Stamp-a-faire 2014 Friday Night Meet & Greet

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to everyone!  All of us here at Papertrey Ink are so excited for this year's online Stamp-a-faire event!  It is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn new things, get some stamping done and interact with other paper crafters around the world!  

Tonight we are kicking off the festivities with our "Friday Night Meet & Greet"!  We hope to make it a bit easier to wait for the BIG DAY as you put the finishing touches on getting ready for tomorrow!  Feel free to visit our Stamp-a-faire Customer Forum to chat with other stampers that are in the middle of preparations HERE!

I have asked each of the team members to contribute to a little video footage, allowing you to have a little face-to-face time with each of them even though this is not a live event!  In honor of our "time travel" theme this year, many of them reminisce about their first stamping experiences and crafting roots!  So grab your favorite beverage and settle in for a 30-minute video that I just know you will thoroughly enjoy!  Without further ado, here's the video!

P.S.  My portion of the video at the beginning was totally interupted by a a furry friend.  See if you can catch him in the act!  Not to mention I think a few other team members were interupted by babies and other normal, run-of-the-mill, household fun!  Just keeping it real! 🙂


Fun stuff, right?  I love seeing the whole team together like this, even if it is via video!

***EDITED 10:30pm EST- This video has been updated to now feature a welcome from Melissa Phillips.  Due to a few technical difficulties, that portion was not included in the original video.

Below you will find an InLinkz list which will allow you to "meet & greet" fellow stampers from around the world and give everyone a peek into your preparations for the big day!  Share a link to a photo, video or blog post of yourself with your Stamp-a-faire gear, perhaps with a group of stamping friends that you are getting together with tonight, where you are in your journey if you're on the road or anything else you are doing to prepare for the big day!  Be sure to let us know where you are posting from as well!  

Two of the participants who post here tonight will be selected to receive a $25 PTI gift certificate and will be announced on our Tuesday night Stamp-a-faire winners post.  You have until noon EST, tomorrow (Saturday, August 23rd) to add your link here.  We look forward to seeing what you share as well as having you back here tomorrow for all the Stamp-a-faire festivities!

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  • 1
    Rebecca Lucero says:

    It is an optical illusion. It looks like your furry friend is in the cabinet. Looking forward to a great event. Thanks a million…

  • 2
    Andrene says:

    Great video-thanks for putting it together! I’m pretty excited about my first Stamp-a-faire. I’ll be there 7 am sharp in my pj’s and with a BIG cup of coffee!

  • 3
    DebbyG says:

    I’m here in a little town in SC called Prosperity. I’ve been looking forward to a whole day of papercrafting in my studio . . . and I’m looking forward to the cinnamon donut muffins my husband is making for me to start the day!

  • 4
    Sandy Kay says:

    I had to giggle when I saw the 3rd paper crimper! I have one of those too! The video was so much fun to watch! Looking forward to what’s in store tomorrow!

  • 5
    Tonya Jastad says:

    What a great video! I love listening to all the different accents. I think you should have a MIM using the illustrious paper crimper!

  • 6
    Patti says:

    OMGosh ladies! that was priceless!! I laughed so hard when THREE paper crimpers came out of the basement : ) What a wonderful kick off welcome! : )

    Can’t wait


  • 7
    Sheri Elmont says:

    I was catching a real theme there with the paper crimpers. I have one also, might have used it once. But I found mine in the dumpster at Michaels. (I used to work at a store that shared a dumpster with Michaels, though I am not above dumpster diving.) Looking forward to tomorrow and cleaning up my studio tonight.

  • 8
    Rosy says:

    Gusto en conocerlas. Me parece que van a tener un gran
    evento !Felicidades!

  • 9
    Denise L. says:

    So fun to be able to meet everyone on the meet & greet video. Such talented ladies with a heart for paper crafting! I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I can tune in & get fresh ideas! Thanks for sharing your talents!

