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  • 1
    Carol says:

    The best birthday I have ever had is when my son was born…he was born the day before my birthday and he was the best present ever!

  • 2
    Marilyn says:

    I was 8 years old. My dad and I worked on a duck pinata for 2 weeks together for my party. I remember how fun it was to fully have his attention and work along side him. The best part was telling our guests that my dad and I had made the ‘big’ pinata. What fun it was later to break it and get all the goodies inside.
    It was a priceless birthday that year!
    My dad was so patient with me.

  • 3
    Kathy W says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was a reunion with my family. I hadn’t seen them for a long time; it was a total surprise.

  • 4
    Pamm says:

    When I was 16 my mom had a surprise birthday party for me….everyone I loved was there. It is vividly preserved in my memory….I can even still smell that cake and candles!!!

  • 5
    Maureen L says:

    I think it was my fortieth. My birthday is between Christmas and New Years so we often get together, not necessarily to celebrate my birthday. That year, my friends decided to make the New Years Eve party a surprise birthday party also. I had no idea … until we were getting ready to go. Then the friend who was picking us up called. My other friend who answered had the phone on speaker and I heard the comment “I got the cake but couldn’t find candles”. I laughed walked back in my house, grabbed a pack of birthday candles, handed them over and said “I didn’t hear a thing”. Better yet at the party they tried to sneak the cake in and the friend who was carrying it in got distracted and the cake ended up frosting side down on 100 yr old hard wood floors. We STILL laugh about it (after we helped clean the floors of course πŸ™‚

  • 6
    JeanD says:

    Best party was a friend’s 21st. He had a bush dance which was lots of fun for everyone.

  • 7
    Judy says:

    My father’s 85th birthday. My mom planned the surprise party she was so excited. It was fantastic seeing family and friends come together to wish this wonderful man a happy birthday. He turned 97 last month,I am so blessed I could wish him another happy birthday.

  • 8
    Kathie Duffy says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was when I turned 30 years old. When my husband and I first got together, we didn’t have a lot of money, so when he asked me to marry him, he bought me this tiny little diamond ring which I still have to this day. At my birthday party he gathered around everyone and announced this, and had reminded me in front of them that he had said I’d always have a bigger one someday. He pulled a box out of his pocket, and opened it… Inside was a 1/4 carat diamond in my size and said here’s what I should have given you when I asked you to marry me 5 years ago.. It was so priceless, I cried…

  • 9
    Angela H. says:

    Best bday party was the surprise party my husband threw for my 29th — it was totally a surprise, and all my favorite people were there!

  • 10
    Sandra K says:

    Two of my friends for their 21st had a bush dance. It could have been so daggy, but it was such a lot of fun. They had a live band who did the calling. It was so energetic and a great way to meet lots of people. I’m not much of a dancer but we all danced our feet off that night.

  • 11
    Teresa K. says:

    The best birthday party I ever had/attended was the one my Mom & Dad gave me when I was 13. It was the only birthday party that my parents ever gave me. It was a sleep over and I had 6 girls… It was something that I will Never forget. Thanks Mom & Dad… I Miss and Love You Both….

  • 12
    Nancy B says:

    I was 5 years old (a long time ago) and I had a “Alice In Wonderland”theme party and my mom made me a dress/pinafore that looked just like the pictures in the book and we had a whole set of masks for all of the main characters for the guests. At that time it just seemed “over the top”. As an adult I still like to have a theme/mood for every party.

  • 13
    Shawn Wenrich says:

    My daughters first big birthday party with her friends. We rented a water slide and a snow cone machine since she has an August birthday and we live in very sunny and hot Arizona! They had an extreme amount of fun and I got some great photos. A very perfect day.

  • 14
    Amy Smith says:

    I loved my son’s 8th birthday party. We did a Harry Potter theme. I made up a scavenger hunt for objects from the books, and my brother actually drew a Marauder’s Map for one of the objects! It was so fun.

  • 15
    Isabel Z says:

    The best birthday party was the carnival themed one that I planned for my kids’ birthdays. The first time around we had so much fun that my second and third kids asked for the same theme for their parties. We had it outside and everything was homemade–simple and easy. The kids had so much fun going from game to game earning tickets that they didn’t want to stop for cake and ice cream:-)

  • 16
    Mary Ann T says:

    The best birthday I ever had was my 50th. I’m the birthday cake maker for the family. When my birthday comes around, we ususally celebrate by going out somewhere and my “cake” is whatever I order for dessert. But for my 50th, our daughter and granddaughters actually baked a birthday cake for me. Just goes to show you, the simple things are what matter most.

  • 17
    lisa m says:

    I have 5 kids so I would say their 1st birthday parties were the best thanks for a chance to win

  • 18
    sano says:

    My sisters 60th birthday surprise party! It was so much fun to see her face and see her enjoying her day! Great time.

  • 19
    Karen says:

    We had a surprise party for my Dad’s 60th and boy was he surprised! All of my siblings(7 of us!) came from all parts of the country to attend and stayed at a campground where we rented RV’s. The party was held at the RV park in a large party room that we were able to rent out. He was so confused as to why my Mother was taking him to a campground and the look on his face when he saw all his kids there was priceless! We all wore T-shirts numbered with our birth order and our families wore shirts that matched. It was a great time and something we will all remember forever!

  • 20
    KarinMF says:

    It is a toss up between my 30th which was celebrated with hubby and I in a lovely courtyard cafe in London England, and my daughters 3rd birthday a few months ago, which was a crafting party with all the girls stamping princess crowns and other crafty projects. Both great memories, but both totally different!

  • 21
    Shanti says:

    The best birthday I ever had was when I turned 30 because I had all women including my family members and great friends. They all shared lovely notes with me about turning 30 and just preparing me for a new journey! I recreated a garden style look in the middle of winter and everyone had a blast! I also met my lovely hubby to be a few days after that, so all in all, 30 was FABULOUS!

  • 22
    Trell says:

    My sister and I schemed with our mother’s best friend to throw her a surprise party! We rented a banquet hall and everything. The kicker is, one of her coworkers spilled the beans, but she acted as if she was surprise for us!l It was such a wonderful night.

  • 23
    Anne-Laure says:

    My 42nd birthday …two months ago ! my wonderful husband pretended that he was going on business trip but he came back home one hour after having left, told me I had one hour to pack and took me and the kids to the airport without telling me where we were heading to ! We spent a lovely extended week-end at a great 5 star hotel with a beautiful beach near Pondichery(we live in India) and I really enjoyed all his caring and thoughtfulness…

  • 24
    Aussie Emma says:

    It was a friends 21st party. She had a great duke box to dance the night away but also a jumping castle. It was a fantastic night. Cheers

  • 25
    Dee in NH says:

    My best birthday was when I was a kid and we had a sledding and bonfire party! I lived very rural so it was a really big deal to have everyone there at once. Thank you so much for the chance to win your awesome stuff. A very special thanks for the design team for all the wonderful inspiration! Sending you all a big inky hug!!

  • 26
    Ange Kelly says:

    My sons 7th birthday. We went away to a tropical island for 2 weeks! A great family holiday!

  • 27
    Sue Ann says:

    My son Anton is born during Oktoberfest and we celebrate every year at an Octoberfest and he wears his dad lederhosen and the girls wear dirndls and we all dance to the fun German music. Curt and I enjoy the cold beer out of our stein ( shhhhh but the kids like a few sips too……. they are German you know) and the kids run and play in the fields and it seems that we always have a beautiful blue sky. And Anton has his own pop song in Germany that we always play Anton aus Tirol

  • 28
    Janine says:

    My fortieth!! My husband flew my best friend in for the weekend! It was a total surprise.

  • 29

    I’m not sure if this was the best birthday, but certainly the most memorable. When I was in 1st grade we moved to a new school so I had friends from both. And my sister and I share the same birthday on April Fool’s Day so we had a house full of about 40 kids that year. It was crazy but so much fun!

  • 30
    Sonja says:

    I think my 21st. I had it with all my friends in a local bar and it was so much fun but to be honest all my birthdays are fun and I love to have all my loved ones near!!

  • 31
    Lori Cullen says:

    My best birthday party was my Sweet 16th. My best friend, Alison, and I had a joint party in my parents’ backyard. We had a DJ and invited BOYS! We had so much fun!

  • 32
    Gladys says:

    I would have to say my nephew 1st birthday. The cake n decor is awesome.

  • 33
    Christine Nixon says:

    It had to be my grandson’s first birthday. I can still see the wonder in his eyes as he reached for the cake. Priceless!

  • 34
    Nussy says:

    My best birthday was a surprise party when I turned 16…many years ago! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 35
    Alyssa Byron says:

    My friends five year old’s fairy party, i was five at the time as well and I thought it was magical!

  • 36
    Lynne Osborn says:

    The best party I ever attended was my youngest daughters surprise 16th birthday pool party. Just seeing the surprise on her face and the excitement of her friends was enough to make any mom shed a few tears.

  • 37
    Tracey Kuzniak says:

    I had a surprise 9th bithday party and I received two pet gerbils that I had been wanting for years lol!! Once again this is one awesome release!!! Wonderful inspiration from all of the DT that makes my wish list bust at the seams πŸ™‚

  • 38
    Ellie A. says:

    For me it had it had to have been my little girl’s bday that just passed. She just turned 5 but believe it or not for a whole year she had been wishing for a Bday party at Chucky Cheese and we were able to do it for her. I made her a special Bday tutu and she also had a special crown it filled my heart to see her smile so happy and receive those happy hugs with each turn she went about. At bedtime she told me it was the best day ever. How could a mama not love that.

  • 39
    Chrissy L says:

    The best birthday I’ve ever attended was my oldest son’s first birthday party. Being my first, there was something magical about it and I went all out! It was amazing!

  • 40
    peg says:

    My most memorable birthday was my 10th birthday. My mom managed to pull off a surprise party for me and none of my friends gave it away! I still remember the emotions and happiness of that day. Thanks…Mom.

    Thanks PTI for the reminder. Definitely a warm fuzzy moment.

  • 41
    Michel Espey says:

    The best birthday I ever attended was one for my daughter. We had a carnival style birthday with carnival games, a bonfire and hayride. It was cool.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  • 42
    Julie says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was for my sixteenth birthday. I thought that I was going out to dinner with my parents(which would have been wonderful too), but when we arrived at the restaurant I was surprised to see all of my closest friends there. My parents left, paid for all of our dinners and then my friends and I all went out after. I was so surprised and felt so grown up being out without parents. Sweet sixteen.

  • 43
    SueB says:

    When my Mom turned 90, we had a huge party at my brother and sister-in-law’s beautiful home. The entire family was there, along with some close friends. We had lots of good food and many memories to share about Mom. I’m very glad we could honor her that day. She has since passed away.

  • 44
    Susan Allen says:

    My 50th was a favorite, believe it or not! A couple months before my family moved to a neighboring state leaving many dear friends behind. Several of those friends traveled to surprise me with a grand birthday celebration!

  • 45

    I was reading everyone’s post and they all sound so great. I’m not sure what would be my favorite. Probably my 16th birthday. Thanks so much for another wonderful release.

  • 46
    Rebecca W says:

    My best birthday party was my 5 day celebration at WDW for my 30th birthday- we did 30 new things at Disney for my birthday. The best birthday party I have ever attended was my sister’s 10th birthday party- it was a slumber party for 10 girls with a Beauty and the Beast theme complete with Beast ice cream cups, a race through Belle’s town, and plenty of other games.

  • 47
    loriann says:

    My best birthday was my 39th. I spent it at home with my husband and kids and we played games and watched movies all night.

  • 48
    Karen B. says:

    My parents through my twin sister and I a 30th birthday party. It was the best because she was there, and she lives ten states away!

  • 49
    Teresa P says:

    My birthday is in December and a couple of times I got to have my party ing the summer. Once it was a swim party and another time a friend and I got an airplane ride at the very (very) small airport in the town I lived in growing up. Those were both so fun.

  • 50
    Richard says:

    My best birthday was my 40th, when my partner took me to NYC for 4 days of fine dining, shows, and shopping!!

  • 51
    gail Genrich says:

    All of mine are special being on Halloween. However the best party I ever attended was My Mom’s 75th. My sisters and I invited 125 of her friends and family and the Theme was Queen For A Day! All 6 of us kids wore tinsel halos and we shared a story about our mom and then told why we thought she should be the Queen. Of course we all won. Everything was decorated in jewel tones and we even added a tiara and mink stole complete with scepter. And the whole party was a surprise!!

  • 52
    Diane says:

    My best birthday was when my husband gave me a surprised thirtieth birthday party at our house. It was great!

  • 53
    samtha johnson says:

    the best birthday party i can recall is my son’s 5th… it was a pirate them and i had them hunt for buried treasure. he compares all birthdays to this one.

  • 54
    Birgit says:

    The best birthday party I’ve ever had or attended was those of my own children. Seeing them with such joy on their faces with all their friends and having such a great time. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow into the fine young adults they are now.

  • 55
    Serendipity says:

    I threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my Husband for about 100 people. I was so worried he knew, but he claims he didn’t know. It was so much fun and the people there made it such a special time.

  • 56

    I can’t remember a specific party but I’m very glad my husband turns a year older every year. He’s had cancer for the last 7 years in different forms and places in his body. Luckily he’s still here and this month will be his 50th birthday. I’m already planning the decorations!

  • 57
    Tanja S. says:

    We had a great birthday party a few years ago for my husband’s 40th. We had homemade pizza (people chose their own toppings) and other great food. Some friends got together and put together a band which played in our new garage. It was such a fun night. We did of course over-cater and were eating left overs for many days.

  • 58
    sally says:

    Best birthday party I attended was my daughter’s 8th . She had it at a bath/soap store and they made hand cream and lipgloss. So much fun! Love all the lovely stamps this month.

  • 59
    Laraine R says:

    My best birthday was a surprise 30th! I had no idea! Lots of family and friends there! Black frosting on the cake-everyone had black teeth after they ate a piece of cake! So much fun!

  • 60
    Mary Anne Perlmutter says:

    The best Birthday party was my sweet sixteen. My BF from baby buggy days hosted a surprise party for me. All my girlfriends were there and we had a pizza party and sleep over. I was surprised!

  • 61
    Heidi Gore says:

    The best birthday I ever had was my 16th birthday. It was a surprise party put on by my friend. Before the party, she kept talking to my boyfriend and then when I would walk up, they would stop talking. I thought she was trying to steal my boyfriend and treated her meanly. Only to find out she was planning a surprise party for me!!

  • 62 says:

    I was turning 35 and my sister threw me a Luau! She had a hand made lay for me and pulled out all the stops! It was an all girls event until my uncle showed up not knowing he would be the only male there. He had more fun then all of us. That was my greatest birthday and his so far!

  • 63
    Andrea B says:

    My favorite birthday was for my oldest last year at our local bowling alley. The whole class showed up and they had a blast. Made everything from the invitations to the cupcakes.

  • 64
    Mardi says:

    The best birthday was one I gave my husband. He is a New Years baby and it is hard to surprise him. So I got the idea of giving him a 50 th party in October. He would never suspect anything. I got a hall, had a friend make the food. Our family came. We had tons of friends show up. I told him we were going to go out to eat and would meet the kids there but had one stop to make first. As we are driving up the hill to the hall he sees all the Happy 50th Birthday signs. He said no you did not. I just laughed. I gave him a birthday party he won’t forget. It was great.

  • 65
    Ashley says:

    The best birthday party I ever went to was my dad’s surprise 50th. He had no idea and my mom had childhood friends and family fly in from all over the country. The best part was when he scanned the crowd and saw his parents, who had said they wouldn’t fly anymore. He was so excited to see them!

  • 66
    Lisa S. says:

    7 years old. No question! I still remember it – how special I felt and how thrilled I was to finally be 7. πŸ™‚ Those were the days!!

  • 67

    My 16th! My parents put together a huge surprise. They had all my friends get dressed up and had a limo come pick us all up and take us to a tea house! It was the best, I’ll never forget it πŸ™‚

  • 68
    Pam D. from MI says:

    Best birthday… was when my twin sons were born. Love the new March stamps!

  • 69
    Carol says:

    We have always been a big part of our Godchildren’s lives (three siblings) and their Mom always included me in all of their birthdays but especially their first birthday parties from beginning to end. We are blessed to have them in our lives.

  • 70
    julie says:

    The best birthday was my Grand daughters 4th birthday last year. We took her and her sister the Stonefire pizza and played games, rode the bumber cars and watched them on the rides. It was a wonderful time.

  • 71
    Marybeth L. says:

    When I turned 50 uggggg! I told my husband I just wanted the family over so we could just swim all day and be together . My birthday is in August so it’s warm. The kids suprised me with a photo of them all at the beach, I had no idea. The fact that they all planed it and came together for a picture….well it was overwhelming ! I was so happy with that gift I could not stop crying ! Let’s just say it was the best ever.!

  • 72

    My husbands surprise 40th fancy dress he had no idea even when he walked in and everyone was singing Happy Birthday he said they have the wrong person !!

  • 73
    Manda says:

    My 40th birthday party was a surprise which my husband organized for me, inviting friends from all areas of my life. It was so great so see them all.

  • 74
    LaceyNB says:

    By far, my best birthday was my 21st. I went to a gay bar in town with some of my best friends, but I was the oldest among them. I got a free drink, then we were asked to leave because my friends (who weren’t drinking) weren’t 21. The owner said we could stay until I finished my drink, and until then, “You’re my niece, you’re my nephew, you’re my nephew, you’re my nephew, you’re my nephew!” We laughed all the way out the door because we felt so dangerous.

  • 75

    My best birthday party was when my boyfriend and I turned 50 together! Both 25 πŸ˜€
    And we celebrated big by going for an Italian coocking workshop with them. That was soooo much fun and seeing everybody enjoying themselves, working together preparing everything and also eating the delicious food, was just the best party ever!!!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  • 76
    Lori Campbell says:

    My most memorable birthday party was when I turned 13. It was the first sleepover I held and we slept outside in the backyard in tents (I’m a July baby). We bobbed for apples, painted our nails, went swimming in the neighbour’s pool and stayed up almost all night. It was fantastic!! Thank you to everyone at PTI for the beautiful designs, amazing inspiration and VERY generous prizes!

  • 77
    Ted says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was my 40th. I was old enough to truly appreciate all the friends and family that surrounded me. πŸ™‚

  • 78
    flossez says:

    Eating lobster (first time ever) in St Maartin, overlooking the harbour … 50th birthday. Waiting on my first order to arrive from Papertrey – cant wait!

  • 79
    Monika Davis says:

    I think this year was the best. My little one turned 3 and he was just so cute! This is the best time, where he is still a toddler… fun, innocent, and learning about the world… saying adorable things…
    It was wonderful to see the sheer excitment on his face when we put his 3 tiny cupcakes in front of him… trying to blow the candles out was another thing… and now a month later, at my birthday he kept telling me that we just had to get a cake. So we had to get one just because of him.

  • 80
    Shelly says:

    The best birthday party that I ever went to was a family reunion for my Great Grandmother’s 100th! How many of those do you get to go to? πŸ™‚

  • 81
    Robbie says:

    The best birthday party was when I gave my husband a surprise 50th birthday party at a close friend’s home. He was totally surprised!!

  • 82
    Sarah says:

    My favorite birthday was my 16th. My mom took me to New York City and we went to 2 Broadway shows, had purple cows at Macys and went shopping at Bloomies.

  • 83
    Alyssa Clawson says:

    My firstborn son’s first birthday party was the best party ever! We had such a great time celebrating our son with friends and family and even though he will probably not remember, my husband and I will never forget. We found out not long after that we were pregnant for my second son who’s first birthday we will be celebrating this June! Looking forward to another wonderful celebration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 84
    Melissa Ladd says:

    My last birthday last summer was special–I celebrated at the beach with my family and had a wonderful dinner!

  • 85
    Diane says:

    The best birthday party I attended, was my grandson’s first birthday party. I enjoyed every minute of it, celebrating with family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize. I love your products.

  • 86
    Karla J says:

    We didn’t have many big birthday parties. On our birthday we got to pick what we wanted to eat. One year I wanted hamburgers on the grill. Did I mention my birthday was in December and we lived in Iowa? So here is my poor dad barbequing in the garage with the door open as it was extremely cold that year and we had lots of snow on the ground. We had a carcoal grill, so you can just imagine all the smoke billowing out of the garage. The neighbors thought we were crazy.

