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The day we have all been waiting for is finally here!  Can't you just feel the anticipation in the air!  Now is your chance to be one of the FIRST to get to play with all of the amazing paper crafting goodness that we are offering up this month!!!  I wanted to let you know a few things about the day today so you can know what to expect!

The release party begins right now, at 7am EST on our forum.
Be sure to stop by our forum and enjoy the camaraderie and chit chat about all of our new products.  It's entertaining and a super duper way to pass the time until you can begin filling your cart.

Stamp Set & Die Reveal NOW @ 7am EST, just scroll below or CLICK HERE.

I have revealed all of the stamp sets in their entirety below, as well as all the dies.  This way you can have everything in one place and make informed decisions about your purchases.

You can't have a party without a contest.
Scroll below to find the "Release in Review & Release Contest" post with a question for you to answer.  Share your answer with us and you will be eligible to win:

a $150 PTI Gift Certificate
to spend on whatever you choose!

The contest will close at 9:30pm EST and the winner will be chosen via the Random Number Generator.  I will announce the lucky winner here before 10pm EST!

Release Ordering 101

I have added a page of information that will tell you all about the details of ordering during the release, procedures & policies you should be aware of and more.  Whether your new here or a regular, I think you will all find this information helpful.  You can find this information HERE.

September in a Nutshell!

You can always see a linked review list for each release on my Previous Countdown page, HERE.  But I have also added the list below, so it's easy to navigate while you are making your shopping decisions tonight.

DAY 1: Background Basics: Stitching, Holiday Home, Stained Glass

DAY 2: Grand Ampersand, Holiday Cheer, Wonderful Words: Joy, Boutique Borders: Christmas, Global Greetings: Christmas

DAY 3: Kid Kudos, Polka Dot Parade #8, Scent-imentals

DAY 4: Two Feet Deep

DAY 5: Quick & Easy Holiday Cards

September Release Winners

Be sure to stop by our September Release Winners Page to see if you were one of the lucky folks that won one of our amazing prizes over the last five days!

Inventory Report.

You can check out our updated inventory report for this week HERE.

Don't forget: 10pm EST Product Release Time.

Just a friendly reminder that the new products will be released tonight at 10pm EST on our website.

Thank you so much for visiting throughout this exciting countdown and we look forward to seeing all of you throughout the day and later tonight!  

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  • 1
    Sheryl W says:

    We always open our gifts on Christmas Eve and our stockings on Christmas morning. I think it started back in the days when our Granny just couldn’t wait til the morning!

  • 2
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    We go out to dinner for Mexican food after Christmas Eve service. This has been my husbands family tradition for many years so I’m not sure how it started.

  • 3
    Donna and Sara says:

    When our children were young, they opened one gift on Christmas Eve, their Christmas pajamas. Even though three of our five children are grown, they still received pajamas each year, they now open them at our holiday gathering.

  • 4
    Anne says:

    Our children are all grown and have families of their own, but we get together for a candlelit dinner Christmas Eve. We each open one gift, and then spend the evening together.

  • 5
    Mary Mac says:

    We have always celebrated on Christmas Eve with a big open house for all friends and family, then open our gifts latter in the evening.

  • 6
    Carolyn S says:

    We have a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve with whatever family is in town, then open presents on Christmas morning and get together with family again later that afternoon.

  • 7

    We sit around in a circle with our presents passed out and take turns each unwrapping one present at a time while the others in the circle watch and savor the fun of it all. It’s so nice to enjoy the experience and not race through it. 🙂

  • 8
    Hoa Nguyen says:

    We always have carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for Christmas. It started when the local bakery refused to bake our favorite flavor (pecan praline) during Christmas time.

  • 9
    Rema T. says:

    We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with family and friends till the wee hours of the morning and then slept in Christmas Day….

  • 10
    abd77allah says:

    ,,,1,,,((( O mankind! Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

    ” Laa ilaaha illallah ” (There is none worthy of worship except Allah.)

    ( I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger )

    ( Introduction to Islam )


  • 11
    sharri reeves says:

    Creamed turnips has always been traditional food for Christmas Day dinner. Don’t know how it started but several unsuspecting people have have taken a giant serving, thinking they were mashed potatoes. Boy, were they surprised!

  • 12
    Pat Baker says:

    We have several- my Grandmother knitted VERY BIG Christmas stockings for us, and they STILL MUST be filled! My Dad used to wrap pencils, tape and little notebooks for them, but that tradition has gone now, as has my Dad, but my mom still puts a little metal ornament in it with some “folding money” :-)…along with fruit and little wrapped gifts. We also used to make our holiday cards, and that tradition took a little hiatus until I started my stamping craze again around 2005. Since then we have been making them every year again! Love that part because we do them together.

  • 13
    Lynne Platt says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor. In 2001 I was beginning chemotherapy right before Christmas and knew that I no longer could make the dinner for the family that I had done every year for 20+ years. My daughter suggested that we meet for Mass on Christmas morning and then go the diner for breakfast. This has now become our tradition where we talk about what we are thankful for, the past year events, and what the future may be. Then we go to my daughter’s and open up the gifts that are under the tree (and in the back of the car ! LOL)

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