Stamp-a-faire 2014 Details & Kit


As announced during this year's anniversary festivities, Stamp-a-faire will be taking place on

Saturday, August 23rd

as an online event. We are extremely excited about this format because it will allow ALL of our customers around the world an opportunity to participate!  In case you missed all of the excitement last year, here is a video showcasing some of the fun we had!


This year you are going to pack your bags as you virtually get to travel through time with the Papertrey Team and your stamping friends from around the world! This year's online event will be all about exploring different eras througout history! Each of the designers will delve into their favorite eras and adapt inspiration from that time period into today's tools and techniques. Think of all the elegance of the Regency Era to the art deco designs of the Roaring Twenties and even the mod looks from the 1960's. We will be highlighting music and other trends from each era too! 

We are doing things a bit different this year with the Stamp-a-faire Kit that we make available for purchase. (It is important to note that you do not need to purchase the kit to participate in the festivities, it is just a fun extra you can choose to purchase if you wish.)  The kit includes SEVEN boxes of era specific supplies, a time capsule collection that you will be able to use on your projects throughout the day!  

Each of our challenges along with the tutorials, videos & project ideas from the team, will be posted (on this blog) every few hours during Stamp-a-faire day, keeping you busy throughout the day and into the night.  Each post will have an InLinkz list provided for you to share your projects with the rest of the Stamp-a-faire participants worldwide!  The InLinkz lists will be open for submissions until Monday afternoon.  Gift Certificates will be awarded as prizes for each of the challenges!  It basically functions exactly the same as our Make It Monday Challenges, except you get several videos distributed throughout the entire day!

Most of the challenges are geared around traditional trends or techniques that pertain to each era.  Here is a list of the challenges and techniques you will learn during this amazing event!  Along with highlighting each of the eras, I have included an overview of the supplies that have been designed for that portion of the kit.  I have also made notations of additional supplies or tools you may want to have on hand.

>>>NOTE: The images in black for each collection represent stamps, while the shadowed shapes in gray represent dies.  Each collection also includes a few sheets of patterned paper, shown slightly smaller than actual size.  You can click any of the images below for a larger view.



The day will open with a journey to Ancient Rome!  From the amazing architecture of that period to the detailed mosaics, you will love stepping back in time to immerse yourself in this culture!  Lizzie Jones will be your host as she presents two video challenges for you to try your own hand at!

>>>A few notes about the Ancient Rome portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional Roman icons, such as a laurel wreath, urn, masiaic border building images, Roman coin and architectural detail.  There is even a wonderful quote from Marcus Aurelius.  The mosaic die measures about 3-1/4" x 4-1/2" overall.  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.


For her first video, Lizzie will be showcasing ways to create your own faux frescoes for your card fronts using white embossing paste and stamps. There will be options for using outline images and solid images, so there's something for everyone!  

Basic supplies needed:

  • your favorite coloring medium (markers, watercolors, or reinkers would be great)
  • White embossing paste (Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste from Ranger is safe with Copics, but any brand will work if you plan on sticking to other coloring mediums)


The second challenge will be all about delving into the world of mosaics.  Lizzie has a few tricks up her sleeve for this one, showing you how to keep it simple or get more elaborate.  Use the mosaic die included in the kit or your favorite Cover Plate die to create stencils, custom mosaic stamps and more.  You will LOVE the techniques she covers here!

Basic supplies needed:

  • mosaic style die, or any Cover Plate die that creates multiple openings
  • white self-adhesive foam (such as fun foam)
  • clear cardstock or vellum
  • embossing ink pad and clear embossing powder



Next you will get to be inspired by the Renaissance Era!  This period in history was all about knights and royalty, regal colors and fabrics, along with the opulence of gold and jewels.  Nichole Heady will be lead you step by step through some amazing techniques that will bring this era to life!

>>>A few notes about the Renaissance portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional Renaissance images that will work well for the techniques shared such as an illuminated letter, a traditional sealing wax medallion and a stained glass inspired design.  It includes a total of four dies. The large circles measure about 2-1/2" in diameter.  The more ornate circular frame can be layered over the plain frame to recreate a popular jewelry design.  There is also a smaller slightly scalloped circle and standard circle that can be used for creating faux wax seals, measuring about 1-1/4".  The collection also includes three sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.  As a special touch, a wicked sealing wax stick in gold is included for you to make real wax seals just like they did in the old days!