  • 87
    Cassi says:

    it’s a tie between the surprise birthday party i threw for my husband’s 30th and my 16th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. i know the latter seems kinda weird for a teen, but it was awesome and all my friends had a great time.

  • 88
    Tammy says:

    My best birthday party was a surprise party for my 30th. I usually don’t like surprises but it was nice to have my friends together in one place.

  • 89
    Paula says:

    The one I remember most, is my 7th birthday. My mom and dad had planned a surprise party at Showbiz Pizza, but when the restaurant called to confirm, I answered the phone and they ruined the surprise! It still turned out to be a great party!

  • 90
    Melanie says:

    I have to say, the best birthday ever was the one I threw for my brother. He was turning 9 years old and I was twelve. Two months prior we moved into our new house..we were devastated having to leave our friends behind. In reality, we were only about a 1/4 mile away, but at that age we were not allowed to cross busy streets. I had all of our ‘old’ and ‘new’friends come over. I threw a ‘Carnival’ party for him. Different stations with different games, relays, and of course prizes too! I had a ticket stand as well! I planned for weeks to pull this off. We all had so much fun..great memories, we still all talk about it! And to think that was a little over 30 years ago….I can still picture our backyard with everyone and everything set up in my mind…Great times! Thanks for letting me share!

  • 91
    Teresa says:

    It was a party I threw for my husband. We held it in our garage, and half way through the night, a food fight erupted. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life – an entire profiterole ended up inside my guitar! Because it was in our garage, the clean up was a simple matter of hosing everything down in the morning. Too easy!

  • 92
    Kathy - Colorado says:

    My favorite birthday party memory was our son’s 10th; he has a summer birthday so it was the perfect day. He was in boy scouts and he invited the troop and some school friends to a go-cart party when we lived in Omaha. It was such a blast and many of the boys had never been on an outing like this before. To this day (and he is now 31) he talks about that special birthday.

  • 93
    Claire says:

    We attended a friend’s 40th birthday party. Shortly after the party started her partner of 15 years proposed. She accepted and he told her the celebrant was already in attendance. Another friend produced a wedding dress and a 40 th birthday turned into a wedding. It was an unforgettable occasion. They are happily married with a four year old daughter now, nearly eight years on.

  • 94
    Jen Rolfes says:

    The best party I remember was a party my mom had for me when I turned 7. Everyone dressed up in their best party dresses and we played all the classic party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Great memories.

  • 95
    Nancy says:

    The best birthday party was not for me but for my sister’s 40th. I hosted the party and it was a success. Lots of food, beverages, cake, music and dancing!

  • 96
    Deb Else says:

    My favorite birthday was the first year my young daughters baked me a cake all on their own, and decorated the kitchen with balloons and banners made by hand. Most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen!

  • 97
    Jordan says:

    One year we had a construction birthday for my then 2 year old son at our house. My mom brought time cards and a punch clock from work. Everyone had to clock in. They recieved a hard hat,and a tool pouch with all kinds of goodies. We decorated with orange cones and caution tape. It was a great Birthday Party!

    I am so excited about the new produucts! I cannot wait to place my order! πŸ™‚ I am always making birthday cards, but lately I feel stuck in a rut.

  • 98

    For me it has to be my 13th birthday when my parents bought me my first real record player! The memories of a bunch of girls dancing around the sitting room always comes back to me every time I hear a Marc Bolan track – happy, innocent days!

  • 99
    Donelle u says:

    For my 40th birthday, my husband surprised me with a whirlwind trip to Chicago to go to CHA! I had such a great time and got to meet so many of my crafting idols! It was the last time PTI was there so I feel lucky that I got to meet Nichole, Heather, Michelle and Dawn. My husband actually walked around to a lot of the booths with me and listened to me blather on and on about how excited I was. Then the next morning we woke up and took the train downtown and stumbled across the filming of a Transformers movie! They blew up a bus! Best. Birthday. Ever!

  • 100
    Helen F. says:

    My best birthday party was a SURPRISE Party my husband and best friend planned for me 8 years ago. No one had ever done that for me before and they really pulled it off beautifully, none of my family and friends slipped the secret either (amazing for some of them πŸ™‚ ~ I will hold the memories of that party in my heart forever.

  • 101
    P.J. says:

    My daughter’s first birthday. Family flew in from out of town and all the new friends that we had made in Houston were there. We had a great time and to top it off she was so excited about her bday cake that not only did she eat it up, she stuck her feet in it so they could get a taste! Luckily I caught that on film!

  • 102
    Cele Schaffer says:

    It had to be my 12th birthday/slumber party when my best friend gave me a surprise party where we went out on a scavenger hunt and ate ice cream with hands behind our back. Boy was her mom the bomb!

  • 103

    My best birthday day was 10 years ago when my twins were born. They have changed my life in a way that cannot be explained! Since then we have had several birthday parties but my favorite was my daughters Hawaiian themed party…what a blast!

  • 104
    Cindy says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was the year I was into football, and my aunt made a sheet cake of a football field and a 3-D football! It had goal posts and everything. My cousins came over (that was the tradition) to share the day. There were party hats, balloons, the works! I think it was either my 11th or 12th birthday…the last birthday as a kid.

  • 105
    Maureen D. says:

    The best birthday party I ever threw was for my daughter when she turned two. It was the time that Blue’s Clues was on tv. It was so much fun for the kids to try and solve the problems at the party! All of the kids were HIGHLY familiar with the show and I had a blast planning it and pulling it off. I still look back fondly on that day, now 10 years ago!

  • 106
    Julie Call says:

    We happened to be on our annual beach vacation the week of my birthday, and that day was so relaxed and fun! The weather was perfect, and we all rented surfboards and spent the day in the water from sun up to sun down! Not a party exactly, but amazing time spent with my family that I will never forget, and one of my favorite birthday memories πŸ™‚ Love all the designs this month, so it is very tough to have given up buying anything for myself for Lent, but it gives me more time to appreciate all my previous release goodies! Can’t wait for next month already!

  • 107
    laura l ellis says:

    I have not been one to enjoy b-day parties for a while,just dont like being the center of attention that way. Well my mom asked me as she does every year and I said well I would rather not have a party and she said she and my sister and her kids with mine had an idea that they were pretty sure I would love to do instead. So we packed up for a bit of a drive and ended up at just the most wonderous place! It was a huge green house and tall arboritum filled with tropical plants growing in lovely groups of flowering plants, trees, bushes, and climing vines! The best part was that amid the flowers flitted all kinds of butterflies!! not the kind you would see in your back yard, but some were just huge about 10 inches across. He was actually a moth that ate nectar. There was every shape, size, and, color and they even came down and landed on you occasionally. It was a wonderful pic op and a joyous happy b-day suprise!

  • 108
    Margaret C says:

    This is tricky as I am not a big birthday party person…

    The nicest one I can remember is the surprise party I organised for my DH 30th – it was so good to see how happy he was and how much he enjoyed it ! Crikey, his 40th’s only a couple of years away – what am I going to do for that ???!!

    Thanks for the opportunity !

  • 109
    scrapthat/dolly says:

    I would have to say my Little girl’s last Birthday….not that there was a ton of people or that it was SO decorated…mostly because she was aware of the fact it was her Birthday, knew how to open the prezzies and enjoyed herself immensely. We took her to build a bear and she picked an Orange Hello Kitty, there was no changing her mind, when we asked her if she wanted some clothes she quietly said no…just hello Kitty and squeezed her toy. It was so sweet! (we still got her clothes just because she was so sweet as to not want more-she had enough) πŸ˜€

  • 110
    Shelley says:

    A birthday party where I reconnected with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years. It was like we hadn’t missed a day.

  • 111
    Abi says:

    The best birthday party I attended was my DD’s 18th.. I made a scrapbook for her and she cried when she read it. It was magical (not her crying, the evening lol!!)

  • 112
    Felicia says:

    I would have to say the best birthday party was my nephew’s 1st birthday party. He was so cute when he ate his cake and had it all over his face! And of course the gifts didn’t matter he was more entertained in the boxes and wrapping paper. Too funny!

    Thanks for all the great inspiration again this month! What a creative bunch of women! Papertrey ink is such an addiction, but a good addiction.

  • 113
    Laura :) says:

    That would be my 18th birthday party/engagement party. My now dh flew out to Canada (from Japan) to propose. All my friends threw me a birthday and engagement party πŸ™‚

  • 114
    Rebecca G says:

    For my 18th birthday, my mom hosted an after prom surprise party for me in the middle of the night. It was incredibly fun and full of surprises!

  • 115
    Margaret Peltier says:

    Every birthday party is special – lets you know that you are laive and well…………..they are fun to plan, make all the food, invites and favors…visiting with family and friends!!!

  • 116
    christina 4635 says:

    We have friends who go all out and over the top of their children’s birthdays. Our four children always have a great time with snacks and moon bounce houses and the adults are treated to gourmet foods and delicious cake. What makes the difference at their parties is that the hosts are truly happy to have you in their home, the hospitality is amazing.

  • 117
    Sara P says:

    My birthday is close to Christmas. One year my mom let me have a Christmas party with my friends rather than a just birthday party. We exchanged white elephant gifts, made crafts, had party games and even a hot chocolate bar. I felt so grown up.

  • 118
    Wanda McGhee says:

    Mine was when I was 7 years old and all of my friends in the neighborhood came to my party. My Mom had me a crown and wand. Everybody at the party got a pencil and a 5cent pack of Bluehorse paper. Funny how things like that never leave you. Today all but one of those friends is still alive and we cherish the same memory of that party. God is good!!! I thank “Him” for the gift of “Memories”!!! Thanks PTI Team for having a place to share them with the world of Paper Crafting!!! I am so excited about this release. Be blessed!

  • 119
    Sherry says:

    It was my SIL’s 50th. Her hubby rented a large house and invited the whole family to come. He even flew in a few relatives from far away that no one had seen in a while. It was a surprise to boot and she had no idea where they were going. She was stunned, to say the least, when she arrived and we had a great week enjoying the beach, food and family.

  • 120
    Cara T says:

    My favorite birthday party was my 30th. It was a surprise party, which is not easy to do cause I’m not easily surprised. Since they snuck it by me, it made it so much fun to have so many family and friends all together to celebrate my big day. So much fun was had by all!!

  • 121

    I think the birthday party that sticks out most in my memory is that of my best friend when we turned 9. She had a big party and all of us received Snoopy rings. Boy, did I ever love that ring. πŸ™‚ think that was the very first time I had ever had soda, too.

  • 122
    Anne Marie Knizek says:

    My Mother’s 8o’th Birthday Party. The entire family spent the weekend at a Vermont Inn celebrating her and our family. Sweet memories as she is no longer with us here on earth.

  • 123
    Jennifer K says:

    The best birthday party I ever had I was probably 12 or so. I had several girlfriends over and we had a shaving cream fight (outside). My mom is fairly strict and no-nonsense so for her to allow us to “waste” the shaving cream and tell us to have fun was almost more than my little brain could absorb. That day has never been forgotten. πŸ™‚

  • 124
    DanaW says:

    I had moved to TN in June and by the end of June i had found an apt and my mom was to drive the truck with my stuff from MI. She used the excuse that so many people were moving out of MI that there was a short of trucks, so she couldn’t come right away. She surprised me on my Birthday with all my stuff on the 1st day of July.

  • 125
    JoAnn Dettbarn says:

    I know this will sound kind of corny…but each and every birthday is special. Life is a gift to be embrased and every year brings so many things to celebrate! I really do enjoy getting older….it beats the alternative!!!

  • 126
    quilter422 says:

    The best birthday party was my mom’s 70th. I was able to fly up and surprise her, along with a bunch of family and friends.

  • 127
    Jeaneen says:

    We attended my husband’s uncle’s 100th birthday several years ago. It was a wonderful celebration for an awesome man! We were fortunate to celebrate with him for 101 and 102 as well!

  • 128
    Joan Schmaltz says:

    My best birthday was my 16th. It was the only time I was surprised and I got my drivers liscense also. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  • 129
    Tricia says:

    My sons first birthday. To see the look on his face when he got to go hands first in his cake was priceless!

  • 130
    Kathy Camps says:

    The best birthday party I have ever attended was this last weekend, 3/2, where my 2 boys and I went to California for the weekend for a surprise 70th birthday party for my father. The last time I had seen my father was 15 years ago, when my 2nd boy was born and my oldest son was 6 years old. Needless to say, it was a memorable moment for all of us. My boys got to meet their grandfather and seeing my dad’s smile was priceless. I have been told he is still grinning ear to ear.

  • 131
    laurazitzer says:

    I think the best birthday party was my daughter’s first birthday. It was more about the people getting together for fun, food and frolic.

  • 132
    Peggy Allen says:

    For my sons 5th birthday, we had a camouflage birthday. It was tons of fun with an obstacle course, crafts and games.

  • 133
    Cynthia B. says:

    The best birthday party has to be my father-in-law’s 60th party. It was the first time I’d actually met my future in-laws, and they knew how to throw a party! Nice dinner, dancing and music, and they even had a brunch for out-of-town guests the next morning. It was a great introduction to my husband’s family.

  • 134
    Lois Noyes - MN says:

    My favorite memory of a birthday party would probably be when I hosted a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband. It was fun trying to keep everything a secret, and all the family and friends that came really made it memoriable.

  • 135
    Jaki says:

    Gosh it is so hard to pick just one. Most recently the craft party I put on for my daughter’s 10th birthday was lots of fun to plan and the girls had so much fun on the day. But my 18th birthday was pretty special too.

  • 136

    The best Birthday party I had was when I turned 16. The theme was a 60’s rock and roll. The cake was adorable with a little record player, records and music notes all over it. I think I still have those decorations in my memory box!

  • 137
    joAnn H says:

    i’ve had a few memorable ones, but both my kids ‘birth’days stand out and my husband’s surprise 40th. I distinctly recall a family/friend BBQ on my 6th birthday in july it was a hot humid fun summer day!

  • 138
    Vanessa says:

    That would have to be my cousin’s grandmothers 80th party. It was so much fun. On another note, these new products are awesome!

  • 139
    Kris says:

    We had a surprise party for my Mom’s 60th birthday. Since my 5 siblings are spread so far across the country, it was extra special that we were all able to be there in one place. We are hoping to repeat the fun in August for her 80th!

  • 140
    Chris says:

    For my husband’s 60th birthday I arranged for my son, daughter-in-law and 5 month old grandson to fly in from Chicago to surprise him.

  • 141

    My most beautiful birthday was the one of my 30 years. After difficult moments I had organized a beautiful party in family and friends who were dear to me and then my sister announced me that she got married. A big moment of enjoyment

  • 142
    Chris K says:

    My Dad’s 80th birthday! It was a surprise and my whole family was able to be there. We had such a wonderful time.

  • 143

    The best party I ever attended was my husband’s 40th surprise party … he didn’t have a clue that I had been planning it for weeks — I pulled it off without him catching on and he was completely surprised!!!

  • 144
    Kathy Grimsdale says:

    My favorite birthday is any one that I get to spend with my family. One that always stand out in my mind is my 21st birthday. My sister and I were living together at university. We were both in the middle of midterm exams, but she still made the time to make me a birthday cake.

  • 145
    sandy says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was my 16th party that my parents had for me at church. It was a surprise party with my friends after church on Sunday evening. I’ll never forget it! I love going back and looking at the pictures of all the parties for everyone in the family over the years.

  • 146
    Terri E. says:

    I love first birthday partys!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  • 147
    Alice Lukasik says:

    My best birthday party was probably my 50th. It wasn’t any big surprise but the people who matter to me the most were there to celebrate.

  • 148

    My best birthday was my 27th. After a few years of fertility drugs and temperature charts, I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd son. He’s now 29 years old, but I still remember the day perfectly.

  • 149
    Michelle Leone says:

    The best birthday that I’ve ever attended was my grandmother’s 90th b’day celebration. Lots of friends and family, great food and wine. AND we were able to enjoy the sunny and warm Florida weather (we traveled from frigid upstate NY in February!).

  • 150
    Kathy H says:

    We were not “in the money” as a young married couple and as our kids were born and grew the only affordable vacations for us were camping trips to places close-by. When I turned 50,we were living in Phoenix my husband arranged for us to stay in downtown San Francisco and take a tour in the Sonoma wine country.Though neither of us are wine drinkers we could not get over how beautiful it was, almost like being overseas! To this day (almost 8 yrs. later) that remains the best trip ever, for both of us.

  • 151
    Lisa M says:

    The best birthday ever was my 50th – celebrating in Times Square on New Year’s Eve with a group of friends who made the trip with me!

  • 152
    Alessandra Loiacono says:

    Best one was my husbands 35th birthday. I planned, cooked and baked for 35 guests and it was wonderful!! Lots of friends and family, it was a blast!!

  • 153
    Danielle says:

    Oddly enough I think my favorite birthday party was from when I was 3. I somehow still remember it so many years later! It was probably the only birthday party we had my entire family together, and it was wonderful :o) Probably why I remember it so well!

  • 154
    April Z. says:

    My daughter’s second birthday party is my most memorable. We adopted her when she was 18 months old and we never got to celebrate her first birthday with her, so it was extra special to celebrate the next one!

  • 155
    Lennie says:

    The best birthday I ever attended was my twins first birthday. It took 7 years of fertility treatments to have them and watching them eat their first cake was a gift from God.

  • 156
    Jeanie L. says:

    The best birthday party was for my second son’s and nephew’s 1st birthday party. Their birthdays were close so we combined them. We had some traditional Korean foods. We had such a good time with family and friends!

    Thanks so much again for all of the inspiration and the chance to win an awesome giveaway!

  • 157
    Betty Cash says:

    One birthday that stands out is my sister’s 50th. Her husband decided to surprise her and he flew me from California to be a part of the celebration. When the guests all arrived, I jumped up from behind the couch and I’ll never forget the look on her face! It was such a thrill for both of us. She and I refer to this birthday as “our birthday” since we share the same month.

  • 158
    Amrita says:

    My best birthday was my 30th. It fell on a Saturday and I went to Walt Disney World! It was the year they did the “visit for free on your birthday” promotion. I’ve never had so many people wish me happy birthday! It was so much fun!,

  • 159
    Carol says:

    My best birthday gift…hmmm…the only thing that pops into my mind is the ones I spend with those I hold near and dear!

  • 160

    The best birthdays for me were always winter skating parties. Nothing better than a bright clear night with shining stars and hot chocolate and cake at the end of the evening. I still can vividly see, hear and smell those memories!!

  • 161
    Anne G says:

    My two granddaughter’s first birthdays were so precious with all our families there to celebrate their special event.

  • 162
    Geri G says:

    We surprised our kids with a holiday trip that they knew nothing about! We picked them up from school and left directly for holidays. They had no idea where we were going until we got to….Disneyland! Honestly though, I think my hubby and I had more fun that the kids did πŸ™‚

  • 163
    Sharon says:

    the best party was for a friend whose wife threw him a surprise party-he was totally surprised and all of is friends were there! fun times

  • 164

    My sixth birthday was a huge surprise! My parents pick me up from school, collected several of my little girlfriends at the same time and took us to our house. My gift was a slide. (This was Spring of 1958!) We had a wonderful little playground with the addition of the new slide. Adjacent to that was a picnic table laid out with birthday cake and ice cream-both home made of course, and my father was taking each little girl on a pony ride around the yard. Yep! Hands down, best birthday ever!

  • 165
    Kathy A says:

    I would have to say my 30th, my Mom pulled off a surprise party on me, and I’m one that can’t be surprised.

  • 166

    I think it would have to be my daughters first birthday. It was such a short special moment in time.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 167
    Kathy T says:

    At the moment, we are planning a birthday party for my dad’s 70th birthday. Even though the party has not officially taken place yet, it is so much fun just thinking about it and making plans to honor my favorite guy in the whole world! (Tied with my DH of course!)

  • 168
    Jamie Greene says:

    Last year I was given my first surprise birthday party! I never have birthday parties for myself so this really meant alot to me:)

  • 169
    Jeni says:

    My nephew won a birthday party through a local radio station for his 30th last year. It was a blast!