    I’ll be watching in big sky country, Montana

  • 10
    Pat Whitley says:

    Loved the paper crimper parade! And your white kitty, Nichole. We also have a white one.

  • 11
    Betty Sue says:

    So great to see everyone’s face and hear how everyone started. Thanks for sharing!

  • 12
    MaryAnn N says:

    Great video! Cute that 3 of you have an unused paper criimper
    Hoping to be able to spend at least part of the day with you all tomorrow

    PS paper crimpers make great paper ice cream. Cones …try it. I used one for a scrapbook page.

    MaryAnn N.

  • 13
    MaryAnn N says:

    Forgot to say I am from Ontario, Canada and will be joining you by myself this year from my scrap room . ( previous years I joined a group at a local hotel meeting room)

  • 14
    Jackie Lic says:

    Loved everyone’s video. So fun see all of you live. Looking forward to tomorrow and all of the fun we will have together. The crimper – who doesn’t have one. I have used mine but it is now in a box replaced by PTI dies. Yeah! Thanks again Ladies!

  • 15
    Karen Young says:

    I also have a paper crimper and was laughing at how many were in the videos.

  • 16
    Marianne McGinnis says:

    Great to watch all the DT and hear their voices! I so enjoy their posts every month.
    So funny to see not only ONE, but THREE paper crimpers as first tools! HaHa! I have one too!

  • 17

    I feel left out (!) never had a paper crimper…but there’s always tomorrow, no wait, I’ll be glued to Papertrey Ink tomorrow – my first Stamp-a-fair, YAY!!

  • 18
    Jessica Monte says:

    I want to play tomorrow but I might get to in the evening. I am excite to see everything and will be watching all day. I am spending the day with my mom helping her and most likely crying as we go through my Daddy’s stuff. He passed away on Aug 7.

  • 19
    lainey says:

    What a great video! Really looking forward to tomorrow’s events. I bet if we put all the unused paper crimpers in a pile it would be taller than the Empire State Building! Lol

  • 20
    Karyle says:

    So many paper crimpers, too funny …..I think I’ve used mine once. I can’t wait to tune in and see what new ideas you have. I’ve learned so much from all of you. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  • 21
    Janet says:

    The face-to-face videos of the design team is so nice and an enticing introduction to tomorrow. (Somebody made a fortune from those crimpers! Just think how many Papertrey Stamps we could buy!!!)

  • 22

    I’m so sorry about your dad, Jessica. Sending love!

  • 23
    Babs says:

    Was great to see and hear the design team. First time I’m following Stamp-A-Faire. Anxious to see what it’s all about.

  • 24
    Connie G says:

    Watched the whole video and enjoyed seeing the whole DT in person!! I too have the exact paper crimper and have rarely used it – glad to see I am not alone. Excited to see what you all have in store for us tomorrow. Thanks for all the work you have put into it.

  • 25
    Luanne Ford says:

    Loved the video! Off to bed so I can get going early…. It’s our 4th year of SAF here in Lexington, KY, and it just keeps getting better! See you in the morning…..

  • 26
    Kathy H says:

    It’s hilarious that three ST members dug out their paper ‘crimpers! I have that exact same crimper! It gets used about every 5 years!

  • 27
    Shari T says:

    Nice to meet all of the Stamp-A-Faire Designer’s!! This is going to be a fun weekend–How can we not be happy since we’re stamping 🙂 OMG–The paper crimpers! I resisted!! But a friend of mine did buy that and she’s stuck with it, too! I bought my big blue and orange fiskars brayer instead 🙂 Can’t wait to start creating tomorrow and see where the journey will take me 🙂 XOXO-Shari T. from Northern Idaho

  • 28
    Helen F. says:

    Really looking forward to joining in SAF festivities again this year and learning from the BEST. You all are so creative and inspiring. I will be home in Central FL crafting off and on all weekend long up until the last minute, I’m sure 🙂

  • 29
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    Peoria AZ, looking forward to the fun!

