
    Not enough time to add more crafting! says:

    Not enough time to add more to my crafting at the moment

  • 32
    Meltallman says:

    Wow, what great new additions

  • 33
    net says:

    Love all the new stuff …here we go again

  • 34
    Anne Fletcher says:

    I didn’t see the Faith set until today, but what a wonderful sentiment to have to put on so many cards!

  • 35
    Renee Lewis says:

    I just can’t wait to get my hands on the Paper Dolls.
    I am an applique and embroidery devotee and am thrilled to see these adorable projects. Thanks so much.

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