  • 170
    Karen Walker says:

    When my mother-in-law turned 80 she asked for 80 of something. My SIL and I collected 80+ thoughts and memories from her five children and nine grandchildren along with some other family members. We printed them out, rolled them up and tied them with ribbons. All the papers were put in an old-fashioned cookie jar. She was beyond thrilled, and she savored reading the memories over many days! The picnic where we gave her the gift was also huge surprise, and it was the best party I’ve been to!

  • 171
    Lani says:

    My best birthday party was my 9th. It was shared with my 2 brothers, one who shares my same birthdate and the other who celebrates the day before. Honestly, I’ve had so many great birthdays because my birthday is very close to Mother’s Day and for many years my mom and I celebrated together, what is better than that?

    Let the party begin!

  • 172
    laura j says:

    40th birthday party was a complete surprise to me! lots of family and friends and love and laughter!!

  • 173
    Janell says:

    I would have to say the best Birthday Day party I have attend was for my grandfather It was fun, just because we had the whole family together to celebrate his 80th Birthday. Hopefully next year we will be able to get together to celebrate his 90th, we will just be missing one key person his oldest son and my Dad.
    Love all the new products this month!

  • 174
    Sue D says:

    Growing up our birthdays were just simple family affairs. When I turned 13 my friends and parents threw me a surprise birthday party and boy was I surprised. I had on bummy mismatched clothing that my mom had tried unsuccessfully to get me to change out of all day. As an adult, ladies in our church card ministry threw a surprise 50th birthday party for me. Again I was clueless but at least my clothes matched!

  • 175

    My best birthday was my 24th. I had a pool party except we didn’t have a pool, well not a big pool but I did have a babies pool that we blew up and stuck in the middle of the back lawn. It was so funny seeing everyone arrive with their bathers on, sunscreen and their beach towels and the look on their faces when they saw the pool.
    We all had so much fun and partied way into the night.
    Thanks for the chance.
    love me πŸ™‚

  • 176
    Leigh Penner says:

    Eight days after the birth of my second son, my friend invited me over for lunch for my 30th birthday…. it turned out to be a surprise birthday party/baby shower! I felt so loved & cared for– it was very special!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • 177
    Renee Smith says:

    One of the best parties would have to be my sons 7th birthday which was today! We had a small family affair, with good old fashion party blowers and balloons,the look on his face all afternoon was priceless!

  • 178
    julie says:

    love your stamps – I’m happy as a clam when I can spend time being creative with all of your fun stuff!

  • 179
    Jodie says:

    My best birthday party growing up was my sleepover party when I turned 11. Partly becuase my cousin was born that night and partly becuase of the movie my mom rented (The Outsiders). I couldn’t wait to see that movie *sigh*, and it was a big hit with all my friends.

  • 180
    Kim Pietruszewski says:

    my daughter’s sweet 16, all her and my son’s friends were there, goofy and loving gifts abounded, she was so happy…it was her last…love and miss you Hannah……

  • 181

    Hard to pick the best one? But I love the memories of the the at home parties we had for our girls when they were growing up. Each would have a different theme and when I look at the pictures it’s hard to believe some are married and starting families of their own! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  • 182
    Iris says:

    My best birthday party was 11 years ago when I spent a wonderful vacation with my then fiance – he proposed on my birthday!

  • 183
    Kris E. says:

    Probably my daughter’s first birthdays. All the family was here and the girls had all the attention. We made angel food cake with cool whip frosting so it wasn’t quite so overwhelming for them to plow into. Love those frosting faces!!

  • 184
    Sandi says:

    The best birthday party I attended was last year for my niece and nephews. The three of them have summer birthdays so we rented a grove at a park and had a cookout. The kids had the best time. The weather was beautiful! πŸ™‚

  • 185
    Laura says:

    It was my 30th birthday. We had A small, simple celebration at home. I was pregnant with my first daughter and we had found out earlier that day that we were having a girl. It was a day to savor!

  • 186
    Bonnie Jean says:

    The Best Birthday Party that I attended was my Grandson’s.. He was a miracle baby , so on his first Birthday, It was a Celebration I will never forget.
    Every Birthday is special with him. It is not what we do it is who we Celebrate with. He is always so Happy just to have is family together.

  • 187
    Ruth Allmart says:

    My twin girls turned 8 last July and I threw them separate parties in their chosen themes. Planning them was so much fun. One was a rainbow art party and the other was a doggie themed party. My daughters loved them and so did their friends! This year we’re doing a spa party for both. I’ve already started planning πŸ™‚

  • 188
    Crisanne D. says:

    One of my most memorable parties was when I turned 16. I was one of the first of my friends to get their drivers licences, so my parents let everyone pile into an old farm truck and we took turns driving it around the field. It was hilarious, because they had all practiced driving automatics, but this truck was a standard. I think my dad laughed the hardest at a pile of giggling girls struggling with driving that old beater!

  • 189
    AnneC says:

    My best birthday party was one that my boss gave me on my 40th birthday. I was surprised and delighted at the extent he went through to make this my best birthday party ever. I will never forget it.

  • 190
    Kim Faucher says:

    The best birthday party is my 10th year party. for some reason, that stands out in my mind. My family went out to eat and afterwards, my parents surprised me with a trip to Toys r Us to pick out a toy. The idea of the surprise made it the mose special for me!

  • 191
    Kristin D says:

    My sister surprised me many years ago with a day at Sea World. I got to interact with the dolphins in the DIProgram. Then we wandered around and I got to go behind the scenes in the Artic Adventure area and the Penguin exhibit. Pretty special day with fun memories! She truly spoiled me! Thanks for helping me to remember how blessed I am!

  • 192

    My 13th birthday party! My parents had a surprise slumber party for me. The fun part about it was that all of my guests were surprised too. They all thought the party was the next night when my mom and sisters came to pick each one of them up (their parents were in on it)!

  • 193
    Holly F. says:

    My good friend’s husband flew her best friends and thier spouses to Chicago for a birthday bash weekend. We stayed at the Trump. The highlight was the lake dinner cruise. We ended her birthday night watching the fireworks from the yacht! So what do you get for a present??? I made her an assortment of 40 handmade cards.

  • 194
    edee says:

    The funniest birthday I have ever went to was a 40th birthday for a friend and we all dressed up like old people. It was amazing what people came up with for costumes and food!

  • 195
    Heidi says:

    My best birthday… was my 50th. Me and my extended family rented a beach house in South Carolina…it was fantastic!!

  • 196
    Pamela A says:

    My sister and I planned a surprise party for my Mother’s 75th birthday. It was in September we decorated with scarecrows, mums, bales of hay and beautiful fall colors – it was so pretty. It was a beautiful party (if I must say so myself)!

  • 197
    Jennifer says:

    My Mom’s 50th suprise birthday party. We had invited family from all over the country. We had to keep her busy all day long on a boat,on the lake, and she kept asking my Dad “Why are we going so slow and when are we going back to the house?” Little did she know what the rest of her family and friends were up to. It was the best. She was so shocked she almost fell off the dock into the lake!! Definately PRICELESS!!

  • 198
    Sofia says:

    The best birthday so far is the one I’m organizing for my son and his whole classroom friends!!! The theme is Kung Fu Panda (since he is crazy with it!!) and I’m working on soooo many details!!! Love the whole preparation more than the party itself I think!!! lol…..

  • 199
    Olendia says:

    The best birthday party I had was the first one I spent with my husband. He arranged a surprise party with all my friends in a nice hotel. I thought we were just having dinner just the two of us. Beautiful projects, I love the new stamp sets and the star die. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 200
    Ericka s says:

    I got to say, I am in the middle of planning the BEST ONE EVER. My son is turning 4 this weekend and we are going all out. For this 3rd birthday he was in the hospital so we want to make this one extra special. The theme will be SUPERHEROS. I’m making all the guests masks and capes, they will be earning them by doing a “mission”. We’ll be playing several different superhero games like: defuse the bombs (pop the balloons), find the kryptonite (painted green rocks), and pin the mask on the superhero. I’m asking a friend to come and play the “villain” and dress in all black, I’ll have the kids catch him in a spiderweb (silly string). It is going to be a blast. I’ll be posting all the details on my blog once it happens so be sure to check it out.

  • 201
    Vicki says:

    Our son’s birthday is in January, but one year we threw him a “half” birthday in July. We cooked out, swam, played games, and the weather was perfect. I think everyone had a great time that day.

  • 202
    wendy says:

    I would have to say the year I turned 30… my hubby..who I might add cannot ever keep a secret actually pulled of the biggest surprise party for me…with all our family and friends…it was great…that was almost 20 years ago but still fresh in my mind, he is still ever so thoughtful but has yet to surprise me like that again….LOL

  • 203
    DeAnna L says:

    Best BD so far was celebrating my daughter’s first birthday…will never forget. And next year we will celebrate my hubby’s 50th…so planning has already begun…it will be the best yet…lots of family and friends!! Wahoo!!

  • 204
    Roula says:

    My mom’s birthday last year!! We surprised her at a friend’s house…. we had prepared everything chinese and it was really fun!!!

  • 205
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    I think my 50th birthday party was great. My husband made all the arrangements, baked me TWO German Chocolate cakes to have enough for all the friends he invited to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants.

  • 206
    Linda says:

    The best party I ever attended was a surprise party we threw for my Mom’s 75th birthday. We had over 60 guests and she was so surprised. She loved ever minute of it.

  • 207
    Renita Y in Pgh says:

    The best party was my parent’s 25th anniversary. My uncle and family snuck into town for the celebration and popped out and the right moment during the party. The look on my mom’s face was priceless!

  • 208
    Karen L. says:

    My best party I ever had was when I was with my parents and my husband and my children. Just being together with all the people I loved made it special.

  • 209
    KateT says:

    I have thrown a lot of themed birthday parties for my boys, so it’s really hard to pick just one! However, I think my favorite was a carnival themed 1st birthday party I threw for my middle son. It was a blast!

  • 210

    My best birthday was when I turned 16 and my best friends surprised me with a charm bracelet which I still have today. My Mom & friends continued to add charms for me on special occasions after that, so it’s a precious keepsake.

  • 211
    Martha S. says:

    The best birthday party I’ve ever been to was the one this year for my kids (6 & 4) at Chuck E. Cheese! I was exhausted but the are still talking about it two months later!

  • 212

    Gosh I have 2 special memories tied to birthdays. My parents gave me a party when I was in the first grade and even >40 years later I can remember how special it made me feel. I remember the dress and shoes and the faces if not the names of my classmates. I tried to recreate the feeling for each of my children on their birthday. Each year until she died, my former after-school baby sitter Mrs. Robinson would remember our time together by sending me my favorite cake. A double-decker chocolate on chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson. QP

  • 213
    Lyn says:

    My sons were involved in scouts and always had their spring camp out on the weekend around my birthday, so we always brought a big cake to share and celebrated around a campfire. It was so much fun having the entire troop sing Happy Birthday to me!!

  • 214
    Mary says:

    When my son was younger we were having a firefighter themed bday party so I stopped by our local fire station to see if they had any hats and/or badges. The chief just happened to be in and asked if we’d like one of the firefighters to bring a fire engine to the party. Wow! They used it as a community education opportunity. The firefighter taught the kids how the truck functioned, let them crawl in and on it, and then even gave the bday boy a ride! It was very cool!

  • 215
    Renate Hill says:

    The 70is theme party I hosted for a dear friend’s 40th. Complete with ‘fros, bell bottoms, tube sox, cut-offs, a whole wall covered in cd’s, a disco ball, 70is food and a Gong show which had to be put on by all the guests and was judged by the birthday girl. We’ve tried to top it ever since – unsuccessfully:-)

  • 216
    Linda E says:

    My 40th! Big surprise planned by my hubby.

  • 217
    Teresa Farmer says:

    My daughter’s suprise 16th birthday party! We actually pulled it off and she was surprised!! Love this month’s new releases πŸ™‚

  • 218
    TinaH says:

    My Mom’s birthday 2001, which was also the the last one before my Dad died. Her birthday was three days before their anniversary, so knowing Dad was sick, we all made the trip including 6 grandsons. Family is what it is all about and having everyone together for Dad on Mom’s birthday was the best gift ever.

  • 219
    Hannah Mize says:

    My best birthday was last year! My husband and kids spoiled me rotten and made me feel very special!:) great products this month!

  • 220
    Cheryl B. says:

    The best birthday party I’ve had…so far..was my 50th brthday party six(!?!) years ago. GULP!! We had a dinner at a fancy restaurant with six couples and my sister. Wonderful atmosphere, good company, good food, great cake. A good time was had by all.

  • 221
    Cassie says:

    The best birthday I has was a surprise party my husband had for me years ago. I had a second job at the time working for Clinique and I came home from a long day of non stop customers because it was Gift w/ purchase time. Believe me you worked like crazy on those days when the economy was good! Anyway I came home all gross in my lab coat and walked on and everybody I cared about was in the same room to surprise me! I’ll never forget it.

  • 222
    Candy says:

    My Mom surprised me with all my friends from school at Farrell’s Ice cream parlor and then we went on the Zoo haunted train ride–my birthday is Halloween!

  • 223
    marilyn says:

    My best birthday celebration was my sister’s 50th birthday. My daughter and I drove 4 hours to my sister’s new home to surprise her…and boy, was she surprised to see us. What fun!

  • 224
    Tracey C. says:

    It really wasn’t a birthday party…my older daughter was born on New Year’s Eve, around 9:30 pm…by the time I got cleaned up, and back to my room, it was about 11:30, and me, my husband, my parents, and my beautiful little baby, sat in my room, along with all of the revelers in NYC, and brought in the New Year eating Oatmeal raisin cookies and marveling at this new little life!

    Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for the amazing inspiration you have given this week and always!

  • 225
    sanketi says:

    My best birthday party was when I turned most memorable1

  • 226
    Tami M. says:

    When I turned 40 my husband planned a surprise trip to New York to clebrate. Not only did he plan the whole trip including a Broadway show, he also flew in my Mom & Step-Dad from Florida and they were waiting in the airport in New York when we arrived! I was speachless, best Birthday ever! I’m so blessed to be sharing my life with such a sweet guy!

  • 227
    Carol R says:

    Best birthday party/celebration was when I turned 50! It was all over the neighborhood as my co-workers at the local school posted it on the outdoor sign!!! But I was OK with it. It was great celebrating all week long with those I knew and even those I did not know!

  • 228
    janet wilson says:

    The most special Birthday party I treasure is when my mum came to visit me in the US (from England). We took her on an evening dinner cruise and the captain came out to wish her a Happy Birthday. My mum had such a wonderful time – the whole evening passed so quickly.

    Thank you :o)

  • 229
    Nancy Guse says:

    When each of my children turned one we put the birthday cake in front of them to eat or play with, but they didn’t do much of either. I think they were a little scared, but they would make silly faces tasting the frosting. We always had another cake to eat for everyone else. Another great release Papertrey!!!

  • 230
    Lori B says:

    One of my favorite birthday parties was just a small family affair, but was made very special by the cake. It was homemade by our youngest son and was a leaning, lumpy tower of thick frosting, but he was so proud of it! By the way, it tasted much better than it looked!

  • 231
    Nancy L. says:

    about 3 years ago my 7 year old daughter decided to make me a surprise party!! she planned everthing and gathered all my family! it was great!!

  • 232
    Dina M says:

    The best birthday party I had ever attended was a sleepover when I was a kid and I got to know some girls who to this day I am still very close friends with-26 years ago! It was also the night Halley’s Comet could be seen, so it was even more memorable!

  • 233
    Becky W says:

    The best birthday party I attended would be my daughter’s 16th party. We had a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant and then a scavenger hunt of 16 items that all related to the number 16 or the year she was born.

  • 234
    Cathy B says:

    My best birthday party included a “barbie cake” that my grandma made for me. Remember the upside down bowl shaped cake decorated to look like a big flouncy dress, and the barbie was stuck in the middle? I LOVED it! I think the cake decorating feats of my Mom and Grandma got me started on my creative path!

  • 235
    Michelle Balletti says:

    I would have to say the best birthday ever had/attended would have to be my 30th birthday (almost 7 years ago)….it was an open house, so people just came when they wanted. We had a pool at the old house, so that was great for the kids!! At one point, there was about 50 people there, both from my side and my boyfriend’s side!! My BFF took pictures and gave me a photoalbum of the day as a belated gift….

  • 236
    Rhonda H says:

    Celebrating my Mom’s 60th on a cruise! Everyone together for a week was a treasured time.

  • 237
    Julie coit says:

    My birthday is on April fools day so everyone thinks they are so funny! When I was 10 my mother told me I was old enough to cut my own cake so I was so excited well guess what she had make a cake out of styoform and decorated it and told me to cut it in front of my whole family! I started crying and then they all felt bad and brought out another cake that was real this time, I will never forget that birthday!!

  • 238
    Emily Keaton says:

    The best birthday party I’ve ever been to was the one my sister and I put on for our parents’ joint 50th birthdays (almost 20 years ago) when my Dad decided there was no way he could blow out all those lit candles on their cake by himself and grabbed the fire extinguisher to do it for him. I still smile at that thought!!!

  • 239
    Janet Goshorn says:

    The best birthday celebration was for one of my dearest freinds when she turned the big 60. It was a small intimate gathering of friends in a quaint local restaurant. Everyone had a great time celebrating her special day

  • 240
    GinaE says:

    We had a “Fancy Nancy” birthday party for my middle daughter when she turned 6. My mom, aunt and sister wanted to throw it for her – and it was, indeed, fancy! She was so excited at how dressed-up the tables were and she said, “The chairs even look like they’re going to a wedding!” (they had chair covers on them) It was such great fun to see her excitement.

  • 241
    Barbra says:

    I would have to say my 30th. My sister through me a “surprize” party. All of my friends and family were there. Everyone was alive and kicking. I wish I could go back to that party for a few hours and give lots of hugs to everyone expecially my Dad!

  • 242
    Becki W says:

    The best birthday parties I have ever had were my 2 children’s 1st birthday!

  • 243

    When my now husband and I first started dating, his son was turning 2, so it was my first opportunity to throw a child’s birthday party. It was a small party consisting of a few close friends and family, but that party will always have a special place in my heart!

  • 244
    Beth says:

    My best birthday EVER was my 30th. That was the evening my best friend was my “date” to my party and I realized I loved him. Later that night I got up the courage to tell him only to find out he loved me too. We have been a couple since that very night and have been happily married for almost 9 years.

  • 245
    Jennifer says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was my son’s 2nd birthday party. It was outside. We had WAY TOO many kids, but it was such a blast. GREAT memories made that day!

  • 246
    Kari Bell says:

    In middle school, my best friend and I celebrated our birthdays together with a giant pool party. All our friends were there and we were spending time doing what we loved.

  • 247
    Jean says:

    The best birthday I have ever had was my son’s first birthday party. I cannot have children. By the time of his first birthday, his adoption was final. He was born the day after my birthday. One year I completely forgot about my birthday until the afternoon, because I was so excited about his birthday and upcoming party:)

  • 248
    DanelleB says:

    When my husband surprised me for my 40th BDay and had all my friends take me out to dinner in a Limo. The Limo even had a dance floor in it!! Such a gret time.

  • 249
    Kerri M. says:

    I think the best birthday party we’ve had around here was my daughter’s 4th birthday. We threw her a horse party and she was sooooo excited and surprised when a couple of horses showed up to take her and her friends on some rides!

  • 250
    Gayle says:

    My best birthday was my 50th (two years ago Saturday). My bff took me to her family home on Hilton Head Island. That birthday trip ranks as some of the best fun I’ve ever had. It was glorious.

  • 251
    Diana C. says:

    My best birthday party was a sleepover when I was 11. There was probably 20 girls in all at my parent’s house. We had a scavenger hunt and watched a scary movie. I still remember it all these years later!

  • 252
    Gerdine says:

    The birthday tag’s are my favorite! Love them all!!

  • 253
    Rachel V. says:

    The best birthday was when my husband took me to go see Phantom of the Opera and have dinner in London. It was so special!

  • 254
    Lori says:

    My oldest daughter’s 1st Birthday. She was born at 2 lbs and to see how far she had come in a year was a huge present to us all! I don’t think there was a dry eye when we sang Happy Birthday!