  • 30
    Helen says:

    Enjoyed the vIdeo…. Am so looking forward
    to stamp a faire!

  • 31
    Deborah Rikard says:

    Hi Debby, I’m Deborah from Lexington SC. Nice to see a fellow South Carolinian at stamp-a-faire. Have a fun and crafty day!

  • 32
    Linda says:

    It’s so fun that you do this-wish it was twice a year.

  • 33
    Emily M. says:

    I will be at home in a Marshall, IL, near the Indiana border, watching the videos and hopefully playing along! (If hubby lives up to his promise of taking care of the babies!!) I found it hilarious that so many of you had a crimper as your first tool…. Great creative minds must think alike! 🙂

  • 34
    Joan S says:

    Sorry I will miss following Stamp-A-Faire tomorrow as will be busy babysitting grandkids while “mom” and “dad” go to the great MN state fair. I, along with others as I read, chuckled when the crimper appeared and re-appeared, wondering if each thought it was original to their beginning crafting, but popular it was and was also one of my early purchases and yes, I still have mine too after about 15 years of stamping, scrapping, and card making, but mine has been used, albeit only a handful of times, but it’s in a labeled box in my craft closet. Have a great time tomorrow

  • 35
    JanetB says:

    Loved tonight, and looking forward to tomorrow. I’m keeping my crimper just in case someone comes up with a great use for it.

  • 36
    Mary V says:

    Ah the paper crimper! Yes, I have one collecting dust too but you never know when I might desperately need it! Looking forward to all the awesome PTI inspiration tomorrow!

  • 37
    Karen Fl/NY says:

    I loved the ” meet and greet” I can’t believe that three of you brought out the paper crimped..I’ve got one too. I did use mine a few times but let’s hope it becomes useful once again. I cannot be with you ladies tomorrow, I have a class until 3:30, but when I get home I will see what went on during the day. Have fun along with all you participants.

  • 38
    Holly Havnaer says:

    All the videos were so fun; it was great to see you all “live.” One of my first tools was also the paper crimper and I still have it!! 😉
    Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  • 39
    Jo R. says:

    So many unloved paper crimpers out there! I have one too! I will be stamping along with you from Townsville, Australia. Can’t wait!

  • 40
    Jill Norwood says:

    Wonderful video everyone! So excited for tomorrow!
    🙂 Jill

  • 41
    Debbie McKelvey says:

    I loved seeing the paper crimper, I have mine in a drawer also! LOL I think we should all bring back the crimper just for fun. I am excited to see what you fabulous ladies have for us through the magic of time travel.

  • 42
    Holly Saveur says:

    Love the video…so good to see everyone..

  • 43
    Cathy K says:

    Great video! This is my second SAF and I’m looking forward to getting started–only 2 more hours!

  • 44
    MargR says:

    I so much enjoy this part of Stamp-a-faire – meeting the DT! PTI is the first stamp company I’ve bought from. I was looking for dies for my Sizzix Bigshot then fell head-over-heals in love with all the stamps and co-ordinating dies. Can’t wait to view the tutorials!

  • 45
    Bobby says:

    I can’t stop giggling about all the paper crimpers. I have one, too, and it sits unused. It was so much fun to put faces to the design team members that I’ve enjoyed for the last few years.

  • 46
    Gloria says:

    Looking forward to all the fun challenges and learning experiences that today has to offer. Loved meeting you all through the video!

  • 47
    Klara K says:

    Great video! Looking forward tomorrow’s event.

  • 48
    Jill Norwood says:

    Beautiful video! So excited to start stamping! Love all of the products in the kit!
    🙂 Jill

  • 49
  • 50
    Gwen says:

    My first time playing along! Gwen from southwest Minnesota.

  • 51
    Janis says:

    Really fun video!! Love meeting the ladies behind the projects!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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