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Papertrey Radio – Episode 8

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Call into our Google Voice account (301)-799-8338 to answer our discussion question or ask a question for our Q&A segment.  If Erin Lincoln includes you in the podcast, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a stamp set of your choice.

This week's question from Erin:

Time for our discussion question for the next podcast, which airs on June 4th. On the topic of summer again. My favorite season, so I have it a bit on the brain right now. Vacations are coming up. I'm in the process of getting ready for one. Looking forward to having some time to do some of my favorite activities like reading that stack of novels I haven't gotten to yet and having the time to do that for a few hours in the evening without other pressing concerns or momma duties. I'm wondering if any of you take your stamp supplies or other papercrafting projects with you on your vacations. Really just thinking about how the freedom from the normal day to day chores and obligations frees you up to do. If so, got any tips for taking things along? And what types of projects do you do? I'm tossing around bringing some prestamped cards and my Copics for a relaxing coloring session. Brings back memories of having a new box of crayons and a fresh coloring book on vacation as a little girl.

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    Claudia Lapos says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed the podcast, however I didn’t get the name of the guest speaker or her blog. Can you post it or email me?
    Thanks for another wonderful and inspiring podcast!

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    Helen Lebrett says:

    Well, yes, I definitely take my crafts with me on vacation. I usually dedicate a box or a suitcase to my supplies (which means that if I can drive I do so, so I can have the room to take LOTS!) Just a few weeks ago I went to my sister’s and helped my nephews make her Mother’s Day cards, using my stamp supplies! I try and think of what I’m going to make and take those stamp sets (which usually ends up being my new sets), and the Inks, paper trimmer, adhesives, ribbon, and punches, etc. I usually take more than I ever use, but why go on vacation if you can’t have the ultimate fun of crafting?!!!!

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    Shobana says:

    A vacation should be just that….a vacation! Try leaving your crafting behind just for a change and chill out! 🙂 But if you are the compulsive crafter, try taking simple ones that do not take up too much space (I took my quilling stuff!) It is also nice if you can introduce someone to crafting by getting them basic supplies and helping them make something. Enjoy your break!

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    Sharon says:

    Of course I take a suitcase full of stamping projects, and some extra easy and simple things for my grandkids to stamp and experiment with. Holidays are when the gkids and I can chill out together inspiring each other to “play”. I always have great intentions with more than I will ever use. The moms have joined in too, when they see how much fun it is.

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    Lori Winters says:

    STAMP A MA JIG – the perfect tool to use to make sure you get that stamp positioned correctly in the middle of the die cut. I usually die cut the image and then put some removable tape on the back to keep it in place. I then use the Stamp A Ma Jig to position the stamp image perfectly!

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    Sara G says:

    I recently found Britta’s blog and then I found this podcast after her internview. I am now caught up on episodes 1-9 and love it! Great job Erin and all of the contributors! I enjoy the format and am looking forward to more episodes. 🙂

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