  • 255
    Terri Bills says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was my sister in law’s 50th party. The theme was her “Favorite Things” He daughter made all of her favorite foods and favorite cake. It was just so wonderful.

  • 256
    Gerdine says:

    I forgot to answer the question! My sister’s birthday last year was great! She had a nice high tea with delicious cakes, scones and all the other stuff! We had a wonderful afternoon!

  • 257
    Cheryl M says:

    My favorite birthday parties are those that include my close loved ones, so I would have to say that my favorite birthday celebration was my 40th birthday that I spent with my kids, husband, parents, and brother and sister-in-law.

  • 258
    Sylvia says:

    My favorite birthday was my 30th at Chucky Cheese. One opened near my parents’ and having never been to one, I mentioned in passing to my sister that I thought it’d be funny to have my upcoming bday there. She organized the whole thing & sent out the invites and I saw some family members I haven’t seen in years. I was so touched by all the effort she put in and by the fact that people travelled into the city to attend.

  • 259
    bonnie says:

    My 21st birthday was the best birthday EVER….I’m a June birthday and my dad only had a few months to live….he loved boats and my mum and dad had sold the family home and bought a boat for him to spend his final months sailing around. Me and my Brother’s and Sisters 6 in total and my mum and dad took the boat out to sea and dropped the anchor and had champagne and strawberry’s and cream and we all jumped in the sea to swim…dad was poorly in bed but he had a huge smile on his face listening to us having a great day, a beautiful treasured memory that I will never forget….have a great day! πŸ˜‰ Hugs x

  • 260
    Chris Cross says:

    I am hoping to have my best party ever this year. My husband and I are both turning 50, and our children are throwing us a joint party on April 14th. My husband had a stroke 2 years ago, and we are so happy he is here and able to celebrate!

  • 261
    DeLisa says:

    We used to have sleepovers for birthday parties growing up and they were the best! We had so much fun!

  • 262

    The best birthday party I ever had was when I turned 30. My hubby planned a surprise party for me along with my kids. They kept it a secret!! I was absolutely shocked when I walked into my favorite local Italian place and saw a roomful of my friends!

  • 263
    Carol B says:

    We had just moved into a new house. My husband was turning forty in a few weeks. I worked like a mad woman unpacking and arranging everything (along with long hours at a new job) Hubby thought I might be crazy. I had secretly arranged for 5 of his 7 siblings to come stay at our new house for his big birthday. It was a HUGE surprise…and he LOVED it!

  • 264
    Amy O says:

    My youngest daughter was born on my birthday. As I was recovering from that emergency c-section and rejoicing in the birth of a beautiful, healthy birthday, my family sang happy birthday to the two of us in the hospital room. It was so magical and meaningful!

  • 265
    Cheryl M says:

    My favorite celebrations are those that include time with my close friends, so I would have to say favorite birthday celebration was my 40th40th birthday that I spent with my kids, husband, parents and brother and sister-in-law.

  • 266
    Kristie P says:

    The best birthday party memory I have is of my oldest daughter’s 1st birthday. The smash cake with the red icing was everywhere, and her little fingers were stained for a week.

  • 267
    Heather P. says:

    Best birthday party I ever attended was my Grandma’s 90th. I had my new little baby son with me and all of my aunts and uncles and cousins were able to attend. it was actually the last time we were all together before Grandma’s health started to fail. It was a great day by the lake. πŸ™‚

  • 268
    Lin says:

    The best birthday party was my Dad’s 90th birthday party, which we combined with my parent’s 65th anniversary! We made a big to-do over it, as well we should, and got to see lots of relatives and friends we hadn’t seen in ages! I got to show off our first grandchild, who came from Texas to be with us, and he chose that event to take his very first steps! How’s that for a happy day?!

  • 269
    Erin says:

    My best birthday was my 30th, when my parents and family threw a surprise party for me. The most surprising part is my sister flew in from out of state and distracted me all day…so fun!

  • 270
    Sue McRae says:

    It was a surprise party for my grandmother in Hungary. She didn’t know we were going to fly all the way there from Canada so the look on her face when she saw us was spectacular!

  • 271
    Caren B says:

    The best birthday party I’ve had was 3 years ago in Vegas with two of my best friends!

  • 272
    Monique says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was on a boat on the Galapagos Islands. The chef cooked all the guests a fabulous meal and even baked a cake. It was a big surprise, as I hadn’t told anyone it was my birthday!

  • 273
    Melissa Sibert says:

    My best birthday was this year, when I turned 40! I had extended family come in to celebrate with me. It was fun.

  • 274
    Penny says:

    Best birthday party was my hubby’s surprise 60th. We had just moved to a new state and all our friends and family made the trip up here to celebrate with all our new neighbors. A wonderful weekend, full of lasting memories!

  • 275
    Meagan says:

    My husband’s in the military and we’re currently stationed overseas and being away from my family is very hard. I however have an amazing group of friends here that threw me a surprise party 2 years ago that made me completely forget about missing my fam.

  • 276
    Anna says:

    My best birthday party was my 30th. It was a surprise birthday party where all my close friends and family were present. I was a true surprise! I’d be very surpised too if I win! Thanks for all you of you who are part of the Papertrey Ink company. You are all inspirational!

  • 277
    Kim Cesafsky says:

    My best birthday party was when I turned 40 and I took a trip with all my sisters. We had the best time.

    Kim C

  • 278
    Cyndie says:

    Great question! I gave a 50th birthday party and jam session for my husband that was lots of fun for everyone. Pretty much all our friends play instruments!

  • 279
    Kristin says:

    The best birthday I’ve been to was my son’s 3rd birthday. He got to run around with all of his cousins and he couldn’t have been happier. Seeing the joy on his face made me the happiest. The bonus was seeing all of the kids shove the candy from the piΓ±ata down their swimsuits. Awesome.

  • 280
    Elise says:

    My Mom’s 70th birthday – we had a big party for family and friends and surprised everyone with a cookbook my sisters and I put together that contained all my Mom’s most famous recipes. She is a wonderful cook and baker. We gave the cookbook to everyone as the party favor and at the end of the party everyone was lining up to have my mom sign their book – priceless!

  • 281
    Melissa L. says:

    I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband 8 years ago. That was a pretty fun night. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for another excellent release!

  • 282
    Teresa g says:

    When my friend and I turned 40 we had a joint party together. We celebrated with our friends and family. It made me feel great to be 40!

  • 283
    Denise E says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was the one I threw for my DH’s 40th birthday. It was a huge surprise with lots of friends and family and a lot of fun! Thanks so much for all the wonderful crafty goodness this month! Love it all! =o)

  • 284
    Janie C says:

    The best party was for my first child’s 1st birthday – she was so excited and nothing could replace the smile she had on her face. Although I don’t really like crowded kid places like Chuck E Cheese’s, it was totally worth it to see her so happy and excited at her party!

  • 285
    Luanne Ford says:

    My husband gave me a surprise “50th” birthday party. I was totally suprised, as I walked into the house after a long work day, and all of our wonderful friends were there for a cookout. He had arranged for my mom and sister to help with the food, but he had invited and planned it all. πŸ™‚

  • 286
    Lynne G. says:

    This is easy! It is my daughter’s first birthday party. After ten years of trying to have a child and failing, I was thrilled when I foung out I was pregnant! That first year of her life was so special and her first birthday was a big bash with all our family and friends!

  • 287
    paula e. says:

    my husband gave me a 50th birthday party that was a magical, star filled night! it was a memorable night and i was surrounded by all my family and friends! my youngest brother made a video that brought the house down!

  • 288
    Alejandra says:

    My best birthday party was when I was 16. My parents had a surprise party for me with my friends from school and celebrated later that month with two other partys with family and other friends.

  • 289
    Elizabeth V. says:

    My friends had a party for me for my 19th birthday…such sweet friends! We had so much fun!! My future husband was there and gave me a card, asking me out for the first time. Nearly 30 years later, that is still my favorite present ever!!

  • 290
    Brenda says:

    The most memorable birthday party was my daughter’s 8th birthday. We were at a kids fun birthday venue and all was well and then my sister went into labor! The party was maybe rushed a bit and my daughter really wasn’t excited about sharing a birthday with a cousin for the rest of her life…but now they are best of friends, and they do share birthday parties!

  • 291
    diana says:

    My father’s 75th birthday was very special as his sisters all arrived from anther province to celebrate with our family.

    Best wishes for a great release today!

  • 292
    Hope Jones says:

    One the best birthday party was my daughter’s 10th birthday! We rented out the ice skating ring to have a private birthday party. We invited all her friends and volleyball teammates watched everyone skate and fall down! Even some parents got in on the action. It was a day full of laughs and sore bottoms!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • 293

    I love everything about this new release! Some fairly basic and yet beautiful elements that can be used for so many projects. Thanks for all you do to make my cards look good!

  • 294
    Christine B. says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was when my older brother and his wife turned 50. It was such a
    great day….and to still have had all of our family members around to share their day was a blessing!
    Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful products!!

  • 295
    Linda Lynch says:

    The best party I attended was when my niece turned sixteen. We bussed 16 teenagers to our home for the day. Swimming, games, cake and even Austin Powers came! It was a fun filled day and night :} We are so blessed.

  • 296
    Shannon T says:

    My favorite birthday party was one that I put together for my husband. We love beer, and living in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by microbreweries. One year I rented a 15-passenger van and loaded it full of our friends, and I was the DD and drove us all on a beer-tour of the Seattle area, stopping at 5 local small-time breweries. It was great to have the van so nobody had to worry about driving, but it was also great to hang out between breweries, eat a snack, and just have a lot of laughs! That one will be tough to top!

  • 297
    Viki says:

    My daughter last birthday was fun. She turned 7 and we invited three of her friends. We went swimming at the gym and headed back to the house for food and cake. Such sweet girls and a ton of laughs. Thank you for the chance to win! I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • 298
    Kristie H says:

    My 40th birthday was probably my most memorable…we spent the weekend at the beach with my parents and I had just had our first baby. It was a wonderful weekend!

  • 299
    Ngan R. says:

    The best birthday I’ve had so far was my 25th. My dad had passed away a couple of months before and my husband knew how important it was for me to be with my family, so he gave me plane tickets to go be with them. It was a truly special birthday.

  • 300
    Jen Treadway says:

    My very own thirtieth. A friend from college hosted it and I had friends from every era of my life. She had people come “dressed like Jen” (I had had many questionable fashion choices over the years). It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in such outlandish garb, especially my dad! She also had everyone bring photos of me and put them all in a book as a gift.

  • 301

    haha this is an easy one…my 3rd grade birthday party was at the roller rink and in my 3rd grade eyes…IT WAS AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚

  • 302
    jeannine j. says:

    my husband had a surprise 40th birthday party for me @ our house. i don’t know how i didn’t figure it out or the kids didn’t let on. it was a great time w/ family & friends. thanks.

  • 303
    Debbie Murnane says:

    The best birthday party I have attended was my husbands surprise 40th. It was awesome and everyone had a wonderful celebration with a sit down dinner and lots of spirits. Always enjoy company of good friends and family. Thanks for the chance to win a spectacular prize….Love Vagirl446. Debbie

  • 304

    Best birthday party I attended was one my pastor’s wife and I threw for our husbands. We had a cowboy theme and everybody dressed up. It was so much fun just being together with friends and family.

  • 305
    JenW says:

    My best party was the surprise Sweet 16 my parents threw with my friends. It certainly wasn’t fancy or large…but it was during that “golden” period of my youth and I remember it fondly.

  • 306
    Susi says:

    Wow, what an amazing question! I immediately thought of my childhood and having loud birthday parties, mom around us with her beehive hairdo LOL But, to be honest, allow a new Grandmother to indulge as the BEST “birth”day celebration was being at my first grandchilds birth just last Friday. Talk about emotional, joyous, apprehensive, amazed, and SO MUCH MORE emotions running through me. The birth of any child is a true blessing!

  • 307
    erin says:

    I think in terms of my own, either the limo ride around SF at 13 or the whitewater rafting trip at 16… both awesome days with fabulous friends… but truthfully the arrival of both of my children probably wins hands down… a party in its own right.

  • 308

    please remove this post! I mistakenly entered twice.

  • 309
    Anat15 says:

    Last year’s birthday was the most wonderful birthday : scrap party with friends!

  • 310
    Mandy In Canada says:

    My best bday party I guess was last year when my 68 year old grandmother planned a party for me with all of our family at our cottage we had food & cake & fireworks because my bday is on July 1st Canada Day!

  • 311
    Shauna K says:

    For some reason, I still remember a party I had when I was 8 or so… my mom rented two rooms at a hotel and I got to invite a few of my closest friends and we spent the day playing in the hotel pool and going to dinner & breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Seems so simple, but I really loved it!! πŸ™‚

  • 312
    Dianne Hoffman says:

    The best party I ever had was my surprise engagement party. My best friend threw it for my husband and I, and we we ever surprised! I will never forget how great it made us feel!

  • 313
    caroline king says:

    the best birthday I ever had was when I turned 21, and my whole family drove up to Las Vegas, and spent the weekend there. We had so much fun and got to pull the handle on one of the slot machines. I will alwasy remember that weekend with fond memories.

    Minnetonka, MN

  • 314
    christianne says:

    I love 50th birthday’s with all the gag gifts. We just threw one for my brother in law and it was fun to see him open the turning 50 survival kit. Everybody has a good laugh and it is fun all around.

  • 315

    I have had many great birthdays but just last week all my friends threw me a surprise party. It almost made me cry. I love them!

  • 316
    LouAnn V. says:

    My best birthday was the year that my husband took me to Las Vegas for the weekend. I group of friends came with us and we had a great time.

  • 317
    Linda Monroe says:

    One of the best parties I attended was a surprise 16th birthday party for my daughter. We live outside Boston so I told her that she and I were going to go into Boston to go shopping and have lunch. We took the train. The surprise was that about 7 of her friends had boarded the commuter train one stop before us so when we got on the train all her friends yelled surprise! It was so fun. We had a fun day at Quincy Market and the North End.

  • 318
    Maureen P says:

    one of my birthdays that sticks out happened about 11 years ago. I’m a St. Patrick’s Day baby and was teaching gr 1 and 2 at the time. The parents arranged a little party in the classroom. They got the principal to take me down to the office and they prepared the children with green carnations and a little song ” you are my sunshine.” They had green icing on the cupcakes and served green kool aid. The children sang their song and each gave me a carnation. Made me cry big time πŸ™‚

  • 319
    Hanne says:

    The best Birthday party ever was the celebration my father threw for my mothers 40th birthday. He had asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she told him she didn’t want anything for her birthday.

    The 40 days leading up to her birthday, he bought her a daily gift. Sometimes a bigger item, sometimes just a fancy cup of coffee… And on her birthday, he didn’t give her anything…

    I think it was SOOO thoughtful and to this day, it brings a smile on my face, having parents that love each other so dearly and that take care of each other so much…

    The best present you can have as a child!

  • 320
    Gina Kozuch says:

    Best birthday for me was for my two grandchildren they are the loves of my life and I love to celebrate them and their life

  • 321
    Terry says:

    My best birthday party was a surprise party for me on a milestone (wink) birthday a few years ago. My dear friends really pulled one over on me. The party was awesome and so many special people were there to celebrate with me. I often look at the pictures and relive the all the good time.

  • 322
    Patsy says:

    I love the parties I give my children. When my daughter turned 6, we “rented” ponies and all the girls dressed up like cowgirls and took turned riding the ponies.

  • 323
    Marlena M says:

    My best birthday party I attended, was for my mom a few years ago. We don’t live near her, so it was special for her and for us. To see her filled with tears for us to simply be PRESENT singing Happy Birthday was heartwarming/sad/many things. It wasn’t even a big PARTY. Priceless moment.

  • 324
    Elizabeth says:

    My “sweet 16th” birthday was the best. Birthday parties were usually family-only affairs for us, but my Mom wanted to do something special for my 16th — so she planned a party and invited my school friends. I vividly recall that she made so much onion dip and blue cheese dip that we were eating it for weeks after! It was a wonderful party which I will always remember.

  • 325
    Kathy V. says:

    The best party for me was when I planned a surprise 60th birthday for my Husband. Famliy and friends were invited, and the best was when he had no idea. And was he ever surprised. All the planning was so worth it.

  • 326
    Miriam Prantner says:

    The best party I’ve been to is when one of my old Deputy Directors from work turned 60. He and his wife threw an absolutely amazing birthday party at a really lovely restaurant. Gave us an excuse to get dressed up and hang with some great friends from work. They don’t do anything halfway, so it was so much fun and something I’ll always remember (they even had a professional photographer, so we have some great photos of the event!)

  • 327
    Martha says:

    The best birthday was the one my nieces came from out of town, and showed up at the restaurant my husband had taken me to. They stayed to spend the weekend with me.

  • 328
    diana says:

    My best birthday party was at my sister’s house when I was 54. My birthday is in March, but we were on a family vacation at the time, so my sister had a birthday party for me at the end of April. It was so warm that day, that I had a summer like birthday instead of a snow filled birthday. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 329
    Michelle says:

    My mother’s 60th Birthday Party. She lived in a nursing home and the staff (nurses, administrators, facilities,etc.) helped us set up food and decorations in a small room. I flew in from out of town and my sisters, grandmother, aunt and uncle were also there. I hope my mother enjoyed the gathering. We went out to dinner later that evening, but I wanted her to be able to celebrate with her “extended family” who cared for her everyday.

  • 330

    My best birthday was my 21st Birthday because my husband and I started dating again.

  • 331
    DebbieZ says:

    My best Birthday Memory was my Son’s 2nd Birthday. It was the first birthday that he got to spend with our families. (Navy) He had a large Big Bird cake and all of our families. He received a GloWorm and opened the box, gave it a big hug to make it glow, and promotely laid on the floor and went to sleep. It is my best memory.

  • 332
    Pippa67 says:

    The ever best birthday party I had was my 40th. I felt good, I really liked it to become 40. So I gave a big party and enjoyed every minut of it. Surrounded by my husband, kids, family and friends I had the ever best birthday party.

  • 333
    Victoria h says:

    It was at a friends birthday celebration that my husband and I realised we liked each other romantically and she even did a reading at our wedding. A special connection.

  • 334
    Stampnurse says:

    Good question. Best party so far was my son’s 7th birthday with a Spongbob bouncer and lots of kids from school. He had the best day and kids didn’t want to leave at the end of the day. That was a success.

  • 335
    Kathy W says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was a surprise 50th birthday party for my boss, whom everyone loves… Her sisters came from Spokane, Missouri & Milwaukee, there were probably 100 people there, and everyone had a wonderful time… It’s nice to meet family and friends of co-workers, and to spend time with them all in a social setting.

  • 336
    Erin Drislane says:

    It was definitely my 30th. We had a huge Tie-Dye party with about 30 people, everyone brought various things to Tie-dye and the whole yard was so colorful! Even my grandparents took part in the fun. There were socks & sheets & towels! It was a blast & just proved you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy some good colorful fun! Thanks for a chance to win such an amazing prize package. Lots of the projects made me think of my Tie-Dye party because they were so bright and colorful!

  • 337
    Connie Monahan says:

    That’s easy! My siblings gave me the best ever 60th suprise birthday party 2 years ago! Family, friends and co-workers totally suprised me (I was clueless!). It was a wonderful day of visiting. And one of my sisters even came from across the country for the event – and that was a hard one for everyone to keep a secret. And that same sister gave me lovely scrapbook to remember the event.

  • 338
    Meredith K. says:

    I wasn’t real popular in school, kept to myself mostly. But I was very close with a ton of friends from summer camp who lived relatively far away in other towns in state (we wrote letters a lot, thus begins my love of cards). For my 15th birthday my parents let me have a party and invite all of them (in lieu of a sweet 16 the following year). It was so great to see all my friends during the school year and to not have to wait to see them again until summer. THAT was the best birthday party I ever had.

  • 339
    Anne S says:

    The best b-day party I attended was for my grandma’s 80th birthday. We took a train to Chicago and met all my cousins there and had a great weekend swimming in the pool and just hanging with everyone. We live in Nebraska and they’re spread out through Michigan and Maine, so we don’t get to see them very often!