This video will take you step by step through the process of velvet stamping using a simple iron and any bold stamps. 

Basic supplies needed:

  • velvet fabric (an acetate/rayopn blend is best)
  • iron (the flatter the surface the better, you may wan to use a Teflon iron cover to eliminate the steam holes)
  • spritz bottle with water
  • fairly large, bold stamp


For this tutorial you will learn how to create real wax seals using sealing wax as well as faux wax seals using metallic embossing powder.

Basic supplies needed:

  • sealing wax stick (preferably with a wick, but the glue gun version will work)
  • gold embossing powder and embossing ink (such as VersaMark)
  • small layered circle punches or dies (1" or so)
  • small round bold stamp that will fit onto circle



We will then continue onto an exploration of the Regency Era!  This time period is just full of a graceful beauty that Melissa Phillips has captured beautifully with the inspiration and videos she has prepared.  Hand crafts of many kinds were popular with the women of that day and you will have the opportunity to apply similar techniques to your paper crafting projects!

>>>A few notes about the Regency Era portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional Regency Era images, such as an ornate floral frame, french script border and an example of needlepoint.  Of course there are also coordinating sentiments, "Dearest" being a popular term.  Two dies are included, one that coordinates with the frame stamp, measuring about 2-1/4" x 2".  There is also a needlepoint pattern die that includes a rose and leaves.  It will cut the holes into your paper and a small embossed dot in the center of each *cross stitch* shows you where to stitch.  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.


Melissa will be showing you how to heat emboss with metallics and add a beautiful antique patina to it, similar to what was found on guilded mirrors and frames during this era.  She will also be sharing some general heat embossing tips along the way that you will find useful!

Basic supplies needed:

  • gold embossing powder and embossing ink (such as VersaMark)
  • brown ink and a soft cloth
  • frame image and die


Needlepoint was considered to be an important skill for ladies to have during the Regency Era.  Melissa will be showing you how to use the beauty of this hand craft in your paper crafting projects, uins quick and easy methods as well as more complex techniques.

Basic supplies needed:

  • needlepoint style stamp (or build your own image with a small "x" alphabet stamp)
  • needlepoint or stitching die
  • embroidery floss and needle



Next stop will be the 1920's!  The roaring twenties truly put on a display of glitz and glamour that inspired fashion, home decor, jewelry and more.  Heather Nichols has researched the trends of that day and has so much to show you using what she has learned!

>>>A few notes about the 1920's portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional 1920's design elements, such as a art deco styled sentiment accents and jewelry inspired focal points that have areas perfect for embellishing.  Two sentiments are included using a fabulous art deco font.  The gorgeous die cuts out an elegant shape (3-1/2" x 1-3/8") but also works as a rhinestone placement tool with holes in the backer only (that don't cut) to allow you to mark the spots with a pencil.  A sheet of self-adhesive rhinestones is included to use in your designs.  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.


Heather will show you ideas for creating rhinestone designs and patterns using your favorite die-cut shapes as a guide.  You will love the helpful  tips she has for moving and placing the rhinstones too, which can sometimes be a challenge!

Basic supplies needed:

  • a favorite die that will translate well to a rhinestone design
  • clear cardstock
  • self-adhesive rhinestones


Next, Heather will be showing you how to pair glitter with some of the favorite embellishments of the day, rhinestones and pearls.  She will offer tips for working with glitter and the best ways to use sparkly embellishments with it for an even bigger impact.

Basic supplies needed:

  • glitter (silver or translucent, like Prisma Glitter for example)
  • self-adhesive rhinestones and/or pearls




Making a major comeback in recent years, all the looks of the 1940's are definitely popular again!  Betsy Veldman will be leading you through this era and exploring the fabrics and trends that made the 1940's so heartwarming.  With it being wartime here in the United States, people "used what they had", and now you can do the same with your paper crafting!

>>>A few notes about the 1940's portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional 1940's fabric design elements, as well as some traditionally styled sentiments.  The petite floral and leaf die cuts are perfect for creating custom corsage or lapel style arrangements, compelte with a hole in the center of the flower for adding stamens, which are also included (in white).  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.


