Spectrum 3

Many customers have been patient as we have worked through some challenges regarding our ink inventory. One of the biggest obstacles that came up a few months ago was that the manufacturer of our signature teardrop shaped pad case was going to need to significantly increase the price of each case in order to keep making them for us.  This extra charge would have been passed along to all of our customers through a price increase.  After much research, we discovered that by switching back to a traditional oval shape for our full-size pads, we would be able to maintain the current pricing ($5 each).

Size comparison

Not only does this benefit customers with our continued low price point, it also means more ink pad for your money.  The actual pads of the new model measure a full 3-1/8" x 2-1/8", which gives you more surface area to ink your stamps.


The pads have a nice wide rim around the edge for holding the pad, helping to avoid inky fingers.


For easy stacking, the underside of the pads is deeply molded for a perfect fit.  The lids remove completely, with no worries of a hinge getting in the way.  These lids are even easier to remove than the original pad style, but still provide a nice secure seal to prevent air exposure when covered.

Spectrum 2

As a convenience to our customers, the new oval full-size pads will be available tonight along with the new release items, however the pads are not going to be delivered to our warehouse until Monday, July 20th.  If you opt to add the ink pads to your release night order, your entire order will be held until the ink has arrived and can be added to your package.  If you would rather not do this, you can order the ink separately or at some point in time after July 20th.  

We hope you are as excited as we are about today's announcement and we are looking forward to the opportunity of continuing to provide you with quality ink products!



Are all of the ink colors going to be available in the new full-size oval shape tonight?

Yes, all of our current colors will be available in the new style shape tonight.

If I order the new full-size pads tonight, can I add other new release items to my order?

Yes!  You can add other items to your order.  However, any customer that has the new oval full-size ink pads included in their order, be aware that the entire order will be held until approximately Monday (July 20th) when the new ink pads arrive.  (This date is subject to change depending on ink arrival)

Can I use the dye ink refills I already purchased on these new ink pads?

Yes!  The ink formulas have not changed at all, just the shape and size of the pad has.

Does this mean you will release more colors now?

Yes!  Now that we have the current ink color inventory back under control, there will be new colors coming soon.

Can I still buy the original teardrop shaped pads?  If so, how long will they be available?

We have remaining inventory of the original teardrop shaped pads in some colors, but not all.  What is left is available on our ink page along with the other pads.  The quantities are limited and once they are gone, they are gone.  At this time the price of the original style will remain $5.

How do I make sure I am ordering the new oval shaped pads and not the old teardrop pads?

The old style and new style will be two separate items in the store, each with a picture of the shape of the pad. So if you want the new oval version, you will click on the oval pad graphic and add it to your cart. If you prefer the old teardrop version, click on the appropriate graphic and add it to your cart instead. Essentially, you get to select exactly what you want. Keep in mind, we do not have the teardrop pads available in every color, some of the more popular colors will only have the oval version as an ordering option.

What are the dimensions of the new ink pads?

With the lids on the new pads measure a little over 5/8" tall, 4" long and just over 2-5/8" wide.