  • 340
    Barb says:

    The best birthday party was my 40th that was a surprise party thrown by my brother and his family. I was so clueless and it was so much fun!

  • 341
    Cathy Weber says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was just last month when my sweet crafty friends surprised me with a birthday blog hop. I had the most fun hopping from blog to blog with cards made just for me. It touched me beyond belief. It will be hard to top that birthday in years to come.

  • 342
    Angie Tieman says:

    The birthday party I remember most was for my 13th birthday. My mom rented out the city swimming pool in the evening and I had tons of friends come. She brought food, cake, etc. My dad had died earlier that year, so it was tough, but I just remember my mom working so hard to make sure we still had special birthdays.

  • 343
    Wendy Beck says:

    My 40th birthday party. My friends arranged a party at a local restaurant. They surprised me with gifts (we normally don’t exchange gifts). We had a fabulous time and only left when we got kicked out for closing.

  • 344
    Gabriela says:

    The best birthday party I have ever attended was a surprise party for my mother in law’s 60th birthday. She was shocked and crying. We invited everyone she knew and she kept saying “I never knew”… it was priceless.

  • 345
    Nicole says:

    My favorite birthday party was when my family and I threw my father a surprise 50th party. Our entire family and all of his friends spent the night celebrating in my parents home. There was so much love and spirit in the room!

  • 346

    The best birthday party I had was when I turned 21. My roommates threw me a surprise party, and I was completely surprised. We danced and laughed all night.

  • 347
    Karen Ramsey says:

    For my 50th birthday, I threw myself a girlfriends party. It was so special having all my favorite girlies there to help me usher into the Fifties is Fabulous club. One month later Oprah had her 50th birthday too and her parties were on a huge, much more elaborate scale. But I wouldn’t have switched places with party was such fun!!

  • 348
    Leslie says:

    I just had the best birthday ever – well – other than the one that my husband proposed on 30 years ago! My son who has lived in Australia for 2 years surprised me and came home for good on my birthday! My daughter also came home from college. My oldest and his fiance took me out for dinner and a movie the same day. So for the first time in probably 8 years. I had all three of my children home and at my birthday party!

    The best ever!! – well the second best!!!

  • 349
    Opal says:

    My best birthday was when I was a kid and my parents let me have a sleepover! We played board games all night and hide-and-seek in the house. It was wonderful, innocent fun. I miss those carefree days!

  • 350
    Mariana says:

    The best is without a doubt the very first Birthday Party for my first daughter, it was so exciting, nothing big, family, lots of balloons, my mom and sister came from Mexico, my husband and I, all adoring the youngest of our family, looking at her happy, enjoying her delight and surprise. Was a beautiful party, filled with hopes for the future!!

  • 351
    Julie B says:

    Love the new products! The best birthday party I had was in thrid grade when my mom first made cakes that looked like pumpkins.

  • 352
    Judy Stiles says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was my Dad’s 80th! The whole family was able to attend and my Dad had such a great time with everyone! Next month my Dad will turn 90 and I know it will be a great one as well!

  • 353
    Luann Vandenberg says:

    My husband threw a surprise 30th birthday party for me. I had only one request for my 30th birthday and that was to have a child by the time I was 30. We adopted our beautiful son who was born 3 months before my birthday. It was a great year!

  • 354
    Anna M. says:

    My best b. party was in 1973, where I met my first love.

  • 355

    The best birthday was when my eldest turned 1 in may 2004. We got to celebrate it on the beach because it was a hot and sunny day. We even had to buy extra sun tan lotion for everyone. :)and in the Netherlands that is unique.
    Thank you for the chance to win this great price. And a big thank you for your inspiration every month. It is always a little celebration to see all of those gorgeous projects.

  • 356
    betty lou says:

    I knew my 9th birthday would not be a big deal, if any deal at all. It was twelve days after Christmas, and my Daddy had died ten days before that of cancer. My Mom was still grieving, but with us in deep debt, she was back at work as the high school secretary. After my school dismissed for the day, I went to the high school office to wait on Mom to finish work. I was very surprised to find that a group of high school girls had organized a birthday party for me….ME! I will never forget their act of kindness, lavishing some much needed happiness and fun on to a sad little girl…and her Mom.

  • 357
    Jary Riolo says:

    It was my 50th. My mom and sister in law put together a Mardi Gras party and invited friends from all over. What made it really special though is that my mom died that same year so I got to enjoy her fun and laughter one last time!

  • 358
    Bonnie Peters says:

    My surprise 50th bd party. How they (family) pulled it off is still a mystery to me but I so enjoyed the night with all my friends and relatives. Good memories!

  • 359
    Aimee Grey says:

    My husband suprised me with a party at my parents’ house. He invited friends from college that I hadn’t seen in several years. The best suprise was that my best friend from middle school, who lived in Okinawa, was able to be there!

  • 360
    Debbie S says:

    My son’s 4th birthday party. We held a carnival in the backyard, with games, a pinata, cotton candy machine, sno-cones and the finale… a visit from our neighborhood firetruck. All the kids got to sit in the truck and wear a fire helmet and have their picture taken. It was a really, really hot August day, so the parents were doing anything possible to seek out shade. But the kids had a blast.

  • 361
    Ashley B says:

    My best birthday party was my 15th birthday – all my friends banded together to throw a surprise party for me. Also, my dad’s 40th birthday party was a blast. He’s a big Elvis fan so we surprised him with an Elvis impersonator at the event. My dad got right up on stage and sang a few songs with “Elvis”!

  • 362
    Linda Kennedy says:

    My best birthday party was for my 50th. My husband took me to a very nice restuarant and then when we got home my house was full of friends and family. It was very special. Thank you for the chance to win your amazing stamps and dies!

  • 363
    Beth says:

    My hubbys 25th SURPRISE party! I planned it from 3 hours away to be in our home town.. the best part was when he opened the door… they yelled SURPRISE… he slammed the door and said we were in the wrong room.. he didnt believe it was for him.. we still talk about it 16 years later (shhh dont tell him I told his age!)
    Another FABULOUS release PTI!! Cant wait to CELEBRATE tonite and SHOP!

  • 364
    Susie N. says:

    The best party I ever attended was for my friend’s one year old son. It was a carnival theme with the cutest details. A carnival tent cake, a candy station with the cutest flags for each vase of candy in yellow and white. Even the candy was white and yellow! She had the cutest treat bags with the cutest carnival label. White, yellow, gray all around! The cupcake banners matched the birthday boy’s banner. All the best little details. It was fun for adults and the kids who attended!!!

  • 365
    Tammy W. says:

    My best birtday party was my 50th birthday party that I shared with my sister in law who also turned 50. My family was there and it was so much fun!

  • 366
    sandra m. says:

    The best birthday party was for my husbands 40th. I had planned a suprise party for him and his good childhood friend hosted it. He was so surprised and loved all the people that came out to celebrate with him. It was tons of fun. Thanks for all the great projects this week, kudos to you and all the dt.

  • 367
    Melissa P. says:

    When I was around 10 or 11 my mom planned an awesome slumber party for me and a bunch of my friends. She was awesome planning these. She had a trunk of old prom dresses and other fancy dresses and we had dress up races in our basement. She prepared a banana split bar and bought a big cake that was iced like a hamburger, complete with a sesame seed bun. She also let us watch movies that were way too scary for our age and then sent my dad outside to bang on the sliding glass door at just the right moment to scare the bejeezus out of us. I think she stayed up later than we were able to!

  • 368
    Lupe Rocamora says:

    When I turned 15, my mom threw me a wonderful Quinceanera. It meant so much to me because my mom was a single mom at the time with three kids to take care of and she managed to save money for a few years and had this wonderful party for me. There were probably 200 people who attended the celebration. The best part was that she made my birthday dress. It was beautiful.

  • 369
    Janice says:

    I remember having lots of fun at my 13th birtday party and receiving hot pink and bright orange nail polish which I adored! =)

  • 370

    Hands down.. my surprise 50th…. My hubby and friends gave me a Barbie Birthday , including cake and decorations, live band.. it was so much fun….

  • 371
    Sally says:

    Well, in would say timid a tie between my 30th and 40th. Ten year ago, my brother and father planned a surprise trip for my mom’s 60th and my 30th to NYC. It was the best family trip we have ever taken and I have fabulous memories of the trip. For my 40th, my parents helped me return to NYC with a few girlfriends just this past week. We saw How to Succeed and were so close that We discovered Nick Jonas has a bit of a lisp and tends to spit when he sings. If I were a tween, I might not have showered for days. Thanks goodness, I am 40 and sated clean the whole trip. Pretty sure my roommates appreciated it. Now, I plan to spend all the birthdays ending in “0” in NYC!

  • 372
    Cheryl I. says:

    We had a surprise party for my mom’s 50th birthday and played a version of “This is Your Life” with friends and family that traveled to celebrate with her. We all had a wonderful time and it was a delight to surprise and honor her.

  • 373
    Beth says:

    My birthday is March 16 and one of my corgi’s birthdays is March 14. One year my breeder, who was a good friend, invited the other families who had corgis from that litter over and we had a corgi birthday bash with food, presents and plenty of Milkbones. It was great fun for all of us.

  • 374
    Vicki B. says:

    The best birthday I’ve ever had wasn’t mine – it was the first birthday of each of my three children (all those many years ago …). Watching the wonder on their faces as they each looked at their own little cakes with candles – just priceless! I’m reliving those days now with each of my grandchildren. My youngest has his first birthday in July, and we’re going all out with the partying as he is the last grandchild. I’ll be making the invitations!

  • 375
    Jen Carter says:

    When I was 16 my parents threw me a surprise party. Mom & I had gone to Wichita to shop and then she wanted to take me to eat at Pizza Hut. Well, I didn’t want to eat at Pizza Hut, I wanted to eat somewhere else but she finally convinced me somehow. When we showed up there were a room full of my closest friends! Needless to say I was very surprised!

  • 376
    Emily W. says:

    I haven’t been to a whole lot of birthday parties. Doesn’t that sound silly? But I guess the best one was probably my cousin’s daughter’s first birthday– the whole family was on vacation together, and who doesn’t like watching a 1 year old open birthday presents and destroy the smash cake?

  • 377
    lloukusa84 says:

    my sister in laws fathers 60th, he was a great guy who died when he was 63 or 64 from colon cancer…. lots of wisdom in him.

  • 378
    Ashley Unger says:

    I loved making alien cupcakes for my son’s 4th birthday – they looked just like the aliens from the movie Toy Story.

  • 379
    Debbie Harris says:

    Probably a bowling party we had for my daughter when she was 6 (I think), bowling and next door for ice cream sundaes, it was a great day!

  • 380
    Shellie Hartsock says:

    My daughters 1st birthday party was definitely memorable. She was covered from head to toe in cake and frosting!

  • 381
    Connie F. says:

    The best birthday party was the surprise party we had for my sister’s 50th birthday two years ago. We live in a very small town of 400 in SE Idaho and keeping it a secret was hard. Both of her kids, their spouses and grandchildren live in Seattle, WA. They drove in for the party. The look on her face when we walked in and she saw all her friends (many from out of state) and her kids and grandkids was priceless and worth the months of planning!

  • 382
    Sally K says:

    My best birthday party was my 40th. We celebrated it at Disneyland and it was absolutely magical. Being there with my husband and sons and having a wonderful time together at my favorite place.

  • 383
    Natasha Kara says:

    Last year I did a star wars party for my son. I made costumes for all the kids. They were padawans in training. The activities were geared around them learning the art of being Jedi’s. I also made light sabers out of pool noodles and all the food was made to fit the theme as well. They had lots of fun πŸ™‚

  • 384
    Nita K. says:

    My 35th was a good one. My husband planned a surprise dinner for me with my friends and mom and sisters at a great restaurant. I had a birthday tiara. He even had favor bags for everyone. He did a great job!

  • 385
    Cynthia Burke says:

    The best birthday party I attended was a surprise party for my husband-to-be when we were sixteen years old. It was a true surprise for him and lots of fun.

  • 386
    Tami S. says:

    I love every birthday that my daughters have. Not only are they the greatest blessing in my life, but on their birthdays, I get flowers and a THANK YOU note from my husband…. collective “aaawwwww”.

  • 387
    Janet B says:

    The best birthday party I e3ve attended was the come and go tea I had for my Mom’s 7oth birthday. We managed to keep it a secret from her and she was so surprised. The afternoon party was a big hit!

  • 388
    Kelly Braund says:

    It would have to be this past weekend. My youngest son (6) got invited to his first birthday party from a school friend. As a kid with autism, he has trouble forming friendships with other kids. It was so amazing to watch him being goofy with the other kids, watching some kids helping and encouraging him and watching him run around playing lazer tag so excited!

  • 389
    Michelle L. says:

    When I was in high school, my mom surprised me with a party – it was a small group of my best friends at a local restaurant and we had a great time. I had no idea they were going to be there!

  • 390
    Sheila says:

    There are probably two that come to mind. One was my 50th birthday just a couple of weeks ago when my whole family surprised me. I only knew of my parents coming to meet us and when we got to the restaurant my brother and sister were there as well with their spouses. It was a simple thing but we all live just far enough away that we don’t get together as often as we would like. The other one was the surprise party we managed to pull off for my mom’s 70th birthday. I can still see the surprised look on her face even though it was a couple of years ago now.

  • 391
    mary bartolotta says:

    I”m actually hoping to have my “favorite” party next year when I turn 50. We’re in the military and we don’t live near any family, but I’m hoping somehow my 4 brothers and sisters and I can find a way to get together to celebrate this big birthday!

  • 392
    Keri says:

    The best birthday party I have ever attended has to be my mother-in-law’s 60th. My husband and I were able to surprise her by being there (he was serving in the military so we were living away from home at the time). It was an “over the hill” party complete with the Grim Reaper and his scythe. πŸ˜‰

  • 393
    Kristina says:

    My best Birthday was the one where my oldest daughter was born. She is 13 now and we celebrate our birthday every year by going out to lunch, just her and I. I hope that tradition coninues even when she’s all grown up.

  • 394

    The best birthday party I ever attended was one I threw for my mother 2 years ago when she celebrated her 80th. We flew in family from around the world, contracted a mariachi band to play at the event, and my sisters and I had the event catered. The party was a complete surprise for my mother and when the mariachis walked in through a side door and began to play, my mother thought it was a CD. We then asked her to follow us into the family room so she could see the live mariachis for herself. She was thrilled – we all were.

  • 395
    Meghan says:

    The best birthday I have ever experienced was my oldest child’s first birthday! He is now 22!

  • 396
    Debbie says:

    The best birthday party I’ve attended was last year in celebration of my mother. She is battling brain cancer and every day we get to enjoy with her is a blessing. Thanks to the design team for such beautiful creations and inspiration.

  • 397
    Renee says:

    My oldest sons 5th birthday…
    Harry Potter!
    Everyone received their invitation in the form of their Hogwart’s “acceptance” letter…
    scrolled and all!
    We rented a local community center and I painted some red sheets in the form of “bricks” and had hanging at the open doorway with a sign proclaiming Platform 9 3/4…
    they had to “run” to enter!
    There were classes…Potions, Flying Lessons, Hatching Dragons…
    there were snacks taken from the books…
    Cockroach Clusters (chocolate covered cashews and pretzels)…
    Chocolate Frogs (I literally bought a frog candy mold for these)…
    it was such an incredibly fun day…even with 15 5 year old boys running around…I never wanted it to end!
    And wanted to recreate it for my younger son for his 5th…
    he doesn’t like HP!! πŸ™

  • 398
    Kathy R says:

    I love my grandchildrens birthday parties. The whole family gets together, the kids play so well together and everyone has a great time. As usual this months new releases are wonderful.

  • 399
    Linda S says:

    My best birthday was the day my daughter was born – on my birthday! What made it extra special is that my mom was with me when she was born and it was her birthday too! Yup – all three of us have the same birthday!

  • 400
    Karen O. says:

    My surprise 50th! My wonderful husband invited our traveling gourmet dinner group, my family and my bunco group to a local (but excellent) restaurant for dinner and drinks. I was amazed he pulled it off and I felt so honored that everyone attending took time out of thier busy, busy schedules for ME!!! Oh!! And the hilarious gifts (including a pair of ENORMOUS panties, big enough for 3 generations to fit into for a photo (literally)…from my very conservative, very modest MOM!!!)

  • 401
    Mary Millar says:

    I just love everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 402
    Tonya says:

    The best birthday was when I surprised my husband with a trip to Vegas for his 40th. He didn’t know that I had packed a bag for us and thought we were on the way out to dinner when we were actually headed for the airport. He loved it and we had a wonderful weekend!

  • 403
    Rebecca says:

    My husband and I celebrated my 30th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas…so much fun! Definitely made turning the big 3-0 a lot easier!

  • 404
    Jean says:

    My best birthday was when I was about 10. The neighborhood kids were running around rampant — jumping in everyone’s leaf piles. My Mom and Dad decided we’d celebrate my birthday (10-24) with a hot dog roast over the leaf fire. Mom sent Dad to the store to get supplies and a cake and we also has somemores! YUMMY. And everyone (there were about 12 kids around the same age) talked about it all winter. It was great, bundled up in heavy jackets (Michigan) eating hot dogs and goodies at the picnic table among the leaves.

    Thanks for the chance to relive a memory!

  • 405
    Jade says:

    Definitely my daughter’s first birthday and every birthday since! I love planning them and prepping for them and there is nothing better than celebrating that light of my life!

  • 406
    Lisa L. says:

    Oh, I would have to say there are two of them… both have been my children’s first birthday parties… and not the huge family one, but the ones with just our little family… last night was our little one’s first birthday and we went to the park for her first time, then out to ice cream ( which she loved! ), and my 3 year old got his “most beautiful baby ever” a big pink ball that he picked out at the store all by himself… it was the best!

  • 407
    Jessica B. says:

    the best birthday party I’ve attended was my Great Grandma’s 90th birthday. We got to celebrate with her and also met a girl at the nursing home who had puppies for sale and we fell in love with one and had to take him home! πŸ™‚

  • 408
    Angela NJ says:

    I’m going to say that the best birthday I can remember is the one our family celebrated last weekend for my husband. The three of us spent the day in NYC doing all of the things he wanted to do, and we ended the evening with a delicious meal at a restaurant he’d wanted to try for a while. On the train ride home, he said it was the best day ever. There was no “party” per se, but it was a party for us.
    Thank you so very much for all of the hard work spent preparing these new products and pieces of inspiration.

  • 409
    Pat from sd says:

    My best birthday party was one where I attended my grandma’s 90th birthday celebration. It was a very special time for our family and my grandma was so proud to see all her grandchildren and family, all at one place and one time.

  • 410
    Carol Ann Ater says:

    It is impossible to skip a month with Papertrey New Releases. Am in love with the little Bird additions and the Back Pocket and the wrought Iron and on and on I go loving everything.. Thank you also for a chance to win big (or little).

  • 411
    Terri M says:

    All of the new stamps are wonderful – can’t wait to place my order. I have two best birthday parties to share my best and they were in 2010 when both of my parents celebrated their 80th birthday. For my dad, we all converged at their house and took over for the weekend and had a big celebration dinner. For my mom, everyone came to our house and we had a big party by the pool. We all live in different states so getting together like this doesn’t happen often.

  • 412
    Annie says:

    My best birthday party was when I turned 50. My sister from CT came to help me celebrate and my husband cooked us a dinner of Maine lobster. Afterward, we all went to the casino and won!

  • 413
    Teresa says:

    My best birthday was my 40th. All of my guests brought new toys and we donated them to the local women’s shelter!

  • 414
    Michele L says:

    My favorite was my 16 th brthday. I didn’t want a sweet sixteen party so instead we had a wonderful family trip to Disney world and universal studios in Florida.

  • 415
    Ann says:

    I have had so many special birthdays because I was always able to spend them with my twin sister, which made it even more special and fun. Now that we are older and live far apart, it make’s my birthdays with her as a child even more special.

  • 416
    Cyndy says:

    The only birthday party I had as a kid, was when I turned thirteen. My birthday is the end of October and this one was held on Trick-or-Treat night. All the 12 girls from school were invited. The house was decorated with bats, ghosts and spiders. While we had a sit down dinner at the dining room table, my older brothers and sisters, and their friends, had a bonfire with hot dogs outside. Then all my little friends piled into Dad’s station wagon (this was way before seat belts were required!) and we went trick-or-treating in the near-by subdivision. Thanks for chance to win!