In the 1940's, corsages and lapel posies were very popular. Clothes were hard to come by since many fabrics were rationed.  Ladies would update an old dress with a pretty new corsage.  Many of these were made using millinery flowers or handmade from felt.  Betsy will be showing you how to make your very own which you can use to dress up packages, use on card fronts, or maybe even wear on your own lapel!

Basic supplies needed:

  • felt
  • flower stamens


The patterns found on fabric in the 1940's had their own look and style that Betsy will be showing you how to recreate with stamps.  One of her specialties is creating beautiful symmetrical patterns, so she will be offering tips on how to get your own amazing results.

Basic supplies needed:

  • just basic stamps and ink!



The television series Madmen brought the mod trends of the 1960's back with style!  Erin Lincoln will be your guide as she embraces this retro look and shows you how to create layered patterns and other looks with just a few basic supplies!

>>>A few notes about the 1960's portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has sa trendy crosshatch pattern stamp as well as several sentiments in a mod font.  This has a HUGE die collection (12 total shapes) with lots of retro shapes and designs that can be used as is, layered or turned into stencils.  The largest rectangle die measures 4-3/4" x 3-1/4", while several of the other elements average 3" to 2".  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.


Many of the designs used in the 1960's involved layered shapes and patterns.  Erin's first video is going to show you how to create stencils with your dies which you will then layer and stamp through to create retro themed projects.

Basic supplies needed:

  • clear cardstock
  • make-up sponge or ink blending tool
  • background stamps with basic textures


The 1960's was an era where advertising hit it's peek, especially with advances in printing techniques and television commercials.  Erin will show you how to combine shapes and various word stamps to recreate your own ad looks.

Basic supplies needed:

  • just basic stamps and ink!  Bold shapes and words would be best.



If you take a look around any mall or high school, 1980's are making a comeback!  Lexi Daly has taken all of the highlights of this decade and brought them to life with the presentation she has prepared for you.  From the bright neon colors to rainbows and everything in between, you are going to like, totally love everything!

>>>A few notes about the 1980's portion of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit shared above:

This collection includes a mini stamp set that measures 3" x 4" overall.  It has several traditional 1980's design elements, such as sunglasses, a classic cassette tape and even a heart border.  The sentiments include great 1080's sayings that bring back lots of memories!  There is a small rainbow die (2" x 1") and cloud die (1" x 3/4") to recreate this popular trend.  There is also a die for the sunglasses (2" x 3/4").  The collection also includes four sheets of A2 linen patterned paper, a single sheet of each design shown.  One sheet of the paper features several round "sticker" like designs that can be punched out and turned into a sticker with a Xyron or something similar.


There was an explosion of color in the 80s and rainbows were everywhere, from clothing and decor to logos, toys, and even postage stamps. Rainbows in their actual form, paired with unicorns and cats, and rainbow patterns, striped and repetitive. Rainbow heart sweaters and shoelaces pop up on almost every 80's search. Lexi will be showing you a few different ideas on how to incorporate rainbows into your projects.

Basic supplies needed:

  • rainbow style die (or you can just cut strips of cardstock if you don't have one)
  • a rainbow of inks
  • basic shape stamps


In a time before cell phones and texting, kids passed notes across the classroom and through the halls. Do you want to go out? Check yes or no. Who's your biggest crush? And even acronyms, L/Y/L/A/S and K.I.T. There was definitely an art in passing them without being intercepted by the wrong person or confiscated by a teacher, but the true art of those notes was in folding them. Lexi will be showing you all the in's and outs of retro note folding to create an embellishment for your card and for the card itself.  It will be, like, totally awesome!

Basic supplies needed:

  • just paper!
  • bonus if you have an 80's style sticker to finish it off!


Here is a brief schedule of how everything will work leading up to the actual Stamp-a-faire event.

July 2nd-  At 10pm EST, The Stamp-a-faire 2014 Kit will be available for PRE-ORDER in our webstore.  The pre-order will be open until Monday, July 7th, 10pm EST.  This pre-order period will be your ONLY opportunity to guarantee and reserve this collection for yourself before Stamp-a-faire takes place.  See details about kit contents below.

July 25th through August 5th-  Pre-ordered kits will begin shipping.

August 1st- The Stamp-a-faire general schedule will also be posted here on the blog to help aid you in final preparations.


