Senior DT Challenge: Text Boxed Revisited

It is one of my favorite times of the month once again!  Time for the Senior DT to revisit one of our fantastic previously released sets and bring you renewed inspiration for using it!

Text Boxed

This month we are focusing on Text Boxed.  This is a set I designed for the June 2007 release, the first year we were in business!  I have always held a special place for this set because of the amazing possibilities it holds.  I have always loved the layering opportunities with the separate smaller image to coordinate with the patterns found inside the boxes.  And then of course you could also use the smaller images for creating coordinating backgrounds.  So much fun and so many creative options to play with!

Let me show you some of the AMAZING projects that the team has created with this beautiful set!

CLICK HERE to read more from Betsy Veldman.

CLICK HERE to read more from Dawn McVey.

CLICK HERE to read more from Heather Nichols.


CLICK HERE to read more from Lisa Johnson.

CLICK HERE to read more from Michelle Wooderson.

I don't know about you, but the entire team has definitely given me a lot of new ideas that I hope to try in the near future!  Here are a few more little tidbits that will inspire you with Text Boxed!

CLICK HERE for Day 5 of the original countdown.

CLICK HERE for Day 4 of the original countdown.

CLICK HERE for Day 3 of the original countdown.

CLICK HERE for Day 2 of the original countdown.

CLICK HERE for Day 1 of the original countdown.

CLICK HERE for the Text Boxed Gallery featuring amazing projects from the team that were created especially for the June 2007 release.

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  • 1
    Juanita in Ohio says:

    Now I have to go and get this set out because I have been so inspired by everyone’s work. TFS.

  • 2
    Amy Smith says:

    Nichole, I just want to tell you that I stumbled on Text Boxed somehow and was completely enchanted by it. It was how I discovered PTI and was my very first PTI set. It’s still my favorite. Thanks for revisiting what will alway be, for me, the set that defines PTI style!

  • 3
    April Z. says:

    I’ve always loved this set! It’s been on my wish list for a long time and seeing all these beautiful cards makes me think it’s time to finally get it.

  • 4
    Lynn Darda says:

    I really like these posts that show new ideas for older stamp sets…shows that PTI stamps are timeless! I think I will go give some of my older sets some inky love this afternoon!

  • 5
    Magdalena says:

    How you start your countdown if you don’t send your JULY orders??

  • 6
    Marcie Smith says:

    Love to see stamps revisited like this. Great inspiration by everyone.

    Nicole, I was just reading the papertrey news letter, and if that is your craft room that is being showcases, I just want to way how envious I am. It is not only gorgeous, but also very practical. Just love the idea of having a walk in closet as a storage area. It is so hard to make a room look neat and clean and also be functional. Fabulous room design.

  • 7
    sara paschal says:

    Love this set, have not used it in a long time have to go and dust it off.

  • 8
    Suzanne Russell says:

    I love seeing the “reintroduction” of these sets from the past. Each one has been so timeless. Each new project is as fresh and inspiring as if they were never before seen stamp sets! What a great inspiration to “revisit” some of the older sets in my collection to try some new techniques or combine with newer products. I am a sold out Papertrey Ink fan!

  • 9
    essay says:

    I hope your work shown at exhibitions? they are great!

  • 10
    Lizzie Jones says:

    Text Boxed has always been one of my favorite sets. I’m so glad it got a little refresher/feature this month.

  • 11
    Nancy S says:

    this is one of the first PTI sets i fell in love with and bought. but i must admit that i have not used it much. but now i am inspired to do so! thanks for bringing it back to the spotlight.

  • 12
    Cathy says:

    This was the first PTI set I bought, and I have neglected it! Thank you for reminding me about it!

  • 13

    Those were really pretty sets! I’m in love with those text box, great pattern of colors. I totally have an inspiration now as I saw these. A lot of thanks for this post, so lucky to have seen this post!

  • 14
    debby setlock says:

    I think the new release is just fantastic! You inspire me to try color combinations I might not have considered and to see the stamps in new configurations. To win this package would be the highlight of my summer.

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