  • 417
    Carrie T says:

    The best birthday party that I ever attended was my husband’s 30th surprise party tath I threw for him. He had no idea. All of our friends were there and we had the “birthday fairy” (a guy dressed as a fairy) pay him a visit! My husband truned so red as the “birthday fairy” sang to him! It was priceless! We still laugh about it 15 years later!

  • 418
    Dorothy says:

    My best birthday was 2 years ago when my children surprised me with a special dinner out and then a week at a house that was right on the beach. All five of them (including spouses and grandchildren) were there for the week – very special and rare. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 419
    Kim Heggins says:

    When my daughter turned 18, we surprised her with a party at Chucke Cheese, she always said she felt deprived as a child because she never had a birthday party there, it was so much fun to see her and all her high school friends running around and playing all the games.

  • 420
    Carol Ann Ater says:

    Best b-day party was in 5th grade. My family had moved from Mass. to Ohio. With a Boston accent, pigtails, wool skirts and sweaters i stuck out from the Ohio girls in cotton dresses and permed hair. But my mom had all the teasing girls come to my b-day party. No more teasing and my present was a haircut and a perm!!

  • 421
    Flo says:

    The best party I had was when I was 9. It was a slumber party and I ad a Beatles cake.

  • 422
    Kim Chong says:

    The best party I have ever had was for my 30th surprise birthday party. I arrived home and was driving along my street and saw a house with a party going on. I remember thinking, heck, the guests better not have parked their car in front of my house again. But as I drove by, I realised, hey wait a minute, that’s MY house! Hubby had arranged a surprise birthday party for me while I was out and all the guests were already there when I arrived. I had no clue and it is something I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life!

  • 423
    Allison says:

    When I was 5 my mom invited all the kids in the neighborhood to our house, boys and girls. I remember I got the coolest doll ever. It was so fun!

  • 424
    Zelia Paul says:

    The best birthday I have ever attended was my grandson’s “Birth” day. He was a very tiny preemie born in September when he was due in November, but a fighter from the start. He is our miracle to this day and every day is a special day, he lights up our life with humor and love and after five years I didn’t know that I could fall in love more and more every day.

  • 425
    Marianne Blauvelt says:

    My best birthday party was for my 50th birthday. It was a complete surprise given by my children. I had been seriously ill and was just starting to recover and the last thing I was expecting was a surprise birthday party. All my family and friends were there. It was wonderful.

  • 426
    gracie says:

    My 40th birthday! My birthday is after Christmas and my family always has a New Years Eve Party. When I came into the house it was all decorated for my birthday not New YEars. It was a total surprise. Everyone brought gag gifts for me. It was fun.

  • 427
    Carolyn R. says:

    I think that my best birthday party was when my husband surprised me for a quick get away to Lake Tahoe. I was 7 months pregnant with our 2nd son and had a toddler at home. We went as a family and took our niece with us so she could help with the toddler. it was such a relaxing vacation and I really needed that break before the newborn came! Thanks to the design team for all of the inspiration. You guys never disappoint!!!!

  • 428
    Tammie Koehnen says:

    The best birthday party I have been to was my Dad’s surprise 70th birthday party. All of our relatives and neighbors came over, it was so touching and fun, a memory I will always remember. πŸ™‚

  • 429
    Amy Kolling says:

    I think my best birthday was the one where my hubby threw a surprise party for me! I totally wouldn’t have gone for something like this had it not been a surprise but it turned out to be a great party! Great projects from everyone this month!

  • 430
    Sally says:

    The best one was a surprise birthday party for my husband on his 60th birthday. He kept gripping about my moving the furniture and chairs. What a big smile when our children and friends arrived!!!

  • 431
    Gerry says:

    Best was attending my sister’s 60th! It was in a nice hall and it was fun to watch my grandson & granddaughter (4 and 2 at the time)dance and enjoy the festivities.

  • 432

    I have so many great birthday parties to choose from, but one of the most memorable ones was one I had for my two children. Their birthdays are both in August and I rented a moon bounce that looked like a castle and was fortunate enough to have it for the entire weekend…needless to say that thing was blown up and in use A LOT! The whole neighborhood partied all weekend with that huge thing in my backyard!

  • 433
    Angela Fehr says:

    This year for my birthday I made deep fried ice cream for the friends and family who came. It was a great time! Really, ever year gets better and better!

  • 434
    Debbie says:

    On my 50th birthday my sister took me for a ride. We ended up at a local pottery studio where several of my best friends were gathered along with my mother and another sister. We painted pottery and ate and it was the best (and only) surprise birthday party that I have ever had. By the way, for her 50th birthday just three years later, I took her to Asheville, NC. I hope that was one of her best birthdays!

  • 435
    Donna Hoppe says:

    I told my husband no party for my 30th but I thought he might do it anyway so I was afaraid. He set up a sursprise like I was going to have a party but only he flew in my godson and friend from out of town and planned a great weekend with them. Just what I needed and will never forget.

  • 436
    Moi says:

    I would have to say our grandson’s first birthday party at age 1. Will never forget the smile on his face when he saw the balloons and just giggled when we sang Happy Birthday. But with our voices I would have giggled too…poor baby. Can’t wait for tonight. Seems like the 15th of the month is the longest day and early evening really seems to drag. πŸ™‚

  • 437
    Michelle M. says:

    Definitely my father-in-law’s birthday last year! We had a surprise family get together where he grew up. It was so getting the whole family together and just getting to spend time as a big family!

  • 438
    christi says:

    the best birthday party that i had or attended was my 50th party. 50 is kinda old and i don’t need anymore stuff, so i asked that all presents be dog or cat treats or donations to our local animal care and control facility. it was so easy for everyone. no pondering if i liked this or that. no shopping jutt donations if they wanted. it was a wonderful party. many people and of course a few gag gifts. we had some impromptu singing, dancing and guitar playing from the host’s kids friends. it was wonderful. the night was rainy and there was limited parking nearby so the host’s kids volunteered to park the cars so people could stay dry. dh was in charge of the cake, simple enough right … wrong. time for the cake and the song and the host comes to me descreatly and asks where the candles were. i saw my husband turn all shades of embarassed and the host said no problem i think i have a solution. we are all waiting and out she comes with my graveyard cake with a #3 and #8 on it and on a separate plate 12 tealight candles. she’s like 38 plus 12 is 50 right! so we all get a chuckle. good thing she kept the candles from when her kids were little. remember they are driving now. an even funnier thing was at teh end of the night. when we were young parties lasted all night and then some. as you age not so long. everyone had cleaned up an left by about 9:30. it was the easiest party ever to host. one other thing was that i had nametags made for the different activities that i knew people from so they could be used as conversation starters. next thing i knew people had 5 or 6 tags on because they participated in many of the same groups i do. all in all it was a fun party. oh, of course we had games. since it was raining we had to stay inside so we played who can catch the most number of popcorn in there mouth when standing and tossing it up. that was a favorite thing when we were in college and it was laundry day. we’ld get a bag of popcorn and walk back catching popcorn along the way. i’ll let you know the winner was the person who caught (drumroll please) 3 yes 3 pieces of popcorn. so all you young ones out there … not only to you get slow as you age your mouth gets smaller, silly you thought i was going to say we get less co-ordinated didn’t you. πŸ™‚ thanks for letting me ramble on about my wonderful party.

  • 439
    Julie M says:

    All my birthday’s are a party. I celebrate for a week. πŸ™‚

  • 440
    Penny H says:

    It was my son’s 21st birthday recently and that was the best for me as our family has grown in the last year to include our daughter-in-law and their soon to be born baby and it was wonderful to see him so happy!

    Penny H

  • 441
    Beth Willoughby says:

    Been to several good ones, most recently a friend’s 60th…she had a live band, and her 92 year old aunt started off the dancing for us! Hope I’m still going as strong and smiling that big when 92 rolls around:)

  • 442
    liz says:

    The best birthday was last year, when I was able to surprise my husband for his birthday with a trip to Vegas. He didn’t find out where we were going (sans kid!!) until we got to the airport. He was so mad at me, but it was worth it!

  • 443
    amber kroening says:

    This is a hard question! I haven’t had/been to any birthday parties that were out of the ordinary, so I am going with the days my 3 kids were born. They are so much fun!

  • 444
    Teresa B says:

    On my 40th birthday my DH surprised me with a party. It was really special because he just doesn’t do things like that!! So I know how hard it was for him to pull it off!

  • 445
    Deborah says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was my 20th birthday. I came home from class to find some friends who blindfolded me and took me to another friend’s apartment where everyone else was waiting.

  • 446
    Makalah says:

    Some of the best parties I’ve gone to are for a friend who has a surprise party for her guests. She comes up with a bunch of activities in the local area, often the touristy things we don’t normally do, and puts them in a hat. She gives us a list of things to bring, and we show up that morning ready for a road trip to destinations unknown. We pick a handful of things from the hat, and spend the entire day doing them. So fun!

  • 447
    Christine Rogus says:

    my sister had a wonderful party for me this year with my family at her apartment in downtown Chicago. Her and her boyfriend went to the fresh fish market and purchased the yummiest lobster, king crab, and jumbo jumbo shrimp. It was a feast with family and we played guesstures. Have you ever played that??!! It’s the funniest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 448
    Dee says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was a surprise 50th birthday party that my family threw for me. We took a trip to the Twin Cities for some shopping and went to a Minnesota Vikings football game – they even had my name up on the Jumbotron. It was a really funny day and weekend!

  • 449
    Michele says:

    It was my 44th birthday and it was a girls weekend in Las Vegas! It was all about shopping, eating and seeing Mystic at Treasure Island! It was so much fun!

  • 450
    Nicole wanvig says:

    That’s an easy one my husband just threw me a fabulous 40th birthday party Hollywood style. It was beautiful to see everyone dressed up coming down the red carpet. I was going to make my own cake but ran out of time so he surprised me with a gorgeous movie theme cake ( which he ordered the morning of the party) that was to die for! He then sang me a song which had everyone in tears…. Truely a night to remember!

  • 451
    Jenny says:

    The Best birthday party I ever attended was in Vegas!

  • 452
    Janet S says:

    I would have to say that it was my 30th. My then-husband threw me a surprise party and it was truly a surprise! Even though all our friend’s cars were parked on the street of his parent’s house, I had no idea! We had gone out to dinner with his parents for my birthday and went back to their house. I went into the family room and his mother asked if I wanted to see the mural they had painted on their basement wall. I told them I was tired (I was six months pregnant) and wanted to go home. They talked me into going downstairs before we left and was I ever surprised! It was the best party I had ever had!

  • 453
    Mimi says:

    My best birthday was when I turned the big 40! Lots of friends showed up to our house from many different cities to help me celebrate the big day! I was very touched by everyone who showed up.

  • 454
    Alison says:

    My son’s party lego party was pretty awesome! I made lots of paper crafts to go with his theme and he told his friends that “my mom made these for me.” Loved it!

  • 455

    My favorite party was a surprise 40th birthday for a dear friend. His wife picked a rock and roll party theme, got a oldies DJ and rented a hall. I spent weeks painting a mural of a soda shop that covered one wall. I even got a friend whose mother saved everything to loan me a petty coat to go under a sun dress with a full skirt.
    It was a wonderful time of dancing in a crowded room with people who remembered what it was like to be a teen back in the 60’s.

  • 456
    Shannon R says:

    My favorite birthday was my 16th because I got my license and a car!

  • 457
    Jenny W. says:

    The best birthday I can remember happened when I was eight years old. I awoke to a brand new Cabbage Patch doll (hot toy during that time) named Beaumont and a trip to Disneyland with my parents, brother, sister and grandmother. Just prior to arriving at Disneyland our family stopped for breakfast and I remember my grandmother shaking the ketchup bottle not realizing the cap was not screwed on. Needless to say, there was ketchup all over the wall. She was mortified but it made us laugh.

  • 458
    Jan in Tucson says:

    My 60th birthday party this past January was the best! Good food, good weather and best of all good friends to share it with.

  • 459
    Cindi Loizeaux says:

    I miss the one’s for my kids when they were small. Little ones are always so joyous and fun to watch during their birthdays.

  • 460
    Kerry from PA says:

    I will never forget my 16th birthday. Most kids dream about getting a car for their 16th birthday, but not me. I had started taking piano lessons years before and my parents had promised to buy me a piano for my 16th birthday if I stuck with it. I loved playing so that was never really a problem. As a result, I forgot all about the promise. Needless to say I was quite surprised and delighted when the piano was delivered.

  • 461
    Colleen C. says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was the one all of my siblings and I threw for my Dad’s 75th birthday. It was so much fun because all of his children and grandchildren were there and you could see how much it meant to him to have everyone there to celebrate his birthday. Priceless!

  • 462
    tammyK. says:

    My 40th birthday was the best!! My husband and close friends surprised me with a private plane waiting to whisk us all away to Vegas! It was pretty amazing!!

  • 463
    Kary says:

    Best Birthday party I’ve ever attended was my dad’s 80th birthday. His memory was failing but we wanted it to be so memorable for him and for us as a family. It was an all-day celebration fun with an awesome cake, lovely food, balloons and later that day, we all went out for a lovely dinner. It was truly special!

  • 464
    Diann says:

    The best party was when it was my younger brother’s 5th or 6th b-day party. I remember getting to help put all the goodies in the gift bags. The games we got to play to win the gift bags. It was a great time!

  • 465
    Kyrsten says:

    The best birthday I have every had was when my mom took me to New York for my 21st. We went and saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway! It was the best birthday celebration EVER!!! πŸ™‚

  • 466
    Jessica Canham says:

    My best birthday party was at a roller skating rink. I was allowed to invite several friends and we had a great time. I think I appreciate it so much because I know it was expensive and my parents must have pinched pennies to afford it.

  • 467
    Chinnu says:

    The best birthday party memory for me is definitely my twins’ 1st birthday! To see those teeny tiny (3 & 1/2 pound) preemie babies grow into adorable healthy little 1 year olds …… it still fills my heart with joy, so many years later.

  • 468
    Lisa Bergen-Wilson says:

    My best birthday memory for myself was my 16th. Lots of friends from church and school together in our big rec room over the garage! (I helped dad hang the paneling to finish that room…remember paneling, all you over 40 gals?) Anyway, Opryland was a big destination park in the 70s and many of us spent our summers there. We loved the show “I Hear America Singing” and so when we got together for my birthday, a bunch of us ended up singing the majority of the show from memory. Only in Nashville, I guess!
    My best memory of a birthday party for my daughter was when she turned 13 and I took a small group of her friends to Build a Bear. I wondered if they were too old, but NO! They had a ball making their own bear and then coming back to our house for a slumber party. Wonderful, wonderful memories that live forever in my scrapbooks!

  • 469
    Tiffaney Ekstrom says:

    We just had my son’s 6th birthday. It was a superhero theme so I made bright colored felt masks for the kiddos to wear. The cupcakes had “BAM, POW, ZAP” toppers with small superhero figures and cupcake wrappers that looked like a skyline. Plus they had lollipops that wore capes & masks. It was the first party I could craft a bunch of items for, which was super fun for me. The kids had a fantastic time, and I’m glad I could create a wonderful memory for my son.

  • 470
    Roxanne says:

    For some reason I remember my 8th birthday. It was just at home with a few friends and family in attendance, but my mom had gotten really into making the doll cakes with the big skirts decorated super fancy. The event didn’t need to be really elaborate. Just being with friends and having that beautiful cake that she spent so much time practicing to make so that I would feel really special. That is my fondest birthday memory! Thanks for the opportunity to play. What a great week this has been!

  • 471
    Kathryn says:

    My favourite party was a surprise party. No stress, no work–just lots of fun!!

  • 472
    Samantha Burns says:

    My best birthday was about 15 years ago when my good friend Cindy & I celebrated one of our annual “Cindy/Sammy Birthday Bashes” with all of our friends from work, and everyone got together and bought me a barbeque and Cindy a bike. Cindy got to ride her bike home and everyone wanted me to walk the barbeque up the hill to my house. Good thing I convinced them to give me a lift in the pick-up, because I’d probably still be dragging that darned barbeque up the hill! Ah, memories…

  • 473
    Jilly says:

    About a week after my 50th birthday I flew to MI from my home in AL in order to help my mom after her hip surgery. My husband’s step-mom picked me up at the airport and drove to a nice hotel with the guise of “having to pick something up”. I wanted to wait in the car due to the snow and cold but she insisted I come in with her. Inside we were met by 6 of my bestest buds. I had been kidnapped for an over-niter surprise! I’ll never forget Shane and Barb running outside in the snow in wet bathing suits and making snow angels. What memories! Such an insane bunch!

  • 474
    Colleen AF says:

    When I was 14 years old my friends planned a “Beattles” surprise birthday party for me. It was amazing and so wonderful, especially since they knew I was moving out of the state. I think that is the one and only surprise party I have ever had…it was awesome.

  • 475
    Kim Swenson says:

    My best birthday party was when I turned 14. My parents planned a surprise party for me and I had no idea at all. I thought I was going to go babysit that night for one of my regular families. Even to this day I cannot believe no one in my class of 33 students (I’m from a small Iowa town) nobody said a word or spoiled the surprise.
    It was great! Food, dancing and fun. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 476
    Dee Rose says:

    The best was our daughter’s 7th birthday party. Her birthday is 2 days before Halloween and we cleared out the garage and lined it with black plastic sheeting and decorated the garage and inside the house. We invited her 1st grade class, girl scout troop, Sunday school class and friends from the neighborhood. Several relatives and adult friends dressed in costumes and helped us supervise. We had lots of game stations, a pinata and a ton of food. It was great! Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  • 477
    Marsha says:

    I think the best birthday will be this June … Hubs and I will be aboard a fishing boat in Alaska attempting to hook a monster halibut!

  • 478
    Arielle says:

    My favorite was my brother’s birthday when he was turning 3 or 4… dad and I dressed up as clowns. He did the makeup & for some reason all the little kids were scared of us!

  • 479
    Peggy Nickelson says:

    I fondly remember one of my niece’s parties. It was a carnival theme and we all worked together as a family to make it happen. We had several “booths” where the young guests got to try their hand at bean bag tosses, milk bottle pyramids and other carnival games. I even borrowed a costumed character outfit from a local amusement park! I was a friendly country bear. What a great day for everyone.
    Peggy N

  • 480
    Linda says:

    every birthday is the best-the more you have the longer you live-lol.

  • 481
    Bonnie says:

    My husbands 50th Surprise Birthday – He was born in the 50’s so the theme was the fifties, I hired his favorite local band and we had around 100 family and friends – it was very emotional and a total blast! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • 482

    My best party ever, was my fifth birthday. My mother was never interested in birthdays, so my grandparents held a party for me and my kindergarten friends and I remember the awe of seeing a birthday cake, streamers and all the ‘fuss’ over my birthday!! I was walking on air for a long time after that.

  • 483
    ChrisTea says:

    The best was my dad’s 60th. Everyone came in from out of town to meet at my folks’ place. My husband & I brought my newborn daughter, my brother was performing blue grass with his friends and brought his fiancee, and all our extended family arrived too. It was a wonderful, relaxed event.

  • 484

    The best birthday party ever was my 13th birthday!!! I was surrounded by my parents,grandparents,aunts & uncles, cousins and friends…What made it special was everyone there and I wouldn’t know it until the following year, but that would be the last party with my grandfather…so the memories are very special to me!!!

  • 485
    jan m says:

    The best birthday celebrations are the ones unique to the individual you are celebrating! Whether a homemade sorei or a grand adventure! On my 50th birthday a friend gave me 50 red roses, because that’s ‘what 50 looks like’! Sweet!

  • 486
    conil says:

    Not that it’s all about me but, my 16th birthday was pretty awesome. Everyone was there, friends, family and my boyfriend whose name I can’t even remember now. Although my granddaughter’s 1st was pretty fabulous too.

  • 487
    Katie {choc0holic} says:

    For my Mom’s 40th birthday, my dad planned a surprise birthday party. He not only invited many local friends, but contacted distant friends and invited them to send cards/letters/etc. Our home had a back gate that backed up to a church, so he told everyone to park there. He arranged for all of the food and drinks and completely surprised my Mom. She had absolutely no idea! It was so touching to see my Dad, an introvert, go out of his comfort zone to do something so thoughtful for my Mom.