It is important to note that ANYONE and EVERYONE can participate in this year's Stamp-a-faire event for FREE, no required purchase is necessary, no registration is required.  However, to make the event more fun and help the various gathering around the world be more cohesive, we are making Stamp-a-faire Kits available for purchase.


I have already highlighted each of the mini product collections for the eras above.  In addition to receiving ALL of the products illustrated above, you will be getting the FREE Limited Edition Stamp-a-faire stamp set, Filled With Joy.


This set is a single sheet set with a $15 value!  Includes some beautiful bold florals, detailed leaves and heartwarming sentiments that you will love using over and over!  The style of this set was done in such a way that it will adapt well to many of the eras covered during the "time travel" of Stamp-a-faire 2014!

To summarize, here is a condensed itemized list for all of the contents for the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit, along with their retail values

BOX #1- Ancient Rome

  • Ancient Rome mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • Ancient Rome die ($8)
  • Ancient Rome linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)

BOX #2- Renaissance

  • Renaissance mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • Renaissance die collection ($9)
  • Renaissance linen paper collection, three A2 sheets ($1.10)
  • Wicked Sealing Wax Stick, gold ($5)

BOX #3- Regency Era

  • Regency Era mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • Regency Era die collection ($9)
  • Regency Era linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)

BOX #4- 1920's

  • 1920's mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • 1920's die ($7)
  • 1920's linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)
  • self-adhesive rhinestones ($2)

BOX #5- 1940's

  • 1940's mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • 1940's die collection ($3)
  • 1940's linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)
  • 2-1/4" white flower stamens, 144 pieces ($2)

BOX #6- 1960's

  • 1960's mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • 1960's die collection ($19)
  • 1960's linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)

BOX #7- 1980's

  • 1980's mini stamp set ($5)
  • FREE stamp index label
  • 1980's die collection ($7)
  • 1980's linen paper collection, four A2 sheets ($1.50)

BOX #8- Filled With Joy Stamp-a-faire exclusive set (FREE)

2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit Price: $115

The 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit will be available for pre-order from 10pm EST Wednesday, July 2nd through 10pm EST, Monday, July 7th.  

Stamp-a-faire is definitely going to be THE stamping event of the year!  There are several Stamp-a-faire gatherings being arranged by customers around the world!  You can stop by our forum and check to see if there is a gathering near you HERE.

There will be even more details and more fun tidbits regarding this event to share in coming weeks.  We hope you are as excited as we are for all that is being planned.  All of us at Papertrey Ink are looking forward to providing you with this amazing day of stamping!


Will the purchase of the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit count towards my Rewards Points?

Yes, the purchase of the kit will count towards your rewards point.

What will be the shipping charges for the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit?

Our normal shipping policies and rate schedule will apply to these purchases.  Since both items are over the free shipping threshold for the United States, they will qualify for free shipping.  International customers will fall under our normal shipping policies.

If I change my mind after I pre-order my 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit and no longer want it, can I cancel my pre-order?

No changes will be permitted.  Once the pre-order is placed, the sale is final.

If I decide I do not want my 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit after I receive it, can I return it?

The 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit will not be returnable or exchangeable.  

When will I be charged for my 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit if I place a pre-order?

You will be charged immediately when you place the pre-order.  

When can I expect to receive my pre-ordered 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit?

They will begin shipping out July 25th and continue through August 5th.  Everyone should receive their pre-ordered items before the event.

Can I order other existing store merchandise and pre-order the 2014 Stamp-a-faire Kit within the same order transaction?

Yes, you may order additional merchandise with this pre-order, but the items will be held until your pre-order ships.

I just want the exclusive Stamp-a-faire stamp set, Filled With Joy.  Will you ever make it available for sale?

Filled With Joy will not be made available for sale, however, all customers will have the opportunity to earn it for free with a qualifying $100 purchase made between 7am EST and 11:30pm EST on Stamp-a-faire Day (August 23, 2014).

I just want one of the specific era product collections.  Will they be made available for sale and if so, how much will they cost?

We will be selling the individual era collections beginning in October, and will carry them a limited amount of time, until the end of the year.  Each era will be priced differently based on the contents.  You can get an idea of the pricing based on the values shared above.

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