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Hello everyone, and happy Thursday!

Every month I get many emails from people commenting on how they receive my blog posts via email a day late, especially after the Blog Hop and Release Night festivities.  I thought I would do a quick little blog post regarding this inquiry so it will hopefully inform everyone about how the subscription service works.

FeedBurner is a separate third party that I have linked my blog through to send email updates to folks who have registered in the sidebar for this service.  FeedBurner only sends out updates once a day, usually around 11:00pm EST. 

So if I post the Blog Hop at 10am on the 25th of the month, as I am scheduled to do, FeedBurner does not email that update out until that night during their once-daily rotation, with most people receiving the email on the morning of the 26th…

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to control this feature of their system, but I am actively shopping around to see if I can work with a different subscription service that might possibly send out updates on a real-time basis.

In the meantime, Google Reader is a fantastic resource for those who would like real-time updates.  You can read all about this service and how to get started using it HERE.

Or, you can permanently mark your calendars for our monthly events.   The dates have been the same every month for 4 years, and they won't be changing anytime soon, which makes them super easy to remember. Here is a run down of some monthly dates to remember!

  • 1st: Senior Design Team Challenge
  • 5th-9th: Sneak Peeks
  • 10th-14th: Countdown & Release Festivities
  • 15th: The Morning After Summary
  • 25th: Blog Hop



As another note, the Blog Hop theme is announced every month on our homepage on release night (the night of the 14th), that way you have a full 10 days to prepare for the challenge and play along!

Thank you SO much for all of your enthusiasm for all of our monthly events and we hope to see many of you participate in something in the near future!

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    Adele says:

    You can actually set your feedburner account to “blast” our your posts at a time of your choosing – it is the same time every day – unless you want to re-set it every day, which obviously you don’t! But, if you schedule your posts at a standard time, you could set your feedburner to post shortly after that time. Hope that is helpful 🙂

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    Sue Lelli says:

    Thanks for all of this info! I also want to share that yesterday was frustrating because so many of us couldn’t leave comments. The explanations varied. People who use Firefox had no trouble but bloggers with Internet Explorer did. But someone emailed me that if you uncheck the “Keep Me Signed In” button on Blogger, you could leave comments! It works! I hope someone who had the same frustration as me yesterday during the blog hop reads this! It made me so HAPPY!

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    I change my feedburner settings all the time 🙂 I have mine set to ‘pull’ my feed at 9am since I schedule all my posts to publish at 8am 🙂 that way they go out the day they are posted. Go to your feedburner.com account. Click on your feed title (name of your blog), then Click the “Publicize” tab the on the left sidebar click “E-mail subscriptions” then (still on the left sidebar) you will see “delivery options” click that and change your time! Don’t forget to click ‘save’ 🙂 Hope that helps!

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    Lola G. says:

    I’m a big fan of Google Reader!

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    Lynne Phelps says:

    I change the delivery time every time I make a post, following the instructions that Kristi @ Creative Kristi mentioned. The delivery option times are two hour slots, so when I complet my post I change the time slot to the nearest upcoming time. The other trick to ensure success is to then Ping feedburner. It checks for an update every half-hour or so. If you completed a post at 4:45 for example and set the delivery option to 5:00-7:00, it oculd miss updating. Pinging Feedburner makes it immediately aware of the update. Go to My Feeds > your blog feed > Troubleshootize tab and click Ping Feedburner, it is the first thing listed in the content area of that page. Then put your blog address in and click Ping! It will give you a successful message back, and your update will be emailed as soon as the delivery option time range commences! Easy!

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    I have my Feedburner set to email 1/2 hour after I post, and I’ve never had to reset it. You’re just on the default option of a nightly feed.

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