  • 488
    Penny Peters says:

    I wouldn’t call it a party but it was so special to me. I turned 21 when I was in the air force at tech school to learn my job. We had to march in formation to school and when we got there they pulled me out of formation and around 150 people put their flashlights on me (it was 6am) and sang happy birthday to me…I felt so special!

  • 489
    Wendy says:

    All of my 4 children’s first birthdays were the best. Love the cake eating mess! Makes for great photos.

  • 490
    Lindsey says:

    My 14th birthday was one of my best. My friend’s threw me a surprise party and it truly was a surprise. We played games outside, went swimming, and ate snacks (candied popcorn being the one I remember). It was great.

  • 491
    pamela says:

    The best birthday party I had (but wasn’t really a “party”) was when I graduated from high school. Our family went on a trip to Hokkaido in which I spent my birthday in Sapporo and had seafood hot pot that night! I can’t wait to visit Hokkaido again!

  • 492

    I remember a birthday party I had when I was a child. I had girls from my class over for the party, and we all wore our pajamas =)

  • 493
    Alice Golden says:

    The best party would have to be the surprise 40th for my friend Angie… her husband surprised her by sending her and a few of her girlfriends (including me!) to Spain for a week. It was absolutely amazing!!

  • 494
    karen says:

    The best birthday party I attended was for my uncle Grover last July. He turned 90 years old and we had a big party for him with all the family and friends. He was so happy and excited. It was a great day.

  • 495
    susan todd says:

    My surprise 30th birthday party that my sister threw for me!!! love everything and thanks for the chance to win!

  • 496
    Deb F. says:

    The best birthday party I had and attended were mine and all my friends sweet sixteen parties. They were always a lot of fun and had all our favorite foods. The most memorable party was in a funeral home owned by one of my friends families. It was a unique place to have a party!

  • 497
    annheidel says:

    My mom threw me a surprise party for my 16th birthday and that was a lot of fun. My favorite one though was a St. Patrick’s Day party that my sister and I had at our house. It wasn’t super themed or anything, but I remember having so much fun with all our friends from school and church. Thankfully I have pictures that captured it all!

  • 498
    Gwen says:

    Of course, I have many wonderful memories of my Mom and Dad having birthday parties for me as a kid. One of my best birthday parties I’ve ever had was just a “two-person” party with my husband and me. He took me out to dinner, then he drove me out to a river near our house where he had a “new to me” Jeep that I never thought I’d ever actually own…with a big silver bow on it. What a dear husband. What a party!

  • 499
    Cindy H. says:

    When I was young, our birthday parties were just for my parents and my brother and me. One year I went away to summer camp and the councilors found out that it was my birthday (I think I was 10) so they planned a surprise birthday party for me. When I entered the dining room that night for dinner, there were about 30 – 40 people singing “Happy Birthday” with a very special cake. It was my first party with friends and I was so surprised and happy that I cried my first tears of joy. It was a very happy and memorable day.

  • 500
    Barbara Pagluighi says:

    My best Birthday was my 50th! My whole family went to Disney, it was great to be there again with my kids as adults. We had lots of laughs and there were no tears or temper tantrums, there were a few naps though.
    Thanks for the chance to win, love all the inspiration!

  • 501
    Donna Harrison says:

    My best birthday was my 50th, my friends and family went all out with the “over the hill” theme with black balloons and everyone dressed in black. I also received 50 something gifts (i.e. 50 pennies, 50 marbles, etc.). The whole day was a blast! Love the new products, thanks for the chance to win.

  • 502
    Kerry says:

    At my 29th birthday we got to announce we were expecting our first child, so it felt like a double birthday. I can’t wait for some of the new stamps, particularly the zipper die which I missed out on last month πŸ™‚

  • 503
    Kathy McDonald says:

    A dear friend gave me a surprise birthday party for my recent birthday (it was a BIG one, ending in “0”!). My sister was in on the surprise and came up to take me to lunch for my birthday. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were directed to a room and there sat 15 of my dearest friends. Several had come a long distance to be there. It was an afternoon I will always remember.

  • 504
    Bette manning says:

    I planned a 30th surprise party for my daughter 10 years ago. It was so much fun planning everything in secret. I put a picture on her cake of when she was 7 she dressed up as wonder woman for Halloween, she was so embarassed but it was great!

  • 505
    Vicki A. says:

    The best birthday I havevever attended was my husband’s 50th birthday roast. It was not a surprise, but it was a fiesta…including a margarita bar!

  • 506
    Min says:

    My favorite birthday was my 36th birthday because it was the last birthday I got to spend with my dad and mom before my dad passed away. Even though we spent it with my dad in the hospital – it is a birthday I will NEVER forget and always hold close to my heart!
    Thank you so much for all the amazing products you create month in and month out and the amazing inspiration your design team supplies!
    Hugs & Happy Days! ~Min

  • 507
    Chris says:

    Amazingly, we pulled off a surprise 70th birthday party for my mother-in-law. We planned it all summer, sent out the secret invites, and over 150 people arrived to celebrate a birthday luncheon at her church. We hired a photographer to do a family photo shoot that day, and everything worked so perfectly, it was just unreal.

    People still talk about how such a small town of so many of her friends could keep it secret! Typically, in ours all hometown news and gossip spreads like wildfire! LOL

  • 508
    danielle g says:

    My son’s third birthday party was a lot of fun. He is really into pirates so that was the theme. We painted a pirate cove with a ship backdrop, and had props for the kids to take fun pictures. We had them decorate their own pirate hats and patches. There was a treasure hunt in the sandbox, and a pirate pinata. The kids really loved it and I enjoyed putting everything together.
    Thanks for the opportunity of wining the prize package, this month’s release has been so inspiring and fun!

  • 509
    Robin in Washington says:

    They’re all great! I’m not big into parties so nice and quiet is my speed!

  • 510
    KathyL says:

    My favorite birthday party I attended was for my Dad’s 70th. We took him to this theater where you walk the red carpet and and go to an event like the Oscar’s but you are the celebrities! It was so much fun, an evening with lots of pictures and memories πŸ™‚

  • 511
    Marisa says:

    My 21st birthday was on of the best I have ever had. I was in university and over the course of the day I had 21 guys each give me a rose. They came into the cafeteria (and got the whole cafeteria to sing me HB), into one of my classes, the library when I was studying, they came in wet suits, in a tux with a violin to play me HB and the last one was a good night story. A truly amazing year πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 512
    Sonia says:

    The best birthday I ever had was when I turned 25…my three closest friends took me to a wonderful old town teahouse for a true afternoon tea, followed by a fantastic seafood dinner at a restaurant on the harbor, with the icing on the cake being a delivery of 25 roses from my boyfriend at the time. Best birthday ever πŸ™‚

  • 513
    Shannon M says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was my daughter’s 8th birthday last year. We surprised her with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with her 2 younger cousins. She had no idea until she opened her card on the day of her birthday. I had put clues in the card and it was fun watching her figure it out. She was so excited when she realized what it was and started crying!

  • 514
    Carole says:

    A few years ago my daughter, my sister (who traveled in for the occasion), and two dear friends took me out to dinner and the theater. Then we returned home to play board games and drink Cosmos ’til the wee hours of the morning.

  • 515
    Joykanani says:

    The best birthday I had was my 29th AGAIN birthday aka my 30th birthday. Dinner at a favorite sushi restaurant surrounded by 29 very close friends!

  • 516
    April W says:

    Such wonderful things this month!!! πŸ™‚

    The best birthday party I’ve ever been to was my daughter’s 1st one. It was a crazy day, full of surprises (like her being REALLY sick with a stomach bug), but it was such a blessed day also! Our entire family was there to celebrate her life and it was just amazing. πŸ™‚
    – April W

  • 517
    Sheila Palm says:

    The best birthday party I went to was my father in law’s 80th, in 1991…being born on Christmas Day, he had never had a birthday party until then…I have never forgotten how much fun he had, eating cake and opening presents…the word ‘Christmas’ not mentioned once during his party…it was truly his special day!

  • 518
    Jean Martin says:

    Best birthday party was my nephew’s 1st birthday party. My sister hired a professional party organizer to decorate, host and cater the party. It was a delight to the eyes.

  • 519
    Barbara says:

    The best birthday ever was when my son, who was at college a thousand miles away and walked into the house singing Happy Birthday – what a surprise. The Surprise party followed.

  • 520
    Kelly Bee says:

    The best birthday I ever had was my 30th. Not only was it a milestone but it was the first birthday I got to spend “in person” with my husband since I met him (he worked overseas).

  • 521

    My 30th Birthday was my MOST EXCITING!! My husband and sisters suprised me with a suprise party!! I wasn’t even excpecting it!! I had a BLST and KNEW that all the PEOPLE I wanted to be there were there!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  • 522
    Mrs. Hill says:

    The best birthday party I had was for my 13th. I had several girlfriends over and we watched a movie marathon, quoting our favorite lines from each one (usually right before the characters said them). We were (are) nerds, so we watched Princess Bride and Willow and Labyrinth. We couldn’t stop laughing! One of my favorite times.

  • 523
    Tosha says:

    The first year John and I were married, he had told me that he had never had a Birthday party so I planned one with some of his college buddies as guest. It was a kids BD party with water guns, balloons and the works. Seeing those grown men have such a wonderful time playing like little boys was such a treat. I do not think it could have been topped, and after 33 years of marriage it is still one of John’s best memories, as well as mine.

  • 524
    Maria Benitez says:

    My daughter’s 21st birthday. It was a murder mystery party. One of the guests was the “murderer”, and the rest of the guests had to try to figure out who the murderer was. Everyone had a lot of fun.

  • 525
    Amy Papale says:

    The best birthday party I have ever attended was my daughter, Emma’s first birthday. My husband and I tried for so long to have a baby and when we finally did I kept pinching myself! Emma’s first birthday was so emotional for me I cried during everything! I couldn’t believe our miracle baby turned “1!”

  • 526
    Amy Martinez says:

    My husband threw a surprise party for me the first year we were married. The best part is he can’t keep a secret and he managed to keep it a secret.

  • 527
    Christi says:

    my 40th birthday party was pretty awesome
    I threw a party at a Mexican restaurant. All my favorite people + Margaritas + three best friends who got everyone to contribute to a memory book = best. birthday. ever.

    (and it didn’t snow so everyone could make it – something that never happened when I was a kid!!!)

  • 528
    Sarah Castro says:

    My best personal birthday was 1999 when my husband gave me the most precious yellow Labrador puppy who was 6-weeks old at the time. “Klondike” is now an almost 13 year old old-man, but I love him now more than ever!!!

  • 529
    Leigh Ann R. says:

    My big 4-0 party. My husband hosted a surprise party and gave me diamond earrings. What a great guy and what a great day.

  • 530
    Karen says:

    The best birthday party was the little “birthday” party we threw on the day we brought my newborn son home from the hospital – with cake, ice cream and balloons, it was really for my 2 year-old daughter so that she would feel excited about her new baby brother!

  • 531

    I guess my best birthday was a few years ago when I went to stamp convention with friends and it happened to be on my birthday and they took me to dinner afterwards. simple and sweet birthdays….that’s what I like.
    stamping sue

  • 532
    Tema says:

    The best birthday for me was my 50th.My husband took me to Paris & Italy .We spent 2 days at a spa in Italy which was amazing & some wonderful days shopping & evenings being entertained by some very hospitable Italian friends.Truly unforgetable!

  • 533
    JenGall says:

    The most memorable birthday party I’ve been part of was actually my husband’s 40th. I threw him a surprise party, and the best part of the surprise was that his parents came – they live 10 hours away from us – and he got to celebrate with his mom who shares the same birthday!

  • 534
    Barb S says:

    I’ve been blessed with lots of fun birthday parties πŸ™‚ The one that comes to mind is my husband’s 50th which coincided with my son’s high school graduation. In the middle of the graduation party, we sent my husband out on a errand and switched the cake, some of the decorations, and got out presents with a little kid theme. When he came back, it was to a different party!!

  • 535
    MelTallman says:

    It would have to be my father-in-law’s 60th surprise birthday. So many great people and he was truly surprised. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • 536
    Connie C. says:

    I’d have to say it was the combined party for my younger sister and I. I was turning 10 and she was turning 8. Imagine a houseful of happy, giggling, “sugar-high” little girls. SO much fun!
    –Connie C.

  • 537
    Alex says:

    I’ve always had birthday parties or get togethers for my kids and family, but never for myself. Last year I went to a birthday party to celebrate my nieces 1st birthday and my family had planned a surprise party for me. It was the best, I’m so thankful they did that for me!

  • 538
    Kara says:

    We were still on our honeymoon for my 22nd birthday. Great for that birthday, but wasn’t planning ahead very well. Anniversary, birthday, and mother’s day are all within 2 weeks. Oh well. Good excuse for a big pti order then πŸ™‚

  • 539
    Chunyuan says:

    My best birthday party was my son’s first birthday party. I know it sounds too much. But it is a big celebration in our tradition.

  • 540
    Erin Glee says:

    My most memorable birthday was my 16th. I had been saving money to buy a car for years and my Dad matched what I had saved. We found a ’65 Mustang that I loved and ended up driving for 10 years, but it always seemed to need repairs~ a money pit on wheels!
    The Party was festive…lots of family, friends and neighbors attended and I felt “special”!

  • 541
    Rhonda says:

    The best birthday party I have attended would have to be my grandmother’s 91st birthday! Lots of friends and family attended and there were plenty of stories to be told. Lots of memories were shared. I learned so much about my grandmother’s youth. I was so amazed and proud of my grandmother and her life’s accomplishments.

  • 542
    Mel H says:

    Mine was when I was 5 and had a whole Raggedy Ann party, complete with homemade party favors, hats, and all and a cake decorated by my mom and sister to look like Raggedy…it was definitely the best, and fanciest, party I ever had.

  • 543
    debby says:

    My 6th birthday was the most exciting one because while the party was going on, my dog had 6 puppies under the porch and my cow (that was kept at my grandparents) had a calf. For a 6 year old, that can’t be beat!

  • 544

    I don’t have one that jumps out at me..I can’t wait to have an all girls’ party for my daughter and all fancy princess-y dress up! So cute in my thoughts!!!!

    My mom, sisters and I went to Cali for a sister’s 30th! THAT WAS FUN!!! Just us ladies!!!

    So, one did jump out πŸ™‚

  • 545
    Ohhh Snap says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was my daughter’s “Camping Princesses” party. The theme was entirely her idea. All the girls wore princess dresses. We made fancy fishes (paper bag with paper clips decorated with paint and glitter) fished with poles covered with ribbons and a magnet. The princesses spent the day fishing and singing around a campfire. One day I hope to find the film lol.

  • 546
    Louise says:

    My daughter and I had a girls’ weekend in Indianapolis for my 60th birthday. She and her 3 brothers had upgraded our hotel, arranged a manicure & pedicure, and made reservations at a fancy restaurant. After a delightful day, my daughter and I went to dinner. When we got to the table, there was a huge bouquet of roses and ALL 3 OF MY SONS, who had flown in from California, Utah, and Virginia!!! I was overcome with emotion that they would think of such a HUGE surprise. They were gone by noon the next day, but what a wonderful time we had!

  • 547

    The best birthday I ever had was my 4th birthday. I had a Wonder Woman cake and received a pair of roller skates AND a baton!

    The best birthday I ever attended was by best friend’s 40th birthday. About 6 of us went to Las Vegas for 3 days and it was so much fun!

  • 548

    The best birthday I ever had was my 4th birthday. I had a Wonder Woman cake and received a pair of roller skates AND a baton!

    The best birthday I ever attended was by best friend’s 40th birthday. About 6 of us went to Las Vegas for 3 days and it was so much fun!

  • 549
    Dee says:

    Best birthday was my son’s 1st. We had just finalized his adoption so we had a lot to celebrate!!!

  • 550
    Sarah Fisher says:

    Growing up during the 80s, rollerskating was very popular. My favorite birthday was when I turned 8. I invited the girls from my class for a Happy Joe’s pizza party and rollerskating. It was the best!

  • 551
    Sharon j says:

    The best party I have had was one of an adult friends at msdonald’s!! It was so much fun and everybody plays like a kid, looks like we all return to our childhood! It was FABULOUS ~

  • 552
    Elaine says:

    The best birthday party ever must be my sons 1st birthday.
    That was way a long time ago, he’ll be 18 this coming October.
    He’s the child I thought I would never have and I love him to the moon and back.

    Hugs Elaine xx

  • 553

    My favorite birthday party ever was my own when I turned 8. My older sister made me a princess tiara cake-white fluffy shiny meringue icing standing up in little peaks with little silver pailletes all over. I felt GORGEOUS!

  • 554

    Hmmmm don’t know why it didn’t post before – but I loved my 30th birthday best! And each one of my kid’s birthdays!

  • 555
    Karinn says:

    Two years ago on May 19th, our little girl was born after many years of not getting my hopes to get pregnant. My birthday is May 22nd. I turned 36, so no spring chicken for having a baby, ya know? LOL! I had a wonderful homebirth with our midwife, so I was home to celebrate with our baby girl, my husband, family and friends on my birthday three days later. She has been the best birthday gift ever, and every year I am and will be reminded of her special presence (presents!).

  • 556
    pmm says:

    While in college I was able to pull off a surprise party for my dear husband- and he was truly surprised! It was an outdoor grilling party with lots of our friends who mostly were in college too. We have reta memories of all the crazy fun.

    Thanks for another great release & chance to win some goodies!

  • 557

    My favorite was my 16th. My parents rented a local club and hired a local band from my high school, so many friends and so much fun πŸ˜€

  • 558

    The best birthday party I’ve attended was my daughter’s last birthday party. We set up the Wii and my daughter, her brothers and cousins (boy), and her friends were all playing Just Dance. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. I couldn’t have asked for more for my daughter’s special day! πŸ™‚

  • 559
    Terry B. says:

    The best birthday party I ever had was when my mom gave me a skating party for my 9th birthday. I had tonsillitis, and couldn’t skate, but I remember enjoying it so much anyway.

  • 560
    Theresa J. Marquez says:

    My 50th! We live far from family now so I was feeling pretty lonely. My daughter got together with my friends here and planned a SURPRISE party for me. It was wonderful.

  • 561
    Annette Snyder says:

    The best birthday was when my children were fairly young and their father was out of town. They made the cutest menu to include appetizers and dessert. They then prepared it for me and served me. It was the cutest thing. They are fabulous!

  • 562
    Janet S says:

    The best birthday party was the surprise one my sister-in-law’s kids threw for her for her 70th. In her teens she was crowned Miss Apple Queen in our rural area and her kids used those pictures etc for the party theme. The invitations said, “the Apple Queen turns 70” and then had her apple queen picture with her wearing the apple crown. It was so funny and although my SIL was a little embarrassed she was a good sport thru the whole thing. Her kids were so proud of themselves!

  • 563
    Dorothy Long says:

    I’m still waiting for last month’s release to arrive, been way too long.
    I contacted customer service twice and nothing………get back to me please………
    I’m afraid to order from this release, I might not get them either.
    Am I doing something wrong??????
    Dorothy Long (dottieeeee)

  • 564
    Marieda Conley says:

    My husband had never had a birthday party (and we married when he was 51.) So, when he turned 52, I gave him a surprise breakfast party. The theme was “Bob the Builder” which suited him perfectly. I invited several of his guy friends and even had a game (Name the Tools)and goodie bags for guests (small screw drivers and tape measures.)

  • 565
    lynne says:

    My best birthday: Limosine arrived at hotel I managed and whisked me off for a fabulous day of mani pedi massage, and hair styling. The event was documented by good friends who are photographers, and featured in company newsletter. So Much Fun!

  • 566
    Chelsea D says:

    For my 31st birthday, my hubby and neighbors threw me a huge suprise party! I have never had a suprise party before and I was in shock! They had been scheming for weeks and I did not have a clue what was in store for me:)

  • 567
    Deborah R. says:

    The best birthday party I ever attended was the one for my grandmother’s 100th birthday! It was also a family reunion and there was love and hugs everywhere! Thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize. All the stamps would be heavenly.

