Make It Monday #34: Thick Chipboard Accents

By September 26, 2011Make It Monday

Erin Lincoln is here today to teach you how to use our dies to make 1/4" thick (or more) chipboard accents for your projects. The maximum thickness of chipboard that PTI dies can cut is that of cereal boxes, so she's got a trick up her sleeve to make the thicker accents happen for your crafting. 

Stills of her project:



If you are joining along this week, here are the details concerning the Make It Monday Challenge.

–A new Make It Monday Challenge & video will go up every Monday morning at 9am EST.

–Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge.  Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and feature the thick chipboard accent technique.

–Post your project on your blog, in your gallery or on any other photo-hosting site (such as photobucket or flickr).

-Add your project to our —>InLinkz List HERE<—

–You will have until 7am, Monday, October 3rd, to add your link to the list to be eligible to win.  And you can enter as many times as you like.

–We will be tweeting and posting on our Facebook page every night (between 5-9pm EST) highlighting a Featured Project.  These tweets/Facebook postings will just be a shout-out regarding projects that caught our eye.  The tweets/Facebook postings no longer have any special merit regarding the actual contest.

–One randomly selected winner will be chosen from ALL the entries on Monday, October 3rd, after 7am.  The winner will be posted here on this blog post, on Twitter and Facebook.  The randomly selected winner will get to select a FREE Papertrey stamp set of their choice!

 Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your projects!



Jessica Davis, congratulations! Please email Customer Service with your mailing information and stamp set choice. Thank you for everyone who participated.  

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  • 1
    Elaine Allen says:

    Erin –

    Thank you for the wonderful video tutorial. I love this idea and will most definitely be giving this a try.

    Elaine Allen

  • 2
    Deirdre says:

    Erin, just adore what you made today. LOVED the little bucket and fun “wrap”/tag. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 3
    Pam Sparks says:

    so cute! love the tin bucket…so many cute uses and I love what you created! TFS

  • 4

    I’m soooo glad I stopped by this morning! Love the close pin and this project for Christmas. Perfect gift idea for friends in the neighborhood! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • 5
    Holly saveur says:

    Great idea Erin ..thanks for your great video!

  • 6
    scrapthat/dolly says:

    Super cute Erin!!

  • 7
    Felicia says:

    I can certainly see myself trying this out. Loved the video. TFS.

  • 8
    Alessandra Loiacono says:

    Awesome video, I loved it!! Thank you so much Erin! 🙂
    I will try this technique for sure!

  • 9
    Teresa Zuehls says:

    Thanks Erin for the video. Your bucket is so cute. So glad you showed how to do the clothespin. I bought some to cover with pattern paper but I wasn’t sure how to take them apart and if they would go back together again. Thanks to you I know how to do it. TFS!

  • 10
    Otter says:

    How cute and simple!

  • 11

    This is the first time I actually took the time to view a tutorial and I am so glad I did : ) Well done and love this idea – classy and filled with love but not too labor intensive or expensive!

  • 12
    Gabby says:

    Nice instructional video and cute bucket! I’m glad to know the 1/4″ score tape works on the little clothespins. I have been using multiple chipboard layers to make thick pieces for some time. Great effect and economical! In addition to using recycled (i.e. clean cereal boxes) to achieve the multiple layers, I have used PTI coasters. Something I’ve done with clothespins … I’ve attached a magnet on the back of the clothespin to attach it to a tin. That way it can be taken off and used for a fridge magnet and the bucket will be glue-free to otherwise use. Have a wonderful week, Erin! 🙂

  • 13
    Karen Lazar says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. The bucket is so simple yet so cool. I love it! I am going to Target today in hopes of finding some silver buckets. These would make such cute teacher gifts for Christmas. Thanks so much! You always have the best ideas!

  • 14
    Renee says:

    I’m so glad that Erin did this video…
    I *loved* her ornaments with the last release and when she spoke of how she did them…
    put this project on my “to-do” list because it was such a fabby idea.
    So thank you for the step-by-step instructions…
    loved them!
    Now if life will just slow down enough to give it a try!:)
    And also…
    just a little aside…
    I have those exact tins from the $1 Spot…
    like 30 of them!
    I *totally* cleared out the one store where I found them …even though I had no idea what I would do with them…I knew I would find a use someday so I have them stored!
    I even picked up some of the pink and green ones…
    and yes…I could have possibly have a slight hoarding issue with some things…

  • 15
    Annie R says:

    Ooh! I hope my September release order comes soon so I can make some thick candy canes! 🙂

  • 16
    Marlena says:

    Erin, I love this technique! Thanks for the tutorial! 😉

  • 17
  • 18
    theJoy inMe says:

    Erin, this is really cute and I sooo appreciated the lesson on layering thinner chipboard cuts together. Why, oh why doesn’t this stuff just come to us? Thank goodness we have other amazingly creative crafters to think up new ideas and generously share them with us pedestrians.My craft room is still in shambles (I’ve been going through a carpet-replacement saga for the past month and will be for another month or so), but I can’t wait to work around my boxes and try this out. if I can’t find any chipboard, darn it I’ll cave in and use cereal boxes…lol.

  • 19
    theJoy inMe says:

    That’s really sweet Mary Lou, I’m sure your grandson will be thrilled with it (and his mommy will appreciate the work you put into it even though he’s probably too small to do so at the moment).

  • 20
    Hollie says:

    Love the die storing idea! Never thought about that before and I am so going to do that now!!

  • 21

    I found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in the subject. Thanks you for the info.

  • 22
    Diana K says:

    Very cute (and doable) project! One little question – what kind of glue stick did you use? I never use glue sticks because they don’t work for me. They’re always too waxy and thick, but yours looked gel-like. So, pretty please, what kind of glue was that?!!

  • 23
    ndheady says:

    Diana…it’s a Martha Stewart Crafts glue stick. But I’ve also used the Elmer’s Craft Bond stick with decent results. Happy crafting!

  • 24

    This is really cute and I so appreciated the lesson on layering thinner chipboard cuts together. Never thought about that before and I am so going to do that now!!

  • 25
    Joy Taylor says:

    This is so super sweet, I am going to have to give the covering of the peg a go for sure…hugs

  • 26

    Good this is niceeeeee!

  • 27

    Love the close pin and this project for Christmas. Perfect gift idea for friends in the neighborhood! .. I never use glue sticks because they don’t work for me.

  • 28
    Ann says:

    Is there something wrong with Papertrey Ink’s website? It’s no longer a registered domain? Did you guys go out of business?

  • 29
    Abi says:

    Hi there
    What has happened to the website it has dissappeared? and the forum too??

  • 30
    June K. says:

    I will definitely have to try this. The end product is so cute but the process looks fun too. Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

  • 31

    SO CUTE! I am head over heels for that sentiment, Nichole! I wasn’t able to order last month but it’s the first thing going into my cart this month! Also… I am not sure if Jenn told you, but it made my heart so happy that Jessica and Christina won last month. It was seriously one of the best days I have had in a while, so thank you!

  • 32
    Nancy Guse says:

    Erin great Make it Monday, love the project!! Papertrey you totally ROCK!!!

  • 33
    Jan says:

    I love this idea. Thinking they might be tags for Christmas presents. Also a good project possibly for kids.

  • 34
    Chris says:

    Love your videos. Your style is so relaxing and encouraging. I am going to make that clothespin and chipboard idea for my Halloween treat bags for my family!

  • 35
    Sue Lelli says:

    Erin, I JUST watched your tutorial and wanted to let you know what GREAT ideas you shared with us! LOVE the stacked chipboard and that clothespin is DARLING! THX so much!

  • 36

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