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After receiving many customer requests, we have opted to focus the colored products this month on completing the Smokey Shadow and Soft Stone color collections to the best of our abilities.  These truly proved to be challenging since Soft Stone is very close to white and Smokey Shadow close to True Black.  But I am confident that the products we have assembled for you will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

Soft Stone & Smokey Shadow ribbons
Gray ribbons


Already available:

Available tonight at midnight EST: 

  • All six Smokey Shadow ribbons (grosgrain, satin, bitty dot, twill, swiss dot and stitched)
  • All six Soft Stone ribbons (grosgrain, satin, bitty dot, twill, swiss dot and stitched)

Available in the next 2-3 weeks:

  • Smokey Shadow & Soft Stone Buttons.  There was an unintentional  delay in the shipment of these buttons, but they are expected to arrive in the next few weeks.  We will make them available for sale as soon as they arrive.


A small disclaimer regarding the Smokey Shadow ribbons.  We went back and forth with the manufacturer dozens of times to get the ribbons as close as possible to the shade of the cardstock.  The finished color is an excellent complement to the cardstock, but is not an exact match.

There will be no Soft Stone felt released at this time.  We have had to go back to the manufacturer to have the color redeveloped. This process can take anywhere from one month to six months, depending on the success of the swatching process and how quickly they can gain our approval. We feel it is more important to stay true to our high standards rather than push through a product that that does not meet our expectations.

Smokey Shadow & Soft Stone inks are currently in development but will not be available for a few more months.


We are so thrilled to hear everyone's input on our our new line of inks that was released last month.  As you may know, the four colors that were released last month were the prototype colors we had been working on during the entire ink development process.  This made them the first colors to complete testing and therefore the first to be released.

The manufacturer has been working hard at developing the remaining colors in our line-up and they are able to complete a few at a time.  We are currently preparing for a four color ink release on December 15th, however that is subject to change based on the unforeseen circumstances that could possibly occur.  We hope to continue releasing 4-6 colors per month thereafter until we have the entire spectrum completed.


Due to the decision to release more inks per month that originally planned, we have opted to revaluate our new color releases and revise our bimonthly schedule.  New colors will be appearing less frequently until we are able to complete the current ink color spectrum.  Think of it as a "surprise" each month as to whether or not a new color will be released.

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