  • 568

    definately the surprize party mom mom threw for me when I turd=ned 23- she could never keep a secret but this time she did

  • 569
    Karen Benedict says:

    My best birthday was not necessarily a party, but a special wish to have snow on my birthday which is in December. When I turned 12, we had an awesome snow storm and there was 3 feet of snow on the ground that day – my wish had come true!

  • 570
    Paula says:

    My sister’s surprise 40th! I got to fly in to add to the surprise. I brought a large banner I had created with pictures and captions printed on it of our family and funny candid shots from over the years…which inspired many laughs and “remember when” stories!

  • 571
    teresab says:

    MY 11th birthday we all dressed up for halloween and went on a scavenger hunt . we all had so much fun. My grandma made the best cake all decorated for halloween.

  • 572
    Gena S says:

    My best birthday party was my own Sweet Sixteen Swim Party! It was a surprise and a blast! Living in AZ and being born in August, we live in the pool, but my mom had a ton of ice chunks floating in the pool- It was Fabulous!and very cool-

  • 573
    Angie says:

    The best birthday party I attended was in elementary school for a girl named Naomi and my fav thing which is a big no no nowadays…was money in the cake… as a kid I thought I’d hit the jackpot!!

  • 574

    Oh I’d have to say it was my birthday three years ago (no fair having to say what age number) when twelve days before my birthday my daughter gave birth to my grandson Logan! THE best birthday present EVER! He’s the sweetest boy and I tell him every chance I get!

  • 575

    My twin sister and I always wanted to have birthday party, but we had never had one until we were ten years old. Our grandmother made surprised birthday for us. It was the best birthday ever.

  • 576
    Kathy says:

    It was my mom’s 85th birthday that my siblings and I planned. All 10 of her siblings and many nieces and nephews traveled to celebrate with us. It was a fun day!

  • 577
    Diane says:

    Love birthdays – Having four daughters makes planning fun! Loved my oldest daughter’s 8th b’day – butterfly theme – made windsocks w/butterflies, butterfly hair barrettes, butterfly cake, even cut out ice cream using cookie cutter!

  • 578
    Alison W. says:

    We just celebrated by Mom’s 80th birthday in January by going out to dinner with the adult “children”. It was nice to sit and talk with everyone and have a nice meal. My Mom was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and we don’t know how long she will be with us. So I will always remember her birthday this year.

  • 579
    Eva M. says:

    I’ve never really had a best bithday party, that is until my son’s 1st birthday! It was a curious George b-day theme and it turned out perfect. I also managed to get tons of great photos for scapping! πŸ™‚

  • 580
    Kim P says:

    One year my daughters and I surprised my oldest daughter with a Mario Party, party. We made up a game board, decorated the house and cake with the characters, showered “gold” coins on her when she won, and then, of course, played the ‘real’ Mario Party on Wii.She was in her 20’s, but she loved it!

  • 581
    Sue Symens says:

    My husbands 50th birthday because we were able to completely surprise him.

  • 582
    Jamie says:

    mine probably has to be my 27th or 28th. My sister had lots planned out for her, my mom and I to do and I had no idea. we went shopping, got pedicures and saw a movie and ate of course πŸ™‚

  • 583
    Linda w says:

    My best birthday was each of my sons’ birthdays every year. What more could a parent enjoy more than seeing their children grow into wonderful adults.

    gettin’ inky…

  • 584
    Pendra says:

    The best Birthday party I ever had was when I was a little girl and my Grandpa lived next door to us and we had a pool in the back yard and during the night my Grandpa had greased up watermelon and put them into the pool… my friends spent hours trying to get those watermelons out of the pool! Lucky for him, none of them broke in the pool because my Mom wasn’t too happy, but boy I was!!

  • 585

    My best birthday party was one of my own, 9 years ago. I was not in the mood for having a party at all, but some of my friends just came over anyway. We had such a fun time! The calmest party ever, with soft music, all of us sitting up til the morning drinking tea, talking about life…

  • 586
    loricabo says:

    My Mom’s 60th birthday party was the best ever! My 2 children & I flew in from out of state and surprised her. She was so stunned the first few seconds of seeing us that she couldn’t talk.

  • 587
    Andrea says:

    My favorite party was my son’s 4th birthday party last year. I couldn’t stop watching his face and loving how excited he was about everything.

  • 588
    Norma says:

    My best birthday was when my mom gave me a surprise 10th birthday party. She had totally changed everything in my room to pink…this was 1957. Pink radio, pink bedspread, lamp etc. I also received a little orange kitten. it was the best.

  • 589
    Sarah says:

    My favorite birthday is when it falls on Thanksgiving. It always reminds me to be so thankful for all of the people gathered around the table!

  • 590

    Two years ago, when I turned 55! My sweet daughter gave me a surprise party…and invited everyone I know! There were people from high school, all the way up to now, and it was the nicest surprise I have ever had!!

  • 591
    Tonya Dirk says:

    Definitely my 40th birthday. My hubby, mom and best friend totally pulled off a surprise party for me. I totally thought they were up to something and they still managed to completely surprise me. I thought we were going to my hubby’s office party (where everyone dresses super casual, so I was dressed super casual) and it turned out to be my surprise party ( I so would have dressed differently and done my hair differently had I any idea!). One of the best parts of the evening was that they had invited so many people from my past (grade school and kindergarten) and when I walked in I remembered thinking “why did they invite some of these people? I haven’t seen them in forever and wouldn’t have invited them myself”…However, that ended up being one of the highlights! I was SO TOUCHED that I meant enough to these individuals to actually come!

  • 592
    Jean R-T says:

    The best birthday parties were very different – one for our granddaughter’s 4th and the other for my mother’s 90th. My granddaughter’s cowgirl party included a pony and a BBQ with family and friends. My mother’s was special because the whole family planned and participated, including all four of her granddaughters.

  • 593
    Priscilla from California says:

    Two years ago, for a major milestone birthday, my husband arranged a short cruise for me with some friends. When we got off at one of the ports (Santa Barbara), there was a limo waiting for us containing more of my friends and we all spent the the day winetasting and then had a fabulous lunch at a local restaurant.

  • 594
    Kelly in Canada says:

    One of the best birthdays I ever attended was the 5th birthday of my friend’s daughter. A year-and-a-half earlier, she had been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. It was a scary time and even after the surgery we weren’t sure if she would reject the transplant. To see her happy, healthy and in remission was so wonderful.

  • 595
    Tricia says:

    One of the best birthday parties was a surprise party for my husband when he turned 40. The house was filled with guests and balloons and he was absolutely surprised – loved it!

  • 596
    Sheila M Jones says:

    My daughter’s 18th birthday. As we’re in Scotland, we had a ceilidh for her and it was fantastic – 120 young people all dancing the night away!

  • 597
    Lea Ann says:

    My birthday is very near Halloween. Every year, my Mom would make a “family” of jack-o-lantern cakes. One year, she arranged for all of us to go swimming – no small feat in an area that generally has snow for halloween. She packed us all up, and took us to a resort that had an indoor swimming pool. We thought we were all that, getting to swim while there was snow on the ground πŸ™‚

  • 598
    StephH says:

    My favorite birthday party ever was organized by my family just this year to celebrate a milestone birthday for me. As our family gatherings in recent years have centered around funerals and memorials, it was refreshing to have everyone together to celebrate Life! We rented little cabins at a local resort and just hung out and played for three days – adults and kids alike. SO MUCH FUN!!

  • 599
    Jeanie P says:

    Haha. It was my 5th birthday party. We had to blow up balloons and sit on them to pop them. It was sooooooooo funny. Fifty-two years later, I still remember the looks on my friends’ faces and how much we all laughed. Makes me smile to think about it.

  • 600
    Beverly BL says:

    My best birthday party I ever went to was just last week. My grandson had his party at the fire station. He was so excited and had such a good time, that everyone had fun. The fire fighters were so nice and patient with all the kids. It was just a fun party.

  • 601
    Sandy Kay says:

    I would have to say there are 3! I have 3 grandchildren and I love their birthday parties! They are always SO excited and my daughters always go the extra mile to make their birthdays so special!

  • 602
    TraceyJean says:

    A week before my 16th birthday there was a major hurricane; the first to touch land since I was a baby. Although our water was restored in a few days, electricity was out all over the island. My aunt managed to get on one of the first flights into Jamaica from New York because she wanted to be there for my birthday. She worked with my mom to throw me a pizza party by candlelight. We had to keep switching out batteries in my little boom box, the bags of ice were melting, and only a few friends were able to attend, but it was the best sweet 16 I went to that year…

  • 603
    Kristi Lewis says:

    I would have to say my hubby’s 35th birthday.I surprised him and our boys by taking them to Catalina. We had the best time. Even though it was a while ago, my boys and hubby still talk about it.

  • 604 says:

    My best birthday was my 31st! Just moved back to St. Louis. My Dad rented a Limo for me. My friends and I had dinner @ a Mexican resteraunt and then finished the night bowling. I’ve hosted my own birthday party every year since.

  • 605
    Carole kerr says:

    For my 13th birthday my Mother took me to a Bay City Rollers concert in Boston!!!! Best time ever!

  • 606
    Cynthia B :) says:

    My husband & I had our “golden birthdays” (when your birthdate is the same as the age you’re turning) the same year. So we celebrated by going on a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean!

  • 607

    My best friend’s son just turned 2 in December. She had the party at a children’s museum and it was AMAZING! My daughter is also 2 and had the most wonderful time! Seeing her discover so many new things was such a great experience – one I will never forget. I think I had as much fun as she did!!!

  • 608
    Donna M. says:

    So fun to read some of the comments…The one that first came to my mind was the 1st birthday party of my first grandchild- a sweet girl (who was a special gift to me, as I had had only one son). We have a large family, & all got together for a meal/party. We sat some cake w/chocolate icing on her tray, & about 19 people waited anxiously to watch her excitement…As soon as the icing covered her fingers, she let out this terrible cry/scream, with a pitiful facial expression. Turns out, she doesn’t like to get dirty! Too funny, but what a memory!

  • 609
    Karli says:

    When I turned 30 was my best birthday party. My friends planned it all & I just sat back & enjoyed!

  • 610
    Charmaine says:

    I would have to say it would be all of the birthday parties my brother and SIL throw for their 3 kids every year. With their birthdays so close together (Oct, Nov, Dec) they throw one big party at the end of October beginning of November every year for all three kids. Last year was a Circus themed party, the year before was a DIY themed party with lots of crafts and Home Depot aprons to go around. The year before that was a Camping themed party. This has been going on for several years now…the kids are 8, 6 and 4…and I think they’ve had these fantastic parties for at least 5 years!

  • 611
    Carol Cel says:

    My birthday has always been “the best” because my mom and I share the same birthday! I was her best birthday present, and she has been mine!

  • 612
    Jacilynn says:

    this is a tough question…but in college my roommates threw me a surprise party complete with 100s of pink balloons

  • 613
    Riette says:

    My 30th birthday was spent “back home” in Cape Town. The day started with a 2-hour treat at a Spa at the Cape Town waterfront and ended with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant overlooking the harbor. This year will be my 40th and I guess I’m going to have to plan to top that!

  • 614
    Diane Du says:

    My favorite birthday party is a 3-way tie — my girls, First Birthday parties! We get each of them their own little cake, put them in in their highchair, with tablecloths underneah and let them do whatever with it. Each ones reaction was so different from full on mashing to timid, one finger eating and I remember them all like it was yesterday.

  • 615
    Ally V. says:

    My favorite birthday was when I turned 8. I finally got the Barbie camper I had been dreaming about for months, lol. Love a the yummy eye-candy today! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 616
    Kathy Mc says:

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st, which I celebrated for about a week. I was SO disappointed when telling my Mom no one mentioned celebrating my birthday so I’d go home and have dinner with my folks. Well, little did I know she was in on the surprise party my friends were having. Totally blew me away because everyone kept a secret from me, and a friend’s house was FULL of my friends there to celebrate me. I love to throw a party but not so much wanting to be the center of attention. That night was SO memorable though and so. much. fun! Thanks, PTI, for another chance to win an awesome release of goodies!

  • 617
    Terri H. says:

    The best birthday party I attended (actually gave)was my husband’s 40th. He’s not much for fuss about him, so I invited a few close friends to a restaurant and we had a really nice, intimate dinner.

  • 618
    Trace says:

    The best birthday…there have been so many! When I turned 41 I took my boyfriend home to meet my parents for the first time. They got on great and now I’m engaged to a wonderful man who my parents love as well. It means a lot to me.

  • 619
    Sheri Robinson says:

    The best birthday party I attended was my grandma’s 100th birthday. The whole town came out, young and old, and she sat in a chair while everyone kissed her and wished her a happy birthday, one by one. She was overwhelmed by all the love.

  • 620
    Cindyj says:

    The best birthday party I’ve ever been to was the suprise party we planned for my dad’s 70th. We pulled it off, he was totally surprised,we had a big crowd of friends and family along with quite a few of his graduating class. We decorated with tons of pictures throughout his life. It was very special and he said over and over again it was one of the best nights of his life. We lost him unexpectedly 3 months later, so I’ll always cherish that night.

  • 621

    I had so many great parties growing up! My favorite one was a slumber party I had on our trampoline. It was so much fun and to top it off there was an awesome meteor shower that night. It was something I will never forget!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • 622
    Lynne in NI says:

    I loved all my birthdays when I was a kid … Mum always had loads of goodies that we normally didn’t get – sweets, ice cream, cupcakes and what not, and home made chocolate birthday cake YUM! She still makes me a lovely cake every year and I’m now almost 44!

  • 623
    Bernadette M. says:

    My sons birthdays are 2 weeks apart with my birthday smack in between. Hence we usually celebrate together. My favorite party was when we rented one of those mall trains for our backyard. Everyone, children and adults, had a blast.

  • 624
    Mia says:

    My husband threw a surprise party for my 30th & I didn’t have a clue!! He recruited help from my best friends & my family, too. And they all kept the secret!! Great time with those I love!

  • 625
    Elizabeth S. says:

    I would have to say my father’s 75 birthday (he is no longer with us). It was small gathering with my family, him and my mom. He asked me to bake his cake for him. He wanted a diamond for his diamond jubilee. I remember the big smile on his face!

  • 626
    Ann Lind says:

    The best Birthday party ever was my Dad’s 65th birthday. He and Mom had moved several years before but all of his lifelong friends travelled to come. His siblings and nieces and nephews, daughters and son all came (some from far away). I had never seen my Dad so happy. We lost him several years later to cancer. The look of happiness on his face that everyone loved him enough to be there to celebrate his birthday is a memory I will always cherish.

  • 627
    Joyce says:

    The best part I ever had was the only one I ever had, when I turned 37 my mom and daughter threw me a surprise party with all my family. I was so surprised I cried like a baby!

  • 628
    Marie says:

    The best bday party I attended was my dad’s 70th. I am just grateful he and my mom are still with us.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Readg4fun at yahoo dot com

  • 629
    Patricia Seifert says:

    My best was when my husband had a small surprise 50th birthday for me at my favourite restaurant with my family and close friends. It was amazing! My younger brother drove it for the event after a serious accident. He came in on crutches…I cried when I saw him!

  • 630
    Melanie Jones says:

    My mom made all my birthdays special, but my 16th was the best! We had a picnic party with friends at a park and she made a beautiful cake. I’m so glad we have pictures.

  • 631
    Dana says:

    I remember my 16th birthday best… Friends, food, music, sleepover and, of course, my driver’s license! Woot!

  • 632
    Carol S says:

    My best birthday party was when our children threw a surprise joint birthday party for me and my husband. They did it all in secret, made the food, hired and decorated the hall and got hold of our address book to invite all our friends. As they were all still teenagers this was not an easy task and it was great!!!

  • 633
    Donna Garvin says:

    The best birthday party I have attended was for my sister in law’s 50th birthday. It was a luau surprise party. With all of the decorations and many family members I had not seen in a while it was a very enjoyable party

  • 634
    Laura Boyd says:

    The one I remember most was at work. I went into work to find the table in the staff lounge completely covered in gifts, flowers, cards, and food. I couldn’t believe it as it wasn’t the norm. And I always remember one of the doctors comments, how did you rate so well?! This was probably almost 15 years ago, but I still remember how special it made me feel that day.

  • 635
    Kristen M. says:

    My daughters 1st birthday was very special to all of us and the biggest celebration to date! We had family and friends in attendance and celebrated for a sweet little bug!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • 636
    Marla H. says:

    My best birthday party was when my husband surprised me for my 30th birthday and had a few of my very close friends over to help me celebrate.

  • 637
    peggy lamb says:

    The best birthday party I’ve ever attended was my mother’s 80th birthday party. There were lots of family and friends there and my mother really enjoyed seeing everyone and loved being the center of attention!

  • 638
    Linda says:

    The best birthday was my sons 16th surprise party we gave him. He always wanted simple, small, not a lot of fuss made over his birthday. He had so many nice friends so I took a chance and planned a surprise party. He was totally surprised and all of them had a great time. That group of friends has remained close ever since and they are now 26.

  • 639
    LorraineN says:

    I would say my son’s first birthday party – I went all out for that one, lol! I love the little guy!

  • 640
    Lisa K says:

    My best birthday party actually consists of a string of birthdays when I was a kid. My birthday is during the summer and my family always took a vacation to the mountains. This annual vacation typically coincided with my birthday so we were usually hiking or fishing. One of my most cherished birthday present is a watercolor by a local artist of the flowers that bloom in that area during the summer. I look back on those days with wonderful memories of family fun.

  • 641
    Sandy P. says:

    The best birthday party I ever had, had to be hands down my 21st birthday last year! It was so much fun. We had a house party. I was baking for 9 hour straight and the weeks prior to dad spent endless hours working on party favors. Everyone had fun and I was happy that my friends got along well together. Many of my friends have their own clicks and since out of high school grew out of each other. I was so happy that they all got along for my birthday and made it a blast!

  • 642
    Jennifer Delaurier says:

    I would have to say the surprise 50th birthday party we threw for my mom. We rented a small yacht and invited all her family to join us for a sunset cruise down the river while we served appetizers and a big birthday cake. She was so surprised, and we still talk about it almost 15 years later!

  • 643
    Rita says:

    My fourth grade students threw me a surprise birthday party. They were so creative and sneaky. The classroom was decked out with streamers and balloons when I arrived that morning. All the kids were there an hour before school started. It was a happy-tears day from start to finish.

  • 644
    Karen B. says:

    There was more than one best birthday party. My Mom gave me birthday parties when I was little and I could invite my whole elementary school class – they ALL came! Kids were all over our house and backyard! I got tons of gifts and had a wonderful time. Thanks Mom!

  • 645
    Patty Del Rosa says:

    When we do something simple and intimate, it turns out great. So for my son’s 3rd b-day, we rented a jumper for our family, some neighbors joined in and we had a blast. We had great food and beverages, of course. But keeping it simple was the key.

  • 646

    My girlfriends surprised me last year at our monthly scrapbook crop (that just happened to land on my birthday) with my entire spot decorated with a birthday tablecloth, balloons, confetti, party hats and a lavishly decorated cupcake with gifts. My husband doesn’t put much effort into holidays and I declared it the best birthday I had experienced since I was a little kid–definitely the most memorable! I felt so loved… πŸ™‚

  • 647
    Susan Warner says:

    Best birthday party was my mom’s 80th. We had a surprise party for her and she loved it. Still talks about it today. March products and projects great. Thanks

  • 648
    Rachel Woodhouse says:

    My favorite birthday party was my husband’s 40th. We had recently moved to a house from a small condo and had little furniture so the cleaning beforehand was easy. We included in the celebration his best friend and one of my friends who were also turning 40. We had help with the food since it was three families celebrating. I made invitations and sprinkled glitter in the cards before closing the envelopes. It was the best birthday party ever as we were surrounded by friends and once the party started we had very little to do but enjoy the company. Even though we have moved again, had two kids since the party and it’s been over ten years ago, I still find that glitter here and there and it reminds me of the party where we were surrounded by our friends.

  • 649
    Louise says:

    All birthdays are the best – it is a celebration of life and a great time to appreciate the person you love. I probably have bias for my grand children’s birthdays. I love t